Ok, so this is a bit random, but that’s what Open the Happy is for! Anyhow, I’m super excited about this because – finally – I CAN GET SHOES IN KOREA! HUZZAAAHHHH!!!

Basically, I went to the Adidas store in Times Square Mall in Seoul. You can’t find any big shoes there readily available, but there’s this funky looking barber shop chair with a touch screen that lets you create your own shoe design. SHAZAM! That’s what I said when I saw it. SHAZAAAAM!!! So I got that etched into my shoe. Ain’t that totally amazing? I picked the colors and patterns of the entire thing, sole to tongue to laces to even the inside material. BAM!

Now, it costs roughly 170,000 won, but – hell – I’m just happy that I don’t have to wait till I go back to Canada once a year in order to stock up on shoes. Now, if the fancy ever hits me, I can get some cool shoes made. Granted, it’s only Adidas, so if I’m feeling for a different style of shoes, something more subtle and less Shazaaaming, I won’t be able to find them. But at least I’m not totally out of shoes, right? So now you know where to get custom made clothes in Korea and custom made shoes, though, I don’t think you’d be wearing both at the same time. Might not match…

  1. Me not get why Simon doesn’t just order his shoes from Amazon or some other place and have them shipped to Korea.

  2. what part of Korea do you live

    • Is this a question for Simon and Martina? If so I can answer the question for you. Currently they live in Seoul and the studio is in the Hongdae are of Seoul. Previously ( at the time this video was made) they lived in Bucheon which is just outside of Seoul.

  3. LOVE those shoes! I bet people are so jelly when they see you struttin down the street Simon!

  4. Converse has a design-your-own service too, doesn’t it? I had a pair made some years ago… Or is that service only available in the US? Pretty sure Converse Korea has the same services…

  5. Would you hate me if I made some the EXACT same…I LOVE THOSE!!!

  6. I was in Myeongdong this weekend and in the Converse store there is a sign that says custom shoes. I think they might do it to.

  7. Those are AMAZING. How long did it take you to get them?

  8. NEGL, most kick ass shoes EVER

  9. they’re totally awesome!!!!
    I want some custom made shoes!!! :D

  10. OMG fashionista in the houuuuuuuuse! GD is drooling over your new shoes Simon XD


  12. i like the shoes but it would be hard to coordinate with other clothes for me because i’m a freak on color coordinating. maan, i want the design but in black grey and white because they are so versatile. but those colors on your shoe are all my fave colors!

  13. kyahh i want those shoes… bring it here in canada plzz.. … hope they got online shop.. 

  14. I WANT KOREA FLAG SHOES :(… Alright, I’m heading there again in november.. totally getting some.

  15. I WANT KOREA FLAG SHOES :(… Alright, I’m heading there again in november.. totally getting some.

  16. Shoes look like mine except someparts missing.. like shazaamm.. X)

  17. if you wore both at the same time you would most definitely look like an awesome styling kpop idol. XP

  18. *Eye-ing, Simon’s shoes in jealousy*

  19. You two are soooo cute !!!!!!!!!!

  20. They’re SUPER cute Simon! Love them!! 

  21. My Boyfriend has that problem to finding his shoe size here in the states, but rarely we actually will get lucky and find his size :) He wears a size 14.

  22. Annnnnd you dropped a Game of Thrones reference.  Can you guys get any cooler?  Can we be friends?  :)

  23. I don’t think they even have this in Canada D: This means i’m going to go get some awesome shoes this summer…. c: can’t wait to go to seoul hehe. 

  24. In other news . . . Simon still has all his fingers and thumbs still intact after some dangerous ninja-like, sword-wielding, box opening techniques.  Remember kids, do not try this at home.

  25. And . . . Simon somehow still has all his fingers and both thumbs still despite some dangerous ninja-like trickeration with that sword he used to open the box. 

  26. oh man those are seriously awesome!!!! *high five* we have the same taste in style!!
    i would totally buy trainers like that!!!!
    i’d love to get custom shoes…….but i can’t afford them!!

  27. omg i love how the design is mix and match with he plain and the contrast colour. i always want crazy shoes like tht. cries. im around size 11 / 43 for close shoes, and size 10 men size for sneakers. big feet hurrah. jealous!

  28. They’re awesome! How much would they cost in the us ? Or in Eu ? PS : I love Spudgys voice ! :’D 

    (srry for Engrish, German here ^-^’ )

  29. lol you guys say adidas dfferent. and funny. coz its the first time ive heard that. in oz we say A-di-daz you guys say add-e-des

  30.  How awesome is that. Ahh I would love if I could customize my own shoes

  31. OMG THANK YOU!!!!!! (epic bow)

    I have size 13 feet as well and ive been looking EVERYWHEEEERE in Seoul for shoes that will fit me.im going to that mall on Saturday (runs away screaming)

  32. .. I now want Simon designed shoes. 

  33. Ya those are pretty much the coolest shoes iv seen :p Love them ~

  34. Simon, be jealous; I still wear velcro shoes.

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