Ok, this is a first for us, but it’s something we’d like to do more of. We’d like to start showing other people’s videos as well.

Yes, we’ll still be posting our own videos, but there are lots of awesome videos being produced about South Korea that need to get more recognition, we think. This is the first video we’ve seen that has moved us to post other people’s videos on this site. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best short videos we’ve seen promoting South Korea, ever. Like, ever. I wish Korea Tourism hired this guy. Enough videos about Bulgogi and Bibimbap. Enough visit Dokdo ads. This video is much more moving than all of those videos, and we’d love it if the official promotional forces of Korea started taking this direction.

It’s kind of what we’ve always been interested in when it comes to talking about South Korea. Korea is cool, really cool, but it doesn’t seem that way from the ads we’ve seen for it. Traditional, fuddy duddy stuff that smack of “Korea is the Best!” is just boring. South Korea isn’t really advertised from an outsider’s perspective. A lot of the time it’s shown through a Korean person’s perspective, and – as a result – it seems that what’s interesting to Koreans about Korea isn’t interesting to foreigners about Korea. At least, that’s our position. Table bells, nose rollers, and other Wonderful Treasure Finds still make us say wow, show us that Korea is fun and quirky and cool, while our Korean friends just think of them as commonplace and boring. Pshaw!

And, yes, yes we know this is a bit of a serious post compared to the silly videos that we usually do, but – really – we wish we could make videos half as good as this one here. We’re gonna keep on trying to make artsy-fartsy videos every so often, so that we don’t fully go totally off the deep end into Kpop and WTFs. So, with that being said, check out David Duttons’ Vimeo Page for more awesome videos, and check out his website as well. Also, let us know if more videos like this is something you’d be interested in seeing or not, if we should keep this site for only Eat Your Kimchi videos. Be honest. We’re totally open to other people’s opinions. Fact is, we’ve been thinking about showing other videos for a while now, and still haven’t fully decided on it yet, so we’re dipping our toes in the water now. And finally, if there are any videos you’d like us to share in the future, send us an email! Yeah!

  1. I am moving to Seoul this month and have been researching as much as possible. However, thank you Martina and Simon because I’m positive now, after watching this, I am going to fall in live with South Korea.

  2. Loved this video!

  3. really beautiful … did not know the face of Korea … I love her more now: D

  4. really beautiful … did not know the face of Korea … I love her more now: D

  5. This video only makes me wanna go and experience South Korea more! All my friends don’t get it but this video does a good job of explaining and showing the awesome things!

  6. Wow. I usually don’t like videos like this. But this one was fantastic!

  7. Woah, I was doing a bit of research for my Final for my Korean 101 class, and this popped up on my Google search. It’s funny because our teacher literally just showed us this video in class today and I thought “Hey, I wonder if Simon & Martina have seen this yet?”. Guess ya have! Haha It’s a great video though! So well done ^_^.

  8. pls pls pls if u know the name of the songs used in this video……..and yes the video is amazing!!!!

  9. oh my god this is so cool

  10. People often ask what it is that I love about Korea. It’s not easy to explain. This video captures it better than just about anything I’ve seen or read.

  11. This is the most beautiful video ive seen in such a long time.. thx for sharing.. if i loved south korea.. now i love it more.. ♥

  12. It made me so wistful and wishing I could be there. You guys are super wonderful to share all that you do. I think it's a great idea to promote others video's of Korea. It is such a beautiful place. Sometimes seemingly more pure that all others.

  13. well made =) really pleased to see how cool Korea is from outside perspective!

  14. 한국에 살았던 나도 가보질 못했던곳들을 다녀 오셨네요…. 지금봐도 가슴이 저리고 아름답고…. 나중에 우리 애들과 ê¼­ 다시한번 가보고 싶은곳입니다…. 너무 너무 잘 봤어요….

    • 그러게요 ㅋㅋ 구글링하다 우연히 봤는데
      한국인인 제가 봐도 찡하네요… 저도 가보지 못한곳들을 ^^…

  15. This video completely moved me. The cinematography and editing is wonderful. After watching this I wish I could go to South Korea right not to experience the culture, the people, the sights, the smells, the noise and all that South Korea has to offer. Sadly, I have to wait a couple more years for that…

  16. The video's really good~ I felt like I was watching movie! It's nice to see this side of Korea being shared to everyone,,
    I hope you guys make a video like this. I really loved the video about your students~

  17. Goose bumps…….Amazing video. I like it a lot!!

  18. amazing, dreamy. really captures alot of how i see Korea

  19. awesome, keep posting cool stuff like this

  20. this video is nice… makes me love Korea even more, thank you eatyourkimichi for showing us this video :)

  21. I loved watching this video!!! I think posting cool videos that other people make is a good idea!!!! Maybe not all the time but just once in a while. Thanks for posting this! Can't wait to see the next music monday video!!!! :)

  22. Awesome. Keep doing videos by others!

  23. this video is beautiful! As i was watching it I felt as if I was peering into someones head and looking at Korea from a different view!I felt nostalgic even though I've never been there. Then it got me thinking whats going on now or what is there right now probably wont be there in a few years. Everything changes with time nothing is permanent.Things change and are lost with time. I guess that's why its good to capture little events or big ones that are going on because they convey feelings and meanings and need to be shown….rather to be bragged about …..yea Im not sure if I make sense to others but it works out in my head well how I feel about this does :)

  24. WOW~ this is so amazing! i love how it shows the BEAUTIFUL scenery while still showing some of the old korean cultures.

    i was actually born in america, but my family is full korean… i have NEVER been to korea yet…. but after watching this, It makes me want to go visit korea even MORE! :)

    thank you for all these helpful videos!~~~ ^^

  25. That was absolutely amazing. The perfect appetizer for someone like me who is returning to Korea in 3 weeks after a year away!! Awesome.

  26. I'm just really sad that the current government knows nothing about the need to advertise Korea properly (if ppl don't know btw, the head of the Korean tourism department is a German who immigrated to Korea, which further shows that most Koreans don't really care about promoting their country right now due to other issues that preoccupy them such as economy and education). It's kind of sad seeing that Korea actually needs people from other countries to promote them because they don't do it themselves.. I want to thank the people who made this video but at the same time I feel bad that no one in Korea has stepped in to make this happen

    • Actually, this is a misconception. The decision to choose the current head of the KTO, Charm Lee, came after a careful consideration of his potential to bring eclecticism and a non-Korean's fresh perspective to the post. Tourism has become a very important issue in South Korea in the past few years, with nation branding also becoming a large concern for the government due to the Western media's disproportionate focus on North Korea. It's not that "Koreans don't really care about promoting their country" – this is, in most cases, the complete opposite. Still, we have to realize that the bulk of South Korea's tourism campaigns are directed towards other Asian nations (Japan, China, SE Asia, etc.) and in this regard, they've been pretty successful. It would be nice, however, if there were more adverts (better and higher quality ones, like this video) aimed toward a Western audience.

      @Simon and Martina: Thank you for the wonderul video; it's a great, refreshing addition to your blog and I wouldn't mind more videos like it!

    • Hopefully it counts for something that the creator of the video, David Dutton, is half Korean. ;)

  27. I really enjoyed it a lot. It was nice just watching and seeing what the individual filming was and how they viewed everything going on. I would love to see more video's like this.

  28. This is a really great video….
    would like to know more about Korea so would want to watch more videos like these…………..
    thank u for the video….

  29. It's really beautiful!
    I was thinking the same thing as you while I watched this video.
    They should hire him to promote tourism!

  30. From the bottom of my heart thank you for posting this.Seriously, I am so in love with this side of Korea that the short film presents.It's simply another reason for me to learn Korean and get there.In the mountains, in Seoul, everywhere in S. Korea.So thanks.And whenever you find another breathtaking video like this one please do share it.Have a lovely weekend!

  31. This is awesome, thank you for sharing it with us!

  32. People always ask me why I keep going to Korea – I guess this is just a glimpse of the thousands of reasons I keep going back for more – just wish I could live there too!

  33. I'm Korean, and seeing this video, I feel so proud of my country!
    And actually, there were some scenes that I've never seen while living in Korea!
    Thank you for showing those. :D

  34. This video is really beautiful. I definitely wouldn't mind more videos like these on your site. However I hope it wont stop you making videos. While these videos are really beautiful, I love you way of presenting Korea, the different holidays, your everyday life, I feel I'm going to be addicted to your WTF videos just like I already am to you Kpop Mondays ones. If on your site I can find both quirky and more artsy videos I'm all for it!

  35. south-korea, here I come! :-D

  36. I'm Korean, I'm so proud of you guys XD

  37. That was a really great video. Please keep sharing videos like this. I like your funny stuff and your "informative artsy-fartsy" stuff. Thank you!

  38. ah this was gorgeousssss. it actually made me feel sad because i still have to wait 2 years before i finally have my degree and can go to korea and teach :(

  39. That was a really gorgeous video. Thank you both for deciding to post it. I love K-pop and I love the Korean language, but I'm really tentative about believing that my interest will last. This video really shows a different side to Korea. Those AMAZING mountains seriously blew me away. Also, the sort of run down houses really made me think. I always imagine South Korea as an incredibly prosperous country, and they are, but this shows that there is good and bad everywhere. No country is perfectly, equally prosperous. Thank you for this video. It has make me love Korea even more. I love you guys, so… don't stop posting the funny stuff either ;)

  40. I just used this video on my tumblr, I thought it was really interesting! I love your videos and I like the idea of showing other perspectives, videos, etc. Good job guys :)

  41. I loved this video, but do I want to see lots more of the same? Well, honestly, no. What I like about the videos you two make is that they have a really quirky and homey feel about them. I like to see what you guys love about living in South Korea and seeing it through your eyes. I don't even live in South Korea and I still enjoyed your video about how to make the floor heating work because I thought that was so neat and different! The problem with videos like this one you shared is that while beautiful, it feels very detached. I don't really feel like I learned anything about South Korea besides that it is a beautiful place. Even when you two do your more artsy videos it has a focus and has a point of view. You showcase specific temples, markets, even the train ride from Busan to Seoul I liked because it was specific like that.

    So I guess what I'm saying is that I would like to see other videos as well, but personally (just my opinion!) I would like to see more videos with a point of view or that showcases something specific that's really cool in South Korea, not just more catch all videos.

  42. I think it's great that you've decided to start posting other videos that you guys have found interesting~ especially because I've seemed to enjoy them all so far! This video was awesome, it makes me want to go to Korea x24810348 more than I already do, and that's a hunk of wanting right there!

  43. I really enjoyed watching the video. I loved all the different scenery that he shot and the music…so beautiful.

  44. Couldn't agree more…
    All of the latest tourism videos seem to push the main-stream American crowd – i.e. Lettuce-wrap restaurants, Hanbok and all of the other cliches.

    Japan has become so popular because of all of its quirkiness and oddities.
    I think Korea has a can't-miss opportunity to become the next "Japan" (culturally speaking)… with the big difference being that Korea can do it in a uniquely dignified Korean way. This video exemplifies this, I think.

    I'd like to see more work done in this manner.

    Viva Korea! =D

    • You know, that was on the tip of our tongues as well. Japan is such a hit because it seems so quirky and bizarre, and so people are intrigued by it. I think Korea takes itself too seriously a lot of the time, and doesn't show off it's quirks, which is a shame, because Korea's really freaking cool. Yeah!

      • Korea may take itself too seriously… but come on! That's why it's Korea! I am glad to see them keeping true. It may not happen overnight, but the way Korean food is soooo popular and good now, the Korean wave, etc…. Korean culture will be the next big thing, I bet. Well, at least everyone knows who Samsung is now… at least…… errmmmm … yeaaaah

  45. That was a beautiful video I do think you should maybe once a week show a different video like this one, dont get me wrong I love your guys's videos but I dunno it was a refreshing change. And besides the goal of your website is for others to know about korea and that includes South Korea too. So thank you for sharing I definitely want to visit Korea someday.

  46. So beautiful – Dutton is so talented. This film visually explains why I have been obsessing on South Korea and want so much to visit there. Creativity blossoms when so much is offered.

  47. YO man, that was dope. It had me all verklempt.

  48. Thanks you guys.
    I'm a Korean, living in Canada. Almost i feel like crying when I see my home town. I've been away from my country for a long time.
    The last song is 1970's song. I It was very popular song at that time, like an American fork song style.
    There is original song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk8oDzOkzsg

    you guys wonderful job done!!!

  49. YES, this is what I see when I think about Korea!! Excellent work. I love your guys' videos, but I also support this idea of posting of other peoples' videos.


    I loved the video and loved the song that played throughout (Great choice of music). May I know who the singer/band is?

    :D :D :D

  51. What an outstanding video and such a beautiful country. I will visit in July. Do post more of these videos. Much of what I know of Korea is from addictively watching Kdramas.

  52. Jenni Chamberlain Newberry

    i reeeeeaaaallly loved this video.. gonna check out his page now.

  53. First I was reading comments and everyone liked this video, but I was doubting that I will like it.
    In the middle I was almost crying how much i want to go there and I know It will be almost impossible to me to get there.Your videos, where you show us how it is, already kinda makes me want to go to Korea, but this was like last drop where I am pretty sure.:D

  54. I moved to Korea two months ago and all i can say that it's breathtaking.
    I loved this video so much! it must have taken a long time to get all that material, i've already started collecting short clips around Seoul and this summer i hope to get more from all over Korea, this country is wonderful!

  55. lovely video. thanks for sharing. Do you know the name of the song that's playing for most of the video?

  56. Very interesting. Where are the places they went in the country? It was beautiful.
    Okay…the last song that sounded like they were saying "popsicle"? What does that word mean in Korean?

    • Haha its 없을걸 (up-sool-gull) which means probably doesn’t exist. He’s singing, there probably doesn’t exist something better than love. It’s most comparing love and how there’s nothing that’ll be more exciting, thrilling, etc.

  57. That was… breathtaking. I honestly teared up a bit because it really did a good job of making Korea seem like a "home away from home" even though I've never been there before!

    I would definitely like to see more video showcases.

  58. This is wonderful! I totally agree with you. This is an awesome way to promote South Korea. It makes me even more interested in it and I hope one day i'll be able to visit some of those places.
    I support the idea of you posting more of these videos. Please, share more amazing things like that with us ^^

  59. This is pure awesomeness… I spent three weeks in Korea last summer, and this is it! The mountains, the streets, the fish market, the clothes markets, the temples, the old houses next to the skyscraper, even the small baseball courts and the dogs … This is exactly how I experienced South Korea. All I can think of that is missing is Taekwondo, and Jimjilbangs (but that might be hard to film :p)
    This video really makes me want to go back!

  60. I love the everyday scenes that he captures and editing it in such a manner that truly shows the flavour of South Korea… I'd say if you guys do stumble upon more videos like these, go ahead and share with us too!

  61. such amazing camera work, if no one told me better i'd believe this was official tourism video for korea, beautifully shot video :)

    if this is the kind of thing you're wanting to showcase more of i'd be 100% happy to watch it!

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