Ok, so this video is a bit more of our older style kind of videos, back when we first came to Korea and were ultra informative about how to do stuff. This video kinda feels that way, and it makes us feel a bit icky, because now we don’t talk that much about useful information. Most of the time we just blarrgglllbargl in front of the camera, and occasionally say something helpful. Thanks, by the way, for tolerating all of our blarrgglllbargling!

So, for this week’s video, we were going on date night, and we thought that we’d have a two-for-one kinda deal. Why not go to the movies like we planned, but also show you what it’s like? Sounds alright to me! Our camera sucked, though, and couldn’t focus worth a damn, but we brought a mic at least! We were kinda worried about bringing our actual gear with us, because we didn’t want to seem like Movie Pirates. How would we explain ourselves? I don’t know enough Korean to say “I’m not pirating your movies, I’m just filming inside the theatre to show people outside of Korea what movie theatres are like” To which they’d say “YEAH RIGHT BUDDY I’M CALLING THE COPS ON YOU GUISE.”

Ahem. More stuff about the theatres: we came to this one at a bad time. They’re doing reconstruction at this theatre (just our luck!) and some select theatres are totally badass, in that they have actual couches you can sit in, so that it looks like a giant living room with enough seating for, say, 40 people or so. And they also have special theatres that have proper meals cooked for you and you can watch a movie while eating with a fork and knife. We didn’t go to that, though. Next time, maybe?

Oh! Another things that’s interesting about watching movies in Korea: they’re subtitled in Korean (if you’re watching non-Korean movies, that is), but sometimes those movies speak in languages other than Korean for short scenes…and there aren’t English subtitles at those parts. So…unless you can read Korean quickly enough, you’re pretty much screwed. There should be a website called CanIwatchthismovieinanothercountry.com in which they tell you if you’re gonna be confused at some scenes or not.

In a somewhat related note: Holy Smokes! Catching Fire is AWESOME! We read the books. We saw the first movie. We were happy with the first movie, but the second movie is a lot better than the first, in our opinions. And there are even some parts in the movie that are better than the book, acted out better than how the book described them. Holy crap guise. We knew exactly what was going to happen and we still got emotional watching the movie. WATCH IT ITS SO GOOD.

So…yeah! That’s it for our little video! We’ve got some extra scenes from the night of you want em, including the dangerous accidents that can occur from bringing your own ranch:


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  1. the video is no longer available :(

  2. OMG! THAT SQUID! We ate that everyday. Fave Busan streetfood! It’s really goooood! *salivating*

    I went back to this video coz my Z-Seat experience watching RIO2 reminded me of this WANK. The Z Seat is like the SWEETBOX area, ‘cept that we have La-z boy seats — 12 seats all in all, boxed by twos in 2 rows. A family occupied the whole back row and 2 couples occupied both ends of the front row. And there I was all alone in the middle singing 2NE1′s Lonely lonely lonely

  3. OMG! The squid! We ate that everyday. Fave Busan streetfood! It’s really goooood! *salivating*

    I went back to this video coz my Z-Seat experience watching RIO2 reminded me of this WANK. The Z Seat is like the SWEETBOX area, ‘cept that we have La-z boy seats — 12 seats all in all, boxed by twos in 2 rows. A family occupied the whole back row and 2 couples occupied both ends of the front row. And there I was all alone in the middle singing 2NE1′s Lonely lonely lonely

  4. OMG! The squid! We ate that everyday. Fave Busan streetfood! It’s really goooood! *salivating*

    I went back to this video coz my Z-Seat experience watching RIO2 reminded me of this WANK. The Z Seat is like the SWEETBOX area, ‘cept that we have La-z boy seats — 12 seats all in all, boxed by twos in 2 rows. A family occupied the whole back row and 2 couples occupied both ends of the front row. And there I was all alone in the middle singing 2NE1′s Lonely lonely lonely

  5. I have never had cheese or onion popcorn, yum.

  6. That fried squid and cheese popcorn sound delicious. I guess Korean moviegoers practice better etiquette at the movie theaters though… no texting, talking loudly or little kids acting up, right?

    And cheaper too? Maybe I should move to Korea…

  7. Jennifer Lawrence is from my hometown, she went to my rival high school >:D

  8. Richard Hollingsworth

    I almost thought you were going to break into the “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” music theme.

  9. Hannah

    HOLY CRAP GUISE our movie tickets are like 6 dollars a person D: that so much less haha!

  10. Hi! Absolutely love you guys! I was just on Pinterest and searched South Korea. Something that caught my eye were pictures of a place called Love Land Jeju Island. Have you guys been, because I see this as an awesome W.A.N.K.? Do you know anyone who has? One description said it was a popular honeymoon destination after the war, is it still and what are other popular honeymoon destinations in Korea. Lastly, is it because its mainly a honeymoon destination that they have erotic art publicly displayed? thanks.

  11. Ahhh your videos always end up curing my homesickness even if it’s just for a little while.

    I’m watching Catching Fire tomorrow! Hope it’s as good as you make it out to be Martina~

  12. recently the movie theatre by my house has that seat reserving thing. so like if you buy your tickets via fandango or even if you buy them via kiosk in the theatre, you can reserve what seats you want and all the seats are these super comfortable reclining seats and some of them have an armrest that lifts so like if you want to cuddle with significant other/friends you can UuU

    also i think they’re (trying to) sell real foods and like ???????? but they have those futuristic weird touchscreen every flavour of everything coke machines

    it’s bougie as hecky

    they don’t have butter squid though.


  13. These sweetboxes remind me of Lux level seating at US theaters. Except a lot more intimate. And a lot more cheaper.

  14. I miss going to the movies in Korea! I went to the movies this morning in American and got a child’s combo popcorn and a small popcorn with water and it cost $16! WTF?!?! Also can’t believe you never had the raisin water. That was my favorite drink in Korea! Even though it’s kind of expensive I LOVE IT!!

  15. Okay so sweet popcorn (with caramel) is definitely a european thing! Even in Korea they don’t sell sweet popcorn…interesting! ^^

  16. KATHyphenTUN

    When I saw this title I was like what? didn’t we already see the movie theaters? I did NOT realize it was that long ago!! *sigh*
    But ya.. it needed an update lol :P
    Thanks for taking us along on your date night! haha you really do love us nasties XD

  17. i just came back home after watching hunger games: catching fire. turn on my computer, see a new WANK video and u guise buying tickets to hunger games. we must have telepathic connection

  18. “This guy” as you dubbed him, is the highlight of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. And rest of the week days(:

  19. i think the AMC Theaters are 10 dollars but we dont have those sweetboxes :(

  20. Movies only cost $6.50 AUD for me. But then i’m a student with an awsome local cinema. The adult tickets are like $2 more (except on tuesday or before 6:30 then students are like 4.50-5.50 and adults 6.50!!). *high fives cineplex* There are no movies without choc-tops. Your korean squid snacks are dead to me. :P

  21. OMG! Catching fire is amazing! The actors are great, the director is awesome and it was so much better than the first movie! Cathing fire actually stayed true to the book and Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest actor and I think I wouldn’t like the Hunger Games as much if Katniss was played by a differend actor!

  22. What a coincidence! Me and a couple friends went to see Catching Fire the day it came out, and it was their first time in a Korean movie theater.

    And HELL YES THE MOVIE. Holy crud I bawled my eyes out (and then belatedly remembered that I’d put on mascara that isn’t waterproof X__X), even though I’d read the book before, too. I have to agree that the second is definitely better than the first. They stepped it up a LOT.

  23. kawaii_candie

    first of all, i hate you that you got to see Catching Fire right away! Japan is retarded with its releases of American movies, so i’ll probably get to see it by 2015… if i’m lucky… T_T second, your Catching Fire makeup is awesome, Martina! and i totally noticed it right away before you even mentioned it! XD and third, those sweet boxes are cool! i wish we could have that here! cuz the bf and i really like going to the movies together! ^_^ even though it’s crazy expensive here… the food is cheap, like, you can get a big popcorn for 4$, but one movie ticket costs about 20$. lame.

  24. Theatres have changed across the big pond too. Theatres aren’t just Stadium seating anymore. A lot of the theatres are starting to put in personal recliners. Other movie theatres also have what is term a Dine-in-Theatre where you can have lunch/dinner while you watch your movie. There is actually one close to where I live. The menu is what you would see at a restaurant plus a full bar to get your drinking on. Another theatre was remodel with just the personal recliners. It makes it very hard to not fall asleep while watching your movie. Both Dine-in and the remodel theatre is assigned seating you get to pick your seats when ordering tickets. No worries about someone taking your seat anymore.

    I remember reading a break down on where the amount of money went from a ticket. Most of the money from a ticket doesn’t go to the theatre. I believe it was 70%/80% from gross sales goes to the studio during the first few weeks and not to the movie theatre which is why concessions are very pricey. Movie theatres wouldn’t stay afloat if it wasn’t for the munchies you eat. Last time I went to a concert, a bottle water cost more than when I went to a movie. Sports, concerts … they all pay the bills with concessions. Sure it sucks but than again do I really need to eat that 800 calorie popcorn?

  25. OMG I love your eye make up, Martina!! As much as I loved all of JLaw’s looks in the movie! <3

  26. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Gina✧*:・

    Are english movies in South Korea subbed or dubbed?

  27. kaward

    so you guys are behind the times with how movies are in Canada. :) you are missing out all that seat ordering and popcorn and meal deals I can buy at home on my phone and then present my phone at the theater to grab my reserved seat. also we have VIP theatre’s in Edmonton, Alberta where it is 18+ only the seat are leather and huge with a table to go with every one. :) you also don’t have to leave your seat to get food because you have a waiter that comes to your seat to take your order and you can get a verity of food. my favorite is the fried pickles, and there are health options to like salads which are good because I have eaten there before. they also have desert :) the best part by far though is the alcohol that you could order thus the age limit. :) You should really go check one out next time your in Canada. other then that love you guys and I can’t wait for the results of the EYK awards.

  28. irritablevowel

    Jennifer Lawrence is fast becoming my favorite actor. She has been amazing in everything I’ve seen her in. Have you seen Winter’s Bone? She’s great in that, and she absolutely killed it in Silver Linings Playbook.

  29. I loved hunger games 2 too!!! I also thought it was better than the first even though I was happy with the first. The second book was my favorite out of the series so I was happy it played out so well. Jennifer Lawrence was so amazing! Her emotional acting was spot on!! You know its a great movie when you forget that its actors playing a part like with this movie. It felt so real. Anyway, I was so happy with it I’m probably going to go see it again this weekend! Glad you guys enjoyed it too!

  30. In Hong Kong, you can get savory (salted but no butter) popcorn and caramel popcorn or half and half of both, but uh, onion and cheese popcorn sound amazing. Also, here in HK, you can get candies and hotdogs and sometimes they have vegetables with dips that you can buy, depending on the theatre. Although, I think I’d prefer squid…I love squid. XD

  31. Kyoko Souen 早園恭子

    I went and saw it opening night, Catching Fire was AWESOME!!! So so so so good. I liked the first movie but this one was even better and I was totally crying most of th movie.

  32. OMG, first episode of Running Man was shot there!!!

  33. Can I just say I love the ‘huh’ sound effect, it sounds like Zico.

  34. Awesome wank. Did you see Thor, Simon? You should do a review!!! It would open my happy!!! :)

  35. wow that’s so cheap! I don’t know about anywhere else but in the UK the cinemas are ridiculously over-priced, especially the big chain cinemas like Odeon and Cine Word . £10 for a small popcorn and a coke? £4 for a bag of sweets? Nah mate, I can get all of that for less than £5 in the supermarket across the road thanks.

  36. Omg! Saw Catching Fire the day it came out and it was so heart breaking! I had read the book a long time ago and I knew what was going to happen in every scene. Broke. My. Heart. I’m telling you! The movie was that good and that beautifully acted. Everything was so accurate.
    I have no idea what I’m going to do for Mockingjay. That book killed me and I’ve never been so livid at an ending before. Never!…But then to see how emotional the book made me, really shows what a great trilogy it is.

    In short, I recommend it :D

  37. Kačí Kys

    I just came from the movie!!! All the feels! It was soo good. I was really disappointed with the first one but this was epic!

  38. ⓑⓡⓘⓣⓣⓝⓔⓨ

    Ahh~ I know! I cried so much during the movie! I looked like a train wreck once I got out of the theater haha! Ok, I have a question completely un-related to this in anyway whatsoever, but I was wondering how you guise edit your photos that you put up on Instagram, they always look so cute!!

  39. So are the theaters well priced considering the quality? What’s the cost of a normal ticket for a normal seat? Because in my country we pay 12 euros for one ticket at the best movie theater around with not so great seats, not impressive screens and totally not the best sound. I mean it is good but it could be a little better for that kind of money.(I haven’t been to a theater in a long time because the cheapest 6 € weekday tickets are for 11 am shows.) I feel especially bad for the smaller theaters that have the same prices and even crappier seats and smaller screens.

  40. I love love love Jennifer lawrence. Ahhh fan girl moment :D :D

  41. Laura Pinto

    Wow, the cinema is really expensive over there. Here, it’s about seven, eight euros, which is aprox. 10 USD. We get to choose our seats, they are comfy and the rooms are nice and really clean. Is the cinema that expensive in other countries? We used to have cinema for 4 euros some years ago, if no less and people keep complaining over here. I feel like I’m living in a cinema heaven now.

  42. Awesome video~ I was going to see Catching Fire at the CGV near my house hee in busan. Can’t wait to see it!

  43. So… Did Simon break and get you the Iron Man Martina?

  44. Cyber_3

    I thought the filming was perfectly fine. Under the circumstances, you can’t expect perfection and hey, at least there was no fly ;). Very cute video. How DID you manage to convince that you were not pirates, or did they not care?

  45. SweetGabriel

    Thank you for eating so much… FOR SCIENCE!!! :D

  46. I just saw Catching Fire. It was so good! I want to borrow Katniss’ gown!

    Blarrgglllbargling. lol. Is the origin latin? ^^

  47. Btw, this video was super fun and I love your eye makeup, Martina!

  48. Wah, I’m gonna sneak off ninja style to go see Catching Fire! Except..I don’t have to sneak off, I could just tell my husband that I’ll go see it tomorrow…but sneaking off sounds more fun. :P *random thoughts after too many carbs from turkey dinner*

  49. That cinema looks amazing. I haven’t been out to see a movie in about 5 years, if I could go someplace that great I might actually be inclined to make the effort.

  50. Ooooooh I’m SO JEALOUS of you guise watching “Catching Fire”!!!!! Ooooooh the feels!!!!!! T.T
    And I agree with Martina, Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant young actress!! She’s so good and so down to earth.
    You lucky ducks!!! *sniff*

  51. I got a phone call while I was watching the video which led me to wonder if it happens often in Korean theatres that someone’s phone is ringing during a movie? I totally hate it and always mute my phone when I’m in a theatre.

  52. Regular movie theaters in Korea sound like the equivalent to the high-end Muvico theaters here in the U.S. They have the choose-your-own-seat, bigger variety of foods, if your 21+ you can sit in the VIP balcony, order dinner, and have drinks! They even have the 4D-Box. There’s only like 10 in the country & one’s by my house! Mwahahaha!! :ahem: Catching Fire was amazing. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing! blarbllghgbhg!

  53. Why is the movie culture so expensive in Korea? I wonder…

    • It’s expensive here in the USA too. $16 a ticket for a horrible, uncomfortable, sticky seat in South Florida. And snacks? Forget it. $6 for water.

      • absolutely… for myself, my hubby and our two boys it can run around $50 or so for tickets… add snacks to that and the bill climbs even higher. so we don’t go to the movies as often as we’d like to anymore :-(

  54. Until a few days ago I didn’t even know there were movie theatres without assigned seats in other countries. That just blew my mind. Also that is very expensive, at least to what I am used to. A ticket here costs 6-7$, or 7-9$ on weekends, 3D being the more expensive ones. We don’t have sweetboxes, but the theatre I go to has a balcony for the two biggest halls (there are 14 in total) and that costs extra, but you get like a table between seats. And the big combo (large drink and large popcorn) costs under 10$. You can get other stuff too, I never have. Also there is a candy store inside the cinema. I love that movie theatre.

    • Theaters without assigned seats are pretty common here in the U.S. and Canada. As an theater usher, sometimes I get questioned from Asian or Oz/NZ folks asking me if there are assigned seats.

  55. I really love your WANK and TL;DR videos! ^-^
    But, I’ve got to say: 30$ for a
    movie (even considering that they’re sweetbox tickets) I find it really
    expensive. Although I was told that in Japan is the same: going to the
    movies is as expensive as going to a theatre watch a play.

  56. you should have brought pig with you to the movies.

  57. Can anyone tell me what mall is this? Is it Times Square?

  58. I say you guys watch another movie on a weekday!! Psh, to show us the golden(?) seats of course!
    Thank you for another awesome video!

  59. Love the video! I’m trying to learn Korean for my dream trip one day ^___^ If you could show how you order food on future
    WANKs/FAPFAPs I think that would be super helpful. Keep up the great work!

  60. WAIT- It costs $20 in Canada for a movie ticket?! I live in Michigan and it costs around $7 or $8.

    • *hand raise* Canadian here. ^_^ It does cost close to 20, once taxes come in. Pre taxes, a regular (non 3D) movie costs $11, and a 3D movie costs $14. If you want to talk adding snacks in there … hoooboy. Going to the movies generally costs me $25, for just myself.

      ((Edit to remove html tags that I did not intend to be there!!))

      • Whoah so expensive! I freaked out about paying almost $20 once for a popcorn combo. I said forget it, we can spend almost as much at Red Lobster for lunch and get a decent meal. This was in the US though..hehe.

      • Wow, good for you! Movie tickets here (In Barbados) are $21 and if you’re going 3D you have to cough up another $7. And of course, an arm and a leg for snacks.

        • $25 CAN is like $50 in Barbados.
          21 bucks here is only ~$10.50 in US/CAN. Trust me tickets there are can be more expensive. And it’s $16 ($8US) for regular movies at Olympus isn’t it? $21 is for VIP. And the drive in is only $15 ($7.50 US)

          I know at Limegrove, the movies can range between 20-40 bucks depending on time it is, if you want to ultra lux seats and whether it is 3D, but that is a high end deluxe cinema. And there are still $6 ($3 US) Tuesdays at the Olympus and $8 ($4 US) double features at the drive in on Mon/Tues.

          Not to mentions that snacks are exorbitant in any movie theatre I have been to.

          After living in the States for years I can tell you movies are much cheaper here, especially because of the 2:1 exchange rate.

    • Well, in ontario, it’s approx around $12 for adult ticket. And if you go on a discount day, it’ll be 6$.

    • Same thing down here in Texas, but only at some movie theaters. My family is cheap so we don’t even buy snacks.

  61. ChocoPandaa

    I remember watching a Korean drama and when the couple went into the cinema/theatre…and when I saw the seats or should I say, couches.. I was shocked. That is so freaking cool! >< I think my country (malaysia) kinda have them too. I remember my brother's friend bought gold class tickets and he told me that they gave blankets and the seats were bigger and more comfortable and stuff. I have to buy a gold class ticket one day…. when I can FINALLY drive! ):<

  62. I went to the movies like five times while I was in Korea, they are awesome and so cheap! It was kind of awkward when I saw Rush though because the German and Italian dialog was indeed only subbed in Korean XD Could work out the gist of what they were saying though ;)

    And Catching fire was awesome! I have read the books, but my friends hasn’t and we were both crying all the time (Rue! Why?) These movies could easily have been made into weaker films, but I think the casting director made some amazing choices and the screenwriter who really knew where to tweak the source material to make the story telling more efficient, saved it.
    And I totally have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence she is just epic in every way.

  63. OMG you guise. i seriously love you both SO MUCH MORE now that I know you both are Hunger Games fans!!! I had so many feels too! The movie was SUPER AWESOME ❤️

  64. thisisjustforfunval

    Ha! I can totally relate to the subtitles thing. My ex boyfriend use to take me to a movie theater in Mexico all the time. The movies would be in English with Spanish subtitles so it was all good but once someone would start speaking a foreign language I would have a deer in headlights moment. He would quickly lean over and start translating for me. I can understand a good amount of Spanish but to read it and translate it during a movie never happened well, it moves way to fast. FYI we would go to that theater because it was 100% more luxurious than American theaters (at the time) and way cheaper. More theaters are becoming like this in the US but at insane prices.

  65. There is a CGV theater here in Los Angeles, I don’t know if they sell squid there…..Now, I’ll go there for science!

  66. Akira Miyashi

    There’s actually a mall in Malaysia which is also called Times Square. =w=; Is it a brand or something? Hahahah. And Korea has such awesome theaters. :D

  67. I still don’t know what Ranch is! *ducks head in shame* It looks like mayo but is it possible a condiment can be… better than mayo? ;)

    • If you’ve ever had buttermilk it’s pretty much what Ranch is with just a few added ingredients. Also some people say Ketchup is good on everything it’s like an all around sauce, Ranch is like that with other people; you can put it on salads,and use it as a dipping sauce (especially good on pizza and used to dip fried foods ;) )

  68. i was so excited that i got to see this movie in IMAX for just like 10 US bucks. Cause i went to the first showing of the day at like 9am. Anyway i went by myself(cause it was 9am) and the theater was still really full. I cried during a few scenes. I wished i hadn’t have worn makeup. Although sometimes at a really dramatically sad parts a giggled cause Jennifer’s “cry face” is funny. She even talked about how she should have paid more attention to it. But she’s so good that even though i giggled i still was pulled right back into the scene.

    I’m just wondering if they did a good enough job showing Katniss’ true feelings for Peeta, acting wise it came across subtly, but scene wise, pacing and editing it seemed lacking in the relationship building. It’s just that in the 3rd book SPOILERS Peeta goes all cray cray and Katniss is the one who fights for their relationship(his sanity) and she misses him and wants/needs him. I’m one of those people who always wants a mini-series made of my favorite books so one book = 5 hours though. But a book series like this needs a higher budget than a TV mini-series could handle.

  69. PunkyPrincess92

    KIM WOO BIN!!!!!!!!!
    got excited seeing him just from the thumbnail!!!

    oh my gosh i LOVE Momot paper toys!!!!

  70. I paused and said, “NO!” when Martina said, “the end when she’s like…” NO SPOILERZ!
    p.s. LOVE Martina’s makeup.

  71. The takeaway I got from this? BYOR – Bring Your Own Ranch :D So gangsta , Simon!

  72. lady_kire

    Movies theatres need the sweetbox selection. If it gets me away from immature brats and annoying people at the movie theater while I’m with my bf, then I would be super happy. Yes, I’ve sat near immature kids where I got sprayed with soda. Also, I hate people who speak during the movie to state the obvious. I saw a woman tell her kid everything going on in the movie. It was a cgi animated movie, a kid can understand wtf is going on.

    Movie theatres suck in Canada… I don’t ever buy food because it’s overpriced and I stopped eating popcorn. If I remember to, I sneak a bottled drink in the movie that I bought for like $1 or $2.
    Sad thing is, is that I have a point card and I have 2 free movies banked up on them… never see a reason to use it…

  73. Heh, I recently moved to DC and had a bit of sticker shock when I realized that afternoon movie tickets are like $12 each (I miss the $4.25 theater back home and the $1 movies at school ;-;) BUT I discovered that if you go in the morning they’re only $10 and my aunt found a $25 giftcard that they weren’t using~
    Also, very envious of the sweetbox seats (my friends and I would totally use those) but y’all can keep the onion popcorn. o.O

  74. AoiHitomi

    I haven’t watched Catching Fire yet because I have a project review on Tuesday and everyone is telling me how awesome the movie is….. I’m so depressed -_- but oh well… December 6th is my birthday so…maybe I will… ahem…. pay a visit to the mall-cinema? :)
    Btw I looove your make up Martina! The instant you appeared on the video I knew you did it for the special occasion haha
    Hugs from Spain!

  75. This totally reminds me of You’re Beautiful ^^

  76. So are movies that are originally in English like The Hunger Games are they dubbed or subbed? or neither

  77. OMGMartina!!!!!!!!!!!!- I cried my freaking my eyes out too- and THAT scene was epic- I threw a freaking hysterical fit at the end- I was controlling myself so much from literally SOBBING sobbing if you know what I mean,
    Other than that they had Catching Fire themed popcorn buckets and reusable cups xD-in Bangkok that is……Seoul looks like a lot of fun in terms of movie theater experience
    Will you guys watch The Hobbit?????? T____T I cried when the trailer started- I tell you it wasn’t a good start for me AT ALL

  78. I haven’t watched catching fire yet due to exams! T.T heard so many good things about it!
    MARTINA! YOUR MAKE UP’S SUPER AWESOME!! you should have a tutorial on it! =D

  79. I really want to go see it, but I have no one to go with =( So I’ll probably just wait until it’s out on DVD or something…

    Ps. Have you guise seen the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special?

    • Not yet! We started watching Dr. Who at Season 6, but gave up halfway through the season because some episodes were monkey balls awful. Maybe we’ll pick up on it again and hopefully the writing gets better? I think every episode has a different writer or something, from what I’ve heard

      • Oh no! You came in at an unlucky time, when the writing was getting confusing and plot-holey. Go back! Go back to a simpler time when the writers weren’t running out of ideas! Most of it was good before then, trust me.
        I love Doctor Who. I have to. I’m Welsh. It’s a requirement :P

      • Nooo! Ahh! You started with season 6? Start with season 1! The episodes
        were a little campy in the beginning but they improve with each season
        especially since the interest in the show clearly had an impact on its
        budget. :P Season 6 has actually been kind of a disappointment, but I
        loved seasons 1-5! Or, if you just want to see a sample of how good
        Doctor Who is before you commit, watch Blink, from season 3 I believe,
        or Midnight from season 4. Those are two of my favourite episodes and Doctor Who at its best . :)

      • What, no! You have to start with Chris Eccleston as the Doctor
        /hands on hips

  80. I remember that first video on movie theatres!! I miss those videos, would love to see more. and super cuteness for date night married couples – marriage FTW!!

  81. I read it too and saw the movie… I seriously cried T_T AWESOME MOVIE!!

  82. Applesauce 21

    I haven’t seen catching fire yet! I read the books sooooo many years ago though, I’m scared of all the sad scenes I’ve forgotten D:

  83. Guys! You’ve been preparing the EYKA awards for the past few days, and you still managed to put up a WANK and a TL;DR? I’m sure you must be undercover wizards^^ Thanks as always for your amazing work <3

    • Applesauce 21

      I know right? I would call them wizards, but I think they’re just exhausted humans ;_;

    • Thank you! Yes, this week has been hectic. We also have a LiveChat, WTF, and Indie Playlist coming up this week! We felt really energized. I’m sure we’ll feel the repercussions of that next week :P

      • Then I hope you can find some time to have a good rest next week^^ Fighting!

        • We’re going to be in Canada from December 18th to early January, and we’re gonna feel bad for not being able to do our regularly scheduled videos, so we want to film as much as we can before we go. Hopefully we can get enough done in advance! Till then, we’re gonna push ourselves and be as creative and crazy as possible. I’m worried that the last week of vids are going to be…questionable, with our sanity slowly slipping away.

        • Haha don’t worry you always do a great job of being just the right amount of crazy in your videos^^ I’m really looking forward to your future videos, but don’t forget to look after your health too! We will understand if you can’t post videos on a regular basis when you are in Canada… And in the meantime we’ll always be here to give you a hug when you feel too tired or discouraged :D

        • gah… won’t that additional intern/employee appear any sooner…

          Lovely video!

        • Well, if one of these big projects we’re working on goes through, then, yes, that employee will appear sooner

          P.S. We’re working on big projects on the side of filming lots of videos as well :D

        • Ah…. Is that why you were a bit off today? (‘__’) You looked kind of worried… It will go through!! I’m sure of it! :) *throws blankets* cause…. it’s cold outside :))

          Fighting!! > . <


          P.S: about the "more healthy eating" …I meant like "more healthy eating habits" cause you kind of, a lot of times, skip meals then eat snacks and sugary stuff in one go :P …hopefully once the project ends you'll be back to a regular eating. ! :)

        • Puffycake

          woohoo ^o^ my birthday’s on dec 18~

        • Omg no wayy!! I’m guessing you guys will be in Toronto? It would be sooo cool to just run into you randomly :D :D :D

        • We’re thinking about having a random fan meet at U of T, maybe, or the Eaton Center? We’re not sure.

        • That would be amazing!!! Please please come to either locations!!

        • DOOOO ITTTTTTTT!!!!

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