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Doll Painting at Mustoy, plus WANK CHALLENGE!

August 16, 2013


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Perfect date night! Well, not really. This was great for Martina because she’s totally into arts and crafts. I just tagged along, but I had fun, though!

We’ve seen this place for a long time now. It’s rather close to our studio, and we’ve passed by it many times. It’s close to Cafe Homeo, which we did a video about a long time ago, before we started our WANKs. We’ve always seen it, and always thought to ourselves that it’d make for a great WANK one day, but we kept on putting it off, until today. Finally!

Anyhow, in the spirit of being informative, here’s a map on how to get there, in case you ever feel like painting a blank doll there, or if you feel like finding the ones that we painted. We left our doll there. They have the option of either taking it with you, for 15,000 won, or leaving it there, for 10,000 won. We left it there, not because we’re cheapies, but because we thought that it’d be a selfish sin for us to keep this art from the world. You people need to see them. They’re so glorious, up close! Here’s where you can find em:

Mustoy Map

Side note, please don’t kill me for not knowing who Baekhyun was. I know people sometimes complain that we don’t know the names of all the members of every band, but for the love of all that is holy, how in the world are we supposed to memorize the names and faces of hundreds of idols? When bands have 5-12 members, and we review so many freaking bands, it’s just not possible. NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE, I SAY! So, my apologies for not knowing Baekhyun in advance. I’ll sure as hell remember him now, though, since I had to paint him. And, honestly, WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS THAT MARTINA GOT TO PAINT TOP?!?! Seriously, guise, that was totally unfair! You rigged it!

Also, I think some of you might be happy about this (or, at least, I hope so!): Remember back when we did WANK challenges? Then we stopped doing them, and people have been asking for them ever since. Believe me, guise, we liked doing the challenges. The problem that we had, though, was that we’d have to think of the challenges on the spot a lot of the time, and sometimes it took us forever to think of one. So we dropped them because it was too stressful. For this WANK, though, we pre-planned a challenge. We knew we were going to have a painting showdown, so…YAY! This WANK has a challenge. Not sure if the other ones in the future will, though, but we will try to keep them in mind more, for sure :D

We’ve got a bunch of bloopers from this week as well, so check them out if you feel like some more random lols:

Anyhow, if you liked this week’s video, subscribe for more! Click on this pretty button here and your life expectancy will go up by 5 years, minimum. That’s science right there:



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