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LiveChat with Dolls and Mochis

June 6, 2014


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Woohoo! Another week, another LiveChat, and we had a lot of fun stuff to open this week. The chips! The cookies! The dolls! The mochi! Thanks for hanging out with us as we opened a bunch of stuff. Special thanks to all of the awesome packages from:

Joanna and Jane from Boston
Sarah N from Pennsylvania (thanks AGAIN!!!)
Kirsten Hong Tai from Vancouver

HOLY SMOKES we’re gonna have so much fun with those dolls. What’s it called when you make stuff with yarn? Yarning? Or is that crocheting? Or is crocheting something else? Martina just talked about Crocheting in yesterday’s TL;DR. Hmm. Freaky coincidence.

Also, we opened up some of the smaller packages off camera, because we’re worried about them melting before we get the chance to open them, now that summer is almost in full effect. We’re gonna try to find a cool spot in the studio where our boxes will be safer, but – being on the top floor – our studio’s pretty freaking hot all around. Here’s some more of the stuff we opened. Thank you to Lin and Emily for the lovely packages. Here are the pics! So much CHOOOOCCOOOLLAATTTTEEEEEEEE LOOOOVVEEEE from Belgium including awesome flavours like Ginger-Lemon, Orange Peel, and even (we think) grape? SO DELICIOUS!

I’d also like to say how inspired I am by the colour coding in the boxes. Green Region boxes, Yellow Region boxes: it’s really awesome stuff. The coloured food and packages are AMAZING! How do you even find that much colour coded stuff?? We’re honoured that anyone wants to send us anything to begin with, but to see that you’re all putting this much thought into it is really touching. Thank you.

If you missed out on this week’s LiveChat live, make sure you click on the pretty button below so you don’t ever have to again. Yay!



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