Holy smokes is this stuff ever good! We’ve been eating at Kim Bap Chon Guks for YEARS now, and we just discovered this. No, it’s not a commonplace in all Kim Bap Chon Guks. Some offer it, some don’t. We’ve seen some that offer Gwabeggi (sp?) as well, and others that don’t. This one, though, does offer the Donkatsu Kimbap, and it’s fantastic.

Why so fantastic? Because I don’t like Taco Bell, that’s why. Let me explain: Taco Bell is delicious. I like the taste of it, but I never like the texture. Everything I get just feels like tube meat, tube sauce, tube veggies, tube rice, all in soft wrapping. It feels like mushed baby food. Sure, you can get the hard shell taco, but every time you bit into one it explodes like a dropped windowpane. I like having different textures in my food. Some soft. Some crunch. Taco Bell doesn’t offer that (at least, Korean Taco Bell doesn’t. Maybe different Taco Bells do?). This Donkatsu Kimbap is the perfect combination of textures. It’s perfect, I say. Perfect!

Some of you might be asking why I wolfed down so many Kimbap pieces while Martina was talking. It’s not because I’m selfish and the Kimbap is perfect. The reason why: Survival, that’s why. Not that I needed to do this to survive: it’s just a survival mechanism I came up with while in Korea. See, in Korea, meals are more communal than they are back from what I’m used to. Here, everyone shares food. That makes it difficult to portion things off, right? How do you know how much you should eat as opposed to someone else? There are no rules for this. There are only survival strategies. My strategy: get people talking about a topic they’re passionate about. Hey, my conspiracy theory friend: tell me more about Nazis and how their best scientists got recruited into America. Hey, my spiritualistic friend, tell me more about how Hyuna practices Satanism. Hey, my sports friend: tell me more about the Super Bowl and how this one was the worst ever. All of those topics I have no say in. I just eat all of the foods. And they never notice! They’re so passionate. I’m such a good listener. I’m also a good eater.

In other words, this blog will teach you how to be a jerk with anti social skills.

Lastly, I just want to say that I really hope you liked this video. We loved the editing in it. It was so fun. Leigh edited this one, and it’s her new favorite video ever. It used to be her Hangover Soup video, but this one now takes the cake. It was great, in our eyes. We hope you feel the same!

We’ve got some extra scenes from this week’s video that didn’t make the final cut. Check it out here :D


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  1. Poor Martina, it seems that in every fapfap Simon eats all the food.

  2. Do we get directions to this one???

  3. Meemers rolling around sexily..i need to rewind martina’s part again cos i got distracted by simon eating..a torture video for hungry people!!hope u will do WANKING soon!!

  4. nice! i’d really like to try that! you can get maki rolls at the convenience store here in Japan, but there’s not such a big selection… (and natto rolls?!??? ewwww!!!)

    I wonder, does donkatsu actually have meaning in Korean? or is it just borrowed from the Japanese word for the same food which is “tonkatsu”? though even in japanese, “katsu” is a defformation of the word “cutlet” so… not sure who started it anyways…. just wondering!

  5. Leigh’s editing waa awesome! That flashback of Simon literally stuffing his face was hilarious. His expression was priceless anf the slowmo + music combo was winning. I also really like learning about new kimbap. I really like the idea that you can put just about anything inside. It makes it super personal and is also I think a great thing to make with friends. Anywho! I’m flad you guys are back with regularly scheduled videos. I didn’t know how much I missed them til they were back

  6. Wow, those looked glorious! GLORIOUS!!!!

  7. I saw the facebook post. Then I said to myself that I want to eat kimbap even though the only place that sells takeout kimbap is in downtown, i only have 1.5 hr until my class, it’s $4 for kimbap, and it only has 1- 2 options (one of them is tuna, and I really dislike tuna)
    I really like Taco Bell, but I only eat it if I’m ever in the US sadly. The closest Taco Bell from my house is…. like 2 hours away off of some highway near some shop in the next city. (I know it exists, but not sure where exactly. Just know the city) There isn’t even a mall one nearby.

    I’ve also had weird dreams of Taco Bell a few times… though I was really craving it that time…

  8. Think I’d be more inclined to believe Simon if he hadn’t shoved all the kimbap into his mouth at once…

  9. Man, i just read the title and started drooling…

  10. I’m so glad Leigh is back! I’m glad you have a new favorite video you edited. And if you are ever working on editing a video where the some of the band members’ names are mentioned pick up a few so you can enjoy yummy food (and surprise Simon and Martina).

  11. I’m salivating at my desk, desiring some kimbap now! Why do I watch FAPFAP’s while at work? The closest place that sales kimbap is on the other side of town, a 20-30 minute trip from where I work. >_<

    And if I already didn't think Taco Bell was disgusting your description made it 1000 times less appealing now. Since I live on the border with Mexico I'll just eat real Mexican food, Taco Bell is in no way shape or form real food…uhm real Mexican food. :-P

    Poor Leigh, she's going to have to take a kpop 101 class to learn idols names if she ever wants to eat during FAPFAP's.

  12. Oh, I love donkatsu kimbap! It’s a shame not all kimbap places have it because it’s one of the best kinds. probably also one of the worst for you haha

  13. Is Meemers a belly cat? Or is it his no-no zone? Because I feel like Meemer’s belly fur is faceplant worthy.

    Also, Taco Bell. Have you tried their Dorito taco?! (Is that just an American thing?) Or their stuffed nacho?! That stuff isn’t tubey! It’s so wrong, but so right.

  14. sam gak gim bab (triangle gimbab)

  15. im distruct by the fat guy laying down behind both of u in ur home

  16. Whoo! Glad I baked some banana bread before watching this because that loooks deeeeeelicious! I’m not usually a fan of cooked meats in my rice/seaweed rolls but you’ve convinced me to try to branch out my tastes.

    If this is Leigh’s favourite editing/video, I would be interested to know why? Not because I disagree with you, but I would be interested in knowing which elements you are most proud of. I did like the editing but everyone was soooo hungry that there wasn’t enough time for a good pause for sexy food p0rn T_T. Next time buy more, take home leftovers for laterz ;)

  17. i was just like o_O at Simon stuffing his face!!! ahahaha
    *drool* food looks so delicious though!!

  18. Ju-mok-bap aka fist-riceball.

  19. And Meemers lounges sexily in the background.

  20. I thought tonkatsu was a Japanese word/food. I wonder where it originated?

  21. When will I learn never to watch these segments on an empty stomach…

  22. uuuuuuuUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAGH you made me hungry! It’s 2:30 in the morning and i should go to sleep but now I’m huuuuuuungrrrryyyyyy >.<

  23. Always fapfap on my fast day q-q why?! Why?!

  24. Gotta love how you guys torture Leigh xD But geez you people, 6 dollars? How freaking rich are you?! I mean, that’s enough to get me a whole… Well… Nothing, actually. Hrm.

    Nice tactic by the way, Simon. I’m using that from now on. Being the youngest in a family of 5 with two older brothers means that whenever we have meals that are placed in the centre of the table and shared I get noooothing and end up starving afterwards :( It’s a cruel, cruel world. But you guys have me salivating – I haven’t had breakfast yet! Time to go raid the fridge. Da nananananana naaaa~

    On a final note, I was cracking up at your face, Martina, when Simon was trying to explain what Donkatsu is. It was as if you were staring at the Kimbap going “Dammit man! Speed up the process so that I can EAT this deliciousness!” Plus, I’m in LOVE with your bag!!

  25. At the start in the corner, Meemers was like “no it is time for sleepytimes, tone it down humans” ;) And then as he notices he is on camera he goes for the sexy pose. You vogue little Meemers, you vogue your heart out!

    And Simon was a little piggie stuffing his facehole with the food! With me he would be lucky, I am a vegetarian so I wouldn’t eat that one anyway ;)

    • I was under the impression that Kimbap WAS generally vegetarian? I always thought it was like vegetable sushi or something. No? I’m wrong? Ok… I’ll return to my cave, then.

    • Then it is settled, Simon will eat all the Donkatsu Kimbap, I will eat all the vegetarian Kimbap ;)

      • I feel like I should greet you fellow veggie person, just because with the exception of me and my hubby no one else I know is a veggie! Totally respect that people like eating meat. I’m not a crusading veggie, all people who eat meat are evil, type of vegetarian at all (especially as I ate meat until I hit 29) but veggie food is super delicious also and it’s sometimes nice to see other veggies on the boards!

        • No problem, I am the same. All my friends still eat meat, my parents still eat meat etc. It is just my brothers and I who are vegetarian/vegan. Just have to get through all the jokes of “hey you also want a piece of sausage?” “haha never heard that one before” ;)
          Although for me it has been longer, I went full vegetarian when I was 15 so it has been about 17 years since I last ate meat. So I don’t even really know what it tastes like anymore :)

        • That joke is genuinely universal – I get it as well!! I’ve been veggie seven years now and I really love it. I totally get what you mean about the taste but the thing that always stays with me is the texture of meat, which completely turns my stomach now. I never thought that would happen and I really don’t like the smell of cooked meat either which I thought would be the one thing that would make me crave meat, like bacon sandwiches or something, but no, genuinely happy not to eat it.

          Out of interest, do you get any pressure to eat meat? Like I said I really don’t have any issue with anyone eating meat because everyone has the right to chose what they put in their mouth and what works for me may not work for someone else. However, having this stance I am continually surprised by how many people take really serious issue with me not eating meat. Actually my normally absolutely genuinely lovely father in law took such issue that six years ago he diced up pepperoni, put it in “vegetarian” pasta (he knew we’d been veggie for over a year at that point) and fed it to us because he thought we a) wouldn’t notice and b) it wouldn’t do us any harm. I wouldn’t mind but I always offer to bring food because I don’t want to put anyone to any trouble!

          I understand if maybe someone doesn’t understand why we may chose to be veggie, I’ll happily chat with anyone about any aspect of it (especially nutrition because I love cooking and put a lot of thought into making sure we eat, deliciously, well and healthily) but I always find it strange that if I was so strongly saying that them eating meat was wrong and stupid and they should definitely go veggie and trying to trick them into eating things they did not want to eat (which several people have tried to do to us) they would rightly be really, really cross with me but yet they think it’s fine to do that to me. Sometimes I get frustrated that being veggie isn’t me disapproving of their choices, which are right for them. but I wish they would respect mine, which are right for me.

        • Oh I have the same, I can be hungry and walk past the meat section in the supermarket where they grill meat or chicken and basically feel nothing. Even things like sliced meat just look weird to me and not really like food.

          And I get no pressure to eat meat, my parents have supported me since I was 15 and have always made vegetarian meals for me. Now I live on my own but when I visit they still make sure everything is vegetarian. And never really had problems with people taking issues with me not eating meat. Sure when I was in Japan I had to explain what vegetarian meant and sometimes taking the meat out of my food because they just didn’t understand. (and is something I am used to, back in the day when you asked for vegetarian bahmi you would at some point find where they got tired of picking out the ham and just left it in). But usually people just want to know why and that is about it.
          The only “problems” I had was in Japan people not understanding what you do and do not eat (and that was mainly because I didn’t want to eat alone instead of with the group I was with, I could have used my app to look for vegetarian or vegetarian friendly restaurants all the time but a lot of times that would have meant eating alone. In regular restaurants it is hard for them to understand because people call themselves vegetarian but eat all kinds of different things), or people who don’t know or forget you are vegetarian and don’t bring any snacks you can eat.

          Usually people to me are like “oh yeah you are right about that but sorry I like eating meat too much”, for some reason they feel like they should apologise haha. So I usually just tell them that it was my choice and that what they do is their choice.

        • I get the exact same apologies and saying they like meat too much as well! It’s really interesting chatting to another veggie about people’s reactions.

          I’m so happy that you have people being supportive. To be fair my Mum has always been lovely and supportive and cooks us fab veggie meals. My Dad, bless him, I don’t think has noticed!!! OK that’s probably not fair but he makes me giggle because he always looks surprised when we are chatting about veggie recipes.

          Also my best friend is funny because she has always been staunchly anti vegetarian (she used to think it was unhealthy) and she comes over (or I go to hers) once a week and I cook us a meal (she doesn’t cook) and it took her three months before she realised I had stopped cooking meat and then she said she loved the food. A good veggie meal means you don’t feel like you are missing anything from your plate I think.

          However, my boss (and some of my colleagues) really dislikes me being veggie and I find it quite difficult if we are taking client’s out for dinner and he puts pressure on me to eat meat (very testosterone based clientele usually all want steak) as do some of our clients. I never do and never would but I sometimes find it a little awkward because I like to be polite and not draw attention to myself at these things. He gives me tons of grief whenever he checks out my lunch. Again, lovely, lovely man so I find it really strange he has such a thing about it.

          My in laws totally didn’t understand it but my sister and brother in law have asked a lot of questions and are very respectful about it now.

          The more recent I have met people (or the newer the info that I am veggie is to them because I don’t wave a banner around declaring it so sometimes it hasn’t come up for years) the more they seem to take issue with it. I find people mellow a bit over time.

          I was going to say I was surprised about Japan because I love Japanese food but then I thought about all the fish. Totally get the whole what you do and don’t eat thing as well. Gelatine and stock being the two biggest sources of confusion for some people, which is understandable because I wouldn’t have known when I was a veggie either!

        • Well I don’t know your boss so I can’t really pick his brain but he might be afraid that it might scare clients? If you had a few averse reactions to it in your social circles he might be afraid a potential client or client might be weirded out. But that is just me throwing out a suggestion with no basis in fact.

          And to be honest you can find enough vegetarian restaurants in Japan, especially the big cities (more than enough Indian restaurants and sushi restaurants usually have vegetarian options) because there were enough options in my HappyCow app (lists restaurants in your neighbourhood that are vegetarian or vegetarian friendly). But it would mean having to eat alone for lunch and dinner. And I chose to just risk it and go with the group. So at times I had to pick the meat out, at times it would just be stuff like pizza or something simple, sometimes you would be able to get a good meal and just eat it and sometimes I had to make due with just a salad. If there had been more vegetarians in the group you could at least go out with one or more people for vegetarian food. I just didn’t feel like eating alone. Also because afterwards we usually went out for drinks so that would mean that we would had to meet up somewhere or I had to go look around for them. So I just chose to stay with the group which made it a bit harder. Had I travelled alone it would have been easy to go to solely vegetarian or vegetarian friendly restaurants. In Kyoto you can even go, albeit pretty expensive, eat with buddhist monks who are completely vegetarian. So don’t take my experience of Japan as definitive. Just regular chains or your mom and pop restaurants might have troubles but the big cities will have more than enough vegetarian options.

          And yeah people who dislike vegetarian food have to try a good vegetarian dish without being told it is vegetarian. If you tell them it is vegetarian they usually say “oh I miss the meat in this” or if you used tofu or something to replace the meat you will hear “oh it just doesn’t taste as good as meat”. Don’t tell them and quite a lot of people will never be able to tell that they just had a vegetarian meal.

        • No, I don’t know why he doesn’t like it but it’s not that. I’ve worked at the same place for a lot of years now and because we’re quite a niche business we know all our client’s as friends as well as clients (I am really lucky I work somewhere really nice). I think he just thinks I should be eating meat. It’s OK it doesn’t upset me, I just wondered if you ever encountered anything like that.

          With regards to people eating veggie food and not realising it, there is a brilliant restaurant where I live who only serve veggie food but don’t advertise it. They base their advertising on the fact it is Indian food (correction it is amazingly delicious Indian food) and I was chatting with the owner a while back and she said the number of people who ate there regularly and didn’t twig there was no meat until they had done multiple visits was huge.

          I’m hungry talking about that place now! Have a lovely weekend and nice chatting with you!

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