WHOA! Thought we forgot about our TL;DR segment, didn’t ya? DIDIN CHA? Admit it. Yes, we didn’t do one for a couple of weeks, but – as you might know – we just moved into our new apartment in Seoul and have spent most of our time handling all of that stuff. As you can hear from the echo in our audio, our apartment is still quite empty…BUT THAT WON’T STOP US FROM MAKING MOVIES! Forward ho!

This week we’re answering a TL;DR question from the comments in our last TL;DR on How We Lost Weight in Korea:

i’m not sure if this was asked before but in south korean schools what kind of events do they hold for the students?? like here in usa (when i was in HS) we have homecoming, prom, spirit week (where we dress up differently on different days like nerd day dress up like a nerd), prep rallies and mm can’t think of the other ones but stuff like that?????????? if not those things then do they do things that are similar??

Great question! We really wanted to talk about something Korea-ish lately. We’ve been doing a lot of talking about ourselves and Kpop for our TL;Drs, so we liked being able to talk about a topic that’s neither. Woohoo! Though, this is about teaching, and we haven’t been teaching for a while now. Martina stopped teaching June 2011, Simon June 2010, so we’re a bit out of the loop now. Maybe things have changed? We’re not sure. If there are any festivals we missed, please let us know in the comments below!

The main difference we noticed with Korean School Festivals and North American School Festivals is the importance of homeroom. Maybe school’s different in the US, but – from what I remember in high school – your home room class was just, well, your first class at the beginning of the day. That teacher took your attendance and gave you the news that the school wanted to tell you (“Don’t forget that Thursday we’ll be having vaccines in the gym. Get your parents to sign the consent form”). In Korea, though, homerooms are so much more than just attendance check-ins, and the festivals/gatherings really show that. Korean students are in their homeroom for a vast majority of the day with the same students, and they see their homeroom teacher a lot. It almost becomes something like their second family, you know? We’ve heard our Korean co-teachers describe themselves almost as parents to their students. So, these festivals aren’t necessarily for school spirit, but for homeroom spirit, we think.

Otherwise, we’ve done a bunch of videos on these festivals and activities before. We made a playlist of them all in the video above, but if you’d like to read the blog posts that accompany them, here’s a short list:

  • Korean School Festivals: Here’s a video of the day at Martina’s school where they transform every room into something different and fun.
  • Korean School Sports Day: This is a video of Martina saying goodbye to her school, but it has footage of Sports day there as well!
  • Martina and Nichkhun’s message to her school: We were on Running Man a long time ago, back when Martina was still teaching. We got Nichkhun, after the filming was over, to say a few short words of encouragement to Martina’s students, which she showed them at their year-end festival.
  • Korean School Excursion: OH THIS IS SO OLD! Check out Martina going with her students to Jeju. That’s back when we didn’t care about using copyrighted music! Oh, the memories!
  • Korean School Dance Festival: Here’s Martina dancing with her students for one of their school festivals. Ha! Oh, we’re SO MUCH BETTER at dancing now. Well, maybe not that much :D

Lastly, sorry this is a bit late. Our YouTube upload speeds are A LOT SLOWER here in our new apartment. Not sure why, but they’re taking a couple hours, while in Bucheon it would take, like, 20 minutes :( We had to go to sleep and publish it in the morning. Sorry!

  1. i feel like simon needs a hug here

  2. TL;DR Q?
    Are you guys fluent in speaking Korean?

  3. Hey, I was just wondering, for anyone that can answer, do Korean students actually receive homework as in worksheets, projects, etc.? I was wondering because the hours of school take up so much of the day and if they have any homework besides studying.

  4. Is Martina singing the theme song for Katamari Damacy???

  5. You might need to address your Internet speeds…should be faster in seoul >.<

  6. TLDR Question :) :) :) How are female and male expectations different in Korea? In western countries equality enables women to focus on careers and men to be stay-at-home dads if they choose.. Is this the same in Korea? Love you long time!!!

  7. TL;DR Question
    This question is mostly for Martina. Does being surrounded by Korean Pop culture with almost perfect looking girls ever make you uncomfortable/insecure are most Korean girls like that or is it Just K-Pop?

  8. TL;DR Question:
    When/why did you decide to move to Korea? What made you interested in just Korea? Oh, and K-pop: what was the first k-pop group/song you heard and how did you come across it? :D

  9. How do you think the international popularity of “Gangnam Style” will affect the K-Pop industry overseas? Do you think it has created oppurtunities for the entire K-Pop industry, YG entertainment, just Psy or not at all?

  10. What do nerds wear on nerd day?

  11. TL;DR question here~ In the event that you guys were to get pregnant (bear with me here) would you stay in Korea to raise the kid, or go back to Canada? Also, assuming you would be staying in Korea, what issues can you see arising from that decision? Things like space problems, cultural issues, the school system etc

  12. I live in the UK and when I was at school I remember having a sports day where each form/homeroom class would compete against each other. We had mufti-days (non-uniform days, but you had to pay £1), an activities week which was the last week of the year where we went on trips to safari parks and theme parks and loads of other stuff, and we had a prom too. And a talent show. I can’t remember anything else. Obviously different schools have different festivals but I think the common ones in the UK are sports days and proms.

  13. I heard that due to confucianism the way of counting one’s own age is korea is different than in the US. For example if I am 18 here in the US I would be 19 in korea because they start counting age since you are in the womb. Is that really true?

  14. I went to high school in Korea on YongSan Army Base in the late 90’s. We did prom and homecoming, but it was a bit weird. We all dressed up then we had to meet at school and get on a bus. The bus would take us to a hotel ballroom (like the Hyatt in Seoul) and we would have a regular school dance, then we had to get back on the bus and go back to school. I don’t remember if Seoul Foreign School was invited, but they could come be on our sports teams if they wanted to.

  15. Martina u read Fifty Shades Of Grey???????? o.o its getting freaky everyone is reading it xD i see people in the train laughing because the person infront or next to them is reading the SAME FREAKING THING xD

  16. Martina you look so pretty ;3

  17. Is it true that Korean schoolgirls have to keep their hair shorter than shoulder length, and why?

    • nowadays schools don’t do this.. but even about 10 years ago many schools had a rule that students have to cut their hair short.. that’s because old generation people think focusing on their appearacne can bother their study.. and grade..

  18. Martina, you’re so.. WHITE O.O

  19. Martina looks so pretty in this tldr!! :)

  20. TL;DR question: What do people (students) tend to do in Korea when they meet up outside of school? Do they usually go to each others houses and stuff? Where would they usually meet up?

  21. What would you say is your all time favorite K-Pop song and/or K-Pop song + video? I’m not normally into guy groups (being a guy and all) but I’d personally have to put TVXQ’s Mirotic up there as the best K-Pop song ever.

    What do you guys think?


    I mean seriously, i’ve been waiting like forever.

  23. I’ve seen this asked before….

    What’s up with blood types being a big issue in Korea? I actually had to go ask my mom what mine was since I’ve never had anyone ever ask me before about my blood type but every K-Pop singer’s blood type is published. Why?

  24. Simon just say you had a cold and lost your voice this week…

  25. I would actually have loved a close-up of Martina’s make-up today! I couldn’t tell what the dots? were at the corners of her eyes. But man, Martina! You would love to have sticky body jewels so you’d have like Hello Kitty miniature sparkles to wear there behind your Hipster Glasses! And we need a Simon-centric video. He’s not getting enough viewer love/attention time apparently lol.

  26. TL;DR Question

    In Korea, do people act like the actors on dramas and such? I know they are just acting, but some of it has to be real right? Are people usually either really rude or overly nice like that? Just wondering because a lot of dramas portray the people like that.

  27. Aww poor Simon!! But Martina looks like she had a lot of fun with her students! US schools don’t really have fun festivals like that.

  28. Do people wait in line to buy things in Korea like they do in the United States (or else where)? For example, like when a new iPhone is released or its Black Friday & people feel the need to buy them right away they wait for hours to get it.

  29. TL;DR Question

    Can you tell about Korean holydays?How they celebrate holidays?

  30. my drink almost went up my nose. my bad for drinking and watching and not seeing the *neneneneett romantic dancing* scene came up again for the second time. high five for thong song

  31. Simon is so energetic in this video. XD

  32. TL;DR Question
    I was watching To The Beautiful You episode 11 where Seol Han and Tae joon was in the cafe and she started yelling out all her busness like nobody is in the place. Do Koreans really like to yell all the time, do they yell like that in public places too?

  33. I saw you guys on newspaper!!! I love you guys!!

  34. That bees in the trap shit was hysterical bwhahaha! Love it!

  35. Question!!! What made you decide to put Eat Your Kimchi as the title?? And what were other names were an option??

  36. Martina! I love your hair in this video, it looks amazing… and your soooo pretty. :D Can I have your glasses? xD

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