Let’s shoot straight here. We lied to your facehole. We did it because it’s April Fool’s Day, and that’s just what you do, right? Although, we didn’t lie to you 100%. We only fractionally lied to you. Wait, is fractional lying really any better than balls-out lying? Here’s what we didn’t lie about.

While “neon” is not a real slang word, the explanation we gave for “yellow” is. It’s really, really, your-grandmother-knows-this, so-old-its-in-great-depression-novels outdated, but it’s real nonetheless. Likewise, the “pickup line” we taught you may not be a pickup line at all, but it is a real line. It comes from a commercial for Korean 칼국수 soup, in which native Californian Robert Holley spouts off perfect 사투리 (regional Korean accent). He’s more or less saying, “let’s have a bowl!” and yes, he does sound like a goober in Korean too. BE WARNED! If you use “한뚝배기 하실래예!” as a pickup line, you will be laughed out of the bar. It’s kind of fun to see a foreigner speaking such über fluent Korean though, so here’s the original video in case you’re curious:


April fool’s day silliness like this is par for the course in the states. Apparently in Canada, too, since Martina’s dad is like the Don Corleone of April Fool’s Day shenanigans. You know it’s coming, but he always seems to sucker Martina anyway. In Korea though, it’s a little different.

April Fool’s Day is universal day to fool people, and we Koreans call it 만우절! Korean students from middle and high school like to do all sorts of ridiculous stuff on April Fool’s Day. Mostly to embarrass teachers or to skip classes. I used to switch classes with a friend, switch the whole class with the other class, It’s the only day that you can get away with any pranks!! So here are some classic April Fools Day pranks.

Don’t forget to tell your friends that it was a lie, in Korean it is 뻥이야!


We hope you had a bit of a laugh today, and hopefully aren’t too upset with us for messing with you. To make up for pranking your Nasty butts, we really do have an announcement for next episode. It’s going to be really fun, so make sure you subscribe by hitting that button below. That way you wont miss a beat.

  1. Is the guy in the commercial the same one as the ahjussi in Bye Bye Birdie drama?

  2. Totally fell cuz I’m watching after April 1. But whoever thought of eon gets a prize! That’s good. Goin neon.:)

  3. ‘Neon’ actually sounded pretty real….

  4. Soozee~ can you explain what “Heol” means? I’ve seen it in a few dramas and recently its been appearing more and more in the fanfics I read.

  5. X) u totally got me guys, I actually believed Leigh’s explanation of neon. :D nonetheless im gonna use it cuz it sounds so cool!

  6. SooZee, what’s the real meaning of “kkaebsong”? I searched on the internet and what I saw was a diverse definition. TT.TT

  7. I had a feeling when you said neon, because I’d never heard it before…But then you said the term for “yellow,” right with the explanation so I was reeled back in and believing you BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW KOREAN WELL ENOUGH YET to spot the trick ;D hee hee good one guys! Also Leigh your hair style is super awesome rad! I love short hair and typically I have short hair all the time but recently I’ve been growing it out :P I’m itching for it to be super Princess flow-y long but my hair is moving at a snail’s pace D:

  8. Read the blog post first :D idk….i think i would have gone along with it because the majority of the slang leigh brings up I don’t know..maybe my slang is just too..young? Not to say leigh is old

  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You guys are evil geniuses. That is all.

  10. This was a very convincing video, if they didn’t say it was a joke at the end I would have believed it! LOL
    But even though it wasn’t real I’m going to start using NEON from now on :P

  11. Agreed! I’ll use it if y’all do!

  12. Brace yourselves, for 12 more hours of April Fool’s pranks.

  13. /casually starts using neon in my everyday vernacular/

  14. Tumblr ruined the prank for me. It just looked like a regular comment and since it had no topic or link (till much later) I started reading and the prank ended for me before it began. >_<

  15. Mr Gwon was giggling the whole time Soo Zee was talking. I also asked him what “joom joom my heart like a locket” means and he said, “Like zooming and like a rocket and then BANG!” and mimed punching me in the face…

  16. Hah! After yesterday, I read ahead on the blog, so I wasn’t fooled again! But I watched it anyways – you guys are so straight-faced! Mad props! Also, SooZee, your black hair with the light purple ends with your lipstick was an A-MA-ZING combination!

    Cyber_3 – not duped by the video but totally duped by Disqus – LOL! This format is actually old school and I’m so old I actually remember how to use it! XD

  17. i always took “zoom zoom my heart like a rocket” to mean “you make my heart beat faster than a speeding missile”. which becomes a cutesy, funky, korean engrish version of DOKI DOKI in my mind.

    • alright, armed with new knowledge, i shall posit a new theory: they were aiming for cutesy, funky, engrish version of doogeun doogeun. MUAHAHAHA my theory is now bullet-proof!
      because there are so many songs that just say ‘you make my heart beat fast’, can’t blame a group for trying to get inventive xD

  18. You guys got me, I pretty much was like, “Wait, that’s a thing?” You guys do use like really obscure slang that I wouldn’t be surprised that it was true. I at least appreciate that this was one that wasn’t rude or crude or completely over the top that you knew it was fake.

  19. I have some questions, not really regarding Korean language, but the Korean age system. I know that when you’re born, you’re automatically one year old, everyone born in the same year as you is your age, and that everyone ages come new year. But I get confused about some stuff especially since Lunar New Year isn’t on the same day every year. Cuz aren’t people born in January considered as the previous year? Does that end after January 31 or are some early February birthdays considered as well? Cuz Sooyoung of SNSD, whose birthday is February 10, 1990, used to be in the same year at school as 89ers, and that’s confused me a lot~ She used to consider herself their age, but then she went to Japan for a year and didn’t go to school, and when she came back to Korea, she was now a year behind her chingus. And so later on they would tell her she should call them unni xp So is the aging thing then determined by school and when you enter? Is there a birthdate cutoff for school or for when you’re considered born in that year or the previous one? Like when I went to the US, they told my parents that I couldn’t enroll in Kindergarten even tho I already started it in the Philippines cuz my birthday was 4 days past their cutoff. Anyhoo, this is really long and possibly not very coherent, but if anyone could enlighten me on anything, that would be awesome XDD

  20. Hi, what does 덮치기 mean in this song (BTS – boy in luv)?
    꽉 잡아 날 덮치기 전에 내 맘이 널 놓치기 전에
    Thanks :)

  21. I need to stop reading blog posts first.

  22. I went to edit this and some how took it away from myself, lol! Oh Disqus, it is too early in the morning for this nonsense. I do have a picture to leave here in addition to the broken .gif up there ^

  23. I’ve been fooled so many times today :’) Oh internet, why you mock me so? XD

  24. Ok, first, I gotta say both of you girlz have awsome hair…. Me wantz it!!!! ^_^

    I actually HOPE that the “Joom joom my heart like a locket” explanation is a JOKE cause…. Man…. Wtf??? O_O

    HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY EVERYONE!!!!!! (Do people even actually say that?? lol)

  25. Y’all totally got me with neon. I was wondering how I could’ve missed that one in life. Happy April Fools!

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