We missed you guys. So even though Leigh is all the way in Busan, enjoying the gorgeous beaches and delicious seafood, we couldn’t let a little thing like that stop our Discussion of Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang. This week’s Korean slang is a super useful phrase, “썸 타다.”

썸 타다

When you want to describe a situation when something is going on with a guy or a girl, you use 썸 타다. Maybe you go on dates often but this guy is not your boyfriend yet. Or you know this girl and it’s kinda going somewhere. You know that ambiguous stage when you flirt with each other endlessly? “썸 타다” is a perfect phrase for it. This will come in handy when you talk with your Korean friends.

Koreans also use “something” (썸씽) to describe when something is going on with between two people. So your potential boyfriend or girlfriend, there are words for them as well! “썸남” for guys and “썸녀” for girls. 썸 (something) plus 남 (guy) equals 썸남 (guy I’ve got a kinda sorta thing with).

“타다” has a lot of uses in Korean, the most popular of which is to ride. You can ride a wave, ride a taxi, or ride the current. We talked about this last one in the video with the phrase “흐름을 타다,” which means to go with the current or flow. So it has a bit of that feeling when you say 썸타다.

When you talk to your friends about your dating life:
썸타는 사이야 (There’s something going on with me and him/her)
썸타다 그냥 끝났어 (There was good chemistry between us but it didn’t work out at the end)
저 둘이 썸타나는 것 같아 (I think there’s something going on with those two)


There are lots of epithets for sex and sex organs (probably too many) in English. But they’re not always used in a dirty context. For example, sausage is a euphemism for the male sex organ, so it’s easy to see why Soo Zee thought Sausagefest meant something a whole lot smuttier than it does.

A sausagefest is any situation where there are a lot of men, usually an overwhelming amount. So when you’re the only girl at the Monster Truck Rally, that’s a good time to use Sausagefest. When your boyfriend’s high school buddies get together and go to a beer festival together? No thanks, enjoy your sausagefest.

More example sentences:
It was a total sausagefest.
I was afraid it would be a sausagefest.
The night turned into a complete sausagefest.
That place is such a sausagefest.


WOAH~ Lots of you have been asking about this. Before I continue, first I just want to say, sorry mom and dad, it’s my job to swear on this video. Just close your eyes and hum to yourself for a few minutes, okay?

There are different nuances to this word, and it’s tricky for foreigners to understand when it’s used. 새끼 could be equivalent to bastard or son of a bitch and most times is used when cursing. But there are a few rare times that using 새끼 conveys affection, when because 새끼 literally means baby.

For example:
1) Between close friends (mostly between guys)
2) Parents to their children, or grandparents to their grandchildren
3) Elder people when talking to babies

This last one is quite common. In Korea it’s totally normal for elder people to touch strangers’ babies, so if you hear people say “요(이) 놈 새끼 봐라~” don’t be surprised. But I can’t warn you enough, DO NOT USE 새끼, unless you’re a Korean octogenarian, because 새끼 is mostly used as a curse word, and curse words in Korea will get you in fights.

Anydiddlydee, we hope you enjoyed this week’s slang. Don’t worry, we will make sure there’s plenty of D.I.C.K.S. to go around. The only way to know for sure though is to subscribe by clicking the button below. That way you won’t miss a single episode of our salty D.I.C.K.S. We know how you like it ^_~

Lastly, today was a bit of a bizarre video day, I’d say. First the Penis Massager. Then DICKS about Sausagefests. We’re not normally this raunchy, really! Honestly guise! Ahem. So, I’ll say this: click on the button below so you don’t miss out on any more of these episodes. Yay!

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