When we were little kids and went to kindergarten, we had lunch boxes. They were HUGE though. Huge. Big enough to fit in a sandwich, a thermos (though we never used the thermos for soup), juice boxes, snacks, everything. They were big, bulky things, and they always had some awesome sticker on them for branding that would make them awesome. They’d all be the same shape, but the sticker and colour would make it so much more special. Ooh! Timmy’s got a Transformers Lunch Box. Khal Drogo has a Power Ranger lunch box! Suzy’s got a stupid My Pet Pony lunchbox, or something. They were awesome, and, come to think of it, we really miss them now! We could totally use them when we go to the coffeeshops to edit for hours.

Korea also has lunch boxes, and we’re reviewing them today, but they’re a lot smaller. You could probably fit three or four Korean/Japanese/Asian lunch boxes into one North American one. But that’s probably because these Korean lunch boxes are a lot more efficient with their space. A LOT MORE. But the meals are also a lot smaller. A LOT. Maybe – and this could be a hunch – that’s why Korean kids are a lot slimmer than North American kids?

OooOooh…I feel a rant coming on.

So, you know, that last idea brings us kinda to a point that we want to make. We just flew in to Toronto yesterday on a whim. We’re visiting Canada now for three weeks, and we didn’t announce it to anyone because we wanted to surprise the hell out of our families – who had no clue about our visit. We made videos of their surprises and you’ll see it soon! Anyhow, in our jet lagged state, after waking up at 4AM today and going to a 24 hour diner for a CHEAP $5.00 greasy breakfast (man Korea really needs some of those!) we decided to walk through a Shopper’s Drug Mart, which is like a pharmacy/general stuff store.

We walked up and down the aisles and even though we were like “OH MY GOD THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF WE MISSED!” we’re also a bit appalled at how much junk there is to eat here. And the portions are HUGE. HUUUUUGE. Over in the soda section, we saw freaking huge cans of everything, including Red Bull. Soda in Korea is sold in the slim size half can, or you can buy a small plastic bottle (of course they have 2L ones as well). And the bags of chips – even though we were really craving Doritos – shocked us at how massive they are. Seriously! The bags here are so big compared to South Korean chip bags. And the aisles are towering, massive columns of far too much selection. Martina went to the shampoo section and just starred with a dropped jaw trying to figure out where to begin. She couldn’t even reach the top shelf, it was a massive tower of stuff. BTW, what’s up with shampoo for “Long Hair”? I get shampoo for “Damaged” or “Curly” or “Smooth” but “Long Hair?” WTF DOES THAT DO!!?? We felt tiny and overwhelmed by stuff, and – this may be the jet lag talking- we felt just culture shocked.

Ah! That was a long rambling way of just saying that North American kids have huge lunch boxes, while South Korean kids don’t. South Korean kids are also a lot slimmer than North American kids. And, lastly, North American junk food portions are a lot bigger than South Korean junk food portions. There! And, the most important point of this ramble is this: South Korean lunch boxes are sooOOOoooOOo much cuter! Man, ran out of steam to talk about lunch boxed due to the ramble…and the jet lag.

Anyhow, enough of that. It’s time for our Wonderful Treasure Find Care Package Giveaway! Woohoo! This month we’re giving away the Massage Balls, the High Heel Foot Pain Fixers, the Couple Charms, and now this lunchbox. Woot! To win the care package, you have to be a Subscriber of our YouTube channel, and you have to answer this skill testing question:

If you had this cute Happy Togerder lunch box, what would be the ?

We’ll pick our favourite answer next week, and mail out your loot. Woot! Just a note, though: we won’t be able to mail out your package for a while, until we get back to Korea on November 6th. Yay! On a side note: anything you’d like to see us do while we’re in Toronto? We have a couple of exciting video ideas planned, including a Canadian kpop survey special, and a special edition WTF Canada (involving Canadians figuring out WTF Korean stuff…weeee!!!!) but if you’ve got any other suggestions we’re open to hearing them. Yeah! Jet lag sucks!!!! *Martina and Simon fall asleep on the ground*

And on that note, here are this week’s Bloopers:

  1. As for western food, I think pinini would be great in it, otherwise rice with braised tuna steak would be to die for. These lunch boxes are also available in China and Taiwan..but I think that this was because of Japanese influence maybe…not sure. In Chinese, they’re called 盒飯 (ㄏㄜˊㄈㄢˋ héfàn “box rice”) or 便當 (ㄅㄧㄢˋㄉㄤ biàndāng “bentou”), the latter obviously comes from the Japanese 弁当 (べんとう bentou). On a unrelated note, I remember seeing your cherry blossom videos before. Does Seoul area have any good places to appreciate autumn colors? I think it would be cool if you guys could do a WANK in the autumn. In Japan and China, appreciating the autumn foliage 紅葉 is well cherished.

  2. Tons and tons of ranch, nothing but ranch of course. Maybe a reeses peanut butter cup too. :)

  3. well where can i buy this? its so cute and i need it for lunch for myself of course! pls tell me where you can buy this cute lunch box thingy!

  4. It is called DOSIRAK TONG(도시락 통) ^^

  5. hey do a husband tag or a chubby bunny challenge please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. haha i agree with the huge portions thing
    the burritos i know are just a long taco with flour tortilla, but when i actually bought a burrito for the first time in the US (i was like 4 or 5) it was HUUUUGE compared to the ones i was used to D:

  7. Something adorable and cute, like these edible clay things you can buy from Japan :) http://mm.wanwan.fm/ 
    I know it’d be Japanese food in a Korean lunchbox, but who cares. Double Asian awesomeness :D

  8. I’d put in sushi in it and make fun of everyone of the awesomeness of it! And if they don’t like sushi I’ll eat it going, “Mmmm It’s so YUMMY~!” >:3

  9. I am so late in watching this, but~ When my sister and I went to school in Korea, our mom sometimes packed us lunch (otherwise we could buy food from the restaurant below our school). I believe we still have the packs. Anyway, ours… were definitely bigger than this thing. They’re like this: http://www.chinawholesalegift.com/Family-Products/Lunch-Box/stainless-steel-lunch-box/Lunch-Box-105244460.htm – but with a thick fabric cover and all metal containers. We’d have rice, meat, and some sort of other side (kimchi, yellow radish, what not) and ate like kings considering this was enough food for a grown man. xD At least we almost never finished them?

  10. i would put rice, duck, noddles, chopsticks, and fried rice.

  11. i would put Kimbab,kimchi.egg roll,sausage(the tiny one where you can find in Korean market).For another box, i would put salad, and fruits..

  12. If I had that cute Togerder Forever bento box, I would bring it to school and amaze my friends with… My fav foods of course!! It would have: crab salad (rice, corns, cucumbers and crab sticks (which are actually made from fish??) and I would cut my salads very cutely~! Then I would add some Turkish sweets – tastiest thing in world..

  13. Top tray: SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM
    Bottom tray: Rice

    This is the way it was done in the old days.  No frills.

  14. i think the korean word for lunch box is doshilak or toshilak

  15. I would put: Rice, Delicious Noodles, and Korean Meat (The Complete Korean Meal) :D

  16. Pick me, pick me ! *raise my hand like a little student*. I would like to make a cute little lunch with pandas and strawberries for the Spudgy and… And Martina’s face made up with salami .__.  Well, like this : https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/260283_1743037063203_1457022376_31336351_1327517_n.jpg (copyrights comes all to myself), and… and… This lunch box, sorry kento… IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO *2 hours later* OOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE !

  17. This is quite probably over but I would totes put lots of candy in there. and since it’s so small I would easily hide it in my books at school and munch on candies all day long yo.

  18. Nice use of vocab. “jet lagged” , “culture shocked”

  19. In the first layer I would put brown rice inside (half) and on the other half I would put spicyish fish cake (odang). These two items would be separated with foil, of course :) The next layer, I would put flavored beanstalk (kong namul) and in the other half I would put fried sausages (the flat korean kind) coated in eggs. The last layer would be my dessert layer. It would be filled with sliced/cut strawberries, bananas, and rabbit apples :D It’s very basic but filled with my favorite items! I would actually eat this in school if I had the bento box, because my school has a lot of Asians in it, thus it is acceptable :P

  20. I would put in a baggie of pretzel sticks with a creamy peanut butter dip container on top and the bottom one I would put lots of beef jerky in. 

  21. Korean lunch box according to google is called a doshirak.

  22. I would put in the top container 2 different kinds of kimchi, like baechu kimchi and cucumber kimchi and in the bottom I would put rice. It’s simple, but SO good.

  23. I would put in a pb & j sandwich  using this http://www.jbox.com/product/CHP044 and some fruit. Or maybe Japchae and kimchi in the top using the little separator. And if i could make ddokboki I might put that in the bottom half :3
    Idk if Korea has sandwich presses but they are a lot of fun.  But they do make the sandwiches really small so you’d probably have to make a couple of them if you wanted it to really fill you up haha.

  24. I think dumplings and gyoza would be nice :)
    Or any small finger foods (chicken nuggest, french fries?, cheese balls, etc) that would be small and enough to fit into the bento box.

  25. I think my messaged failed so i gotta write it again lol

    I would put churros :) becuase well they are that awesome, nutella sandwich( small and heart shaped), fruits like strawberries,apples,grapes and if i have time i would put them in a neat design :)  and some chocolate milk ;)
    this i think will be some legit lunch :D
    PS: love you guys and spudgyyy <3

  26. I would make pedo bear shaped sticky rice and give it to my ex boyfriend because he’s terrified of it! (Or put it in his locker and creep on him! HEHEHEHEEHE) Or I would put my amazing stash of asian candy in it & my insulin for school. Im diabetic so my asian candy stash is for low blood sugar & I wont have to carry a boring ol’ pencil case for my insulin =_= . And I would totally love the poor fork that Simon hates so much! It will have a good home with me! ANGRY BIRD! 
    Im Desarae, and my youtube account name is KpopBishFoever, and my Facebook is Desarae Elizabeth Anderson. xD Okays! LUV YEWH GUISE & SPUDGY!

  27. Gonna fill it full with M&M, it’ll fit enough M&M to keep my mouth busy during lunch time hahaha…
    Actually that kind of lunchbox is a common thing here, no one will be impressed by the cuteness seriously :’/  

  28. Korean lunch boxes are called 도시락 do-shi-lak :)


  30. definitely steak and potatoes (Yes, even for lunch) but I’d probably have to cut it up and eat it stir-fry style…but hey…it all tastes better when it’s fried up togerder!!!

  31. I’d put..:
    Cute little dumplings
    Rice cakes

    LOVE the video! I’m watching it every single day..Relax..my exams are totally over :))

  32. Omg there is so much I would put in that!

    Octowennies! (Wennies in the shape of Octopus’s)
    Miniature Sushi’s
    Small blocks of baked goods like Brownies, cakes, and stuff.
    Sandwich cut out in a cute shape.
    Rice, sea weed, and veggies all cut to make a cute anime face or chibi animal face!
    Slices of oranges, lemons, limes,  in the V shape.
    Star fruit would look awesome in it.
    BimbimBop could fit if you cut things small enough. You could even make them into cute shapes!
    Pocky….. I would totally stash pocky in it somehow!
    Korean Beef Stir-fry
    All types of Kimchi!
    Bean sprouts!
    Mini Burgers!
    BBQ Brisket!
    Frys and chicken nuggets.
    Buffalo wings!

    Oh and Simon… you can have mashed tatters and  a beef fillet Minion sliced in halfto make two. That would fit perfectly and still be a MANLY meal. You can add some beans and cornbread to that too hehe. Problem solved!

  33. I’ll definitely do some charaben !! Look at that! Isn’t that super cute? 

  34. nothing. Lol.. ill put some push pins or any office supplies for that. ;) 

  35. how about some live octopus? I think that will give you some wierd looks from the coworkers

  36. If i used this in the summer, I would put either animal rice balls or bibim naengmyeon in the top compartment. Then, in the bottom compartment in the bigger section, i would put in cute, rabbit apples. With the apples, in the smaller section, i would put in caramel. I think this would be perfect because it would fit perfectly with the small, cute bento looking box. The animal rice balls make adorable, tiny lunch while the rabbit apples togerder with caramel would create a cute snack.

  37. an cheese omelet, fried tempura veggies, and whatever fruits i have :)

  38. Ranch covered peanut butter cups! Wait…

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