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WANK – Date Night at the Movies!

November 29, 2013


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Ok, so this video is a bit more of our older style kind of videos, back when we first came to Korea and were ultra informative about how to do stuff. This video kinda feels that way, and it makes us feel a bit icky, because now we don’t talk that much about useful information. Most of the time we just blarrgglllbargl in front of the camera, and occasionally say something helpful. Thanks, by the way, for tolerating all of our blarrgglllbargling!

So, for this week’s video, we were going on date night, and we thought that we’d have a two-for-one kinda deal. Why not go to the movies like we planned, but also show you what it’s like? Sounds alright to me! Our camera sucked, though, and couldn’t focus worth a damn, but we brought a mic at least! We were kinda worried about bringing our actual gear with us, because we didn’t want to seem like Movie Pirates. How would we explain ourselves? I don’t know enough Korean to say “I’m not pirating your movies, I’m just filming inside the theatre to show people outside of Korea what movie theatres are like” To which they’d say “YEAH RIGHT BUDDY I’M CALLING THE COPS ON YOU GUISE.”

Ahem. More stuff about the theatres: we came to this one at a bad time. They’re doing reconstruction at this theatre (just our luck!) and some select theatres are totally badass, in that they have actual couches you can sit in, so that it looks like a giant living room with enough seating for, say, 40 people or so. And they also have special theatres that have proper meals cooked for you and you can watch a movie while eating with a fork and knife. We didn’t go to that, though. Next time, maybe?

Oh! Another things that’s interesting about watching movies in Korea: they’re subtitled in Korean (if you’re watching non-Korean movies, that is), but sometimes those movies speak in languages other than Korean for short scenes…and there aren’t English subtitles at those parts. So…unless you can read Korean quickly enough, you’re pretty much screwed. There should be a website called CanIwatchthismovieinanothercountry.com in which they tell you if you’re gonna be confused at some scenes or not.

In a somewhat related note: Holy Smokes! Catching Fire is AWESOME! We read the books. We saw the first movie. We were happy with the first movie, but the second movie is a lot better than the first, in our opinions. And there are even some parts in the movie that are better than the book, acted out better than how the book described them. Holy crap guise. We knew exactly what was going to happen and we still got emotional watching the movie. WATCH IT ITS SO GOOD.

So…yeah! That’s it for our little video! We’ve got some extra scenes from the night of you want em, including the dangerous accidents that can occur from bringing your own ranch:

On that note, subscribe so you can watch more of our WANKs, which are pretty much our date nights anyways, so watch us go out on dates and talk to you guise on camera!



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