Ok, so this is a bit random, but that’s what Open the Happy is for! Anyhow, I’m super excited about this because – finally – I CAN GET SHOES IN KOREA! HUZZAAAHHHH!!!

Basically, I went to the Adidas store in Times Square Mall in Seoul. You can’t find any big shoes there readily available, but there’s this funky looking barber shop chair with a touch screen that lets you create your own shoe design. SHAZAM! That’s what I said when I saw it. SHAZAAAAM!!! So I got that etched into my shoe. Ain’t that totally amazing? I picked the colors and patterns of the entire thing, sole to tongue to laces to even the inside material. BAM!

Now, it costs roughly 170,000 won, but – hell – I’m just happy that I don’t have to wait till I go back to Canada once a year in order to stock up on shoes. Now, if the fancy ever hits me, I can get some cool shoes made. Granted, it’s only Adidas, so if I’m feeling for a different style of shoes, something more subtle and less Shazaaaming, I won’t be able to find them. But at least I’m not totally out of shoes, right? So now you know where to get custom made clothes in Korea and custom made shoes, though, I don’t think you’d be wearing both at the same time. Might not match…

  1. Me not get why Simon doesn’t just order his shoes from Amazon or some other place and have them shipped to Korea.

  2. Is this a question for Simon and Martina? If so I can answer the question for you. Currently they live in Seoul and the studio is in the Hongdae are of Seoul. Previously ( at the time this video was made) they lived in Bucheon which is just outside of Seoul.

  3. if you wore both at the same time you would most definitely look like an awesome styling kpop idol. XP

  4. oh man those are seriously awesome!!!! *high five* we have the same taste in style!!
    i would totally buy trainers like that!!!!
    i’d love to get custom shoes…….but i can’t afford them!!

  5. I’m so uptight.  The entire time that Simon was talking about the shoes while opening the box, all I could think about was that he was going to cut himself with the knife, and that opening an artery is the opposite of opening the happy.  
    Cool shoes though.

  6. Those are some awesome shoes! I can’t over the fact of how awesome those shoes are… seriously.

  7. you can do it on the addidas web site to cant you? i tried once but they didn’t ship to canada or was that that other brand 

  8. 170,000 won! that’s not bad! when i got my custom shoes after tax and shipping they were about $250 dollars canadian

  9. I’v totally done this! I designed a pair of hightops to match my dress for my highschool prom! And it was a pain in the butt to get because they only ship to the USA!!!! why does nothing ship to Canada?!?!

  10. How do you find these things?!?! I LOVE THEMMMM! I’m definitely going to buy a pair or two >:B

  11. those shoes look amazing and 170 is a damn good price too

  12. Please let these shoes be a prize for whatever contest you do in the future. Would love to own one. :)))

  13. i really feel open the happy from this video!!! yay for shazaaam shoesssss!!!

  14. That’s price is actually pretty good! <3 
    Those are AMAZING. The idea that you can get things custom made for decent prices (obviously more than the store) is amazing. 

    Also, make Simon learn to sew so that he can learn to make his own clothes!

  15. I need something like that here in the Philippines. MY FEET ARE TOO BIG AS WELL T ^ T

  16. duuuuuuuuuude. im like a 270 and im a woman. WAH.

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