When we were little kids and went to kindergarten, we had lunch boxes. They were HUGE though. Huge. Big enough to fit in a sandwich, a thermos (though we never used the thermos for soup), juice boxes, snacks, everything. They were big, bulky things, and they always had some awesome sticker on them for branding that would make them awesome. They’d all be the same shape, but the sticker and colour would make it so much more special. Ooh! Timmy’s got a Transformers Lunch Box. Khal Drogo has a Power Ranger lunch box! Suzy’s got a stupid My Pet Pony lunchbox, or something. They were awesome, and, come to think of it, we really miss them now! We could totally use them when we go to the coffeeshops to edit for hours.

Korea also has lunch boxes, and we’re reviewing them today, but they’re a lot smaller. You could probably fit three or four Korean/Japanese/Asian lunch boxes into one North American one. But that’s probably because these Korean lunch boxes are a lot more efficient with their space. A LOT MORE. But the meals are also a lot smaller. A LOT. Maybe – and this could be a hunch – that’s why Korean kids are a lot slimmer than North American kids?

OooOooh…I feel a rant coming on.

So, you know, that last idea brings us kinda to a point that we want to make. We just flew in to Toronto yesterday on a whim. We’re visiting Canada now for three weeks, and we didn’t announce it to anyone because we wanted to surprise the hell out of our families – who had no clue about our visit. We made videos of their surprises and you’ll see it soon! Anyhow, in our jet lagged state, after waking up at 4AM today and going to a 24 hour diner for a CHEAP $5.00 greasy breakfast (man Korea really needs some of those!) we decided to walk through a Shopper’s Drug Mart, which is like a pharmacy/general stuff store.

We walked up and down the aisles and even though we were like “OH MY GOD THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF WE MISSED!” we’re also a bit appalled at how much junk there is to eat here. And the portions are HUGE. HUUUUUGE. Over in the soda section, we saw freaking huge cans of everything, including Red Bull. Soda in Korea is sold in the slim size half can, or you can buy a small plastic bottle (of course they have 2L ones as well). And the bags of chips – even though we were really craving Doritos – shocked us at how massive they are. Seriously! The bags here are so big compared to South Korean chip bags. And the aisles are towering, massive columns of far too much selection. Martina went to the shampoo section and just starred with a dropped jaw trying to figure out where to begin. She couldn’t even reach the top shelf, it was a massive tower of stuff. BTW, what’s up with shampoo for “Long Hair”? I get shampoo for “Damaged” or “Curly” or “Smooth” but “Long Hair?” WTF DOES THAT DO!!?? We felt tiny and overwhelmed by stuff, and – this may be the jet lag talking- we felt just culture shocked.

Ah! That was a long rambling way of just saying that North American kids have huge lunch boxes, while South Korean kids don’t. South Korean kids are also a lot slimmer than North American kids. And, lastly, North American junk food portions are a lot bigger than South Korean junk food portions. There! And, the most important point of this ramble is this: South Korean lunch boxes are sooOOOoooOOo much cuter! Man, ran out of steam to talk about lunch boxed due to the ramble…and the jet lag.

Anyhow, enough of that. It’s time for our Wonderful Treasure Find Care Package Giveaway! Woohoo! This month we’re giving away the Massage Balls, the High Heel Foot Pain Fixers, the Couple Charms, and now this lunchbox. Woot! To win the care package, you have to be a Subscriber of our YouTube channel, and you have to answer this skill testing question:

If you had this cute Happy Togerder lunch box, what would be the ?

We’ll pick our favourite answer next week, and mail out your loot. Woot! Just a note, though: we won’t be able to mail out your package for a while, until we get back to Korea on November 6th. Yay! On a side note: anything you’d like to see us do while we’re in Toronto? We have a couple of exciting video ideas planned, including a Canadian kpop survey special, and a special edition WTF Canada (involving Canadians figuring out WTF Korean stuff…weeee!!!!) but if you’ve got any other suggestions we’re open to hearing them. Yeah! Jet lag sucks!!!! *Martina and Simon fall asleep on the ground*

And on that note, here are this week’s Bloopers:

  1. As for western food, I think pinini would be great in it, otherwise rice with braised tuna steak would be to die for. These lunch boxes are also available in China and Taiwan..but I think that this was because of Japanese influence maybe…not sure. In Chinese, they’re called 盒飯 (ㄏㄜˊㄈㄢˋ héfàn “box rice”) or 便當 (ㄅㄧㄢˋㄉㄤ biàndāng “bentou”), the latter obviously comes from the Japanese 弁当 (べんとう bentou). On a unrelated note, I remember seeing your cherry blossom videos before. Does Seoul area have any good places to appreciate autumn colors? I think it would be cool if you guys could do a WANK in the autumn. In Japan and China, appreciating the autumn foliage 紅葉 is well cherished.

  2. Tons and tons of ranch, nothing but ranch of course. Maybe a reeses peanut butter cup too. :)

  3. well where can i buy this? its so cute and i need it for lunch for myself of course! pls tell me where you can buy this cute lunch box thingy!

  4. It is called DOSIRAK TONG(도시락 통) ^^

  5. hey do a husband tag or a chubby bunny challenge please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. haha i agree with the huge portions thing
    the burritos i know are just a long taco with flour tortilla, but when i actually bought a burrito for the first time in the US (i was like 4 or 5) it was HUUUUGE compared to the ones i was used to D:

  7. Something adorable and cute, like these edible clay things you can buy from Japan :) http://mm.wanwan.fm/ 
    I know it’d be Japanese food in a Korean lunchbox, but who cares. Double Asian awesomeness :D

  8. put kimbap!

  9. I’d put in sushi in it and make fun of everyone of the awesomeness of it! And if they don’t like sushi I’ll eat it going, “Mmmm It’s so YUMMY~!” >:3

  10. I am so late in watching this, but~ When my sister and I went to school in Korea, our mom sometimes packed us lunch (otherwise we could buy food from the restaurant below our school). I believe we still have the packs. Anyway, ours… were definitely bigger than this thing. They’re like this: http://www.chinawholesalegift.com/Family-Products/Lunch-Box/stainless-steel-lunch-box/Lunch-Box-105244460.htm – but with a thick fabric cover and all metal containers. We’d have rice, meat, and some sort of other side (kimchi, yellow radish, what not) and ate like kings considering this was enough food for a grown man. xD At least we almost never finished them?

  11. i would put rice, duck, noddles, chopsticks, and fried rice.

  12. i would put Kimbab,kimchi.egg roll,sausage(the tiny one where you can find in Korean market).For another box, i would put salad, and fruits..

  13. If I had that cute Togerder Forever bento box, I would bring it to school and amaze my friends with… My fav foods of course!! It would have: crab salad (rice, corns, cucumbers and crab sticks (which are actually made from fish??) and I would cut my salads very cutely~! Then I would add some Turkish sweets – tastiest thing in world..

  14. Top tray: SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM
    Bottom tray: Rice

    This is the way it was done in the old days.  No frills.

  15. i think the korean word for lunch box is doshilak or toshilak

  16. I would put: Rice, Delicious Noodles, and Korean Meat (The Complete Korean Meal) :D

  17. Pick me, pick me ! *raise my hand like a little student*. I would like to make a cute little lunch with pandas and strawberries for the Spudgy and… And Martina’s face made up with salami .__.  Well, like this : https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/260283_1743037063203_1457022376_31336351_1327517_n.jpg (copyrights comes all to myself), and… and… This lunch box, sorry kento… IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO *2 hours later* OOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE !

  18. This is quite probably over but I would totes put lots of candy in there. and since it’s so small I would easily hide it in my books at school and munch on candies all day long yo.

  19. Nice use of vocab. “jet lagged” , “culture shocked”

  20. In the first layer I would put brown rice inside (half) and on the other half I would put spicyish fish cake (odang). These two items would be separated with foil, of course :) The next layer, I would put flavored beanstalk (kong namul) and in the other half I would put fried sausages (the flat korean kind) coated in eggs. The last layer would be my dessert layer. It would be filled with sliced/cut strawberries, bananas, and rabbit apples :D It’s very basic but filled with my favorite items! I would actually eat this in school if I had the bento box, because my school has a lot of Asians in it, thus it is acceptable :P

  21. I would put in a baggie of pretzel sticks with a creamy peanut butter dip container on top and the bottom one I would put lots of beef jerky in. 

  22. Korean lunch box according to google is called a doshirak.

  23. I would put in the top container 2 different kinds of kimchi, like baechu kimchi and cucumber kimchi and in the bottom I would put rice. It’s simple, but SO good.

  24. I would put in a pb & j sandwich  using this http://www.jbox.com/product/CHP044 and some fruit. Or maybe Japchae and kimchi in the top using the little separator. And if i could make ddokboki I might put that in the bottom half :3
    Idk if Korea has sandwich presses but they are a lot of fun.  But they do make the sandwiches really small so you’d probably have to make a couple of them if you wanted it to really fill you up haha.

  25. I think dumplings and gyoza would be nice :)
    Or any small finger foods (chicken nuggest, french fries?, cheese balls, etc) that would be small and enough to fit into the bento box.

  26. I think my messaged failed so i gotta write it again lol

    I would put churros :) becuase well they are that awesome, nutella sandwich( small and heart shaped), fruits like strawberries,apples,grapes and if i have time i would put them in a neat design :)  and some chocolate milk ;)
    this i think will be some legit lunch :D
    PS: love you guys and spudgyyy <3

  27. Desarae Elizabeth Anderson

    I would make pedo bear shaped sticky rice and give it to my ex boyfriend because he’s terrified of it! (Or put it in his locker and creep on him! HEHEHEHEEHE) Or I would put my amazing stash of asian candy in it & my insulin for school. Im diabetic so my asian candy stash is for low blood sugar & I wont have to carry a boring ol’ pencil case for my insulin =_= . And I would totally love the poor fork that Simon hates so much! It will have a good home with me! ANGRY BIRD! 
    Im Desarae, and my youtube account name is KpopBishFoever, and my Facebook is Desarae Elizabeth Anderson. xD Okays! LUV YEWH GUISE & SPUDGY!

  28. Gonna fill it full with M&M, it’ll fit enough M&M to keep my mouth busy during lunch time hahaha…
    Actually that kind of lunchbox is a common thing here, no one will be impressed by the cuteness seriously :’/  

  29. Korean lunch boxes are called 도시락 do-shi-lak :)


  31. definitely steak and potatoes (Yes, even for lunch) but I’d probably have to cut it up and eat it stir-fry style…but hey…it all tastes better when it’s fried up togerder!!!

  32. I’d put..:
    Cute little dumplings
    Rice cakes

    LOVE the video! I’m watching it every single day..Relax..my exams are totally over :))

  33. Omg there is so much I would put in that!

    Octowennies! (Wennies in the shape of Octopus’s)
    Miniature Sushi’s
    Small blocks of baked goods like Brownies, cakes, and stuff.
    Sandwich cut out in a cute shape.
    Rice, sea weed, and veggies all cut to make a cute anime face or chibi animal face!
    Slices of oranges, lemons, limes,  in the V shape.
    Star fruit would look awesome in it.
    BimbimBop could fit if you cut things small enough. You could even make them into cute shapes!
    Pocky….. I would totally stash pocky in it somehow!
    Korean Beef Stir-fry
    All types of Kimchi!
    Bean sprouts!
    Mini Burgers!
    BBQ Brisket!
    Frys and chicken nuggets.
    Buffalo wings!

    Oh and Simon… you can have mashed tatters and  a beef fillet Minion sliced in halfto make two. That would fit perfectly and still be a MANLY meal. You can add some beans and cornbread to that too hehe. Problem solved!

  34. I’ll definitely do some charaben !! Look at that! Isn’t that super cute? 

  35. nothing. Lol.. ill put some push pins or any office supplies for that. ;) 

  36. how about some live octopus? I think that will give you some wierd looks from the coworkers

  37. If i used this in the summer, I would put either animal rice balls or bibim naengmyeon in the top compartment. Then, in the bottom compartment in the bigger section, i would put in cute, rabbit apples. With the apples, in the smaller section, i would put in caramel. I think this would be perfect because it would fit perfectly with the small, cute bento looking box. The animal rice balls make adorable, tiny lunch while the rabbit apples togerder with caramel would create a cute snack.

  38. an cheese omelet, fried tempura veggies, and whatever fruits i have :)

  39. Ranch covered peanut butter cups! Wait…

  40. The box is way small so I would probably do salad, rice, or a snack like gold fishies or animal crackers

  41. It looks more like a snack box to me so I would put my Salada biscuits with Vegemite in  it and maybe some little cheese cubes as well (I’m sure the fork would stab those easily). Some tea bags or instant coffee sachets and sugar pkts in the other section and voila instant morning tea wherever I go. (All I need to find is hot water). Good one guys!!!

  42. First of all, this might depend on where you live and how healthy you’re planning to eat.. So keeping in mind that it’s fully possible to bring food that is from any country to school.. I would suggest:

    *Kimpab, riceballs/onigiri (smaller in size).. There is a very big variety of what you can do with rice. Since this is a dosirak, it was probably designed for similar dishes.
    *You could also bring sandwiches, as they don’t require that much time, and is usually what you bring in the west. Cut your sandwiches smaller so they fit into the box – makes the food look cuter and appetizing as well! :) .. I know it doesn’t matter whether the food looks cute or not to Simon xD.. but for one thing, people tend to want to eat food that looks attractive and delicious.
    *You wouldn’t want to bring something which has a liquid form, as it can get quite messy, it could be difficult to maintain at school.
    *Cookies, or cup cakes is also an option. Since you can divide the space in the boxes, you could also put some cookies as a sweet side dish.
    *Salad and/or fruits in smaller pieces is also a healthy option. I would add some pasta or macaroni to the salad so it becomes more filling.
    Or you could bring onigiri or sandwich, and use the second “room” of the box to fill one side with salad and the other with fruit.
    *I myself, would not mind to use it to bring noodles or ramen(without soup, fried or with sauce), and use the second half of the box (with the two adjustable spaces) for side dishes.

    This also depends on the length of your day. If you’re staying at school or wherever you bring the box to, for very long, you would want to bring something extra because the size may be too small.

    It’s really about what you like to or want to eat, and how creative you can be with your lunch – You only need to make the size smaller, or keep it in smaller proportions. Variety in the box is fully possible, you just need to be creative with your choices. :)

  43. Well, since I can never really each lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays because I have class right after I work, I would pack it with burritos…maybe some gumbo…or heck, just straight up candy since I snack all through class anyways and watch your videos, haha.

    But since it has so many compartments…and I’m really not suppose to eat around the computer,  I’ll have all my class stuff, like pencils and such, in one box (to trick the teacher), then when he leaves, I’ll just go straight to the other box and eat my food! Yeah!

  44. omo..well I kept thinking what should I write but I came to the conclusion(-W-)..I would just stuff all the food I’d want to eat (a cutie octopus and an egg and rice with SHINee written on it*cough cough* I’m a fan^^)in the cuttie little box and take it to school ’cause I usually feel like starving to death…

  45. my amazing (failed) cooking arts (= burnt bread + burnt meat)
    i can’t handle a kitchen… maybe i’ll just grab take-out chinese :/

  46. Egg rolls, some rice, cherry tomatoes and seaweed. Now I’m hungry

  47. Bunny shaped PB&Js, Kitten shaped carrots, and love, lots and lots of love XD  Oh and kyul since they are back in season!

  48. well, since I am not a big eater i will put small portions of rice and small portions of fish, meat or veggies.

  49. You know what, I’ll just put anything that fits. No small bento box can stop me from having my meals!

  50. I will put what I will eat for lunch at school ^^
    Since I don’t get breakfast, I will put a little more portion than the usual.
    The first thing is : RICE *coughs*no RICE no LIFE*coughs*
    The second thing is : VEGETABLES, but I rarely put vegetables in my lunch :(
    Finally, the last thing : SAUCE :D *well, if you want to know what I ate as lunch, *coughs*sunrise egg PLUS rice*coughs*…….*

    And sometimes I bring sandwiches :)
    Bread – cheese – bread
    Bread – choco sprinkles – bread
    Yeah, simple…..*coughs*

    BUT since the lunch box or dosirak is small, and fits for finger foods, I will put nuggets, french fries, then some salads in it *or the spoon and fork will not be used, and it’s weird for me* :)

  51. Tea sandwiches!!! Probably nutella ones, they are bite sized and delicious ^_^

  52. Fish fingers and custard :)

  53. So I thought about this for a while…it would have to be something crammable so I could fit enough food into my tiny lunchbox, but it would definitely be curry. I think I could eat sweet Indian curry with chutney every day for the rest of my life and be happy. 

    Alternative answer: smush as much sushi inside the box as humanly possible until it becomes a sushi brick and then use the fork (spork?) as a shovel to cram it into my face.

  54. Ow! when You asked what I would love to put there I imagined rice mixed with soy sauce and mayonnaise (I love it!!) and than cut some sausage and mix it with the same (s+m) sauce. To add some fresh taste I would add freshly-salted cucumber (u need to put some in pastic bag with salt sugar, dill, parsley, garlic and blackberry leaves and in the fridge for 4-6 hours…mouth waters) plus some pickled cherry tomato. I’ll be fine with such menu. But I would put a cuple of lemon lobule. When u resolve it for some time it helps if u have problems with digestion=)) 

  55. I would put a key in it that would open a hidden safe that had a bigger lunch box in IT, full of steak and potatoes. 

  56. Actually since its almost halloween, I would pack scary looking food in it. I think it would be really good mixture. Very cute lunch box and scary looking food, so other people will surprise when they see the box and what’s in it :D

  57. FOOD! I’d really put anything, because I love food, so I can eat almost anything….but if they’re lollies, they must be orange. Little compartment at the bottom would be useful for sneaking junk food to school without the ‘Noooo! Fruit is healthy and you have to eat it everyday for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!’ lecture from mama. Could also try Simon’s idea and put my manly steak and potatoes in there. 


  58. I would put either  rice, fruits, salad or whatever fits in the small compartments. The togerder lunch box is small but for someone with little time for lunch it might be very convenient.

  59. Since the lunchbox is so freaking adorable and that i wanted one since ive seen it in mangas and animes, I would be creative and decorate my food using rice, seaweed, tomatoes, maybe some cantaloupe/melon, ham, assorted fruits, lettuce,corn and crab meat. i’ll design it  different everyday, so that some days, i’ll hav a pokemon scene going on, or cute …pigs, or cows or bunnies ^u^

  60. umm.. my kindergartener is obsessed with lunchables. they’re gross! i find some natural deli cuts and make her little stacks of crackers with meat and fruit stamped out with metal cookie cutters. sometimes i float pretzel or cheese fish crackers too. you can make mini sandwiches and cut them into cute shapes. really.. anything small and cute goes in that box.

  61. I would either put 
    - soup in it. (And try to eat it with the fork)
    -money so I could go buy some food. I could eat at least 5 …kento boxes (? is that right? XD)… of food and still be hungry.

  62. I would put rice, vegetables, meat and a cherry. :D. I’m healthy. kthanksBYEEE

  63. well being asian and all, i would sushi and for dessert some cookies!!!!

  64. what would be the most appropriate food to put in this lunch box?
    i think the most appropriate food would be varies of peeled or sliced fresh fruit :D may a salad. 
    if you don’t want fruit then you an slice a sandwich into little triangles and fit them in the lunch box c: 
    you guys are very funny people thanks for making me laugh :D 

  65. Karis Amano

    i would totally make those super cute japanese bento’s you see on tv or in magazines!  i cant imagine how parents would have the time and patience to make those for their kids everyday!  there was a super cute picture i saw of a bowl of curry and rice balls that were made to look like a dog’s head and limbs so it was like the dog was relaxing in a tub of curry.  and he had a little umbrella that you stick in those cue fancy umbrella drinks!

  66. I would put in a pear for the fruity bit of a lunch meal (although it may need some altering to fit) because eating pears with a spoon makes much more sense when you try it and the spoon with the bento/lunch box looks like the perfect size… :3 xxx

  67. I would put in mini cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries and brownies!!!!!!! Or ill put in Sushi!!!!!!

  68. Just had two BLTs (with garden fresh tomatoes) for lunch so the bottom compartment will have a very small BLT. For the top compartment (leave the fork & spoon at home) so my two twinkies will not have fork/spoon imprints in them.

  69. Q: If you had this cute Happy Togerder lunch box, what would be the ?A: With that cute lunch box, I would put in rice, some bacons or hotdogs and scrambled eggs, and some sliced apples or other slice-able fruits. Since it’s so small, I can carry it everywhere with me and always be “Happy Togerder”! hahaha

  70. Well assuming the size of the box I would put kimchi or kimbap as much as I can because these are my most favourite dishes. ^^

  71. I wouldjust put rice with a heart shaped soy sauce!!!!

  72. Hey! We sell those at my work! (Old Navy)…We only have solid colors, though. No designs. :/ BUT, they do have the little spoon and the “semi-acceptable” fork. Haha. 

  73. I would only put DOTHRAKI MAN FOOD in it. and chocolate coverd cornflakes cause thats the best snack thingie everrrr <3

  74. we get shampoo for long hair here in Scotland… no big deal >.< 
    I think it gets rid of split ends

  75. Candies.. A lot of candies.. lol

  76. for the carepackage giveaway i would put:
    Kimchi bokkeumbap, egg rolls, squid shaped hot dogs, cookies, cakes, strawberry and kiwi, small mini watermelon and show allll my friends to make them jealous cause they wouldn’t have a lunch box thats cute like mine that says happy togerder!!! :D 

  77. Martinas eye makeup looks so pretty ^-^

  78. Hey Simon and Martina! This is what i would into a bento box. I made this for lunch and put it in a regular plastic container for my friends and I really would like to win that box to put my food in! i made hello kitty shaped rice, crab rolls, penguin balls rolled egg, and shrimp nigiri. I hope you like it! ♥

  79. If I were to be the proud owner of this lunchbox I would pack things beginning with R and D in honor of togerderness.  In the bottom I would pack Rice Donuts and Red hot Dogs.  In the top I would pack Real Durian (a fruit) and …. to heck with it there aren’t many food that start with RD.  But I really want the box for my dear little daughter…Wah!

  80. i whould put simon and martina, coz you 2 look delicious and seem to be happy togerter :3

  81. Youtube: LilGong2 

    If I had that glorious Happy Togerder lunch box, the most appropriate food to pack inside of it would be: Honey (LOTS of it), crackers, rice, and edible pink flowers. 

    Because there is a teddy *cough* pedobear? *cough* bear and a little girl on the cover, it is obvious that the story behind it is about a girl who is going to share her bento (kento?) box with a bear. Therefore, honey would be packed for the bear (along with some crackers), rice since it is essential to have it as an Asian (and the bear may like rice too), and some edible pink flowers to fluffy it up.

  82. i would YAN YANS in it and Poky!!!!!!! my food will be friends togerder forever! :D

  83. Gummy bears!! So much togerderness!!! :3

  84. I would put anything my mom cooks in it :D Her food is yummy (dericious) and makes me happyyy~~~

  85. youtube ID-littlespazz1914

    Hm…if I had a bento lunch box…there would be….cakes and cookies!! But not any cakes, like cake and cookies that look like real foods! (: or….I would “attempt” to make the foods look like a persons face so that couples can have BF and GF bento boxes ^^ (or..use the semi-useful fork…to stab….wait..ermm…O.o)

  86. i would bring kimbap and some kimchi so that i could be able to eat GOOD STUFF while i am at school ahahahah and everyone will be like……..WTF IS THAT??!!! lol

  87. I would try to take the traditional North American lunch and miniaturize it so that it would fit into the kento box! A miniature sandwich, apple, and juice box would be about a million times more fun than normal sized! But I’m not gonna lie, at some time I’d want to make a Simon and Martina charaben with a blue and white Spudgy riceball. ^_^

  88. I would put in foccachia ofcourse!! Foccachia, fochcachia, It’s sooo delecious~  (I don’t know what foccachia is. But it’s stuck in my head…)

  89. I would put inside of this cute lunchbox every cute food I could ever imagine ^^ Bunny eggs, bear sandwiches, cute kimbap (I will learn how to make roses like those http://i54.tinypic.com/rct0yu.jpg) and everything else, what can be cute, looks great and tastes amazing :-)


    PS Did you notice that there is pedobear with little girl on top of this lunchbox? Really, Korea, you love pedobears… :)

  90. >:D i would make my boyfriend cook this for me everyday!!! … :3 he actually made this “bento” ^^ hello kitty in pink and and and an octopus and and healthy vegetables ¬¬ 

  91. I am a big eater so this adorably cute lunch box probably would not fit all of my food. However I think it would be the perfect disguise for an on the go ninja utility kit! The bottom compartment is perfect for storing throwing stars, small chain whip, poison needles and of course the lethal massage balls. Wail the outside is perfect for confusing your enemy. Just flash the “Happy togerder” lid and it is sure to boggle the mind of any opponent, giving you  just enough time to make a speedy getaway or a smooth take out.

    Any way thank you guys for all that you do! I hope you have a great trip to Canada!

  92. Long hair shampoo and conditioner is supposed to strengthen your hair I think. Because when you have hair as long as mine if it breaks too much it becomes thin and straggly towards the ends, and then you have to cut it.

  93. If I had this, I would do it like Jandi in Boys over Flowers, take rice and veggies and everything I can fit in there, and arrange it cutely. I would do that on my older sister’s birthday and take her to this wonderful park where there is this pavillon (her birthday is in deeeeep winter, so we won’t be able to take a blanket with us and sit on the grass, but the park is just awesome when it snows) and then I’d give it to her. I already made her love Korean food by cooking it myself and she likes cute things, so this would be perfect! I love her so much and hope we will always be Happy togerder and never have a fight ^-^
    By the way, Wikipedia says Korean term for bento box is dosirak. When you google for photos you see it’s really very similar. 

    • yes, you’re right. we call ” Dosirak”. also, writing in Korean is 도시락 . anyway, Thank you for doing this for us. i’m so glad every time when i see it. cheers. 

  94. Ha, I was actually one of the kids who used their thermos to bring soup to school. Caused me to have a shiny stainless steel one that kept everything delicious. It was soup or milk pretty much depending on the weather and how I was feeling.

  95. I would make my own kimbap and of course with every korean meal out there!!! KIMCHI!!!!!!!! and probably some tofu side dishes!!! =] YUUUUUMMM!! I also could go all out and make my own octopus hotdogs like in the manga! lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Ohoh, I know, since it’s a spoon with it, I’d probably take some stew with me, because I reeeally like stew, otherwise I’d probably try to cook (I suck at cooking btw… ) some Japanese/korean food and share with my friends at school, since our school food is really bad :D

  97. Lots of food can go in there. Try to search “도시락음식” in Naver and hundreds of recipes will come out… and btw, I really recommend you to go to 김밥천국 Gimbab ChunGook (=Gimbap Heaven..) they sell tens of different kinds of Gimbab and 90% of them are awesome. But if you want more expensive and more yummy ones, you can go to 김家네(Kim Ga Ne). Menues are nearly the same…
    * 家 prounciation: Ga (it means ‘house’)
    Most parents in Korea buy their lunch for their children from 김밥천국 or 김家네.
    No wonder they have round edges!!

    BTW, you could make a tag for Korean knowers so if you have like questions you guys have like ‘I dunno what this thingy is for…’, Korean knowers might give you answers for those and you guys might be able to give better explaination to your viewers!

  98. I’d like to see ur bungee jumping or kpop flash mop while u guys r in Canada!!  : ]

  99. its called a doshirak tong.. i think. that’s what my mom always called it. =] 도시락!

  100. bento = do si rak (in korean)
    korean people usually pack kim-bap(the most highly recommended food for do si rak)
    or bok um-bap(볶음밥)
    or 유부초밥 or just rice and 반찬(side-dish) inside of do si rak.

    *kim bap is really common to see everywhere in korea, and there r so many different kinds of kim bap.more than 20 types.
    It’s 100% korean food but kim bap might be called “korean sushi” in North America. : /

     martina and simon always make me laugh. Thanks. love u guys

  101. If i could i would make sushi roll faces out of my of my idols…but then i would just stare at my lunch and admire their great beauty..so i would probably starve to death before i eat my lunch lol

  102. I would put my army of gummy bears inside the “bento box”. They will conquer the lands of other epic “bento boxes” O.O until they are fatigued and then eventually eaten muahhh!!. Im exaggerating, but seeing the bear on the box made me think of two things Gummy bears!! *yum* and he who must not be named….Pedo bear. O.O

  103. I would put fun sized versions of every candy that I love. Since South Korean portions are smaller than North American I would have to get the fun sized version.

    Or cute little mini foods!! Mini rice cakes. Mini bowls of kimchi. Tiny servings of mac & cheese ( I wonder how much mac & and cheese would fit in there?). Little PIZZA ROLLS!!! Why did I not think about that 12 seconds ago. Oh man I would toally fill that box with mini pizza rolls. So delicious. If it didn’t come with silverware I would really try and find mini chop sticks. But not the training ones that you guys used in one of your WTF’s a while back (in which Simon did cheat *sorry Simon I loves Martina. She’s rawesome*).

    Omg gosh. I wonder if a cute little juice container would fit in there. That would be so. cool. My friends would have a cute attack on the box, continually talking about how adorable it is and like an hour later they will realize that it is indeed a lunch box. And that it really does contain food.

  104. Ranch! Lol just kidding! XD

    Totally put Spudgy rice balls with kimchi!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ^-^

  105. I would put soooo much candy in there…because i am from south dakota and any type of asain cuisine is unattainable where i live. oooohhhhhh or i would maybe put some chip dip in there and like, tape a super ‘grab bag’ of chips on top. and now im hungry *stomach growling*

  106. Hi! This is my first time commenting on one of your videos! I really love sushi. I would probably put kimchi in as well, although I have never tasted it. It’s kinda my DREAM to taste kimchi in Korea itself. I would also put something like a fruit salad in because, I JUST LOVE FRUIT SALADS!!! I think you guys are extremely awesome and … AWESOME! Your lucky to get to go to Korea…

  107. well i did had one of that when i was young i used to put like rice at the bottom then the side dish at top
    but for this i would probably still put rice at the bottom and at the top would be like dumplings and some eggs shape like bunny with martina’s egg sharpers thingy because i do use to do it when was young and i miss it now!!! 

  108. Hey Simon & Martina! U guys r awesome!
    And for the WTF vid, if I were to have one of those kento boxes, I would first squeeze in a couple pieces of  boccan dango wrapped in tin foil in one section separated by the separator thing (Dur..) of the top container and a small container of red bean paste on the side to put on top of it. I’ll put it up there since there’s something to separate the two things so they don’t explode if I drop the lunch box lol. Then in the bottom container, I’ll put in half a turkey and cheese sandwich but I would place it sideways so it could won’t get smashed since a whole one can’t fit. I can tell that half CAN fit because SHINee’s Taemin used it in one of the episodes of Yunhanam. And I can’t use the bear sandwich cutter thing :( And I would write stuff on the bottom of the lunchbox lol….I write on things like that… like SIMON AND MARTINA ARE SO AWESOME!! ….  So anyways: Thanks for the videos! You guys are awesome!
    BTW: I’m using my bro’s account lol… but it don’t mattr lol…. I hope xD

  109. i’d put like little dumplings and maybe tonkatsu but i really love desserts so maybe teeny cakes *noms

  110. AWWWW you guys are so cool! 
    well if i were to have a “kento” box that needed to be filled with food, i would put…. a number of thinks inside, like little dehydrated yogurt drops that are like pretty pastel colors(cough*cough pastelpantiphillia), and look like magical unicorn dropping! next i would put twinkle sushi in it which is a twinkie wrapped in a fruit by the foot then cut like sushi!! its so cute! well now i need some real food “man food” in my little box so i would put an assortment of tiny little cheese cubes and maybe a delicious spinach and egg omelet. but last but certainly not leas i would take a little apple and  cut the skin of a section of it into the shape of a BUNNNY! yay! i love bunnies, and maybe i would make one look like a ducky or an kitty or …OH even a little bear! yyeah so that pretty much is what i would stuff into that tiny little box, that probably would end up having like so really happy and extreme kitty-ness , and nyan cat  and rainbow alternate dimension in it!! OH, that would be the day.
    HAve a good day guys!! and $tay FRe$h
     I love you both and your Vids! (keep it real) 

  111. ok. you guys totally stole my answer for the question in the last 25 seconds of this video XD
    if i had that lunch box, i would stuff it with rice, icecream, donuts, and janggeng because they’re TOP’s favorite foods (HA! kiss up loophole :P) {source: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/328583-archivebig-bang-top-aka-tempo/} nah but in all seriousness i think i would put some kind of chigae in the top half and rice and bulgogi in the bottom with some taegu and kimchi then some tamago yaki (idk what those are called in korea… *head desk*) btw i can totally relate to seeing those in mangas and manhwa >.< i've been reading since i was in 5th grade (currently in 11th) and i always wanted one of those really cure lunch boxes that a mother would make (if only my mother wasnt such an atrocious cook…)
    how do they do these things….

  112. theres not much to put in there its so TINY!
    I can only think of filling it w/ candy

  113. In Brazil we have lunch boxes just like the ones you guys described… i feel kind of old now. MOM! I MISS MY LUNCH BOX!
    i lived in america for a yeah, and omg, everything ,food related, is like, HUGE! going to wall mart for the first time was rather terrifying. everything had this super family size and looked so delicious *-* i definetely gained a few pounds >.<

    well, if i had a bento box, which now that i think about it is something i should get cause eating granola bars everyday is not fun, but as i was saying, i would put sushi in it! or rice and Kimchi *-* anf for dessert i would have fruits… or apple crisp *-*
    good, now im hungry…"-.-

  114. In the Togerder lunch box (Kento box) I would put in the first layer, rice with Hello Kitty’s face on it! Hello Kitty Love! & in the second layer, lots of noms! Like lil octopus weinies!! :O They always have those in manga! xD

  115. Id put in a rolled up piece of egg in a heart shape, with some rice and kimchi.
    Put in some pre bbq’d samgyupsal…GOD NO, now Im hungry ._.

  116. if I could have that cute box, it has two levels so, in the first I would put a ham sandwich cut into 4 pieces, and the second one another sandwich of strawberry jam, peanut butter and Philadelphia cut into figure like a heart, a star, etc. and if there is space left, a candy or an small milkyway could be fine.

  117. I would put some rice with a panda bear shape in it, and some ketchup in the container with some salad (separately not salad and ketchup together, that’s weird).  That way I can enact my revenge on evil pandas: I’d act like it was my little baby and feed them lettuce (like it’s bamboo), until all the lettuce is gone, and then….I’D EAT THE PANDA USING KETCHUP FOR BLOOD!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, because that’s what pandas do.  They eat their children if they get too hungry when they’re hiding in a cave nursing them for a year.  Honestly, food is always better with a vicious little story to go with >=D
    (and if you can’t tell I have a thing against pandas)

  118. I would give this to my daughter for school. Since she is addicted to you guys, and also cute food, I would have to say Spudgy bento. And no, I’m not sucking up. She loves bento boxes, and now I cut out the nori by hand when I do them, and I always do Tamago with nori rolled up inside. And, of course, baby tomatoes and blueberry juice down the back of the rice Spudgy. And some Kimchi. Once I manage to make it so it tastes okay.

  119. If I had the Happy Togerder not-a-bento box, I’d fill it with Pocky (also known as Peppero?), because that is a seriously cute food, and I used to see Pocky being eaten in manga about as often as I saw kids with bento boxes.

  120. .. ranch covered steak with a huge potato and peanutbutter..CRACKERS? :P (obviously joking cough cough)

    Gummy bears. Lots of Gummy bears.Why? I mean come on.. seriouslyy? Everyone loves gummy bears and I could be all generous and give them to my friends and other classmates so we could eat them togerder and be happy~
    .. and then I could go all ‘mwehehehe you guize now owe me big time! HAH’Also they have the perfect shape to be spooned out OR brutally squeezed to death while trying to pick them up using the semi-acceptable fork.

  121. These really are not considered a meal (to some), but I would put in those marshmallow Peeps that they sell around Easter.  What would be more cute than marshmallow bunnies and chicks covered it bright colored sugar?

  122. I would put a little of everything like fruits cut in little piece, a little bit of rice, beans and sausage.

  123.  BACON!!! or ONIGIRI!! or LUCKY CHARMS CEREAL!! thats right, eating breakfast at lunch!! aww snap.

  124. The best suitable food would be, in my point of view, an egg shaped like bear plus some breads shaped like bear too! Than you put them together and you have a wonderful egg pedobear sandwich! Add some vegetables and fruits and to complete, a little sentence which say that like we know, all the bears stuff want us to be Happy Togerder, Good Snack! :D
    (I hope you will be able to understand my québécois-english!! and Bon Voyage à Toronto!)

  125. I think I would put miniature fast food items tediously made by myself. A tiny coke, a little slider burger and some tiny fries, oh!!! And one of those tiny apple pies from Mcydee’s. I think I would like that very much.

  126. bear paws. Y’know those cookie/cake snacks that they sell at Food Basics? That would be one side and the other side I’d put animal crackers.

    mostly because it matches the cute looking bear on the top
    and because I could always have a animal fight or something with the crackers.. :)

  127. Pot stickers.

  128. i would put goat meat.
    XD i don’t even know why… i saw the bear on the front, and for some reason i thought of goat?

  129. i would use it as the perfect breakfast box, eggs in the bottom and juicy bacon in the top, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bacon ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TOP

  130. I would put rice in it, with some noodles, and some veggies, maybe broccoli or snap/sugar peas… something like that ^_^ I’d also get some cute little Korean snacks and put it in there! I’d be so cute and yummy! ^_^

  131. I would put mashed potato because you could just plonck it in and then flatten it to fit the size of the container~ EASY! :)

  132. Where are you guys in Toronto? I live nearby and i would really like to meet you guys.

  133. pizza  o.0

  134. If I had that bento box I would put pieces of fruit and small shaped cookies or something. And Allmighty Brazilian Candy threat, Brigadeiro. I dont even know if there is brigadeiro in Canada, or US, or Korea, but I would totally make tons of money selling a single bite to everyone, cause its DELICIOUS. Its chocolate, its condensed milk, all together and taste so freaking good. All the people I met in Germany were INSANE about brigadeiro. Its our brazilian treasure and I wouldnt want to give that up if I was in Korea XD (Brigadeiro is something like this http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/brigadeiro/detail.aspx) It would be a good use of that bento box, a delicious sweet break AND way to make money. (Oh I’m such a mercenary)

  135. If I had that cute bento box, I would put goldfish, or cooked salmon, in the top compartment and put blue jello and gummy sharks in the bottom. It would be an aquatic fun time with a bento box. :)

  136. Since its Japanese, I would put onigiri with cute faces drawn on with sauce~ ^^

  137. I would put rice and shushi in it with a design of Gu Jun Pyo’s Face! :D

  138. i think i’d put snacks.. like cookies, chocolate nd so on. homemade cookies.. mhhmmmm~ or if i’m gonna have lunch since my sis and i usually makes sushi i think that’s a good place for that and go to a picnic :O xD AND SANDWICHES eiofvnoeiavn would b so awesome.

  139. :O I would so put little gummy people in my lunch box like that 8DDD or maybe I’ll attempt to make little marshmallow people <33 With tiny wooden arms and legs then make a tiny happy face with chocolate icing xDD

  140. i would put a delicious homemade kimbap ,some vegetables,potato salad and some rice shaped
    in cute forms like a bunny

  141. OH OH! I would squeeze in T.O.P in that cute little box and eat him! <3 ^_^

  142. Thania Ramseier Fernandez

    haha lD

    ok guys cause i live in switzerland and these country is famous for chocolate and chees…i propably would put in a part of the “kendo” the cheese and in the other one the bread for cheesfondue xD

    seriously? no…
    but maybe in a part some fruits and in the other one the chocolate and make chocolate-fondue and eat it with my boyfriend togerder ;b
    with cherrys and other red fruits arrange a heart u know… :3
    i think you can put the fruit also in these egg-form-maker? 

  143. I was trying to think what to fill it with, and then I realized the box wouldn’t stay in my possession long enough for me to use it.  My 4 yo daughter would find it and take it. She would fill it with lovely tasty treats like her vitamins that she wants to keep for later, the cheerios she thinks will make a good snack, but will never eat, half of her candy (she actually saves candy to eat later. I didn’t think such a thing existed) plus a few treasured rocks, acorns, and the magnets from my fridge to fill in the cracks.

  144. Marylie Fournier Desrochers

    You two are so funny XD

    If I had this cute bento box, i would certainly make some little rice shaped in all different forms like bunnies, cats,PANDA and DOMO :D Because I love him <3 Also, I would put some octopus wieners too and some vegetables with sesame on the top. And why not some tempura shrimps ? Miam !
    And finally, I would put all of that in that cute little pinky bento box and put it in the bag of my boyfriend for his lunch. And i would wait for his reaction when i'll come back from the university. :D

    Lol. :D

  145. wooooo the Wonderful Treasure Find Care Package Giveaway is great ! *3*

    If I had the cute “happy togerder” lunchbox, I woud try to do a Kyaraben/charaben ie character bento~
    I would like to try to make a cute totoro bento for my best friend :)
    The things is… I suck at making cute bento even if I am crazy about it… ^^’
    But there are some website where they explain how to do these amazingly cute (and useless as Simon said) bento such as http://www.annathered.com/gallery/bento/ =) ♥

    ps: bento is said: 도시락 (Doshirak?) in Korean according to google translator~
    ps2: haha I can see that it is true that guys always think about a steak and a potatoe first when they think about food xD

  146. Well I’d put some salad with little cherry tomatoes in the first compartment & canned tuna after stripping it of all it’s oil & it’d fill the other one with brown rice and fried spicy chicken since I’m dieting at the moment. SNSD Style!~ Like a FAN~ :))

  147. I would put octopus shaped sausages in it and cat shaped rice balls and bunny shaped eggs and and flower shaped boiled carrots, and, and… TONS of other cute foods! ^_^ I love those cute japanese bentos and I have always wanted a “real” bento box! :D It’s hard to find those in sweden, you know >_>

  148. Lunch box in Korean called Dosirak. And well, the most commonly dosirak is filled with rice, a few mini sausages, maybe a lil bit corn or potato salad, stir fried meat, and a steam vegetables like baby carrot. Trust me, it can all fit in that lunch box ^^ I’ve done that ^__^ 

  149. hahaha ur comment about cultural shock in ur homeland kinda made me giggle xD after living in korea for more than 3 years, u’ve become more koreanish maybe heh xD

    anyways – bento box~!! *o* i sooo loved them too in every anime i’ve watched. it’s so much better than just a sandwich wrapped in a paper… and looks so nice *o*

    what i’d put there…?? guhehehehe BIGOS for example ha~!! cuz this is the only thing made of cabbage, that i actually like. so when mom makes it, i’m like GIMME TO MEEEE WANNA MOAAAAR *O* good, that it usually takes 2-3 days to eat all cooked pot, so i can eat as much as i like hehe xD so, taking some as my lunch would be osom P:

  150. In Hong Kong, we have bento boxes as well. :)

  151. I would put in delicious homemade ddeokbokki or soybean sprout bibimbap. My lunch loses so much appeal in those huge, boring, sterile american leftover container boxes with the blue lids (that leak).  Of course I didn’t realize this until I saw your video.  My lunch is forever ruined until I can put it “togerder” with one of these ultra cute boxes!

  152. To be extremely honest, when you guys said Happy Togerder, I right away though of Gerber baby foods.
    So yeah, I think Gerber baby foods belong in there…?
    gerder sounds similar to gerber :o

  153. Every single day i can’t wake up early for my lessons and i am always in a hurry!! That’s why i don’t have time to eat and make sandwich the previous day to take it with me!! I wrap it in a foil like my mother did 10years ago-.- BUT is time for some change ^-^

    What do you think for cutting it into triangles or square pieces and put it in the lunch box?? I could also cut some fruits in the other layer or vegetables and not in my sandwich wich is watery later :(I cross my fingers for NO more noisy stupid foil and watery sandwich!!

  154. Every single day i can’t wake up early for my lessons and i am always in a hurry!! That’s why i don’t have time to eat and make sandwich the previous day to take it with me!! I wrap it in a foil like my mother did 10years ago-.- BUT is time for some change ^-^ What do you think for cutting it into triangles or square pieces and put it in the lunch box?? I could also cut some fruits in the other layer or vegetables and not in my sandwich wich is watery later :(I cross my fingers for NO more noisy stupid foil and watery sandwich!!

  155. hhhmmmmm? i wonder how many twinkies i could fit in that box???? i could unwrap them and mash into cute bunny shapes with my food stamper. 

  156. I would put in there lots of kimbap:) It’s already cold, so there wouldn’t be a problem with that:) 
    I would put there some gum too, to clean my teeth after eating:)

  157. I would pack sushi , some of them have like tons of wasabi ,and the
    other one’s are normal . I would eat the good one’s to make my friends
    think that the others are okay too and then give them one of the horror
    sushi ;D

    or………….. a heart of an animal to scare the
    shit out of people xDD

  158. I’d put fried ramen in it.  First you boil the ramen,  then drain it.  Add some of the seasonings that came with it, your favorite oil, some veggies and leftover meat from dinner, then you fry it all together.  (I fry mine until it’s a little crispy.)  I also mix in and scramble an egg with it, and ta da!. Tasty quick 5 to 7 min lunch.  Sometimes I like to mix it with rice.  It’s pretty filling, and yummy.

  159. I appreciate for the laugh both of you gave me, m’lord Simon and my lady Martina. I shall pray for a save return from your homeland in the Northwest. And don’t worry your heads about your lands in the east, good men are guarding then. When tha day of your arrivel comes we will feast like kings. After all, Winter is coming

    PS: But i think Khal would have something with horses on it hahaha

  160. well i make home made steamed buns so i would put that in there and some spicy rice cakes cuse i love em!! i dont know if the fork would work for the rice cakes though………… ya im to normal to think of crazy food to put in them so all i can do is try!

  161. I think we
    live too fast. Many of us are usually too busy to have a break. That’s why, I
    would put a flux capacitor in it, what makes time travel possible. So if I could
    travel trough the time, I would never worry about appointments, I could eat my
    lunch anytime I want, and after that I could relax next to a cappuccino, with whipped cream on
    it…  (That’s another question: how the
    hell will I make a time machine from my bento?? Hmmm… Plan B comes… ^_^)

  162. Rice, Kimchi, Cookies, and other things.

  163. the most appropriate food for a lunchbox like that would be basically a little bit of everything! a balanced diet :D a rice portion in the biggest middle part. a portion of veggies and some meat at the very bottom where they have that separator! and you use the semi fork to pick up your cut up veggies. and you use the spoon to eat your meat and rice togerder :p 

  164. I have a cookie cutter of a person that’s only an inch and a half tall. I would make a pb&j  sandwich and then cut little people out of it. Then I would put them in the box so they all can be togerder. At least until I eat them.

  165. i’d totally fill it all up wit sushi :DDD i mean… **cough** kimbap since we r in korea =D or mandu <.< .. but that doesnt taste good when its cold i think … soo imma go wit kimbap :D nom nom nom

  166. hello! recently found your blog (and already commented on another entry) but today was my first time watching one of your videos, and i just wanted to say that you guys are really funny! i really like your chemistry together.. (togerder?) you crack me up…  also, props for the khal drogo references… lol.

    i want to see you guys do a Canadian K-pop survey!

    actually fun (weird?) fact… my little sister… who is 12… who lives near Quebec City… who cannot even speak English… is in love with the korean boyband Shinee…. htf she found out about them is beyond me, but i just find it incredibly hilarious… so i am curious at how many more random whities you could find who actually love k-pop (or maybe you could convert a few?)

    anyways, have a nice trip!

    oh and i totally had a Carebears lunchbox when i was a kid! it was pink! XD

  167. PIE CAKE AND COOKIES, PIE CAKE AND COOKIES! Because it’s so cute. Either that, or pie, french fries and chicken breast because I’m a healthy mothe——-

  168. I so love Martina’s look. The make up, the hairstyle and the skulls :)
    This wasn’t an attempt to flatter you so I can win, right ? I just really love the style !
    I would definitely fill that box with marshmallows. I could separate green marshmallows from pink marshmallows. Someone told me marshmallows are only white in other countries. Are we french people the only one with colored marshmallows ?

  169. i will put dead fingers , because it’s the onely thing that  fits into the lunch box… yes you right I’m the  spudgy mohahahaha … suprise mom !!
    anyway bye i must take care of the rest of dead body .
    xxx bye

  170. In my lunch box I would put Jang Uh Gui (grilled) over rice. I am completely in love with eel and the taste of it. Truly if I had enough money I would stuff that lunch box with eel, chicken and beef and then grab one of those China AA rice boxes near lunchtime so my rice would be hot. Oh eel how I love you!

  171. Well I’ll put in the top box, mini sandwiches, rice, veggies, kimbap, noodles, sausages some thing lik that in it, and in the bottom box like candy, biscuits, bars, fruits just little stuff to snack!btw: I’m in love with Martina’s hair, it’s really pretty!  

  172. I am a University student and like many others I’m not rich, so I always make these blends of what I have at home, like cook rice and fry with eggs, tuna, onion, garlic, some unidentifiable spices and voilà, lunch.

    The thing is if I had that lunch box my lunch might look a little bit more appealing, as these mixes of whatever I have usually look really disgusting but taste like something offered in heaven. I know Simon’ll probably say “Whatever, food mixes in the stomach” but I really need to feel like I’m not eating something that looks like it was taken from a dumpster ^______~

  173. i’d put a protein bar in there. it’s the only thing i can think of that would fit in there and make me full. 

  174. THIS BOX IS SOOOO CUUUUTEE!!!! I really want it *O*

    I would put some sweet marshmallows or chocolate cookies.Or even my mom’s made sandwiches with salmon… It’s so delicious x)!!!!!!

  175. In Singapore we barely have people bringing lunchboxes to school, only the P1 and P2 students would (which is 7 yrs old and 8 yrs old respectively). But I would put friend noodles on the top layer and cut fruits and biscuits and probably candies on the bottom layer. If there was a third layer I’d squeeze a carton of orange juice into it.

  176. UNICORN MEAT. would be inappropriate 

  177. I’d probably stuff it with Freakin’ Magical Unicorn Poop http://bit.ly/p2y5xy since I don’t usually eat lunch when I go to school/work.

    Other then that, I am now totally going to start using the name Cesar Milan as a verb.  xD

  178. ummm….since i live in new zealand and i’m chinese probably either fried rice or noodles with vegetables on bottom for lunch and snack type food on top for morning tea, like biscuits, chips, bars or little nibbly things. yeah pretty much it and it would be easier than having a big lunch box, it takes to much space in my bag.

  179. Aww, I really want Rick Astley to record a full version of “Togerder forever” now

  180. It’s doshirak in korean like 도시락. Oh and I would put my usual lunch that I brought to school, triangular shaped onigiri or tubular sushi shaped rice or fried rice (made with the plastic rice shape maker that you can find in daisho), octopus sausages, eggs, broccoli and carrots and of course, ham or bacon!! yaaay. 

    Oh and I noticed that it has two level, so for the second box I would put fruits or jellies in, or maybe cereal since i brought my dessert/snack with me as well :):) 

    P.S. I am an international student in my last year of high school in hong kong. I also use similar sized lunch box to bring my own packed lunch to save money, but it is only one level and is transparent. Seems like that kind of lunch box is normal in here too, since my friends also use similarly small lunch box. 

  181. Nachos and Cheese!! hahahahah

  182. Rice and 우엉조림, and pancake for dessert. (does that all fit?!?)

  183. I would put my asian dishes I make.Lately I make many Korean and Japanese dishes, but i slightly change them(with what i have in my fridge) :)
    P.S.I so want all of those things because I have abnormal pain when I wear heels and I hope half slipper will help me :D

  184. Simon, its a SPORK, a spoon AND fork!

  185. Martina, anime, manga, manhwa, all those are called Bento!

  186. I’d put rice at the bottom compartment and some veggies and scrambled eggs on the top compartment~ ♥ That would be a nice lunch~


  187. Mini dessert pizzas. :D And~ some mini cake and strawberry tarts~ and fill the bottom with some cake (a cake with not much air in it so it’ll be more dense :D), and strawberry frosting on the top. ^,^ All of this handmade of course, even the strawberrys. Oooh and some little icing sculptures of strawberrys and cute litte bunnys and teddy bears. ^,^

  188. noodles and spam! ^^~ I used to have one of those when i was in elementary, and i would always bring it to school. then two months later my mom mistakes it as a thing to put dog food in. .___. so that ends the joy of bento boxes for me ;__;~

  189. I’ll put carne asada tacos. Yummy.-minwooslovelygirl

  190. I’d put sushi since it’s compact and saves space (=more food :)). sushi is so deri-cious…

  191. I would *honor* the (too cute for words) lunchbox with peppered tuna sashimi and lotus chips.
    ***Full disclaimer – this would be prepared by my local sushi-lady…who is, in fact, Korean…and she makes fun of my attempts at Hangul in a loving way. We could BOND over this box. ♥☮

  192. Ha!  Funny you should mention Japanese bento decorations and such.  My wife is Japanese, and she makes little lunches for our daughter, complete with “food stampers” and such.  I’ve taken a few photos and posted on Flickr:


    You might even recognize a few cartoon characters and such in there.

    As for what’s the most appropriate thing for the Kento Box?  I’d say potstickers.  I love those things.  They’re compact, fit well, taste good and are pretty filling too.  Plus you can put in a small container of soy/vinegar sauce in there too (that’s how my wife makes it).

    Youtube user: dmclean635

  193. Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans. CAUSE IT’S ALL THE BEST (and worst) OM NOMS IN THE WORLD WILL BE ABLE TO BE IN MY MINI BOX :D 

  194. Since I’m french, I would put cheese, bread and wine into this cute little bento box! That’s all, french only eats bread and cheese.
    (And yes, we also laugh this way : “HOHOHOHO”)

    Hope you like it, first time I try to win WTF care package because my english is not really good..
    Thanks for all your videos and have a good time in Canada ^-^

  195. I would, naturally, only put foods in that are happy togerder, like bacon and eggs (with salt and pepper), or macaroni and cheese, or PB&J.  Peanut butter and Jelly are very happy togerder.  And! Since it is such a super cute little lunch box, one would have to use the super cute Pooh bear sandwich presses to make said sandwiches.

  196. I would put………FOCCACIA FOCCACIA!!! Its so derishous!!!!
    and…..a GIANT CARTON OF MILK!!!! (Yes. It will fit. I think those lunch boxes are like the tardis they are bigger on the inside)

    (PS-youtube subscriber gigiowls89)

  197. OK… NOW  I KWON WHY KOREAN GIRLS ARE SOOOO SKINYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , THEIR  LUNCH BOXES ARE TO SMALL.. I CAN EAT LIKE 4 FOR MY LUNCH…:P

  198. I would make miniature kimbap and miniature geranmari to put in the miniature bento box. And then I would tactfully pack a real meal into a real lunchbox that would actually carry enough food for me to get through my workday.

  199. I would put Reese’s peanut butter cups in it…’cause they’re so deliiicious~ x)

  200. I would put in some yummy kimpap!!!! what can I say, I love the stuff… I’d fill the whole thing with kimpap and forgo the utensils. Too bad it doesn’t have cute mini chopsticks.

  201. Have you been to the Cheesecake Factory?  Whenever my family drives down to the US, I can’t even finish HALF of anything there, it’s so ginormous.

  202. Obviously a cute box like that should contain things like sweets (on the bottom of  course so the teacher wouldn’t see them) and everything colorful and tasty and cute and I would pack salmiakki too even though I think you guise hated them? :D At least a lot of non-finns hate.

  203. For my Happy Togerder breakfast, I would have cirl and mork. For lunch, a bocan darble chaise bargar. And for dinner, some spogooter and merbals.   Totally Dericious.

  204. I would make a little bear out of rice for the lunch box.  Then there would be 2 bears.  That way the bear on the box and the bear made of rice would be Happy Togerder!

  205. Happy Togerder lunch box would obviously only hold peasants, as this is the only lunch box used by TROGDOR. (It wasn’t mixed up English for “together” but Engrish for “Happy Trogdor”)

  206. I would be packing it with grape flavored wax mustaches. They only come out here in October around Halloween and I L<3VE them =P My favorite is Mr. Stache on his package it says- The chewable disguise! Play now, chew later!!! lol 

  207. I have a lunch box with Hello Kitty but it doesn’t look like japanese bento boxes. I think my is European style and I’m like Martina always wanna bento box (but my with Hello Kitty and it so so so CUTE! >< khm… ^^)
    anyway if I had this bento box I made a pease of food art ^^ I love cooking so maybe there can be rice(of course ^^) fried chicken or fried squid with delicious tomato sause, then some vegetables maybe carrots(in cute form ^^) and small pancakes with squash(this pancakes – a russian dish and it's YUMMY! ^^)! Oh and I almost forgot – I put sausages that look like cute octopus! ^^If I some day get to myself a bento box it will be the first meal that I do ^^

  208. I would definitely put in pb&j cut with my Hello Kitty sandwich shaper. cuz pbj goes best togerder!

  209. id pack http://data.whicdn.com/images/4311932/tumblr_la0h62Gi011qatxgno1_500_large.jpg?1286746649  into it. LOTS OF HARD WORK. thats what id be packing!

  210. I would probably put onigiri, cute little sausages, a small salad, cherries, and maybe some gyozas. :) When I was in Japan, I got to experience a bento box made by my Japanese host mother, it was very delicious! She made it for me when I went off to school, and it was really sweet of her. The guys lunch boxes were a bit bigger, so they could store more food, so don’t worry Simon! xD You can still bring a cool-looking bento box that stores a lot of food! :P

  211. I would put chicken or tuna salad in one side and some grape tomatoes (those go in the divided section) and then sesame crackers in the other part. Yum! Then I could use my mini fork and spoon to eat them all (say it with me now) Togerder!

  212. I did a short
    exchange to Japan with AFS in the summer of 2010 and my host mom made me a
    bento everyday. I know I’m possibly supposed to respond to this in relation to
    Korea, but I would kill just to have some of my host mom’s home-cooked Japanese
    food. To be more specific, I would want rice in the bottom layer, but I can’t
    really choose for the other side because one of my favorite parts about East
    Asia was that the food was so diverse. I never got bored from the different
    noodles and sauces to the way they cooked meals.

    One thing I have
    to say though: I wouldn’t waste it on western food haha 

  213. i would put rice, carrots and you know the basic food but in a hello kitty design. it look like this : http://blog.modes4u.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/cute-bento-box-4.jpg

  214. i would put my fave snacks O_O cut up apple or maybe strawberries with
    nutella in a separate compartment :D Plus, im looking for every excuse
    possible to eat rice, so this would evidently feed my asian-addiction to
    eat MORE AND MORE rice!!!! and most likely some small cold cuts of like
    broccoli or some that doesnt taste like sh*t when eaten cold o_O
    so….yeah :D im in montreal! you guys are so far yet so near!

  215. I would put fruit lots for fruit because I love fruit. But you could also use it for other things. Like since it already has a fork and a spoon you could fill it with other camping supplies like a flint and stone, or a mini flashlight that goes on key-chains, and you could put some band aids in there and like a mini mini tiny tiny bottle of rubbing alcohol, oh and a pocket knife too… so it could be your mini travel along survival kit ;)

  216. Korean Lunch Box = 도시락 (Do-Shi-Rug)

  217. I would pack my bento lunch box with rainbows and unicorns, which I would then eat to give me man strength. 

  218. Yay Toronto!! :)

    I would put  in homemade sushi, or two half folded sandwiches filled with nutella or
    rice. chicken or the side food to add with the rice or fruits or snacks
    like chocolate or candy in the other compartment :D

  219. I would put Sushi!! I love sushi i would also put some ramen but just the noodles mmmm….. that is so yummy well that’s my answer!!!!

  220. You have to have Kimbob in a Korean lunchbox!

  221. I would put Pizza Bagels in the box…. You could have… “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time. Cause when you have pizza on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime!”
    Seriously though, the most delicious snack ever. My mom would buy the box and my brothers and I would devour them in one sitting. It’s been a long time since I had Pizza Bagels – Paris Baguette pizza bagel don’t cut it – who wants sweet sauce and corn on a pizza?? Anyhoo, Pizza Bagels would be awesome before there are small and slim and you could fit them in both parts of the box AND you wouldn’t need a semi-useless fork to eat them. No chopstick either. USE YOUR HANDS PEOPLE! IT’S PIZZA!!!! ….

  222. http://www.flixya.com/files-photo/s/a/n/sandeepr2324792.jpg
    its tiny and cute, why not? if i wasn’t gonna eat it i would totally wanna be togerder forever with it <3 baby spudgy perhaps?

  223. Sascha Wong

    I’ve always wanted those bento boxes too! I only found them a couple years ago at a Daiso in Richmond, B.C. Of course, it would be common sense to check there first, the Asia of B.C. *sigh* They don’t fit a whole lot of food though… which is a good thing, because I tend to overpack lunches >.<

  224. Bentos are all about having a healthy balanced meal.   Traditional Japanese bentos contain 4 parts of rice , 3 parts of the main dish ( THE MEAT), 2
    parts of vegetables, and 1 part of a serving of pickled vegetables or a treat.

    I don’t really follow this though ^^

    I like to make my bento by having either Lo Mein or  Onigiri with chicken, a salad and some fruit. 

    It would seem that this wouldn’t be filling but it really is! I eat a lot and my bento is a medium sized bento. It really does hold a lot of food.

    Hope you are having a good time in Canada!

  225. Oh my gosh I love those things so much!!! ^o^
    Top section: Mango bunnies (cut like the apple ones, but mango tastes better!), then cherry blossom shaped cucumbers, and two cute Hello Kitty muffin tins, one filled with sweet black beans, the other with kimchi!
    Bottom section: half full with rice, sprinkled with seasonings to make the Rilakkuma face and then two potato croquettes, on shaped like a star, the other like a heart(these would be stacked on top of each other)! Then the leftover space I would fill with myeochi bokeum because it’s amazing!!
    Wow. . . it’s a little crowded!
    Also, I looked it up and Korean bento are called doshirak 도시락!

  226. ^^ Bento boxes! I love those. I actually try to make bentos but they’re very time consuming and I don’t have a lot of the tools for it. And Simon, they do hold a lot. I have one with a side cart and if I fill it, I can’t move afterward.  And I have a German-granddaughter-of-a-blacksmith’s appitite, so that’s saying something. Their size is very deceiving. But mine’s getting worn down since I’ve had it for a few years. Hmm, as for contents, I would put in heart-shaped tamagoyaki (fried rolled egg, the heart trick is very easy and cute), with mini teriyaki tuna burgers, garlicky carrot flowers (I have a cutter shaped like cherry blossoms that I love) and of course rice. I think I would put criss-crossy star designs on the rice with seaweed and salmon furikake (dried rice seasoning) and maybe make it with peas. If the bento was a different design, I’d probably make some cute samgak kimbap in the shape of pandas…Sorry for the long post, I love bentos! =^_^= I also like the other things u guys are giving…O.O

  227. A bento box (Japanese term), made in South Korea, carrying Chinese food= heaven.

  228. I would make those cute lunch boxes that a girl would make for her boyfriend, except I will eat it for myself! Moohahahaha. I would make a panda onigiri and put it inside the lunch box and decorate. I’ll also put tamago, yellow radish, and seaweed salad. Yes, they can all fit if I make the panda onigiri small :D! WOOT! 

  229. There’s a bear on the cover on the adorable lunch box. And if we reason based on your theory that they (the bears) are trying to take over the world/convince children they aren’t dangerous so they can devour them, I would put bear meat (marinated and cooked of course) in the lunch box. And I would use food stamps on the bear meat as well. I would do this just to spite the bears as they try to rebrand themselves as friendly before the impending bear invasion attack.

  230. If I have this really cute bento (Kento XD) for my lunch at school I would put Spagetti with the pink sauce (I don’t know what’s the name but in french it’s “Rosee”) because the pink sauce will match with the cute box :D

  231. I always made themes with my lunchbox, so if it’s going to be Happy Togerder, then you make food that goes “togerder”!

    Like peanut butter & jelly/nutella & banana/ham & cheese sandwiches (crustless of course), grilled cheese and soup (might need a thermos for the latter), mini bagels with cream cheese…

    Chicken nuggets and RANCH (sorry, I know Simon might this too much) or fruits/veggies with dipping sauce like caramel or RANCH (last plug for Simon ever!).

  232. OMG, im so excited! im in oakville Canada right now, maybe ill go to downtown toronto, and try to bump into you guys pretending it was by chance…..
    and to the question, i would let my mommy choose, i love surprises :3
    cant wait for the new videos!!! 

  233. Kento Boxes! I’ve always loved them!
    I would put spaghetti in the Kento box as a lunch because then you have use for the useful fork! (Or use a spoon if you’d like…? Just imagine the other Koreans watching you eat using that small spoon with spaghetti.) Yes, spaghetti is definitely the most appropriate food to put in that lunch box.
    Simon and Martina are the best! ^^

  234. Well since “Togerder” sounds like an  Old English or Middle English word of germanic origin that never made it to Modern English (seriously it sounds like a form of torture “Send him to the togerder”) I would put German food in the K-lunch box. Like bratwurst and schnitzel and other such foods, and I would eat it “togerder” with some friends. 

  235. maybe a bread shaped like seungri, ooor like the harmless eagle, for JYJ not to punch it in the eye

  236. Oh man I’m starving right now so this is the question for me!! Haha. But the real question is what wouldn’t I put in there? ;) No, but seriously I would pack a chicken salad sandwich and Spicy Nacho Cheese Doritos…yeah! Oh and a nice cold can of Mtn. Dew on the side hahahaha that is what I am talking about!!

  237. pickles. I would fill it with pickles.

  238. I’m going to put something like thishttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-E7bpG20MIpc/TgDuphXV1dI/AAAAAAAAAsc/IKX0chyR-_w/s640/260340_216962255010509_100000902086447_671072_3596324_n.jpg with G Dragon’s face and of course I’m going to put my little sushis… kekeke  ;D 

  239. Wow Martina, I love your hair in this video!  I don’t know if this is cheating, but if I had a lunch box like that I would want to put an animal or a design in it too, like this Totoro one: http://jaggedeye.tumblr.com/post/6847895917 I would at first be hesitant about eating him, but remember I can make another and bring him back to life!  Til I eat it again :p

  240. I love Bento Boxes !! So adorable. For here in Korea, Id totally pack the box like so;

    Top Layer: 3/4 of the box with rice on the bottom and a small sized pork cutlet on top. in the other 1/4 space a tiny bottle of a dipping sauce or soy sauce to go over the pork. Id also add some mini carrots for munching.

    Bottom layer: using the slider, 3/4 for a yummie mixed fruit salad and 1/4 for lil sweet mini breads

    If I was back in the states;

    Top layer: mini corn dogs, carrot and celery sticks and mini Doritos, adding tiny bottles of ketchup and ranch for dipping.

    Bottom layer: 3/4 CHOCO pudding and 1/4 mini vanilla wafers.

    Yum Yum !!

  241. I would put there like one onigiri or a macaroon
     only cute & tiny things can fit in to this little adorable launch box.. :3

  242. LOL. :( I would pack the top full of chocolate chips and the bottom full of cheese cake (formed to the edges), and when I was ready, I would flip the bottom over so it fell onto the chocolate chips and I would use the semi-decent fork to push the cheesecake down into the chocolate chips. It sounds like torture. Also delicious. Delicious torture. CHEESECAKE AND CHOCO CHIPS HAPPY TOGERDER? Maybe…

  243. I love my bento box!!!!! I got one at Pacific Mall  >.< 

    What I would put in my bento box or "kento" box

    1. octopus veggie dogs ( i'm a rabbit, no meat in my diet) 

    2. The most amazing thing in the world TOTORO!!!!! here a link, this is beyond cuteness 

    ( this is what it looks like) http://superpunch.blogspot.com/2008/10/totoro-bento-box.html

    or http://www.flickr.com/photos/cuteobento/1587201830/

    or http://djdesignerlab.com/2010/10/06/20-creative-and-interesting-bento-box-art/

    3. I would go all Hana Yori Dango (J-version) on my bento, and make it "manly"  ( i like to eat a lot T~T) and have a three store bento with lunch (grilled cheese)  dinner ( inari, sweet potato tempura, and avocado rolls)  and desert ( macaroons and mini cheese cakes) 

    —– I'm sorry I couldn't just choose one

  244. i would put hello kitty shaped sugar cookies in for desert and put some tortellini with pesto sauce in for the main part and some grapes (or and omelet with cheese and with ketchup on the side)

  245. I would maybe put something like gummy bears!!!. I also thought of a pack of cookies but its so small that it would probably just carry like 100 calorie cookie bag or something that small. Or maybe both :D

  246. Milk and cereal separately, so I can have cereal at school!!! buahahaha…. if the milk doesn’t spill out…or turns warm…*sigh*(I feel like an idiot…)

  247. I KNOW WHAT I’D PUT. First, I’d put little onigiri rice balls in there with seaweed panda face cause those are so cute. And i’d put in those “octopus” sausage, where it’s half a small sausage and slice the bottom half to make it have tentacles. Sounds creepy but it’s cute. Also eggs and sushi and Hello Pandas for a snack. :3

  248. kimbap is the perfect lunch for that cute little lunch box ^^

  249. meet up in toronto please :)))

  250. nothing counteracts the cutenss of that box more than a little bit of nakji. Live squid for lunch? Amazing WTF package this month.. ::In martina’s cute voice:: I want it…..

  251. If i had a happy togerder box i, as a healthy, delicious, rice lover would put rice that has spicy chili sauce all over it in the bottom. then in half of the the top half i would put my proteins: tofu or chickens or peanut butters. and in the other half of the top half i would put in some vegetable of of some sort. but i don’t like very many vegetables so, i would just put in some onions or something. then i would wrap it up with a cute little bow to make it even cuter. otherwise i would just put my stash of halloween candy in it.
    the end

  252. Oh and in regards to the bento box, I would put bacon~ Top and bottom layer. Hmmm the goodness of baconnnn~

  253. Whooo you’re back in Canada! It would be totally awesome if I bumped into you guys downtown. :)

  254. I would seriously go to the book store, buy a book on how to make like sushi and onigiri and octopus weiners, go online (or to our Asian District) and order a BUNCH of cute bento stuffs like the sushi cut outs and riceball shapers…and OMG I WOULD DECK OUT MY BENTO WITH A BUNCH OF HELLO KITTY SHAPED FOODS.  O.O   That’s what I would do…right after I bought a pair of matching chopsticks to go with that adorably cute bento.  XD

  255. i would make sushi tht looks like spudgy @ o @

  256. If i had one of the lunch boxes i think i would put in like a bunch of little sushi things! Or maybe stuff like Jan Di put in hers when she made Jun Pyu one in BoF!! I know it isnt the same size but it reminds me of it :3

  257. I would put small little cut up meat, sandwich, eggs, some carrots. COOKIES or BROWNIES!!!! mmmmmmmm :D :D :D. But Most Of All I will Put Meat that’s cut up and probably some mashed potatoes and carrots as side dish!!!!! :)

  258. I would put Ketchup-flavored rice balls and cute heart shaped egg rolls :D

  259. a mini salad would work and some candies. Maybe half a fancy sandwich and some rice. Mashed potatoes and a cubed hot dog. some carrot sticks and thanksgiving stuffing. 
    But what the really look good for is a portable dog food container without the fork and spoon. for if you were going somewhere and only needed one and the top part could be a water dish 

  260. I would probably put foods you can share in the shape of a heart to go with the theme of Happy Togerder. I could put carrot sticks and celery sticks with a bit of dipping sauce (Which i’m not going to mention what I would have because I don’t want to be accused of sucking up even though I legitly put it on everything like Simon does….). Maybe finger sandwiches then when my friend and I were all done sharing the bento we would promptly go out and get food at a restaurant because there wouldn’t be enough food for two people.

  261. Hmmm. wouldn’t you get hazed in the High school in the states if you got such a thing as guy?

  262. In the US they have more manly versions of this. 

  263. If i had one of those boxes i would put only fruits in it ! lots and lots of fruits !! i would fill it with all kinds of fruits like strawberries, bananas, kiwi, apples…. BUT the fun part is i’m gonna put them in different shapes like hearts, stars or dinosaur heads!! i’ll try to be creative as much as i can, i mean who could resist the cuteness of that box ??!! don’t you wanna just AAANNNNNNG it !!

  264. bear meat and ambiguously-gendered-tiny-eskimo-person meat

  265. ah yes the Korean cutie 도시락 or lunch box. My fiance has already start shopping for the more “manly” versions for me… At any rate, what would I put in there? taking a cue from my students… a baby chicken or hamster… Yes, I have actually seen “pets” in the 도시락. Later the chicks went to grandma’s house and were never heard from again… 

  266. BACON!!! ONIGIRI!! LUCKY CHARMS CEREAL!! thats right, eating breakfast at lunch!! aww snap.

  267. I’d fill up both tiers with Hello Kitty sushi (yes, there is such a thing) because any other food would shame us all…

  268. omg … welcome back to canada ….i hope i could bump into both of you…. :)

  269. Haaaa. I’ve had a bento box how-to book for a year and have still been looking for one that is actually CUTE. It’s pretty difficult. This one is pretty cute compared to what I’ve seen. 

    Anyway, I’d probably take regular North American lunch favorites and “fun-size” them. So instead of a whole sandwich, one or two quarters of a sandwich. Baby carrots, grape tomatoes, grapes, small strawberries. MINI SIZE EVERYTHINGGGGG. Okay, calming down. I’ve also got one of those egg mold things so I’d have to use that. Eggs are kind of small and cute, right? 

    Then I can be all “hipster lunch kid” with my ironic North American lunch in my bento (errr kento) box.

  270. If I had that particular lunch box, I would fill the bottom with rice, but not just any rice! No, I would make it a giant onigiri (rice ball with food inside them) so that when I use the silly fork/spoon combo, I would be able to get all the yummy contents from the “onigiri”. Except, I would use the little divider to add cute little veggies or something on a small section.

    As for the top compartment I would then layer a bunch of meats, like fish and some other types of meat, with layers of seaweed between each layer. I’d probably end up just mixing the rice and meats together though.

    Or just end up filling the whole thing with candy since candy is amaaazing!

  271. I would make dumplings and put them in there, for my best friend. Cause dumplings are her fav food (they are like a whole food category unto themselves for her).
    then I would take it to my best friend and be like “Togerder we shares?”
    also it would mean I drove three hours, just to give her dumplings to share… so the scream she issued from her mouth would be totally awesome! ~Megan~

  272. I would put cut up egg rolls in the first level above white rice and then at the bottom, I would put fruit rollups with a side of veggies~

  273. A sardwuich and a sarlad.

  274. I would put every cute tiny food item I could. Like happy faced sushi, and cute cut out toast like with dinos on it. And the egg bunny and bear. Just so I could play with them then kill them all. Plus you have to match the ridiculously cute lunch box. I mean duuuuh come on! And Simon, FOOD SHOULD BE CUTE! That way you can have fun killing the cute!

  275. OMG that is sooo cute and Martina i am with you *big anime freak! i saw them everywhere in anime/manga. so one day i saw the bento box online and was like “HOLY FUDGE MUFFINS!! MOMMY CAN I HAVE IT?!” mom-> No…*walks away and crushes my desire 4 all thing japanese/korean…sad panda bear…T^T** well hmm i would put in rice and bean*cuz im Spanish like that* and Salad w/ raw tuna or med-rare meat and w/ blue cheese or ranch dressing *cuz im half vampire (no lie! my eyes sting in the sunlight, i like rare meat and dislike garlic cuz of the strong smell!) and i like ranch( not sucking up 2 Simon cuz i know he has a fetish 4 ranch, i actully like the stuff!) and cookies! a def on the cookies, no meal is complete w/o cookies(or any pastry), its a abomination!!!! >w<

  276. I had those when I was in college..hehehe. I had rice on the bottom tray, steamed veges on the top tray & sliced kalbi next to those veges. Mmm..& for dessert a Jello-O pudding cup or a RV cupcake that I’d purchase from Trader Joe’s..yum!!! But I had to watch out for my bento cuz I would be put it in the school refrigerator & it would somehow get stolen…:(. Yea I went through a lot of bentos in school. 

  277. If I had that cute Happy Together Lunch Box : On the bottom tray i’d have some steamed vegetables and/or some Nopalitos (cooked Cactus with potatoes and Onions) and on the top tray some arroz con pollo (rice and chicken) or some tuna and fried picckles! :) nom nom…

  278. I just learned how to make kimchi so I’d fill the bottom part with that (cause kimchi rocks my socks) and I’d put something unhealthy in the top to counteract the kimchi goodness…brownies? cookie dough? maybe some sour patch kids…

  279. Well let’s see! On the bottom, since it has a food seperater thingy, I would put GUMMY BEAAAARSS in the smaller slot and rices in the bigger one :] And on the TOP I would put mashed potatoes with peas in the outlining of a heart and colorful sprinkles in the outside of the heart. And then I’d eat the inside of the heart first and then  it would still be a heart :’) Until I’d eat it all. 

  280. I would put cute little pink food like Mike & Ikes, Laffy Taffy, and then some salmon type of sushi! Yum!!!

  281. just random comment here: Martina! your eyes look really pretty in this video…that sounded creepy but yeah they were. :D

    • i fully agree. so jealous b/c i can’t do eye makeup…and when i try, my allergies get the best of me and i end up rubbing it all away. :( martina’s eye makeup skills rule!!

  282. isnt it nice to have the second box is full of chicken/fish nuggets from costco and the first box contains ur favorite sauces like ranch and bbq sauce? 
    i do that everytime :)

  283. it looks like there are two levels, if this is the case then I would put little tiny vegan cupcakes in the top and the other level I would put frosting, and sprinkles (divided by that divider) and then I could decorate my own cupcakes at school and make all the other people jealous.

  284. I would put the spiky balls in and if someone tried to attack me I’d pull them out like “WHACHAAAA!” and attack them back ^^

  285. OMG I’ve seen so many of those when I was little and my Asian-y-er(?) friends would have them D:

    I was so jealous that I would just have stacks of THERMOs food container things… At least my food was still warm. Yeah so I would put stabbable food at the top like a fruit salad. That way I can use a fork and I’d have something to mix togerder. Then I would just make jello and pour it into the bottom so I’d have a reason to use the spoon. Plus, I love jello!

    So, since you’re in Toronto, you should meet some fans here :D 

  286. UofT Meetup?! Dx

  287. I would put those Pokemon bentos because then you would have a cool lunch in a cool lunch box.

  288. I’d put a better fork in it.

  289. I would put rainbow jello (grandma’s specialty) in the bottom and a sandwich in the shape of a dinosaur on top! RAWR!

  290. Octopus weiners, you see them in manga all the time and when I went to Japan my host-mama made them. SO ADORABLE AND DELICIOUS~!

  291. I would bake a lemon cake then blend it in a blender with buttercream icing….then I would put that inside a crepe and slice it into circles so it looks like sushi…and then I would pour blue sprinkles all over it so that it looks like an artistically abstract Spudgy shoved into a tiny lunch box….

  292. If i had to pack my lunch in that i would be forced to eat like.. rainbows and happiness.. its just.. too..cute /dies DX

  293. I have a one of those with Japanese on it that comes with cute chop sticks! The writing talks about the animals that live in the sea LOL it’s so cute!! The Japanese call it a “Bento box” 

  294. So I would definitely bring this to school and make all the other dudes super jealous!! In my dosirak (which is what google told me they are called) would be probably some rice and probably some cute design made of like seaweed or something on top. Everyone would be like WOW! You are so cultured, but in the bottom one i would have like a B.L.T or something with bacon(or canadian ham) just cause it’s awesome and eat it in secret. Yea….it would be an awesome lunch…

  295. ZOMG,

    i would put like rice and vegetables at the bottom,and then,
    on the top, i would make little pretty cut outs of sandwiches :D

  296. Can I not put food in it? I think it would be adorable as like a little pencil case to put all the cool and useful Korean stationary in it. :D You could like bring it lunch and when people ask you “Oh hey what do you have for lunch?” You could say “Oh nothing, I have golf ball pencils and cool bookmarks.”

  297. I would put a single pea in it. One pea and nothing else. I would attempt to stab it with the somewhat useful fork, most likely fail, then use the little spoon to eat it. Little food for little boxes!

    That or maybe poutine <3

  298. I would put this in there. http://perfectpandas.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/panda-bread1.jpg

  299. my sister bought some japanese bento boxes. super cute!! i would have loved when i was younger. my mom would have, too…..tho you can’t fit apples in a bento well. hahaha

    also, when i was in highschool, i found an old holly hobby lunchkit – not the kind that had the thermos in the top 1/2 and that were big and kinda barn-shaped. but a square one with a metal clasp to keep it closed. now THAT was awesome!

  300. If you had this cute Happy Togerder lunch box, what would be the ?


  301. Oh, I remember the time I would carry those around when I would go on a field trip in kindergarten… :) 
    haha, Martina- WINN. 

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