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DICKS – Neon and Noodles

April 1, 2014


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Let’s shoot straight here. We lied to your facehole. We did it because it’s April Fool’s Day, and that’s just what you do, right? Although, we didn’t lie to you 100%. We only fractionally lied to you. Wait, is fractional lying really any better than balls-out lying? Here’s what we didn’t lie about.

While “neon” is not a real slang word, the explanation we gave for “yellow” is. It’s really, really, your-grandmother-knows-this, so-old-its-in-great-depression-novels outdated, but it’s real nonetheless. Likewise, the “pickup line” we taught you may not be a pickup line at all, but it is a real line. It comes from a commercial for Korean 칼국수 soup, in which native Californian Robert Holley spouts off perfect 사투리 (regional Korean accent). He’s more or less saying, “let’s have a bowl!” and yes, he does sound like a goober in Korean too. BE WARNED! If you use “한뚝배기 하실래예!” as a pickup line, you will be laughed out of the bar. It’s kind of fun to see a foreigner speaking such über fluent Korean though, so here’s the original video in case you’re curious:

April fool’s day silliness like this is par for the course in the states. Apparently in Canada, too, since Martina’s dad is like the Don Corleone of April Fool’s Day shenanigans. You know it’s coming, but he always seems to sucker Martina anyway. In Korea though, it’s a little different.

April Fool’s Day is universal day to fool people, and we Koreans call it 만우절! Korean students from middle and high school like to do all sorts of ridiculous stuff on April Fool’s Day. Mostly to embarrass teachers or to skip classes. I used to switch classes with a friend, switch the whole class with the other class, It’s the only day that you can get away with any pranks!! So here are some classic April Fools Day pranks.

Don’t forget to tell your friends that it was a lie, in Korean it is 뻥이야!


We hope you had a bit of a laugh today, and hopefully aren’t too upset with us for messing with you. To make up for pranking your Nasty butts, we really do have an announcement for next episode. It’s going to be really fun, so make sure you subscribe by hitting that button below. That way you wont miss a beat.



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