Ok, so this isn’t super traditional Korean food. It’s technically not even Korean at all, but Japanese, buuuuut since it’s being made in Korea by a (presumably) Korean person, this is technically FUSION! Something I am all too used to seeing since I grew up in Toronto. Want to order Korean food at a Japanese sushi shop? Check and check. So technically this is Korean + Japanese = Korapanese food? Wait…that doesn’t sound good now that I sound it out loud…um…scratch that fusion name.

Now I find these kind of shops in Korea very interesting because Korea and Japan tend to share a lot of base ingredients, but they do different things with them. For example, today’s FAPFAP ingredient “dango” (fun fact: did you know Sailor Moon’s first nickname from Mamoru aka Tuxedo Mask aka Darien was dango because her buns looked like these sweet dumplings…she was not impressed) is made from rice flour while its Korean counterpart dduk 떡 is made from glutinous rice flour. Supposedly the difference is that glutinous flour is made from sweet rice, and rice flour just normal rice. Both Korea and Japan use both types of rice when making various rice flour desserts, but I think the real difference comes from how the final beaten the crap out of product is prepared. Seriously, they like beat the crap out of it with huge mallets. So, how long is it pounded for? It is steamed, baked, or grilled? Is it sweetened on the inside and with what? Is it coated in a starch, a sweet bean powder, or simply dipped in honey? So many subtle variations.

From my personal experience of eating many many dangos and mochis growing up (seriously, my neighbour made them for me) I feel like the Japanese version is much sweeter than the Korean version and more pastel in colour! The sweetest version of this I’ve tried in Korea is songpyeon 송편 which is a glutinous rice dduk stuffed with a sweet honey/bean/grain filling. Yet, the dango that we ate today is much much sweeter than most of the traditional Korean dduk desserts we’ve tried, or more accurately, the dango topping is much sweeter.

I’m curious for someone who has been living in Japan to come visit this dango shop and let us know if it IS fusion or similar to Japanese style dango. Now outside of eating dango, I’m actually not sure if Japan serves the same drinks that we purchased, because the taste of this specific red bean latte was pretty new to us (and also really really sweet) but the yujacha 유자차 [yuja tea] which is a jumbo citrus fruit, is very common in Korean. Maybe not in a coffee shop, but you can buy jars of the marmalade-like-mix at any grocery store. People in Japan: also let us know if these drinks exist and if they’re common or not! Also, I think it’s only fair that since we visited a Japanese dumpling snack shop (which BTW are not that common in Korea) we should also visit a traditional Korean dduk shop (which is also not that common…but there are lots of marketplaces stalls that sell it). I will hunt for a lovely Korean tea shop when we get back!

Altogether, some of it was delicious. Some of it, not so delicious. I think Simon and I disagreed on almost everything, since I liked, and I quote Simon off camera, “the nasty poison soy sauce Syrup of Doom taste”. It worked out nicely though because it meant we could divide and conquer the food evenly! YAY!

What about you guise? Are you a fan of Japanese dango? Or have you read/seen Hana Yori Dango, the Japanese manga that the Korean drama Boys Over Flower was based on? I’ve read the manga, watched the Japanese everything and watched the Korean drama too. I gotta say, it was really hard for me not to mention one of my all time fav mangas RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING of this post, but I was a really good girl and I held back for the end. On a side note, “hana yori dango” is a kind of Japanese proverb that means choosing dango (which can feed you) over something just pretty, like a flower, which gives you no nutritional value but looks good. Considering the meaning of the proverb, I think the Korean title Boys Over Flowers or Boys Before Flowers really screwed up since both boys and flowers lack nutritional value…unless..you’re a vampire. MARTINA IS OUT! *smoke bomb*

And, as always, we’ve got some bloopers for this week. This’ll be the last bloopers for a while! Wow. It’s gonna feel so…empty! *echo echo echo* Stay tuned for WANKs and FAPFAPS from Mexico! We heard it’s avocado season…..JOY!


  1. This is where this place is:
    356-9 Hapjeong-dong
    Mapo-gu, Seoul
    Here’s a map also: https://www.google.co.kr/maps/place/당고집/@37.5475653,126.9213536,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x5c4ffec9cadd0016. It’s close to Sangsu station.

  2. Simon and Martina, or anyone else for that matter, are there any good dango places in Toronto? I’m trying to find one, but its impossible!

  3. Martina and Simon, when you do fapfap can you include the map or the address ??

  4. where is this located?

  5. HAHA I was watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and when they hugged the song you guys used for sexy food porn shots came up and all I could think of was food

  6. Can I just say for ease… the way you are saying Ddeok is more like a korean Dak, or Dalg, which is Chicken… you need more emphasis on the D’s and a short vowel ‘o’ there :D

  7. How do you get there or what is the korean name of the cafe I want to go with one of my friends this week ^^

  8. The moment I read the word “dango”, I immediately thought of “Hana Yori Dango”, which is my most fave JDrama ever! :D Kekeke. Anyways, those look yummy! We actually have a dessert here in the Philippines that is kind of similar to that. It’s also made of glutinous flour and wrapped in caramelized sugar and it’s called “tinudok” or “karioka”. :D

  9. Sometimes your drink plays a very large role in how your food tastes! Simon drank something very creamy/sweet, while Martina drank something a bit more fruity/tart. It could be that your respective drinks gave you guys a different starting note for two completely different dango-experiences!

    Or it could be that Simon actually just didn’t like the soy sauce syrup. Meh?

  10. You guys made me want to try dango, so I went to my local Korean supermarket (because I saw it there a while ago), but then they didn’t have any T.T

  11. Hey, Simon. Thanks for the clip. I loved this one too :) How is it going? I’ve just watched movie named ‘BORAT’ and it was awesome!! It was awesome because not just it was funny but also the guy in the movie was almost same as your character! ;p You must be very happy with this movie. I guarantee.

  12. Dear Simon and Martina,
    With the presidential election coming up, do majority of Koreans pay attention to American politics? If they do which candidate (or political parties) do you see them supporting? Have your political views changed by living in Korea?

  13. Watching the two of you argue over who is cooler NEVER gets old <3

  14. I just checked out your IndieGoGo fundraiser and omg you’re at like around $104,271! Hopefully hiring that editor will really give you a lot of free time to do those things you mentioned in your previous video. You had said that you were coming up with new segments once everything is settled! Which is awesome! How about one where you have your friends/guest stars go do things with you? Just a thought! Anyways, I’m excited for you! You two are awesome and definitely deserve to have a nice studio and editor.

  15. need to bring back the challenges and the engrish for your next wanking adventure!

  16. Heyy Simon and Martina <3 I LOVE YOUR HAIR MARTINA *SPAZZ*
    So uh. Im plannign to go to Korea at the end of the year with my brother but :// currently we don't really know where to go. We are not planning to go with like a tourist group or anything. We are also not planning to visit like historic sights or anything but we more interested in like shopping and eating :)
    Do you guys hvae any suggestions where we can go? ://

  17. Just realized for the first time that Simon and Martina are probably referencing Canadian dollars, not US dollars, when the do their monies conversions. Korea might have just became a lot cheaper. XD

    • I wish that was true, but 1.00 US Dollar is about .97 Canadian Dollar… so they’re about the same. :P

      • Aw, that’s sad. :( But aren’t things in Canada more expensive? I always see on the backs of books that they cost like 5$ more or something……So maybe Korea is still cheaper than I thought? *Hopefull shining eyes*

        • I’m not really sure to be honest. I always assumed that they added extra money to books because if they were published in the US, then they’d cost more overseas in Canada because of importing? But I don’t actually know why they have a US price & higher Canada price on books. And yes… perhaps things in Korea really ARE cheaper than you think. :D *also has hopeful shining eyes*

  18. Haha I love your Hana Yori Dango passage part Martina.”boys and flowers both lack nutritional value hehe

  19. I have a question. I wanna go to Korea but a friend of mine told me it was better I didn’t cause I’m over weight. Is it true I’m gonna have a hard time there? Can my being obese hinder the experience?

    • I don’t see how it would because I honestly don’t think people would be that rude, especially such a polite and moral society. The only problem I could see you running into is finding clothes, like Simon does. For that matter, any average person would have trouble finding clothes in Korea because, as they’ve stated before, Korean clothes sizes are really slim.

      Don’t let your friend discourage you! You should never have to change to visit another country, or any reason at all for that matter; only if you want to.

  20. Pretty sure when I first move to South Korea, I’ll be sitting at the forever alone table for a while because I won’t know anyone lol

  21. So is this 100% vegetarian? It looks delicious ^__^

  22. Hai guise! I didn’t
    know where to post this where it would be viewed, so hopefully people will like
    this so it reaches the top. You’ve probably already looked into it, but here
    are some travel tips for Mexico City just in case! I went there this summer and
    while I didn’t spend too much time there I figure this wouldn’t hurt (er,
    hopefully not. NOT THE PLAN! I’m just hoping the salsa place I recommend
    doesn’t kill Martina’s ankle or something :( That’s up to you girl).

    – Site: if you have
    time, go see the pyramids at Teotihuacan, about 45 minutes outside of the city.
    I didn’t get to go :( but I hear they are awesome, especially considering that
    the ruins in Mexico City and other places where BUILT ON TOP OF by the Spanish
    during the time of “conquest” – http://www.mexperience.com/guide/archaeology/teotihuacan.php.

    – If
    you don’t have time to see the city of pyramids but are interested in seeing
    something familiar, you have some more options! You can check out La Plaza de
    las Tres Culturas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaza_de_las_Tres_Culturas. “The name
    ‘Three Cultures’ is in recognition of the three periods of Mexican history reflected
    by those buildings pre-Columbian, Spanish colonial,
    and the independent ‘mestizo’ nation. The square contains the remains of Aztec temples and is
    flanked by the Santiago de Tlatelolco Catholic church, built
    in the 16th century and a massive housing complex built in 1964.” Also some recent political history occurred
    here with the Massacre of 1968 when students where holding demonstrations here

    la Plaza de las Tres Culturas is cool, if I had to pick between that and the
    National Museum of Anthropology, I would pick the museum. This is AWESOME!!
    There are so many cool artifacts of all sizes, from tiny to taking up a room.
    One of the coolest if not coolest museum I’ve ever gone to. They also have
    really cool outdoor sections as well. This is where the 2012 “Ahh the
    world is ending” calendar is at, too, if you wanna see that and uh,
    lighten your mood. http://www.mna.inah.gob.mx/.

    – Activity/Site:
    I also didn’t go here, but I hear this is cool, and I heard it from a
    Mexican person, not just another tourist. The Trajinera boat rides of
    Xochimilco – http://www.eyeflare.com/article/trajinera-ride-xochimilco-mexico-city/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xochimilco. Go on these to chill, eat and drink with your
    friends and see the presumably prettiness around.

    – Activity: So you only ever talk about doing crazay dancing, but if
    you want to go to a place to at least see salsa dancing, check out Pata Negra, or “Black Paw/Foot”
    in English. There are a few places to sit and an upstairs and downstairs
    section. If you want to see or do more dancing, try your luck later in the
    week, I think even as early as Wednesday. http://travel.nytimes.com/travel/guides/north-america/mexico/mexico-city/35867/la-pata-negra/nightlife-detail.html

    – The main plaza – Zócalo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C3%B3calo.

    – The Angel of Independence – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_%C3%81ngel. The avenue it’s on, La Reforma, is a main
    street in Mexico City and if you walk along it you will see some funky chairs
    and Mexico City residents of all ages just chillin’ with their friends.

    -Art. I
    don’t know where or who (Frida Kahlo? David Siqueiros? There are lots) but a
    looot of cool art has come out of Mexico, so I’m sure if you did a google
    search you could find something.

    Because I was here
    for such a short time, I’m sure there’s something cool I missed like some cool
    cathedral or a colonial section of the city. I’m basically outlining what my
    friends and I did or some of them had done when we went this summer!

    If you are eating
    outdoors at a restaurant on the street or perhaps even doing the boat ride in
    Xochimilco and someone is trying to solicit you for business or sell you candy
    and you’re not interested, you can simply say “No gracias” and/or smile
    and shake your head. They may be persistent but if you give a persistent
    response the person will continue on. You don’t have to do the smile part,
    that’s just what we often did when we were in Mexico City :).

    If you’re trying to
    visit other places in Mexico, Guanajuato, a city in the state of Guanajuato, is
    SUPER-COOL! Yes, it can be touristy, but that’s for a reason! It’s so
    beautiful! Check it out if you wanna take a night away from Mexico City.

    If you ever come to
    DC or Chapel Hill, NC, hit me up if you want some help getting around or
    knowing places to go! DC would be especially cool, considering there are so
    many Koreans who live outside of DC, at least on the Virginia side (Annandale
    represent, whut-whut). And of course, if you want more tips on Mexico City (the
    few I have to offer!), you can hit me up for those as well. Safe and lovely
    travels! I see some people are worried about your safety as you visit Mexico,
    but as long as you are away from the border violence you shouldn’t worry too
    much about that sort of danger. Of course, be smart about your bags and such,
    but that’s in any city, even New York (I can’t speak for Toronto :)). Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourselves, take it all in, and rest when you need to. I guess this is your version of a business trip, but I can’t stress it enough, just have a good time!

  23. oh, i didn’t know about the proverb! but the “dango” in “hana yori dango” is actually an old word for “boys”. it’s not actually dango like these mochi balls, eheh… (different kanji) and the title litterally means “boys over flowers”.

    i think it’s really cute and cool that you have a cafe that serves dango over there. here, they are usually sold at festivals or sometimes in sweets/specialty shops – though you can actually get the traditional kind (that first one you tried) at pretty much any supermarket. i’m a big fan of those actually, and often buy them ^^ you can buy a box with 3 sticks in them for 105yen, which is like a dollar. really cheap! the ones covered with anko (red beans) are also really common, but since i HATE ANKO WITH A FIREY PASSION, i do not eat them. we don’t have strawberry flavoured ones though!! i’m jealous!!

    oh, and i can’t say i’ve heard of Martina’s tea, but i’ve actually had red-bean latte here before, but only once and it was in a quaint little coffee shop so i’m not sure if it’s too common or not… but we do have it.

  24. You guys didn’t tell us where it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I go there if I don’t know where it is T______________T I live in Shinchon, so please let me know!! I love dango <3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  25. I tryed one of these in the japanese cafe. It is sooo delicious! I love-love-love asian food, but it is quite expensive. If I will ever go to Korea or Japan, I’ll be eating everithing all the time :D
    Have fun in Mexico! Waiting for Mexican videos ^__^

  26. wow i really wanna try some, ive seen before and they still look yummy! i also love love love Hana Yori Dango, its one of my favorite mangas, i have read it over and over, it was also my first K-drama, after that i fell in love with korean dramas ^^ <3 i hope you guys have fun in Mexico!!

  27. Dango~ dango~ dango~ dango~ dango~ daikasoku!!! <3333

  28. Clannad Best anime ever it made me cry and laugh I miss it you should review their ending song is in the link right here.

  29. Ironically, dango, or rice cakes were originated in China (big surprise) and as well as red bean paste. I believe all types are made from sweet, glutinous rice flour otherwise they wouldn’t have that chewy texture. Although the rice is called “sweet” it is not sweet at all. Dango does not require pounding. However, its close counterpart, mochi, does require pounding for that distinct texture. Mochi dough is cooked, then pounded, and finally formed and played with as a COOKED dough. Whereas, dango dough is formed by mixing glutinous rice flour with water, formed into balls, then boiled, glazed, and eaten. I wish I could give you a visual on this as I’m a chef…in Canada and don’t cook Asian desserts, but I do a lot of research on them! Ta da!

  30. My first thought when I saw the title was Sailor Moon’s hair!

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Mexico and all the tasty Mexican food. Breakfast burritos and tacos are incredibly awesome.

    Also, I think kpop idols secretly share your craving for Mexican food. Tarmi. Has his Doritos, G-dragon his tacos, and Ft island made a whole song about queso.

  31. 유자 is Korean for ‘yuzu’ for anyone who’s curious. I’ve never had it, but it smells delicious! (Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon FTW!)

  32. How have I never had dango in a multicultural city?? Tsk…

  33. WOW! Japanese Dango Jib and rising sun flag animations right after Chuseok and the National foundation Day of Korea? Great success!!! (Sorry for my bad Englishㅜ.ㅜ)

  34. Mitarashi (sweetened soy sauce) and Anko (red bean paste) dangos are two traditional and widely eaten sweets/desserts (wagashi)  in Japan.  You can find them everywhere but the best ones are in stands or traditional tea/dango houses where they will freshly grill the dango before serving.  There are other flavors like chadango (matcha incorporated in the dango itself) and kinako (toasted sweetened soy flour – freakin awesome), but the other two flavors you tried are pretty new and untraditonal.

    Martina, Hana Yori Dango is actually a famous proverb in Japan meaning “practicality over aestheticism” – where Hana means flowers (aesthetic) and dango means mochi dumplings (not pretty but edible – practical).  Like I would rather receive a box of chocolates rather than a bouquet of roses :-p

    The original author of the Hana Yori Dango series made a word play with the word “dango” – instead she used the kanji for “Dan” in “Danshi” (men) and “ko”/”go” in child = so it becomes  Dango (boys) to make a pun on the original proverb.  

    The Hana Yori Dango manga series for japanese girls back when I was in high school was the equivalent to “Slam Dunk” or “Rurouni Kenshin” for boys = they were our bibles back then…. Oh memories……

    • Simon, I guess you won’t like traditional Japanse sweets that much because they are not entirely “sweet” but has other flavor profiles like a bit of savory or bitter taste to it. Some of the traditional ingredients they use are red bean paste, sweetened soy sauce, matcha or other teas, kinako (toasted soy flour), chestnut, flowers like Sakura, and are usually sweetened with honey or syrup – they don’t use cream or milk. But they are beautifully crafted and taste delicate :-)

  35. Simon and Martina, I really really absolutely LOVE your vids but for next FAPFAP can you send actual food you ate??????? I’m in NEW JOURSEY right now so I can’t actually go to Korea…..

  36. I will be on October 7th in the WTC with you guys in Mexico, hope you have the chance to eat real mexican food because its totally different from the food you find abroad and maybe you can make a video about it, you will find my country very warm and friendly so nice you are coming and welcome to mexico

  37. I just ate two burritos. Now I’m hungry again:)

  38. can you guys to a WANK about different types of Kimchi.

  39. What if you guys go to Yesung (from Super Junior) cafe? The name is Handel and Gretel, I think. That would be cool! Just imagine Yesung RIGHT THERE lol

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