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The Leigh and SooZee Slang Showdown!

May 25, 2014


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Don’t front, these English slang flashcards are fresh-to-death, son. In case you haven’t seen the lunacy that is the Knock Knock deck of Slang Flashcards, here’s what they look like:


Each card covers a word or phrase and is accompanied by an amazing line drawing of Pleasantville residents busting out ’90s-era slang. The expressions aren’t as cutting edge as, say, ratchet or basic, but they were just outdated enough to stump Soo Zee. I think we covered them pretty well in the video, no? The Korean words were a bit trickier, mostly because some of the example sentences and synonyms listed were a little odd. Let’s recap.

1. 삥 뜯다

If you rob someone you can use this, but if you got robbed you have to use 삥 뜯기다. It’s mostly used in school, namely when bullies extort money from other students. Outside of school, 돈을 뜯다 or 돈을 뜯어내다 is more commonly used. This has a broader meaning of extorting money, i.e., not only attacking someone in the streets and robbing them, but also obtaining money by fraud. Here are some example sentences:

31세 남성이 경찰관을 사칭하며 업주로부터 돈을 뜯어내다 쇠고랑을 찼다

철수세미를 일부로 짜장면에 넣고 입안이 찢어졌다며 병원에 다녀온 뒤 주인에게 영수증을 내밀고 치료비를 요구하는 수법으로 돈을 뜯어냈다.

2, 물이 좋다

물이 좋다 describes how many hot guys and girls are at the party, club, or bar. So when 4mintues sings 물 좋아, 물 좋아, I know they are asking a question, but I think they really want to say, “I’m Hot~ We’re hot~~So hot.” And the opposite of this is 물이 구리다.

구리다 means nasty, bad, stinky, or shady. When you ask your friends about a particular spot, you can say, “여기 물 어때?” You aren’t really asking about the water. You’re asking, “Is this place popping? Are there a lot of pretty young things for me to pull?”

Personally, I don’t use it. I’d ask more generally, “어디가 괜찮아? 어디가 핫해?” Then, of course people will talk about the girls and guys who go there.

3. 농땡이

This one is a noun that describes a person, but honestly, you will sound like an 60 year old if you use it. In the video we mentioned 백수, which is a person who doesn’t have a job. But a 농땡이 is a person who often lies down at their job and does little. Mostly it’s used like this: 농땡이 치다 or 농땡이 부리다, which means goofing around. So you can say “농땡이 좀 그만 부려!” to mean “Stop goofing around!”

So how’d you do? Score yourself below to see if you’re a polyglottal language wizard or borderline illiterate.
0 right – It’s okay. It happens. We still like you.
1 right – You have much to learn, young padawan. Give it time, you must.
2 right – You’re either really awesome with your third language, or really awful with your first.
3 right – Solid effort. You dabble in linguistics, don’t you? Don’t lie to us; we’re on to you.
4 right – Awwww yeah, you do more than dabble. You know things. Like, secret things.
5 right – Snap! You’re a multilingual slang master! Can we get your number?
6 right – I’m pretty sure you should be hosting this segment instead of us.

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