So Crayon Pop stopped by the studio and decided to play along with us for a small skit, answer a few questions, take some pictures with us in our sticker booth, and give away a bunch of signed CDs, which we’re in turn giving away to you. Success! We made a playlist of the full interview, which is in two parts. If you can’t see the playlist, for some reason, you can see part 2 of the interview here!


A few things about the interview that we didn’t get to mention in the video:

Major respect goes out to Crayon Pop and their crazy schedule. Bar Bar Bar has really blown up for them and they were dead tired when they arrived at the studio yet they were still chipper and adorable in their pink outfits and helmets. If you haven’t seen their hilarious video for Bar Bar Bar yet, check out their newest version here:


As a result of it getting so popular, they’re pretty much doing loads of shows and appearances. Right after filming with us they drove off to Daejeon for a show which is a location far away from where we are. The day afterwards, they were back in Gangnam for another performance, which – oddly – was at a YouTube conference that Soo Zee was attending. Ha! Soo Zee says they didn’t see her in the crowd, though.

Also, this was the first girl group that we interviewed! WOOHOO! What was really cool about it is that they LOVED the fanmail candy you guise sent us. We can’t eat all of it ourselves, of course. It’s too much for a regular human to eat! Or is it… So we share it with whoever comes by the studio. Crayon Pop dug right in. They loved the fruit taffy, and they tried both French and Russian chocolates! We were thinking to ourselves “they’re a girl group, maybe they’re probably on a strict diet and can’t…oh wait. They’re chowing down!” Super cool in our books.

Crayon Pop Signed CD Giveaway!

Ok, so we’ve got four CDs that we’re planning on giving away to you guise, and they’re all signed! Here’s what you gotta do to win!


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Now, we’re not sure when we’re going to be able to announce the winners, because we’re still in Europe, but we’ll announce them in the next Music Monday we do! We’re just not sure when that’s gonna be. Hopefully soon! Block B’s back! We gotta talk about them, right? RIGHT?! OH GAWD AND SHINee!!! WHAT TO DO!!??

  1. I listened to the song Bar Bar Bar a few weeks ago and fell absolutely
    in love with it. I was having a really tough time in my life and theses
    girls knew just what I needed. I needed to JUMP!!!!!! HEHEHEHE <3
    This song lifted my spirits and just let me let go of all my troubles
    and just dance and have fun. Now when I am feeling the little bit down I
    put on this song and I just jump away. I want to thank the girls of
    crayon Pop so much. They are beautiful and talented girls and I hope
    they continue to push me to be the best I can be. Love their other songs
    as well!!!!!! There song also motivates me and gets me pumped before I
    study and do homework. With them I am determined to not let things get
    me down and to finish college. I can do it. Crayon Pop lets go!!!!!
    JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Crayon Pop’s music is always so cute and cheerful, And their cheerfulness sticks to me as a result! I enjoy watching there silly video’s, and their dances are really really great! The Bar Bar Bar dance is really cute and fun, and so are their older dances. I hope to see more of them in the future doing what they do! :)
    My youtube username is: shlomitgoldich

  3. CRAYON POP POP POP!!!!Happy fun Jumping fun time and love Bar Bar Bar & Dancing Queen songs and there different scene of style is fun and witty Go CRAYON POP Go Jumping all around everywhere, CRAYON POP jump jump uh ha uh ha jump jump CRAYON POP make U wanna Jump Jump!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. shout out to my homegirls KU-RAY-ON POP! keep making awesome music.
    yt: XoceanxsunX

  5. “this was the first girl group that we interviewed!” Umm…SISTAR? Maybe you meant first girl group in the studio?…
    Thanks for the interview. These girls are a breath of fresh air. :)

  6. That was interesting…
    I would have chosen death by spider, no matter how painful it may be. At least so I can see my parents and close ones to say good-bye in case I die…
    As I witnessed before, seeing loved ones for one last time is what made the one at the death bed happy…

    On another note, I can’t stop thinking about who else would agree for an EYK interview… For some reason Brian Joo keeps popping up non-stop ( *lol* probably because he speaks english…) and Henry Lau…
    And thanks to your ” top 7 underrated kpop songs ” Royal Pirates come to mind aswell.

  7. Love Crayon Pop <3!!! Wish them the very best for their future releases!!!

  8. i am so glad that EYK did an interview with Crayon Pop!!!! i love their energy and every time i hear them they give me energy. thank you EYK for showing me this group a while back. they are amazing!!!

  9. I got the Crayon pop virus long ago…and there is no cure or vaccine…we are doomed with all their spunk and quirkiness!!! I’m so excited they have become so popular in Korea…hope they have more success to come!

  10. this video wasn’t put on the playlist but for all those who haven’t seen this wondrous cover of itaewon freedom must watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J_xHjg1sRs

    just another reason to love crayon pop~

  11. I fell in love with Crayon Pop after seeing Bar Bar Bar and then after that I started watching their other videos like Dancing Queen 2.0 and Saturday Night (the Japanese version). It sucks because I live in the U.S. and I can’t watch their other videos to give them my support. Anyways they are by far the best girl rookie group I have ever encountered. I give them my full support and can’t wait to see them grow each time with their music. I mean they are unique and look like they have fun with each other. Another reason why I love them is because lately I’m kind of tired of seeing girl groups having the overly sexy image! I want good clean fun and that’s what Crayon Pop gives…. clean FUN! I will be so happy to win their CD. I will be forever love you guys and Crayon Pop if i won! Get your Cray~On!… Oh wait thats a GD reference haha! ^.^
    My Youtube name is 1snitches1…….Please feel free to contact me to let me know that I won. jk jk =)

  12. I kept thinking Martina was saying “grand pop”

  13. Awww, that segment where they are walking down the street and their manager won’t give them money. And then again at the amusement park? I just wanted to hug them all and pay for whatever they wanted! Ok, so that probably sounds like creepy, old sugar-daddy talk…but can you blame me? They are just sooo cute! Crayon Pop Virus! I am infected and I like it!

  14. CRAYON POP IS SO ADORABLE!! I just couldn’t handle this interview, they were too adorable and I couldn’t see their exhaustion at all, that is such dedication. And I love how you showed them actually eating the candy it was just super adorable to me and i know the people who sent those packages must be exhilarated. My youtube user name is Dapper Dinosaur and I just can’t wait for more of their amazing songs!!

  15. I love Crayon Pop I will Always Support Crayon Pop! I love so much there Voices! And I like Eat Yourkimichi because u guys are very funny and make very good videos ps. i have seen all the videos u guys have upload :D Hope I get Picked! :D

  16. Crayon Pop! I don’t know how to start, you girls are amazing for breaking the kpop girl group mold and doing a concept that is daring and interesting that I personally would feel awkward doing. Thank you for the song Bing Bing, it’s a new obsession for me! Always be happy and positive even in your hardest times, muah love ya!

  17. Just incase; I’ll comment here too since my youtube comment was 3 comments. I’m determined to get the CD cus’ I’m broke and can’t even buy an unautographed one. Disadvantages of being one year younger than the job age. T_T

    My youtube name is Lexi H. (The picture is Crayon Pop’s Way, haha.)

    I’ve been the biggest fan of Crayon Pop since their debut. Sure, my bias is Way but I honestly cannot choose who my bias is. I’m so happy you guys interviewed them and I will do absolutely anything to get that CD. I’m so dedicated to them, I help update international fans on Tumblr with updates by helping with the fy-crayonpop blog! I’m proud of Yong Pop for their rising fame and I cried with them when they won for Bar Bar Bar. Especially against EXO! Of all people to beat!! ♥ Soyul, Way, Gummi, Choa, and Ellin are the sweetest idols out there and our fandom is strong! The girls have given their fans their numbers and talk to their fanclub members. They’re so close to the fans and treat them all as friends, and I love it so so much. Yong Pop push themselves to the limit and try their hardest for everything they’ve earned; for example, the Girl Group Mud Wrestling. (Which they won beef! Haha~ They’re shikshins, so they were excited.) I’m sorry for making this three comments but I love my Yong Pop babies so much and I wish they could be a little more popular. They don’t care about having this gorgeous or sexy image, and they could care less about shattering their image. They all are themselves, that’s why I love them a lot. The ladies are the quirkiest and act so weird, dorky, and 4D; unlike other girl groups who tend to not spazz out so they can keep an image. In summary; I love Crayon Pop! ♥

  18. My Youtube User name:Alex Vargas


    (oh, and i already commented on youtube before i knew about this option… ;A; USERNAME: ShootinStarUnicorn)

    welp… i already commented on youtube before i realized we could comment here! ;A; is it okay if i leave a longer answer here? i hope it is… i’m going to do it anyway. yep. it’s happening.

    let me start by saying that i LOVE CRAYON POP. you guys are beautiful amazing girls who work so hard for your dreams, and endured many days out in the cold trying to gain support. i admire you girls for dealing with the haters and being yourselves, and i hope that you all stay strong and continue being proud girls like you always have been. me and my sister will continue being your dedicated fans, and supporting you even when people put you down. we love you guys so much, almost like family, where we worry about you when you are sick, and laugh when soyul is being cute… ^^ my sister’s bias is soyul, so i see a lot of her. ^^ anyway, CRAYON POP 화이팅! 사랑해!! >< WE LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH. KEEP WORKING HARD. <3

    i really don't think that just saying all this is enough though… like honestly, you girls in crayon pop don't even know, even the littlest bit, what you have done for me and my sister. especially my sister. i am literally the most grateful person in the world to you guys. so much.

    so, i hope you take the time to read this, even if it is long, and to understand exactly why i want this so much, not for me, but for my sister, who probably deserves it the most.

    let's go! ^^

    okay, so… when my sister first discovered crayon pop in august of 2012, they had 5,000 views on youtube. i remember it so clearly; she thought they were so cute, and was wondering why they had so many haters. she looked everywhere for their songs so she could download them (they weren't on itunes at the time), she followed as many tags on tumblr as she could related to them, and she downloaded the MV to her computer. she was OBSESSED, but not in a creepy way. it was extremely cute, to be honest. and it was the first time i had seen her really into something in a while, something that she could be really excited about. she learned the names of them in a week, and changed her tumblr description so crayon pop was one of her favorite groups. in no time, she was probably the biggest fan of crayon pop, without it being over-the-top and creepy.

    i remember that i got her a signed album of crayon pop's for christmas last year; it was signed by all of them, and it was the only album i could find from them on ebay. i spent 200 dollars on it with the help of my mom, and she was so happy when she got it. seriously; she stared at it for at least a half an hour, and when i almost accidentally sat on it in her room she was about ready to have a spazz attack (i definitely learned to be more careful)…

    when we were in korea on a trip, she looked everywhere for their albums. we went to at least 8 CD stores looking for them, but none of them had the albums. she was crushed, but she didn't give up until we had gotten from one side of myeongdong to the other. her motivation to walk all that way and find them was more than i had ever seen from her. literally, it was amazing how determined she was to find the CDs, and how disappointed she was when she didn't.

    the next time i saw her get really happy about crayon pop was at kcon; we were getting our scratch cards, and she was so stressed as to who she would get. well, we got everything crayon pop, and she was so happy. like, insanely happy. she almost cried (or she might have actually cried, not sure… she was covering her face. ^^). i was so happy for her though, because it was the first time she had really been happy about something in a long time. i new she deserved it.

    she works harder then anyone i know in her life. all her junior year, it was her coming home, doing homework, going to sleep and waking up again. she got a 4.0 every single trimester, and got a 33 on her ACT. she is probably one of the most amazing people i have ever met. on top of that, she deals with extreme anxiety disorder, as well as depression. i don't know how she does it, but she keeps herself so organized, so when she was just happy and content for one day after getting that scratch card, i was happy too. i wanted her to be like that for forever. it was crayon pop who made her that happy, and i became even more grateful to them starting that day.

    my sister was absolutely adorable when she woke up the next morning. she was so nervous, and she kept straightening her hair in the car. she wanted to get there and stand in line for crayon pop extra early, so that she could meet them and give them a high five, just like the scratch cards promised. so we waited in line for a half an hour, with her tapping her feet and waiting, absolutely determined to see them. but then, 5 minutes past the time we were supposed to be let in, i began to get worried. suddenly the volunteers said that it was cancelled, and my sister's face went from happy to blank to almost in tears, so i knew i had to get her out of there. she's too strong to cry; that's just her personality. she's not like me, who can't stop herself from crying in public of the littlest things. she's so strong. she just sat there, taking it all in. i was determined to make sure she felt happy, and i tried everything to make her feel better, but in the end she left the convention for a while, and i waited by the line just to see if they might switch things around and let us in. they never did, but i had high hopes.

    i wasn't sure how she was going to do, but she came back for the concert, and we watched it. i was in the standing section and she was in the side section, but during crayon pop when i looked up at her seat, she was literally the only one in her section who was enthusiastic. other people were just standing there, and they would occasionally sing "jumping and jumping" when they got the chance, but during dancing queen they were mute. my sister, though, knew every single lyric, and her energy was completely full. seriously, i've never seen her be that energetic. ever. it's something that i distinctly remember, because she was the one person in that section pumping her lightstick to the beat of the songs, singing in korean that she had memorized. in that moment she was the biggest crayon pop fan i had ever seen.

    now by big, i don't mean big as in she was like stalking them and buying pillows with their faces and buying every single album. first of all, she's saving all her allowance for college, so i don't blame her for not buying the albums (but if she had more money i swear she would own every single one). that's one of the reasons why i want to get this signed album for her, actually. but anyway; she's the biggest fan because she has the most passion for crayon pop out of anyone i've ever seen or heard about. she loves them like family; she worries if they become sick, and always wants them to be happy. she knows more about them as people then anyone else, and maybe i'm wrong, but out of anyone i've come across she's the most passionate.

    and i think that she deserves this album the most, out of anyone. she doesn't ever ask for anything that she doesn't need; to prove this, she kept one pair of jeans from eighth grade to her junior year of highschool so she wouldn't have to trouble our mom with asking for a new one. she is so considerate of other people's needs that she tends to throw her wants to the side. this is why i want to get this for her. i want to secretly win the album for her, and then give it to her at christmas. it's a longshot, and there might be other people who want it, but let me tell you, there is no one who wants it and deserves it more than her. and it's the least i can do to show her how much i look up to her, how amazing she is, and how cool life can be when you just have hope that something amazing could happen, even if that means winning a signed album.

    so, simon and martina (i seriously praise you for reading all this if you did, like honestly) and crayon pop, i hope after seeing this you understand that winning this album would mean something so much more for my sister than anything else i can think of, besides getting into her dream college. if i could win this, i would be SO GRATEFUL. like, there would be no words. you guys would be creating the biggest smile ever for her, i promise you. PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE.

    THANK YOU SIMON AND MARTINA FOR DOING THE INTERVIEW. thank you so much… my sister probably loved watching that too haha~ <3 i love you guys, and i love crayon pop, and spudgy, and meemers (i apologize for my spelling because i am the worst speller… ever…), and… ya know… dah whole crew. <3 <3 <3 please take this all into consideration, and best of luck to all the other entries! <3

    well… bye. again, sorry for the length. ^^

  20. Crayon Pop unnies, good job, and fighting!!! I love you guys sooo much, and hope you do many more songs and albums in the future!!! I wish for your fans to grow more and more, so you can make lots of money!!!! Good job Crayon Pop, I will forever be your fan, and infested with the Crayon Pop virus!!!! Fighting!!!! My YouTube name is ThePiggyBunnySaram… I think or else it’s humi178. Thank you EYK for the amazing interview!!! Fighting EYK and Crayon Pop!!!!

  21. Love this interview! You guise are so awesome. Actually, I haven’t even finished it yet, but there is one thing that I find kind of bothersome: when Martina speaks in Korean there aren’t any subtitles. Even though it’s usually very short sentences, I don’t speak a lick of Korean, so I would love to have subtitles and know what she’s saying! This has happened before…just a suggestion!

  22. I am Chinesebookworm on YouTube. Crayon Pop are pops of pretty colour swirling through my mind. Such addicting songs! I like how you can actually work out to them by learning their dances; such perfection! :D

    My wishes to Crayon Pop to never lose their fun style and colour! Best of luck in all your endeavours! Fighting!!

    Crayon Pop please stay in touch with Simon and Martina. I think they will be very happy to have you as friends! <3

  23. I like the songs and Crayon Pop because it gives us the impression of seeing friends having fun and doing what you love which is singing, no matter in what place, clothes or situation, they are always happy singing. I saw the videos of them, ‘Bing bing’ and ‘Bar bar bar’ and fell in love with it their way.
    I know that in the midst of so many smiles and laughter came many weeping and sorrow, but they never passed it in their videos. Even when they were prevented from appearing in music programs they always find a way to show their work to their fans and admirers.
    I live in a country where the female body is more valuable than what we think (I live in Brazil; my country has many beauties things, but unfortunately also has many flaws and don’t like this defect, to me, to make the foreigners _some of these already think so_think that brazilian women are just butt, chest and thighs) and rightfully so don’t like seeing girl groups in K-pop, where companies super expose the bodies of these girls instead of the beautiful voice that most of them have.
    So, by knowing Crayon Pop I saw a group that to be sexy and cute is not the main point and not the flagship of their presentations; the flagship is the fun and the feeling that anyone can have fun with little things, we can even dance with gym clothes, uniform of the college and nothing else is needed.
    In most, I wish them much success and that they keep this formula, because with this little way they will have more and more sucess and fame.

    Youtube username: Rafaela Bezerra
    Link of username: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqSpW1oae-_6DjodKfuA_Fw

  24. I LITERALLY loved these 5 ADORABLE girls since the beginning and was so proud when they began to get noticed for Bar Bar Bar. Their songs and energy truly bring me joy and get me DANCING all the time! I seriously think Crayon Pop is such a UNIQUE girl group and also a talented one. They inspire me to be different and embrace my ‘corky-ness ‘ I love them and EYK so much! Best luck in the future for both!! <3


  26. Username: lazypea93

    OMG!!!!! I love u guys (Crayon Pop) so much. I’m always playing your songs on my ipod or trying to dance to them because they are so cute/fun. I love how you aren’t like regular girl groups who either try to be really sexy or really cute. All five of you are just crazy, adorable and incredibly talented girls who don’t try to be something they aren’t, which is why I think you are so awesome. ^^ Way: I think you are so pretty and I love how confident you seem in everything you do. Ellin: I LOVE YOU!!!! You are so adorable and funny. Choa: I love your voice; it’s so soothing and beautiful. Gummi: Thank you for taking care and acting like a mother for these four other girls. Your love for them definitely shines in everything that you do. Lastly, Soyul: Our maknae. Your energy is so infectious and you always make me wanna get up and start moving with your cute actions. Thank you for coming together and becoming the group that all of us love and cherish. Also, your songs are definitely the best workout songs ever. Lol. I’m always listening to ‘Saturday Night’ or ‘Bing Bing’ when I’m in the gym. I’ll always love and support Crayon Pop no matter what, so try not to overwork yourself too much and enjoy all of the recognition that you most definitely deserve. CRAYON POP, AING!!!!! <3 Saranghae. Fighting!!!!

  27. sgnerjk I love it they are so lovely ^^ It would be cool to win one of those albums *-*

  28. Hey Crayon Pop!
    I remember the first time I heard your song Saturday Night like it was yesterday, I usually don’t like cute concepts that much, but yours was quite different – it wasn’t all ‘pink and glitter-y’ but a ‘smiling and having fun’ kind of cute and I immediately fell in love with you guys <3 I eventually became addicted to your debut song Bing Bing as well… Bing, bi-bing bing bing~ Your stage outfits are so cute and dorky :D And your dances are so much fun~
    I always knew: the world needs more girl groups like you! I wanted humanity to give more attention to so badly~ And look to where you have come now – your song being like the 2013 edition of Gangnam Style (unfortunately, without the international popularity) even though you're from a pretty unknown company ^-^ Time sure flies fast…
    Martina MCing your kpop chart update made me really excited and seeing your hilarious interview made my day :) Thanks to Simon and Martina for making this possible as well!
    I love buying the music I like physically, and now that you FINALLY released a physical album, I want it so badly^^ And it would be SO freaking cool if I could get it signed <3
    Please continue to be such a refreshing and fun group! Crayong Pop, fighting!

    P. S. my youtube name is SilentKairyu c:

  29. Shark. Hurts for a bit and then over quickly. Poison is not fun kids… That stuff is horrible. Some nature blogger did a post about the one time that he almost died to a black widow bite and it made me want to never go outside again…

    • I think it depends on what type of spider with what type of poison. Say it’s a painless poison that just makes you sleep and never wake up, rather than a poison that has a bunch of symptoms before death? o.o And it also depends on where you get bit by a shark for you to die. It could bite you on the arm and you could slowly bleed to death, which would still be considered death by shark. Or it could be as fast as lightning if the shark just bit your head off or a part of your torso. o.o
      I’m probably thinking about this too much….

    • I know! That’s crazy! A shark will kill you in under a minute. A spider will kill you over the course of hours. Poison’s a terrible way to die. Shark: get bit hard, bleed out, and you’re done.

  30. I LUV Crayon Pop! Their simplistic fun music and videos are just super awesome!

  31. Pop! Pop! Keu Re Yong Pop! Get! Set! Ready! Go! Jumping! Yeah! Jumping! Yeah! Everybody!

    I can’t even express how excited I was when I saw EYK was going to
    interview Crayon Pop starting with the hint asking for fan questions. It
    was two of my favourite things in one place!!! Literally spammed all my
    social media with it.

    Personally, I’ve been wanted to do
    something Crayon Pop related for a video on my Youtube channel:
    tylo7887. Just had an idea last night, but now it’s about making sure it
    happens, lol. Anyways, love what you guys do, keep it up! EYK fighting!
    Crayon Pop Fighting! <3

  32. Pop! Pop! Keu Re Yong Pop! Get! Set! Ready! Go! Jumping! Yeah! Jumping! Yeah! Everybody!

    can’t even express how excited I was when I saw EYK was going to
    interview Crayon Pop starting with the hint asking for fan questions. It
    was two of my favourite things in one place!!! Literally spammed all my
    social media with it.

    Personally, I’ve been wanted to do
    something Crayon Pop related for a video on my Youtube channel:
    tylo7887. Just had an idea last night, but now it’s about making sure it
    happens, lol. Anyways, love what you guys do, keep it up! EYK fighting!
    Crayon Pop Fighting!

  33. I like to see how they became famous by their own talent. They have worked hard for the sucess. They are a example that if you work hard your can win

  34. Crayon Pop is awesome. We rarely come across groups that aren’t all mini skirts and aegyo AND have catchy, fun music. Crayon Pop is a prime example of cute without the aegyo overdose, and silly while still looking cute. =P And to top it all they are being recognized for that unorthodox awesomeness. Win~ (*>.<*)/ These are songs I can dance along with and even teach to my little cousins; like that cover video shows, Crayon Pop has a universal appeal that many girl groups lack these days. From debut until now, they've never disappointed. I hope they never change.
    크레이용팝, 축하해용! 우리에게 좋은 음악을 들려줘서 고마워용. 우리 팬들도 열심히하는 크레이용팝을 위해 열심히 응원할게요. 사랑해용 ♥ 화이팅!

    -InvisibleRen @YouTube

  35. I was hit by the crayon pop infection at K-CON 2013! Before i liked Dancing Queen for being so silly out in the streets, but seeing them on stage was amazing! Hope to see them continue to be AMAZING! POP POP KU-REI-YON- POP

    (user name awaman12)

  36. My Fiance showed me Crayon Pop not long after we got together. Ever since then I have been 100% in love with their music. I love them so much that I am now one of the 4 staff members of “Crayon Pop UK”. I believe their song writing team (known as Dumb & Dumber) are pretty much musical genius’. Everything about the ORIGINAL “Dancing Queen” was magical, from the production to the vocals. The girls are very pretty, extremely funny and seem VERY approachable. I’d love to see them live someday. I’ve also went ahead and bought ALL of their CD’s so far, including a signed version of their Bing Bing single, all of which I’ve given as gifts to my Fiance as a thank you for introducing me to the girls.

  37. To start this off: SNSD was my favorite group, loving them since 2009, but this summer Crayon Pop just totally took my heart with them. Nearly everyone’s thinking that they are just “a girl group, jumping around with helmets and stuff” but seriously – for me, it seems like these 5 girls are the kindest and most fun-having girls in the whole K-Pop industry. <3 It's amazing how they made their way from Guerilla performances on a cold winter to #1 on a music show – always wearing a smile and having fun at everything they're doing. :) They are really hardworking and they totally deserve all the recognization for Bar Bar Bar – I really hope they will keep their success! Even though all five of them are amazing and perfect, Soyul completely won my heart and became my Ultimate Bias (Just wanting to let everybody know how PERFECT she is, seriously.) – which I thought would be impossible. At the moment I'm gathering some money, in hope that I can get all of Crayon Pop's releases soon – such a unique group deserves all my support I can give. <3 Let's hope they will get worldwide recognization! :)

    (Youtube-Name: CrickBassify | Youtube, y u not let me write long comments! D: )

  38. To start with, Crayon Pop songs are really amazing! They are exactly my style. ♡ Crayon Pop is showing a very cute side of the kpop. The thing I like the most about them is that they’re not the typical girl group. They don’t wear short skirts, they don’t show their legs and I really like the fact that they’re fully “covered” most of the time. That means that their fans are not fans because of liking their body (because there are many fans like this out there), but because of their good music and cute personalities. Other things I like about Crayon pop are definitely their personalities. They’re just adorable. They’re always having fun no matter what. And I love watching their videos at youtube even though I don’t understand them. But when they smile, I smile too. Other thing that makes my heart melt is how hard they work for their fans and how great they treat them. They always make street concerts, which helps fans a lot to get closer to their favourite group. ^^ Which is amazing! Crayon Pop is a group which definitely deserves to be recognized more!
    Crayon Pop is going to be one of my favourite girl groups forever. CRAYON POP, 화이팅! You girls are an inspiration to me. Keep on working hard and you’ll achieve a lot for sure. LOVE YOU. ♥

    ( my youtube username – crazyxwildxx )
    P.S.: I really hope to get the chance to win something like this. I’ll be the happiest person! :D ^o^

    • “That means that their fans are not fans because of liking their body (because there are many fans like this out there), but because of their good music and cute personalities.”

      I completely agree. Just the same there are a couple of sexy girl groups I see that have one or two amazing singers, and/or have gorgeous members, but I can’t get into them because I’m not interested in the music or image. But then there are those groups I love to watch on variety shows and BTS clips because of their personalities, but I don’t like their music. Crayon Pop is likable in a lot of aspects and I think one can tell that their fans aren’t shallow. Kpop isn’t JUST about the face, afterall.

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