Perfect date night! Well, not really. This was great for Martina because she’s totally into arts and crafts. I just tagged along, but I had fun, though!

We’ve seen this place for a long time now. It’s rather close to our studio, and we’ve passed by it many times. It’s close to Cafe Homeo, which we did a video about a long time ago, before we started our WANKs. We’ve always seen it, and always thought to ourselves that it’d make for a great WANK one day, but we kept on putting it off, until today. Finally!

Anyhow, in the spirit of being informative, here’s a map on how to get there, in case you ever feel like painting a blank doll there, or if you feel like finding the ones that we painted. We left our doll there. They have the option of either taking it with you, for 15,000 won, or leaving it there, for 10,000 won. We left it there, not because we’re cheapies, but because we thought that it’d be a selfish sin for us to keep this art from the world. You people need to see them. They’re so glorious, up close! Here’s where you can find em:

Mustoy Map

Side note, please don’t kill me for not knowing who Baekhyun was. I know people sometimes complain that we don’t know the names of all the members of every band, but for the love of all that is holy, how in the world are we supposed to memorize the names and faces of hundreds of idols? When bands have 5-12 members, and we review so many freaking bands, it’s just not possible. NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE, I SAY! So, my apologies for not knowing Baekhyun in advance. I’ll sure as hell remember him now, though, since I had to paint him. And, honestly, WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS THAT MARTINA GOT TO PAINT TOP?!?! Seriously, guise, that was totally unfair! You rigged it!

Also, I think some of you might be happy about this (or, at least, I hope so!): Remember back when we did WANK challenges? Then we stopped doing them, and people have been asking for them ever since. Believe me, guise, we liked doing the challenges. The problem that we had, though, was that we’d have to think of the challenges on the spot a lot of the time, and sometimes it took us forever to think of one. So we dropped them because it was too stressful. For this WANK, though, we pre-planned a challenge. We knew we were going to have a painting showdown, so…YAY! This WANK has a challenge. Not sure if the other ones in the future will, though, but we will try to keep them in mind more, for sure :D

We’ve got a bunch of bloopers from this week as well, so check them out if you feel like some more random lols:


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  1. I can’t see b/c this pc doesn’t have Adobe Plug in to play videos (wth tech school?)
    but I remember seeing Martina’s watermelon nails and College Fashion just uploaded a similar tutorial~
    keke <3


  2. Does anyone know what these amazing little dolls are called?


  4. How could a hat with something as adorable as the Spudgy on its face be used for such evils!? I PROTEST

  5. Thanks for doing something adorably arts and crafts-y! I love!
    (And burn with the fiery passionate desires and longing to paint K-Pop likenessesssss)

    Simon. Simon. We need to have a serious talk.
    Y U SO SORE LOL I think if the day ever comes when Simon readily accepts Martina’s wins and thus, his losses, we all have to be suspicious that he TOTALLY RIGGED IT XD

  6. Lol how does Bacon not count!~

  7. I’m so happy to see a WANK challenge again! :D I always wondered why they just stopped!

  8. I just got back from a long weekend in Hongdae. Looks like I will have to go back and go to this shop!! XD

  9. YAY! Wank challenges! They are so entertaining! I’m excited to get them back now and then.

  10. went to Mustoy last year~~ here’s what mine looks like :)

    • Cute, thanks for sharing! It’s simple but adorable. I really love the face and the little bowtie. Sort of reminds me of Mr. Brohoho. xD Did you take yours home or leave it in the shop?

  11. Yeay this WANK was so cool! I totally want to do it! :D
    I loved Martina’s Top with all the details, but Simon’s Baekhyun was sooo cute :D
    You two did a really good job! ^^

  12. Aw the Baek doll was so cute!!!! Martina did a better job w TOP’s face but SIMON YOU NAILED BAEK! The cap was SO CUTE. *sings* I LOST MAIII PANTSSZZZZ

  13. Aww!! I miss the WANK challenges and kpop idol searches! Especially with all the rookie groups out now. :P
    Please bring them back!! ^_^

  14. Woot! The challenges are back! :D Loved both dolls btw. I had no idea what Bacon looked like either, Simon haha.

  15. SIMONNNNNN!!!! How could you not know the singer of your most favorite song??????? Lol…although Martina’s was very detailed Simon…yours is much much much cuter<3333….I feel biased hehehehe OTL

  16. “Hongik university playground!” Uhm… 20-year-olds swinging on swings with their text books? 0_0′

  17. reminded me of Gwen stefani’s harajuku girls …perfume thingy

  18. I wish i could just fly over to korea and take the T.O.P doll with me… SOOO SAD :(

  19. I’m completely lost on the titty video reference that Simon mentioned when he was remember where Baekhyun was from o:
    Can someone tell me what that’s from?

    • I think he’s refering to when BH and another EXO member cameoed in tts’ Twinkle

      • Oh. Oh gosh. Dang it Simon. Got me excited. I thought there was some shirtless video I didn’t know about or something :(
        My inner Fangurilla is not amused.

        • I’m assuming (correct me if I’m wrong) you haven’t watched EYK’s review of TTS’ “Twinkle” where said reference is derived?

          You will be amused. Trust me. Just get a load of the vid description:
          “We talk about Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” and the raging boners EXO must have had while watching Girl’s Generation dance around in lingerie for this week’s Kpop Music Monday.” xD

          And if you’ve already seen it and I’m just here being way too helpful, lol, you can always watch it again for extra lolz. :)

        • Thank you! I don’t remember if I watched it or not since when I first started watching Simon and Martina (lol that sounds funny. yeah.. being a little immature right now), I skipped around to videos of groups I actually knew about and cared to listen to (Sorry S&M but now I watch all the videos! ^w^)

          Thanks again for the link! I’ll watch it anyway ;)

        • Oh, you’re welcome! ^^ And no worries, I totally get what you mean. I only watched KMM for groups I personally listened to at first, but have watched the rest because Simon and Martina are just damn funny. xD So it doesn’t make you a bad person by any means for being finicky like that! I’m sure lots of people who love EYK feel that way too. Plus, watching them pick apart bands you like sort of introduces you to how the rest of the reviews will be, so once you fall in love with S&M, you really just want to watch everything they put out regardless. :)

          Enjoy the lolz! :D

        • I understood Bacon had some obsession with that female body part haha. xD

  20. The people who wind up buying/being owners of those dolls better be EYK Nasties.. If not.. Oh, they have NO idea how much those dolls mean to us Nasties! So sad that I don’t live in Korea so I have no chance of buying them AND the only place I know of that does something similar(I think it’s just making cups/plates) has a price of about $35 for a cup or plate, MINIMUM. :(

  21. Baekhyun (eyeliner) is one of the two guys that sings in your favorite EXO song What Is Love. But I didn’t know all of their names for awhile and had to study each member lol :P

  22. Simon’s Baekhyun doll would’ve been perfection if it had eyeliner ;P

  23. I loved the kid in the background “Play with me” :)

    Interesting challenge, but Martina’s looks better

  24. I wish i could go. but i won’t draw.. cuz i can’t… i would just be like O_O i want one! T_T

  25. After googling Baekhyun, now the premise of “You are beautiful” doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

  26. Yay! WANK challenges are fun :D

  27. “Mustoy” looks so cosy and like a quiet working place :) I would definitely go there someday to see your dolls (I’d feel sad if they would get sold … they should be like museum items ;_;) if I had the opportunity…someday…

    About Baekhyun, don’t worry Simon, I didn’t know who he was either… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to know unless he’s your bias or something… I myself don’t know the names of all the members of all the bands I like… that doesn’t been I’m being careless… besides I want to take my time and learn their real names more than their stage names.

    I read some of the comments on yt (by reflex … and I shouldn’t have because I promissed not to > . <) and most of them are full with hate… actually yt nowadays looks like a community where all stressed people come to spit out their stress and nerves… just don't read them guise …. they're depressive…and give me headaches…some people just drain the life out of you – . -'

    Nevertheless that was such a fun adventure!! :D Thank you! :)


    • I know exactly how you feel about hateful comments stressing you out. Sometimes just reading comments stresses me out. Try not to let it get to you, ne? I always remind myself that Simon and Martina – as well as the always helpful EYK Mods who read through comments for constructive criticism but wade through a lot of trolling and hate – are ultimately positive people who know they receive much more love than they do hate. One hurtful comment can make you feel like all the happy comments don’t matter, but in the end, they do. They really do. After all, Simon and Martina are still going strong, aren’t they?

      Here’s what I do when I feel like my head’s about to explode: watch old KMMs/WANKs/FAPFAPs. You’ll be smiling and laughing and desperately holding in pee in no time. xD

    • That’s why we looooOooOOOoOOOove our EYK Nasty community on our website ♥ the comments might disagree with something we said or with what someone else said but it’s done so in a non-hateful way. And we aren’t afraid to drop the ban hammer on someone who is leaving hateful and mean spirited comments. ㅁ—-ー( ̄~ ̄)

      • oh 깜짝 놀라습니다! Σ(゜ロ゜;) ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ (*´;ェ;`*) ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  28. OMG, my husband and I just watched this video and realized that we now have an awesome plan for our 3 year anniversary next week! What’s more Korean and hilarious than making dolls of each other?! Btw, my million dollar idea of the day: buy those dolls and sell them to the highest bidder online. Mwahaha! And then give all (half?) the money to you guys, of course. :D What’dya think? ^^

    • HAHAHAHAHA! If you do that, you better roll down your sexy windows and come buy us a DRAAAAANK! And great anniversary idea! Simon and I painted ceramic mugs for each other (when living in Canada) with all our mushy nicknames for each other on them. :D

  29. You know what I think is the funniest thing about this, how softly you guys are speaking in the shop. Mostly it’s because I just had a conversation tonight at dinner about how I am generally one of the loudest people anyone knows, and that’s by American standards. I’ve been shushed by OTHER AMERICANS in public places (what can I say, I’m Latina, we are not a soft spoken culture. Italians are always as loud as me.) I’d probably make peoples’ ears bleed in Korea.

  30. TOP was better drawn but BACON!!! it was so cute and it strangely.. did look like baekhyun :O

  31. I was wondering what happened to the WANKs. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention, but I didn’t see any the past few weeks… Glad you didn’t drop them! :D

  32. Hey Simon and Martina, it really makes me so happy to see you guys putting so much effort into your videos to please us guys! Making videos shouldn’t be something that stress you both out! I like a little bit of freestyle, something different, so we will have surprises and things to look forward to! Thank you so much for your time and effort guys!

  33. I really liked this WANK! And thanks for bringing back the WANK challenges. I thought the Baekhyun doll was really cute! Poor Simon. And Martina did an awesome job. :)

  34. I scrolled down to fast so I read café homeo as café homo…XD I gotta stop doing that. Personally loved Martina’s more than Simon’s. Don’t feel to bad about Baek cuz I can just barely tell him apart in EXO, I remember their names but the faces to it not so much. Love their songs though but not as much as BigBang’s~ not hating though

  35. LOL! Thanks so much for bringing back the challenges! I feel kind of mean about this but perhaps I am secretly a sadist because I actually enjoy the Dire Consequences more than the actual challenge itself. I do like the challenges and it’s not that I want bad things to happen to either Simon or Martina, it’s just that the consequences always seem to be so damned ridiculous and the punished seems to take them all so comically poorly. I hope that this hasn’t ruined ice cream for Simon since he obviously loves it so much. I think that the universe is just catching up for all those Kai Bai Bos that Martina lost in the past ;) It will even out eventually.

    The doll painting itself was interesting, will Sharpies really stay on porcelain once they are dry? Or will it all wash off again? How did this video last 10 minutes? It seemed to just whizz by! There wasn’t even the usual long walk there or engrish, or kpop idol spotting and yet painting dolls for 10 minutes totally kept my attention….hmmmm……

  36. Fun video as per us[ual] and loved the editing. Was it Leigh? It’s not a goal—but yet it is, for me to recognize who is editing each video. Fun little challenges for me. =)

    Simon, don’t worry, I too have the hardest time remembering the names of members. I think it’s partly (or completely) fair that I can pull the foreigner card. Foreign names are harder to remember, for me, especially coming from drastically different languages (from English).
    I’m not sure what it is, since I’m learning Thai, I can recall “everyday” words without much difficulty, but when it comes to Thai names then pfffft…it takes me longer to grasp those.

  37. I am SO HAPPY that you brought back WANK challenges!!!

  38. I want baekhyun omg i wish i was in korea lol~~

    SIMON YOU DESERVED TO WIN!! Your doll was like 100,000 million times cuter than Martina’s >< Sorry lol

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