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A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert

March 24, 2014


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I know you were so lonely these past few days, without our DICKS to keep you company. Aren’t you glad to see us again? And today we’re teaching you how to impress your Korean boss, how to make Soo Zee’s mum laugh, and how to select your ideal fan fiction. Ready? Read on!

Popular phrases (aka 유행어)

Soo Zee here, yo! These phrases and references will definitely come up on your conversations and it’s good to know where it comes from at least. Most of the 유행어 come from the popular comedy TV show ‘Gag Concert’ (link). You might not find this kind of humor funny, and it gets repetitive sometimes but the phrases are pretty catchy.

“느낌 아니깐~~”

(start at the 6 minute mark)

This one ranked number one on the list of 2013’s most popular phrases, and it’s funny if you use it here and there in inappropriate context. Please keep in mind, you have to imitate the same tone and way she says it! Just saying it normally wouldn’t make people laugh. You’ve got to put your acting skillz to use.


Another my favorite phrase these days is 앙돼여~~. This comes from a skit comparing two different middle aged couple who are dating. One is the calm, well-mannered, somewhat average couple, but the other one is loud, obnoxious, and cheesy. Here, watch it first.

When she swings her arms and says “앙대여~”, it’s so satisfying. I tried to imitate it, but it was a huge failure… Guys this is Ahjumma aegyo (if you don’t know what aegyo is, just watch our Gwiyomi Challenge video here [insert link]) and I love it! I love her thick needy accent, her outfit, the dance, and the song!!!!


We all know what fan fiction is, right? If you aren’t sure, you should google fanfic now, otherwise the following paragraphs are going to sound like an alien language. In fact, even if you are familiar with fan fiction in a vague, general sense, you still might be confused, because the fan fiction community has a whole host of very specific terms for very specific things.

We talked about “ship” this week, which is short for “relationship.” Fanfics usually center around a central relationship in a set of previously established characters. These fanfics “ship” those (usually two) characters. Likewise, fans of a pairing are “shippers” of so-and-so. You can ship two people that are not actually together in the original canon. For example, Martina who loves fanfic, ships Loki and Jane (known as Lokane from Thor), Draco and Hermione (from Harry Potter), and Buffy and Spike.

I’m not an expert, so I’m relying on you Nasties to help us out with the specifics. There is such an incredible diversity of fan fictions out there, and there’s no way we could talk about it one measly blog post. But in case you’re new to fan fiction and trying to navigate the vast amount of work out there, here are some other fan fiction terms you might come across:

OTP – one true pairing (we covered this in the video)
Slash – homosexual pairings, like GD/TOP or Hermione/Ginny
Oneshot – usually fanfic is written in chapters and posted as the writer develops the story. A oneshot is a standalone, single writing piece
Fluff – usually short, generally not plot heavy, always romantic and warm fuzzies-inducing
Canon – when the events portrayed are accurate to the official source material. so, since Jay Park left 2PM in real life, he’s not part of 2PM in a canon piece either
AR – alternate reality, usually a “what-if” scenario that uses the source material as a jumping off point, like if Edward never returned to Forks and Bella stayed with Jacob
Crossover – mixing your characters or worlds from different source materials, say Loki and Sookie Stackhouse
Lemon/Lime/Citrus/Smut/M – contains sexual material and/or might only focus on sexy times (but sometimes it is fantastic plot with a splash of sexy times)

Do you agree with the above definitions? Have they changed recently or mean something different to you? Let us know! I would absolutely love to recommend some stellar fan fiction for you guys, but I haven’t really read all that much. So maybe we could all help each other out and share some good ones in the comments? We should probably indicate what kind of style/genre/ship. That would be really cool. And let’s try to be nice and non-judgemental here, okay? Different strokes for different folks. Intern Leigh out!

Bonus Round : 싸가지

I found out while writing this blog post 싸가지 comes from 강원도. It’s their way of pronouncing 싹수.
싸가지 means a person who is rude, mean, or has bad manners. It’s generally used when you want to insult someone by calling them a horrible person.

It’s used as a noun, or as part of a phrase.
1) 싸가지 (noun. Rude person)
2) 싸가지(가) 없다 (That person is very rude)

Here are some different ways to say being rude:
1) 싹수가 없다
2) 싹수가 노랗다
3) 버릇이 없다
4) 버르장머리가 없다
5) 무례하다

Martina’s Interjection!

Hey guise. Martina here. Remember when we asked you this:

fanfiction sharing

don't worry be happy

We wanted to share some of your favourite kpop fanfics for this post, which we thought would be appropriate given the topic. I am an avid fanfic reader myself, and I know that it can take a loooong time to scan, read, and flip through various fanfic communities in search of a favourite author or story. So, I thought I could enlist your help in finding some of the best kpop fanfics.

We got a lot of excited tweets and emails from fans of fanfic sharing their fav stories, as well as actual authors who wanted to share their stories with us. Oddly, though, there was an explosion of people that did not share in the excitement. For example:

So Angry Tweet

Already made my own fanfic

Public Fanfic tweet

the fanfic grumbles

fanfic problems

Yup. The kpop fanfic community freaked out, shut down, and imploded over one tweet. People panicked over their assumptions about what we would create, over a video of ours that didn’t actually exist, since we were never going to made a review of fan fiction. All this fear and anger coming out of misconstrued conclusions formed in the rumour mill and passed along Tumblr. LET THIS BE A LESSON ON THE DANGERS OF GOSSIP!

We even got emails and tweets from people demanding that we must first ask permission before we use any fan fiction, as if they knew what we were going to do to begin with. When we responded to these people and linked them to our tweets, they had various responses like, “Oh, I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see that” or “I don’t follow you on twitter” or “oh I read about your filming in a forum”. Whut? So you didn’t even see our tweets, but you form conclusions and thought the worst without even looking into it?

After that we realized there was clearly no point of putting up another tweet explaining our actual intentions since:
A) Angry people don’t seem to listen to what we say anyway. They just like being angry and wading through Outrage Porn
B) This video was coming out soon and would just explain it all away.

So if you’re one of the people who freaked out at us over the implosion of the Kpop Fanfic world, do some research first before you come to conclusions from secondhand accounts. And for those of you that locked up your once totally public fanfic accounts, be freeeeee knowing that we have zero interest in making a video reviewing your fanfic writing skills. We simply wanted to share your work with other readers. Now, everyone take a deep breath and put your stories back up online because you have fans that really want to read your stories. Or, more importantly, if online privacy is important to you, take more steps to ensure your privacy and the protection of your work, or – well – just don’t post stuff online if you’re afraid of online commentary.

Martina’s Interjection Over!

Stay tuned for next DICKS, where Martina promises she won’t not tell you how to not tie a cherry stem without your tongue. You don’t not want to miss that, now do you? Make sure you subscribe by clicking that big, shiny red button below. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out. And if you have any awesome slang we should know about, let us know, either in the comments below or via twitter. 뿅!



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Korean Slang


A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert


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  1. I’m so happy that I wasn’t around when these things happened. I would really find everyone ridiculous in case. This fanfiction issue was a big case of misunderstanding and lack of information.

    2 years ago
  2. the thing with the money though- the concept is that every youtuber (and i guess we have to count EYK as youtubers now, as much as i cringe at that thought) makes money like an entertainer, a celebrity/idol/etc so to speak, so naturally the money they earn from ad revenue goes to increasing their entertainment output, like more YT videos, as well as personal money spendings.
    and it does all go into profit- thats the entire point of making money from YT videos in the first place. (movie directors dont produce movies just to have the money go back into another movie- they aim for million dollar box office hits so that profit happens)

    3 years ago
  3. Thank you for being a logical breath of fresh air!
    honestly you basically summed up everything in a more mature manner than how S&M have been posting/replying to the issues with this controversy. other things worth mentioning- privilege and racism, but thats a whole other topic.

    3 years ago
  4. o_O Why would they shut down accounts because of that? Lock the story, sure, but deactivating accounts is a bit extreme.

    3 years ago
  5. I never knew Martina read fanfics ><


    3 years ago
  6. Some fanfic vocab:

    BroTP – Bro OTP (friendly, non-romantic pairing)
    AU – Alternate Universe (I’ve heard this more often than AR)
    drabble – short piece of fluff, usually just a paragraph or two
    genderswap – swapping the genders of established characters
    raceswap – changing the ethnicities/cultures of established characters

    prompt – idea for a story sent to a writer
    to beta – to proofread someone’s work before it’s posted

    3 years ago
  7. Can you discuss dialects, specifically the Seoul dialect, and how it differs from other dialects. As a non-korean, I can’t tell the difference but in Kdramas, such as Reply 1997, they always point out the difference. ><

    3 years ago
  8. The most controversial DICK ever..

    3 years ago
  9. And this video has brought me to the scary side of the internet… o.O

    3 years ago
  10. I have two authors that I particularly love from fanfiction.net, one that writes mostly AUs using Kingdom Hearts characters, and other that writes from Harry Potter. kurosora1984 writes absolutely amazing fanfiction mostly pairing Roxas and Axel, and also Demxy and Zexion. Her stories can be long (like my absolute favorite novel-sized one, show me the money) or short and sweet, and range in plot from super fluffy and cute, to very hardcore, to focusing on the beginnings of a relationship. The other author, dracosoftie, I like because of one story in particular, Must Love Quidditch. This story takes place years after the end of the war, where Harry is an ex Aurour writing adventure novels under a fake name, and Draco is head of his father’s old company, past married with a young kid. The story starts with both boys joining a magical dating site, in order to fine someone who is interested in who they are and not their fame/money. You can see where this is going… xD I love them both because their writing is mature and well thought out, and the stories are extremely believable, and you fall in love with their versions of the characters instantly, and are hooked by the plot just as quick.

    3 years ago
  11. this helps so much. thank you!

    3 years ago
  12. if you are worried about your Idols feelings regarding KMMs,you more than likely do not have to be. Many an Idol has mentioned to EYK that they have watched and enjoyed their review of them and thought it was funny. for instance EYK had an Impromptu interview with U-kiss where they told EYK straight up that they Enjoyed their reviews of them and thought it was funny. they are good friends with Amber from F(x) and Brad from Busker Busker. Shindong from Super Junior even said he watches them and likes the reviews.. During the EYKAs a lot of Idols wanted to be (and some were) involved in the vids for it, knowing they would be poking fun at some of it ( but due to scheduling conflicts were unable to). watch the vids for the EYKas if you don’t believe me. Idols are very aware that every song and MV they put out there could be a hit or a flop so bad even the most hardcore fans can’t stand behind it.. so I don’t get why you are so worried about Your idols feelings about being reviewed by EYK…

    3 years ago
  13. Is it bad to say I was sort of looking forward to a video on fanfiction. I love to read fanfiction and had even contemplated doing a vid vlog of fanfictions I liked, but after seeing all this insanity, dang. I mean, shouldn’t authors be happy EYK is international, people from all over the world could hear about or fics and read them. I’ve been writing fanfiction for over eight years and written over 2 hundred fanfics on two different accounts from different genres and things. Fanfiction writers are authors who open themselves to criticism from their very readers in comments, but I see you all run and hide. It is clearly dumb.
    I’m sorry I’m ranting, but it makes me so upset that so many people can be like this.

    3 years ago
    • Same, I was actually excited about the video but then it barely mentioned anything about fan fiction

      3 years ago
  14. Not in the fanfic community but I am part of a few fandoms which use the exact same terms plus a few more! i tend to see AU, Alternate Universe, used more than AR (probably because when I see AR I think Augmented Reality, like Google Glass) and I’ve also seen OT3 or One True Threesome (which is usually a pretty doomed ship since I can think of like, one time in all the fiction I’ve read/seen where it actually happened, love you for that Star Driver!)

    3 years ago
  15. wow we could do a two hour debate about this wow people are writing like 5 min speech worth of words…. calm down peeps the world is still strong…

    3 years ago
  16. While fan-fiction is okay, I wonder how people can really say it’s plagiarism to barrow fic. Characters are inserted from shows and fiction that is already established without the consent of the original creator. I wonder how some original creators feel about fanfics of their work. (Worse case the fic is about real people, which seems a little awkward to me. Sorry to offend if I do.Not my intention.) Your story may be original and well constructed, but from copyrighted ideas. As for EYK, I understand that some of you guys are really miffed, but I honestly think it was a misunderstanding. This is nothing to spread hate about. I can understand the scariness of having something you worked hard on put out there, but maybe better communication next time?

    3 years ago
  17. I read fanfiction. I write fanfiction. I also like Eat Your Kimchi.

    I think everyone is being immature and throwing a tissy-fit. And by everyone, I don’t mean just fanfiction writers and readers; I mean everyone.

    First of all, everyone is simply making assumptions. Assumptions that fanfiction people are always butthurt or on the attack. Assumptions that Nasties/EYK fans aren’t the sort of people into the fanfiction scene. Assumptions that Simon and Martina’s jokes and/or criticisms are meant negatively or even maliciously.

    You know what? Some people really do suck at writing. Some people have really good stories, but poor control or ability. Some people have amazing writing and poor plots. Some people don’t understand spelling or grammar or the logic of this world and how to relate it into fiction. I have to say, I’m very embarrassed by my own works and their poor quality. But if it’s publicly available on the internet, it’s publicly visible on the internet. And maybe “friends” or “fellow fans” share them which you’re okay with; but some of those fans have their own friends who may not be into fanfiction. They may see what they shared and dislike it. They make think it’s silly and have a laugh. They may actually really love it, and consequently get into the scene. Who knows? But public stuff can get around. If you have an issue with material potentially being available to the mass public, there are ways and sites to keep it private or simply limited. If you have it in a public place, you’re actually a very brave individual and ought to be commended. The internet is a very scary place at the best of times.

    But something I really would like to point out: for those whose greatest fear were getting violent, rude, malicious attacks or comments from “outsiders” or “nonfans”, what do you think these heavy responses from the fanfiction community were? When you talk about EYK, are judging them? Sharing your judgments within your own community who may or may not be within theirs? Are nonEYK followers seeing these responses and making fun of or else hating on Simon and Martina? Are you being harsh or hyper critical or violently hating on them? And for what? Their own personal creativity in trying to share what they love or find silly or occasionally ridiculous? Isn’t that what you’re doing? Isn’t that what we are all doing?

    Think of what you’re most afraid of, or what you believe to be hurtful or out of line for other communities to do to yours. And don’t do it to the other communities. Really take a moment to consider how what you’re doing could be construed by other communities, and if it’d be appropriate for them to do. Whether you’re a Kpop fan, a Nasty, a fanfiction reader/writer, or any other affiliation you proudly proclaim yourself apart of: Be respectful. Be reasonable. Be kind.

    3 years ago
  18. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHIPPING OF ALL TIME IS ZUTARA (ZUKO X KATARA FROM AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER) omg like you don’t even know how much i wanted them to be together hahaha thanks leigh for talking about shipping!! andddd I’m sooo confused as to why people were outraged… o.O

    3 years ago
  19. I love you Martina and Simon! Ignore this and move on. People go crazy when their fandoms are concerned. I had a student that last month compared the struggles of Justin bieber to those of Nelson mandela.

    3 years ago
  20. *cough cough* . . .*whispers* I ship Leigh and Soo Zee . . . . *runs away*

    3 years ago
  21. Oh man. Some people can be cruelly judgemental. I don’t get it though; I’m not sure what you were going to do but shouldn’t fanfic writers be happy that you give them publicity? We all know how seriously you take intellectual property.
    That could have been great. I’m not a massive fanfic fan as they tend to freak me out from time to time when it’s real people but I’ve stumbled upon some pretty good ones (and written a few) and I’d love tonsee the authors’ work recognised.
    One the other hand, while these people clearly overreacted, I understand it’s a touchy subject.

    3 years ago
  22. wow, you would think that people who write fanfic would be happy about the promotion/traffic a little publicity like this would get them, right? i just don’t understand why your haters seem to get their panties in a twist at every little opportunity. i for one would have been happy to hear you rec some stuff since i don’t read fanfic anymore since there is just too much crap to sift through to find the gems… but if i knew like “ooh, this is a fic Martina likes” then i would definitely check it out. SHUT UP YOU HATERS!! POO YOU!!! well anyways, these people should get a life, i guess… though it doesn’t even seem to be the writers that got upset… i don’t get it… well anyways… moving on!

    3 years ago
  23. Of course they picked some of the worst tweets they got, the whole issue for them is over the people who freaked out at them. Why would they show anything but that?

    3 years ago
  24. And Simon and Martina, please continue to speak your views without sugarcoating to suck up to butthurt fangirls. EYK hwaiting ^.^

    3 years ago
  25. Before my rant, let me say this. There is NOTHING wrong with sending a link to a famous youtuber. Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. You’re fcking putting it on the internet, it’s MEANT to be shared! Its the internet. Where you make one mistake and you’re famous enough, the whole world will ridicule you. The INTERNET I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH YOU EXPECT THINGS ON THE INTERNET TO REMAIN PRIVATE? Far out, you’re risking privacy when you make a facebook account. People make fricken memes out of peoples’ pictures!

    Dayummm the fanfic community is fcking scary O.o Here, take some mentos. Now put it in your mouth, stand on the balcony, spit out the mentos and slap yourself. Why mentos? Why a slap? No fcking clue, it makes no sense. Exactly like this whole outrage.

    Not everyone likes EYK, their sense of humour is sometimes… Dirty and not everyone likes it. That’s fine, everyone’s sense of humour is different. I’m the type not to get butthurt when they insult my bias so yea. They make some pretty insensitive comments now and then so authors might have been scared if EYK mocked their fic or something like that. I tootally understand that. The ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH AUTHORS DELETED THEIR FICS IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU’ was a taaaaaad harsh (and by a tad I mean far out take a deap breath and talk from your mouth not your asshole) but after they cleared it up, people are STILL complaining. They didn’t even mention any fics in their video! My generation -.-

    People are saying that they could have cleared the misunderstanding in their first tweet by putting in more detail. Why da fuck would they do that? They didn’t know fucking idiots would go apeshit and start to sign their names in their death notes!

    “What’s your favorite fanfic? Send us a link and we juuuust might use it for our upcoming video!” They didn’t know they had to include EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that would involve the use of the fanfics because some people would go apeshit. No one tweets like that, seriously. By your logic:

    My tweet: Hey, yesterday was fun Ashley, ^.^ Wanna hang out again?


    The ‘expected’ tweet from le moi: Hey, yesterday the bit when we went shopping at the shopping centre in Sydney and watched Frozen and ate icecream near that fountain but excluding the bit when we saw that kid get bullied was really fun ^.^ We should do that again.

    Certain vagueness in tweets, messages and speech are to be expected.

    And BTW, I write fanfics also. If you can’t handle criticism for work YOU chose to publish on the web, maybe you shouldn’t publish them. My 2 cents.

    Come at me bitchesssssssss ^.^

    3 years ago
    • I know why authors were mad and scared at the time, i said i understood that. Its why everyone is so freaked out right NOW, when they clarified everything, no fanfics were used in the video and blaming the first tweet for starting the whole mess. Vagueness is expected, you cant expect details in a tweet they never would have thought would have blown up into a shitstorm. And to my first point, it is the internet. People shared that… Lovely SimonxKevin fanfic and sent it to S&M. They tweeted it around and fcebooked it. If you put something on the internet, you really cant expect FULLY ‘what goes in the fandom stays in the fandom’. Photos are shared around everywhere all the time along with fanart, jokes, statuses etc. i dont get why fanfics want special treatment? If you’re publishing something, whether in books, a news article or the web, you cant expect only a certain group of people will read it cause its out in the PUBLIC.
      I actually commend people for taking down their fics if they didnt want them read before the video came out, protect your work if you dont want it shared. The video’s out, no harm is done and everyone’s intellectual property is protected. People should stop shitting on about ‘oh that damn first tweet was soooooooooooooo misleading they should’ve clarified ittttttt omgggg’ because it was a harmless (to EYK) tweet some people took the wrong way. They could not forecast how crappy some people would react.
      And the ‘come at me bitchesss’ thing, soz if you took it the wrong way, its like, not directly calling people bitches its more of a hype people use to you know… Hype XD

      3 years ago
  26. then they should simply make it available to a chosen few and no one else. its fine to be uneasy and nervous. but if you are that afraid of what others may think don’t put it online or make it available to only the few you are comfortable reading it.. no need to fling such hate and rudeness at another person for wanting to share it with other people. a simple no thank you would have been enough.

    3 years ago
    • I must direct you to the start of Martina’s interjection where she quite clearly says there were readers AND AUTHORS that were excited to have their work shared that contacted them. If you had also read one of their response posts to they again state that they did respond to several authors who contacted them with questions about their intent. If Some of them did not get responded to I suspect that was because by the time they sent their query EYK was already receiving a ton pf hate messages and it got buried in the craziness. Of course the rude comments were highlighted, because it was posts like those that blew this situation up and turned and innocent (if very vague) question into a storm of unnecessary internet rage.

      3 years ago
      • What kind of fairness are you asking for? If you have read some of the posts EYK has posted on this forum in response to others posts you would know they mentioned other authors who calmly ask for and were given details. And some of them politely declined. I do not condemn any of them for locking their work. That is their right to do so. And I do not think most of the rude responses they posted on here were authors and neither did she specify them as authors… so I am not quite understanding why you don’t think they are being fair to the authors and a people who didn’t flip out…

        3 years ago
        • couldn’t figure out how to link previous forum post so I just copied and pasted.. though seriously you could have found them yourself if you read through the comments on this forum…

          Simon and Martina

          Nasty Mod


          3 days ago

          One thing I didn’t understand: if we said we wouldn’t post a video
          without the author’s permission, then why did the people we didn’t
          contact need to know what we were going to do in our video? We’re
          always vague about what we’re going to do in future videos.

          But to many people that were respectful who contacted us privately
          rather than freaking out at us publicly, we answered them respectfully.

          Simon and Martina

          Nasty Mod


          2 days ago

          Hmm. I see what you’re saying here. I’m sorry our post came across
          as condescending. I can see how it would read that way. I guess after
          enduring a torrent of anger for the past few days, our words were
          indelicate, given the shitty state we were in.

          So, I’d like to address a few points, if I can:

          1) We posted the tweets far apart, not out of malicious intent, but
          out of sleeping. We posted the first tweet at night, turned off social
          media, had a glass of wine and watched a movie, then went to bed. We
          were expecting to wake up and see lots of tweets to cool fanfics.
          Instead, we woke up and saw all of the outrage.

          2) We thought that telling people we wouldn’t use anyone’s work
          without their permission would be enough. If we didn’t contact you,
          you’d have nothing to worry about, no? Whatever your history of
          mistrust of the internet or anger towards us, I think that Tweet was
          pretty fair for majority of authors.

          3) For people that locked their works, great for you! And I don’t
          mean that sarcastically. Seriously: ensure that your work is protected
          as much as you can. We take as many steps as we can to protect our
          work, so we understand. I’m hoping there’s some internet platform out
          there in which you can create your work and control its distribution.
          If there isn’t, here’s to hoping that one can be built.

          But, 4) I know the Internet is the Internet. We’re less idealistic
          than most. If it’s out there in public, it’s no longer yours. Gone.
          People will take it and misconstrue it and remix it and bastardize it
          and rip it out of context and do whatever they want with it. It happens
          to us on a regular basis. It sucks that it happens, but that’s the lay
          of the land. We’ve grown used to it now, and we didn’t think that
          other people might not be used to that yet.

          Simon and Martina

          Nasty Mod


          2 days ago

          Final thought I wanted to get across. Martina here! We’re actually
          not upset at the writers at all. Not at all! At least, those writers
          that wrote calm explanations or that simple chose to private their
          accounts with no explanation. They’re totally allowed to do that and I
          totally understand the concern of this private world being exposed. As a
          fanfic reader myself, I don’t have friends that reads fanfic or that I
          can talk to about fanfic, so perhaps for some people it’s too private to
          be shared.

          What we’re upset at is those people that saw this event happening and
          in the course of just 3-4 days thought it was okay to death threat,
          name call us, harass us, and even harass other people who were tweeting
          stories to us. That’s not okay and I find it really hard to just brush
          it off.

          People keep saying, “oh if you were just clear about your tweet this
          wouldn’t have happened” but if I knew this kind of reaction would have
          happened I wouldn’t have even bothered to put out a tweet. I’ve learned
          my lesson and while the fanfic world can say “Yay! They’re not going to
          do anything” we still have to deal with the bullying and name calling
          from strangers whose faces I can’t see. I can’t see their faces, but
          they can see mine. And that’s what I’m so upset about.

          3 years ago
  27. It’s nice to see an English slang term that actually has so much relevancy to probably a lot of the viewers. I’m extremely behind on slang usually so seeing something I know come up was pretty nice. Some fanfic terms have broken free of fanfic and now run rampant on Tumblr. Loads of people who maybe don’t read fanfiction ship otp’s as reality on Tumblr.

    Also to all the people flipping out over Martina’s interjection… I really think we read two completely different things. What I read didn’t criticize the authors actions so much as it criticized the fanatical readers who took things and blew them aggressively out of proportion. Like a few other people have said, all anyone had to do was ask. Even if EYK wanted to be vague on a whole I’m sure they wouldn’t mind clarifying things on a case by case basis for any authors who had concerns.

    One thing I don’t get… yes EYK makes fun of stuff. They make parodies. Occasionally they satirize things. They don’t do that with everything, so why would you assume that’s what they wanted the fics for? Since they asked for recommendations you should assume they were going to be used positively. I know if I were going to openly mock something or do anything that could be construed as negative I wouldn’t ask for recommendations first.

    3 years ago
  28. Um anyways.
    I use those terms as part of text slang (similar to how I use lol) in that I would say: “I SHIP THIS COUPLE” “THE SHIP HAS SAILED” “WE GON’ DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”. And yes, I do tend to capitalise my words when using the word “ship” because only then can my “feels” be conveyed.
    In any case, I really enjoyed this weeks DICKS (probably because I relate to fanfic slang more so than gym slang). SooZee and Leigh are hilarious as always. Too bad I don’t follow Gag Concert but many entertainers and dramas do refer to many of the gags that are shown on the program. As a result, even if a Korean show or interview is subbed, there are some things that are lost in translation and that’s just a cultural barrier I’m willing to look past. Looking forward to next week’s DICKs.

    3 years ago
  29. I have come out of lurker mode as I feel so strongly about this Issue I couldn’t not comment. I can see the Other side, how Fanfic authors and readers alike might be nervous and uncomfortable not knowing what it was going to be used for. However in all the rude and horribly mean posts that I read no one even bothered to straight up ASK Simon and Martina what it would be used for, everyone just freaked out. A whole lot of Crazy and and rudeness could have been avoided if someone had been rational and simply asked why they wanted it. And instead of flipping out all they had to do was say no when EYK asked to use their work.

    (Mini Rant)
    I can understand being nervous and uncomfortable, even afraid of your work being criticized and/or mocked. But you posted it on the INTERNET to be seen by the world. You have made it available for all to see, to read it and feel about it as they will. You made the conscious decision to place it where any and all might view it and express their opinions on it. If you are going to post it where others may view it, then OWN IT. Simon and Martina OWN their videos, whether people liked it or hate it its there for others to see, if they make mistakes they admit it and do their best to make amends and fix the issue. If you are going to freak out and hide your work the moment someone wants to share it with large amounts of people, it makes me wonder if you aren’t secretly ashamed of your work. If you are that afraid of criticism why post it online in the first place? You cannot please everyone, there will be people who love it, hate it and feel meh about it. Its the INTERNET for goodness sakes! The object of your work (if fanfic) or someone who disagrees with the way you have written it or its content may stumble across it, whether just trolling the net or someone else may have sent them a link to it. It was and is always a possibility. If you are going to post things on the net regardless of the format you choose (written, video, etc..) be prepared for someone to bash it, mock it and/or want to hate you for it.. Again I understand the fear and the nerves, I too like to write (though I have yet to publish or post anything.. it never seems quite finished enough…). But if you are afraid of the masses reading your stuff and offering possible negative opinions on it, then password protect it and only let your chosen few read it.

    (Rant Over)
    Sorry for the rant, but it I feel it needed to be said. Resuming Lurker mode….

    3 years ago
  30. Fanfiction, as we have all seen, is a very touchy subject. The fanfiction I read and write are something I value and it is a bit scary to share them with others because it opens it up to ridicule.
    The thing is, whether or not someone wants their stories to be “publicly” spoken of is not the problem.
    The issue is that when the tweet that requested recommendations was made, instead of simply asking what it was for, people jumped the gun and started threatening Simon and Martina. Even when they said that they would ask the authors for permission, death threats (is that even necessary?) were given.
    I understand how special fics are and how much we treasure them, but people need to stop over-reacting. Simon and Martina aren’t unreasonable. If that many people have an issue, they’ll listen. No death threats required.
    By the way, I’ve seen AU used more than AR though I’m sure many people use it.

    3 years ago
    • I wasn’t aware that people had asked, so thank you for the clarification.
      I won’t judge the fandom, considering I’m a part if of the fanfiction fandom it would be a bit hypocritical(?), but I am slightly irritated that some feel they have to threaten someone over the Internet.
      Thank you for the nice reply; I was half-expecting a huge rant from someone else.

      3 years ago
  31. Wow…. There’s like essay worth of comments… I don’t really care what u do with those fanfics… We trust u that you won’t do anything bad.. They are kinds there for people to read and review about it so I don’t even know why the hell this fuss was going on… It’s just a fanfic.. Not a nuclear explosion.. People seriously need to grow up sometimes…

    3 years ago
  32. LOL, hey, I’m an author myself, and yeah, I hope you guys DO ask for permission first, and I think you would ^^ But geez, those are just raging for lack of info, dude…

    3 years ago
  33. And I was watching old EYK videos with the EYK crew all together and my gosh you guys have all changed so much within the space of a year :’) Makes me go all “Awwww u gaiz!”

    3 years ago
  34. I used to be so into fanfiction and even tried writing it myself. I know look back on my 14 year old self’s writing and cringe constantly at how bad it is/was ><

    3 years ago
  35. I know that most of the comments are targeted towards the tweets but… OOOOOOH! Now I know what the gag concert is. I’ve seen a few skits of gag concert. One that I’ve seen that is good to watch without subtitles is BalleriNO. It’s an older one, but good.

    3 years ago
  36. Damn. I’m just hear looking at this video and reading these comments. Shit fucking went down!! Some people overreact too easily and too quickly.

    3 years ago
  37. i was actually looking forward to the fanfic recommendation, because its really hard for me to find one that i actually like. It would be a lie to say i wasnt suprised though. eyk seems to get hate for everythinggg they do :c

    For the fanfics that i DO read i find asianfanfics… not the best place for fics. I’d look more towards the a kpop groups fansite and usually they will have a “fanfic section”

    3 years ago
    • EYK get hate for everything they do =/ Pretty sad but you know, the internet XD Crazy keyboard warriors out there Ahahaha

      3 years ago
    • I was the same as you.. I was curious as to what everyone eould suggest, but gave up after seeing the first few rage comments & no recs (tho I understand the initial fear.. once they posted they would be asking permission, all the hate after that was kinda uncalled for)

      p.s what kinda fanfics recs were you looking for? (oh, and do you have a twitter?)

      3 years ago
  38. i read martina’s writing on the blog in “martina rage voice” (the one in their video swhere they added a low pitched monster-ish effect on the voice)

    3 years ago
  39. I think it’s really hard for people to understand what it’s like to be a blogger and to have an onslaught of negativity that all stems from something being twisted and misunderstood. Bloggers are humans too and sometimes things need to be addressed. You might not have seen anything about it, but for the blogger, their past few days might have been consumed with being attacked and seeing that negativity. It’s really easy for people to think what they would do in that situation and think “I wouldn’t say anything, I would just ignore.” But if you haven’t been in that situation you really don’t know.

    Had this been the first time they had ever had negativity like this then yes that response would probably have been unnecessary. But this comes on the back of a lot of ridiculous hate and lies that have been going around. The reason why it got out of control is because those that fuel the hate and rumors made up gossip about what was going to happen. As Martina said, many fanfic authors hadn’t even seen the original tweet, they had only seen something in forums or on tumblr about what was going to happen where things had been completely fabricated.

    I can see both sides, where people don’t want people they follow to react to anything, but if you have never been in that situation I don’t think it’s fair to judge what someone should do if you have no idea how it has impacted their life.

    3 years ago

    3 years ago
    • let me say it has to deal with a flying spudgy and the junsu trap and fangorilla. plus sozee and leigh.

      3 years ago
  41. Jesus christ. I was going to suggest some of the fanfics that I love, but now I’m not so sure. There are a lot of haters, and that’s unfortunate. I love the fanfics because they’re well-written, not because of the content. There was one chapter of one that I read pretty recently, and it moved me more than anything I’ve ever read or watched, it was THAT good. I’m pretty sure that author wouldn’t mind it if their work was recommended on such a broad stage, but with the attitude that people are showing here? Fuck that. It’s not that difficult to get a fanfic suggestion and go ask the author directly before using it in the video. I see ZERO reason why that shouldn’t be allowed. And so what if people are tweeting their favourite works? If the author doesn’t want it shared, they’ll ( like on AFF ) make it subscriber-only, or ask people not to share it. Easy as shit. Ugh, I can’t even bring myself to want to come back to this specific comment section to read any replies, so I won’t.

    3 years ago
    • Sharing fanfics is fine.
      What a lot of the fanfiction community were not happy with was the lack of info regarding how the fanfics would be used – would EYK act out speccific segments? Would they ridicule it? Would they only refer to specific fanfics? Nobody knew. And fanfiction is something that has been ridiculed for a loooong time ( http://www.dailydot.com/news/sherlock-fanfic-caitlin-moran/ ), so fans are already kind of defensive.
      For a variety of reasons (they don’t want to open themselves to mockery from an audience that doesn’t get fanfics, they don’t want idols looking up their fanfics, they don’t want EYK acting out or parodying their work, etc), authors locked their fanfics because they wanted to ensure their work would not be mentioned on this site.
      And with EYK making their videos as a living, they would have to receive the express permission of the author anyway (otherwise using a not-for-profit product like a fanfic in a for-profit video is just icky). If they had tweeted on the same day they would be asking permission, etc, then a lot of this could have been avoided.
      A minority of fans became outraged and tweeted nasty things to EYK. They do not represent the fandom as a whole. Please keep this in mind.

      3 years ago
  42. I have read this whole arguments about Eat Your Kimchi. In fact, I was like reading 10 or maybe 12 of recently updated fics (which is actually not recent because their last update is like 2 years ago) that got updated for a measly author’s note that was copy-pasted from one source to another in a very uniform-like, spreading hates about Simon & Martina. Most of them had watch Eat Your Kimchi and most of the commenters are saying that Eat Your Kimchi is rude, ignorant, and blahs. Even though I can see their point of view at some moments, I feel disappointed that they just give out judgmental posts like that. It spread like a fire, and then all of sudden people in Asianfanfics hate Eat Your Kimchi. In Indonesian language, there is a saying: “Tak kenal maka tak sayang” which actually translated as “If you don’t know (acquainted) with someone you won’t love that someone”. I guess they hate source is not because the existence of Eat Your Kimchi as a whole; but because they only know it partially. And some of them are hardcore fans that maybe can’t see flaws of their idols being flaunted in a video. But not every one is perfect, even it is their idols and, of course, even Simon and Martina. I do think HATE is such a strong perception and word. Just a cent for me.

    3 years ago
  43. Thank you Martina! I was so confused, I knew you wouldn’t diss people
    and rip them up over their fan fictions when they don’t do that for a
    Note to Liegh and Soozee: I’ve never heard of AR but I know people refer to it as AU or Alternate Universe. Just to let you know.
    :) I love you guys and your segment!

    3 years ago
  44. XIUHANNNNNNNN SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i read so much xiuhan in the past month that if u turn the amount in money ill look like gd,yap sad ……. kkkkk who am i joking yahettttttt!!!!)

    3 years ago
  45. if people were worried about what their works were going to be used for, why didn’t they just ask? instead of sending torrents of abuse at eyk, if authors and readers simply contacted them asking if their fics would be reviewed I’m sure S&M would be happy to put them at ease and at least assure them they wouldn’t be mocking their fics. However I completely understand why some authors locked and deleted their fics – if they didn’t know eyk well they might be wary about whether they would ask permission and whatever else. Still, the abuse sent to them was unnecessary – once they’d cleared up the fact that they wouldn’t do ANYTHING without permission, why did people still feel the need to attack them?

    3 years ago
    • They did ask. No info was given.
      For a variety of reasons, authors to proactive measures to ensure their fics wouldn’t be featured on this site.
      Some readers reacted badly and tweeted nasty stuff, but they do not represent the entire fandom.

      3 years ago
  46. I honestly thought you would at least try to understand, but it seems you don’t want to.
    I came here to see what happened in the end and I see your comment on the situation, I’m really disappointed.

    A lot of people have already explained pretty well what the reasons were for the commotion, so I’m gonna be short:

    1) Your TWEET made it SOUND like you WERE GOING TO make a VIDEO about those fanfics;

    2) Authors that write about real people have to be a lot more careful with the topics their fanfics treat, and have to be sure to put all the warnings possible or they will get a great amount of backlash. I don’t wanna make it too long, but I read non-kpop fics before entering the kpop fandom and the fic world here works in a different way.

    So, you should be able to understand why authors knowing that their fanfictions would be SHARED IN SOME UNKNOWN WAY, but most probably a video, on a quite famous channel on youtube, where people, that AREN’T FANS of the PAIRING/GENRE or even don’t know what some warnings mean, could get to know/read them, it’s a REALLY SCARY thought.
    The issue of you, maybe, ridiculing the fic was another factor.

    You did say you would share only with the author’s permission, but like some said it was late, and not even the main problem in my opinion.

    3) Some kpop IDOLS, that know english, FOLLOW YOU, and it’s better if they don’t know some fanfics exist. It would be embarrassing both for the idol and the author.

    So your tweet scared the authors, that did “take more steps to ensure their privacy and the protection of their work”, fanfics got blocked/deleted. I can assure you that when you click on the next chapter and you get the message “you can’t access this post” or “the post doesn’t exist anymore” the thought “but really it’s not their fault” is not the first thought in your head. That’s one of the worst feelings ever.

    This time it wasn’t about being “religious fundamentalists”, it was just the ficdom being wary. Some people went overboard with the insults, but I do think the commotion was mostly your fault.

    I’m talking mostly for my fandom here, since the shipping is a sensitive topic.
    Shippers are mocked a lot, the “you are a yunjae shipper, so your opinion is invalid” was thrown at me so many times I can’t even count.
    So, true, we do like staying in our little peaceful world, if possible, and your blog would bring lot of attention to it.

    3 years ago
    • trust me… idols know about shippers/fanfiction. I highly doubt they need eyk to tell them it exists.

      3 years ago
      • xxx

        I know they know, Jaejoong has said he has read “thorn year” a yunjae fanfiction (that has smut)… still there are some fanfictions I do love, but I think would be quite uncomfortable for the idol to know about, and that probably the author feels uncomfortable sharing outside the fandom…
        [for example fics with watersport, incest (both fictional – e.g. YunJae are brothers/father and son in the fic – and real life – e.g. a Junho/Junsu fic, they are twins irl -), shotacon (using the jap term just because) and many others genres]

        3 years ago
  47. My favorite fanfic is the one written by SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong that pairs himself and fellow member Park Jungmin together but he changed it and made Jungmin into a girl, he even posted it up for all the fans to read, and it caused a lot of rumors to be spread about Hyun Joong and Jungmin’ s relationship with each other. Lol Jungmin I heard was pi**ed when he found out about it, lol.

    3 years ago
  48. Great post Leigh and Soozee!! Keep up the good work! Fighting!!

    3 years ago
    • Copy and paste the hangeul into Google Translate to hear how it’s pronounced :)

      3 years ago
    • I feel sorry for Leigh and SooZee. Even though they did another great video, it’s being overshadowed by the drama.

      3 years ago
  49. I’ll happily promote the fanfics I wrote! All have T.O.P as the main character and are smutty. (As handsome as he is, is it a surprise my mind would drift to dirty, dirty things?)

    Lust at First Fight – My attempt at a romantic comedy.

    The F Word – A ‘Porn (mostly) Without Plot’

    Virus – A supernatural story, with a lil’ GD thrown in.

    I personally don’t understand the privacy concerns. Unless you’re plagiarizing, why wouldn’t you want to share your writing? You cared enough to post it on a public site. Yes, there is the possibility for negative feedback but honestly the main KPop fan fic site (http://www.asianfanfics.com) is pretty positive.

    3 years ago
    • So I just finished reading Lust At First Fight and it was awesome. Really funny, well-written, it addresses sex ( and describes it ) in a mature manner, not like some of those who are all like “IT WENT INTO THE HOLE, BANG ALL NIGHT”. Also, you do a great job of making it realistic rather than pure fantasy. Real personalities, scenarios, etc. Thank you for posting them, and please keep writing more!

      3 years ago
      • Thank you so, so much for the positive feedback! I’ve been kicking around ideas for a sequel to the story but they are still in the “plot bunny” stages. Please check back in a month or two to see if I managed to wrangle dem rabbits into an actual story. Thanks again for reading my work!

        3 years ago
        • You’re welcome! I enjoyed The F Word too, I thought it was pretty funny as well. The whole sneaking around -at work-… oh man. xD

          3 years ago
  50. “Do some research first before you come to conclusions from secondhand accounts”
    What research was there actually to be done? You posted TWO tweets a day apart, both of which didn’t state what you would do with said fics. Of course many panicked. WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD DO! I mean, what if someone took your videos with your permission, but never told you what they would do with those videos. I wouldn’t want something that I worked on for hours, weeks, sometimes even months to be slapped and pasted on a video that could potentially send hundreds of people who don’t like what I’m writing purely because it is of a pairing they don’t like, or an AU (which is more often used than AR, which I’ve never seen before.) If you just tweeted “we just need to know the kpop fic slang” or something along the lines I think many people would’ve relaxed.
    Another point: fanfiction is that dark corner of a fandom that shouldn’t be spoken of in public. I have friends who love k-pop purely for the music, in fact, they don’t like the very idea of people shipping two in a band together. Not everyone in a fandom is interested over shipping and fics.
    The argument that “this is the internet and everything is public” is something that is easily shot down. Yes, this is the internet, yes you post something and it becomes public property, but you have to remember that fics are written for a specific audience. If I don’t like marvel, I wouldn’t search for marvel based fanfiction. If I don’t like a certain pairing, I wouldn’t search for fics centering on that pairing. People who aren’t interested in Korea or K-Pop wouldn’t search for your videos. However I think a lot of people were afraid that by escalating their fic to a bigger platform that it would bring a sort of audience that would be highly uncomfortable with the things they write about. Plus, even if a fic is on the internet, taking it is still not okay. “Your art is online its now free for public use!” NO. that is not right. I don’t think you would like people to be downloading your video and putting it up for profit on their own terms, right? This is the same.
    The other argument that “you write fics isn’t fame a good thing” is another thing that a lot of people don’t understand. WE DON’T WRITE FICS FOR FAME OR MONEY. In fact we’re happy off by ourselves without any review, or video centering our fic.
    Also, there is a difference between sharing favourite fics amongst friends and sharing a fic to someone who would use it for commercial purposes. As somewhat of a writer I’m totally fine for people to recommend my fics for PERSONAL reading, not for a video.
    Creators have a right to do whatever they want with their creation, I don’t see why they can’t tell people not to link their fics.
    Yes, people shouldn’t have reacted like that, but there were things both of you could do that wouldn’t have brought this attack.

    3 years ago
    • So being a shipper is not well seen in other fandoms too? I honestly don’t really interact with other fandoms and I thought the problem with shipping in my fandom was mostly caused by all the other factors…

      3 years ago
    • Also I haven’t seen lime/citrus used as a warning for sexual content before. Lemon I’ve heard of but not in the K-pop fic scene. It’s mostly just smut. Usually, when I see a crossover it’s put under an AU (alternate universe) rather than labelled as a crossover in itself. Also, there are ot3s, ot5s, sometimes even ot12s, that refer to a friendship/broship type thing rather than in a romantic way.

      3 years ago
      • It has been used. I’ve read fanfictions from 10 different community and they do use them. Crossovers now have their own special area in fanfiction.net which is one of the biggest fanfiction site. They are now in their own separate category.

        3 years ago
      • I read a U-Kiss OT7(9), and it was just straight up smut. It wasn’t -bad- necessarily… lol

        [ I’m not a shipper, I read for the great writing and/or plot. And very occasionally for funny smut. ]

        3 years ago
  51. Fic authors weren’t looking to go on an EYK witch hunt. What they were trying to do but people don’t seem to understand is PREVENT people from linking their fics. EYK made their first tweet about the fics but waited almost a day to clarify that they won’t use fics without authors consent. But authors didn’t know if their own fics were sent to EYK before then. In order to prevent EYK from accessing any fics that were already sent and to further stop anyone who was thinking about linking their fics, authors locked or deleted their fics. There is nothing wrong about that. They did what they thought was the safest thing to do in this situation. Since EYK didn’t choose to clarify what the fics were for, there really was no other way to prevent fics from being spread and used in EYK’s potential video.

    Yes, authors could have contacted EYK to ask about the content of the video, and authors could have just made a post saying “don’t send EYK my fics.” But that won’t stop people from doing so anyway. Many kpop writers have had issues with people stealing and reposting fics. So can you blame them from wanting to avoid that? Locking and deleting fics was a completely understandable preventive measure taken by the fic writing community to ensure their fics weren’t used without their consent.

    It’s astounding that this is so hard to understand. EYK was not looking to attack fic writers and the fic writers likewise were not looking to attack EYK. The writers who locked or deleted their fics did not want it used in EYK’s video and they have the right to feel that way and did what they thought was the best to prevent it from happening.

    3 years ago
  52. I like how you guys brushed off the actual concern, ignoring the fanfic writers who weren’t sending you rageful comments. Some authors and watchers made some really good points. If you’re upset about how some of them reacted, can you really blame them? Most people associate EYK with mockery.

    3 years ago
    • Most people? Most people? Are you serious? How about a group of people who are always searching for another way to say that EYK are “bad” and who fuelled the gossip that caused people to worry about what was happening to their fanfic. Would the fanfic community have reacted so badly if those people who are constantly searching for a way to prove EYK is bad had not twisted what the original tweet said? Fanfic authors said they didn’t even see the original tweet, which means they heard from forums and on tumblr what people had made up about what EYK were going to do.

      If you took the amount of people that hate EYK in person and stood them next to the people who like EYK and those lives have been touched by them I’m sure that hate group would be very small instead. The majority of people do NOT associate EYK with mockery. Their TLDRs are their most popular videos which are not mockery. Their food videos are not mockery. Their interviews are not mockery. The only videos that some people could consider mockery is Music Mondays and it’s a stretch to say they are all mockery! Just because they criticise a song or video doesn’t mean it is mockery.

      You need to get rid of this idea that this is how all people feel about EYK and open your eyes and see all the positive reasons why people love them. I have been there in person as they greeted fans – fans who waited hours to see them. Fan who had stories about how EYK had touched their life. Fans who were so excited to see them. So many fans that the building couldn’t hold them all. And that is just one place. This has been repeated over and over again in many countries.

      So get off tumblr and get this idea out of your head that that’s how most people feel. That bitter, angry group of people that twists things that way is really not that big.

      3 years ago
      • Believe it or not, but there are people who’ve watched EYK before reading all these rumors and – gasp! – formed their own opinions about them. Not every author didn’t see the original tweet. Nobody I saw “made up” what EYK was going to do. From the post I read, they were just spreading caution to those who weren’t comfortable having their fanfic brought to the attention of an audience via EYK’s video.

        As one of those authors, I don’t give two shits if EYK reads my fanfics. If they do, great. If they like it or hate it, whatever. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable if they decided to showcase it, because I’m not much of a fan of their videos and I don’t need that sort of thing. Personal preference.
        I don’t have anything against EYK reading my fanfiction, but I’d prefer if the fans of the groups I write fanfic about stumble across it on their own, rather than have it referred to them by EYK.

        It doesn’t matter which side is bigger. I said ‘most’, but that’s only based on the people I’ve seen (poor choice of words on my part). If somebody watches a video by EYK that just so happens to be one for Music Mondays and they end up disliking it, why would they bother watching any of their other videos? If you dislike something, it’s good to give it another chance, but you don’t have to. And you don’t have to give it another chance, either. That’s cool too.

        I don’t need to “open my eyes” when you won’t even do the same. Before assuming that anyone who dislikes EYK doesn’t know them, please remember that everyone has their own opinions, and not everyone will like the same things as you. I’ve seen enough of EYK to know that it’s not my type of humor or entertainment.

        3 years ago
        • Yes very poor choice of words on your part. Of course people are entitled to make up their own opinion and not liking a certain type of humour or entertainment is a completely fine reason to not like something. I just wish that it was true for all people and that there wasn’t people blindly believing things that are twisted or taken out of context, or sometimes completely fabricated, which unfortunately happens. Watching one video doesn’t really give a bigger picture of what someone is like, but I understand why people do that. I completely respect those whose reasons are “EYK is just not my cup of tea”, rather than just believing the scaremongering and twisting the facts that goes on in certain online communities.

          3 years ago
        • Thank you for understanding.

          3 years ago
        • If it is not your kind of humor and you don’t like their work, why are you here? why do you care what they post or don’t post. You can simply not watch and ignore them. if you didn’t want them to share your work simply decline when they asked for permission. if you know EYK so well then you know they would never use someone else’s work with out their permission as they too have had their stuff used without their consent.

          3 years ago
        • if that is the case and you are looking into it, then that is great. and I really mean that. however in your original post you did not sound as if you were trying to better understand what happened on the whole. I urge you to read more of the comments on this forum,especially those made by simon and martina, where they have stated that they did not brush “off the actual concern, ignoring the fanfic
          writers who weren’t sending you rageful comments.” people who sent them calm and respectful queries were answered respectfully. they however were not able to respond to everyone do to the torrent of rage filled messages that were sent their way. As for your comment ” Most people associate EYK with mockery” that is the same kind of harsh generalization that you are accusing them of. Most people I know like EYK and their KMM reviews.. Several of the Very Idols for whom they have done KMMs about have commented about how funny it was and that they liked watching them.. they make the kmms to express their opinions about the song and music video. People ask for those opinions by voting for those videos to be reviewed. If the Idols themselves enjoy them why are the fans “associating them with mockery”? that makes no sense to me and I am a huge fan of several groups they have reviewed. sure I may not always agree with their opinion, but I know they are not doing these reviews to be malicious. watch their impromptu interview with U-kiss for a couple years ago, or any of their interviews with artists really.

          3 years ago
  53. erm, usually what I see used instead of AR (never seen this, maybe its regional?) is AU aka Alternate Universe.

    3 years ago
  54. Ray

    I am actually really excited for the fanfic video discussion thingy! I don’t see what the problem is >.>

    3 years ago
  55. I will never condone those hateful comments you got and I’m really sorry for that but trying to make fic readers look bad will not make you get away with your responsability in the chaos your tweet caused. I expected you to get past those immature reactions and address the issue at hands but no, you just played the victim and feigned ignorance. As an ‘avid fanfic reader’ as you claim yourself to be, you should know better than to spread/share fanfics 1) to an audience that isn’t exactly the intented one and aimed at by the author, and 2) outside the original platform/website that is, yes technically a public domain, but only people who intentionally seeked of their own know about (bringing us back to the intented audience I was talking about). Your blog and its audience aren’t either of those thus the backlash you got which is totally founded and understandable unlike what you’re trying to make it seem. It isn’t about writers fearing their work to be criticized (tbh some of them are better than published authors) so much as it is fanfic dealing with RPF which is a touchy topic and not everyone being comfortable with. It needs a certain level of understanding and some rules and norms to be agreed on by people on both ends (writers and readers) and popularizing it on a video viewed/viewable by everyone is just crossing the boundaries. Introducing the general idea of fanfictions and how it works is alright but that’s where you should stop. It’ll be up to those who are interested and/or curious to go dig deeper and find their way into the fanfic world on their own

    3 years ago
    • Exactly what I had in mind. Thank you.

      There’s a reason why the authors opted to publish their fanfics on AFF (or their preferred site) and not just any other place online. Fanfics are written for people who love reading them. Authors post them in sites where their intended audience/readers would naturally go to.

      It’s the internet alright, but it doesn’t mean that anybody can just “use” whatever one has written without their permission. There’s a reason why fanfiction sites show the author’s name and not just show “anonymous.” It means, that someone owns that material. There’s not an established law as to intellectual rights for online articles/publications, but I think it’s morally right to respect the person who wrote the story, even if the characters are borrowed. In fact, some fanfics have original characters in them, so you can’t go saying the author doesn’t own that story with that OC (original character). And most of the time, the OCs are the main characters with the kpop idol being the love interest or what-not.

      Haneul : “Introducing the general idea of fanfictions and how it works is alright but that’s where you should stop. It’ll be up to those who are interested and/or curious to go dig deeper and find their way into the fanfic world on their own” Very well-said. I agree to all you said, actually.

      3 years ago
    • I just want to say thank you for your comment because you said things I was thinking about saying but did it much better. Especially the whole issue with the intented audiences!! And it was really disheartening to see EYK feigning ignorance over this whole thing.

      3 years ago
  56. When KBS World plays Gag Concert here in the US they translate the line to “I have experience”.

    I disagree with Leigh’s explanation of OTP. Most readers/writers that I know have an OTP per fandom. Not an OTP for everything. So the example should have been more like “I sometimes dabble in Bella/Edward, but Bella/Jacob is my OTP.”

    Would it be possible for you guys to put Romanizations on your Korean words? I can’t read the Korean alphabet (it’s on my list of thing to do).

    3 years ago
    • That’s a good point. One OTP is but a single ship in one’s, potentially, limitless shipping armada. Although, given the state of some of my favorite shows, my armada is looking like the Battle of the Blackwater. :(

      3 years ago

    “Hello anon, locking was indeed caused by EYK’s tweet, not because I think they’re bad people, or that they won’t ask for permission before featuring a fic, or that they’ll even notice my fic in the first place, but because I just wanted to take precaution against my fic being noticed outside of EXO ficdom, as most of my fic do indeed feature rated scenes, which I don’t believe is everyone’s cup of tea. The reason why I took to locking my comm instead of simply telling people not to recommend my work was because I don’t have a very good reach on social networking sites, and I don’t think anyone would “hear me” if I simply released some kind of statement, so taking away the source was imo much more effective and efficient.

    Basically, sharing&writing RPF has enough ~moral ambiguities associated with it as it is, so this temporary lock is just a measure to make sure that people who are not interested in these kinds of things don’t have to unintentionally expose themselves to and be made uncomfortable by said things. Again this isn’t b/c I think EYK are bad people or will ridicule fic, but b/c I simply don’t want my work to be somehow exposed to an unintended audience in the process.” – http://changdictator.livejournal.com/11531.html?thread=465163#t465163

    Please double check your sources people. Changdictator is just waiting for this mess EYK started to blow over.

    3 years ago
  58. There was no dignity lost and before you interject saying they have no dignity to begin with, yes, they do and this, this isn’t about dignity. This is about parts of the fanfiction community being too shortsighted and impulsive to realize the nature of EYK’s videos. And if they didn’t bring it up then they would get a lot of unnecessary, unreasonable and unwanted flack and not have somewhere to clear the issue. Just because one is ignorant of a situation doesn’t mean the situation shouldn’t be brought to the table to be discussed by the rest. As for “Outrage Porn”, call it passive aggressive, call it humour, call it whatever you want but it still exists, and it has a valid reason for existing.

    3 years ago
    • And it’s kind of funny you talk about viewing this objectively, because to be objective is “not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.”, in which case you too failed to be objective. Why? Because you felt “disappointment on EYK’s stance” which is a personal feeling. I don’t care about what they say about the matter, but I do care that the discussion is being brought to the table. As I said before, it’s important to talk about bullying, action vs. inaction or even the best course of action. But if one were to say “it’s not worth talking about”, I politely disagree.

      3 years ago
      • Perhaps you need to read my comment again because your comprehension is incorrect. My personal feeling is toward the action of posting this drama on their blog. You are biased in the situation between EYK and the fanfic community while I am biased toward no one.

        3 years ago
    • I didn’t side with a group I thought was innocent, and I don’t think that’s the case here either. Did I say that EYK did nothing wrong? Don’t label me or put words in my mouth. I too, was commenting about EYK’s action on posting this issue on their blog. Think of it this way, if someone was mistreated, they have a reason and a right to stand up and (at the very least) explain themselves, and that’s what EYK did. It was like watching one bullying another, and the bullied does something about it. Was it right to do something? Was it just, what thy did? Or should the bullied not have done or said anything, swept death threats and accusations under the rug, and forget about it? Those are questions that people should think and talk about. These are dialogues that are important and matter.

      3 years ago
      • If you look at your first reply to me, you already assume that I was going to insult or put down EYK: “and before you interject saying they have no dignity to begin with.” As far as I see it, you are the one labeling others and putting words in others mouths. You’re the one looking for the bad in people before they demonstrate it online. The amount of righteous anger in your post is displaced. Don’t feel the need to blow up at me for pointing out that EYK should have let sleeping dogs lie. To stand up for themselves is one thing, but it should be done in a way that promotes resolution. As far as I see it, this blog post further instigates anger within the EYK community and the fanfic community.

        3 years ago
        • I would argue that “and before you interject…” was necessary to truncate that part of the conversation and move to the bigger picture simply because it’s too subjective and both opinions can be accepted. It’s subjective, I know. I’m not looking for the bad in people, I am simply saying that it’s unnecessary to address whether one has dignity or not in light of a more important topic. And I didn’t blow up on you, this is a conversation/debate, with no amount of aggression or shouting involved. Unless blowing up doesn’t involve aggression or shouting then by all means, define it to help me understand so that I can stand corrected. Not a big deal to be wrong.

          This is about your position/opinion, and my disagreeing with it. It is this: you think that EYK should “let sleeping dogs lie”, I disagree. Pretty simple.

          As for standing up for oneself “in a way that promotes resolution”, how can one judge that? How do you know this conversation doesn’t promote resolution perhaps even in a broader sense than what we see here? What if people learn what to do/not to do, and apply it in real life? It’s likely something the neither you nor I will witness, but it can happen. And isn’t that enough, that these discussions inspire people to recognize and change their thoughts/behaviours/actions? Whereas if these discussions didn’t occur, no one would know/learn a thing or two, and life would go on business as usual. I’d rather the path where something happens and some people learn from this experience to become better, than the path where nothing happens and nothing changes.

          Do I think these discussions are doing harm to the relationship between EYK and the fanfiction community? Not if I’m in both and I’m unaffected by either. I’ve been reading fanfics for over a decade now, and I’ve been following EYK since 2010. So I would have to say no, not where it counts. And “where it counts” can roughly be translated into Does this change a person fundamentally, from his/her beliefs up? Or is it just a small scuffle which really doesn’t affect the outcome in the long run? If the little factors (authors) in a big society (fanfic community) change, then does that mean they’re not resilient enough to stand against an unintentional attack(one tweet)? What does that say about the fanfic community? The unintentional attack? Lastly, the “fanfic community”, that would be the kpop-related fanfic community and judging by the fanfics recommended by EYK viewers… how much of it represents the whole fanfic community- like Star Trek and Harry Potter? If you look at it that way, is it such a big deal? Is it really? These are the questions, the bigger picture. What really matters?

          3 years ago
        • Sorry for using slang… me using “blow up at me” was meant in the terms of “hitting me up with multiple comments” like how “blowing up my phone” means “getting a lot of calls.” (See another example of how things can be taken out of context online!)

          Unfortunately, I think the biggest loser in this situation is EYK simply because they are more well known and easier to vilify. It saddens me because I know just how much things can be taken out of context online… which is why I maintain my stance on letting it go.

          3 years ago
        • I’m just bad with slang, it’s hard to keep a discussion when I have to second guess words, bad for communication/understanding etc…

          I too think that it sucks to have words taken out of context and be misinterpreted and misunderstood because of it, but I think it’s already pretty easy to place the blame which is, of course, on both parts. If M+S could be more concise in their tweets, if the fanfic community didn’t take it so personally, and so much freaking more. Alas, to err is human, so on and so on. I think EYK did what they did because they’re confident that they won’t lose their support from it and they don’t want to be pushed around :P Though now that I know you used to be a youtuber, it fucking sucks when people team up on you based on your opinion, and really, the world needs to grow up a little because there’s so much uncalled hate spreading that wouldn’t otherwise exist =_=

          (On the side note I’m an artist/designer and write fanfics on the side, I know when shit hits the fan it’s not easy to deal with. But years of being in the art school toughened me up for stupidity and I still put myself out there for the off-chance of a good criticism, which is why I too, stick with my stance ;) )

          3 years ago
    • ^^ i agree completely

      3 years ago
  59. I think fanfiction have been judged negatively for such a long time, that anytime some media tries to explain it, we get sensitive about it, because for me personally, I don’t think it’s been explained accurately and positively before. Every time I see it explained, its all about the weird pairings, smut, or the crazy ones, but never the novel-length, grammatically correct, plot-driven, wonderful characters written and life-changing ones that you can find in many fandoms. Just because its derived from a popular media and it’s free, it gets written off as rubbish, instead of how incredibly amazing it is. So, it’s not that EYK did something that was wrong, or that the fanfiction community freaked out wrongly, it’s just that,I feel like explaining the world of fanfiction in one of their segments wouldn’t get the right explanations and give the right validation fanfics deserve. IDK, I mean I’m happy fanfics are being discovered, but I’m also sensitive, because for a long time now, I’m been made ashamed for liking fanfics just because of how they are viewed by someone outside of the fandom world, when I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of fanfics more than what is available out in the real world.

    3 years ago
  60. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

    I like how you made an account just to write something completely vague lol

    3 years ago
  61. Ana

    Outraged reply in 3, 2, 1~~~

    3 years ago
  62. Oh.. My I didn`t even see those tweets x.x How horrible ! I mean.. what is wrong by sharing your favorite fanfiction… I mean.. most of the k pop fanfiction authors share it on asianfanfics, a public page where everyone can read, someone are even allowing the readers to download their story on PDF. I mean, fanfiction are meant to enjoy and share, so the author can get their praise they deserve. I mean by sharing you are showing your love for your author and thats it. Sharing it with EYK doesn`t make any difference as sharing it to a friend. So by making those bashing meany tweets, just to rage and make an awful mood over it… UGH x.x ITS JUST STUPID !!!!

    I mean, I write fanfiction as well, if someone shared my story I would just be grateful, thinking that they actually like the story <3



    3 years ago
    • The main problem here is lack of good communication.

      – EYK tweeted asking for fanfic recommendations, adding that they might be used in a video. They did not state how these fics would be used. It was only a day later they said they would ask the author’s permission.

      – Cue fanfic authors worrying about EYK mocking their work, making a parody of it. Fanfiction is already seen as a low-brow hobby, and fanfic authors are often under attack and made fun of.

      – Also, some fanfic authors did not want their work being exposed on such a large platform – as EYK keep saying, their tl:dr is their most popular segment, and they also have idol viewers – many fanfic authors do not want their work exposed to this large audience because it exposes them to mocking and negative opinions.
      – Hence, fanfic authors, rather than shouting abuse at EYK, locked or deleted their fics to avoid being pulled into a drama.
      – Some fanfic readers got upset. A minority blamed EYK and tweeted nasty things to them.

      Just because you would be happy with your fic being shared and exposed outside of the fandom, doesn’t mean other feel the same.
      Fanfics are something very personal to the author, and without them knowing what their fic would be used for in a vid, they decided to take pre-emptive action to avoid hassle and drama later.

      3 years ago
      • Ok…… I don`t know if you kinda got me wrong….. Or I didnt fully expressed it really clearly enough… I mean… I totally understand the fact that some people might find it as a vulnerable spot in the fright of getting mocked and getting into an huge of drama….

        Its just, I guess eyk would understand that, as they would ask the author of permission. So without making such mocking tweets and all, the tweeters could just not make a huge fuss about it, as eyk would ask them in personal to use them, adn if they didn`t wanted to join, they could just have said no…

        I`m sure eyk, took in consideration about the author and what they wanted…. So if they felt uncomfortable with it, they would have understand.

        So making a huge fuss of it is just …. well yeah… But I totally understand the feeling…. I mean… fanfics are pretty personal, and the majority are making otps out of idols, and since idols actually watch eyk`s videos, well… it would kinda feel embarrassing, so I totally get your point ^^

        Yet, what I was trying to say, was that, there are some people that would be grateful about it, and well, fanfictions….. Its hard, It all depends on the author, and what she/he wants with her story…. But eyk would have asked the author themselves without well, having to go through this bashing comments…. its rude to bash people on the internet.. what so ever….

        But yeah…. I haven`t really updated myself on this issue…. so sorry if my comment didn`t seem to over see this through the whole different views there are, and the whole specter about it… Its just sad to see people bashing eyk for not really do anything wrong…. and the people who writes to them kinda set the fanfic fandoms to a whole new view that kinda scares me, even if it is to protect their favorite authors and their stories.

        3 years ago
  63. The word Fanfiction can bring joy to fans or angry to authors/writers. Some authors are flattered by fans wanting to write about character they created while others are upset over the copyright for their characters. Everyone all knows Fifty Shades of Grey was first a piece of Twilight Fanfiction. EL James is not the first author who has written a piece of Fanfiction and turned it around to be a loosely based on an original story. Michelle Harris was a fanfic writer wrote a story called“Moonlight Midnight Glory” which was originally written as a Sailor Moon Fanfiction. You can buy her book on Amzon.com. There are many authors who have said they wrote Fanfiction from R.J, Anderson, Meg Cabot, Cassandra Clare, and Neil Gaiman.

    With that being said, I don’t understand why people are upset over asking for Fanfiction. Evening if EYK was going to have a video talking about fandom of K-Pop and K-Dramas, you asked for fans favorite fanfiction stories. EYK has a big K-Pop group of fans that probably enjoy Fanfic and wanted to share these stories to a bigger audience. Evening if you planned on
    poking a little fun at the idea of Fanfiction it isn’t the first time Fanfiction as been the butt of the joke.

    You’re Beautiful poked fun of the ridiculous aspect of being an idol with its Slash Fanfiction scene. Heck, Answer Me 1997 had Shi-won getting into college because of writing Slash Fanfiction of H.O.T. Those two dramas were able to stand back and look at the humor of the situations of fans. Yes, there are some really scary fans who will take it to the next level but I
    don’t think this was the point EYK was trying to make. If they wanted to talk about the horrors of fandom, just look at the Sasaeng fans of EXO. I heard one of them went to a member’s brother’s wedding.

    Writers of fanfiction put their work out there to be read by the fandom. As long as the fandom likes the work, what does it matter if others don’t? It is like people asking why I like K-Pop and K-Dramas. They just don’t understand why I enjoy music and dramas when I don’t speak the language. You can explain but it may just not be their cup of tea. The writers of said fanfic
    want reviews from fans to improve or not to improve the story. What does it matter if someone doesn’t like it? Again the story or pairing may not be to someone else taste.

    Lev Grossman I believe said it best, “Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language”

    3 years ago
    • I still have the Draco Trilogy by Cassie Claire in my hard drive… I was such a fan of it and sometimes I’ll revisit it even more than my HP original series… ahahahaha. She also had crack fic series from lord of the rings which I also enjoyed. That’s why I went out to buy Cassie’s books once they hit the shelves, I wanted to give thanks for the times she gave me free entertainment as a fanfic author.

      3 years ago
      • Oh my God, someone who has read The Very Secret Diaries! You rock! That crackship LOTR series was some of the funniest fic I’ve ever read. My roommate and I would read those aloud, laughing so hard we cried.
        Also the scenes in You’re Beautiful where they explain how their fans write stories about them- usually involving a love triangle- and the scene where the other member is engrossed in reading the fanfic are some of my favorite parts of that show.

        3 years ago
  64. Just letting people out there know that if you want to watch GagConcert with english subs, KBSWorld uploads full episodes
    regularly on their channel
    Here’s their playlist~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
    I just wanted to share because it made it so much easier for me to find shows like GagConcert and 1Night2Days…
    The fact that I don’t have to feel bad about watching it illegally is a bonus (つω⊂* )

    3 years ago
  65. I don’t really get Gag Concert. The first time I watched, it was really funny. But they do the same sketches every week with the same jokes, just with different setting variations and such. It’s too predictable and boring. I’ll only watch it if there’s a guest I wanna see. But yeah one sketch I liked was called “Why we don’t need men” and I looked through a bunch to see which was the funniest to show my friend. He really liked it but I’m sure if I showed him other ones he’d be like “umm didn’t I already see this”.

    3 years ago
  66. My rec for Sess/Kag (Inuyasha): anything by forthright – https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1035027/forthright

    If you like Sev/Harry (Harry Potter) mentoring stories, Green Gecko has an amazing trilogy beginning with Resonance: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1795399/1/Resonance

    I haven’t read much Thor fanfiction, but I think I’ll give Lokane a try. :P

    3 years ago
  67. AU which stands for Alternative Universe, kinda sorta like AR but I think AU covers more possibilities when writing out of canon
    Angst, for all those dramatic “I will make you cry and want to tear your heart out” fics.
    Supernatural (?) maybe, considering all those vampire fics going around….

    I used to know about a lot more terms but years have made me forget. ALSO, nobody uses Lemon/Lime to refer to fanfics with sexual content anymore. At least I haven’t seen it in quite a few years. Which only makes me sound like an old fart. *grandma voice* I used to read fanfics when people used lemon to refer to what you youngsters call smut these days *grandma voice over* yeah…. almost ten years.

    I don’t know if the reaction is stemming from that infamous moment of Sherlock’s conference when the moderator made Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman *read* a pretty steamy Johnlock fanfic, which not only embarrassed the actor, but was mortifying to the author of said fic as well. Martin and Benedict were great sports about the whole thing but there’s the feeling of using the fanfics as a way to embarrass the author, in this case the actors, and generally humiliate the fandom.

    So, I’m guessing that, as long as it’s done tactfully, the fandom can be at ease, but if it has a different purpose, shit will hit the fan. Perhaps, you should have mentioned why you wanted the links?

    3 years ago
  68. OMG, I had no idea any of this was going on. Did it really become such a big thing? One or two times I was upset by things S&M had said (basically I thought they had gone too far). But S&M are real people, and their opinions are going to necessarily correlate with mine. But I never understand why people would get so nasty. Nastiness doesn’t solve any problems! One reason why I’m hesitant to be online is because of nastiness. In fact, this is really the only place where I leave comments. And I was invisible for so long.

    Next time, if you are concerned about things S&M are doing, say so nicely! Nastiness does not need to exist.

    3 years ago
    • Ana

      Thank you! I don’t know you, but your decency has impressed me. Many hugs, sweetie :3

      3 years ago
  69. I’m seriously laughing at some of the reasons being given for why authors took down stories, etc.

    Reason 1 – Not knowing what you guys are going to do with them. Instead of ranting online or freaking out and taking things down, what should an author of a story who has concerns about it do? Why, they should contact you of course. I feel like that should’ve been a common sense thing. I don’t write, but if I did, the first thing I’d do would be to contact them asking what the stories are being used for because I’m not sure if I want my work being used in a video. Then I would’ve gotten a response and gone from there.

    Reason 2 – People are worried about hate from EYK fans that aren’t into fanfiction or aren’t into ones involving real people. If S&M posted links to fics or whatever, if a fan doesn’t read fanfiction, they still won’t read it. Yes, there is a chance they might look up the story, take a glimpse, but the most likely thing is they’ll ignore it. If they do look it up, why would they then join the community to leave a response saying how much they don’t like fanfiction? For example, when it comes to KMMs or reaction videos to songs/groups I don’t like, I ignore it. Why waste my time with something that doesn’t hold my interest? Same thing, why read a fanfic just because S&M recommended one if I don’t like fanfiction?

    Reason 3 – People being worried because you work with actual idols and some watch your videos. Lmao, this one kills me. Idols know about fanfiction, it isn’t the secret thing people seem to think it is. Idols and other celebrities around the world have even made mention about fanfics or reading ones that they are in out of curiosity. Though in all honesty, probably the last thing these stars want to do is read fanfics about themselves.

    Reason 4 – Worried over plagiarism and copyright issues, etc. From past EYK videos, it is more than a little obvious how seriously you take things like copyright and using things with permission, so I don’t really see the concern here.

    Reason 5 – Worried about their work being reviewed/criticized/whatever. I see comments on fics all the time that bash writing styles, plotlines, etc. Heck, one story I’m reading now is practically all comments about how they readers hate where they author is going in terms of coupling and anger towards the author. Authors get that stuff any way, so it seems like a dumb thing to freak out about possibly happening.

    3 years ago
    • 1. People did ask them. I saw tweets upon tweets upon tweets asking about it. There was no reply other than the tweet about asking the authors permission so….

      2. People on the internet do this ALL THE TIME. If you’ve seen youtube comments on videos alone it would tell you that people do this a lot. I think a reason you don’t see it much on fanfic is because for people not in the know it is hard to find. But suddenly if EYK is posting links well there it is for people who didn’t have access to it before. Also, I would like to point that you don’t need to join a community to comment on some fics. Just have an account on the hosting website.

      3. Idols knowing fanfic exists and knowing where to find and read it are two different things. Would you want an idol to know you wrote about them having sex and for them to know your username or possibly your real first name? Not to mention this puts pressure on the idol and in a kpop world where fan service is a real thing this is not good.

      4. I won’t comment on this as I saw no actual tweets with this concern.

      5. Yes, people do criticize fic in the comments but, those that simply just bash are not a normal occurence. 9/10 if you see a criticising comment on a fanfic it is constructive. I don’t know what fic you’re reading but if I was that author I would either disable comments or stop posting. Even the worst fanfic authors put in time and hardworm for their stories and to have people hate on it so much is terrible.

      3 years ago
      • Also, I just wanna say, I don’t blame the authors of fanfics for being upset over the situation. Obviously it became a really big deal for many. I’m just saying, the way some people have worded things in the comment section here to explain why things went down the way they did, it just doesn’t make sense to me and these are my thoughts on those specific things I read.

        3 years ago
      • The amount of time I spend on twitter, pretty much none. And when I do get on, I don’t go check out their page or tags about them. I’m just basing this off of comments here on this site and in their blog post above. They said they responded to people who emailed them about the issue. Maybe if they went to twitter it would’ve solved a lot of the issues.

        True. You do find that on YouTube a lot. Though most don’t even watch through a whole video. Fanfiction would be a completely different beast because you’d have to use some thought for reading. By community I meant the site, most are their own little communities in a way. Like, idk, AFF. To leave a comment on a story there you have to be logged in. I just don’t think a person who isn’t interested in reading fics would make an account to comment on a story they aren’t interested in because S&M linked to one.

        Idols don’t need S&M to find fics. All they need is google.
        Personally, if I had any ability to write and an idol saw my story involving them and sex, I probably wouldn’t care too much. I’d be embarrassed for a bit if I found out, but in the long run, how would I ever even know they saw my story? And if someone left a comment claiming to be them, I’d think it was total BS.

        As I said, I don’t check twitter, I’m basing this all on comments I’ve seen here. There have been a few (though it might’ve been multiple comments from one person *shrugs*) talking about their stuff possibly being plagiarized when used for an EYK video.

        I agree with that. Most reviews/criticisms are going to be constructive. I think even if S&M had linked stories, the comments coming from that that were reviews would be just that, constructive criticism. Bashing is horrible, I don’t see why people feel the need to waste breath on it. But it still happens, so I don’t see the need to worry about it. As for that story, I can’t look at the comments anymore because it makes me angry. This is a persons work of art, so to speak, and it does take time out of their life, people should respect that (also why I despise any sort of comment asking for updates to come faster). But the author doesn’t seem to care too much about what other people think and just cares about their story getting out there. So props to that author, for real.

        3 years ago
  70. Ana

    The controversy about the fanfic sharing is nauseating.

    A message to everyone: Please enjoy Internet discussions for the entertainment they provide!
    Try not to take it to heart.

    Furthermore, the moment a user of any platform publishes something on the Internet they must deal with the fact that it is PUBLIC. Sure, that might draw the attention of some very disrespectful and mean individuals. But sometimes exchange of information is not
    about prejudice and wanting to insult, it might be about wanting to understand
    something better. Rule of thumb: if you would like something not being found about, do not share it where it is easily accessible, e.g. on the Internet.

    Quick question: Would you sue someone in real life if they just asked if you’d be interested in sharing an opinion? Simon and Martina might have triggered some subconscious guilt and angst with their question, but a spec of rational thinking might have helped some here to hakuna their tatas …

    That being said: Revise your approach to this
    misunderstanding and keep calm!

    Many hugs to all. I love you guise <3

    3 years ago
  71. Let me just say that if EYK went through hell to just get an interview with SHINee re-approved numerous times, even though they had an ok the first time. EYK are very courteous people and they had have disclaimers after disclaimers with reviews and videos because they know they have a very large audience. They redirect to the attention to themselves to avoid their audience from bashing the group or the culture by saying things like,”This is from OUR perspective” “this is from a foreigners perspective” “we are not experts ourselves in this certain area”. They would NEVER want to point to point their finger at someone else and say “Look how awful that is!”.
    Granted, their tweet was vague, but when is it not? They like to keep things as a surprise! Hence, Simon having to blindfold Martina and flip the car over when he was going to propose to her. Where is the fun if they outline everything out in a tweet that can only have 140 characters.If you were an avid fan of EYK, you would know them enough, or even their history of making videos demonstrates that they would do NOTHING to harm a person.
    I understand, as a fanfic writer and reader myself, that not being credited is very rude, and I now see the points from both sides after reading very level-headed comments on how a person might not be so happy being shared with, along with replies saying, “If you don’t want it shared, don’t post it online.”
    If you find out your fanfic was being shared with EYK, and let’s say you were hypothetically an anti-fan, you can always email them asking not to use your fanfic because you are not comfortable with it. They WILL oblige! When someone points to a person, and blindly accuses them for an action that has not even happened yet, that is just so simple minded and so immature. Tackle the issue, and not the person.

    3 years ago
  72. ohemgee. that was special. people freaking out over nothing. I would think a REAL writer wouldn’t really mind their name possibly getting out there a little more, reaching a larger audience, maybe getting some more criticism and praise, so they know what they need to work on. I know of several fanfic writers who write them for practice, and then go out and actually publish REAL BOOKS, and they tend to promote themselves quite a bit (no, I don’t remember exactly who they are, but I have read 4 of them). wow, just wow people.
    anyway, I’ve never seen it as ‘AR’, I’ve only seen it as ‘AU’- Alternate Universe. its the same thing, but if I were to see something labeled AR, I would have no idea what it was talking about. just wanted to share that tidbit xP

    3 years ago
    • I agree with all of this.
      Honestly, if one of my fanfics popped up on EYK I would be thankful for the publicity.

      3 years ago
  73. As a member of the fanfic community I saw the hunormous explosion of anger and fear all over AFF. I think it’s because they’re worried they’re gonna bash them. I’m glad all that blabber has been cleared up
    Also, I’ve never heard anyone use AR, only AU.

    3 years ago
  74. At one point or another, I’ve been disappointed about some part of some contents you guises have put. That said, I’ve never once thought that you’ve tried to hurt a community or anything intentionally. And most of the time, when I see people bashing you for any kind of reason, I get really defensive and want to protect you. This time is one of those time. I’m angry at people jumping to conclusion for no valid reason and creating chaos ON THEIR OWN. People are accusing you guise, saying you’ve caused this, but they got only themselves to blame.

    Internet is this weird world where overaction is the almost only reaction you can have, and even though it’s really great sometimes, it’s also really shitty for this reason (and others).

    I won’t say anything like “be careful” and stuff, because the only meaning of your work is doing what you want to do, and having suscribers that like it. It makes no sense trying to please everyone anyway, because it’s not possible.

    So, to round up, I’m just saying that I would really have liked you to put up a few fanfic link out there, because I’ve been following Kpop more intensively for about 2 years now, but I cannot seem to get into fanfiction because I don’t have a starting point and I lack knowledge about it (though I used to read some back in the days, you know, when Sailor Moon was a big thing… Gosh I’m old lol) I feel sorry that this mini scandal (but really, how is it a scandal when you see the latest one that when on in the Youtube community) kept you guise for doing this kind of list :( If ever you feel like doing one, I’ll be the first one to read the blog post. Maybe a blog post about it without a vid?

    Anyway, keep up your good work! It’s normal now and then to hit a rough patch, but the true Nasties love you :)

    3 years ago
    • I’m pretty much with you.

      I don’t understand why people are making these posts on tumblr based on rumours without even checking the info from EYK’s twitter that can be easily found there: they want to use fanfics in video and they will ask permission from authors. How this twisted to: “EYK review and make fun of fics without asking permission!” is beyond to my understanding.

      Everyone who closed their fics because of this is stupid bandwagoners in my opinion. You are closing your site because of rumour and not even getting info that’s so easily available and would save you from all the trouble?

      3 years ago
  75. It amazes me how condescending your comments about the fic community is in this post, it’s actually really upsetting because you’re missing the point entirely. So I’m gonna see if I can’t make it a little clearer to you and everyone else here who seems confused as to WHY fanfic author’s removed their fic.

    Say some pretty well-known Youtuber posted a tweet saying “Link me your favorite Youtube videos, I might mention it in an upcoming vid!!!” And so a bunch of people link videos to them and some of your guys’ videos get linked over too. Your KMMs or TL;DRs, whatever. You have a lot of fans you follow you so of course, they’d be excited to share some of your videos! Which is cool. Sharing is cool.

    But what if you saw this tweet and thought…wait? But what is this youtuber gonna DO with our videos? Is he going to mock them? Is he going to steal a skit that we spend hours coming up with? Is he going to pick apart what we do? You won’t know, because he doesn’t say. Maybe he comes back to twitter a few hours later and adds “don’t worry, I won’t use vids unless the
    creator says it’s okay!”

    Okay, so maybe you don’t have to worry. It’s cool. Right?

    Except, what if, this youtuber posts his video and it does mock you? It does draw attention to you guys and your videos. What if he does steal a skit you two created and uses it to make fun of you “hahaha these lame people who make videos off of kpop how stupid”

    You can say all you want that the internet is a public place and that anyone who posts things online need to know that others can take and use at their will, BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY.

    If someone took the skits you guys made and redid them just to make fun of you and posted them on the internet, I don’t think you would be very happy. I don’t think you would be like “oh well the internet is the internet!” and just let them continue doing what they wanted.

    When you guys made your tweet about requesting fanfic but don’t elaborate what FOR or what you’re going to DO with the fanfic, of course authors are going to be wary. Fanfiction is still a very niche part of fandoms, even when it seems like it’s everywhere. NOT EVERYONE IS INTERESTED IN SHIPPING OR FANFICS OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. ESPECIALLY IN REAL-PERSON FANDOMS. To assume that fanfic writers would be happy that you’re giving them more attention is honestly presumptuous and unnecessary. Fanfic writers do perfectly well without needing a video (on which you guys profit) to help them along.

    If Martina had made a tweet asking for fic recs just for her own self, I don’t think writers would have been scared over this at all. But wanting to use fic in a video that no one knew what it would be about, I can’t believe you don’t understand why many author’s would be upset about this. It doesn’t even matter if the author’s are fans of yours or hate you or whatever. IT IS THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE TO PUT THINGS ON THE INTERNET AND TAKE IT DOWN WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT. IT IS THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE IF THEY WANT THEIR FIC TO BE LINKED TO A PAIR OF YOUTUBERS WHO HAVE A LARGE FANBASE.

    When people in ficdom (as in the people who actively read and/or write fic, NOT the entirety of fandom) read fics and then share them, THEY SHARE WITH OTHER PEOPLE THEY /KNOW/ READ AND LIKE FICS.

    Because of your guys’ vague tweets, not one author knew what you were going to do with their fics and the author’s who were fearful of this HAD EVERY RIGHT TO SHUT DOWN.

    As for the people who sent you those angry tweets – it definitely seems more like the readers who were angry that their favorite author’s shut down, and they were definitely rude and you guys DO NOT deserve to been attacked quite like that. However, one single tweet saying “for those of you that locked up your once totally public fanfic accounts, be freeeeee knowing that we have zero interest in making a video reviewing your fanfic writing skills” (although SO MUCH LESS CONDESCENDING THAN THIS WOW) would have put the authors at ease so much sooner.

    Another thing to point out is that your second tweet about not using works without permission was posted almost a DAY after your initial tweet. Fic writers wouldn’t know if their fics had been sent to you before then and most of them shut down their communities in order to break the links that anyone might have sent you. If you guys had just made those two tweets together
    (I’m honestly amazed you didn’t; as creative people and English majors, I would have thought this would be so obvious to you) then chances are the author’s reactions would NOT have happened and you guys would not have been attacked so
    much by angry readers.

    3 years ago
    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Not everyone understands EYK’s sense of humor, so the authors who locked their accounts kinda-probably-must have feared that they’d (EYK) use their stories and harshly critique them like they do MVs. I think EYK has bad rep enough that the authors are wary of them getting their hands on their preciously written fics. I mean, there wouldn’t be any ruckus going on about “one tweet” if there hasn’t been any bad experience about EYK posting a video bashing or making rudimentary comments about the stuff or material they use for the video.

      I think that tweet was supposed to have come off like “Guess what? We have a surprise for y’all. We’re gonna do a video about fanfics. What about fanfics? You have to watch out for it. It’s gonna be cool and stuff.” But apparently, it didn’t come off like that at all. It resulted in this word war between fans of both EYK and fanfic authors/fans…

      Anyway, people have to understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor. To most of you [Nasties in particular], “this” is the kind of humor you like [“this” meaning the kind of humor EYK has orz, no need to elaborate for you know what they are being a fan of them]. But to some, humor means good, clean jokes…not the ones where you bash or insult or make fun of other people’s awkward English or stuff like that. You can’t please everybody. So you gotta learn to understand that those people who locked their fics/accounts are the ones who are not pleased with what you are doing.

      Ambiguity is ambiguity. It’s there for different purposes. Of course, different people won’t think the same way. If you say you’re going to possibly post a video “about” fanfics, then expect that some people might get curious about what you are going to do. I know you want this kind of effect; people anticipating what you’re gonna do. But what irks me is that your bad rep when you comment and critique kpop videos and such. Not funny at all. Well, that’s just based on what I’ve seen so far. TBH, some of your earlier videos are funny. But now, it’s just meh… Just for the sake of being able to post something.

      3 years ago
    • Alright. I definitely understand that point. But hear this: the tweet is meant for everyone, while details of the video would be discussed with the authors only, prior to its publication.

      At least that’s how I got it. Simon and Martina don’t reveal much about their ongoing projects to those not involved in the process (much like most people on youtube). Where’s the fun in checking the site when you know exactly what you’ll see? Even TV never did that (at least not as blatantly as people seem to be demanding they do now). The suspense is important to keep people curious and engaged. That’s just good business sense.

      3 years ago
    • “You cant be ambiguous when you want to use someone else’s work for a video.”

      THANK YOU. This is it! When using someone else’s personal work for anything (even if it’s ~just on the internet and therefore for everyone~) doesn’t mean you don’t credit or ask for permission, and it doesn’t mean you can keep people in the dark about it. If EYK had made it even a little bit clearer what they were going to use the fic for, most writers probably would not have done what they did to prevent it.

      3 years ago
      • I hate to say this, but your wrong. Your FanFic is not YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Typically, fanfic is the intellectual property of the book, show, movie, etc. that inspired it, which is why takedown notices can be submitted against it, and why so many fanfics start with disclaimers of how they author isn’t doing this for money, means no offense to the show, book, or actual owner of the IP, and a host of other things. Now real person fanfic might have some legal wiggle room, depending on the country you’re located in, but materials based on other’s works, not.

        3 years ago
    • You know, this post is just another example of an entitled generation, the belief that your feelings are more important than theirs. I read the responses, I saw the reaction. The fic community was outrageously abusive, but it’s condescending to point it out? This kind of ego-centric thinking drives me up the wall.

      I had no idea what they were planning to do with the fanfic suggestions either, but I did know the fic community were acting like damn fools. You can try to justify that foolishness, with what amounts to, “It’s not our fault! It’s your fault! How were we supposed to know! Oh sure, some people may have taken it too far (but not ME of course) but they wouldn’t have acted like horrible people if you didn’t MAKE them! YOU didn’t do enough to MAKE them NOT act like horrible people. How mean of you for calling them out! Shame on you!” You don’t think that’s what you wrote? Read it again. That’s what you wrote.
      I see a lot of people are upvoting your comment, and I’m sure those same people will downvote mine, but here is what I have to say to them: No matter how much information you have or don’t have, people should know enough to not be a jerk. They’re supposed to think about whether their reaction is appropriate to the situation. And when they fail at that, they should be big enough in character to at least recognize they failed and not pretend it was someone else’s failure in order to downplay their own embarrassment.

      But no, it’s not you, it’s them. You’re all wonderful, you’re all stars. You’re never ever wrong and all of your opinions are made of gold and fairy dust. Trophies for everyone!

      3 years ago
      • Rolling my eyes so hard rn
        If the comment above wasn’t enough for you to understand why people reacted that way, you’re hopeless

        3 years ago
      • Okay, first off, to address your comment about the fic community being outrageously abusive: I never once said that I agreed with the people who sent EYK rude tweets and messages. I don’t think those people were right AT ALL. They were definitely rude and could have much more easily addressed the issue instead of screaming at EYK. Martina says in this post that if you post stuff online you have to be open to online commentary. So in that case, there’s no reason for EYK to be angry at the many readers and fic writers who made posts or tweets saying they don’t like EYK and don’t want their fic sent to them. That’s open online commentary, isn’t it? Not everyone in kpop fandom is a fan of EYK. To think that all fic writers would be happy to have their fic recced to EYK without knowing what it was for is just as outrageous.

        The fic community was not acting like “damn fools.” Every single person on the internet has the RIGHT to take down their work or delete it without giving anyone any reason. Fic writers do not owe anyone anything. I don’t even know what you’re trying to get at all with the whole “it’s not our fault it’s your fault” comment. I’m not saying it’s EYK’s fault. I’m not saying it’s the fic authors fault. What I’m trying to do is explain WHY fic writers got so upset. EYK makes money off of these videos. A lot of people felt uncomfortable with that because FANFIC IS FREE. Another thing is that no one knew what EYK was doing with the fic recs. If EYK had been more forthcoming, this would not have gotten so out of hand as it did. Could the authors have contacted EYK personally to ask? Yeah, sure. But that does not mean that people wouldn’t stop linking them their fic. Again, as Martina says in this post, the fic authors took preventive measures to make sure their fics won’t be linked by deleting/locking them.

        I’m really not sure what you’re trying to say tbh, you sound just as ignorant about this whole issue as EYK.

        3 years ago
        • Actually, you can, within limits. Personal creations, just get assigned an automatic copyright. But copyright contains fair use, which means you review it, comment on it, skewer it, send significant praise, you can parody and a whole host of other things. What you can’t do is plagiarize, copy excessively, attempt to sell, claim the copyright as your own (unless you can prove it is), write a movie off it, etc.

          Fair use, is both very limited and very broad. Copyright stops people from making money on your work without your permission. But this is more of a direct approach, you can’t take someone’s fanfic, repackage it as your’s and sell it. But you can put together a collection your reviews of said fanfic and sell that, without the author’s or copyright holder’s permissions.

          3 years ago
        • I like how you started your first comment by saying “It amazes me how condescending your comment [is]” talking about Martina’s interjection, but then you write some even more condescending comments. I won’t bother mentioning them all but even your last sentence is ridiculously condescending : “you sound just as ignorant about this whole issue as EYK”.

          Let me tell you what I know about this issue :

          – Simon and Martina posted a tweet asking for their followers to link them to some of their favourite kpop fanfic.

          – People freaked out and started insulting both Simon and Martina AND the ones who were sending links to S&M

          – S&M posted a second tweet a day later in order to appease everyone which read : “Fanfic community: be at ease. We won’t use anyone’s fanfics without the author’s permission. Fair? :)”

          – People still kept sending insulting tweets and DEATH THREATS?! to S&M

          – S&M put their video online and everyone could see at last that they did not intend to make fun of Fanfics and their writers.

          -People like you still come here and blame Simon and Martina for all this madness (and there is still people on twitter sending insulting tweets to them and saying it’s THEIR fault if some fanfics got removed/locked).

          Now, try and justify all this to me again, please?

          Simon and Martina are clearly the victims here. THEY are the one who received insults and death threats, and yet you come here and tell them it’s their fault for not being “more forthcoming”?

          NO, they didn’t have to say EXACTLY what they were going to do with those fanfictions, especially after they stated that they would make sure to ask the writers for permission. If the writer gives permission to Simon and Martina to use their work, S&M can do whatever the hell they wants with it without having to also ask the readers and more generally the fanfic community for permission too.

          EVEN if they want to read some of them out loud in a video.

          EVEN if they want to make fun of those works or of fanfictions as a whole.

          EVEN if what they say about fanfictions offends YOU.

          Just because you are offended doesn’t mean you are right, remember?

          And that is what Irritablevowel was telling you. What you’re doing here has a name, it’s called “victim-blaming”. You’re calling out Simon and Martina for not being “more forthcoming”, like if it justified the offended reactions of all the petty people who insulted them. Nothing justifies sending death threats to someone. Ever.

          “So in that case, there’s no reason for EYK to be angry at the many readers and fic writers who made posts or tweets saying they don’t like EYK and don’t want their fic sent to them. That’s open online commentary, isn’t it?”

          There is a fine line between criticizing somebody’s work and outright threatening to “end them” if they dare touch the topic of something you like.

          Writers asking people not to send links of their works to Simon and Martina because they do not want the exposure or the critique or they do not like the way Simon and Martina review stuff, fine, S&M wouldn’t have use their work without their consent anyway.

          Writers telling people not to send links to their work to Simon and Martina because “they’re horrible people”? Not “open online commentary”. That’s Ad hominem and it’s NOT a valid or even acceptable argument.

          That’s what irritablevowel meant by saying that “No matter how much information you have or don’t have, people should know enough to not be a jerk”. If you insult someone to make your point, it is de facto invalid. And you should apologize when you realize you were wrong, which is clearly not what happened here since people upvoted your comments.

          3 years ago
    • You seem to be the only one (including EYK) who posted actual information about why people were upset. Instead of just thinking they knew why and saying that was the reason. Thank you for this.

      People also seem to forget that if you don’t like someone why would ever want them touching your stuff? Despite why they like EYK they should not go around saying people dislike them for “no valid reason”. There are plenty of valid reasons. Maybe they should “do some research before coming to a conclusion with second hand information.” I also like how EYK only pointed out people who didn’t see the tweets but not the many, many people who did and knew what they were upset about.

      3 years ago
      • I have a lot of fic writing friends who were upset and concerned over this so I’m a little worked up as well. I really wanted to make a comment so people would understand! The thing is that no one wanted to have to lock their fics – they put them up because they want people to read them! That’s the point! But EYK didn’t say they wanted fics to read just for fun. They wanted fics for a VIDEO. No one knew what that video would be about (were they going to re-enact fics? were they going to mock them? who knew! eyk didn’t bother to specify) and therefore people got rightfully scared. Authors have every right to be wary of what people might do with their work, work that they put a lot of time and effort into.

        As Martina said in this post “Or, more importantly, if online privacy is important to you, take more
        steps to ensure your privacy and the protection of your work, or – well –
        just don’t post stuff online if you’re afraid of online commentary” — this is exactly what the authors did! They TOOK STEPS TO ENSURE THEIR PRIVACY IN THIS SITUATION. When people steal authors fanfic, most authors delete/lock their fic. When people translate fic without permission, most authors make announcements to prevent it from happening again (or lock/delete their fic too). When EYK requested fics for a video, most authors TOOK PREVENTIVE MEASURES just like Martina suggested, and locked/temporarily deleted their fics. Most of these authors aren’t deleting their fics for good. They just wanted to make sure no one would send EYK their fics because they didn’t want that attention. And they have every right to do so.

        EYK can also be rightfully upset over people who are blaming them for their favorite authors’ fics to have disappeared. I’m sure that wasn’t EYK’s intention. But saying “do some research before coming to a conclusion with second hand information” is kind of weird? Because the only research they gave were the two tweets about the potential fic-video which actually gave NO information whatsoever? Sure, they said they wouldn’t use fic without permission, but like I said in my previous comment, most authors deleted/locked their fic IN CASE people had already linked EYK and therefore the links would be broken when EYK tried to access them.

        3 years ago
        • I agree with everything you said. I also haven’t seen much locking/deleting fic in my previous fandoms, just in kpop where there seems to be too many people stealing and reposting fic without permission (which is seriously terrible). Yeah, it’s possible that if Martina only reads non-kpop fic that she wasn’t aware of the sort of things kpop authors deal with.

          But regardless of that, I think that EYK could have definitely handled this whole thing a little better. I understand wanting to be secretive about videos you’re making, but when you choose to address such a sensitive topic such as fanfic, it would’ve been so much more appreciated by everyone if they’d informed people what they might be using the fic for. Especially after they got wind of authors deleting/locking their fic.

          Martina’s interjection in this post was incredibly condescending and it makes me sad to see it really. I get that EYK is upset over the people who sent them angry tweets, but instead of making such a defensive post, just CALMLY explaining that things got out of hand and they didn’t mean it would have been much more effective. And replying in the comments to other people and comparing fic authors shutting down their fics to religious fundamentalists is so completely ridiculous I don’t know what to say. Not to mention they keep commenting that they don’t get why everyone was upset, but they make no effort TO UNDERSTAND either.

          Overall, did the kpop fic community overact a bit? Yes, perhaps. But is EYK completely blameless? In my opinion, no. Just one single, non-condescending tweet about what they wanted to do with fics would have made a world of a difference.

          3 years ago
        • Re your 3&4: I’ve actually been asking for some kind of plagiarism controller, like the ones they use in universities to check your essays are your own. But rather than search for the original place it was posted (useless in our case), this would search the internet to find all the places a work had been posted to, so we knew exactly who had posted our work without our permission. I think it would be one of the most useful things that would ever be created for authors, and I’m glad you brought up a point about it.

          3 years ago
  76. why the authors who didnt want their stories to be shared act like those stories are so damn good and pure from their own imagination i bet those authors also got the ideas from movies,books,etc so why they acted like that?
    i know that write a fanfic is not an easy thing to do coz i’ve tried it and totally failed.

    so please stop being immature.peace!

    3 years ago
  77. Lu

    I think one reason the kpop fanfic community reacted the way they did is because EYK have connections to actual kpop idols that may watch their videos, and that could be a very embarrassing/uncomfortable situation for everyone

    also the way some people reacted (like in the pictures above) was very immature and entitled, and hopefully they’ll handle situations like this better in the future, because that’s kind of embarrassing

    3 years ago
    • Lu

      and although a lot of fans were immature, i think it’s also immature of S&M to not understand the fears that people would have had when they didn’t specify what they’d be doing with the fanfiction

      3 years ago
  78. AR really isn’t used anymore. A lot of people use AU which means alternate universe. AR and AU pretty much mean the same thing.

    3 years ago
  79. =( I’m not an avid fanfic reader myself, even though my friends try to force me into it. I’m kind of baffled; I mean Sandara Park? As in THEE 2ne1? Her tweet sounded pretty rude and I was really digging 2ne1. Or is this a different person but using the same name as Sandara Park? And isn’t fan fiction supposed to be fun? Isn’t that the whole point of fanfic? D: y so serious guys?

    3 years ago
  80. yeah i was basically outraged at how people were reacting on tumblr. like calm down and grow up a bit. /sigh
    anyway, i loved today’s episode! DICKS keeps getting better and better!
    i read mostly exo fanfiction nowadays like kaisoo (kai and kyungsoo) and hunhan (sehun and luhan) but back in the day i used to read loaaads of anime fanfiction!
    OH OH OH I also loooove Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality which is hands down the most amazing thing I’ve ever read on the internet :D

    3 years ago
    • HPMOR is probably the most headache inducing fanfic I’ve had the pleasure to ever read XD it’s so good, but ti takes a lot from you to read it and follow it. It’s still a great fic and one of the best HP fics I’ve ever read. Too bad the updates take sooo long

      3 years ago
  81. I’m a former fanfic writer in the disturbing childhood genre and now trying to write in the dating sims genre, and I’ve got to say, kpop fanfic community scares the hell out of me… hell kpop fandom scares me

    Seriously, I write and often read the dating sims fanfics, and the writers there are the nicest people. They don’t mind sharing their work as long as people leave their descriptions and story alone. Also, all the people I read fanfics on are on Tumblr. They know that their work is being shared, and have accepted that a wide audience is going to read it. Hell, people recognize some as the senpais of writing because of their contributions.

    My work is on fanfiction.net and I know people will share it and potentially critiscize its gore and disturbed up nature, and I honestly don’t care. This is the Internet age. Everything is being shared and people will want to continue to read it. By writing those tweets going against EYK, you make yourself look bad in the future because people will find out about these tweets, and potentially cause you to lose your job, or you garner hate messages directed at you. Yes, it’s your fanfic, but people are going to share your work throughout the Internet. Things don’t delete in the Internet, they will remain.

    3 years ago
  82. Don’t forget Molly Sue (basically when the author makes a new character that just happens to get with their favorite character).

    Kind of unrelated, but please tell me you guys have read Worm. You guys would all probably love it.

    3 years ago
  83. I only read Slash fanfiction of certain anime, book and TV shows. I never bothered to read the kpop ones, since I never liked to read fiction about REAL people, or themselves + idol. The thing I really really hate in fanfiction is OC’s, Mary Sues, and people that try to pair themselves with the character/person they like.

    3 years ago
  84. Not quite familiar of fanfic world, but from the looks of it: fanfic community = Fight Club. First Rule: You don’t talk about FIGHT CLUB!!!

    Anyhow, Gag Concert is really entertaining. Forever Alone skit is my favorite!

    3 years ago
  85. Don’t forget AU, which can mean Alternate Universe, like putting the characters in a different fandom’s universe, or Author’s Universe, where the author makes up a new setting and backgrounds for the characters, like making their OTP doctors or high school students.

    3 years ago
  86. I’m disappointed. Those tweets aren’t even necessary. But let me tell you the thing on those people’s minds: YOU GUYS WERE GOING TO REVIEW A FANFIC..so that’s why most authors freaked out lol. I actually asked a few authors (Yeah I’m a reader in AFF and I’m actually planning to post my own stories xD) why they didn’t want their fanfics being shared and those authors gave the exact same reason. And they should at least do a little research so they know that EYK is a business now and if you use their stories without permission it’s considered plagiarism… >_>” sigh some people.

    I think those people who sent you those kind of tweets are all immature little kids. xD
    And honestly, if I had my own stories up, I would so love to give the permission for you guys to use it! :D

    omg and this isn’t even relevant but you guys should check out wtfasianfanfics.tumblr.com and have the laughs of your life xD

    3 years ago
  87. Best description of “shipping” I’ve found.

    3 years ago
  88. oh my god those tweet makes me really sad… guise *virtualhug* i still love you both :’)

    3 years ago
  89. Have no idea what the fuck happened about the tweet, as I don’t follow any k-pop fanfic communities, but regarding the fanfic slang in the post, I’ve never heard of anyone using AR as a term. In general, I always see AU, which means alternate universe. I think. I generally stay away from those types of fics, so I could be wrong XD

    That being said, when you mix k-pop and fanfiction, both of which have some of the worst communities online, I’m not surprised by the amount of shit that went down. Sorry you guys had to deal with that though.

    3 years ago
  90. I read the outrage porn article and I’m *laughing forever* at the reactions from the tweets because that’s exactly what happened. If people are ‘deathy’ afraid of uploading their fic and it getting read by others, then don’t do it in the first place? Otherwise put it on private im sure those sites have a setting like that, as they do on ao3. Apart from that all the fic authors *I know* would love exposure for the effort they put in to their own work. But jfc all those people who raged are made of paper and are such jokes.

    RPF refers to Real Person(People) Fanfiction and kfanfic is borderline that so I dont dabble in it because it irks me and it can get pretty problematic.

    3 years ago
    • But I mean, MaleShepard/Kaidan and Apollo/Midnighter (DC superheroes) ALLL THE WAY, though theyre both canon also Chris/Piers from Resident Evil woowoo

      3 years ago
  91. To be honest, most of those people aren’t even real authors. Just bored teenage girls with nothing else to do. Really is no need to overreact

    3 years ago
    • That’s a very poor way of looking at it. So what if they’re not “real authors”? It’s their work, and they do it out of love. It’s understandable that they would feel protective of something they’ve created (much like S&M do about their videos).

      And given the large platform that S&M have, that reaches beyond the K-pop fanfiction fandom, it’s understandable that some authors would not like their stuff to be put under scrutiny and possibly be subjected to mockery (which has happened many a time before: http://www.dailydot.com/news/sherlock-fanfic-caitlin-moran/ )

      3 years ago
      • Ok. Maybe I should have said it differently. But I still do agree that many people overreacted to the entire situation. I don’t mean that ALL of them aren’t “real authors” but you have to admit, most are fangirls. I just wanted to make sure I said this instead of sounding like a jackass. I respect what they do but most are not professionals so there was no need to overreact the way they did.

        3 years ago
        • How does being a fangirl detract from their work?
          Just because they don’t make profit off of it? I don’t know how immersed you are in the the wider world of fanfiction, but there are a great number of fangirl/boy authors who are excellent writers, some of whom I follow are better than many published authors.

          Yes, some people overreacted. But it wasn’t the authors. They wanted to avoid possible drama with EYK (which has a huge, and occasionally aggressive fanbase), so they took precautions and took their fics down.
          This resulted in a few nasty tweets from a minority that do not represent the entire K-pop fanfiction fandom.

          I don’t think the authors overreacted. I would do the same if I thought my hobby was going to bring me under scrutiny from a large portion of the web, much of which might be less than understanding or kind about my work and why I do it.
          Fanfiction is their hobby. It’s something that gives them joy, and they took steps to ensure that it wouldn’t be marred. I can’t judge them for that.

          3 years ago
  92. “After that we realized there was clearly no point of putting up another tweet explaining our actual intentions since:

    A) Angry people don’t seem to listen to what we say anyway. They just like being angry and wading through Outrage Porn

    B) This video was coming out soon and would just explain it all away.”

    Well don’t you think you could at least given it a try? I think it would have at least eased the fan fic community a little bit. I mean god yeah I can’t disagree that their were pretty massive over reactions but I think they did come from a point of concern at some point. Also I understand what you say about the whole “well why put it online if you don’t want to open yourself upto criticism etc.” but k-pop fanfiction is read by k-pop fans and like you said yourself your audiences aren’t just kpop fans. People were scared of being judged by people, because fan fic isn’t exactly a looked upon greatly by everyone! I mean I don’t go and read sonic fanfiction when I have no interest in it, it would seem pretty weird to me!

    I feel like even if you’d have just said “your favourite fanfictions” and left out the k-pop the reaction wouldn’t have been so crazy. Or maybe if you said something like ” Send us a link to your fave kpop fan fics, we’d like to share them in our next video” At least it gives people an idea of what you might be doing, while keeping it vague still.

    Anyway let’s move on right?

    3 years ago
  93. Isn’t fluff not necessarily romantic feelies, or is it just a fandom thing? I don’t frequent the kpop fanfiction scene much (it’s my sister’s domain), but I used to frequent various video game fandoms/fanfiction (mainly Sonic the Hedgehog and Final Fantasy), and fluff has never been “always romantic” to me. Like, if someone writes a piece of Sonic the Hedgehog fluff, it isn’t necessarily romance–it might be Sonic and Tails acting cute and brotherly or something like that. I guess what I mean is that it’s always love and feels that get used in fluff pieces, but not necessarily *romantic* fluff.

    In other words, the backlash was crazy, my sister submitted her fic anyway, because we know that Simon and Martina wouldn’t have done anything to hurt their fanbase.

    3 years ago
    • OVO

      I agree with your definition of fluff, but I have been in so many fandoms so it might just be my past influencing me. But yeah, to me it would not necessarily be romantic either.

      3 years ago
  94. When I watched Heirs a while back, I noticed that everyone was always saying “I’m leaving first” (don’ t remember how it’s said in korean) when they left, so I just wanted to know whether that’s like a normal thing in korean culture, or was that just something only in the drama? Thanks~

    3 years ago
    • it kinda translates to “i will take my leave now”. it’s a way to excuse yourself and leaving nicely instead of just abruptly saying goodbye and leaving. i think this is what you’re talking about?

      3 years ago
  95. Uhm, I dont know how soozee or leigh might feel about this but I need to be taught the alphabet……..

    3 years ago
  96. kpop fans can be batshit crazy at times. But this is a small boom and will go away. We’ve seen worse.

    Though I wished you guys could openly recommend, not review, a few fics cus, the fanfiction world seems overwhelmingly vast. But I suppose this situation burned you guys…

    Himnaeseyo! You guys work hard to live well and I’d hate to see such good role models be affected by the consequences of fame. You guys are honestly an idealist’s inspiration and hope in a rather pessimistic, lazy world.

    3 years ago
  97. Man, I just love you guys,.. so mature and understanding. Keep up the good work and don’t let the trolls get you down.

    3 years ago
  98. I’m a little confused about this whole situation, from what I saw going down it seems that a lot of people got upset for 3 reasons:
    1. They were convinced the authors were going to be shut down.
    2. They were angry that their fanfic was going to be shared with others, “what happens in the fandom stays in the fandom” style.
    3. They thought that sharing these without permission was downright evil. (Erm it’s the internet guys..)

    So here’s what confuses me: why exactly would these authors be shut down? I can’t think of any valid reasons other than hate comments and in that case it’s a pretty shaky reason. I feel like I’m totally missing something here so if someone could clarify I’d actually really appreciate it.

    Second, why would you be angry at someone for sharing your favourite works? If you think something is awesome don’t you want more people to know about the awesomeness that it is? Personally when I find something I like, I tell as many people about it as I can possibly manage. If they like it then awesome, more fans and more support! If they don’t well then that’s too bad but who cares about their opinion (I know you feel me here fandom people, don’t even try to deny it).

    Lastly, if you put something up on the internet it’s there to stay and free for anyone and everyone to look at and have opinions on. That’s kind of how the internet works. If you don’t want people to find out about it then putting it online is probably not the best course of action. Unless you go bananas putting passwords and encryptions on it that only your fans can decipher, in that case you have my full support (dedication all the way!).

    3 years ago
    • It’s not that they thought the authors would be shut down by an external source. Many, many authors shut down of their own accord because of this, deleting their fanfics in the process. I think some of it was fear that the entire K-pop ficdom would implode upon itself due to everyone deleting their works and leaving the readers with nothing.

      3 years ago
      • That’s exactly what I’m confused about, I can’t see any real reason why they would do so. Plus if some criticism is enough to make the entire community implode that pretty.. Yeah..

        3 years ago
        • Many fanfiction authors locked or deleted their communities and fanfics because their work had already been linked to EYK without their permission (or interest), and the only way to unlink their work from the suggested website links was to delete the work so the links didn’t work anymore. A lot of the fanfiction has been reposted or unlocked now.
          It’s not just the potential criticism that made people wary. The is a strong social stigma against fanfiction, particularly RPF/RPS. And there are also people who didn’t want to be associated with EYK in any way, due to dislike of the people or worry that their work would get back to idols or companies. There are many issues why people thought that rather than their work possibly be found by people not the intended target audience, they would just make sure that it wasn’t–by lock&delete.

          3 years ago
    • Some people didn’t want their fics featured on EYK.

      There’s a variety of reasons for this – fanfiction is generally a close-knit community. Those who are a part of it, love it. For it to be put in a video, and presented to those with little or no knowledge could open it up to ridicule.
      In the past, romantic fanfiction has been mocked, and used to make fun of delulu fangirls (I’m thinking of when Moran asked BBC Sherlock cast to read a JohnLock fic – the fanfiction community felt that once more they were being looked down up and made fun of).
      Fanfiction is something that is done out of love, and is extremely personal, and thus people are very wary of it being used to make fun of the fandom or the idols featured in it.
      These aren’t obviously all of the reasons – I’m sure there are plenty more.

      The reason the situation got out of hand was because 1) the tweet was really vague and 2) people made assumptions that the fanfics would be mocked – based on EYK’s reviewing style (Battle of the B Named Boy Bands did not go down well with some people) and, as I said above), past incidents where it was used to make fun of fangirls.

      3 years ago
      • I actually read more fanfic than I’d care to admit and I have written some stuff, personally I wouldn’t give fudge if people shared it or even looked down on it, specifically because it’s written out of love. It’s made by fans, for fans and anyone who actually isn’t a fan most likely won’t be able to appreciate it even if they tried.

        And let’s be honest, we do tend to get a little crazy in writing fanfic sometimes. I sometimes reread stuff I’ve written and seriously think: girl, you crazy.

        But no matter what you do there are always going to be people who don’t like it so why bother being upset or hurt by it? If even a single person loves it (yourself included!) then it doesn’t matter if everyone else in the world hates it.

        3 years ago
        • Wouldn’t that be nice… unfortunately it isn’t easy to brush away all the hate. Though they are a minority they are loud enough to feel like an onslaught. Just look at Phil Fish. He knew to which point he was emotionally involved with Fez and how easily he was affected by what people said (to which point he seemed a bit like a hipster turned diva in the limelight ha). Even so, he couldn’t keep it from driving him off the deep end eventually. Too bad really…

          3 years ago
  99. I…I don’t understand…As a fanfic writer (haven’t done that in a long time but still) I’m always happy even when I get a little exposure. I desperately wish my stuff will get shared so that people will know about it and possibly read it. I don’t expect all people to love it but I’m confident enough in my writing skills to know that at least someone will like it. As for those who wouldn’t like it, well, you gain some you lose some. So I don’t understand. Why are people upset that they get free advertisement?

    3 years ago
  100. Some of the response tweets were OTT.

    Given the vagueness of the tweet, I think it’s fair that some fanfic authors would be worried.

    Anytime fanfiction is brought into the limelight, it’s never usually to appluad creativity or for a positive reason, but to show how delulu and crazy the fans are (I’m specifically thinking of when Moran had some of the BBC Sherlock cast read out some JohnLock fic – it wasn’t done to create interest in the famdom, strengthen the fandom or to applaud the author’s creativity but to mock these crazy shippers).
    And as fanfiction is something that is done out of love, not for profit, it can be quite personal to a lot of fanfic authors, and I think it’s understandable that they might not want their fics mentioned on a video/site that has a large fanbase (esp if the fanbase isn’t interested, and might only end up sniggering at the fanfic community).

    3 years ago
    • the way they reacted made them seem much worse and crazier that the whole slash shipping fics….

      3 years ago
      • It’s been said by many a fandom – people focus on the loudest, more vocal members of a fandom and let them represent teh fandom in their mind. It doesn’t mean they actually reflect the fandom, and that is something I try and keep in mind anytime I come across an annoying/mean fan.

        3 years ago
    • I understand the fear and how personal any work is to its author.And yes it is fair to be worried about how it will be used and what might be said about it. But you put it out there for others to see and read. they all have opinions and they may be the exact opposite of yours. If you don’t want your fic shared simply lock it where few can see or read it and decline when others ask to use or share it, that is your right. There is no excuse to be rude and horrible to someone for wanting to share it. If the request and the intent is vague, ask for more details. I can see how after the Sherlock incident, people would be edgy about someone wanting to use their work for a video, I can understand the fear of that happening again. But to explode with that much rage without knowing all the facts is not right and does not reflect well on the fanfic community either. Though I will admit that it does speak volumes of how you all have been treated… which isn’t right either.

      3 years ago
      • Yes, fanfics are put out there for anyone to see and read, but the only people who bother to go searching for them are those who are interested. For a fanfic to be put on display on a platform like EYK could attract a lot of negative comments and mockery that it would not otherwise be exposed to.

        As for locking fics, that’s what most authors did in response to EYK’s vague tweet (a tweet which many people asked for more details to set themselves at ease and got nothing in response other than the tweet that said they’d ask permission. A tweet that was a day later). They took proactive action to avoid drama with EYK.

        And as the fanfics are the creative work of the authors, they are 100% entitled for their work to NOT be featured on a for-profit video.

        Those who exploded with so much rage are definitely the more immature fans of fanfiction, but you can’t judge the fanfic community based on them (much like I don’t judge EYK’s Nasties based on the over-zealous few who give the fandom a bad name).

        All of this could have been avoided if EYK had tweeted exactly what they intended to use the fanfics for – people didn’t know if they were going to be acting out segments, making a parody or reading out pieces.

        EYK did the best thing by not mentioning any specific fanfics. I think if they want to handle the subject of fanfic again, they should stick to talking about troupes, or plots that crop up regularly, rather than mentioning a specific fic.

        3 years ago
    • I suspect the over-the-top reactions were not by people who are regular viewers of EYK, simply because Martina has mentioned her love of fan-fics several times and I don’t believe she would mock anyone for writing or enjoying them.

      Another catalyst in this overreaction is the age of many of the Kpop fanfics. The largest percentage on AFF seems to be teenage authors or authors in their early twenties. I’m not belittling them but the potential for drama is higher with that age group. When you get to be a pervy old ahjumma like me, you don’t care as much about other people’s opinions. (Plus you’re smart enough to use a nom de plume and take steps so potentially embarassing stuff is harder to trace back to you!)

      3 years ago
    • OVO

      Yes thank you! I think that is very well worded and a great example. I think people tend to forget that there is quite a big group out there that does not ‘ship’ and are quite judgmental about it, even within the kpop fandom.

      3 years ago
  101. /sits in a couch/

    /grabs popcorn/

    this is one great show.

    3 years ago
  102. Slash is the right term for male/male couples. Femslah (or is it spelled femmslash?) is the term for female/female pairings :)
    There’s AR, but there is also AU~ Alternate Universe. Alternate Universe, though, has more to do with like Harry Potter taking place in an American high school and no magic. I actually haven’t seen many people use the term AR~~~
    Also, I think lemon and lime are kind of outdated terms. Back in the day, when I started reading fics, those were the terms, but now they’re just rated like movies, I think, like PG, PG-13, T, R, NC-17, M, etc.
    Another useful term is PWP, or Porn Without Plot, or Plot? What Plot?, which are usually fics without any plot… it is only sex.
    That’s the only thing I can think off the top of my head about fic terms :D
    Have a good week, eyk crew ^^

    3 years ago
    • AU’s I’ve read are pretty much anything that alters from the cannon storyline. So in the Hogwarts case, same world but in an alternate timeline where Hermione has to marry Draco Malfoy, or James and Lilly never died …stuff like that.

      3 years ago
  103. youths can be scary

    3 years ago
  104. oh man, another drama over nothing. people just like to blow things out of proportion dont they?? i didnt even know about this clueless me. anyway i hope you guys do the video, which you wanted to make, the way it was originally planned and not be worked up over what people will say. i like to see real shit…and well fanfiction needs to be talked about more!! this is the internet people why post it if you dont want to share it!!

    and BTW soozie…i love gag concert…i use kim jimin’s catchphrase all the time, my sisters love the show too and they said your hair is really pretty <3
    sooly for life!

    3 years ago
  105. I can’t believe those people. I used to write fan fiction and I think if I had the opportunity of people like you promoting my work so others could see it, I would have being extremely happy! I don’t understand especially the fans saying these people hid there work because of you, people hide their fan fictions all the time for a lot of reasons; Ask the author why they did it before you start blaming others!!!!! I wish I could slap them and bring some sense into their tiny heads, GOSH!!

    I love you guys and I just hope you don’t pay attention to those that just feed themselves from hatred, brush that negative energy off your shoulder and continue being AWESOME!!! <3 <3

    PS: I ship Hermione and Draco too :3

    3 years ago
    • OVO

      (I’m not defending the blaming or the hate, but there were actually quite a few authors and communities that explicitly stated they were closing/going private because of the tweet, would not have been my choice, nor my reaction, but fans weren’t imagining things)

      3 years ago
      • My names Sara, I’m 18 and from the USA! hahaha…

        3 years ago
      • Hi Martina, first off thank you for being open-minded and giving us the chance to explain.
        I write fanfiction and after seeing your tweets, I did lock my stories. However I’d also like to say that I am a regular viewer of all your channels (I even watch your livechats!) because you guys are really fun. Also, when I personally disagree with something you say, I shrug to myself and move on. Still, I’d like to explain myself regarding this issue.

        My issue with sharing fanfiction here is that eatyourkimchi is a company that professionally interacts with the people written about. Some writers don’t want to be associated with such a company or known via eatyourkimchi for that reason. Fanfiction communities are safer in that sense because the people who go there know what they’re in for, and when fanfics are shared they usually are within the context of another fan community (for example, via the Tumblr tag for that community).

        Another reason why I think people didn’t take too kindly to this is because your first tweet didn’t mention writers; there are a lot of issues with plagiarism and appropriation of stories online, despite authors’ efforts to protect themselves. Fanfiction authors (at least some of them) post online for lack of choice — that’s where the communities are and, honestly, where else can fanfiction be shared? I know that putting something up online makes it freely accessible and I do struggle to justify myself in saying that fanfictions are still the author’s property from a legal point of view. This is where fan communities come in again; people within communities do tend to respect authors’ “copyright claims”, making it a safe-ish, positive environment where people can feel comfortable sharing their stories.

        Also, I would like to add that protecting your privacy and restricting access to your stories is, logistically, not an easy task. It comes with pros and cons, and often when authors restrict access to their fanfictions it’s not because of fear of criticism but because they are trying to restrict their fanfictions to genuinely interested people who hopefully won’t betray the “unspoken bond of trust” present within fan communities. Online politics are indeed very messy…

        Lastly, RPF (Real Person Fiction) is far from being accepted by all fans. In fandoms involving actors who play characters in movies/TV shows for example, a lot of fans who enjoy fanfictions about the characters are against the idea of RPF because they find it intrusive to the actor’s life and/or disrespectful and/or weird (the list could go on). RPF is often given a bad reputation as a whole, more so than fanfiction already is. Kpop fanfictions, by definition, deal with real people and there are kpop fans that are against kpop fanfiction. RPF in general is a very touchy subject and, in this context, I find it understandable that some writers do not wish to over-promote their stories. I kind of view fanfiction as an appendix to fandoms — the people who are interested in fanfiction need to go that extra step or turn that extra page to enter it themselves. There are people who watch your videos and read your blog posts that are not a part of fanfiction culture just as there are people who are markedly against fanfiction. For this reason, when fanfiction communities are threatened to be exposed not only to people who are against it but to people who are featured in stories such as the idols who happen to watch your videos, my gut instinct is to protect myself. As I’ve said before, fanfiction is often given such a bad reputation that I don’t feel like I should be blamed for fearing the worst.

        Sorry this comment is so long but I do hope I’ve helped clarify some things. I’ll say this again because it bears repeating: online politics are so messy, but I do encourage others to respect writers’ decisions regarding their own works, no matter the sharing-platform used.

        3 years ago
        • Thank you, as a fanfic author myself I couldn’t have found a better way to explain this.

          I try to see it from both sides. There’s nothing wrong with sharing of course, but as part of a community in general that has been ridiculed more often than not my the media, it’s really difficult to accept that such an outlet like EYK could do by exposing the fanfics. I got nothing against EYK, and I know that they meant no harm and were trying to share some good fics but it’s difficult, especially since some Kpop idols do watch these videos.

          I’m getting Sherlock flashbacks again. *shudders*

          3 years ago
        • OVO

          Ahh thank you for replying, I was struggling with explaining and you do a much better and neater job!

          3 years ago
      • OVO

        For me personally, as a fanfiction writer myself, the reason for temporarily setting my journal on private or closing would be not the fear of getting criticism or being known, but the hate. Just like you get hate for the slightest things, there is also a tendency in the fanfiction world to get hate for the silliest things, and the bigger the exposure of your fic is, the larger the chance. This could just be die-hard shippers not liking the fact that you write a pairing they don’t like, but I have also seen people getting hate comments because they wrote about real persons, which is a no go for some people, or as bad as just writing slash in the first place, or just to get attention. Because your audience is quite varied in my opinion the chances of this are higher. I personally know fans of your channel that really dislike fanfiction for example. Another reason, but I’m speculating here since this would not be my own, might be that there is a lot of stealing/plagiarism going on with people getting their hands on the ‘famous’ fics and re-posting them elsewhere under their name, or even changing the names of the characters and re-posting. I know at least some of the journals that closed were those of authors who have had problems with this before, and although I cannot know exactly why they closed, I think that might play a role as well

        3 years ago
      • I find it somehow ridiculous that they do that, EYK asked people to let them know about their favorite fanfics, if the authors didn’t want it to be published by EYK then why not send and email or tweet saying it, and maybe explain the fans so they don’t promote it either. I still don’t understand their position, anyone can share their work anywhere!

        3 years ago
        • OVO

          Many people did explain it to their fans actually, some even left their journals open but just put up a post saying they didn’t want their fics to be linked. And I totally understand the position, there is a difference between can and should share, and if an author doesn’t want their work shared outside their particular niche of fandom/target audience that is their own choice, and exactly because they are aware that everyone can link it anyway because it’s the internet, they (temporarily) closed their journal. The hate was totally uncalled for, but imo the writers cannot be blamed just for being careful. Honestly, I would have set my journal to private if I thought there was any chance of my fics being featured in a vid on eyk, and not because I’m afraid of criticism, but because with the type of fics I write, I don’t feel comfortable with anything drawing the attention of a lot of people outside my normal target audience to my fics.

          3 years ago
        • Then if authors explained it to their fans, and some actually send messages to EYK saying they didn’t want there work out there or they did want it out there, or put it on private temporarily, the only thing that I can think of is… some fans are way too extreme, and they need to take a chill pill with some happy juice and relax about it.
          There’s no need for death threats (even though they seem to love them death threads -_-)

          3 years ago
        • *granny voice* Bunch of brats with too much time in their hands I tell you.

          Is the same with YouTube videos, they get hate all the time for no apparent reason. Unbelievable :P

          3 years ago
  106. Oh man all the Fanfic slang takes me back to days when I actually read them. I don’t anymore just but once upon a time I was an avid reader. I even wrote a couple too but nothing kpop related. That time in my life was long before the kpop came in to play. And yes, AR and AU are relatively the same thing. AU is just used a lot more for the more extreme changes, like taking The Legend of Korra characters and putting them in 2014 instead.

    As for all the hate, did anyone really expect anything less? There are always going to be people looking for somewhere to have their hissy fit, especially online and especially with fandoms. It’s simple common sense fellow fanfic people, either new or old or retired like me. If you don’t want your story shared, do not put it online. Period. If you only want it shared with specific people, then put it somewhere like FB or Livejournal where you can lock it down. Don’t cry foul if you put it online publicly (IE: fanfiction.net or somewhere of the like) and the link gets around. If you publicly post it, then people are going to read it. It really is that simple.

    I don’t see what all the fuss was about to be quite honest. As someone who has also posted fanfic publicly because I wanted people to read them I would have been ecstatic to have someone post a link to my story with such a huge fanbase to see it, no matter what they said about it. Its still publicity, and criticism helps you grow. But that’s just my opinion.

    3 years ago
  107. As a budding writer myself, one must understand, to write is to be read and to read is to make your own judgement, literature is not an order, it is a painting in your mind. people seriously need to calm themselves down and stop clawing at things to hate :( As a writer I would have LOVED for you guys or a mass group of people to read my works of art! constructive criticism mate!

    3 years ago
    • lol he had no animosity in his text calmmm peaceeee feel the wave be the winddddd be the airrr

      3 years ago
      • OVO

        I’m raising my eyebrow at you jsyk

        3 years ago
        • I can also raise one eyebrow but I can one up you… I CAN RAISE MY EYEBROWS mwahahahaha so yeah both

          3 years ago
        • OVO

          Regretfully I shaved one off so I cannot match the strength of your facial expression. You have won sir, you have won, but only this time!

          3 years ago
        • mwahahaha evil reigns supreme!!! (this here is a great example of being understanding and going with the flow thank you)

          3 years ago
    • In fact HERE http://theblankexpress.tumblr.com/tagged/story READ dont read it, criticise it or use it as toilet paper psh I aint afraid of no haterz!!

      3 years ago
    • I’m glad you’re so open minded :D

      3 years ago
  108. Now issue with your last sentence. You’re blaming the readers.

    Sharing is different from submitting.
    The people on the twitters are not “submitting” fanfictions by tweeting the links to Simon and Martina unless they claim it as their own when in truth they own nothing. They are simply sharing the link of their favourite fanfiction. There is no need to gain permission or consent to share an uniform resource locator. Since that’s what it is, a resource locator – out in the public; for anyone to access unless it’s password protected. People are simply tweeting the link, the title and the author. It’s stating a fact. People do not need permission to state facts. These tweets are not using the works presented at these URL; thus no permission is needed. It’s basic rule of the internet.

    Targeting innocent fans of the EYK on the twitters by telling them they have noright to tweet out their favourite fanfiction is rude. They did nothing wrong and should not be wronged from doing so. UNLESS the author themselves went to them and asked for them to remove the link out of respect; THEY DID NOTHING WRONG HERE. I’m pretty sure these innocent fan meant no harm to the writer as they are ignorant of all the hate EYK is receiving. THEY ARE NOT AT FAULT. EYK IS NOT AT FAULT. THE PEOPLE WHO OVERREACTED AND FALSELY BLAMING PEOPLE ARE THE ONES AT FAULT.

    3 years ago
    • “its not really eyk’s fault, its the readers that wanted to submit the stories without asking the author.” – You blamed the readers in general. There was no mention of “plagiarizers”.

      Also, even if there were two types of readers that read fanfictions, simply linking EYK to an author’s fanfiction page is nothing close to stealing. I understand where you are coming from, but by them tweeting to EYK the link to a fanfiction they like has nothing to do with plagiarizing. If an idiot wanted to plagiarized a story, they would do so even without EYK posting a tweet asking for links. The writers are at fault for overreacting and I don’t see any other excuses that are valid for their actions of harassing others due to their own fear. Fanfictions have been brought up on larger platforms other than EYK. PEOPLE KNOW THEY EXIST. The writers needed to calm down. The KPOP fanfiction community is not even that big in comparison to other fanfiction communities. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be respected, but if you’re going to put up a fanfiction on a public website – anyone can view them; whether you want to or not because it is the internet. No, the internet is not free – but neither is the park. But the park is there for public access, so anyone is allowed in. The writers do have the right to their story, but they do not have the right to their link. It’s an internet rule. Sharing links/mentioning links DO NOT REQUIRE PERMISSION. DO NOT REQUIRE PERMISSION. DO NOT REQUIRE PERMISSION.

      Also, I’m not saying it’s okay for people to fuck on my bed. My bed is in my home. For a thousand people to fuck on my bed; they need to break into my home and invade my privacy. That is illegal and I could sue them for it and or they could go to jail. A thousand people visiting a link is like a thousand people going to a park or going down to main street. A public place. Free to access, free to roam, free to view.

      And I’m sorry if this post sounded like I was attacking you. I promise that was not my intention. I got really pissed off that some writers decided to get all “tough and all that” and thought it was okay for them to tell others that they didn’t have the right to share a LINK. That takes it out of the EYK context and into “A dummies book on how the internet works’. And considering the fact that they’re a writer on the internet, you might want to know how the internet works in terms of legality before posting anything on it.

      3 years ago
    • Another thing I never understood: people who argue that it’s wrong to share the links of fanfic without the author’s consent:

      Why are there share buttons at the bottom of Asianfanfics, then?

      3 years ago
      • As someone who does not read fan fiction, I was rather amused by this post.

        3 years ago
      • Here’s a reason… You’re making money off written works that are done for free. Work that took a hella lot of time and effort to create and your gonna go take and dapple around it and create a few extra dollars… duh? You’re english teachers… think outside of the box. The answers are all there. And not many fic writers are a fan of your…’reviewing skills’ maybe that’s another reason? You shouldn’t have touched this side of the fandom anyway. Not many people want their work shared outside of their specific fandom.

        3 years ago
      • o.o

        I think it’s necessary to see the other side though, but I understand where the misunderstanding came from. For instance, I write fanfiction (I’m not ashamed of it, I’m proud of my work) but I had no clue what you were going to do with the fics. Sure, now we can see your intentions but we had no clue.
        Second, when things are shared outside of the fanfic community it makes me uncomfortable. The fact that not all of your audience writes or reads fanfiction opens it to ridicule. And people tweet my fics all the time and I’m fine with that, in fact I’m flattered by it– what I wasn’t happy with was when someone tweeted my fic directly at SHINee’s Jonghyun. I know that it was unlikely that he would have seen it but it made me uncomfortable. There are lines that are there, and they are different for every writer, but unfortunately you crossed them. It wasn’t with bad intentions, but you have to see where it went wrong.

        3 years ago
        • 1) It was most definitely NOT eyk’s fault that the fanfic was tweeted to SHINEE.
          2)If someone writes a fanfic about me, i have somewhat of a moral right to read it. You are using a character you did not create, therefore, you do not own that character.

          (i read fanfic, just wanted to make it clear that i’m not a hater)

          3 years ago
        • o.o

          1. That was an example of lines for a author being crossed without the other person’s knowledge. That happened months ago of course it wasn’t EYK fault. LOL.
          2. Sure he has the right to read it, I just didn’t want people to tweet it at him, I don’t think that’s wrong. /Of course/ I don’t own them.

          (I’m not an EYK hater I just didn’t want them to use my fics under any circumstances and I think that’s understandable)

          3 years ago
      • Authors don’t write things for fame, they write it for their own enjoyment. Fanfiction is like that dark corner of the fandom a lot of people don’t talk about, at least, I wouldn’t openly talk about fanfiction to say my English teacher or parent. There are people out there watching these videos that AREN’T part of the k-pop scene, plus idols who, while yes they already know about said fics, we wouldn’t be comfortable with seeing these things. It’s not wrong to share links of the fic between FRIENDS, thats why the share button is there. When we’re talking about things on a big youtube channel scale, however, things are different, because you’re going to use them for a video. Again, as a writer myself, I WOULDN’T like my fic to be famous. I just write it so others can enjoy the same thing I do, maybe fangirl here or there, but would I like the hundreds of thousands subscribers that you have to see it? no way. Plus, a lot of us DIDN’T KNOW what you were going to do with the fics. If we knew it was for a silly video like this (which actually didn’t require any fics in general) we wouldn’t have reacted as violently. Plus, you two have a reputation for saying your cold hard opinion on things; a lot of us didn’t want one person’s mistake in a fic to reflect the whole fandom. also did i mention WE DON’T WRITE FICS FOR FAME OR MONEY?

        3 years ago
        • Woah. I… Wasn’t expecting that kind of answer. When I saw you had responded I was half expecting an angry response calling me names to be honest (and the same for my other comment further down as well).

          Well, I’m happy that you see why you (and others) were wrong in the way you reacted. I like fanfictions too, you know? And since I’m only a reader and not a writer, I’m thankful for people like you who take their time to write for their and others enjoyment. Thank you for that, really.

          It just irked me to see all those people ganging up on Simon and Martina and especially all the insults being thrown at them.

          But hey, I was also a bit harsh in my previous comment, and you still responded courteously and with honesty so here you go, three hearts for the price of one:


          3 years ago
        • o.o

          Besides for the people who were insulting them, I don’t think anyone was /wrong/ it was just driven from a misunderstanding. I locked my fic because I didn’t want any of it to be in a video (regardless of the circumstances) and people were tweeting my fics to Simon and Martna. Period. I don’t think I was wrong for that.

          3 years ago
        • o.o

          “It was your choice to lock your fic, not Simon and Martina’s, and if, for example, your readers wanted to put the blame on someone for that, then they should complain to you, not to S&M.” I don’t think I (or any other writer) was to blame either. There was a misunderstanding, and their ambiguous tweet was the cause of that. And I don’t appreciate S&M mocking writers that decided to lock their fics. They didn’t state that they weren’t going to use it without permission for a full day (conveniently they put those tweets side by side in this post, as if they said that all along). You have to understand that they have a wide audience which has people who don’t read or enjoy fanfiction which opens them to ridicule. They should have been more clear with their intentions and said that they weren’t going to use fics without the permission of the author to start with. But you can have your opinion and I can have mine, I suppose.

          3 years ago
        • I don’t think the writers were to “blame” either for locking their fics. Like you said, there was some sort of misunderstanding and people should have find a better way to handle it than immediately starting to angry capslock everyone.

          I see what you mean by ” I don’t appreciate S&M mocking writers that decided to lock their fics”, but remember, S&M were blamed for the fics being locked and by “blame” I really mean called names. And they are humans, too. When people continuously send them hate mails/tweets/comments, they would eventually get irritated and in turn start venting their frustration (and I recall some writers insulting S&M to explain why they didn’t want them to even get links to their work, so I can understand their slight annoyance toward them). I actually taught they stayed quite calm and polite through the whole issue, considering that people were making assumptions and throwing shit at them using those assumptions as arguments.

          Now, I do understand fanfictions writers and readers being afraid of S&M mocking the fanfic community, I am a fanfic reader myself, and I know how sensitive the issue of exposure to a wide audience can be. I would rather fanfiction stayed in its dark corner where people who likes it can enjoy it without the judgmental comments of laypeople, and I have never cringed so much in my life than when watching some talk-show hosts bringing up the topic in front of celebrities who were the subject of said fanfics.

          However, I do not think it justifies any of the madness we just witnessed.

          If Simon and Martina did wanted to ridicule fanfictions, nobody has a right to stop them from doing so, even if we, writers and readers, don’t appreciate it. I know I wouldn’t have liked it if they had done that, but would I have gone and insulted them? No, because I’m mature enough to understand that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as mine on topic such as this.

          In the end I was more disappointed to see such terrible reactions from the fanfic community than really angry, but hey, it’s the internet, what can you do? Most people lose all sense of courtesy and respect once hiding behind the mask of anonymity, it’s sad really.

          3 years ago
      • HI, it’s not wrong to share the links of the fanfic, to recommend to other people to READ.
        You guys clearly said that you might juuuuuuust use it for the upcoming VIDEO… and clearly it’s NOT WRONG of people to overreact to that tweet because you guys didnt state CLEARLY what you are going to do with the fic links in the video even if its just the word ‘MIGHT’ that you used. Sharing the original link of the fan fictions is not wrong but using the content of the fan fic to make it into a video clearly requires the author’s consent.
        Fanfic authors put in lots of effort to write their stories. I’m sure they would appreciate people sharing their fic links. Even if your original intention was to recommend good fan fictions, your tweet was so ambiguous and from your past videos, which you guys critic/mock/tease artists MVs or what so ever, I’m sure you cant blame people to assume the worse out of you.

        3 years ago
        • My Question to you Chistinelee08 is, Why if it wasn’t clear what it would be used for did no one ASK them for details of how it would be used? When someone asks you for a favor and their intentions aren’t clear do you overreact and call them horrible names and threaten to kill them? Or do you ask them for more information to be clearer what they want from you and why?

          3 years ago
        • I think most authors did not follow eatyourkimchi and they only found out about it when their readers saw people (other readers too) recommending their links and by then the damage has been done.
          Most popular authors have experienced nasty plagiarism issues before so it’s not wrong for them to want to lock their fics immediately first when the motive of EYK asking for fic links to possibly be included in their future video was not made clear. This resulted in dismay in the readers as they found themselves suddenly unable to access their fav fics and the natural reaction was to find the cause of why their authors locked their fics.

          Also, I’m not saying those people who call EYK horrible names or sent death threats were right. I just want to make a point that all these problems would not arise if the tweet was made clearer.
          There will be a spectrum of how people react to a particular issue. Just because some people sent nasty comments to EYK doesnt mean that everyone in the fanfic community are like that.

          3 years ago
        • You’re saying this like you think we didn’t ask. We asked. We were ignored. Not one person was replied to to reassure us.
          This was when we started locking our work, and when readers became stressed.

          I don’t agree at all with the readers who started making threats, but that wasn’t the majority of the fandom. That was a very small part that has been built up to make it look like everyone was irrational.

          3 years ago
        • You say no one was replied to at all and that you were all ignored.. every last person in the fanfic community was ignored when calmly asking for clarification? Some how the strikes me as untrue.. as for why you weren’t responded to I can only guess. . Maybe by the time you sent your calm and professional request for information they were already knee deep in rage filled messages and yours got lost in the shuffle. And I agree that it is terribly sad that a small amount of people can make a mountain out of a mole hill..

          3 years ago
        • I know tons of fanfic writers asked and none of them heard anything back, so it’s not a complete exaggeration. A lot of them were (presumably) during the period S&M were offline sleeping, but there were some after the second tweet.
          Personally, I missed all the drama until well after the second tweet, but my twitter feed was full of people complaining that they hadn’t heard anything back.

          I still don’t believe that a mountain was made out of a molehill. I think it was an issue that could have been clarified more easily, and that people went far too over-the-top with their unnecessary rage. But initially it was dealt with appropriately.
          It was only once entitled fans got involved that it spiralled out of control.

          3 years ago
      • I see lots of comments on youtube, twitter and on tumblr asking their followers for their favourite fanfiction too, and that’s ok but when you do it (when you’re going to ask the authors first before using too) it’s not okay?

        Also I’ve seen lots of people laughing at authors wanting you to see it, saying “HAHAHAHA I’m laughing she’s so stupid” and “PFFFT I’ve never seen anhything more stupid”. What in the world’s name?

        I’m just gonna sit down with some tea, drink it, calm down and start making subtitles for this video now.


        3 years ago
      • Simply because their common sense was blinded by fear and hatred. Sadly, some people forgot how the Internet works. That’s the only possibility that I can see.

        3 years ago
  109. Gag concert is english subbed on KBS World. Just in case you want to see these ones on english.

    3 years ago
  110. OVO

    To start off: I completely disagree with certain reactions on the side of the fandom, by which I mostly mean the hate that Simon and Martina got (although I’ve seen some hate going in the other direction from the eyk fandom as well).
    I understand that it might seem like it can harm nobody when you share fics, but there is a difference between sharing your fics with people you are fairly sure will like it and sharing fics on a much larger platform which will reach many more people than just those interested in reading fics. Even if it’s not a review, or criticism or whatever, there are many people who disagree with writing fanfiction and RPS/RPF in particular, so I can totally understand as a reader and a writer myself why people wouldn’t want that to happen. There are quite a lot of other factors as well, including the fact that nobody knew what was going to happen with the fics, so I do not agree with the ridiculing of the fandom that is going on right now either. (The hate was ridiculous though)

    3 years ago
  111. I didn’t understand what the big deal was and I still don’t understand…all I know is some kpop fans can be very very scary. WHY?!!

    3 years ago
    • First fan war or well community of people (youths) having an irrational hatred for something that poses no danger towards society in general… youngin’s bee scary

      3 years ago
      • Yes, I figure if some would put half of their energy that they put into hating other groups (they see as competition) or obsessing over their oppars into actual real world/dangerous issues, these issues would be obliterated by tomorrow! lol. Random thought, I wonder if energy drinks are making them violent…I used to drink them and noticed that I was becoming a bit aggressive with my thoughts so I stopped drinking them. Pretty sure energy drinks are really bad for you…

        3 years ago
        • actually … i would say the SPRING OF YOUTH!!! lol but energy drinks works too

          3 years ago
        • Lol yeah, I just don’t remember being so violent as a teenager..haha. Maybe my parents remember that differently…

          3 years ago
    • Kpop fandoms can, at times, act like religious fundamentalists, and call for death to infidels.

      3 years ago
      • …That applies for your fucking fandom too. Don’t think your ‘nasties’ are so clean.

        3 years ago
        • yes thank you. so many people I know who have politely voiced their opinions on EYK have been sent so much hate and such terrible things from the “nasties”. This whole “religious fundamentalist, death to infidels” bullshit goes both ways.

          3 years ago
      • Indeed. Sometimes, I do try to put some constructive stuff about why I’m not that much into this song or that MV and I get so much hate. I’m just 1 person that is trying to explain why I might not like something. It’s soooo weird. It’s taste people, how can insults and the famous line “you don’t even know korean language/korean culture” make me go “ah yes, you’re right, I get it, and now I like it!”. It’s really strange how fandom works. And maybe that’s why, even though I really really really deeply love/like some band and artist, I don’t really want to be part of any kind of fandom.

        I get how sometimes it’s hard to see something you truly love being criticize, but… yeah, drinking tea, calming down and growing up should be the next step to try first before getting crazy.

        3 years ago
      • Hardcore nasties too..

        3 years ago
  112. i have a few favorite GAG Concert skits, and i usually just stick to watching those (i love the fact that KBS uploads all their programs onto youtube <3)

    my favorite ones are Dance Chatter, Badump Badump, The Three Friends, BBOOM Entertainment, The King of Ratings, Why We Don't Need Men, and Legend of Legends

    3 years ago
  113. I used to hate Gag concerts, especially when I lived with Koreans in Sydney and they would watch them in the living room really really loudly, and laugh really really loudly. It kinda drove me crazy.

    But now understanding more Korean and having stuff explained, I find a lot it really funny!

    And that article about Outrage Porn was so good and expressed the problem so well. You see it on Tumblr hate blogs all the time. I think usually there are very angry people running them, but the type where people submit (usually anonymously) some sort of evidence about how bad someone is, appeals to many people who are just trying to fit in. Like it’s really easy to be accepted into an anti community because all you have to do is show some hate as well. I can understand someone who is maybe having a hard time at school or something wanting to be accepted, but they feel part of a community when they join in, even if it’s a hate community.

    And the people running them as so convinced that they have a noble and just cause that they are completely blind to what they are really doing. Strip away the outrage and what is really happening? Are things being twisted in a way to make them seem worse than it actually is? Are people being held to ridiculously high standards that no one can reach which makes them easier tear down? Are you calling people racist and sexist etc who for the majority of everything they have done, have not been at all? Are you really just bullying a 13 year old girl because she said “I like Korean boys”. People really lose sight of the bigger picture. I was really happy to see that article express this strange phenomenon that has been happening lately.

    3 years ago
    • “And the people running them as so convinced that they have a noble and just cause that they are completely blind to what they are really doing. Strip away the outrage and what is really happening? Are things being twisted in a way to make them seem worse than it actually is? Are people being held to ridiculously high standards that no one can reach which makes them easier tear down? Are you calling people racist and sexist etc who for the majority of everything they have done, have not been at all? Are you really just bullying a 13 year old girl because she said “I like Korean boys”. People really lose sight of the bigger picture. I was really happy to see that article express this strange phenomenon that has been happening lately.”
      Thumbs up. A million thumbs up to you. Dia approves.

      3 years ago
  114. Hmmm, Gag concert skits are either a hit or miss for me, some of them are super clever and funny(the I know the feeling skit mentioned here is one of the examples) but there are others that simply disgust me because of the reliance on ridiculing fat people or people that aren’t as good looking and sometimes it gets even worse. I haven’t watched the show in a while though, hopefully it got better now.

    3 years ago
  115. “opinions are opinions and they differ really frequently” then why are “haters'” opinions devalued? They are worth just as much as EYK’s. One can be a fan and still question their intentions. As someone else mentioned, because of what went on in the KMM with BAP (or the general mocking tone of a lot of KMMs), of course people might be skeptical.

    3 years ago
    • I never said hater’s opinions are devalued, just that they should be ignored so as not to cause one to get angry or feel pain. If you let everything people say that doesn’t match your opinion or that is hate against you affect you you’ll tend to lead a very sad and depressed life. I’ve been there.

      3 years ago
  116. The internet seriously needs to stop making themselves the victim before a fight or argument even began. You aren’t that “great” as you think. Here’s the video you were all freaking out about before it was even made. Oh look, it turns out it’s a video for DICKS – a series ran by EYK coworkers who apparently everyone loves more than S&M -claps- Be ashamed of yourselves. Some of your actions are just as worst as the things you claim EYK to be of fault of. You are allow to have opinions but when they overpower your ability to have common sense; take a step back and revaluate yourself before critiquing others no matter how “worst” they are then you.

    I mean who needs permission or consent to link people to things? That’s how the internet works. People were attacking innocent fans who were tweeting links to EYK and telling them that they don’t have the permission to send out links to people. That’s issue one. Issue two, It’s extremely disappointing that these people thought their work was going to be stolen by EYK simply because their opinions of them is already negative, so why not accuse and blame them for plagiarizing – THEM, ENGLISH STUDENTS. They probably know more about the seriousness of plagiarizing then you do. It’s disgusting.

    But then again, only a few handful of people were at fault of this. Some reacted with maturity for which I applaud you for.

    Onto the video and topic itself! I love fanfictions. However I CAN’T bring myself to read any fanfictions involving real life people; being their real-self. I find it just horrible, and I personally avoid them and respect people that write and read them (I can’t even bring myself to read reunion fanfictions of DBSK D: ). I do LOVE reading fanfictions for fictional characters though. My personal favourite ship is SessKag (Sesshomaru and Kagome) from Inuyasha. It’s a AU/AR couple. Some of the best works I’ve ever read came from this community (writers in this fandoms range from teens to adults that are 30-40 years of age). It’s a great community.

    Another terminology to add might be OOC – out of character; when a character acts slightly off of what people perceive their personality to be like. Like for example, a fanfiction where Simon begs Martina to go to a Hello Kitty cafe. Simon would be OOC in this fanfic.

    Also CRACK COUPLES – so couples that make absolutely no sense, there were no hints of a possible romance in the canon universe yet fans like to ship the two anyways.

    3 years ago
    • My friend and I feel the same. We don’t like reading fanfics that involve real people (he has issues with roleplaying as well). To us, they are real people and honestly, we don’t want to imagine something over a real person.

      3 years ago
      • I’m glad I’m not the only one. It feels wrong to me. These people are living their own life in the moment you are writing the fanfiction. Doesn’t matter if they are celebrities or not. It’s okay with me for people to ship people together but it crosses the line for me when you write stories about their lives.

        3 years ago
    • crackships! Those are the best. There is a hysterical youtube music video called “I Ship It” that basically is all about crackships. Has anyone seen it?

      3 years ago
    • Can’t OOC also mean that the author is poking in to say stuff? Like, Bella and Jacob will be passionately kissing, and the author jumps in and mentions that s/he doesn’t like kissing?

      3 years ago
  117. the way so many fic writers and readers just completely freaked out and basically started a huge hate campaign has just been so off-putting to witness. I’m not saying everyone should love you or your way of reviewing other stuff, and I know writing is a very personal matter to a lot of people, but the way so many just assumed you were just gonna review fics in a mocking way without even asking the writers for permission to use their work, just really annoyed me.
    I don’t have time to watch the video right now, but I just had to get this off my chest, especially when reading your comment, Martina. kudos for keeping it so calm.

    3 years ago
  118. I’ll have to watch Gag concert from now on, I always see it but never really knew what it was :)
    as for the whole Fan fiction thing, thank you guys! The first time I saw your tweet about the fanfic it already had comments upon comments like the ones you gave as an example and I was really taken aback by it. My first thought was “Wow! that is quite a lot of assumptions” just like what Martina said. People are just being downright nasty for no reason.

    3 years ago
  119. first gag concert skit with english subs at about 1:26:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCNuScx_XFg&list=PLMf7VY8La5RF5qeBFxvYHiud7YfvwH7AB&index=22
    i couldn’t find the second one quickly so welp haha

    3 years ago
  120. There’s a lot to answer in your comment, but I’ll just answer one: we don’t make stuff FOR kpop people. We make stuff for our audience. The kpop crowd isn’t even our biggest crowd. TL;DRs are our biggest videos. Kpop fandoms are just the loudest and complain the most, but we do stuff for the general audience as a whole.

    3 years ago
    • .. is this trufax or a guest… either way.. so… yeah… I’m a kpop fan… never denied it…
      I feel like your pissed off at something and read way too much in that one sentence… now because i have a couple of minutes before I have to go, I will indulge you on this one… When someone just likes kpop it does not necessarily mean they are a kpop fan… I think you need to have a little bit more love for the genre than just liking it… (depends on the passion) example: My friend likes some songs of 2ne1 and big bang …kind of … and that’s it.. He’s NOT a kpop fan so I think your reasoning is flawed… Second. The sentence you quoted… “healthy love” like I said I think is very important because I see that people around me and on the internet get in wayyyy to deap… It becomes their everything… and anyone that does not like it… MUST be evil… I mean chilll….. therefore a healthy love of kpop… I don’t know what your comment and my sentence have to do with each other… soo ..I guess you’ll have to enlighten me… if you would even bother…

      3 years ago
    • Nah, your tldr videos are the most watched because they’re your better videos. Kpop fans ARE the majority of your audience. I’m a kpop fan myself but I can’t bring myself to watch your kpop music mondays and I just watch your tldr, majority of fellow fans I know feel the same way.

      3 years ago
    • wow i didnt know that. i thought the majority of your audience are kpop fans. i watch your videos regularly and i am not a kpop fan, not even a k-drama fan. i thought i am a special minority among the nasties… guess i was wrong. damn it. i lost my special status and became “normal” LOL

      3 years ago
    • As a non-kpop fan- I really appreciate this. I didn’t even watch KMM for years- and now I watch because the commentary is irreverent and funny, not because I really listen to much kpop. I feel like the entire tenor of EYK would be dramatically changed if it transformed into a oppa-worshipping machine just to make the sensitive kpop fans feel better.

      3 years ago
      • I definitely agree with this. TL;DRs are what got me into this site and, eventually, into kpop. I love EYK because of Simon and Martina, their humour and honesty; not because of their pandering to my personal tastes.

        3 years ago
    • That’s what I was aiming at. Kpop people are the most sensitive and it should be known by now that certain thinks will make the fandom blow up. And I totally understand what you mean when you say you have your audience and kpop is just the loudest. But especially because of that some stuff should be put into more consideration. You guys know kpop fans bloe shit up when certain things are said and I know its your free will to say what you want – I don’t hinder you – but some stuff should just not be said. And I never cared before and loved all your vids – especially TL;DR and FAPFAP, but sometimes I think “okay they probably shouldn’t have said that now” because I KNOW how fans can be. I write a lot on my tumblr and get hate really quickly. So I can understand both sides here. EYK and the fans/authors.

      3 years ago
      • Should Eat Your Kimchi be respectful? Yes. But I don’t think they should censor what they say because of how someone will react. That is essentially why I love KMM- they speak their mind and aren’t afraid to say how they see it. And about The Bitch Ass Pussy thing, I hate the P word but that skit was funny. I thought that was one of their best KMM. They make fun of Kpop groups but they make fun of everything including themselves but they’ve never channeled hate towards Kpop idols. And yes, EYK has committed mistakes in the past but in my opinion that KMM was not one of them.
        I will sign of with this Shakespearian quote that I believe represents EYK well “This above all: to thine own self be true”

        3 years ago
  121. I was wondering what daehak-ro romance mean? this is one of the new skits but i dont understand the concept of it. Can anyone answer?

    3 years ago
    • Daehak-ro is an area in Seoul that has a lot of universities near it (or on it, I’m not quite sure, I haven’t been yet) and thus has a lot of Korean college culture stores on it (make-up, clubs, bars, clothes, cafes, etc.). Again as I’ve not been to this street yet I’m not 100% sure exactly what types of things are there, but this is the general feeling I get of it when my teachers and friends in Korea mention the place.

      3 years ago
  122. I thought only K-netizens overreact, like what the hell is wrong with just sharing some awesome fanfics with the community? I got a couple of friends to like AFF (kinda regret with all that smut going around, but too late), and how the heck would I have done that without sharing?

    With that aside, I don’t have a brotp (OTP male version), but I have my favourite ships from each group. XiuChen and KrisYeol fight in my heart, Jongyu sails all the way, Kyuwook is freaking adorable and I also like Woogyu (though Yadong ships themselves). I used to ship Jongstal, but the moment I watched The Heirs I know I will forever ship Krystal with Minhyuk. I’m attempting to write my own fanfic about them but it’s taking a long time.

    And I shall be a little extra and throw in some fanfic recommendations: Der Marchenclub (I’m so in love with that story), Silent Melody (prepare your tissues), The Siren’s Cry, Assonance (pretty old but still cool), Baby’s Breath, La Vita è Bella and

    Kyuhyun… It’s been hard on you (warning: 150 chapters. Worth it though). Anyone willing to share some awesome fanfics like the ones I mentioned? Or anything dark-themed, tear inducing and life ruining. ^^

    3 years ago
    • I’m sorry if my attitude annoys the heck out of you. Have a nice day.

      3 years ago
    • Fun fact: “Yadong” not only is Hoya/Dongwoo’s ship name, but is also the Korean word for porn ;)

      3 years ago
    • If you’re willing to read 2min and Jongkey I recommend This Time of Night. Also, The Beast, Two in a Million and I would recommend Anterograde Tomorrow, but it’s sadly deleted ><

      3 years ago
      • I didn’t know Anterograde Tomorrow was deleted, that’s such a shame. The Beast is pretty good (looking up TToN now). My own recommendations: Absolute Chanyeol is always a classic, as well as its partner Be Human. There is a Lay-centered one on Livejournal titled “In Monochrome” that is pretty well done. Oh, and if you want something really dark, “Black” is just about perfect (If you are okay with Taoris, at least).

        3 years ago
  123. What a lovely coincidence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEt4yD_MQc4

    3 years ago
  124. Top + Daesung = ToDae!!!! XD

    3 years ago
  125. I might get hate for this, but I can see why people were hesitant about sending in Fanfics. (Although they should never have used the language they did.) Fanfiction are often looked down upon greatly by those who do not write/read them, and people get a lot of hate over them for any little thing that is not liked or is different from what they think should happen. If they were used in a skit, it would be painful to see your hard work, the result of hours of work, satirised. As english teachers, maybe you understand that if you wrote a story and published it, and then someone relatively well known came along and talked about it, and maybe laughed at it, then it can be very cutting and upsetting, especially if their fans came to read it and made the same comments on the fic itself. While people shouldnt have jumped to conclusions as to what you needed it for, it is not so farfetched that you would do a TL;DR on them, and so I can understand why they were worried.

    A few other things:

    You can ship a pair romantically, sexually or platonically.
    like for example; you could ship Jaejoong/Yoochun as a pair, but they are also shipped as brothers – called Soulmates.
    Also, just to say; Yaoi is also a term for a male homosexual relationship, while Yuri is for a female homosexual relationship. Slash=Yaoi, FemSlash=Yuri.
    also, you might see OT5 or OT3 in tags or warnings – this is not necessarily a sexual group pairing, and can again, refer to friendship or brotherhood.
    AU is what I think you have alled AR here – i have never seen AR used before but then again, I havent really checked.

    3 years ago
    • brotp is also used

      3 years ago
    • True, I am more familiar with AU (Alternative Universe) than AR – never seen it used either.
      And the OT3, OT9 warning usually means polyamory, or a crazy web of love-lines. I skip these kinds of fics, lol.

      Anyway, can’t believe that this topic brought on so much animosity. I was actually looking forward about this topic as I am an avid fanfic reader.

      3 years ago
    • Problem is that if they take the time to listen to EYK fans or watch their videos instead of blaming them for everything and assuming that everything they do is wrong and should go to hell for even existing – they would know that Martina herself adores fanfiction (mentioned multiple of times in their videos) and why would she go and do something horrible to the fanfiction community. EYK works have been improving lately too – a lot of the things that people pointed out to them have been getting fixed. But most of them ignore that fact and continue to bash them when they themselves are trying to change. Sigh, but yeah I see why they are worry but they overreacted big time.

      3 years ago
      • I think that it is the expression ‘one bitten, twice shy’. Fear leads to anger leads to the dark side of the internet. Also, from what I saw, this was mostly worry that they were inadvertently forcing authors to shut down. S&M obviously didnt mean for any of that to happen, but the idea that their fics would reach a higher platform is scary, especially not knowing what they would be used for. I would say that a tweet to explain that they were not using the fics in a skit would have been useful to stop panic.

        Also, one other thing I saw when trawling was that there was a competition for EYK fanart, and the winner of it had their work used without permission on this site, but I dont know whether that is true or not.

        3 years ago
        • Wait… didn’t you upload that Shinee interview that SM entertainment told you not to and still did (while acting like a bunch of ‘bitch ass pussies’ about it >.> ) It’s no surprise that everyone is so hesitant. (Not everyone is gonna kiss your ass) I mean you guys didn’t listen to one of the biggest idol creators in the entertainment industry what would you make you listen to us?

          3 years ago
        • http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/shinee-interview/
          Here, this might clear some things up. They explain in the link that they didn’t really need SME’s permission to post the video, but they decided to run it by them anyways. Then SM decided to be total assholes about it and, well, I don’t want this to turn into a rant so please just read the blogpost. This is what Simon & Martina mean by people jumping to conclusions without checking their sources first.

          3 years ago
        • I just want to say, that while I think in that situation SME was kind of jerky, S&M are technically(as in legally) in the wrong. SME owns all rights to SHINee’s name and image. That means that they have all rights to disagree to that image and name being used or shown anywhere or by anyone that they do not agree to. It’s for this reason that while you may be allowed to bring a camera to a concert, if you post a video of said concert it may get taken down. S&M claim to have had a verbal agreement but that wouldn’t stand up in court. In fact, even in the music mondays if SME said “no, I don’t like your review of my artist. Take it down.” it would be legal. If fact, I think there was a MM taken down before for this very reason.

          Honestly, even if was a loss to them, it would’ve been much smarter and safer to just scrap the video. They’ve left themselves open for a potential law suit at any point in time and possibly ruined relations with a major company.

          3 years ago
        • Your grasp of intellectual property and contract law is… weak at best.
          Using parts of a copyrighted work as part of a review is one of the major, internationally accepted, EXCEPTIONS to copyright exclusivity. This HAS to be the case otherwise every movie studio/book publisher/music company EVER would abuse it to silence all their critics.
          Recording a live performance and distributing it is clear copyright infringement of the musical work and audio recording – two separate copyrights (and may also violate terms of sales for the tickets).
          As for the SHINee interview, I don’t know what the contract says that they had between themselves and YouTube at the YTMAs, and SME with YouTube – if any exists at all – and I doubt you do either. But S&M obviously reviewed the situation and thought they could still go ahead. If SME REALLY had a leg to stand on they could have sued for breach of contract. But it would probably have hurt their public perception trying to ‘silence’ interviews they don’t like – so they didn’t. Their choice.
          As for artist name and image: S&M are perfectly allowed to use that trademark (a different form of Intellectual Property – look it up) to refer to the group and the usage is more than justified since they appear front and centre in the video.
          Law regarding showing people’s image differs around the world – and that I’m not too hot on – however, appearing in the interview without duress, clearly shows permission having been given. If SHINee and SME have a part of their contract enforcing oversight of interviews, then that would be a matter between SME and SHINee (and the manager if it was his responsibility) – NOTHING to do with S&M.
          As for the verbal agreement: the part that wouldn’t stand up in court – assuming no other agreements were made – would be the part where SME says they have veto power over the posting of the interview. It would be pure hearsay and any judge would laugh it out the front door.

          S&M are most likely safe – legally speaking. And their relationship with media companies is up to them. Perhaps they value living up to promises they made to their fans more than business relationships? Usually a good move since it’s the fans’ eyeballs that pay the bills and the overwhelming majority of their content does not rely on getting the permission of said media companies.

          Phew. I feel better now. :D

          3 years ago
        • It’s funny you mention the USA: since that country has among the most exceptions to copyright:

          “…for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.”

          This is of course under the guide of the 4-part test of ‘fair use.’ This is one of the laws that protects the freedom of the press. The 1st amendment to the US constitution outlines that ‘freedom of the press’ will be a thing but legislation like this is more the how. There is no special list of who is press and who is not because that too would be abusable and by it’s very nature would likely infringe upon such freedoms. If you’re talking more about things like press passes, access to events, review copies etc. those are business-business arrangements based on expected access to audiences – governments generally play no part. The laws we have in this world aren’t perfect by a long way but many of them have had thought put into them.

          Of course, laws in South Korea are slightly different but then we run into the ugly world of jurisdiction: distribution-wise YouTube is a US owned and operated company. Fair use would probably apply in – for example – a Music Monday, as even though the use is commercial in nature, they generally use only small cuts of footage, properly identify it, in the context of criticism/comment, and the use does not diminish the market potential and may even increase it due to greater exposure. S&M could point to their playlist views and comments on the YouTube MVs that say ‘EYK sent me here!’ as evidence that they are driving traffic and ad-sales directly (and single and album sales indirectly). So, rather than the exposure being why media companies don’t sue, they don’t sue because the greater exposure would be part of EYK’s defense. That would be difficult if not impossible to overcome and if they did it would be a big upset in the entire industry.

          Identifying them as SHINee is fine because that’s all it is: identifying them – S&M are not claiming the trademark for themselves. A person does have a right to be identified with stuff they were not involved in but again – they’re front and centre on camera happily answering questions. If they hadn’t given permission to be interviewed they could have, ya know… not answered, left the tent. Further conditions would need to be down in writing or otherwise because it’s not part of most law.

          I’m looking right now and I can’t find anything in Korean IP law that states people have absolute discretion over the use of their image even when it appears permission has been given. God nows I’ve seen enough pictures from press events and fansignings and airports and the like of Korean celebrities and the companies aren’t coming down like a ton of bricks on all of those uses and I’m certain hundreds of contracts aren’t going to be flying around the place to allow all of that. If I’m wrong please send me a link to something that will educate me on that matter.

          If the members of SHINee need specific permission from SME to identifying themselves as such in specific situations (such as endorsements) then that is an issue between SHINee and SME because they are the parties to that agreement. S&M don’t need to ‘check with SHINee’s parents’, the members and manager are all adults – it was just professional courtesy.

          But I’m starting to repeat myself…


          3 years ago
        • …and find the part of Korean law that applies. Please.

          3 years ago
        • Copy right act of South Korea. Chapter 3. Neighboring Rights. Section 2. Rights of Performers. Article 67(Right to preserve integrity) “The performer shall have the right to preserve the integrity of the content, form and title of his work, unless such indication is deemed unavoidable in light of the nature of a work as well as the purpose and manner of its exploitation.” Or Article 77(Joint Performers) “(1) If more than two performers perform jointly in a chorus, concert, or drama, etc., the rights of performers (excluding the moral rights of performers) as prescribed under this Section shall be exercised by a representative elected by the joint performers provided that if such a representative is not elected, the conductor or director shall exercise the rights. (2) In exercising the rights of performers in accordance with Paragraph (1), if a solo vocalist or a solo instrument player participated in the performance, the consent of such vocalist or instrument player shall be obtained. (3) The provisions of Article 15 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the exercise of the moral rights of joint performers.” depending on whether or not you would classify the interview as a joint performance or not(I don’t but others may beg to differ). Either way, SME has control over and exercises the rights of SHINee. They are SHINee’s representatives. They had every right to say no and they did.

          3 years ago
        • I looked for information on that, but I don’t speak Korean so I was limited to English sources of information. The only thing I gathered (from Wikipedia, they mentioned the articles they got all that from) that SM Entertainment has had problems in the past with unfair contracts (about the money then) and contracts going against human rights (making people things against their will and so one). So I’m not judging, but the way I look at it, they don’t always comply with the law. Meaning that their “noes” aren’t necessarily “within their power” (unless you count coercion and threats…). If you find somewhere information (in English, that’d be easier) on what “record label, talent agency, producer, and publisher of pop music” can or can’t do, I’d be very much interested.

          The way I see it, they manage the money, the contracts, the deals, the schedules but they can’t deny basic rights to the people they deal with. I’m guessing freedom of information and freedom of speech is part of Korea law.

          I found that document http://digital.law.washington.edu/dspace-law/bitstream/handle/1773.1/512/19PacRimL%26PolyJ487%282010%29.pdf?sequence=3 that explain some case laws and the way I see it (though I know I’m no lawyer), SHINee public rights have not been passed over because their image wasn’t used for commercial purposes and/or damaged : “Korean courts now recognize the Right of Publicity as a property right, which is both assignable and subject to inheritance.” “the nature of the [Korean] Right of Publicity as an exclusive property right”.
          I don’t know, I can’t pinpoint exactly was the issue with the law is about in the context of the interview, since the agency people said they didn’t like the interview. I’m still not convinced they had the right to.

          3 years ago
        • Basically, SME, YG, and JYP handle things in a way that is unique to other places. They are a Recording agency, a talent agency, a distribution agency, and a management agency. This means that SME, on behalf of SHINee, makes their music, sells their music, books them for shows, finds them job opportunities, and has control of their image as presented to you.

          Now on to the topic of human rights, people can legally limit freedom of speech. Think about the highschool you went to or go to. You most likely have a student code of conduct agreement. These agreements are legally binding. My school, for example had a language provision that said vulgar language was prohibited and that the determination of vuglar language was at the schools discretion. If I went against that rule, I could be punished or expelled. Does that infringe on my freedom of speech? Yes but by signing the agreement I waived my right away. It is very legal to waive ones rights away in exchange for something. I did it to attend school, SHINee does it to get paid.

          On the term of publicity rights, yes, you as a individual have an exclusive right to publicity UNTIL you turn that right over. Once again I’ll bring up school. In the states a while ago some tweens were suspended for misrepresenting a teacher via facebook. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/facebook/students-suspended-expelled-over-facebook-posts/517

          I will also link you personal management agreement. Also, always remember, it is within your rights to give up your rights.


          I would like to use this document to draw your attention to section 3. sub sections (a) and (b). Also, please keep in mind that SHINee’s artist manager, who S&M say they dealt with, is not the manager that this contract would refer to since they were told this manager had no power. That managers job probably entails things along the line of a personal assistant. Making sure they get to appointments on time, making sure they stay fed while traveling, helping them at the airport.

          3 years ago
        • Right, so sorry I was a bit busy but I did read your reply.

          First of all, IT IS NOT IN YOUR RIGHTS TO GIVE UP (all) YOUR RIGHTS. I don’t know in the US, but in France, there are a few rights you can’t sell. You can’t give up your moral rights that are part to the intellectual property rights (morals rights = forever… but when you’be been dead for a few centuries, some people can claim that right for you. Like a French movie based on the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses by Laclos had to (as in, a tribunal told them to after a trial) change slightly the title (I think they added the year or something) because an association thought keeping the same name with so many change from the actual story wasn’t right/ patrimonial rights = selling your art 70 years postmortem only, then public domain).
          In France, you can’t adopt an underaged child unless the parent(s) give up their parental rights (they can be denied to them in case of extreme mental illnesses or something, but if you’re divorced and the step-parent want to adopt the child, you need the parent’s approval, unlike some Korean dramas I’ve seen that made me cringe…).
          Actually, all the “personal” rights (the word French law uses), the rights to public liberties, such as the right to have a name, the right to vote, the right to parental authority, to right to “image” (like having your face blurred on TV if you’ve been shot by a TV crew or something, the right that’s usually used regarding paparazzis I think), the right to have an “honor” (not sure how to explain this one, but probably the reason you can retried after your death to prove your innocence)…

          As for rights being denied at school, well exceptions don’t deny rights. In school, you have rules but they’re supposed to be based on the ones that apply in society. Like, ok, no insults, but if you went to a school whose rules was not to speak unless told to, that’d be strongly illegal wouldn’t it? And if I remember properly, my French school rulebooks always quoted articles of law (libel… that is linked with insults if I remember…). Actually, there’s been (pretty nasty) debates in France about things allowed or not in public places like local swimming pool (can you refuse someone wearing a veil for religious reasons for instance), we really need to work on that but anyway, my point is: a rule isn’t necessary legal… (we’re running in circles, sorry).

          And publicly spreading rumors about people being pedophiles or something awful or just without proof: libel (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/libel).

          Now, I read the contract (US one?) you shared and I found the words “counsel”, “assist”, “subjet to client’s previous approval”… 3b is about “the prupose of advertising any and all products and services”, and here’s the thing: an interview falls under journalism, and so does blogging (even if it’s amateur journalism). The band didn’t advertise anything, did they? That’s the thing about interviews, you don’t advertise the newspapers nor the channel nor the poeple that ask you questions.

          I didn’t change my point of view so far, I don’t think you did either. I’m sorry we can’t agree on what an interview made with a band and then disliked by the managing company but still posted as it was meant to be really is all about.

          3 years ago
        • ….It was the longest read of my life and got 1/3 of what happened (i have no coffee and it’s late >.>) I’m going to wake up tomorrow and reread it but for now… Maybe SM had a reason for them to say no? I’m too sleepy to be directly mean and assholey (not to you though, you seem pretty sweet).
          But that seems to clear one of the many problems I have with them. Just one, but that’s pretty good since it’ll take a long ass time to move a mountain.
          Oh and thankyou it’s nice for you to link me. I don’t think I’m up for rants at this hour.

          3 years ago
        • How about you agree to let it go and stop mopping about it? You seem to be a very angry and grouchy person. Does it make you feel better to rant on someone? Your post are giving me a migraine but I personally I don’t give a care to what you said. I love their web shows and your hater feeling will not change that in anyway.

          3 years ago
        • In general I am moochy and pessimistic person..Ah…a nasty who says they don’t care but yet takes the time to answer me in a paragraph long reply…Should I feel honored?
          I never told you to change your ways, don’t put words in my mouth. I never said anything about your preferences, you just assumed that I cared. Have a migraine, it’s not my problem.

          3 years ago
        • They gave credit but it was accidentally to the wrong person. When they discovered that they felt so terrible about that because of course they know what it’s like to have work taken and not credited (so much EYK stuff has been stolen before). As soon it was brought to their attention they fixed it immediately. Unfortunately this story gets twisted by people to make it seem like it was worse than it is.

          3 years ago
        • About the fanart thing: yes, S&M did have a competition, and they forgot to give credit to the winner. But once they were told, they apologized for messing up on tumblr and put up credit.

          3 years ago
  126. I think its sad people over reacted the way they did. Changdictator even deleted ‘Anterograde Tomorrow’ and they’re blaming you guys for it. They could have deleted it for an entirely different reason.

    I just hope people wll do their research before overreacting in the future

    On a related note, I was totally going to reread that at some point in the future T^T I honestly do wonder why its gone now

    3 years ago
    • I don’t understand how we were blamed for other people deleting their stuff. It’s like we logged into their computers and deleted their fictions? If people want to keep their work safer and private, that’s a good thing for them, no? Create a safer, more secure environment where people can create their work. After all, we’re not the only ones with a computer and Google access. Anyone can read their works, and can do a lot worse with it then we did here.

      3 years ago
      • I don’t either, that’s why I was so confused O.o BT the author didnt blame you, readers did. Thought I’d clarify.

        3 years ago
  127. FYI: The website is loading a little crazy town for me. Including the actual video for this not loading on the page. Just in case anyone else was having issues. Gonna go watch it on youtube now.

    3 years ago
  128. Martina ships Spuffy!!! OMG yes! They are the best, Angel was so boring. But Spike.. Spike is unf!

    3 years ago
    • I soooo shipped that… I was a Spuffy shipper from the first time I set eyes on Jame’s Marsters Spike…man his cheekbones gave me some good dreams :P

      3 years ago
  129. Top + Daesung = ToDae!!!! XD

    3 years ago
  130. oh cool!! eng subs!!

    3 years ago
  131. You didn’t mention my favorite type of Fic. Crossovers! Twisting the Hellmouth type stuff. :) The fic I’m reading now has like a million crossovers and it is so well done. (No kpop/kdrama stuff tho, although they did recently stop a North Korean invasion)

    3 years ago
  132. i’ve watched parts of GAG concert when idols go on it…….
    but yeah i don’t watch it since i have no idea what they’d be saying!!
    recently Key has been doing something from GAG concert, and of course i don’t understand it! http://instagram.com/p/kgVSGxpg2q/

    wow…..some people….so crazy and mean!
    and since i don’t know how the fanfiction community works…i really don’t get why they’d get so mad!! especially since you haven’t even done anything yet!
    and you guys did later say you won’t use it without the authors permission so why they hell should everyone freak out if the author doesn’t mind?

    3 years ago
  133. I saw a lot of shit going down with folks online overreacting towards your simple request. I know that excessive criticism is part of the deal when you become internet famous but… Jesus Christ. Folks can be crazy.

    3 years ago
    • Ana

      They do NOT have that right … not legally anyway. It might give you a moral itch, but for the majority of people as long as something has no biding effect they will not give one flying f**k. You make something public = it’s out there. As an author you need to assume responsibility for sharing on all parts.

      “It’s wanting to be respected” Respect is not something you should expect from anyone. People are mean and the Internet always has and always will be a space where people get the confidence to make fun of others.

      3 years ago
    • To be honest they have made many videos about copyright and all that so i doubt they would be so hypocritical as to do it themselves…

      3 years ago
    • I completely understand that people may not want their fics shared (I myself choose not to post them online for that reason) but the problems came in when people started attacking Simon and Martina with assumptions. To me, all arguments became invalid when they’d end their sentences with “Don’t give my fics to them because they are terrible people!” like what? not wanting your fics to be shared with the public is fine, wanting respect is fine but saying something like that automatically makes their argument of “respect” void, they are no longer saying they don’t want it shared out of respect or privacy, they are saying they don’t want it shared because they don’t like simon and martina and those are two totally different things.

      3 years ago
      • I totally get what you’re saying! One thing though like
        If I was a fic author, and didn’t like eyk for my own valid reasons, I wouldn’t want people linking my fics to them. Like that in itself is ok. People have their opinions and they’re allowed to not
        be associated with people if they don’t want to, yk?
        And like, just because you post something online doesn’t mean it’s literally a free for all thing, there are still ways to maintain a certain control over what you do post, so it’s upsetting if someone breaks that unofficial rule and stuff, aahh

        But again, the main issue really was the rudeness of so many people who did tweet them, and I completely agree that it was unnecessary hhh

        3 years ago
    • I don’t agree at all. If people post it online, it’s expected that people will read it. There are posts all over the place entitled “My favorite (insert name here) fanfics” or so and so, that post links to stories. I have never heard an author before that got upset because someone was trying to share their stories and get more readers for it. If they don’t want people to read their story, don’t post it. Or at the very least, in the author’s description or somewhere let people know that you don’t want anyone to share a link to the story. I’m a fanfic author, and I think anyone feeling like they had to ask my permission just to share a link of the story with someone else is super weird.

      tldr; if you don’t want people to read and talk about it, don’t post it online.

      3 years ago
      • Yes, but those people are interested in fanfics. “My favourite fanfics” won’t be a post directed at people who aren’t interested in fics but towards others who enjoy them, as a way of sharing within the fandom. Of course the writer won’t be upset at people sharing their fic with others who would enjoy it. That’s often the point of writing fanfic in the first place; sharing it with people you KNOW will read and enjoy it.

        This is an entirely separate situation where fics could be shared with people NOT interested in fics. And that is worrying because a lot of people uninterested in fics have very bad opinions about those who write them and read them. If you saw other comments, there was one which talked about a Sherlock producer getting the cast to read a JohnLock fic he had found on the internet, and the whole purpose was to make fun of the writer who wanted John and Sherlock to have sex with each other. It wasn’t to applaud the imagination of the writer, or her interest in the fandom. It was merely to laugh at her.

        EYK are a business who are well-known to idols and companies, and have a wide audience who may not be interested in fanfiction, and disaster could hit our small fanfiction community because of one measly video.

        TL;DR: We share specifically with our target audience and don’t expect those who don’t like fics to ever read our work. When threatened with outsiders reading our work, we get upset and defensive.

        3 years ago
        • I don’t think you’re being fair for the whole Sherlock situation: they DID include fanfics in the show last season and it was witty and funny, not disrepectful at all (I mean, I like reading fanfics and I wasn’t offended, but maybe writers were? dunno; were they repenting for the laughing incident?).
          I’m not saying making fun of someone is right (’cause it isn’t, though I’ve actually never heard of that story before, I’ll look it up), but even the JohnxSherlock was an inside running joke to the show from the very beginning with Mrs Hudson assuming they were gay (season 1, episode 1) until last season.

          If you want to share only with people YOU know will enjoy it, you find a place where you can restrain access, like a forum where applications need to be approved of by the person in charge or something. The basics of the Internet is that you can have access to anything through search engines – as long as search engines robots can access to the link (and you can make a website preventing that) – or if you give the specific link to someone.

          Any websites that don’t require authentification (or just an e-mail address to get an account) and is easy to find may have chances to be read by people who won’t necessary like what you publish. If you’re ashamed of it, if you don’t like it, then don’t publish. If you don’t like criticism and hate messages, like the ones Simon and Martina must have received recently despite being rather famous, then don’t write anything where it can be read. Keep a secret journal, and you’ll be fine.
          You seem to think that fanfic writers are different from the rest of the huge mass of people throughout the world who write or publish content online. Well, guess what? The same logic applies.

          Besides, one video coudn’t threaten your work… If anything it could
          have a larger audience, gets criticized or praised (I mean, fair use is
          an American concept right? it doesn’t just apply to traditional media or
          to the cinema…). If you write something public, people might talk
          about it. What’s wrong with that? Simon and Martin write and publish content and many people agree or/and disagree for various reasons too. You do something publicly, people love you or hate you. If you people just want to put yourselves out there to a few restricted people, no worries, you can do that too, you have options.

          3 years ago
        • the fanfiction community isn´t even that small……besides if poeple are not interested in fanfiction why would they watch a video about it?

          3 years ago
        • Our K-pop fandom is tiny compared to fandoms like, for example, Sherlock, Supernatural and Harry Potter. And to suppose all people into K-Pop fanfiction are into all types is an overstatement.
          You would be surprised how many of EYK’s fans watch every video regardless of topic and interest. Maybe they are completionists. But I can say with 100% surety there would be fans of EYK not into fanfiction who would watch the video and be rude about the fanfics mentioned.
          (I can also say with 100% surety there would be anti-fans of EYK watching to be rude about their interpretations of fanfics, but that’s another matter entirely.)

          3 years ago
    • One thing I didn’t understand: if we said we wouldn’t post a video without the author’s permission, then why did the people we didn’t contact need to know what we were going to do in our video? We’re always vague about what we’re going to do in future videos.

      But to many people that were respectful who contacted us privately rather than freaking out at us publicly, we answered them respectfully.

      3 years ago
      • Hey! I just wanna say that I think it’s great that you have clarified and adressed these issues in your blogpost and in the comments.

        Now you have yours side of the story out there and that’s whats important because the real nasties will trust you to be sensible and do the right thing from your perspective. For the rest, as you have said it yourself and as simons shirt says “haters gonna hate”. There will always be people who gossip and misunderstand you and make presumptions even though they really don’t know.
        So stay strong and keep up the good work because I think you guise are great!

        3 years ago
      • you should never react violently…

        3 years ago
      • Yes there is a line in which people need to draw between outright nasty and respectfully addressing the issue. Of course none of these reactions were justifiable. I agree, in fact a lot of these reactions were actually embarrassing. Yes, we aren’t entitled to a detailed script. Yes people should not send death threats. I’m not blaming Simon and Martina, I just thought there could have been a better way to solve the issue before it got too big, that’s all. Also, a lot of these journals were locked before they sent out the second tweet. The damage had been done, and as supporters of these writers a lot of us set out to find an answer (i guess you could call it that) but not all of us did so in the most respectful way. In no way is this amount of caps lock rage ever acceptable.

        3 years ago
      • I think it’s because of the HUGE ongoing issue of stolen works, whether it be fanfiction or fanart, etc etc. It’d be very easy for you guys to contact the author of the fic without knowing that that person is in fact NOT the author and just really wanted that fic to get some spotlight or something
        It seems sorta farfetched, but like
        there are a lot of people in the fandom that just don’t realize that it’s not ok to repost stuff not originally made from them, or don’t realize how shitty it is. That’s one of the reasons why people expressed their discontent right away through twitter.

        I realize how disrespectful a lot of the fans were though, like I mean there were a lot that were completely unnecessarily rude for sure.
        So I think for this sort of thing it’s just safer to be a bit more specific, because of the history of constant art and fic theft in the fandom. (It’d be easy to just stop putting anything up online altogether, but then you lose the spirit and feeling of community of being in a fandom. That’s why there are certain unwritten rules, and when someone breaks it, basically all hell breaks loose, so it’s just a matter of trying to prevent that from happening hhh)

        3 years ago
      • Anything you put on the Internet is never really private it will always be there no matter what. And I love fanfiction don’t get me wrong I read it all the time but when you put your work up on the Internet like that it’s open for the world to take and use and yeah its common courtesy to inform the author because they did write it and it’s there idea but I see nothing wrong with eyk asking for some work to share with fans because they were not going to review them they were only sharing and even if they did review these work so what that makes all these writers cowards you can’t improve as an artist if you yourself can not handle criticism
        Also none of these work are copyrighted witch means anyone like any ol Hollywood producer could find a story like “Innocent intentions” by exobubz (I’m not dissing on far a okay I love far a so don’t over react) and turn it into a movie and guess what you can’t do shit about it because 7th doesn’t have a copy write and only out of cotesy does the big time Hollywood producer give credit to the author
        So I think it’s stupid seeing all these fan hating on eat your kim chi because I love eat your kim chi they inspire me so much after I saw there videos online I had decides I wanted to be a teacher and I got up off my ass and started making up classes and I’m studying for all those big test and I had decided to take a small break this morning and read some fics but no people are not happy with themselves and want to start drama so yeah like Martina said don’t go around assuming things I did not say anything until I read all the tweets saw the video read all the youtube comments read the notes from the fanfic authors and read the blog post

        3 years ago
      • Maybe they’re afraid of the works getting removed. I myself am a very active follower of the fan fiction world, and to have one of your favourite author deactivated can be very upsetting.

        Instead of posting it on twitter, why not post your requests next time on your blog itself. Would that help?
        Or maybe it will still be discoverable, being on a public blogpost. So what was meant to be private become public.

        Man, I hate self irony.

        3 years ago
        • I think they meant that the writers themselves deactivated or deleted their work. Some readers were scared all the fanfiction would disappear because a lot of the writers were taking it down, and they became rude because of it.
          I read a comment from a new reader who said every single author she was aware of had deleted their work after the initial tweet and she didn’t know where to find anything else, so it’s not like it was an exaggeration either.

          3 years ago
        • Oh well. I guess the best thing we could do is to wait for the storm to pass.

          3 years ago
    • but it is going into crazy territory to yell “I WILL END YOU”
      there’s being respectful “please make sure to ask the author for permission beforehand” and then there’s freaking out like a lot of people did

      3 years ago
      • yeah no definitely, but there was a better way to go about this to prevent such an outcome, yk? People are passionate for what they love man, if they feel like it’ll be taken away from them for shitty reasons, they’ll get angry.
        OBVIOUSLY that doesn’t excuse anyone’s behaviour, but there we go
        it’s really difficult to maintain peace in fandoms eh

        3 years ago
    • Of course! That’s not at all the sort of behaviour I was referencing– I write myself and understand a writer’s desire for permission entirely. Folks should know better than to do anything to a work without permission from an author.

      I realize my comment was rather vague, but I was moreso thinking about a lot of the rather unpleasant attention that folks started spewing towards S&M once word of this blew up. Things along the lines of calling them the “scum of the earth” and “pretentious assholes”. It’s one thing to not enjoy Eat Your Kimchi and Simon & Martina’s humour, or to disagree with their criticisms/taste, but another thing entirely to start dehumanizing them and harbouring hatred. Folks seriously need to calm down– we’re watching silly videos about silly pop culture. Stay civil and express your dislike with proper rhetoric, not blind accusations and straight-up villainizing.

      3 years ago
  134. OK, I need someone to write fanfiction (slashfiction????) of SoZee and Leigh. IT WOULD BE SO CUTE OMG <3
    So hard? Ship them so hard?
    Ok, interwebz, make it happen!

    3 years ago
    • Am I the only one who instantly thought “Sleigh”? xD

      3 years ago
    • i ship leigh and soozee too. if only there is also a doujinshi of leigh/soozee, i would sooo read that. because i am too lazy to read words, but i love to see pictures lol

      leigh/soozee = OTP

      3 years ago
    • I’d say SooLei, but if you change the lettering slightly (Sulay) it becomes an EXO pairing… Maybe LeiSoo? Though such then sounds like “lace” or “race” with a Korean accent XD

      3 years ago
    • We call them LeiZee. Or SooLy. What’s a better name?

      3 years ago
  135. You ship Loki & Jane…? Martina whyyy ;____; lmao!

    3 years ago
    • OHHMAAAGERRDDD! Because there is no way in hell that Thor could satisfy Jane’s thirst for knowledge. He’s a really nice guy but pretty average in the intelligence field. Sure, might be hot but that would wear off over time. I think that Loki would be Jane’s match when it came to intelligence, and I think Loki and Jane would go on adventures all around the universe b/c Jane is obsessed with discovering and experiencing different races and planets! Loki might seem like a huge dick in the movies but he’s totally putting up a lonely “I don’t care” front. Come on, he loves his mom. I LURV LOKI!!!

      3 years ago
      • But but but that doesn’t mean Jane is entertaining or useful enough for Loki! He may love his Mum but that’s about all he loves besides power & manipulation. MCU Jane, I’ll give it to you that she may enjoy learning about cosmos from Loki that Thor is unaware about but…what would Jane give to Loki? She’s human & therefore instantly below him. They may have spunk but humans are essentially ants to him. Nrrrrggggg.
        I just can’t think of why Loki would ever like Jane and how Jane would put up with all of Loki’s bullshit. I absolutely LOOOOVE Loki but xD I just don’t think they mix very well!

        I’m sure you know but it definitely makes more sense in the comics with the Thor & Jane pairing since she’s a nurse, caring for people and when Thor’s human he’s Dr. Donald Blake. @____@ Yeeeeeah, I’ll stop now. xD

        3 years ago
      • I definitely agree with all of this, but my heart has already been taken by Darcy/Loki. Even though Darcy and Loki have complete opposite personalities, I feel that they would just click. I’ve been really into Larcy fanfiction for awhile now. But, Jane and Loki have more of a chance of being cannon than Larcy ever will haha.

        3 years ago
  136. JONGKEY. YES.

    3 years ago
  137. TOP + GD =GTOP /runs away

    3 years ago
  138. Yes! GagCon is the best! I espcially love Boom Entertainment, Late Love, Why We Don’t Need Men, Badump Badump, and Dance Chatter.

    3 years ago
  139. i believe it’s AU not AR o:

    3 years ago
    • AR is there too, but it’s so unused it’s almost dead.
      Like lemon/lime nobody uses it anymore, and I’m sure if someone says “I found these great lemon” to friends they will give them the shifty eyes of confusion. Very few use that term nowadays :D

      3 years ago
    • yep AU not AR! alternative universe! :D

      3 years ago