Dr. Meemersworth is playing with strings. And we’re doting parents, so we find this incredibly cute and movie-worthy. Essentially, Dr. Meemersworth has two sides: super sleepy and cuddly, and this: crazy and active.

Spudgy, as you might know, has one side: lazy. He’s either laying on the ground asleep, or laying on the ground with his eyes open, doing his best impersonation of a dog sleeping. Sometimes he’s active, but it’s rare. Anyhow, his super relaxed attitude does not gel well with Dr. Meemersworth. He doesn’t dislike her or attack her: he just wants her to leave him the hell alone so he can get back to trying to sleep. Dr. Meemersworth doesn’t understand that yet, though. Ha! We’re hoping that he will one day, though!

  1. Has Dr. Meemersworth done this yet?

  2. OMG my kitten is THE SAME EXACT WAY with my older cat. My cat LOVES to sleep and be cuddled and he’s all “Leave me the hell alone, demon child!” and she’s like “Play with me, grumpy!” XD
    She’s gotten super big super fast, though. I wonder if Meemers will go through a growth spurt soon, too? Hopefully not too soon, though, she’s so teeny and adorabibble! X)

  3. I keep sending my aunt (who has so many cats i lost count) Dr Meemersworth videos. She loves them. Cute kittens: the gateway drug to eyk and kpop :P

  4. awwww memers is soo cute!
    this kinda reminds me of my doggie who just had a puppy and i had to give it away :( because i already have two dogs and my mom will go crazy if i kept that puppy ..
    ….soo yeahh :/ it’s kinda sad ..

  5. It’s funny how my cat only likes playing with “non-toys”. If I buy somethink expensive from the petshop, she plays with it in the beggining and then gets tired of it forever. On the other hand, she LOVES playing with strings, plastic bags and boxes.

  6. Awwwwww! So cute. It makes me wish when my kitty was a kitten. She is currently a five year old brat cat and I loves her to pieces.

  7. You need a laser pointer! You want to see cute crazed kitty. Laser Pointer=Happy! :)

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