Yep. Dr. Meemersworth is an ear-nibbler. Fact. Not sure how she developed this bad habit or why, but it’s ridiculously freaking adorable that she wants to nibble ears when she’s sleepy.

Our guess: she thinks it’s a nipple, maybe. If not that, she’s also doing that kneading thing that cats do when they’re ready for sleeps. Thing is, I’ve raised four cats growing up (Simon here) and none of them ever made ear nibbles while kneading. Meemersworth won’t even knead anywhere else unless there’s a nibbleable ear present.

Also, I’ve got no idea how Martina can endure this with a straight face. She does it to me as well, and – I swear – it’s so freaking ticklish. YES! DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIORS CAN BE TICKLED AS WELL! Martina can sleep through the nibbles and kissy sounds, but I can’t last 40 seconds of it without cracking up.

  1. Oh my gosh, this is too fralipping cute! Meemers is way too adorable! :3

  2. omg… she is just too fucking cute….

    but… isn’t that kinda painful?

    you guys and your videos are seriously making me want to have a kitty… which is no good cuz i am allergic and my place won’t let me have one… :(

  3. throughout that whole video all i could think was she’s so freakin’ cute, she’s so freakin’ cute, she’s so freakin’ cute!!!! she’s just so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh that was too freaking adorable!

  5. my kitty loves my feet :p she caresses them (with her paws), sleeps next to them and nibbles my toes XD 

  6. My puppy used to nibble on my hand. I guess it’s their form of teething. Meemersworth is so adorable! Cuteness!

  7. Maybe Dr. Meemersworth is in fact a zombie and is trying to eat your brains! Watch out for the kittehzombie!

  8. So cute! But its another reason to add to my list of ‘Why I will never get a cat!’

  9. I knew it. I’ve always suspected something was up with those kitties.

  10. …..is it weird that I suddenly want to get married just so we can take videos of each other playing with kittens?

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