Woohoo! Another week, another LiveChat, and we had a lot of fun stuff to open this week. The chips! The cookies! The dolls! The mochi! Thanks for hanging out with us as we opened a bunch of stuff. Special thanks to all of the awesome packages from:

Joanna and Jane from Boston
Sarah N from Pennsylvania (thanks AGAIN!!!)
Kirsten Hong Tai from Vancouver

HOLY SMOKES we’re gonna have so much fun with those dolls. What’s it called when you make stuff with yarn? Yarning? Or is that crocheting? Or is crocheting something else? Martina just talked about Crocheting in yesterday’s TL;DR. Hmm. Freaky coincidence.

Also, we opened up some of the smaller packages off camera, because we’re worried about them melting before we get the chance to open them, now that summer is almost in full effect. We’re gonna try to find a cool spot in the studio where our boxes will be safer, but – being on the top floor – our studio’s pretty freaking hot all around. Here’s some more of the stuff we opened. Thank you to Lin and Emily for the lovely packages. Here are the pics! So much CHOOOOCCOOOLLAATTTTEEEEEEEE LOOOOVVEEEE from Belgium including awesome flavours like Ginger-Lemon, Orange Peel, and even (we think) grape? SO DELICIOUS!

I’d also like to say how inspired I am by the colour coding in the boxes. Green Region boxes, Yellow Region boxes: it’s really awesome stuff. The coloured food and packages are AMAZING! How do you even find that much colour coded stuff?? We’re honoured that anyone wants to send us anything to begin with, but to see that you’re all putting this much thought into it is really touching. Thank you.

If you missed out on this week’s LiveChat live, make sure you click on the pretty button below so you don’t ever have to again. Yay!

  1. My Body by LSG! Good song. (“911-0024….”)

  2. So do the LiveChats just appear on the youtube channel when you go live? Or is there a specific link? Sorry to be a bother, I just don’t know what I’m doing. Lol.

  3. How do I view livechats? Live ones

  4. Oh, I agree with BillieChristine. A T-shirt saying “I’ve been friend zoned by Boyfriend” would be amazing XDD
    Maybe in Pink ???

  5. Please make a T-Shirt that says “I’ve been friend zoned by Boyfriend.” That would be amazing!!
    I love jellied cranberry sauce. I like to slice it up and put in bread with peanut butter. So good :)

  6. Time to promote SBS Pop Asia for Australian viewers (actually, listeners…) Tune in Fridays for S & M via PopAsia Radio. Nope, not sponsored, just long time listener, first time caller…

  7. Mind palaces! Have you read Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer?

    I really want to bring you guys a package when I visit Korea in a month, but I’m not sure if the café will be open yet. It it cool to stop by the studio? Any requests from Brooklyn?

  8. Those dolls are really super cute! And grilled cheese and ketchup chips?! Where can I get these cool Lay’s flavours? I haven’t seen any of them! >.<

    There was a time when I used to look forward to livechats either live or even after-the-fact with bubbly excitement. Lately, they just seem so……repetitive and not as interesting. Here is the formula: Are we live? Somebody confirm for us we are live! Where is everyone from? People are from everywhere! Random stuff that we did today! Open some packages! Eat some stuffs! Play with toys! Bye!

    While there is not really anything wrong with the formula itself, the framing of the shot is just killing it extra hardcore for me. I realize that Leigh and SooZee want to play games in the background or maybe the floor is wet in the other room, but now I only get a quick flash of what's in the package, if at all because in this one, I can barely see below your shoulders. Your reactions are also limited pretty much to your faces. It's not like I need to see your whole bodies but it's kind of like when a famous actress is pregnant in real life but they don't want to show it in her sitcom so they hide her babybump with large objects or keep it out of the frame. I know that you're not doing it deliberately but you need to back the camera the hell up. When you used to sit on the counter in your apartment for TL;DR, that was the perfect framing. Otherwise, it just feels really squished and like I'm not part of the the fun. Before, it was like living through a birthday or xmas vicariously, now……just looking at your faces as you talk about random stuffs, like a skype call that's not to me. Just my thoughts.

    This was my first live chat that I was able to sit down and watch from start to finish and it was really fun (including the part where Martina accidentally disconnected)! I really like how when all the nasties get together to watch these it feels like a huge family. I’ve been lurking on your site, youtube channels, tumblr and twitter for almost two years now and It feels great to join in on the action! No matter what you do you always manage to make my day better and put a smile on my face. Thank you for doing what you do!! YOU GUISE ARE AWESOME~!

  10. In Michigan, you can actually buy beer in movie theaters, and buy wine and other cocktails if the movie theater is more upscale. Also, in target, you can buy alcohol!

  11. Again, I missed this one >< I was sitting at school, waiting for the bell to ring. But now I'm in holidays for one week so if you guys make another livechat next week, I'll definitely join! :)

  12. Difference between “NorCal” and “SoCal”: about 300-400 miles. For instance, Los Angeles is in Southern California, while San Francisco is in Northern California.

  13. Spokane is pronounced Spo-CAN! My uncle lives there. And the US does has cranberry sauce but some people just don’t eat it lol. It’s become more a part of the more traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas meals :3 Also, Martina, all your TVXQ shout-outs were really appreciated~ And most fans do actually still consider JYJ part of DBSK, in case your question never got answered xD

  14. Those dolls were crazy cute!! And I really want to try grilled cheese ketchup Lay’s. I wish I could get them in US. Watching Live Chat always makes me hungry!!

  15. I WAS watching the live chat, but was too tired so fell asleep around when the live chat was ending T~T
    Hope you guys can do the live chat earlier for us people in the US! ^-^
    Simon and Martina FIGHTING!

  16. About the crazy Lay’s flavour, in Spain we had: Bacon burguer, Mojito (those were my favourites!!) and a very typical spanish flavour: garlic prawns or “gambas al ajillo”.
    Oh man, now I want those mojito chips back! >_<

  17. one of these days i will stay up to watch a live chat (US nasty) but i couldnt last night. oh well its always fun to wake up and laugh for an hour watching it it :D

  18. I woke up and watched the live chat, then went back to sleep, cause I’m lazy like that. Anyway, I had an awesome dream where you guys showed up at my birthday party and gave me Harry Potter presents, lol. I have no idea, but it was quite fun. :)

  19. I need to stop watching these videos when I’m hungry! Didn’t really help that after this I went on to watch older videos where you talk about sweets (the Australian one killed me – and whaaaat, Simon?! Turkish Delight is amazing!) so much hungry, so little food! I need to send you guys something but first I need to find interesting English sweets. Thanks for doing these. Oh, and the dolls are awesome!

  20. Those dolls were absolutely awesome!! And so many other wonderful goodies.

    Also quick question what was the show that you mentioned towards the end? The one where you guys are going to be talking about a bunch of stuff like the drama “My Love from Another Star” (I think that’s the English translation…). I really want to watch/listen to that!! I just finished that drama and really enjoyed it so I wanna know what other people think :D

  21. I finally got to watch a LiveChat all the way trough! I was there for the last LiveChat, but then towards the beginning my laptop froze. Oh well. Anyways those dolls were AWESOME!!! The second I saw them I started freaking out cuz they’re SOOOO cute! :D

  22. To Sarah, those dolls were amazing! Do you do commission work? To the EYK crew …do you really have to make those chips look so delicious?! your killin me here!

  23. Yay you got the package, it didn’t get lost!!! My day just got a hundred times better. So glad you guise enjoyed the dolls so much. They were super fun to make! Yes, they are crocheted and Martina, crocheting is totally easy! I learned from watching YouTube videos :D Also extra cool points to Leigh for noticing the shoes ;)

  24. Aww I missed the live chat again :(

  25. Haven’t watched it just yet (about to!) but if those dolls are crocheted then they’re called “amigurumi”! That’s actually how I got into crocheting in the first place! A strong desire to be able to crochet my own stuffed animals… this is why I belong in this community. I feel like that’s not a normal statement anywhere else.

  26. Noooooooooooo!!!!! I missed the live chat!!!!!!!!! I was to busy watching Orange is the New Black to watch the awesomeness that is EatYourKimichi. Noooooooo!!!!!

  27. Twas too early in the UK…. :( I’ll just catch up now :3

  28. I watched first Sailor Moon episode yesterday. And I feel like I’m gonna keep watching, because it was pretty epic.

  29. btw, my remark about polish boobies weren’t about martina. :D it was about poland’s eurovision entry this year which was basically polish girls rubbing their boobs all over the place :D

  30. Kirsten aka juliuslovr here!^^
    (I go by many names as the letter states…)
    I’m kinda surprised that everything except 1 kinder egg came intact… I was concerned that the chips would pop first or the art would get damaged. Then again, I probably should’ve put the kinder eggs in a plastic baggie like what I did with those creme eggs.

    Apparently the company that makes those cookies with a serving of veggies (hidden garden) make chocolate chip cookies with a serving of vegetables. However, I’ve never seen them at the store… Also I may have given you incorrect info about the cookies. The company is Vancouver based.

    Oh about the maple moose chips… The attendant at the 7-11 I went to to buy those chips, told me that they tasted gross when I was at the register… I also found out that they won the Lays contest (I think… it was on the shelves way after the contest ended…)

  31. Thanks for mentioning my tweet about the Sailor Moon trailer!!! Get the news out there. :) I adored the manga. The TV series had a different flavor to it (what kinda freaks me out is that they changed Bunny´s name to Serena? And a couple of other names too? Really??? Why?!?)
    It´s sad that they only have 20 episodes planned though. But this might be better than having 2000000 filler episodes. Can´t wait for all the goodies and merch to come out!!!

    The dolls are sooo cute by the way!!!!!

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