Ooh boy, this week’s DICKS was a raunchy one. First off Soo Zee and I do the robot arms of awkwardness as we talked about one of Korea’s most popular slang terms.


Even though “멘붕” has been around for awhile, it’s still used A LOT. Tiffany from SNSD shouts it in “I got a boy”. I totally screwed up that part in the video, but the actual line is, “나, 깜짝! 멘붕이야!” I do use 멘붕 a lot as well, like when my laptop suddenly turns off and projects I’ve been working on for hours, poured my whole heart into, didn’t save and are completely gone. Or when I couldn’t answer something on a test. That’s a 멘붕 situation right there.

It’s a shortened word from the phrase 멘탈 붕괴. Literally translated, it means “MY MENTAL FACULTIES ARE COLLAPSING!”

Basically you can use 멘붕 when:
A) things get too absurd
B) you are freaked out/shocked/embarrassed/enraged
C) during an epic fail
D) you are not your normal, reasonable self

멘붕 is used like an adjective, most commonly with “오다”
1) 아…나 멘붕 왔어
2) 지금 멘붕이야…
3) 완전 멘붕 상태야

I found a perfect image to help you understand!



“Manscaping” is also a shortened word. It’s a slurring of the words “man” and “landscaping,” and it refers to male grooming, specifically hair removal.

Not everyone grew up in a house with a yard, so first let’s explain landscaping. Landscaping encompasses all the stuff you do to make your yard look good. You plant flowers, you trim the overgrowth, you maybe even buy a few lawn ornaments. Well, in the garden of men and their most favouritest body part, a few people might want to plant flowers, trim the overgrowth, and perhaps even decorate with some ornaments there too. I am of course talking about trimming male body hair, or “manscaping,” as we like to call it.

Of course, not every man does manscaping. Soo Zee pointed out in the video that Korean men don’t believe in manscaping AT ALL. It may not have been super clear in the video, but manscaping isn’t just limited to the nether regions; I have more than one guy friend who gets their back hair or chest hair waxed for the ladies.

In any case, if you’d like to discuss manscaping with your friends, make sure you use it is a noun, because even though it looks like a verb, it isn’t one. Here are some example sentences that might help you get the hang of it:

He must do some manscaping.
I don’t understand the point of manscaping.
I keep telling him if he doesn’t start manscaping, he’ll never get a girlfriend.

Bonus Round: 뻑이가요?

“뻑이가요 뻑뻑-뻑-뻑-뻑이가요~~~~” Sorry but I can’t resist singing this song!!!! It’s is really hard to explain this one. In my opinion, GD&TOP’s song might been banned because “뻑” sounds like the F word. But really, it’s not even close to a bad word.

뻑이가요 means two things. Mostly, it just means you are enamored of someone, but it can also be used in WTF situations to convey shock and a bit of snobby attitude. So GD&TOP’s song contains two meanings: sure they are both famous and get a lot attention and people look up to them, but they’re also commenting on it, saying they couldn’t believe all of it’s happening! Clever, clever boys.

We’ve really been digging your questions and suggestions. Please let us know what kind of Korean stuff you want to learn! And you should probably click that big red button down there to subscribe for more DICKS. It’s educational, you know. And it makes you taller and better looking and clears up acne too. Okay, maybe it doesn’t make you taller, but subscribing does clear up your acne.

  1. Maddallina

    SooZee you anticipated my question for CL’s solo song. I remembered you explained what 멘붕 means. :) thanks

  2. RiqLuvzTaeng

    Wasn’t it Yoona?

  3. Nes Podargo

    America is a continent not a country, errr SooZee say she is “korean” not asian. Normally people from only two countries says they are “americans” but America contain nothing more than 35 countries and 25 territories, so only referring to 2 as americans is considered abusive/offensive/derogatory by the rest of people of America. The problem will start when, if only 2 countries are americans, the others 58 countries how are called? people will start using ‘less than proper’ names… or arguing things like: I AM american, you are venezuelan!…. or: Brazil is not part of America! (I’m just using 2 very smooth examples we all know there are worst examples)

    We as educators are putting a big effort to teach everybody that not every asian is a ‘chino’ (chinese) and treat with respect the people from the others asian countries because from the historical and/or cultural point of view exist strong reasons… then, people realize that is the same problem in both zones of the world and then they gain interest to learn to the other asian countries (and they start love them too)

    I don’t want to start a debate here with this because the internet is full about this topic, just is a reminder for the people who write the script that is better be careful with the use of language to not offend others, the same respect that one expect receive too. All in all, the rest is ok, I’m pretty sure that you have lots of followers from all the America countries watching and enjoying your stuff. I hope you consider my advice… besides this little misuse of the grammar, I enjoy every show!

    [I’m proficient in 3 languages… but english language is one of the other 3 I want to pwnd ;) I hope I have been educated enough and respectful in my words]

  4. Mico Nguyen
    Mico Nguyen

    Wasn’t it Yoona’s line?

  5. L'~Ciel~Cloud

    I think Soozee got scared about the manscaping XD

    But in all honesty for me being hairy EVERYWHERE *i’m latina i now what i’m talking about* it’s just… no. Please, they invented wax and razors for something, FOLLOW THAT TRADITION please. Or not. I mean, i don’t like it, but everyone else can do whatever they want :D -stillpleasegetridofyournastsyparthairplease- :D

  6. Karen Poulin

    subscribe for more DICKS >.< if I weren't in public right now, I'd be losing it :D

  7. littleDramz

    Twerking? Anyone?

  8. I Lost My Pants In Omaha

    You need a segment on Very Aggressive Girls; or something along that line. ;)

  9. Thank you so much for making these videos. It’s entertaining but educational too but mostly they are really funny. Oh, and you girls rock!

  10. Cyber_3

    Wow, that was great Leigh and SooZee! It was good too that you commented that Korean guys don’t do manscaping but maybe they should…. I mean a lot of them have no hair on their chests, what about other areas? I had not heard of vajazzling, so I am actually learning just as much from the english segments as from the Korean – cool! BTW, I thought that the wardrobe choices were good this week, more matching. Fashionista tip though: if you wear a short sweater over a babydoll dress, if makes you look preggers and well, be careful for bra-slips on the side if you are not wearing a sweater and your blouse has low armholes.

    I really liked the actions to go with the words, it helped me remember them better, especially for the Korean. Please feel free to make up silly dance moves to illustrate the expressions ;) Can’t wait for the next one, I am glad that you filmed some ahead of time to give Leigh some……leeway ;P

  11. In Korea ladies don’t do uh “lady” scaping either since it’s considered a sign of like “prostitutes” i’ve heard. My wife tells me that in women’s public bathrooms that there will be ads for nether region hair-implants for the ladies.

  12. Hey, I learned me some english! I heard manscaping before but never knew what it means. Thank you Leigh and Soo Zee with your D.I.C.K.S.!

  13. Thank you for answering my question! I got excited, happy, played GD&T.O.P’s 뻑이가요 and danced a dance of joy.
    And then I looked at the blackboard… I never thought that my own name can be this distracting ;)
    I have to remember 멘붕, it’s something I can use a lot in everyday life. Not so sure abut manscaping… But I’ll definitely remember it!

  14. Gemma Deacon
    Gemma Deacon

    Wow I’ve never heard of manscaping before, though nowadays men are starting to shave more than their face.
    멘붕. I have a lot of 멘붕 moments, like when I found out about manscaping!

  15. I love the fact that SooZee and Leigh have their own segment. I just wonder what will happen when Leigh will be in Busan *insert sad music* Will it be SooZee on her own? Or maybe it will be life-size cardboard stadup of Leigh with dubbed voice? Oh, I’m so curious, YEAH.

    And I think that adding romanization on blog post would be a great idea since not everyone can read hangul. Luckily I can, but I’m sure there’re people that can’t like some fresh Nasties.

    • BLAQ Finiks

      Oh dear… the romanization topic was brought ever since the first DICKS, and ppl (including me myself) tried to explain everyone who wanted to see romanized Korean that it’s not helping and even worsen you reading attempts~^^
      Sorry… no romanization team here! ;P

  16. HAHAHAHA its a wild man-jungle!?? I litterly fell of the chair from laughing so much!!!!!!

  17. Phoenixflame

    Is that a sailor moon doll?

  18. Jessica May

    Ermmmmm… Anyone else getting adds from ”Trimlawn Landscape Services” on this page?! I think someone might have misunderstood what ”manscaping” was all about ^^

  19. and it’s not even Tiffany who says it it’s Yoona lol xD

  20. Hey hey hey, is there any section where I can watch all DICKS episodes? I missed the previous ones.

  21. Huien Loi

    딕스 딕스 on that board.

  22. Menboong! I knew that one from the Crispi Crunch song:


    Did you spot the GD lookalike at 1:24? XD. He’s in a rap duo now… or was last December… haven’t heard anything from them lately.

  23. By the 논현동 area, around 논현역 are a number of places that do offer “manscaping… first time I’ve heard of this word”. Though it is like…ultra rare for Korean men to get waxed by their genitals, it doesn’t mean it’s non existent. I have a few Korean male friends (who aren’t Gyopo’s, and can’t even speak any English) that go get waxing done every month. The initial cost is about a hundred, and every time you go for maintenance is about 20~30. [Not sure if it’s the same for all of the shops]

  24. Akira Miyashi

    I’ve seen a lot of signs i Korea everywhere with the words “Budongsan” (부동산). What does it mean? :/

    • chaerinahssi

      it means real estate agency.. just a company which help some to sell / buy houses / lands / apartments.. :)

      • Akira Miyashi

        woah…then there is really a LOT of real estate agencies in Korea. o.O;
        thanks for the explanation~ :3

        • Tedrick Leong
          Tedrick Leong

          Which could also possibly explain why house prices are so high in Korea, and why young couples can’t just move out to a new home on their own. Everyone is grabbing onto this property boom, and a lot of money is being made as house prices exponentially rise.

  25. It’s Yoona who says “나, 깜짝! 멘붕이야!”

  26. Barry Adams

    Hmmm. Never heard of manscaping or vajazzling before. I wonder how common those words are.

    Edit…OMG, I just saw the use of Hello Kitty in vajazzling. That’s enough of that.

  27. GD’s new album “Coup D’etat” is about to come out and one of the songs is 닐리리아. What does that mean?

  28. What is booby dancing?? I heard an actor say it once, that he doesn’t get a chance to go booby dancing…..

    • Caity Koala

      Its over the top silly dancing, I think I saw it on super junior mini drama ep 2 usually its part 3. When they are all dancing in practice room :)

  29. Isabel Ruby
    Isabel Ruby

    i always thought manscaping was an overall sort of thing…. like working out plus shaving plus taking care of his skin plus maybe going down south for a trim…… and i never knew there was a word for what i guess is getting a lady shave…. the world is wide….

  30. Nicole Bragg

    HAHAHA! That was really funny to watch. I’m really loving this segment :D. My only issue is with the Korean slang, it’s written only in Korean, and not the English spelling of the word. Example, 찜질방 is jimjilbang. I can’t read Korean, so I really have to rely on listening by ear and attempting to figure out how it’s spelled. Even if it was spelled phonetically in annotations or something, that would really help a lot. Soo Zee, you were so aegyo this entire video, it was adorable. And Leigh! We”ll miss you! What are we going to do without you while you’re in Busan?! super sad… :(

  31. Soozee, can you please add the English translation for all the phrases you give as examples in Korean? Google translate ain’t that friendly, you know… For the 멘붕 phrases, I understood the first two with my basic Korean reading and grammar skills, but I’m not that sure about the 3rd one…

  32. Denise

    Soozee! I didn’t quite understand how to use 뻑이가요 in the sense of being shocked. Can you give an example? Thanks! =D

    PS.: Damn, I wish subscribing would actually clear my acne! LOL

  33. in my experience, manscaping can also refer to men who groom their eyebrows too. like i’ve heard someone use it in that way as well.

  34. Yoona raps it not Tiffany. c:

  35. Maybe the reason Korean men don’t manscape is that most Asian’s have like NO body hair. Girls and guys.

    • kpopwillneverstop

      That doesn’t mean that hair doesn’t grow down there in the nether regions. As a matter of fact, in some asian countries, when girls shave down there, most guys take it as she’s sleeps around alot.

  36. So portmanteau is common in Korean as well?

  37. manscaping….IS a verb…..

  38. Wait! If Leigh is in Busan now for school, what’s gonna happen to this segment? Or was this explained somewhere already? Miss you, Intern Leigh! ;_;

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