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WTF – Dokbokki Jenga

July 5, 2014


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Ahem. Simon writing here. If you haven’t watched the video yet, stop reading, because I don’t want to spoil the ending. If you have watched it, read on:

Martina’s such a sore loser! Hey kids: don’t learn from Martina’s example. Accept a loss gracefully and don’t throw cupcakes!

Sure, some might say that I lost and that we shouldn’t have carried on, but it was Martina who told me to keep going. I would have gracefully accepted my loss!

I kinda feel like it was Martina’s plan all along. She wanted her revenge on me. We filmed this on a Thursday, right after a Costco run. We had to get a new shelf from Costco, so I went in to buy it while Martina waited in the car (because parking in Costco is ludicrously stupidly long). She told me to get a hotdog for her. I refused. We agreed in our last day in LA that we’d get back to trying to eat healthy and to losing the weight we gained in LA. She persisted, as did I. When I came back from Costco with a Roast Chicken and a Quinoa salad instead, Martina began to plot her revenge. And so this was it. She’d buy the cupcake, let me win, and then throw it. I know it was her plan all along!

Also, Martina will make a confession about this week’s WTF in next week’s WTF, which we just filmed today, and I want to talk about it now but that’ll spoil the surprise. All you need to know is…GGRRR!!!!

No but for reals this game was nerve-wracking and fun to play. The chopsticks were really slippery, so that added an element of challenge to the whole game. The biggest challenge is that it’s not like Jenga, in that all of the blocks are the same size. Things were of all different sizes here, and a lot more wobbly. Still fun, though!

So that’s it for this week’s WTF. You can check out our first of the three food game instalments with the Takoyaki Shooter Game. That game was more fun than this game, but this one was still enjoyable. And click the button below for more fun WTFs. We’ll keep competing against each other.



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