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WTF – Doritos Bomb Chips

July 19, 2014


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Ok, so this WTF isn’t really as magical as our last few on the lie detector hand zapper, dokbokki jenga, and umbrella hat. This is just a special food segment based on a couple of things:

1) Someone told us to do it on Facebook. They posted it on our Eatyourkimchi Facebook page. I can’t find the post now because it was a while ago. Point is, we read our Facebook page as well and answer that as much as possible!

2) We had to dispel the hype around these things. The Buzzfeed article made it seem like these things are awesome. They’re alright, that’s all. Maybe if we didn’t eat crazy spicy food everyday we’d be more surprised by these chips, but they’re more sweet than they are spicy.

The bomb chips themselves just have horseradish/wasabi flavouring to them, which I don’t really consider spicy. Wasabi has a different sensation than pepper spice. Pepper spice has a heat to it, while wasabi is more of a cool tingle, but an aggressive cool tingle. Does that make sense? I don’t know. All I know is I can handle a lot more wasabi than I can, say, habaneros.

Also, this video kinda reminds me of the beanboozled challenge, if you know what that is. I remember back when we had our last apartment in Bucheon, we had a bunch of friends over and did the beanboozled challenge. Martina ate around 9 beans, and none of them were bad. We kept on saying “EAT ANOTHER!” and she would, and then it’d just keep on being delicious. I think we need to do that challenge again. Yup. This time on camera.

That reminds me: we just got word that our landlord has found a new tenant for our apartment. Looks like we’re moving again! Come September we’ll be in a new place. We’re not sure where we want to move. We’re thinking about going back to Bucheon, actually, now that we have a car. Definitely not Gangnam. Blegh. What area is an easy drive to our studio? Gotta start looking.

Well, that last paragraph wasn’t really relevant to the video. Just some insider info, I guess! That means we’ll have another apartment tour video coming soon! Woohoo? Woohoo!

Ok, back to enjoying our weekends! We just bought a bunch of tenting gear. Gonna go camping tomorrow by the river, which isn’t really camping, but still fun as hell. We’ve got an episode of DICKS coming tomorrow. Haven’t had one of those for a while. Click the button below so you make sure not to miss out on it!



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