At last! A Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang episode that wasn’t pre-filmed several months ago! We are back in real(ish) time to bring you some up-to-date(ish) slang for your brain hole. Lets get learned, y’all! Also, doesn’t Soo Zee’s violet hair look awesome?


We start off this week with the slangiest slang of all, a way to say “talking behind someone’s back.” If you have seen some of our videos, you might have noticed that we Koreans like to abbreviate words. IT IS OUR THING. Yup, you guessed it, “뒤땅까다” is an abbreviation. It’s the short version of saying “뒷담화를 하다.”

“뒷담” means backyard, the private place where one can do things without getting noticed. Although most people now don’t have backyards and live in cold, concrete apartments, I wanted you guys to know where the phrase comes from.

End of boring history, start of various ways to say backbiting someone:
1) 뒤땅까다
2) 뒷담화를 하다
3) 호박씨를 까다
4) 뒤에서 남을 씹다
5) 뒤에서 남의 욕을 하다


I’m so sorry. I know no one enjoys spending several minutes discussing and looking at visual aids explaining what a FUPA is, but we had to do it. For Soo Zee. To make sure she never uses the phrase “Let’s hit the FUPA” ever again. Now we all know the truth: hitting, tapping, or ever encountering anyone’s Fat Upper Pubic Area is something to avoid. Actively.

As we explained in the video, the upper pubic area is the area between your junk and your bellybutton, and in some obese people, it develops it’s own stage presence. This is called a FUPA. It commands your attention, demanding equal eye contact with the face. Soo Zee pointed out the unnatural phenomenon of the FUPA is still rare in South Korea. For those of you living in FUPA-infested parts of the world, I extend my deepest condolences and pray a vaccine will soon be developed.

In truth, FUPA is not something you’ll use in conversation regularly (or ever, assuming you want to keep your friends), but if you wanted to refer to someone’s FUPA, you would use the possessive. For example, “that lady has a FUPA and I’m afraid,” or, “I would never date anyone with a FUPA.” Admitting someone you know has a FUPA is a prime way to 뒤땅까다.

Bonus round! 개드립
드립 comes from “애드립” which is the Korean way to pronounce “ad-lib.” When someone nails improvisation on TV shows at an unexpected time, you can truly tell the entertainer has a great sense of humour. But, not every ad-lib is witty. Sometimes it’s out of context, which makes people feel awkward, and in your head you keep thinking, “How the heck am I suppose to react to this unnecessary information…” This is an appropriate situation to use “드립 치다.” People use the prefix “개” for “드립” to add negative feel to it.

You could use “드립 치다” in these situations too:
1) When friends try to make something up to fool you
2) When a politician makes an utterly absurd statement
3) When people say ridiculous things in Internet comment sections

That’s it for this week’s slang. We’d like you to take a moment to consider helping eradicate FUPAs from the known world. You can make a difference by subscribing to our videos. Think of the children. Click the “Subscribe” button below to help ensure a FUPA-free future for all. Together, we can make tomorrow brighter.

  1. I know this is an older video, so you will probably never see this. I wanted to start by saying I can tell by your videos (that I usually enjoy quite a bit) that you are both smart, funny people … which is why I was disappointed when you used “fupa” as your (derogatory) slang choice. I do understand that Korea has sometimes more aggressive attitudes towards weight than exist in other parts of the world… but Leigh, you are American so I am surprised that you weren’t more sensitive to this. Somehow the world seems to think that fat bodies, no matter what the person is doing with them, are freely available for harsh criticism and mocking by perfect strangers. It’s just hurtful… as if the person ceases to exist/somehow deserves hatred for simply being in the world. But I know that you are both intelligent enough to get why this is wrong, so you don’t need me to tell you. That’s what makes this video such a shame, because I really thought better of both of you, and I wish you would realize this as a mistake and correct it so I could continue to be your happy fan without it prickling my conscience. Of course, internet commentaries have no power to do any of that, which is why I rarely comment on anything. So I’m just writing to express my displeasure so that other fans who have been personally hurt by this video, or share my disgust, can hear another person speaking out. It’s really easy to make videos that mock and attack people, but it’s harder to find messages of support and calls for compassion on the internet.

  2. I once had to take care of a patient who had something called a “large apron” (written on handover sheet). That’s what we call FUPA in Australia (or Melbourne, at least)

  3. Sooze became blood type A lol. i just watched the blood type video.

  4. I’m from NJ, USA and I’ve never heard of FUPA before ._.; I have seen it though….

  5. Hahahaha you guys are so cute !!! XD
    And Soozee’s epic reaction when she saw the FUPA picture LOL (Y)

  6. Man I guess you never know. SooZee always seemed like she was a social butterfly but then she says she lost all faith in humanity. I can understand why but I just wouldn’t have pegged her as someone who would. I wonder if there is some korean slang for nihilism like that haha :)

    • Well it is hard to say looking at performance on camera. Some people are naturals and just gel really well with the camera and knowing there will be a crowd watching others do not and come across as timid and shy. And some of those people who come across as timid, shy and private might be people persons while people who work really well with the camera don’t like people all that much. See it as the clown that entertains people every day but are depressed themselves. For some people it just works, others fall apart in front of a camera and others do okay. This not to diss SooZee but she would need some work, I think she could be great just isn’t there yet.
      I was more looking at the fact that she was the one getting in contact with other companies for them, setting up interviews and a few times she was off to concerts and such. Usually you see “social butterflies” in these areas. People who refer to themselves as people persons.

      And I never said she was incapable of making friends or caring deeply for them, I don’t know where you got that from my text but I never said that nor alluded to that.

      And I get where she comes from, I care little to none about people I don’t know as well. But while she might not be in front of the cameras she does have a pretty public function behind the cameras. And just going from my experience with people in those fields you don’t usually hear that they lost interest in other human beings.
      It might come across a bit wrong because English isn’t her first language but it just seemed weird.

  7. I’m so glad I’ve never heard anyone say FUPA in a conversation…..

  8. Wow…did not know there was a word for that. Good to know…I guess?
    Have you guys gone over “Basic” yet? It’s relatively new, and I just learned it over Christmas Break from my cousin who’s in high school, so I don’t know if you guys have caught wind of it yet.
    By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Leigh and Soozee’s hair!!! Ahhhhhh so cute!!! Kyeopta~ XD

  9. Never heard of FUPA, why is this even a thing ? XD

  10. I have to admit, I was like, “FUPA? What’s that? I have never seen that abbreviation in my life.”
    Now I know. And now I’m sad that I know.

    On a brighter note, I think you should teach SooZee about FUBAR. :D :D :D A little bit dated, but still entertaining.

  11. it means regret. from exo showtime

  12. okay…i was eating as i watched…and now i just want to vomit :(

  13. That was hilarious, ladies. Now excuse me, I have to go burn my eyeballs. That picture… oh man. And I’m in the US, I’ve seen fupas up close, in person, but that picture was really something… special :/

  14. Hold up everyone. I have a serious question! I thought “fupa” was used when someone messed up. Like say someone dropped the cake for a wedding or something and people would “he committed a fupa.” Yea yea? That make sense? No? Yes? Maybe? ? A better definition would probably be committing a small error. That’s what I thought it was and then I was shocked to find it wasn’t omg.

  15. So FUPA is just an updated version of gunt. :/ and maybe a little less obvious.

  16. Leigh and Soo ZEE you guys rock! Love the new video! Always useful and always funny!

  17. FUPA… omgsh, there’s actually a word for this. Luckily, this fatty phenomena is not too common…so gross

  18. Hey, so, is anyone else having a problem where the blog post pages for the How to Text Slang d.i.c.k.s. and Japan Nose Air Filtration WTF won’t load? I’ve tried 2 different browsers, and all I see is a white page for both of those videos…..

  19. I thought 담화 is 談話 which means ‘conversation’, so 뒷담화 means something like ‘conversation behind someone’s back’?

  20. FUPA, a word I didn’t know needed to exist but now makes total sense to me. Thank you Leigh. :)

  21. Wow ladies, so beauty, such attractive , Wow.

  22. O_O WHHHAAAAT IS THAT PICTURE??? *scarred*
    ahah you guys are hilarious at the end!

  23. Ahahahah This DICKS was awesome.However the Fupa’s talk took my innocence away. I miss you guys ^^

  24. Can Leigh get any more gorgeous?! *^*
    I was distracted through the whole video D;
    Leigh’s beauty distracts me ;;_;;

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