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Crayon Pop Interview

October 8, 2013


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So Crayon Pop stopped by the studio and decided to play along with us for a small skit, answer a few questions, take some pictures with us in our sticker booth, and give away a bunch of signed CDs, which we’re in turn giving away to you. Success! We made a playlist of the full interview, which is in two parts. If you can’t see the playlist, for some reason, you can see part 2 of the interview here!

A few things about the interview that we didn’t get to mention in the video:

Major respect goes out to Crayon Pop and their crazy schedule. Bar Bar Bar has really blown up for them and they were dead tired when they arrived at the studio yet they were still chipper and adorable in their pink outfits and helmets. If you haven’t seen their hilarious video for Bar Bar Bar yet, check out their newest version here:

As a result of it getting so popular, they’re pretty much doing loads of shows and appearances. Right after filming with us they drove off to Daejeon for a show which is a location far away from where we are. The day afterwards, they were back in Gangnam for another performance, which – oddly – was at a YouTube conference that Soo Zee was attending. Ha! Soo Zee says they didn’t see her in the crowd, though.

Also, this was the first girl group that we interviewed! WOOHOO! What was really cool about it is that they LOVED the fanmail candy you guise sent us. We can’t eat all of it ourselves, of course. It’s too much for a regular human to eat! Or is it… So we share it with whoever comes by the studio. Crayon Pop dug right in. They loved the fruit taffy, and they tried both French and Russian chocolates! We were thinking to ourselves “they’re a girl group, maybe they’re probably on a strict diet and can’t…oh wait. They’re chowing down!” Super cool in our books.

Crayon Pop Signed CD Giveaway!

Ok, so we’ve got four CDs that we’re planning on giving away to you guise, and they’re all signed! Here’s what you gotta do to win!


Head on over to Part 2 of our Interview, and leave Crayon Pop a shootout in the comments. Show em your love and support, and we’ll pick one Crayon Pop fan and give you their CD! You gotta be subscribed to us, too, so make sure you’ve clicked on this button here:

You can also leave your comments here, if you’d prefer to leave a longer answer. Just make sure to leave your YouTube username as well so we can see if you’re subscribed :D


First, make sure you like our page on Facebook by clicking here:

And then, in the contest thread, leave a comment for Crayon Pop. We’ll pick one from there and give you a CD, too!

Google Plus:

First, make sure you’re following us on Google Plus. We’ve got a bunch of stuff there that we don’t put on our other channels :D

Then, in the contest thread, just like for YouTube and Facebook, show Crayon Pop your support. Booya! Another CD goes out to you :D


Lastly, for you Twitter people, it’s so easy for you! Click these two buttons and you’re in!

Now, we’re not sure when we’re going to be able to announce the winners, because we’re still in Europe, but we’ll announce them in the next Music Monday we do! We’re just not sure when that’s gonna be. Hopefully soon! Block B’s back! We gotta talk about them, right? RIGHT?! OH GAWD AND SHINee!!! WHAT TO DO!!??



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