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Dongeuran Kimbap

September 29, 2013


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Ok, so first off, sorry for posting this a day late. We had a good reason for it! Our friend flew in from Canada for his wedding. Yay! Some of you might remember him, if you’re ultra, mega Nasties, from some of our first few videos. We talked with him about fried chicken. That was almost five years ago. Fast forward to today, he’s a much happier guy and he got married. Yay! So, we spent most of the day with them, and didn’t get back in time to upload. Sorry!

Anyhow, now that that story is out of the way, hooray for Kimbap! Though this isn’t really kimbap in the way that we know it. We made the traditional kind a year ago or so, and that’s what we usually see at restaurants. Convenience stores predominantly offer triangle kimbap, so when we saw these things in the kimbap section we were very inquisitive. We don’t normally eat kimbap, anyways, because we try to stay away from rice, but when we saw this it’s kind of like when you see a new flavor of chips and you’re like “I shouldn’t care: it’s just chips!” but you try it anyway because you just want to know a biiiit what it tastes like, right? So we did that here.

But we did it for science! We made a video out of it instead. And we’re glad we did! If you’re at a convenience store, get this stuff instead of regular kimbaps. They’re much better! Success!

Also, we want our WTF segment to be more than just bizarre and…questionable content. We’d like to actually shoot videos of the wonderful treasures we find. This counts! And it’s fun filming outside as well, I think.

Side note: anyone see that giant waft of smoke pass by at the 1:30 mark? We talk more about Smoking in Korea, in case you missed it. You can see an example of what it’s like here in Seoul. Yum. Totally love eating food when cigarette smoke caresses it all over. /sarcasm

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. I don’t think there’s gonna be a WTF next week because we’re GONNA BE IN EUROPE! HOLY SMOOKES! We’re totally excited to see you guise! Did you all get tickets yet? But we’ll be trying to post smaller vlog videos while we’re there. Don’t miss out on any of them by clicking this pretty button here. It guarantees you stay up to date, and it also guarantees the undying love of your favorite Korean artist! Bonus!



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