Hi ho! This is the last of the videos we did in Japan when we were there last month. It was the most ambitious project out of the whole lot of them, and definitely required the most work.

Basically, we had a few days to decorate our own rooms in a way that would show off our channel while the rube goldberg machine thingy did its work. We were at a bit of a loss, though. It’s like, what could we really do? Haywong did cooking stuff, and used cooking materials, as did Mosogourmet. The pretty makeup lady did pretty makeup stuff. The beatbox lady did beatbox stuff. But what the eff do we do? Our whole channel is us talking and making corny jokes. How could we make a Rube Goldberg out of the following:

– Doritos
– Fart jokes
– Calling each other ducky
– Bad animations in the corner
– Rolling down sexy windows
– Bubble Popping
– Nununununnunuhhhh-ing as we jump out of the frame

See what I mean? It wasn’t easy. We included a bunch of inside jokes in our domino pile, though, and a bunch of Kpop pictures, and our intro credits, but our whole machine is so short that you can barely see them all.

Anyhow, one cool thing that we got to do is use a bunch of Kpop CDs as bridges that our domino pile went through. The question you might have asked is the question we asked as well: “hey! What are you gonna do with all those CDs after the Rube Goldberg Machine thing is over? That’d be a waste of perfectly good Kpop CDs!” And you know what? You’re right! So, we’re gonna be doing something special with the CDs. We’re saving that for when we reach 300,000 subscribers. As I write this, we’re at 298,413. It’s Friday night. If you’re reading this post, it’s after 7:00PM on Saturday, because that’s when we’re supposed to release this video. I’m not sure if we reached 300k from now till then. If so, awesome. If not, then, umm…awkward! You should subscribe and tell your mom to subscribe, too!

Side note: Soo Zee just told us that now her mom watches our videos. That’s kinda awkward! I’m not sure if her mom reads our blog posts as well. If so, Hi Mrs. Soo Zee! Your daughter is really cool! I wonder if any of Soo Zee’s friends read this. Wait: what does that have to do with anything? Oh yes: awkwardness, going back to subscribers, going back to Kpop CDs, all related to the Rube Goldberg. I remember now.

So…yeah! I hope you found this video cool, somewhat, even if our part of it was lame. We’re chatterboxes, I say! We’re not engineers!

  1. my jaw kinda hurts!!
    6:03 minutes of my jaw wide open -_-“

  2. omg i love the slide after the ping pong ball turns into a larger blue ball. it has the whole family on it and a giant spudgy head at the end of it! and i love the giant crayons that say “Get Yo Crayons!”

  3. So Baekho and JR are in the kpop part when you see simon and martina was that the speical thing for the Nu’est fans?

  4. That was brilliant!! O.o Loved your part! :D *watches again*


  5. That was really fun to watch. I wish it didn’t go so fast past your awesome kpop set up.

    Also I’m just curious. You guys said you did something while in Japan where you mentioned N’uest. Has that come out yet or still pending? Only asking since you said this was the last of your Japan collaborations.

  6. So amazing! I always find these things magical. I would never have the patience to set one of these things up. It’s like card castles, you know? It falls down once when you’re one piece away, whatever. It falls down twice, you’re just like it can’t the third time. The falls down once more, and then you’re just like “Forget it…”
    Anyways, current subscriber count is at 299,936! *O*

  7. I SPY ME A NU’EST POSTER <3<3<3 Magazine? AND LEDapple! <3<3<3

  8. Awesome job! as soon as i saw the k-pop bridge i was like YAY EYK’s turn!! <3 you really did amazing guise!

  9. I was like O.o lol what kind of wizardy is going on here?!

  10. Holy snap!! This was freaking awesome!! *w*

  11. You could have had a ball roll on to an automatic car window switch to roll the window down, or literally, blown bubles and popped them. Or you could roll a ball over bubble wrap.

  12. That machine was awesome!! Japan is yet again one the most creative countries EVAR!! super excited to see what they all come up with. Ah when the bollywood thing started i was like having a spazz! and i was totally surprised to see it in japan. indian pride yo.

  13. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? Anyways. That was super cool guise. :D I love Rube Goldberg Machines!

  14. The weirdest part was when I suddenly heard hindi. I was like oh god my parents are watching bollywood movies again :ppp

  15. Woooooooooaaaaahhhhh! My eyes went dry from staring too long, that was hella cool, especially the ways they incorporated the different channels. And i understood the indian dude, not…that it matters.

  16. that was sooooooooooooooo DEABAK!!!!!

  17. That was amazing! And amazing that it actually worked. Did that happen to be one take? It was also awesome that everyone looked good in the picture at the end. And the creepy dude looked exceptionally creepy. O.o

  18. Wow how people make these machines is a mystery to me. It went by so fast I couldn’t see everything very well. Awesome though!

  19. awesome! i’ve been following sasakiasahi since her first channel manofwoman on youtube. i love her she is so freaking sweet and sometimes she’ll let people sub her videos in english. super nice girl.

  20. ~Waaa! It was so cool. You guys always look like you have so much fun =3

  21. OMG! Who was the guy with mad ping pong skills? Does he have a channel? Because that was awesome, and maybe if I watch him long enough and hard enough, I could defeat my brother at ping pong!

  22. Can anyone list all of the artists that were involved in the project?

  23. Rube Goldberg machine videos are so hypnotizing :) It was hard to notice the details while watching so I tried to recognize the CDs for giveaway (yay!) by stopping the video but still it was blurry. Anyway, so far I spot GD, Jaejoong and SISTAR19… But you said that you did something connected with NU’EST in Japan, so maybe teir CD was there too? We’ll see :] And lol, you even had bananas in your part XD

  24. this was so cool! i also just love how it showed off everyones skill and/or channel type in their own special way!!! ><

  25. well this reminded me of that one episode of Tom and Jerry.

  26. Woww! That’s awesome!! I love it! Fantastic!!


  28. that was so cool!!!
    hahha i had to keep pausing your part to see who you included!!
    wow the beat boxing part was awesome!!!
    when the vampire guy came on i literally gasped!!!!!

  29. Daebak! Sugoi! Yabai! Whoaaaa! It’s awesome guys xD I think I have to go back and pause the vid again to see what’s in you guys’ room again but wow, the whole thing is pretty rawrsome

  30. That was super creative d(>w<)b

  31. Awesome!!! That is all I can say.

  32. So much afford when you guys and other YouTube creators while in Japan did this…I can see it! =]

  33. I SPOT YOSHI!!!

    5:37 lol

    Yoshiiiii~~~~ <3 <3 <3 xD

    oh, cool project btw.


    Everyone must’ve put in sooo much thought and effort into that!!! I even forced our family’s guest to watch this with me, and they were really impressed xD Btw that ping pong dude – SO PRO. like wow.

    PS. I subscribed to a whole bunch of those channels thanks to this project. I love how the video versions on each channel have completely different intros and background music. Oh megwin, always so enthusiastic XD

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