Ok, so this WTF isn’t really as magical as our last few on the lie detector hand zapper, dokbokki jenga, and umbrella hat. This is just a special food segment based on a couple of things:

1) Someone told us to do it on Facebook. They posted it on our Eatyourkimchi Facebook page. I can’t find the post now because it was a while ago. Point is, we read our Facebook page as well and answer that as much as possible!

2) We had to dispel the hype around these things. The Buzzfeed article made it seem like these things are awesome. They’re alright, that’s all. Maybe if we didn’t eat crazy spicy food everyday we’d be more surprised by these chips, but they’re more sweet than they are spicy.

The bomb chips themselves just have horseradish/wasabi flavouring to them, which I don’t really consider spicy. Wasabi has a different sensation than pepper spice. Pepper spice has a heat to it, while wasabi is more of a cool tingle, but an aggressive cool tingle. Does that make sense? I don’t know. All I know is I can handle a lot more wasabi than I can, say, habaneros.

Also, this video kinda reminds me of the beanboozled challenge, if you know what that is. I remember back when we had our last apartment in Bucheon, we had a bunch of friends over and did the beanboozled challenge. Martina ate around 9 beans, and none of them were bad. We kept on saying “EAT ANOTHER!” and she would, and then it’d just keep on being delicious. I think we need to do that challenge again. Yup. This time on camera.

That reminds me: we just got word that our landlord has found a new tenant for our apartment. Looks like we’re moving again! Come September we’ll be in a new place. We’re not sure where we want to move. We’re thinking about going back to Bucheon, actually, now that we have a car. Definitely not Gangnam. Blegh. What area is an easy drive to our studio? Gotta start looking.

Well, that last paragraph wasn’t really relevant to the video. Just some insider info, I guess! That means we’ll have another apartment tour video coming soon! Woohoo? Woohoo!

Ok, back to enjoying our weekends! We just bought a bunch of tenting gear. Gonna go camping tomorrow by the river, which isn’t really camping, but still fun as hell. We’ve got an episode of DICKS coming tomorrow. Haven’t had one of those for a while. Click the button below so you make sure not to miss out on it!

  1. okay, i got these at the convenience store down the street, and they’re amazing! i hate doritos, but these are, as i just said, amazing! i don’t like spicy things so i was nervous to try them, and then i got a bomb on the first try and i’m just like YES! COME TO ME IN ALL YOUR WASABI GLORY! the normal ones are really annoying though, because they are way to sweet in my opinion, but once you get a bomb it’s all worth it for that sweet wasabi relief. i love wasabi.

  2. When I watch this episode I got sad about how ya’ll only have the regular so I have the idea for a Diritos care package I would love for ya’ll to be happy with the package of crunchyness xD

  3. lol i am totally bring those back for my buddies sooo i was curious how is your coffee shop going i will be heading to korea in the end of september! sooo excited i am hoping it will be open by then. it would be so cool to see you guysssss!!

  4. I’ve got a healthy, super hot version of this – Padron Peppers! They look like small green chillies but in the most part they taste like mini green peppers and can be super mild. However, they can also be super, super chilli hot and variants in between. There is genuinely no way to tell them apart at all until you put them in your mouth. You get a bag of them, quick fry them in a little bit of oil and sea salt until the skins start to blister and then serve them up.

    However, something worth mentioning is that we usually get them in our organic veg box but we have also got non organic from the supermarket. We have noticed that the non-organic are normally (in our experience) mild and the spicy ones do not have anywhere near the same kick. Our veg growers also notice another difference in that if the peppers are grown in a poly tunnel they are milder than if they are grown outside. Therefore, if you can, go for organic peppers grown outside and you’ll get the ridiculously hot ones in there.

  5. Speaking of Doritos … Taco Bell Canada makes Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos now.

  6. Exerting my right to privacy I don’t have a Facebook account. Does that mean I can’t actually ask questions unless they’re related to a specific video you post? Can’t you just have the EYK bunker (forum) where the hips hang out?

    Dammit I’ve now distracted myself. Imagining the EYK Coffee Shop now has an actual bunker >_<

  7. In New Zealand we had ‘Pizza Roulette’. The chain pizza shop Hell’s Pizza had a promotion where they put hot sauce on one slice of the pizza but you couldn’t tell which one, so someone would be in for a surprise! I’m not sure if they still do it, but I never tried it, I’m too much of a wimp :O

  8. The facebook page of “DoritosCanada” keep saying how we’re lucky because it’s only available in Canada… XD

  9. Hello Simon and Martina,

    Can you tell me which store you bought them from please?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Simon, lets talk about that beard.
    Yes, it is awesome and manly.
    And it really, really suits you “wink wink”
    But, it will look even better with shaved neck and created neck line. “winks multiply” Like on this magnificent man http://www.beards.org/neck.php
    I know what I am talking about as I am an authorized boyfriend-beard-trimmer!

  11. I was on a field trip with my school and one of the student had brought a bag of those chips for lunch. While all the Korean teachers were eating lunch, the student went around giving a chip to each teacher to eat (with the hidden intention of seeing which teacher would get the bomb chip. We all find out the bomb chip was given to the grumpiest teacher in the school! You should have seen his face when he ate it and his reaction to everyone! It was so hilarious!

  12. Cool new set you were standing in front of. Is it like a faux industrial motif or something?

  13. Oh yeah, you mentioned the rolled up Doritos? You may want to stay away from them. I looked inside one one time and it was blocked and I thought, “no way”, but yep, I broke it open and there was a spider inside. Alive. I was really glad that I am neurotic and always check foods where bugs could be hiding.

  14. You guys are the only people who I would sit and watch a video of you eating chips. Well, you and JYJ. ;)

  15. i hope you guys find a better place (would rather move than feel robbed by my landlord ), moving can be fun sometimes…..

  16. Wasabi flavored = bleh. Count me out on those.

    I love seeing the EYK robot/gear wall. Did you guys move the Marshmallow or did your contract for it end?

    Moving sucks! Hope you find something you love, commuter close to the studio and coffee shop, and of course that the Meems and Spudgy approve of.

    PS. Since I couldn’t reply to your KMM reply, I just wanted to applaud you on typing out my full user name without your hands cramping up :-P

  17. BEANBOOZLED. I usually would end up spitting out the really bad ones before finishing them (I am baby for nasty flavorsss!!). Except pencil shavings. I actually like the taste of that one better than banana.

  18. Have you guys ever tried the fire noodles (불닭볶음면)? If you liked the bomb chips, I think you’ll like the noodles! They are really spicy, but tasty! I add cheese on top of it when I eat them. I think Josh and Ollie from Korean Englishmen also did a video of eating them awhile back! You guys should try them :)

  19. hahahaha I would have started the video with “Boom goes the(Dynomite) Dorito” :P

  20. I am living in Seoul this summer on a language scholarship~ Well the BOMB doritos caught my attention while looking for a snack before class, so last week I bought a bag to try them. The first couple of chips were not spicy at all, so I was just slightly disappointed with this “bomb” flavor that didn’t feel like a bomb. I still kind of enjoyed the flavor of the chip. Then, all of a sudden my mouth exploded. I didn’t understand why some of the chips were different than others!!! Now it makes sense~ Definitely taking a bag of those home to my family:P

  21. Hey Martina, we’re the same height! I never realised how freakin tall Simon is before now…
    Anyways the wasabi Doritos sound super tasty :P I would totally buy a whole bag of them. They can keep the sweet ones.

  22. Back to Bucheon from Seoul? Interesting. I live about 20 minutes from Manhattan so I can understand why you guys would prefer living just outside the big city, though maybe there are sentimental reasons as well. A Bucheon vs. Seoul TL;DR would be a cool one for a rainy day.

  23. There are peppers out there that naturally do the same thing. Padron peppers have only 1 out of every 5 that are hot and shishito peppers have only 1 out of every 10 that are spicy. There’s no physical indication which one is spicy, you just gotta eat until you find it. Pretty neat.

  24. Ah, sweet sweet redemption! I, too, do a “too much wasabi dance” and my husband also thinks I’m crazy – LOL! I guess that this is an inventive way to get people to eat more chips at least. Not sure I want to take that chance with my dorito-enjoyment. The t-rex dance was awesome!

  25. In Mexico, they actually have spicy Doritos rolled up so that they look like a stick of dynamite!!! And OMG they are so yummy!!!

  26. Hello there :) If you don’t ‘own’ the place, you’ll be moving around every year or two or so. Hope you’ll find a great place to live.

  27. I was just about to say the bean-boozled challenge! Would love to see that on camera~ also love the new background for thos WTF. Moving again?! I remember when you used to make all videos in your apartment. Youve grown so much since then XD

  28. About the chips: My students like to randomly feed me. I think they do that to a lot of teachers (I have 3 hour long classes so they tend to eat during break time).
    A student gave me a dorito.
    I love Doritos.
    So I ate it.
    I regretted it immediately.
    It was one of the bomb chips D: How unlucky could I be!? They all laughed at me. Even though I live in Korea as well I do not eat spicy food that often. I can barely handle food that is temperature hot, let along spicy hot!

    As for the apartment! What about the Mapo area? That’s near Hongdae and may be cheaper??? Dunno. I just know that I’m looking for a new contract and keep looking for the west Seoul area… lol

    lastly: Height. I’m taller than Martina but shorter than Simon (I’m 180. ^^ )

  29. you guys are sooo tall i’m 153cm T.T

  30. OHHHH I’m so slow. I was eating (still eating) these chips while watching the video and it never occurred to me why only a few of them were spicy. Looking at the package, it makes sense now. Though I wish it was all spicy chips!

  31. A ticket to SK just to try those $1.50 Doritos chips is definitely worth it. :D So many things to do in SK.XD

  32. Wait… was your lease up and you guise didn’t renew it, or did your landlord seriously just find another person to live there and is kicking you out?

  33. Want to get some dorito taco shells? they sell those I think here in the states.

  34. We’ve had the Galbi flavored Doritos…. and we weren’t impressed. We haven’t seen these yet. We want to play Doritos roulette though! Maybe after some soju. ;) We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the Bomb ones.

  35. Simon, can you please tell us where you got that awesome cap?!?

  36. Speaking of spicy things…

    I made your Ddoekbokki recipe with the appropriate Simon and Martina levels of gochujang and red pepper powder! It was absolutely awesome!

    p.s. Simon? Sorry for ruining Darling for you… :P

  37. Wait, you’re moving? That sucks…. D:

    Wouldn’t commuting from Buncheon be a pain, though? It would take forever. It would cost a ton. More road rage.

    Otherwise, hooray for living in outer suburbs :p

  38. FIRST!!

    Wow I have those Doritos!!

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