Yep. Dr. Meemersworth is an ear-nibbler. Fact. Not sure how she developed this bad habit or why, but it’s ridiculously freaking adorable that she wants to nibble ears when she’s sleepy.

Our guess: she thinks it’s a nipple, maybe. If not that, she’s also doing that kneading thing that cats do when they’re ready for sleeps. Thing is, I’ve raised four cats growing up (Simon here) and none of them ever made ear nibbles while kneading. Meemersworth won’t even knead anywhere else unless there’s a nibbleable ear present.

Also, I’ve got no idea how Martina can endure this with a straight face. She does it to me as well, and – I swear – it’s so freaking ticklish. YES! DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIORS CAN BE TICKLED AS WELL! Martina can sleep through the nibbles and kissy sounds, but I can’t last 40 seconds of it without cracking up.

  1. OMG this is beyond the cutest thing i have ever seen. Im like squealing like a fangirl here.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is too fralipping cute! Meemers is way too adorable! :3

  3. Oh wow, eat your kimchi is now on wimp.com, my worlds are colliding!

  4. I am not a cat lover but that has to be the most adorable kitten I’ve ever seen.

  5. My cat (6month old!!) is doing the same thing!!
    except he does it to everywhere, to my arms, legs, torso and even my real nipple!!!
    I am getting sexually harassed by my cat! Don’t suck my nipple kitty!!

  6. My cat when she was a kitten used to suck on both my mothers and I’s neck because she was weening off the milk and so the sucking gave her relief, y’know?!

  7. Extremely cute. How can you cute like that..

  8. This video is destined to go viral. Cute kitties are like crack on youtube! 

  9. Ow.. i think my heart exploded from excessive cuteness overload

  10. My sister has a cat and he used to do the same thing. When we would lay down, the cat would come up to us and start sucking on our hands, face, arms. But he doesn’t do it anymore. I have never seen a cat do that before. It was really cute but rather annoying.

  11. My 3 year old cat does that to my giant stuffed blue teddy bear…And lol… ear-nipple XD

  12. Cute. I am a dog lover more than a cat lover but I really like how cats tend to be sweet and playful. 

  13. My kitten used to do this all the time!! I thought it was the most adorable thing ever….except for the fact that her claws were razor sharp and when she kneaded my neck it felt like knives attacking me…. But other than that, the ear-nibbling was cute! And yes, I’ve asked around and they do supposedly think it’s a nipple. She totally grew out of it though, no problem. It was just cute while it lasted!

  14. We have a Scottish Fold crossed with a Ragdoll cat, and when we got him as a kitten he nibble/sucked on ears when you cuddled him in bed too! It’s so adorable, unfortunately he grew out of it, but it was adorable while it lasted! 
    Is she fairly vocal? Our cat Bilbo is so vocal, if you imitate a cat meowing, he will meow right back at you, so adorable, I was just wondering whether it was common in Scottish Folds.
    Anyway she seems like a complete bundle of joy! I think you were extremely lucky with your pick :’)

  15. SO cute!! Photon (aka Master of Chaos), used to do that to my 45lb dog, Samson. Except, he’d bite Samson’s stomach and rip out of hair – with the same exact sleepy-happy face that Dr. Meemersworth is making. I love your kitten even more, now haha

  16. Aww… so cute!!!! Can you do a documentary of something of Meemersworth?? It will be very cute!!!

  17. yeah, few of my cats used to suckle me and my sisters’ hair. i remember my sis waking up with her hair completely exploded and in a total mess because the cat would have been sucking her hair all night long. lol

  18. You just can’t NOT love this little kitty-cat <3

  19. it means that she was taken away from mum too early. i have seen this with my friends kittens that are now middle age. they still do this. except instead of to peoples ears (which rarely happens now), my friends cats do it to blankets. its so gross as theyre older cuz they leave wet drooly spots on the blankets so now when my friend goes to sleep she puts an additional blanket over the one she is using so that her nice one, underneath, doesnt get ruined. they scoop up some of the blanket in their mouth and suck on it (making the same noise meemers made) and doing the claw kneading thing. perhaps doing some research online will find a solution to this urge that meemers has? good luck.

  20. I bet she would order ears if she’s ever going to a restaurant.
    “Here’s the menu.”
    “I’ll take the ears please.”

  21. Love how every now and then she looks up like “whut?….don’t judge..”

  22. Keep sucking meemers…..but no milk is gonna come out   

    ): sad reality

    but wouldn’t it be hilarious if milk started coming out of our ears?! O:

  23. i had a cat he would do it on your ear lobe it was freaky ! but he really loved it.. and he didnt grow out of it either ,, snuggle to just get at your ear

  24. a lot of kittens arent ready to leave their mothers (emotionally) and it leads to a need to nurse…you got her at six weeks, and thats rather early…

  25. omg… she is just too fucking cute….

    but… isn’t that kinda painful?

    you guys and your videos are seriously making me want to have a kitty… which is no good cuz i am allergic and my place won’t let me have one… :(

  26. For a moment, I thought the kitten was actually biting Martina’s ear, but it’s cute seeing her suckle it. Reminds me of the time I had my youngest dog lick my ears when he was a puppy, and he clamped his teeth on my earlobe. I felt like my ear was getting pierced, that’s how painful it was. Now, he’s older and knows better — but I still don’t let him near my ears.

  27. First thought: How can you endure it?! I couldn’t even endure it when my cat jumped on my lap without laughing… v_v

    Other then that it’s so cute! ♥
    While she is a kitty it probably has more to do with the searching for mom/milk kinda thing, later on cats just look for a cozy place to sleep.

  28. the kneading thing is something cats do to the mother to get more milk to come to the nipple, they do it later on in life as a sign of comfort (like us sleeping in fetal position) since she’s sucking/biting and doing it she definitely wants some Martine ear milk action :P

  29. Kittens are actually not supposed to be seperated from their mothers before they are 12 weeks old. From 8 – 12 weeks, the kittens are learning alot from their mother. They are actually nursing til they are 12 weeks old, so this may be the reason for why she is nibbling on your ears :) 

  30. this kitty is so adorable! sucking to ears – what about trying to get kittens milk formula and a special bottle in pet shop and give him that every day, maybe he would like it? 

  31. Why are you so cute!! :D

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