We are keeping up to date with our Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang because nobody likes old, fusty DICKS. That’s why we bring you a breath of fresh air with some throwback slang.

Bro Science

Ahh bro science. It’s not exactly a new term, but it doesn’t get out much. “Bro science” is used mostly in at the gym by “bros” and their “broteges” (think protege). While a fit guy may have some good fitness advice, there’s an awful lot of complete and utter bullcrap hanging around bodybuilding forums and the back of supplement labels. Lots of people claim what they do in the gym is the ultimate method, when really their methods are pretty inexact and unscientific.

This practice of people treating unscientifically proven ideas as if they are fact is NOT science. But it IS “bro science.” If a big beefy guy tells you eating six steaks a day will get you to gain a stone of muscle in two weeks, would you believe him? Or would you tell him to spread his bro science somewhere else.

땡 잡다

Does anyone out there use this phrase?? Am I going get scolded by Korean young hipsters? Sorry I might be a bit out of touch but this phrase sounds so cute. 땡!땡!

There is not much to talk about here with today’s Korean slang. Use 땡 잡다 when someone gets unexpectedly really lucky. That’s it! Simple as that! Here are some example sentences:

길 가다가 만원을 주웠어, 완전 땡 잡았어!! (I just picked up 10,000won on the street, hell yeah!!!)
내가 장가를 잘가서 나보고 다들 땡잡았다고 해. (People look at my wife and say I’m really lucky to have married her)

Bonus round: Bust a Cap

Well I guess we’re just full of old slang this week, because the phrase “bust a cap” has been around for ages, since before guns had individual cartridges. Back in the 1800s, firearms used a percussion cap and ball system to discharge, and busting a cap meant firing a gun. You ever seen the movie True Grit? Not the awesome Cohen Brothers remake with Jeff Bridges, I’m talking about the original 1969 western. Ned Pepper even claims he, “never busted a cap on a woman or nobody under sixteen.” But he’d do it.

Whether you’ll do it or not, “bust a cap” was in countless rap songs, tough guy movies, and probably a few back alley fights. I should warn you though, no one really uses this slang anymore. This is only partially because it’s really outdated, Lincoln-era slang, and mostly because the average American doesn’t shoot people. Just sayin.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s DICKS segment! We’ve been loving all your feedback, questions, and quibbles in the comments section. Keep ‘em coming! And if you’d like to make sure you don’t miss another awkwardly historical episode of our super old-school slang, subscribe to our channel by clicking the link below.

  1. I’m studying 한국어 but not formally (anymore). This is just my understanding of it and you’re right about the the meaning of 멘붕.

    멘붕(이다) = I think this is purely by the situation. You can’t say “Let’s go 멘붕” because that would be kind of bad. lol 멘붕 is definitely more a negative feeling. I definitely don’t wanna feel 멘붕 every day……

    Ex. you study for a test all night to find out it was moved to the next day “아, 진짜 멘붕이야!!!!”

    There’s also a prank video of BTS (방탄소년단) which exhibits the feeling of 멘붕 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4fZAwc9_UE

    미치다 = literally “to go crazy” (obvi). It’s the same way you would use “crazy” in English (can be both negative and more positive). … This explanation was hella redundant… haha

    I really hope this helps. Was racking my brain to come up with a proper explanation xD

  2. Sooooooozeeeeeeeeee… Leeeeeeeeeeeiiiiigh…
    Hello! :D
    I was thinking maybe you could explain what “멘붕” means. It’s on CL’s new solo song and I don’t think it has a literal translation, so it’s probably korean slang.

    Thank you, and good job for all the EYK Crew!

  3. I heard 개뿔 a couple of times in You Who Came From The Stars. Min Joon went to the wet market to buy sea cucumbers(?) for Song Yi because she wanted them and they were called that word, and Song Yi says that word a couple of times as a curse word. So what does it mean? .__.”

  4. Leigh, I just want you to know that I have decided to lead the charge in making Bro Science a commonly used term. I agree that it is a term that needs to leave the gym and be used on the regular. Places where bro science is common: health, nutrition, beauty. Oh man, the beauty industry is RIDDLED with bro science. Almost every single beauty claim made is bro science. From my hair stylist “Take this vitamin supplement and your hair will grow faster and stronger!” BRO SCIENCE! From the makeup lady, “This makeup is made from the oils of the wallawalla bush* and will take 10 years off your face.” BRO SCIENCE! Exercise people, “If you do this lift and that stretch your cellulite will vanish.” BRO SCIENCE! Yes, bro science is everywhere and must be exposed.
    *Not a real plant

  5. Leigh you so Gangsta :) Soozee become Gangsta :P

  6. ship (or shipping) is short for “relationship” or relationshipping. So, if you say you “ship” two characters, it’s that you think that they’d be good in a romantic relationship together. This is actually a suuuppper old fan fiction term, and it originated on X-Files fan board in the 90s where people were talking about Mulder and Scully and whether or not they should be more than just partners. The people who wanted them to be in a romantic relationships were “shippers”. *the more you know*

  7. Sorry sorry if double. Commented, blink, disappeared. So. What do gestures at end of 30 sexy mean? Chin, finger wiggles etc. I know..sexy. But is there specific meaning? If u say u already answered I’m gonna bust a cap in that ass. Cuz I’m newer.

    Thanks for DICKS…much enjoy.

  8. What do the gestures Rain makes,chin, finger wiggly, at end of 30 sexy mean? I know! Sexy..but really are those specific gestures meaning something specific? If u say u already discussed this I’m gonna bust a cap in that ass cuz I’m newbie? :) thank you. I enjoy DICKs…but who doesn’t? Well…ok…but ya know. :)

  9. I’m pretty sure SooZee and Leigh have covered that too! Check previous D.I.C.K.S :)

  10. that’s definitely a good one for this! it’s definitely more used around fan fiction circles, i had to google it myself a while back.

  11. oooh, leigh pulls of an amber-look. nais.

  12. I think it means like a pairing le example
    “omo do you ship Baekyeol? or Hunhan?”
    its like your fantasizing about a pairing that may not exist in the drama or band
    a example from mischievous kiss is
    ” I so ship baek seung joo and Oh ha ni”

  13. Y’all should cover the terms salty and spitting. They aren’t related just something I learned in the past few weeks.

  14. I don’t think they were being serious. XD

  15. Hi SooZee and Leigh, this was a great *great* episode of DICKS. I thought you both looked very cute in your matching EYK hoodies and it was adorable how SooZee played with the pompoms to sfx (cool hat Leigh btw!). I thought that the camera angle/shot, video length and editing were just perfect. I knew about “bro’ science”‘s existence before now, just not that there was a word for it. I also learned “technical debt” this week, an awesome week for learning ^_^v Nice trains/rollercoaster on the board, hilarious and cute and I’m glad to see that SooZee’s disappearing act is back – LOL! I’m looking forward to more of these.

  16. Bust a cap? Like Aegyoilla? XD

  17. Wait! The other part of Koreanletter’s email was asking what “take the cake” means. Take the cake is used to say something is special or the ultimate or kind of extreme. People would say, “Well that just takes the cake.” I think it came from old fair games when the prize for first place would be a cake. Basically koreanletter’s friend likes to use a lot of old fashioned slang, which I think is awesome. I’m going to start doing that now. I saw one from the 20’s that I want to bring back, “banana oil!”.

    • Er…….”takes the cake” isn’t sooooo old fashioned, it’s used fairly often, especially around kids. A *more* old fashioned way of saying the same thing is “doesn’t that beat all?” Maybe you’re origin is right (I don’t know) but the usage is not quite the same. The saying means “can you believe it?” “doesn’t that just make you surprised and wonder?” or sometimes “that’s the last straw!” (from the straw that broke the camel’s back), like “that’s it, now I’m mad!”. Depends how you feel about what just happened.

  18. Here are some english slang phrases— “If you feeling froggy then jump” , or “Nah mean?”

  19. I second that! Its like a supernova next to the door [not so sorry for the J-pop refrence ;) ]

  20. I had a dream about this segment last night and at the end Leigh was flashing her ring and was talking about something her husband said. Throughout the whole thing I was like… Leigh’s MARRIED?!
    So tell me, is Leigh hiding a husband somewhere?

  21. Leigh knows a lot about bro science. Do you lift Leigh? Do you lift bro, brohemian, broseph stalin? ;) “Do you even lift brah!?” would have gone well with the bro science example haha :D
    But congrats on the new place Leigh!

  22. I totally thought Leigh was going to talk about bro culture, especially BRO HOES, but I guess another time..Did Leigh wear that outfit especially for this episode or was it just a coincidence? :) LOL

  23. lol i only ever see “bust a cap in yo ass” used when you’re joking at being mad at someone…. or Dr. Evil in Austin Powers :P

  24. I like how almost all DICKS have a disclaimer for bad words at the beginning. Hahah! It’s so Naaaassstteehh!

  25. Busting caps reminds me of Pomplamoose’s Bust Your Knee Caps. Even though its different kinda caps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlDGFrP4NgI&feature=kp

  26. I was totally thinking that Leigh looks adorable with her hair and her Domo cap, but then she went all gangsta and it changed my entire view of her. XD
    Have you guys done the English slang word “Basic” yet? I don’t think you have… I’m sorry if it’s old news! >.<'
    But yeah, it's just really new and I learned if from my cousin who's in high school so it must be popular, right? (Since I'm in Uni now and have no idea what the kids are into these days)
    Can't wait for more DICKS! XD

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