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WTF – Dance Dance Revolution FOR HANDS

March 22, 2014


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Dance! Whoo-ooo! I wanna dance Dance DANCE Da-ance!

So, I know some of you might be wondering this: if Martina’s so bad at grocery shopping, and constantly getting distracted by other fun and flashy things in the store, why don’t I go with her? My answer: I have a deep hatred of shopping. I hate it. I feel totally fine and great before I walk into a shopping complex, but if I spend ten minutes in there I feel like my soul is whittling away. I don’t know what it is. I worked in a mall for a big part of my teenaged years (Pickering Town Centre represent!), and I think that from the crazy amount of hours I worked there I spent more time in a mall than most people will in their entire lives. I’ve had enough! Now, whenever I go shopping, I know exactly what I’m going for. I walk into a shop and within 20 seconds I know if it has what I need or not. No, I don’t want to hear about your sales. I’m not interested. And when I buy something, no I won’t give you my phone number, email, or postal code. I’ve given you my money. You’ve given me your product. Our relationship is over.

So, if you can’t tell, I have a deep animosity towards shopping. Martina knows this, so she often shops for groceries alone. I come with her, only if we have a list and I can run through the aisles and grab stuff quickly like there’s a zombie apocalypse happening and we have to stock up on resources. And, hot-damn! Anyone ever been grocery shopping in Korea? Don’t even get me started on shopping cart etiquette. Stop leaving your damn carts in the middle of the aisle and just walking away! Move em to the side! Let people pass! People leave their carts perpendicularly in the aisles so NOONE can pass, because pfffft screw everyone else, right? I don’t want to have to drive through your carts like a snowplow cuts through snow. Just…be considerate of other shoppers! YAAGGGHHH! Costco…Korean Costco…your shoppers are…*shudders*

*breathes into paper bag* I hate shopping.

Ok I’ll stop talking about shopping. I’ll tell you something you didn’t know about this video: we actually had the people over at My Korean Husband over at our studio at the time that we were shooting this. It was the last thing we filmed before going out for the night. They watched us in all our awkwardness, in real life! That’s not the point. Point is: Hugh gave this game a shot after we filmed the video, and he got a lot farther than we did. The game gets progressively harder, and you’re supposed to start pushing two buttons at once for some of the later levels. The two of us didn’t get that far. We lost in the opening stages. I bet I could have done better if I wasn’t being wedgied and wet-willied the whole time. Just saying….

Anyhow, if you want to unlock the next level of DDR, you’re gonna have to click on this button right here! You’ll not only level up, but you’ll get our videos before everyone else! Great success!



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