It’s time for another FAPFAP! This time, we’re out to redeem Korean Toast. We showed you what gross Toast is like. Now we’re showing you a totally different Toast. Still goes by the same name, but has a totally different execution. The first toast we had was baaaad, but this stuff is SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD.

What’s sad, though, is that we barely eat this stuff. It’s probably not that sad because it’s not really healthy, and we’re trying to eat healthy (though, the fanmail you guise are sending us is making it Miiiiiighty difficult to do so), but we do have a Toast from time to time if we’ve got a hankering. It’s one of those foods that you know is great, but you sometimes forget about for a while, and when you have it again you think to yourself “damn! How’d I go so long without eating you!?!?” I think of it kind of like Mac and Cheese. I had a box a day when I was in high school (I freaking PERFECTED boxed Mac and Cheese. Don’t even try telling me you got a better recipe CUZ YER WRONG!), but now that I’m not in high school I don’t eat it as much. When I do see a box, though, I remember how bloody great it is, even if I know it’s not healthy. Toast is the same way. I just never made Korean Toast, though. I don’t even know how to begin. The bread in Toast is so…just so wrong on so many levels. It’s the whitest of white bread, and it’s almost deep fried in butter. It comes out looking like French Toast, just without any egg or milk mixture in it. Just equal parts bread and butter. HA! No, not equal parts. Point is, the bread is soooo greasy!

Buuugggghghghg. I kinda want a Toast now. We showed you what it was like at the Isaac Toast nearby, and it’s kinda not an accurate representation of what Toast is like for us. This place was too swanky. We’re used to Toast being served out of a cup. Here, we were given Toast in a paper baggy thingy, but oftentimes, after it’s made, it’s folded diagonally in half, rammed in a paper cup, and given to us. UNGGH! That’s the stuff right there. Some places you’ll find, though, want to sprinkle a bunch of sugar on the egg as they fry the egg. We’re not really fond of sugar egg. Maybe it’s your thing. It ain’t our thing.

Anyhow, we have a bunch of scenes that didn’t make it in. We ramble a lot when we talk, and we realize that if we include the entirety of our ramblings in our videos then a lot of people would get bored, but we keep them in for the bloopers! If you’d like to see us talk more (and make mistakes as well) check out the Bloopers below :D


  1. AWWWW I wanted to watch this again but it seems that the vid is gone ㅠㅠ

  2. Hi can i have the adress of the Isaac please? :) Merci !

  3. Hi, can i have the adress of this restaurant please :)

  4. Just had not-sucky Korean Toast for breakfast at a Cafe Bene in Asan (Baebang) The honey toast is OMG foodgasm guys, sooo amazing! Honey Toast, with cinnamon dusting, caramel drizzle and a ton of whipped cream on top!

  5. kpopfan123

    So now I know if I ever go to South Korea and am broke I’ll visit Isaac Toast :)

    P.S: another video which I didn’t have time to watch it at the time you posted it – . -

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  6. I feel kinda ignorant now..I’ve been to Seoul but i didn’t see one Mc Donald OR Isaac Toast..not even in Hongdae…..O_O

  7. Simon, you should definitely market that song. :) It’s a total hit!

  8. I’m wondering why Simon got his oppa’s to buy him ice cream. Or why they even bought Sion ice cream. And shouldn’t Martina be singing this wrap. Wait rap, gosh I am hungry.

  9. Please do a bubble tea FAPFAP ^_^

  10. Bubble tea FAPFAP :D

  11. wow this made me so hungry I went and made myself a toastie!

  12. omo, did someone notice this is the same filming place (outside where both of you sitting) as mnet Scandal used?

    I remembered they filmed an episode at that place with the same bench in front of the bushes…and you guys choose exactly the same spot ;D *lol it must be the teentop episode, going to rewatch this… ^__^

  13. Now we know Simon’s super hero name.

    ‘The Hoover’

  14. Are there any nice bubble tea places?

    • They’ve been popping up recently. There’s one in Shinchon next to the taco bell thats pretty good. If you’re in the north, there’s one that just opened on the main road thing in downtown Uijeongbu….I forget the name now >< something like leafy tea?

  15. My god! Simon’s rap was AMAZING! lol seriously made my day.

  16. Oh yes please Simon! Go to Manila… For Vacation! And then you can end it with MASTUR….. xD
    *Manila is the capital city of the Philippines :))

  17. korean toast is probably just bread-shaped butter coated in flour and deep fried.

  18. Haha. Simon’s rap (wrap) is hilarious :) Thanks for mentioning Manila :) – Nasty from Manila

  19. The best cut scene was the kisses. :3 You guys are super cute together!!

  20. why not try a Thai restaurant or pho restaurant in Korea?

  21. ohmygosh you guys are too cute >_<

  22. Issac~~~~~~bahahahaha I was laughing at the beginning of video. It is like difference pronunciation of Nikon Which is camera company. Obviously It is ニコン

  23. They stole Junsu’s fridge, that’s why they put pickles into everything they make.

  24. Maashugna

    What’s the difference between Korean toast and a sandwich?

  25. Alls I’ve got to say is Simon is clearly MC Funk Master Nasty laying down those dope rhyming skills. “We’re gonna dance, all up in my pants….” = pure freshness, right there!

    LoL, thanks for keeping us in the know with knowledge and lyrical insight!

  26. Speaking of pickles and Mexican food, one of the main staples in our family growing up was sweet gerkin pickles with our tacos. But only if you used Kraft BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese with them. Looking back now, it sounds strange and gross, but it’s actually quite good .Mexican food was pretty uncommon back in the day like it is now so the first time my family had them was over a relatives house, we always assumed it was a French Canadian thing, but now I’m not so sure? We’ve never heard of anyone else serving tacos that way. So seeing pickles in weird things is not uncommon for me.

  27. Looks delish! And this particular Korean toast I can make at home, yay! :)

  28. IT’S SUPER DELICIOUS! I never actually got to go to Isaac toast in Chilgok because they were ALWAYS closed when I had time (WTH?!) but I did have it from other places (including places where they would toast pictures on to the bread like cute bears and stuff. Ugh, now I miss 토스트.. thanks guys! :P

  29. Isabel Ruby

    so…. toast is basically a sandwich? but ewwwww sweet pickles are gross!!! my gramma likes them nasty things, but dill is the only way to go :/

  30. Mayonnaise! The answer to the toast coating is mayonnaise.

  31. I guess it’s a lot of trial and error to find the best places for food. The toast looked delish btw! I’m glad you guys found not gross ones. :)

  32. I wanted those sandwiches [you worked the camera magic] and Simon’s rap was awesome!^_^

  33. Here in Antwerp you have this croque monsieur place which I thought was freakin cheap. But this is waaaaay cheaper! I want to eat ‘toastuuh’ too! :D

    • anything in western europe or even the states i think could never compare to how cheap food generally is in east asia, its one of the things i miss most about home, delicious food that is often healthy too i mean, not cheap crap thats possible to buy anywhere in the world, except maybe tokyo, most expensive city in the world to live yo

  34. Hahahaaa Simons rap was great!!!! lmaooo You should be debuted as a K-pop raper :D

  35. PunkyPrincess92

    MVP and VIP……thanks to kpop i willl never not think of SHINee (Onew in Replay) and Big Bang!!
    those sandwiches looked NI~CE!!!!!!!

  36. MASTURBATION…I finished it ^^. Ok, now time to make myself an extra fancy grilled cheese, sans pickles. Man Korea looks so nice compared to Calgary today, do more adventures outdoors?

  37. i quite literally drooled when i laughed at the end of simons rap lol i have no idea why. p.s. are you both going to the shorty awards in new york?

  38. My name is Isaac!!!! YEAHHHHH, I loved Isaac Toast too :D

  39. Are those gas tanks behind you?!(In the first minute) Do homes get their gas delivered? I’m just curious because I’ve seen that in Mexico. Not that Korea and Mexico really share anything in common, but I’m wondering. D:

  40. Clearly, Simon and Martina have never had Texas Toast before! The next time you go to the U.S., you should look for a place that serves it :) Buttery & delicious!

  41. Oh Simon he is so sweet. I had to replay the part where he gives Martina the kisses. It is so sweet. I think kisses on the forehead or like he just did are the sweetest, most honest kisses evar!

  42. The only thing I keep replaying on my mind “burrito with pickles” that is seriously wrong on so many levels, The Burrito God Master of the century won’t be happy when he hears of this madness!!!

    • No kiddin right? *highgive* Though different strokes for different folks from my experiences. I’m from West Texas.. so our idea of Mexican food is different from our cousins in California. They put olives in their tamales! >.< Was the most foreign concept to us.. and that was in the same country *and* same family! hehe On the flip side though, people seem to like those horrible jarred pickled jalapenos in their food. Personally can't stand it.. gimme fresh!

      • hahaha I’m actually Mexican so I know and had heard and even eaten a lot of of weird things and changes to Mexican food but seriously pickles? I can’t really think of a way to get a reasonable explanation for that xD But everything fresh is way better and tastier ;D

  43. Not sure if anyone knew but Isaac toast usually have this special sauce that they put on their bread while toasting AND ITS SO GOOD!!!!

  44. Well, that was a surprise! Those were just toasted bread sandwiches. How can they call something toast when it is obviously a sandwich!

  45. Simon, you’re perfect. Really.

  46. They probably use some kind of restaurant butter spreader, like the one in the pic. I work at my school’s fast food place on campus and this is what we use and it literally makes the bread that much better. Kinda gross if you think about it though since its just filled with melted butter. lol

  47. hahahahaha omggggggggggg that rap was the best!!!!!!!!!
    and Simon your leather jacket looks legitttttttttttttttt.

  48. Simon, what rhymes with vacation? LOL

  49. I admire your ability to do fapfap’s at all. I don’t think I’d be able to set up the camera before I devoured the sandwich.

  50. Time for kisses!! It made me all happy and warm inside! Which is good, since I can’t eat the toast because of the gluten.

  51. Those buzzer things are used here in America, but I’ve only seen it for restaurants when there’s a waiting time. You’re given the device and then it lights up and/or vibrates to tell you there are seats available and then you get seated. Food is then ordered after you’re seated.

  52. I don’t know if I’m the weird one but to me what Simon & Martina had wasn’t toast but a sandwich on toasted bread. Kind of like a sandwich I would have for breakfast.

    • To me toast has always just been toasted bread with butter, not an actual sandwich. What they had was just a….well sandwich lol. So I agree with you! I guess in Korea they call toasted bread sandwiches “toast” then? O.o

    • I agree. It looked like fancy grilled cheese to me.

    • That’s what Koreans call toast. Just like the Korean idea for pizza toppings might seem strange compared to what you are used to eating. If you judge another country based on your own country’s standards and way of life then you risk turning into the person who questions what Korea does to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,even after someone has already clarified why Korean’s DON’T celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Although I think that person might have been really young, and just didn’t understand…but I digress…

  53. I don’t understand. How do you eat something that’s been shoved into a cup? How does that even work?

  54. How come sometimes you show us how to get there and sometimes you don’t :( sucks. i want to try it out on my trip to korea..

  55. Soooo to sum it up this is a greasy panini/sandwich/grilled cheese place?

  56. We have the buzzer things at H-Mart where I live and I want toooooaaaasssstttt!!!!

  57. It looks like a grilled cheese sandwich with lots of extras in it. xD Hey Simon, Martina, can you try finding a gluten free restaurant and reviewing it? I have celiac and would love to know of places that are gluten free if I live there/visit so I can eat out safely! :]

    • I am too! I have always wondered how and whether K-restaurants deal with allergies like wheat or dairy. Really want them to talk about allergies as well as vegetarians!!

    • That’s actually an interesting one and you both are right, I’d be interested in seeing how Korea deals with folks that have food allergies. Even so, I would imagine that there are plenty of restaurants that have safe items that are gluten free due to their love of veggies. On top of which, They do have buckwheat noodle dishes, rice of course, and probably more! I would definitely enjoy watching an episode that talked about them though. Always great to be informed plus it gives you ideas for recipes to try at home too ;)

  58. Did I just hear you’ll go to Manila for a vacation?! OH PLEASE SIMON AND MARTINA!!!!!!!

  59. Yeah, the Isaac’s Toast in my town is like a hole in the wall place. I haven’t gone there yet, but I heard it was good.

  60. Why are unhealthy foods always tastier than healthy food? Life mysteries.

  61. I wished I was that photobomber… I would have rolled downed my sexy windows… awww yeeaahh!!

  62. At first, i thought it was only a sandwich but then Simon’s voice was booming in my head saying “NO ITS NOT! ITS MAN TOAST!”

  63. Have you guys done a video on “Dothroki Man-Warrior” (sic?) because I’m still not sure what that is all about. I have a feeling there could be amusing times in an explanation there.

  64. Ah! There’s an Isaac Toast around the corner from my school, but I’ve never eaten there except for the sandwich bite my student gave me. MUST EAT THERE NOW!!!

  65. The eyeZACK is a variant pronunciation of the hebrew name EEsock. In America we use the first one and I believe they use the second in Israel and other parts of the world. Both you and your students are right, you’re both saying the same name, just pronouncing it different. (I’m not israeli or jewish but I have a deep interest in abrahamic religion mythology so I’m a bit more familiar with it than your average person on the street. And if we have an israeli, jewish, etc Nasty who is more knowledgeable about these things, I would love to hear your take on it.)

    That being said, I really want a muffaletta now.

    • Yah I wanted to mention the same thing! I’m from Germany and we pronounce it the same way your students did! I asked my friend from Israel and she said it’s also the pronunciation that is “closer” to the hebrew name. But in the end, all names are pronounced differently everywhere.. Simon for example sounds like “Seemon” in German :)

    • Same thing for Spanish! it would be closer to the EEsock pronunciation :)

  66. I remember saying “I hate toasts” but after having ISAC’S TOAST, I was like ” I can freaking live off this”

  67. aww you guys are so adorable in the bloopers Luv u guys!

  68. DAMN! That free-style rap was pretty dope Simon!
    You should jam with Lee Hi if you guys ever get to interview her…would that be awkward?…No I don’t see anything awkward with that…you could rap about good old times

    • You’ve probably seen that video of Lee Hi with TOP, lol I’m certain it will be awkward just by her nature of awkwardness! hehehe (edit: though she and TOP were adorably awkward)

  69. “what the hell rhymes with a ‘vacation’ you know that it ends in mast….” XD XD XD EPIC

  70. I knew the buzzer thing for the first time in Japan around 10 years ago. Thanks God I was with my Japanese friend, otherwise I didn’t know what I should do with that thing. And yes it’s a really effective tools.

  71. Martina!! you look so pretty and cute with that hairdo!!!!

  72. Wait… So Simon was Lee Hi’s teacher? Where have I been!!??

  73. I know where I’m going to eat toast this weekend x)

  74. Whaa!! You were right next to Bob’s Barbie!! Why go to Isaac Toast when you can go to the incredibly more delicious Bob’s Barbie!!!!

    • I now demand a Bob’s Barbie review. I’m also wondering if Korea has any interest in Organic food. Also, have you ever seen a Russian restaurant (or Polish, for that matter).

      • They do have lots of organic food, but, often, they don’t label(and/or categorize) it as such. For example, many 무공해 식품(non-polluting food, basically limited or non-use of chemical fertilizer, growth hormone etc) would be considered organic. Similar situation with foods labeled with 친환경(environmentally friendly). Then there are stuffs that would easily qualify as organic but have no label whatsoever. Then there are regulations and standards that’s different(not necessarily better or worse) from the rest of world. Then there are people/restaurant/company that lie… From western tourists’ perspective, it’s a very complicated situation.

        BTW, above is from my ex-gf who got phd in food science. As for me, I don’t expect anything organic at one of those low to mid-priced franchise restaurants.

  75. So glad there is good toast like this in Korea. I’ve had bad toast experiences both in Korea and outside of Korea – when Koreans make me toast (like my husband- cannot make good toast at all!) so when we live in Korea next year I’ll have to check these places out.

  76. is it me or does martina always lose in kawi, bawi, bo xD…and hey i’ve seen this video before! is it me or is this the same korean toast video from before?! o.O

  77. Just thought; It must be strange seeing to people filming themselves eating..

  78. I’ll go make myself a nice drippy cheesy hammy bacony sandwich now. Thank you for triggering everybody’s sandwich cravings ;_;

  79. This video is under KMM for some reason, just wanted to point that out :D

  80. bahahahah, Simon’s wrap was the best ever.

  81. The pickles in Korea remind me of the K-Drama “Pasta” where the head chef throws it out because they want Korea to change their desire for pickles in everything, ahhaha.

  82. If you don’t know what a Nasty is, “Nasty spotted” sounds pretty… nasty.

  83. “gross toast”… heh, why do I find that so funny?

  84. hey can you do the FAPFAP of that traditional korean corn dog that SHINee eats in “TAXI show” pleaseee

  85. …You realize there’s a typo in the name, right? Delcious.

  86. Want.Toast.Now. Sniff XD . THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO :D

  87. Glad I’m not the only one eating toast this early in the morning. Oh wait – it’s human time there. Either way, I’m glad to know that toast was being enjoyed.

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