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Donkatsu Kimbap

February 20, 2014


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Holy smokes is this stuff ever good! We’ve been eating at Kim Bap Chon Guks for YEARS now, and we just discovered this. No, it’s not a commonplace in all Kim Bap Chon Guks. Some offer it, some don’t. We’ve seen some that offer Gwabeggi (sp?) as well, and others that don’t. This one, though, does offer the Donkatsu Kimbap, and it’s fantastic.

Why so fantastic? Because I don’t like Taco Bell, that’s why. Let me explain: Taco Bell is delicious. I like the taste of it, but I never like the texture. Everything I get just feels like tube meat, tube sauce, tube veggies, tube rice, all in soft wrapping. It feels like mushed baby food. Sure, you can get the hard shell taco, but every time you bit into one it explodes like a dropped windowpane. I like having different textures in my food. Some soft. Some crunch. Taco Bell doesn’t offer that (at least, Korean Taco Bell doesn’t. Maybe different Taco Bells do?). This Donkatsu Kimbap is the perfect combination of textures. It’s perfect, I say. Perfect!

Some of you might be asking why I wolfed down so many Kimbap pieces while Martina was talking. It’s not because I’m selfish and the Kimbap is perfect. The reason why: Survival, that’s why. Not that I needed to do this to survive: it’s just a survival mechanism I came up with while in Korea. See, in Korea, meals are more communal than they are back from what I’m used to. Here, everyone shares food. That makes it difficult to portion things off, right? How do you know how much you should eat as opposed to someone else? There are no rules for this. There are only survival strategies. My strategy: get people talking about a topic they’re passionate about. Hey, my conspiracy theory friend: tell me more about Nazis and how their best scientists got recruited into America. Hey, my spiritualistic friend, tell me more about how Hyuna practices Satanism. Hey, my sports friend: tell me more about the Super Bowl and how this one was the worst ever. All of those topics I have no say in. I just eat all of the foods. And they never notice! They’re so passionate. I’m such a good listener. I’m also a good eater.

In other words, this blog will teach you how to be a jerk with anti social skills.

Lastly, I just want to say that I really hope you liked this video. We loved the editing in it. It was so fun. Leigh edited this one, and it’s her new favorite video ever. It used to be her Hangover Soup video, but this one now takes the cake. It was great, in our eyes. We hope you feel the same!

We’ve got some extra scenes from this week’s video that didn’t make the final cut. Check it out here :D

And make sure you subscribe for more awesome Korean Food Adventure videos. MMM food! These videos are so fun to make. Let’s eat good food and do it on camera. Yay!



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