So, in case you didn’t know, we got a new cat: a six-week old Scottish Fold kitten. Her name is Dr. Meemersworth.

Errr…am I supposed to write something here? Our cat is ridiculously cute, and you need to see how cute she is. LOOK AT HER NAPPING OMG! LISTEN TO HER SQUEAKING WHEN SHE WAKES UP!



Holy crap. This cat is so cute. Oh, and here are some pictures of her sleeping, in case you’re picture people instead of video people (though, if you’re not into video, you’re probably on the wrong site)


  1. 6 weeks is way to young to be taken away from the mother. :-(
    Cats should stay with their mothers at least until they’re 12 weeks. Here in Denmark you will be fined if you buy or sell kittens younger than 12 weeks. Kittens sucking on ears is a clear sign that they are WAY to young to be weaned. Please consult a vet asap.

  2. I want a kitty but i cant cause im allergic T_T my nose will swell lol!!

  3. Watching the cute baby kitten sleeping ..and then she spoke!! Love her little voice!!

  4. My cat Carlota sleeps just like Dr. Meemersworth, but under the blankets… kittens need a lot of warm, cause they can’t have heat by themselves. That’s why they search for warm places, and likes to hear the heartbeat, remembering her mother.

  5. i can’t contain my feels! i love cats. as soon as she meowed, it was over. im a goner. im sure the next fan mail opening vid will be full of kitty toys lol.

  6. Oh maiyy god! it’s so flufffyyyy

  7. Since Simon does the Spudgy voice, Martina should do the Meemers voice(S&M stands for Simon-Spudgy, and Martina-Meemersworth)

  8. How are you going to do meemerthworth’s voice different with spudge???
    Show me some of your creativity here lol

  9. LOL awwwww! And lol at simon sleeping

  10. Oh my God oh my God oh my Gooooood! She was cute in the other videos but now she’s just SO FREAKISHLY CUTE AND ADORABLE! IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

  11. OHW MY GOD IT’S SO FLUFFFY!!!!!!!! *jumps around like a crazy person* Can i hold it PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE *puppy eyes* aaah pleaase?!?!?!?!

  12. Does spudgy get jealous of meemers?

  13. I know she’s so little and you don’t think you could possibly need to think about this yet but they grow up so fast….

  14. Woah, I’ve never gotten to touch a scottish fold cat in my life -_____- Too cute to handle. Isn’t it in danger of being squashed by Simon though? I mean sleeping and it’s so tiny LOL

  15. You guys are making me change my mind about cats… (let’s say the ones i’ve come across… aren’t very responsive. that or they’re super hyper and scratch ><)
    Watching Meemers almost makes me watch to get a kitty too though~~~ so freaking adorable!!
    how big will meemers grow?

  16. EH!!! S&M!! Wai do you make us jellies with your adorable pets?!!!

  17. This cat is crazy adorable. I would be afraid to sleep with her though cuz she’s so tiny.

  18. OMG That is the cuttest thing I have ever seen in my life!! :]]]]

  19. SO CUTE!!! lucky I’m a woman because Aaron Ho has just lost his manliness lol ♥

  20. She is adorable!!! I have been thinking about getting a scottish fold cat, and now you have convinced me! So cute!! :)
    Oh and love you guys! <3

  21. Dr. Meemerworth is so cute! i always wanted a dog or cat, but my mom won’t let me T.T

  22. hahah… SOO CUTE! I bet Dr. Meemersworth is probably thinking “Every time I wake up I see a camera! I can’t help that I’m born to be famous but let me sleep in peace. Please”

  23. Awww I feel like I’m going to explode! I’m feeling a little under the weather myself and seeing Dr. Memersworth made me feel better!

  24. cuteness overload .. processing 100% full can’t get any cuter ^^

  25. *dies from cuteness overdose*

  26. Dr.Meemeraworth should also have a voice and t-shirt :)

  27. Oh my god, her baby meows are too damn cute. You two have got a perfect little kitten on your hands :)

  28. Aww so cute, sleepy kittens are too adorable.

  29. When was she born? A kitten born in the 10th month of the year is considered an Octo-puss…..

  30. did you want a cat after going to that cat cafe?

  31. soooooooooooooo cute i want a kitten like that

  32. I always had allergies to cats and I never really mind it before (only once actually, when I stayed over my friend’s house and she had a cat and I couldn’t sleep T.T). This is the first time I’m cursing my allergies.
    I want a kitty like this! I have a very cute white and brown bunny, but suddenly he’s not enough anymore -_-

  33. how is Spudge coping with the kitty?

  34. I never really liked cats… In fact, I liked dogs more, but after watching your Kitty Cafe video and Dr Meemersworth, you made me love kitties so much! They’re so cute! <3

  35. Wait did you adopt her or is this the cat you were taking care of for your friend?

  36. Oh my god, she is so cute, cutness overflowe.

  37. Meemer is just so cute…

  38. ahaha! my best friend in college made a sleep album. she took pictures
    of people sleeping in random places (on the bus, in the library, in the
    cafeteria, on the grass in the quad…). this reminds me of her oh so
    lovable creeper ways… :)))) the kitten sleeping is a lot cuter than
    overworked college students sleeping though… :D

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