By now you must know that we’re awesome dancers: if you haven’t seen our K Pop specials so far with 2NE1, SHINee, and Miss A, or Simon’s awesome breakdancing skills, then you’re missing out on intense awesomeness. But you’re here now so you’re in luck! Two days ago it was Chuseok, which means that Seoul is a lot more empty than usual, as many people visit their hometowns and their families. Since it was so empty, we decided to dress up in costumes and dance our asses off in public. Simon was a dragon. Martina was a unicorn. Spudgy was a – Spudgy (he refused to take part in the dancing because we totally weirded him out). The day was awesome, and so was our dancing. We went to Myeongdong, Seoul Station, and Hongdae and danced until we got exhausted. Some people gathered round to watch us dance, which was very awkward, but fun at the same time. Some people even recognized us, which was even more awkward, because they were like “hey! You’re eatyourkimchi! What the hell are you doing?”

Enough about that. Check out our dancing and tell us you’re not totally amazed! If you don’t hear from us in a couple of weeks it will probably be because we were hired by SM Entertainment and JYP to be professional dancers. Or because we got arrested for public lunacy. Whatever comes first! Also, check out our Facebook page tomorrow for bonus footage! Huzzah!

By the way, the two of us always argue about who’s the better dancer. Please put this debate to rest and let us know who won this showdown! Vote Dragon, or vote Unicorn.

  1. Maybe you can try ordering them through Gmarket?

  2. Great video!
    Love how you guys are so nerdy, but you make it work :)
    Cute costumes too!

  3. That's wonderful :D Thank you!

  4. Which part of the dance are you talking about? Was it the tectonic parts?

  5. We're definitely planning to :D

  6. It's hard to explain where it is except by landmarks. You know where the guy sells cotton candy with his husky? At that intersection, walk down the street towards the subway station. You'll eventually see it on a side street to your right.

    If you don't know the cotton-candy-and-husky-guy, then, err, I can't think of a better description. It's down the street where the Boobi Boobi is.

    Bah! Hongdae is impossible to describe!

  7. Haha that was pretty kewl !! You guys seem like a lot of fun. You should try getting together a large group of "crazy foreigners" and let loose on the city, that would be awesome. :o) Couldnt believe how deserted the streets were !! Is this the only time of year it looks so abandoned ?

  8. Unicorn:D (or drag-corn?)

  9. We got them on Gmarket. $30 a pop :D

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