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Delicious Korean Toast (Not Gross This Time)

March 21, 2013


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It’s time for another FAPFAP! This time, we’re out to redeem Korean Toast. We showed you what gross Toast is like. Now we’re showing you a totally different Toast. Still goes by the same name, but has a totally different execution. The first toast we had was baaaad, but this stuff is SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD.

What’s sad, though, is that we barely eat this stuff. It’s probably not that sad because it’s not really healthy, and we’re trying to eat healthy (though, the fanmail you guise are sending us is making it Miiiiiighty difficult to do so), but we do have a Toast from time to time if we’ve got a hankering. It’s one of those foods that you know is great, but you sometimes forget about for a while, and when you have it again you think to yourself “damn! How’d I go so long without eating you!?!?” I think of it kind of like Mac and Cheese. I had a box a day when I was in high school (I freaking PERFECTED boxed Mac and Cheese. Don’t even try telling me you got a better recipe CUZ YER WRONG!), but now that I’m not in high school I don’t eat it as much. When I do see a box, though, I remember how bloody great it is, even if I know it’s not healthy. Toast is the same way. I just never made Korean Toast, though. I don’t even know how to begin. The bread in Toast is so…just so wrong on so many levels. It’s the whitest of white bread, and it’s almost deep fried in butter. It comes out looking like French Toast, just without any egg or milk mixture in it. Just equal parts bread and butter. HA! No, not equal parts. Point is, the bread is soooo greasy!

Buuugggghghghg. I kinda want a Toast now. We showed you what it was like at the Isaac Toast nearby, and it’s kinda not an accurate representation of what Toast is like for us. This place was too swanky. We’re used to Toast being served out of a cup. Here, we were given Toast in a paper baggy thingy, but oftentimes, after it’s made, it’s folded diagonally in half, rammed in a paper cup, and given to us. UNGGH! That’s the stuff right there. Some places you’ll find, though, want to sprinkle a bunch of sugar on the egg as they fry the egg. We’re not really fond of sugar egg. Maybe it’s your thing. It ain’t our thing.

Anyhow, we have a bunch of scenes that didn’t make it in. We ramble a lot when we talk, and we realize that if we include the entirety of our ramblings in our videos then a lot of people would get bored, but we keep them in for the bloopers! If you’d like to see us talk more (and make mistakes as well) check out the Bloopers below :D



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