Ok, so first off, sorry for posting this a day late. We had a good reason for it! Our friend flew in from Canada for his wedding. Yay! Some of you might remember him, if you’re ultra, mega Nasties, from some of our first few videos. We talked with him about fried chicken. That was almost five years ago. Fast forward to today, he’s a much happier guy and he got married. Yay! So, we spent most of the day with them, and didn’t get back in time to upload. Sorry!

Anyhow, now that that story is out of the way, hooray for Kimbap! Though this isn’t really kimbap in the way that we know it. We made the traditional kind a year ago or so, and that’s what we usually see at restaurants. Convenience stores predominantly offer triangle kimbap, so when we saw these things in the kimbap section we were very inquisitive. We don’t normally eat kimbap, anyways, because we try to stay away from rice, but when we saw this it’s kind of like when you see a new flavor of chips and you’re like “I shouldn’t care: it’s just chips!” but you try it anyway because you just want to know a biiiit what it tastes like, right? So we did that here.

But we did it for science! We made a video out of it instead. And we’re glad we did! If you’re at a convenience store, get this stuff instead of regular kimbaps. They’re much better! Success!

Also, we want our WTF segment to be more than just bizarre and…questionable content. We’d like to actually shoot videos of the wonderful treasures we find. This counts! And it’s fun filming outside as well, I think.

Side note: anyone see that giant waft of smoke pass by at the 1:30 mark? We talk more about Smoking in Korea, in case you missed it. You can see an example of what it’s like here in Seoul. Yum. Totally love eating food when cigarette smoke caresses it all over. /sarcasm

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. I don’t think there’s gonna be a WTF next week because we’re GONNA BE IN EUROPE! HOLY SMOOKES! We’re totally excited to see you guise! Did you all get tickets yet? But we’ll be trying to post smaller vlog videos while we’re there. Don’t miss out on any of them by clicking this pretty button here. It guarantees you stay up to date, and it also guarantees the undying love of your favorite Korean artist! Bonus!

  1. They’re called 주목밥 (joo-moke-bap) which literally means ‘fist rice’, and since they added ‘동그란’ it is now ’round fist rice’. I’m not entirely sure why they call it fist rice, if it’s because it looks like a fist, or if it’s because when you make it at home, you squish the rice really tight in your fist to make neat little balls. Mysteryyy~

    • I didn’t watch through the whole video before I commented. You said you didn’t think it was jumokbap, but it actually is, I was reading the advertisement for it at 7 eleven the other day and they advertise it as round jumokbap.

  2. They’ve been selling those in japan for years… round onigiri… mmm. I’m surprised you guys didn’t see them when you went there. I’m in Japan now but I’m from Australia so I know what you mean about the expensive water… convenience stores generally = expensive in Australia and do not in any way = convenient.

    By the way I’m eating my kimichi as I watch Eat your Kimchi… yummy.

  3. Ah I just saw this blog post – you mean Nick? I think his name was? The grumpy fried chicken guy? Lol congrats on his wedding!! Last I heard, you were playing Settlers of Catan with him in Canada. Or something?

    Glad to know he’s uh, much happier now :D

  4. Heck yeah I got the tickets alrighty @simonandmartina:disqus !! I’m flying across Norway to see you guys, and I’m sooo looking forward to it!! EUROPEAN NASTY POWER AHHYEEH PARTY YEAH

  5. Simon should go have an eating competition with Ho Dong on Barefoot friends…

  6. Yeah! Episode 2. What a coincidence! (And it’s a subliminal message to all South Koreans to buy jeon joo kimbap haha!)

  7. Is Martina’s shirt just one of her recent favs? Or did you guys film multiple segments all on the same day? It seems like the last few videos I have seen, Martina has the exact same shirt.

  8. Thank you for trying to squeeze in another Music Monday before your trip. Really appreciate it. Also I saw that wad of smoke fly by at 1:29 and has to rewind to see if it wasn’t a transition effect of something. Ugh.

    NYC is supposedly a smoke free city. I see signs at some small parks like Herald Square that say “smell the flowers not the smoke”. But every day I walk down the street and get smoke blown into my face. Mostly because most buildings have signs saying no smoking 20 feet from entrance. You get group of people huddled tot eh side of a building smoking or they gofor a walk while smoking. Also because the city is too over crowded. I’ve walked through Central Park after work and smelled cigar smoke. People walk through parks to get fresh air and I don’t understand why smokers feel like, oh let me go to the park to get free air and smoke while i am at it. @_@

  9. SIMON! YOU DON’T LIKE OMURICE!!! I LOVE OMURICE! It’s one of these magical asian drama foods I always dreamed about trying when i went to japan, and I got to try it and it was so delicious!

  10. lol every time i hear kimbap i still get shinees Juliet stuck in my head. shut up shinee tee hee .now I am off to make so me kimbap and put some ranch in it cause its awesome thank you Simon for that one!

  11. Hey Guise (^-^)/

    I was reading a magazine called dolly and it had an extra boy band mag with it, and it had a page about K-pop and how to get into it and I was reading it and they were like “Read eatyourkimchi.com for all your K-pop goss, song reviews and concert info. Its an easy into anything Hallyu” and I was like “EAT YOU KIMCHI! AHHHHH! MUM, EAT YOUR KIMCHI WAS IN MY MAGAZINE! AHHHHH!”

    WAAAHHH you guys made it into an Australia magazine. Good on yous!

  12. Ugh I was sympathizing with you yesterday regarding the smoke everywhere but omg that was actually disgusting at 1:30 :/

  13. I got tickets! See you in Stockholm!!!

  14. We have these in Japan. they’re onigiri. the word onigiri in japanese just means “rice ball” so it doesn’t need to have the seaweed to apply. but there’s a whole panoply of them here. my favorite are the “purple rice” ones and chinese fried rice ones :p i hope you guys get more different kinds over there too!

    i used to eat them for breakfast as well (not anymore since, diet… T_T) but i remember when my best friend from home came to visit one year, and i bought 2 triangle ones with tuna for breakfast when we were on a trip, she was horrified (rice and tuna for BREAKFAST?!?) and refused to eat it. but by the end of her trip she was eating one a day. lol.

  15. They kind of look like Bap burgers. I don’t what their official name is, but all of my fellow teachers eat at this place that has rice ball burgers. They have two “buns” of yummy rice and different fillings like Kimchi-ham-cheese-tuna and so many other combinations. Anyways, it looked like you were eating a bap burger that was missing one of its “buns” lol

  16. Those look delicious. I wish we had those at gas stations/convenience stores here. Instead they have sandwiches and sketchy hot dogs that could have been roasting there for days..

  17. simon last week was weird penis and now you are swallowing giant balls? XD /sorry guys i had to/ XD SEE i just put the PG on your blog post XD

  18. Oooh oohh!! I tried the omurice one when I was in Korea! It was delicious~ :3

  19. One more link in your blog and it’d be ridiculous ;) jk guys
    Those square baps look delicious! Send one my way. Ya made me hungry. I’ll send you home made flautas in return.

    Flautas aka rolled tacos just in case you’re wondering lol

    • I’m sure ya’ll have had more links before but I think I only noticed last night since I was using my phone. I was playing a game of frogger with my fingers to avoid clicking on one while I was reading. This new ioS7 is touchy.

      Links are always great. In fact I checked out the fried chicken link. Whoa that was before my time with ya’ll (2011), and I thought I’d gone back and seen most of your videos. I was wrong XD

  20. I was not hungry. Now I am hungry. TO THE MIDNIGHT SNACK MOBILE! D:

  21. Which convenience stores sell these? I need to buy this RIGHT NOW.

  22. They look really delicious, and also, if you translate 동그란, it means ’round’. However, I prefer calling this one Nude Kimbap… just to keep with the WTF theme xD Enjoy Europe guise!!

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