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Brown-Nosing and Hand Gestures

December 10, 2013


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It’s time to learn some useful Korean and slightly less useful American slang! We’ve been holding onto this episode for MONTHS, but we decided it’s not fair to keep Soo Zee’s Korean sass locked up. So this week we’ve displaced time and space to teach you hand gestures.

Clasping hands and rubbing your palms together (Korean)

I tried really hard to think about a hand gesture that is somewhat uncommon. I couldn’t pick something too many people use these days, otherwise it wouldn’t be hard enough for Leigh to guess.

This is a hand gesture when you want to describe brown nosing. I exaggerated with my body language in the video to give a hint to Leigh, but when you use it, you don’t usually go that far. No kneeling or begging for something, just rubbing your hands will be enough!

“똥꼬 빤다” is the verbal equivalent for brown nosing. It literally means kissing an anus. Another phrase you could use is ‘사바사바 한다’. Also, you can use this slang when someone is paying someone a bribe or trying to flatter the boss.

Laying one hand atop the other and wiggling thumbs in a circular motion (American)
Oh the awkward turtle. I’m pretty sure its day has looong past. And if the Awkward Turtle has lost his luster, so has Awkward Giraffe, Awkward Anteater, One-Finned Awkward Turtle, Judgemental Coyote, and all the other Awkward Turtle variations.

But Leigh, if Awkward Turtle is uncool now, why teach it to Soo Zee? Because non-native speakers like Soo Zee need to know about Awkward Turtle too, so when it comes up in a movie or TV show she gets the joke. Plus, Soo Zee already knows most of the American hand gestures (and slang!), which means finding occasionally obscure or outdated memes (and slang!) for her to guess. It’s more cultural education than language education.

Anyway, Awkward Turtle is not a gesture every American will know, but it can still get a laugh. If someone farts in the elevator? Awkward Turtle time! If your buddy makes a conversational faux pas? Awkward Turtle time! Accidentally said something just when the conversation in the room dies down so everyone can hear you call them idiots? Yup. Awkward Turtle time. Imagine Jeff Murdock from the British show Coupling. If the situation reminds you of Jeff, you’re clear to use the Awkward Turtle.

We also found this neat little snapguide explaining how to form the Awkward Turtle, just in case it was unclear in the video. http://snapguide.com/guides/make-an-awkward-turtle


그냥 is just JUST! It’s the same as in English, actually. There is nothing to explain about this one, so I’ll just give you some example situations below:

그냥 그래 (It’s just ok / It’s so so)
그냥 냅둬 (Just leave it alone)
그냥 넘어가 (Let’s just skip it – when you don’t want to repeat it or explain it )
그냥 전화 걸어봤어 (I called just because, nothing special)

We hope you enjoyed our hand gestures. We’re definitely going to discard the vocab from time to time so we can teach some text and internet slang too. Just in case we do, you should subscribe by clicking the button below. FACT: Subscribers are better looking, smarter, and able to finish a game of Risk without breaking furniture. Which is why you are one already. You are subscribed, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU??



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