So Crayon Pop stopped by the studio and decided to play along with us for a small skit, answer a few questions, take some pictures with us in our sticker booth, and give away a bunch of signed CDs, which we’re in turn giving away to you. Success! We made a playlist of the full interview, which is in two parts. If you can’t see the playlist, for some reason, you can see part 2 of the interview here!


A few things about the interview that we didn’t get to mention in the video:

Major respect goes out to Crayon Pop and their crazy schedule. Bar Bar Bar has really blown up for them and they were dead tired when they arrived at the studio yet they were still chipper and adorable in their pink outfits and helmets. If you haven’t seen their hilarious video for Bar Bar Bar yet, check out their newest version here:


As a result of it getting so popular, they’re pretty much doing loads of shows and appearances. Right after filming with us they drove off to Daejeon for a show which is a location far away from where we are. The day afterwards, they were back in Gangnam for another performance, which – oddly – was at a YouTube conference that Soo Zee was attending. Ha! Soo Zee says they didn’t see her in the crowd, though.

Also, this was the first girl group that we interviewed! WOOHOO! What was really cool about it is that they LOVED the fanmail candy you guise sent us. We can’t eat all of it ourselves, of course. It’s too much for a regular human to eat! Or is it… So we share it with whoever comes by the studio. Crayon Pop dug right in. They loved the fruit taffy, and they tried both French and Russian chocolates! We were thinking to ourselves “they’re a girl group, maybe they’re probably on a strict diet and can’t…oh wait. They’re chowing down!” Super cool in our books.

Crayon Pop Signed CD Giveaway!

Ok, so we’ve got four CDs that we’re planning on giving away to you guise, and they’re all signed! Here’s what you gotta do to win!


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Now, we’re not sure when we’re going to be able to announce the winners, because we’re still in Europe, but we’ll announce them in the next Music Monday we do! We’re just not sure when that’s gonna be. Hopefully soon! Block B’s back! We gotta talk about them, right? RIGHT?! OH GAWD AND SHINee!!! WHAT TO DO!!??

  1. Y’all really need to get an interview with Lunafly. Seriously. These guys are so UNDERRATED, it’s ridiculous.

  2. I’m posting here in addition to YT because the google plus post has maxed out at 500 comments :( My YT username is “gladitsnotme”.

    Hi Crayon Pop! I’ve been a fan since you guys first debuted with Bing Bing, and it’s still the most played song on my mp3 player! I really love your music, and the fact that you guys don’t take everything so seriously just makes you even more awesome. You’ve even inspired me to start dancing; I don’t care if I look goofy because goofy moves can be wicked too ;D I missed you guys at kcon this year but hope to see you in the USA soon! <33

  3. :( where is the photobooth picture ? :(

  4. Hi Simon and Martina~! My Youtube username is XxcocokittyxX (the same).
    Hehe. So…Crayon Pop. I love that name.
    When I first saw their video for Bar Bar Bar, I instantly fell in love! They are such an amazing group of girls, and their talent shows in their music. The Bar Bar Bar dance really caught my attention, it’s so fun and peppy, it’s hard not to smile when you see it! The song actually came out when I was in Korea, so all my friends were singing and dancing to it all the time. I also love their humor… When they put out that Itaewon Freedom parody I died. They are completely different from other girl groups… It’s amazing. I can’t wait to see them do more with their talents in the future~ I’m so happy for them!
    Crayon Pop 사랑해요~~~
    화이팅~! ^^

  5. simon and martina! i love u guys! ,< i wanna see them especially Doojoon oppa~~

  6. Annyeong Crayon Pop and Eat your Kimchi!

    I just wanted to let you girls know, since your debut with BingBing, I have believed in you girls. I told my friends about you, joined your fandoms and have supported you all the way. I made a Google+ account so I could attend your very first fan chat more than a year ago. I hope to see you girls continue this great path and career, and hope for many more great hits like Bar Bar Bar!
    I am also very excited to see more Japanese songs in the future!!

    Have fun!!!!

    P.S.: I don’t know how you girls do all that jumping, but when I was learning Bar Bar Bar…I died XD. Thumbs up!!!


    Thanks Eat Your Kimchi for all the work and time you put in for us fans!!!!

  7. YouTube username – mikesteps26 Twitter – msteps95
    I’m not going to write an essay, keeping it simple #yeahbuddy
    Crayon Pop is just awesome. Bar Bar Bar played at a Morning Glory store here in Sydney while I was in there, and everyone just randomly started doing the dance once I started it. That was awesome. Thanks S&M!

  8. I LOVE YOU CRAYON POP!!!! I WOULD NEVER CURE MY CRAYON POP INFECTION FOR YOU! :D :D :D I’ll be looking forward to your next comebacks!! Crayon pop fighting!!! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! :* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  9. First off, thank you so much for the amazing interview and promoting CRAYON POP to a wider audience, S&M!

    I sadly can’t say I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but they got me hooked with Dancing Queen. I’m so proud of the girls for going from having to perform on the streets to actually scoring a win with Bar Bar Bar! Everything is coming together for them and it’s the most amazing thing in the world.
    The best thing ever was them finally getting a MV for Dancing Queen 2.0, nearly a year after the original. It gives me, as a fan, this amazing sense of them having arrived. People actually finally taking them seriously and being able to see how amazing they are.

    Everything about their journey exemplifies how far hard work and resilience will get you!

    I’d love to be able to win a CD, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed (plus I live in Germany, so you know, you could just pop right over and deliver it in person).

    (youtube/twitter: lurkzlikenutz)

  10. I’ve read all the comments and kinda agree with all of them..whats not to like about 5 beautiful girls that work hard and strive for their dreams…its kinda like what Martina said awhile back about not wanting to share crayon pop with anyone because they were so special…lol so did i…but its like trying to keep a beautiful sunset to yourself… eventually people will see it and appreciate its awesomeness… so to crayon pop Choa, Way, Elln, Soyul, and Gummi… wishing all the best in the future, stay true happy and..CHARGE!!..
    oh and simon and martina, is there any other way to get a signed CD? cause there are a lot of people who deserve it too..
    but if i do get it,… i will personally come to korea and give you some yummy hawaiian macadamia nut chocolates…… bribe. noooooo…..Yessssssss!… keep up the good work.. as always…

  11. Before liking Crayon Pop, I had heard of their name but I didn’t really know much about them. However, it all changed when I watched one particular Kpop Chart Update where Martina talked about Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar and how cute, funny and unique the girls were dressed in silly costumes and doing silly dances. I watched their Bar Bar Bar music video and I thought they were just okay… but that was because the video didn’t properly show their 5 Cylinder Power Engine dance which I only got to properly see in a live performance video I watched of them later on and I LOVED IT! I THOUGHT IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! :D After that, I was really crazy about it, even doing the jumping dance with my friends in school and playing the song out loud everywhere hahahaha. I also checked out their other songs and I really loved them as well, especially Bing Bing which is probably my favourite Crayon Pop song ever! :D I really wish they have more songs because their songs and dances are all so bright and fun! They never fail to lift my spirits when I’m down or tired :)) As soon as Bar Bar Bar comes on, I would be “jumping” in my seat XD (At the recent fan meeting in Singapore at Scape, I was there to meet you guys and I even requested to do Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar poses for photos with you two :D It was really fun. ^^ After that, Simon also told me that you guys may be interviewing Crayon Pop! You have no idea how excited I was then! :DD) Besides that, I also love all of the girls’ personalities! Gunmi, Ellin, Choa, Way and Soyul are all so funny and talented. They have such great chemistry and teamwork together. The twins Choa and Way are my favourites :D It’s so funny how they argue with each other ^^ I love how Crayon Pop is so unique and different from other girl groups out there who try to be cute or dress sexily while Crayon Pop are just wearing track suits and yet they can be cute and sexy. I love how they aren’t afraid to shed their images for variety shows. For example, Crayon Pop had a contest with their staff members to see who could dress up the ugliest. Crayon Pop sent out their eldest member and leader Gunmi as their representative and they WON! :D Despite her “nasty” get-up, she wasn’t in a hurry to take off her “costume” as soon as the contest was done and continued having fun, laughing around dressed liked that. I really liked that dorky and fun side of them, that even though they are a girl group, they aren’t so obsessed with keeping a good image. :) I even like how Crayon Pop can be so friendly and close with their Chrome Entertainment staff to the extent of joke around with them and even throw them into the water on their agency’s MT trip together. When Crayon Pop won over EXO on a music show, despite liking EXO too myself, I quickly took to my twitter to defend Crayon Pop against my fellow angry “EXOTICS”, saying that Crayon Pop works just as hard as any other Kpop artist and they don’t deserve an award any less than EXO. That’s me knowing that because I’ve watched their reality shows and seen how they had to promote their song Dancing Queen on the streets in the cold and just wearing tracksuits because they couldn’t perform on music shows. Therefore, because of how adorable, fun, bubbly and hard-working these girls are, that is why I love them. ♥ :)
    Btw, my youtube username is pinkhanbokgirl and I’m @Cherylovesoshi on twitter (:

  12. the song is cheerful and makes me want to *jump jump jump* XD

  13. Youtube username – Bryony4321

    Sorry I’m a little late to the party but i’ve been thinking about what to reply. Where do i even start with crayon pop?

    I first heard of Crayon Pop in the May of 2012 through an article on allkpop publishing the release of their first ever music video, Bing Bing. I had recently made a promise to give rookie groups a chance, so i gave it a listen not really expecting that much. to my surprise i near on instantly fell in loe with these girls who were wonderfully and naturally cute without aegyo, spunky and entertaining with brilliant chroeography. I was COMPLETELY hooked from the first listen, and bing bing to this day remains my favourite kpop song. like, ever.

    sadly in the early days there was no fandom. absolutely zilch, and i had to scour high and low throughout the interwebs to find information about the girls. i was running the crayon pop tumblr tag essentially by myself. I was one of crayon pop’s very first twitter followers (i may have made an account just to follow them…), and as such they even followed me back. you heard that, the real crayon pop follow me on twitter. not gonna lie, one of my no 1. life achievements so far. we used to tweet before they got famous and no longer had time, but we tweeted about things like their upcoming debut with saturday night

    in the beginning it was scary to be a crayon pop fan. i never knew if they were simply going to dissapear one day, lost to the industry amongst the idol rain and an unknown company. they couldnt get on music shows, they couldnt get to perform at events. i knew i had found something special, but didnt think everyone else would get to experience it. so i decided to help run the fy-crayonpop on tumblr to spread the love. i used to sit and watch crayon pop tv without subs because there was no one to do the subs, but i’d love just watching them smile and laugh in stupid outifts anyway.

    now, in the beginning crayon pop were a ‘regular’ girl group. that is to say, i was a super fan of them before the weird shit started. i came home from school one day excited to watching their comeback of dancing queen to find that they had performed in bright orange tracksuits and bobble hats. at this point my brain clapped out for a few minutes as i tried to assimilate this new information. a week later they performed in what i maintain to this day is the the ugliest outfit worn to a music show; the leopard print tracksuit with the hood and the name tag. i stuck with it though. so what if it was fucking weird, i loved the girls and the music and if it makes me happy then i have no shame. the popjhussi’s agreed with me.

    then one day bar bar bar happened. the first time i saw the fancam of the very first time it was ever performed i thought i was golden. the whole thing from the helmets to the space invader themes made my heart swell with such happiness i can’t even explain. it was brilliant and i was totally blown away by this group yet again. when they started climbing the charts and eventually even won i cried with happiness. crayon pop works SO HARD through all the guerrillas in the freezing cold and rain, practicing all day and night. this group i have come to love, with gummi who looks after everyone so sweetly and has masculine charms with her chubby cheeks; ellin, the sexy lady who scares all the guys; soyul fairy, the cutie pie who wishes she looks older; choa who has studied musical theatre and has an incredible voice and way, who gave up her promising career to be part of crayon pop with her sister. i even have come to love the chrome ent family, like manager wifi jung and the ceo who built his company from nothing.

    crayon pop have come to mean the world to me; they are an inspiration with their determination and won’t give up attitudes, and i wouldn’t trade the experience of being their fan for the world. i’m so incredibly proud to see where they are now from where they came that it makes my heart ache, and i send them all my love and support from now until forever. yongpop, i hope you know how much i love you now and always will~♡

  14. The reason I love Crayon Pop and the reason to why I’m a very big fan of them is because when they were banned/didn’t get to perform on music shows in Korea, they didn’t give up but started doing guerilla performances instead! Even though it was autumn and winter and really cold outside, they performed in the streets to gain more attention as a group! Crayon Pop didn’t gain much attention until lately with Bar bar bar, but until then they never gave up, they just kept on doing what they do the best and didn’t start to do sexy/”fully” aegyo concepts to gain more attention!

    Another reason to why I love Crayon Pop is because they have a funny-“aegyo”-style on their songs and dances! Their songs and dances are both cute and funny to sing and dance along too! I also love the dance to Dancing Queen because it’s so silly, cute and funny to do! I also think it was pretty brave of Crayon Pop to perform in the clothes they did when they were promoting Dancing Queen. (like workout clothes, unform with sweatpants underneath and more~)

    I’ve seen so many people hating on Crayon Pop because their songs are silly, their music videos are simple and their
    are not a serious group. I saw so many people hating on them when they won no.1 for the first time, but > I < think they really, really deserved it for so many reasons! To me Crayon Pop is one of the most serious groups there is – they are doing what
    they want to do and they do not care about what other think of them! They are really just doing their thing and enjoying it
    to the fullest! Thery are being silly and doing silly songs because that's what they want to do and they are also
    spreading their happiness with all the fans by doing that!

    So well, that's why I love Crayon Pop a lot~ ;u;

    YouTube: ShinobuTheKuma

  15. I listened to the song Bar Bar Bar a few weeks ago and fell absolutely
    in love with it. I was having a really tough time in my life and theses
    girls knew just what I needed. I needed to JUMP!!!!!! HEHEHEHE <3
    This song lifted my spirits and just let me let go of all my troubles
    and just dance and have fun. Now when I am feeling the little bit down I
    put on this song and I just jump away. I want to thank the girls of
    crayon Pop so much. They are beautiful and talented girls and I hope
    they continue to push me to be the best I can be. Love their other songs
    as well!!!!!! There song also motivates me and gets me pumped before I
    study and do homework. With them I am determined to not let things get
    me down and to finish college. I can do it. Crayon Pop lets go!!!!!
    JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Crayon Pop’s music is always so cute and cheerful, And their cheerfulness sticks to me as a result! I enjoy watching there silly video’s, and their dances are really really great! The Bar Bar Bar dance is really cute and fun, and so are their older dances. I hope to see more of them in the future doing what they do! :)
    My youtube username is: shlomitgoldich

  17. Wow, I absolutely love Crayon Pop. I’m so happy for them that they got so popular. I remember when they barely had any views at all, and they suddenly exploded. I was like, when did this happen? But I’m happy for them that it did.
    While I would absolutely love the cds, I think some people here deserve them more than me, so I won’t go for it. I just want to say, go Crayon Pop!


    Youtube username: tuazoncjtech

  19. EVERYONE!!! Actually watch the episode simon and martina put at the end of the playlist! It was really entertaining and totally worth it, these girls are pretty funny! Thanks Eatyourkimchi! I feel like you guys make me see kpop stars as more people then idols and I find I enjoy there work even more that way

  20. I want to cry with how adorable these girls are. OMG. And then I want to give them a week-long vacation. Thanks for this interview, they are so cute and holy heck, now I have a new song to blast in the morning (yes, I hadn’t heard Bar Bar Bar yet!)

  21. CRAYON POP POP POP!!!!Happy fun Jumping fun time and love Bar Bar Bar & Dancing Queen songs and there different scene of style is fun and witty Go CRAYON POP Go Jumping all around everywhere, CRAYON POP jump jump uh ha uh ha jump jump CRAYON POP make U wanna Jump Jump!!!!!!!! ;)

  22. shout out to my homegirls KU-RAY-ON POP! keep making awesome music.
    yt: XoceanxsunX

  23. “this was the first girl group that we interviewed!” Umm…SISTAR? Maybe you meant first girl group in the studio?…
    Thanks for the interview. These girls are a breath of fresh air. :)

  24. Does anyone have a link to the crayon pop barbarbar dog video? I tried to find it and couldn’t. :(

  25. So many awesome comebacks! Maybe you should do SHINee and Block B combo ;)

  26. There is no way i’ll let crayon pop be eaten by a shark or be bitten by a spider. I’ll use Martina and Simon as a human shield if i have to. :D
    Anyway, i freakin love crayon pop, they shoot as my no. 1 girl group just days after knowing them because they’re all-around awesome. Their concept, personality/charm, fans are too unique compared to your typical girl group. And you just can’t help but root for them to be succesful because of what they’ve been to.

    Anyway, I hope I win :D. YT usn: sharapova2

  27. have you ever been to the spas in korea? and if you have what is it like???

  28. I saw Crayon Pop last year performing Saturday Night over and over again for Arirang. I wasn’t even aware that they were new, if my friend wouldn’t have told me, I wouldn’t have known. They are really cute and hard working and ^^)b

    I’d have chosen death by shark, simply because sharks are not that common in the middle of Germany…


  29. That was interesting…
    I would have chosen death by spider, no matter how painful it may be. At least so I can see my parents and close ones to say good-bye in case I die…
    As I witnessed before, seeing loved ones for one last time is what made the one at the death bed happy…

    On another note, I can’t stop thinking about who else would agree for an EYK interview… For some reason Brian Joo keeps popping up non-stop ( *lol* probably because he speaks english…) and Henry Lau…
    And thanks to your ” top 7 underrated kpop songs ” Royal Pirates come to mind aswell.

  30. Not that i’m very surprised(bc i love ur show) but i discovered i already AM following you on all these channels xD
    Anyways… Crayon Pop!!!! They are soo cute i love their cute song and they look all pretty. MVs are adorable and funny and … awww i can’t… so much cuteness! A big contrast to groups that i usually listen to :P Although i wasn’t been their fan until Bar Bar Bar came out i am still proud and love the fact that so many want Crayon Pop album. I’m not much of a big talker or speech giver but i love these 5 friendly and pure girls and also hope to win their album with autographs! Omg plz notice me, i REALLY REALLY REAAAALLLLYYYY want that album! my youtube username is Neteke14

  31. Love Crayon Pop <3!!! Wish them the very best for their future releases!!!

  32. i am so glad that EYK did an interview with Crayon Pop!!!! i love their energy and every time i hear them they give me energy. thank you EYK for showing me this group a while back. they are amazing!!!

  33. what do you guys do with the sticker photos? do you keep them in an album? show it to us!! :)

  34. Youtube username: jjismyhero5

    CRAYON POP HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their songs give me SO much energy and I truly appreciate that they are such a unique group! They really stand out compared to the majority of other girl groups~ My boyfriend also really loves Crayon Pop! We always have so much fun singing and dancing to this song! Thank you Crayon Pop for all of your hard work and I look forward to your future songs! I support you guys all the way~~~

  35. Thank you so much for this interview, Simon and Martina! Crayon Pop means so much to me. I discovered them right after Saturday Night came out, and I’ve been in love with them ever since, especially Soyul! I always refer to her as my “ray of sunshine,” because her adorable smile and optimism have kept me going even during my darkest days. When they started doing guerrilla performances for Bing Bing and Dancing Queen I watched every fancam of them I could. Their dedication even in the dead cold of winter only made me love them more, and I am so proud that they are finally gaining the recognition they deserve, even if it means I don’t have them all to myself anymore. I wish I could tell them just how special they are to me and how much they have inspired me, because they have made my life so much better. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t see their smiling faces every day. I know I will never get to meet them and tell them how amazing and special they are, but this CD would be the next best thing, and I would treasure it forever.

    [YT username: taylorisnothere]

  36. I got the Crayon pop virus long ago…and there is no cure or vaccine…we are doomed with all their spunk and quirkiness!!! I’m so excited they have become so popular in Korea…hope they have more success to come!

  37. It wasn’t bar bar bar that got me, rather Dancing Queen when they promoted it almost a year ago. All the members are full of charisma and natural aegyo, but I just adore Soyul – this one is special haha. Go go Crayon Pop jumping jumping!

  38. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I think I am in love.

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