When we were little kids and went to kindergarten, we had lunch boxes. They were HUGE though. Huge. Big enough to fit in a sandwich, a thermos (though we never used the thermos for soup), juice boxes, snacks, everything. They were big, bulky things, and they always had some awesome sticker on them for branding that would make them awesome. They’d all be the same shape, but the sticker and colour would make it so much more special. Ooh! Timmy’s got a Transformers Lunch Box. Khal Drogo has a Power Ranger lunch box! Suzy’s got a stupid My Pet Pony lunchbox, or something. They were awesome, and, come to think of it, we really miss them now! We could totally use them when we go to the coffeeshops to edit for hours.

Korea also has lunch boxes, and we’re reviewing them today, but they’re a lot smaller. You could probably fit three or four Korean/Japanese/Asian lunch boxes into one North American one. But that’s probably because these Korean lunch boxes are a lot more efficient with their space. A LOT MORE. But the meals are also a lot smaller. A LOT. Maybe – and this could be a hunch – that’s why Korean kids are a lot slimmer than North American kids?

OooOooh…I feel a rant coming on.

So, you know, that last idea brings us kinda to a point that we want to make. We just flew in to Toronto yesterday on a whim. We’re visiting Canada now for three weeks, and we didn’t announce it to anyone because we wanted to surprise the hell out of our families – who had no clue about our visit. We made videos of their surprises and you’ll see it soon! Anyhow, in our jet lagged state, after waking up at 4AM today and going to a 24 hour diner for a CHEAP $5.00 greasy breakfast (man Korea really needs some of those!) we decided to walk through a Shopper’s Drug Mart, which is like a pharmacy/general stuff store.

We walked up and down the aisles and even though we were like “OH MY GOD THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF WE MISSED!” we’re also a bit appalled at how much junk there is to eat here. And the portions are HUGE. HUUUUUGE. Over in the soda section, we saw freaking huge cans of everything, including Red Bull. Soda in Korea is sold in the slim size half can, or you can buy a small plastic bottle (of course they have 2L ones as well). And the bags of chips – even though we were really craving Doritos – shocked us at how massive they are. Seriously! The bags here are so big compared to South Korean chip bags. And the aisles are towering, massive columns of far too much selection. Martina went to the shampoo section and just starred with a dropped jaw trying to figure out where to begin. She couldn’t even reach the top shelf, it was a massive tower of stuff. BTW, what’s up with shampoo for “Long Hair”? I get shampoo for “Damaged” or “Curly” or “Smooth” but “Long Hair?” WTF DOES THAT DO!!?? We felt tiny and overwhelmed by stuff, and – this may be the jet lag talking- we felt just culture shocked.

Ah! That was a long rambling way of just saying that North American kids have huge lunch boxes, while South Korean kids don’t. South Korean kids are also a lot slimmer than North American kids. And, lastly, North American junk food portions are a lot bigger than South Korean junk food portions. There! And, the most important point of this ramble is this: South Korean lunch boxes are sooOOOoooOOo much cuter! Man, ran out of steam to talk about lunch boxed due to the ramble…and the jet lag.

Anyhow, enough of that. It’s time for our Wonderful Treasure Find Care Package Giveaway! Woohoo! This month we’re giving away the Massage Balls, the High Heel Foot Pain Fixers, the Couple Charms, and now this lunchbox. Woot! To win the care package, you have to be a Subscriber of our YouTube channel, and you have to answer this skill testing question:

If you had this cute Happy Togerder lunch box, what would be the ?

We’ll pick our favourite answer next week, and mail out your loot. Woot! Just a note, though: we won’t be able to mail out your package for a while, until we get back to Korea on November 6th. Yay! On a side note: anything you’d like to see us do while we’re in Toronto? We have a couple of exciting video ideas planned, including a Canadian kpop survey special, and a special edition WTF Canada (involving Canadians figuring out WTF Korean stuff…weeee!!!!) but if you’ve got any other suggestions we’re open to hearing them. Yeah! Jet lag sucks!!!! *Martina and Simon fall asleep on the ground*

And on that note, here are this week’s Bloopers:

  1. I would make pedo bear shaped sticky rice and give it to my ex boyfriend because he’s terrified of it! (Or put it in his locker and creep on him! HEHEHEHEEHE) Or I would put my amazing stash of asian candy in it & my insulin for school. Im diabetic so my asian candy stash is for low blood sugar & I wont have to carry a boring ol’ pencil case for my insulin =_= . And I would totally love the poor fork that Simon hates so much! It will have a good home with me! ANGRY BIRD! 
    Im Desarae, and my youtube account name is KpopBishFoever, and my Facebook is Desarae Elizabeth Anderson. xD Okays! LUV YEWH GUISE & SPUDGY!

  2. i would totally make those super cute japanese bento’s you see on tv or in magazines!  i cant imagine how parents would have the time and patience to make those for their kids everyday!  there was a super cute picture i saw of a bowl of curry and rice balls that were made to look like a dog’s head and limbs so it was like the dog was relaxing in a tub of curry.  and he had a little umbrella that you stick in those cue fancy umbrella drinks!

  3. I would put some rice with a panda bear shape in it, and some ketchup in the container with some salad (separately not salad and ketchup together, that’s weird).  That way I can enact my revenge on evil pandas: I’d act like it was my little baby and feed them lettuce (like it’s bamboo), until all the lettuce is gone, and then….I’D EAT THE PANDA USING KETCHUP FOR BLOOD!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, because that’s what pandas do.  They eat their children if they get too hungry when they’re hiding in a cave nursing them for a year.  Honestly, food is always better with a vicious little story to go with >=D
    (and if you can’t tell I have a thing against pandas)

  4. These really are not considered a meal (to some), but I would put in those marshmallow Peeps that they sell around Easter.  What would be more cute than marshmallow bunnies and chicks covered it bright colored sugar?

  5. I would put a little of everything like fruits cut in little piece, a little bit of rice, beans and sausage.

  6. bear paws. Y’know those cookie/cake snacks that they sell at Food Basics? That would be one side and the other side I’d put animal crackers.

    mostly because it matches the cute looking bear on the top
    and because I could always have a animal fight or something with the crackers.. :)

  7. If I had that bento box I would put pieces of fruit and small shaped cookies or something. And Allmighty Brazilian Candy threat, Brigadeiro. I dont even know if there is brigadeiro in Canada, or US, or Korea, but I would totally make tons of money selling a single bite to everyone, cause its DELICIOUS. Its chocolate, its condensed milk, all together and taste so freaking good. All the people I met in Germany were INSANE about brigadeiro. Its our brazilian treasure and I wouldnt want to give that up if I was in Korea XD (Brigadeiro is something like this http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/brigadeiro/detail.aspx) It would be a good use of that bento box, a delicious sweet break AND way to make money. (Oh I’m such a mercenary)

  8. Since its Japanese, I would put onigiri with cute faces drawn on with sauce~ ^^

  9. OH OH! I would squeeze in T.O.P in that cute little box and eat him! <3 ^_^

  10. I was trying to think what to fill it with, and then I realized the box wouldn’t stay in my possession long enough for me to use it.  My 4 yo daughter would find it and take it. She would fill it with lovely tasty treats like her vitamins that she wants to keep for later, the cheerios she thinks will make a good snack, but will never eat, half of her candy (she actually saves candy to eat later. I didn’t think such a thing existed) plus a few treasured rocks, acorns, and the magnets from my fridge to fill in the cracks.

  11. Well I’d put some salad with little cherry tomatoes in the first compartment & canned tuna after stripping it of all it’s oil & it’d fill the other one with brown rice and fried spicy chicken since I’m dieting at the moment. SNSD Style!~ Like a FAN~ :))

  12. hahaha ur comment about cultural shock in ur homeland kinda made me giggle xD after living in korea for more than 3 years, u’ve become more koreanish maybe heh xD

    anyways – bento box~!! *o* i sooo loved them too in every anime i’ve watched. it’s so much better than just a sandwich wrapped in a paper… and looks so nice *o*

    what i’d put there…?? guhehehehe BIGOS for example ha~!! cuz this is the only thing made of cabbage, that i actually like. so when mom makes it, i’m like GIMME TO MEEEE WANNA MOAAAAR *O* good, that it usually takes 2-3 days to eat all cooked pot, so i can eat as much as i like hehe xD so, taking some as my lunch would be osom P:

  13. In Hong Kong, we have bento boxes as well. :)

  14. To be extremely honest, when you guys said Happy Togerder, I right away though of Gerber baby foods.
    So yeah, I think Gerber baby foods belong in there…?
    gerder sounds similar to gerber :o

  15. Every single day i can’t wake up early for my lessons and i am always in a hurry!! That’s why i don’t have time to eat and make sandwich the previous day to take it with me!! I wrap it in a foil like my mother did 10years ago-.- BUT is time for some change ^-^

    What do you think for cutting it into triangles or square pieces and put it in the lunch box?? I could also cut some fruits in the other layer or vegetables and not in my sandwich wich is watery later :(I cross my fingers for NO more noisy stupid foil and watery sandwich!!

  16. Every single day i can’t wake up early for my lessons and i am always in a hurry!! That’s why i don’t have time to eat and make sandwich the previous day to take it with me!! I wrap it in a foil like my mother did 10years ago-.- BUT is time for some change ^-^ What do you think for cutting it into triangles or square pieces and put it in the lunch box?? I could also cut some fruits in the other layer or vegetables and not in my sandwich wich is watery later :(I cross my fingers for NO more noisy stupid foil and watery sandwich!!

  17. hhhmmmmm? i wonder how many twinkies i could fit in that box???? i could unwrap them and mash into cute bunny shapes with my food stamper. 

  18. I would pack sushi , some of them have like tons of wasabi ,and the
    other one’s are normal . I would eat the good one’s to make my friends
    think that the others are okay too and then give them one of the horror
    sushi ;D

    or………….. a heart of an animal to scare the
    shit out of people xDD

  19. I’d put fried ramen in it.  First you boil the ramen,  then drain it.  Add some of the seasonings that came with it, your favorite oil, some veggies and leftover meat from dinner, then you fry it all together.  (I fry mine until it’s a little crispy.)  I also mix in and scramble an egg with it, and ta da!. Tasty quick 5 to 7 min lunch.  Sometimes I like to mix it with rice.  It’s pretty filling, and yummy.

  20. well i make home made steamed buns so i would put that in there and some spicy rice cakes cuse i love em!! i dont know if the fork would work for the rice cakes though………… ya im to normal to think of crazy food to put in them so all i can do is try!

  21. Rice, Kimchi, Cookies, and other things.

  22. the most appropriate food for a lunchbox like that would be basically a little bit of everything! a balanced diet :D a rice portion in the biggest middle part. a portion of veggies and some meat at the very bottom where they have that separator! and you use the semi fork to pick up your cut up veggies. and you use the spoon to eat your meat and rice togerder :p 

  23. hello! recently found your blog (and already commented on another entry) but today was my first time watching one of your videos, and i just wanted to say that you guys are really funny! i really like your chemistry together.. (togerder?) you crack me up…  also, props for the khal drogo references… lol.

    i want to see you guys do a Canadian K-pop survey!

    actually fun (weird?) fact… my little sister… who is 12… who lives near Quebec City… who cannot even speak English… is in love with the korean boyband Shinee…. htf she found out about them is beyond me, but i just find it incredibly hilarious… so i am curious at how many more random whities you could find who actually love k-pop (or maybe you could convert a few?)

    anyways, have a nice trip!

    oh and i totally had a Carebears lunchbox when i was a kid! it was pink! XD

  24. I so love Martina’s look. The make up, the hairstyle and the skulls :)
    This wasn’t an attempt to flatter you so I can win, right ? I just really love the style !
    I would definitely fill that box with marshmallows. I could separate green marshmallows from pink marshmallows. Someone told me marshmallows are only white in other countries. Are we french people the only one with colored marshmallows ?

  25. i will put dead fingers , because it’s the onely thing that  fits into the lunch box… yes you right I’m the  spudgy mohahahaha … suprise mom !!
    anyway bye i must take care of the rest of dead body .
    xxx bye

  26. In my lunch box I would put Jang Uh Gui (grilled) over rice. I am completely in love with eel and the taste of it. Truly if I had enough money I would stuff that lunch box with eel, chicken and beef and then grab one of those China AA rice boxes near lunchtime so my rice would be hot. Oh eel how I love you!

  27. I am a University student and like many others I’m not rich, so I always make these blends of what I have at home, like cook rice and fry with eggs, tuna, onion, garlic, some unidentifiable spices and voilà, lunch.

    The thing is if I had that lunch box my lunch might look a little bit more appealing, as these mixes of whatever I have usually look really disgusting but taste like something offered in heaven. I know Simon’ll probably say “Whatever, food mixes in the stomach” but I really need to feel like I’m not eating something that looks like it was taken from a dumpster ^______~

  28. i’d put a protein bar in there. it’s the only thing i can think of that would fit in there and make me full. 

  29. THIS BOX IS SOOOO CUUUUTEE!!!! I really want it *O*

    I would put some sweet marshmallows or chocolate cookies.Or even my mom’s made sandwiches with salmon… It’s so delicious x)!!!!!!

  30. In Singapore we barely have people bringing lunchboxes to school, only the P1 and P2 students would (which is 7 yrs old and 8 yrs old respectively). But I would put friend noodles on the top layer and cut fruits and biscuits and probably candies on the bottom layer. If there was a third layer I’d squeeze a carton of orange juice into it.

  31. I’d probably stuff it with Freakin’ Magical Unicorn Poop http://bit.ly/p2y5xy since I don’t usually eat lunch when I go to school/work.

    Other then that, I am now totally going to start using the name Cesar Milan as a verb.  xD

  32. It’s doshirak in korean like 도시락. Oh and I would put my usual lunch that I brought to school, triangular shaped onigiri or tubular sushi shaped rice or fried rice (made with the plastic rice shape maker that you can find in daisho), octopus sausages, eggs, broccoli and carrots and of course, ham or bacon!! yaaay. 

    Oh and I noticed that it has two level, so for the second box I would put fruits or jellies in, or maybe cereal since i brought my dessert/snack with me as well :):) 

    P.S. I am an international student in my last year of high school in hong kong. I also use similar sized lunch box to bring my own packed lunch to save money, but it is only one level and is transparent. Seems like that kind of lunch box is normal in here too, since my friends also use similarly small lunch box. 

  33. Nachos and Cheese!! hahahahah

  34. Rice and 우엉조림, and pancake for dessert. (does that all fit?!?)

  35. I would put my asian dishes I make.Lately I make many Korean and Japanese dishes, but i slightly change them(with what i have in my fridge) :)
    P.S.I so want all of those things because I have abnormal pain when I wear heels and I hope half slipper will help me :D

  36. Simon, its a SPORK, a spoon AND fork!

  37. Martina, anime, manga, manhwa, all those are called Bento!

  38. I’d put rice at the bottom compartment and some veggies and scrambled eggs on the top compartment~ ♥ That would be a nice lunch~


  39. Mini dessert pizzas. :D And~ some mini cake and strawberry tarts~ and fill the bottom with some cake (a cake with not much air in it so it’ll be more dense :D), and strawberry frosting on the top. ^,^ All of this handmade of course, even the strawberrys. Oooh and some little icing sculptures of strawberrys and cute litte bunnys and teddy bears. ^,^

  40. noodles and spam! ^^~ I used to have one of those when i was in elementary, and i would always bring it to school. then two months later my mom mistakes it as a thing to put dog food in. .___. so that ends the joy of bento boxes for me ;__;~

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