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How to Text Slang!

February 16, 2014


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Today we are touching upon the subject of text slang.

I believe that images can be stronger than words. There are cute and funny emoticon packages you can purchase from the Kakao Talk store, but I like how people get creative with just images they find in comics and movies to use like emoticons. It might look silly and immature to use a lot of emoticons, but it’s a huge part of Korean texting culture.

I can have a whole conversation with friends just using emoticons and screen-grabbed images. I’m kind of an image-con addict; I can’t help myself sometimes. Texting is too limited to properly convey tone, so using images helps give nuance to your texts. Also, for lazy people like me, I don’t have to type much. Yay!


This texting meme was popular when we filmed it, but these kinds of things become outdated fast. NOT ALL KOREANS KNOW about this one. This one is an improper way to say “안 알려준다,” which means “I’m not going to tell you,” but “안알랴쥼” sounds way more teasing. As we explained in the video, it spread via social media. People would post something about how they are going through a hard time, or how there’s something going on in their life, then when others asked what was wrong, BAM! They’d write “안알랴쥼” or upload the image to tease us.

I have a separate album in my phone of images like 안알랴쥼 I’ve collected and use often with my friends. I’m happy to share some with you guys.


As we explained in the video, FTW stands for “For The Win.” It reminds me a lot of those old school game shows, like Family Feud (still adore this show) and Hollywood Squares. There’d always be that final round deciding question, and the cheesy game show host says something like, “and now, for the win, Survey Says…Yes! 17 other people also think ‘Janky’ IS a reason someone might make fun of your car!”

Anyway, FTW is mostly an online thing. It’s generally used to describe pure awesomeness, like getting free ice cream or the feel of fresh, clean sheets. Occasionally though, you’ll see someone get sassy and use FTW ironically. For some more real-life example sentences, you should search on twitter for #FTW by clicking here. Real-time example sentences of American slang FTW!

Bonus Round! 돌직구

This one is a compound word of 돌(rock)+직구(fast ball). “돌직구를 날리다” is throwing a rock hard fast ball, which means saying something without thinking about the other person’s feelings. It is used in situations when a person says something without sugar coating it. It’s a little like “burn” or “snap” in English, and could be harsh for the person who’s hearing it.

That’s all we’ve got for you this time ‘round, but be heartened! There are more, not-pre-recorded episodes to come! Make sure you don’t miss a single one by subscribing. How do you subscribe? By clicking the button down there, of course! How do you know it worked? You don’t. Which is why you should also tell your friends and family to subscribe. You know, just in case. Not because we’re trolling you or anything. Yeah. Totally.



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