Ahem. Simon writing here. If you haven’t watched the video yet, stop reading, because I don’t want to spoil the ending. If you have watched it, read on:

Martina’s such a sore loser! Hey kids: don’t learn from Martina’s example. Accept a loss gracefully and don’t throw cupcakes!

Sure, some might say that I lost and that we shouldn’t have carried on, but it was Martina who told me to keep going. I would have gracefully accepted my loss!

I kinda feel like it was Martina’s plan all along. She wanted her revenge on me. We filmed this on a Thursday, right after a Costco run. We had to get a new shelf from Costco, so I went in to buy it while Martina waited in the car (because parking in Costco is ludicrously stupidly long). She told me to get a hotdog for her. I refused. We agreed in our last day in LA that we’d get back to trying to eat healthy and to losing the weight we gained in LA. She persisted, as did I. When I came back from Costco with a Roast Chicken and a Quinoa salad instead, Martina began to plot her revenge. And so this was it. She’d buy the cupcake, let me win, and then throw it. I know it was her plan all along!

Also, Martina will make a confession about this week’s WTF in next week’s WTF, which we just filmed today, and I want to talk about it now but that’ll spoil the surprise. All you need to know is…GGRRR!!!!

No but for reals this game was nerve-wracking and fun to play. The chopsticks were really slippery, so that added an element of challenge to the whole game. The biggest challenge is that it’s not like Jenga, in that all of the blocks are the same size. Things were of all different sizes here, and a lot more wobbly. Still fun, though!

So that’s it for this week’s WTF. You can check out our first of the three food game instalments with the Takoyaki Shooter Game. That game was more fun than this game, but this one was still enjoyable. And click the button below for more fun WTFs. We’ll keep competing against each other.

  1. Álvaro

    I love that hama figures of you both and your pets

  2. Álvaro

    This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my entire life.

  3. Omg you guys never fail to make laugh insanely!! I really need this you guys, seriously. Thank you so much for making such hilarious videos. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I watch some of your videos and they instantly cheer me up. :) <3

  4. Sapphire_Bryony

    This is tied with the underwear tug-of-war game for my favorite WTF in recent memory. I was *cackling* by the end. Poor poor Simon…

    (Seriously though, I think I need this game.)

  5. I really want to know who was in the background with SooZee!

  6. MissPricilla

    OMG… MY week was so busy and tiring, I laughed so much and now I feel so good thank you guys!!!! :D

  7. I laughed out loud REALLY loud when Martina threw the cupcake and my husband was all WTF?! Took me awhile to explain what happened. My son thought I had lost my mind.

  8. Oh gosh I literally laughed out loud when Martina threw the box… I was like “NOOOOOOOOO” but oh to late! HAHA Oh well I think the cupcake still looks delicious even though it was “destroyed” by Martina, haha!

  9. Oh man, the ending had me CRYING with laughter! Only Gaki no Tsukai manages to make me laugh so hard, so KUDOS TO YOU :D!

  10. I didn’t even think the egg was going to stay up for that long! But it did! & Martina OMG that was so HILARIOUS!!! Totally did not expect that! I laughed so hard! :D

  11. I actually didn’t see that coming, that Martina was going to throw the cupcake. I was laughing the whole time XD

  12. kawaii_candie

    technically Simon lost a bunch of times though. i would consider that you lost as soon as something fell… this was hilarious though. omg. i wouldn’t recommend anyone acting out like Martina did, honestly, but because you guys are so happily married, this was just so funny ^_-

    these little cup games are really cute!

  13. I think I might have laughed harder than Martina was laughing.

  14. Simon!! Number one rule in marriage: HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE

  15. Yinthe

    Laughed really hard at the end of the video, great fun!

  16. rnataliad89

    Haha, that was a magical ending. I was totally pouting at the beginning of the video because I like to read the posts before I watch but now I am happy I followed orders. Oh man, I totally would have shaken the cupcake around a little before throwing it, or eaten it whilst Simon was concentrating on the egg, but then again, my major in college was “The beauty in being a sore loser and enjoying it.”

  17. Emily

    I freaking love Martina

  18. Oh, Simon. In seven years of marriage you haven’t learned? If your wife wants a hotdog, the worst thing you could do was remind her she’s trying to lose weight and then buy her something healthy instead…come to think of it, my hubby hasn’t learned that, either. Thanks for the good idea, Martina! Cupcake tossing FTW!

  19. Yzabellatrix

    So I was supposed to be studying but boredom striked so I secretly watched this video and IT WAS NOT A GREAT IDEA. I laughed so muuch soo loudly my mother scolded me for not studying. Oh oh. And by the way, so that’s why Martina looked seriously happy for a loser!

  20. this was HILARIOUS! I am so inspired by it that I’m going to go peruse G-Market myself because I want to play similar games with my boyfriend, hahahha

  21. Kimchikristy

    Hahahaha such an intense game!
    The little boy I tutor in Korea has that game too actually, so I was super excited to see you were playing it~!

  22. I am SOO glad for the return of WTF. This one and last week’s condom UFO umbrella were some of the funniest videos you’ve ever made!
    Simon, the more I watch EYK, the more I realise how similar we are. You are the male version of me!

  23. YooHoo

    while other youtubers play online games, i love how you guys play these ‘board’ games. doesn’t say your age at all. just kidding. : D i’m a 90′s kid and still love board games. : D
    also, where the hell do they sell these awesome games? are they common in korea?

    Also… Furtive thumbs up to Martina for that one-up on Simon teehee, oh the joy!

  25. Yeobomg

    This is seriously the best video you guys have ever posted. I laughed so hard it hurt.

    Also, I agree with the person below who said you should do a video on how Soozee reacts to your antics

  26. When I saw what this wtf was about I was suprr excited. Firstly I love the game Wtf’s because they are hilarious. Your competitive natures are amusing. Secondly. ..I.love.jenga. I am a monster at that game and I love the gut wrenching suspense of balancing a tilting tower. This game…was even more thriling and I was reacting right along with you as i watched. Each time something shook, twitched, rocked or slipped I gasped. LOVED THIS! And Martina, your evil laughter with the cupcake…that. was. Awesome. Best evil laugh ever. Like..pure wicked joy. I really hope you guys do more games like these because they are win.

  27. autumnwind

    lol I was laughing along with Martina, she made me laugh a lot more with her spontaneous laughing. Hehe so cute.


  29. HSoshii

    This made me laugh, SO HARD XD ! Best WTF vid so far, love you guys! :)

  30. RudeMinnesotan

    Oh. My. Gosh. I was not expecting that at the end. Martina. xD Bad. Evil. BUT SO FUNNY!!!

  31. Kakapo

    Boy, that was so intense

  32. You should do a video about what Soozee thinks when watching all of this.

  33. I would like to point out simon didnt win…. If you look a fish cake fall on the side of the plate there for. Because it wasnt far martina deresives a hot dog and cup cake. Also Simon you sort of deserved the cup cake being tossed since you cant handle losing and always have to have some even if martina wins.

  34. Brittnay Bond

    That that, ladies and gentlemen, was the absolute revenge and the look pf pure maniacal laughter.

    That poor Cupcake….next time just get her a hotdog XDD.

  35. unoxi

    Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard I cried.

  36. lady_kire

    I’m watching this while bleaching my hair and I can’t stop laughing at Martina throwing the cupcake ^^

    Now everyone knows what women will do if they don’t get their food cravings satisfied

  37. I laughed so hard when Martina threw that cupcake. Muhahaha!

  38. butterfly

    lololllll :D that cupcake :D :D :D and such awesome chopstick skill Martina :D:D is it a flip and you got it !!!!!

  39. Never mess with a girl’s cravings, Simon! Bahahahaha

  40. That was truly a WTF!

  41. Oh my cupcake! That was so funny!!!

  42. I though Martina took out the cupcake and threw the empty box…ROFL but I guess not!

  43. That was hysterical! Oh Martina. This reminds me of the time back in the day when you used to do WANK challenges and Simon lost during the cocohodo (how do you spell that?) challenge and smashed that poor little cocohodo to bits. EYK, dessert abusers :P

  44. krittikarc

    Your hair looks really really cute here Martina! (Just wanted to let ya know)

  45. You made me laugh so hard ^^ thx for that <3

  46. Wow those WTF are developing an epicness level of their own…can’t decide whether this or last weeks’s could be my fav EYK video in 2014.

  47. xoxoyulandsicaxoxo

    Martina’s mission to get revenge is accomplished XD

  48. SHINeeUKShawol

    i thought Martina was gonna stuff it in her mouth (cos i know that’s what i woulda done ahaha)

  49. I laughed so hard and loud for like ten minutes. My share house roommates even came to see what was so funny! I am so proud of you Martina!

  50. I laughed so hard, tears even came out of my eyes! You guys rock so hard!!!!!

  51. Saturday Night Wrist

    Simon, that was clutch as hell at the end. MJ would be proud. Don’t let her get to you, she’s just mad cuz she’s foreverkarlmalone.

    Dat frosting facial porn at the end tho. Dammnn Martina.

  52. ariadne_locket

    Probably one of the best WTFs you guise did! I laughed sooo much xD

  53. Before I started watching your video, I applied a peel-off mask on my face… and then when I got to the part where Martina was really laughing maniacally and where Simon looked so upset, I can’t help but also laugh along! My face mask cracked and my face tightened all over! But laughing it out was worth it! Hahaha

  54. Dr.Spudgiesworth1st

    Soozee looks amazingly beautiful as always!

  55. The best part about this video is that SooZee probably finds this perfectly normal behavior. But Martina, buwhahahahaha, Simon totally deserves this!

  56. BagofHamsters

    Oh oh my tummy ….. crying …… whippingcreamiO

  57. Noel

    This made me laugh so hard several times, it was sheer entertainment!

  58. Amihellou

    Oohhh noooohhh, cupcake ;___; I’m a baker and watching the cupcake to fly it almost broke my heart XD
    Martina how dare U TT^TT!? But I had to start laughing right a way when I saw Simon’s face XD

  59. franzy1

    I almost pee’d my pants when Martina threw that cupcake. Sorry Simon…. sorta earned that…. sorta…. :D

  60. dreaming_in_color

    This has to be my favorite eyk video ever!!!!! “I can’t believe you trusted me with that cupcake! I just wanted a hotdog!” Hahahahaha! That was priceless!

  61. MischieBunny

    Oh my gosh!!! i almost DIED when Martina threw the cupcake LOL it was beautifully executed xD.
    Sorry Simon but yeah never deny Martina anything or this happens, can’t wait for the next WTF :D

  62. Pre-game bet- I want Martina to win, but I think Simon will win…

  63. “I’ve got a better game… it’s called ‘whipping cupcakes’.”

  64. Yay for Soozee in the background!

    Simon’s distorting voice though . . .

  65. RhamaLlama

    I laughed when Martina threw the cupcake but the instant playbacks just made it so much better!

  66. OMG, dying laughing when Martina launched that cupcake!!!!! Best part of the video! What was the wonderful treasure find again? lol. :P I just keep on rewinding the part where the cupcake is launched & the look on Simon’s face. Priceless! Now I know not to deny Martina her hot dog. :)

  67. Dantare

    Women can be so cruel :( I still laughed though, sorry Simon :P

  68. Oh my god, when you threw the cupcake I literally burst out laughing! I totally would have done the same thing though…and my boyfriend would have been ten times more sulky ;) but everything is justified in the name of hot dogs!

  69. Alia Hijaab

    Oh my god I was absolutely crying from laughter XD Martina to be honest I would have done exactly the same thing (what kind of crazy doesn’t get a girl a snack when she needs one?).

  70. My stomach hurts from laughing so much! Martina, I would’ve done the same thing (sorry Simon, I’m a pretty sore loser too. Don’t ever play Jenga with me :P) Can you guys tell me where I can buy this? It looks so fun :D

  71. Oh my gosh it is one am and I was laughing so hard I bet my roommate is not very happy. Honestly I would have thrown the cup cake to bwahahahaha best ending ever!

  72. Me and Martina *almost* have the same laugh.

  73. Dannykmpo

    Actually Simon lost the second he dropted the first dokkboki ^^

  74. fishiehime

    Hi! Do you know of a website where I can buy this game? They all look super fun and I’d love to give them a try. The website doesn’t have to be in English but it needs to be shippable to the US. Thank you! <3

  75. I’m crying I laughed so hard! Honestly though, Simon, it’s usually you doing the cheating/kai bai bo-ing Martina out of last bites that were technically hers… just sayin’ :P it was pretty gratifying to see her win out though she lost the game.

  76. Martina lost… but she WON!!!

  77. I think I kinda miss the Disqus commenting system. Every time I commented the page refreshed and these comments you can’t vote up or down and you can’t edit your comment…. :/ I guess I’ll have to get use to it though.

  78. I love your reaction to losing Martina. That was totally awesome and something I would’ve definitely done…or worse! LOL! And I love the slow mo shots. There was one place though that would’ve been awesome for another slow mo shot though. Anyways, have a nice day!

  79. inphnite

    I’ve been watching your videos (+ reading this blog) for a long while now, but I’ve only just created an account here, BECAUSE THIS VIDEO IS H I L A R I O U S AND I HAD TO COMMENT I JUST HAD TO. I was already laughing at the SUPER INTENSE MUSIC & SLOW-MO every time something slipped, and when Martina threw the cupcake I laughed SO HARD til I had tears in my eyes. Just- you guys are so awesome hahahaha

  80. Leeza

    That was soooo mean. But I’m sorry. I laughed so hard!!

  81. That was hilarious! I could see the evil glint in Martina’s eyes when she decided to throw the cupcake! Loved it! The game looks difficult but fun! :)

  82. HOLY FUDGE! Those slow mo shots had me laughing so much! Martina, how did u even catch that green thing?! My fav WTF so far i think (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

  83. Betsy

    Haven’t laughed like that in a while. Thank you Martina. Amazing.

  84. With the basic rules of Jenga, Simon, technically lost when he kept dropping them… js

  85. I would place my bets on Martina but she asked GD for help instead of U-Kiss. I always win games if U-Kiss songs are playing in the background. Especially games I haven’t played in a long time or not at all.

  86. AEisMe

    How long have you been married? Simon, you should know by now – when a woman wants a hot dog, just buy her the damn hot dog!

  87. Couldn’t help but laugh along side with Martina xD

  88. I really can’t believe how good Simon looks with the facial hair. Looks good on ya bro!

  89. potatochipXL

    Loving the editing. What has changed? I would love some more behind the scenes stuff if you busybodies ever get the time.

  90. I don’t know if it’s the early morning/late night/post midnight crazies, but I was in pain from laughing with Martina when she threw that cupcake. I’m sorry, Simon.

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