It’s my Draw My Life story! It’s a me, Mario! I mean, Martio! I mean…Martina…O….

Whoa guise, like whoa these take a long time. I was like, “this should be fun and easy!” Okay, it was fun, but I spent hours writing out what I was going to say, and then about 8 hours to do all the drawings, seriously. Then, you have to record your voice into a mic and then re-time the drawings to match the story, but I drew too many things!!! I’m sorry! When I had to fast-forward everything, I found the pictures getting all blurred and lots of little text got kind of washed away. Then I drew too much, so I had to cut half the drawing out, and so my pen might pop up randomly but hopefully it won’t bug you too much. Bah! I’ll learn for next time! Which there shan’t be! Or maybe…Draw My Life Spudgy? Meemers?

Trying to mush important aspects of your life into an under 12 minute segment is pretty tough. From the other YouTuber videos I watched, most of the YouTubers aren’t married, so there is an entire story they don’t have to fit in! I wanted to talk about Simon and our marriage, but because Simon talked about it I left it out. Not fair!!! He got all the mushy bits! Some of the stuff I didn’t put in that I would have liked to was about my family. I didn’t get the chance to really tell you all about my childhood and all the good memories I had.

I would have loved to talked more about my parents, and my Baka, and my Nana and Grandaddy who were a HUGE part of my life. I mentioned our family was small. Seven people all together (with cousins that live in Croatia and Newfoundland) that we didn’t see often. My grandparents were a big part of my life, and with them I really had the chance to experience two opposing sides of life.

Growing up in Toronto, I got to go shopping with my Baka at the Eaton Centre, ride the subway, and visit all different parts of city to pick up speciality Croatian food with labels I couldn’t understand. My Baka, like Simon’s parents, had fled her home country, during a war and arrived in Canada a widow who was very very poor. She taught me how to be thrifty but without sacrificing style. Buying normally expensive clothing on sale during the end of season, sewing things to last longer, choosing clothing based on what it was made of so it would last, rather than buying ten articles of cheap clothing that lasted a year. She was an amazing dresser despite not being wealthy and she really taught me how to save money wisely. Every single Sunday we had ah-ha-mazing dinners at my Baka’s apartment, who was just a phenomenal cook. We spent every Christmas Eve at my Baka’s home where we would search the building for signs of Santa, and when we’d return with nothing, I’d be shocked that the tree had gifts under it.

In the summer time I went to Nova Scotia to visit my Nana and Grandaddy where I spent most of my time swimming in a lake or playing in their wonderful garden. My Nana and I would play cribbage and make preserves to store in her cellar, and my grandaddy and I would don rubber boots, a soapy spray bottle, and flashlights to search the garden at night time for pesky slugs trying to eat the vegetables. They grew peas, beans, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, rhubarb, and berries. There is NOTHING so cool as going to the garden to pull up a carrot and some lettuce for dinner that night. My grandaddy and I were both night owls, so we’d sit up in the kitchen while everyone else was asleep and we’d look over flyers from the local supermarket. We’d cut out coupons and circle those items we wanted to buy, and once 24 hour grocery stores started to exist, we’d head out to buy discounted end-of-the-day cookies and pies, and we’d make toast and warm milk and read comics together. Since the town my Nana and grandaddy lived in wasn’t very busy (Bedford), I really learned how to be calm, relax, and just enjoy nature.

I could really go on, I haven’t even talked about my awesome parents, but I will say this to intrigue you. They were both high school teachers and I went to the same school they taught at! That was good fun. :D

Anyhoo I hope you enjoyed this loooong video. I’m not sure how many people can relate to a lot of what I said about EDS, because not a lot of people have it, but I’m also curious if anyone watching this video has EDS or knows someone with it because I’ve never actually met anyone else with it!

If you do want to know more about it, though, I recommend two sites that might be helpful! (The second site requires you to sign up to read and comment!)

  1. I loved watching all of your Draw My Life videos. I watched them a while back and I actually watched yours again. My cousin was just diagnosed with EDS. I find you guys so inspiring. I’ll share this with my cousin so he has positive role models he can relate to :)

  2. I really enjoyed learning more about your life! I’ve always enjoyed being able to hear about other peoples lives and learning about where people come from. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This video made a lot of sense to me…only because of having the same thing…only I avoid sports and things…last time I tried to be involved in sports I broke my pinkie…funny thing is I didn’t feel it break at all xD…I’ve only dislocated my shoulder when I was little and learning how to roll over in my sleep in my crib xD…also dislocated my elbow out then popping it back in a second later…so much for wrestling with my brother and dad o-o…yay for EDS

  4. I have it…it took over a year to figure out what I have…and 3 years later still doing test and medication testing xD…it causes me to feel like a old person when I’m only 16 :P

  5. Hi Martina I actually have EDS!! I’m 19 from England, I primarily watched yours and Simons videos because I love all things Asian. When I was watching this video and heard the dislocation stories I thought “Humm, this sounds familiar” to then find out you suffer from EDS I was in awe! It’s so rare, it’s really inspiring to see someone with it succeed in the way you have :3

    I know I’m over a year late to post on this so I don’t know whether or not you’ll see this but I just wanted to let you know (as you put at the end of the post that you’ve never met anyone with it!)

  6. oh… how well do I know the situation of the so called “invisible” pain… When I was about 12 I started getting really horrible migraines and was sick.. a lot… then more fun when I had to have spinal surgery when I was about 14 or 15….(I’m like Wolwerine! body full of metal haha~) then I was later also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrom.. which I’ve now had for about six years… It’s not easy to have any sicknesses or injuries, but the ones you can’t see makes it really difficult to get people to understand your condition~

    and yeah, in situations like that (and life in general) it is vital to focus on the good things and the good days~ EYK is definitely one of the good things that can light up a difficult day for me! :D so keep up the good work~ ^-^

    Thank you for sharing your stories guys~ :)

    (and… I saw GACKT’s name there in the video.. yay! XD :3)

  7. can you please tell us about ALL of your tattoos and potential future ones?

  8. I’m going to join the folks who can definitely relate to having difficulty finding friends who you can share your love of Asian pop culture with. I began to fall in love with anime when I was 10 or 11 (Sailor Moon on YTV!). When I was 13 we got the internet and I was able to further learn about and really discover anime. But the only people I could talk to about it were people online. I used to hide my interest in anime and Japan because the other kids at my school didn’t understand the appeal at all and I didn’t like the jokes they’d make. I didn’t find anyone at school or in my community who shared my interests until I was 16. Even now at 28 I have friends who like some things but not necessarily to the extent that I do and not as broad a range of interests. So sometimes it still feels like the only people I can share this with are online. Finding EYK has made me feel less alone in being an adult who likes K-Pop. So, yay! You guys are awesome.

    Also, I grew up in Bedford so it’s kinda cool seeing you mention it here :)

  9. wow, Martina! I remembere you mentioned you dislocation thing before but I had no idea it was so bad! I have a lot of respect for you!!!

    also, i was laughing about all the Sailor Moon stuff because that was pretty much me in high school (omg, YTV!!!) and you have just confirmed what i suspected all along – that we are pretty much the same age ^_- so i was relating a bit to the no facebook and tumblr and the picture of a giant computer, haha… when i was into anime, school friends would be like “haha, you’re watching kiddie cartoons!!” or “eew… you’re watching that weird asian cartoon porn stuff!!” … hum… yeah. lol.

    anyhoo. you are such a sweet person. we love you! keep it up!

  10. Thank you guys so much for your Draw My Life Videos! They were both touching, emotional, and fun! Martina I loved the “don’t judge a book by its cover” part, and I agree most people say the inside is what’s better but sometimes it’s the inside that needs help. I recently got in contact with my friend from North Carolina (I moved to Ohio last year half-way through the school-year). She’s been having to go to a physiatrist because she was being bullied, she was quite depressed because one of her best friends died in a car crash and to make it worst her grades are slipping. But one good thing is that she has been in a great relationship with her boyfriend, who I wish I remember but sadly do not… I love your rule if you say something bad about your day, you have to say two good things! When you said that you realized that it may have been important for you to be in that drunk driver’s way, my respect for you just went through the roof! You guys are truly amazing, wonderful people!

  11. :D Fighting, Martina. Siempre me hacían reir mucho y ahora los admiro mucho más a los dos. I love, guys :D

  12. “Then, you have to record your voice into a mic and then re-time the drawings to match the story, but I drew too many things!!! I’m sorry! When I had to fast-forward everything, I found the pictures getting all blurred and lots of little text got kind of washed away. Then I drew too much, so I had to cut half the drawing out, and so my pen might pop up randomly but hopefully it won’t bug you too much. Bah! I’ll learn for next time! Which there shan’t be!” ♥

    Thank you for sharing your life with us! Love you guise!!! > . <

    03:38 ♥ (EYK)


  13. the drawings are so pretty. :)

  14. My older brother as EDS as well!

    His shoulders are especially bad, they pretty much dislocate if you just happened to sneeze in their direction o.0 When we were kids we thought it was a lot of fun and we could spend hours with him popping it in and out of place “dislocated, not dislocated, dislocated, not dislocated!” and we would have joint popping competitions, which he would always win. Seriously the sounds he can produce, especially with his neck and ellbows.. !

    It was only as we got older we realized just how bad his joints really were and that we had actually caused more damage by, in a way, playing with it when we were younger :( There were talks of surgery as you said but luckily they ended up just recommending physio and swimming. He is better now but his shoulder will always be a big problem I think..

    Also, Martina I really know how you feel about being the weird Asian obsessed kid XD I remember when I was a kid and I randomly bought a Sailor moon comic in sweden (I am norwegian) I just became obsessed with it and I showed all my friends this wonderfully strange comic I had got in Sweden. I particularly wanted to cut my hair short like Sailor Mercury, but my mom wouldn’t let me -_-” I also saw Totoro, grave of the fireflies and old godzilla films on the movie channel, but none of my friends knew what I was talking about. Imagine the 8 year old Norwegian kid trying to teach her friends the mothra song XD

    I was lucky though, cause my brother shared this interest with me, he was the one who got me further in to Ghibli films, manga etc, he even introduced me to Pokemon before it became cool. As I got older though I started gaining more friends through drama club (Where the weird once rule!!) that I could sharemy interests with, and I had a japanese girl in my high school class. Coming to her house after school was like a dream come true. I nearly died of happiness when I heard her mum being all kawaii in Japanese to the family dog.

    Now I feel a bit like the weird kid again (I am 25, lol) though, because I am the only one I know who likes K-pop and korean programming :/ Gangnam style helped but not by much. I did manage to get my brother into it, so I have returned the pokemon favour :P He is more into the variety scene, but I do believe he is a closet Kamilia as he has for instant learned the Mister Butt dance! :D So that is why I am so happy I have you and Simon, the eatyoukimchi crew and all the nasties, to share all the epicness that is asian pop culture with!

    Wow, this became a bit of a rant,, Anyway, I wish I knew you when we were kids, Martina! We could have been the weird Asian/sailor moon kids together! I love the eatyourkimchi videos and blogs, and even though we haven’t met in person I really do consider you and Simon my friends! And that goes for all you other wonderful nasties as well!

    The both of you, stay as awesome as always, it does not go unappreciated!!

    *Virtual huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs all around!!!!*

  15. I am always falling over and injuring myself and last month i fell over and broke my leg/ankle in 3 places and had to have surgery on it. At the time i was frustrated and all “why the hell does this always happen to me” (i broke my left foot the previous month) I have had to have 6 weeks off work and non weight baring so i survived on one leg and two arms. That is just as painful as i am so active and always have to be doing something. Relying on others isnt my thing and I have had to swallow my pride and let people help me. I Learned i had no reason to complain as there are people who are worse off than me and I will have my leg back at the end of the day (monday to be exact. sooooo excited)
    But your story is inspirational. you show you are able to carry on with everything even though there is pain.
    You are a remarkable person.

  16. Martina! i love you! you seriously are my idol and a fantastic inspiration!<3

  17. I had a really bad day today… but after watching this I feel a lot better knowing that you went through a lot harder times than I have and are still so positive, thanks so much for the video! xx

  18. Thank you for your story Martina, I felt like your story was meant to give me some hope and direction in my own life. I agree that just because people appear okay on the outside, it doesn’t really mean they are. Not everyone shows or wants to show their problems. I think you’ve handled EDS and how it impacts your life admirably. I’m grateful to see you guys have a happy approach to life and I hope I can achieve something similar.

  19. omg this just hit me. I can totally understand as i have something of that sort as well.. basically i had my shoulders disslocated all the time ….and with all the time i mean whenever i lifted my arm >.< as a result i had to quitt sports in 4th grade when we noticed that. The Thing is i didn't even notice that i did disslocate my shoulder cause it was a normal Thing for me to do and didn't cause any pain at all…^^' so my should basically was so bad that it didn't even hurt anymore. As sports are central in my Family. it was horrible. well i had therapy for 2 years and finally made that my shoulders only disslocated around once a day …which was a huuuge improvement…but things like gymnastics and basically all sports that use the shoulders a loot were banned till forever for me since i was lucky i didn't hurt myself further while doing gymnastics with a disslocated shoulder.
    It's awesome to see that even tho u went trough all that too u became positiv about it and true the pain in the inside can't be seen but luckily there are People who notice that stuff even tho they can't see it.
    huge respect from me and hwaiting ^.^

  20. Simon and Martina; you guise are great tandem and couple that we have ever seen. (I am speaking on behalf of your followers[for sure they will agree]). Not just only that; Martina, I commend you being a very strong will-powered person despite of your ailment you still put a wonderful yet cute smile on your face. I do really like how you differentiate what life is in your own way.

    As I watch your both “Draw your Life” TL;DR; I learn one thing from the both of your (especially with Martina); I’ve learn that life is what you persevere for and you have to live your life to the fullest. Not just only that; Always put smile on your face if your facing problems. Problem is nothing as you put smile on your face and learn what is the best for you.

    Guise, kudos to both of you and I want to give you a great big hug like barney :P and applause for your wonderful job and may you have a great success as you continue feeding us information about South Korea. (Screw NORTH KOREA!) just kidding lol!

    More power to you both!

  21. I LOVE SAILOR MOON TOO!!!! YUPI! Happy to know it Martina! ;P Keep the good joob!

  22. This is why I love you guise. Martina, you can fangirl with me anytime :D

  23. I knew there was a reason I love guise. This just sealed the package…. Simon and Martina you are seriously awesome, and I will happily fangirl with you anyday :)

  24. Actually, they have made it known that they really don’t like all the questions about them becoming pregnant. It is the one really personal thing that they don’t talk about. So yes, it is a sore subject.

    I honestly don’t understand why people keep asking them about it seeing as it is their private business. They share a lot of stuff with the Internet but that is one thing I think it is their right to keep to themselves.

  25. I have EDS as well! I feel your pain….literally…..it sucks all sorts of things i won’t say. I like that rule, one bad thing and you need to come up with 2 good things, i should try that one. Thanks for making this video!

  26. Your Draw My Life was really moving and I feel your pain about having EDS. I’ve got TMJ (lock jaw) from stressing real bad in high school, mix that with anxiety and depression and you’ve got yourself a bundle of problems. I’d grind my teeth at night and stress about every little thing that was happening around me. The amount I stressed became so bad that the left side of my top and bottom jaw fused together. After seeing a doctor in another state and being diagnosed as having one of the worst cases of Lock Jaw in Australia in 20 years I finally had the cartilage that fused my jaw together removed.

    Now the muscles in my mouth are super inflamed and tense from not being used for 7 or so years (if somebody touches the left side of my face I scream in pain) and there are no doctors/physiotherapists/jaw surgeons left who can properly help me or can actually pinpoint what’s going on because there’s no one who’s had TMJ to my extent. I understand it’s always one crappy saga after the next.

  27. This is so inspirational in a way I can’t explain. ‘Gull, i can’t explain how I feel~’ Okay. No. Anyways had the same issue as you, when I was younger, just less intense, but now I’m fine~ Are you? Hehe, you are so lucky to find someone like Simon~ And no, I’m not having a crush on him! Hehe~ Anyways keep on being happy buddies~

  28. I don’t want to be “that guy” but medical marijuana can really help alleviate chronic joint pain. My grandmother had similar symptoms and they went away basically overnight.

  29. Awesome a fellow Sailor Moon fan!!! I loved that show so hard. I collected the character cards and anything else I could get my hands on.I watched it religiously every morning, before school. hauled my butt out of bed at 4:30am every morning to watch it.. Most of my friends thought I was crazy and still do since I discovered Kpop and Kdramas about a year and a half ago. they don’t understand why I like it so much. oh well any ways enough of me rambling. Sending virtual/mental hugs to Martina, you are one strong and awesome person never doubt that.

  30. Thanks for being super awesome! My best friend and her whole family has EDS. My friend’s oldest sister has it the worst and it is so sad to watch her suffer. My friend has only a mild form of it but shes only 17 so it will only get worse. But it still prevents her from doing things like hiking and tap dance, which she loves to do. I look at them and think about how nice they are and it reminds me again and again that my problems aren’t super bad compared to that, and that I should be grateful for the health I do have.
    Also, you remind me a lot of my older sister. She loves anime and manga (like everyone should!) but she has FIBROMYALGIA. So, she says (like you did in the video) that she is basically a 25 year old living in a 83 year old body! ALL THE TIME! So! even though I don’t have a super horrible health problem, I understand, and it really makes me thankful for people like Simon and my brother-in-law who will love someone for who they are!
    LUV YA!

  31. Martina you actually made me cry with this video! (In a good way I swear) I 100% know what you mean about inner pain while looking normal on the outside. Health wise i’m really not so great and I go through pain everyday and take lots of medication for it too, though most of the time it doesn’t really help. My doctors don’t even know everything that is going on with me either, I feel like a crazy person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in hospitals, I actually consider them my second home. I don’t want to mention specifics, however I go through a lot more than people around me realize. Even close friends, that don’t know everything, still don’t understand me or what I go through everyday even when I try to tell them…

    Your video was BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE your message! ~I hope I can too find someone like Simon who can listen and take care of me when needed, someone who is beyond supportive too. Someone who will always be my side and not just be a best friend but a amazing husband as well. :) I’m certain you two will last forever!! ^^

  32. I know everyone else has already said it, but it’s very true. Your story was great; your comments about not judging a book by it’s cover for people who are in pain, either physical or mental is so true. I go through a lot of mental anguish from the depression that I suffer but people never see it because it’s not something that can be seen.
    I also understand what you mean about finding all the wonderful nasties through the interwebs. I have met a lot of very wonderful people through the internet who have become more true friends to me than people I might have known in person.
    I feel like from watching your videos that we could be good friends too… Hopefully I’ll run into you two while filming one day when I’m in Korea. ^^ Can I say that’s on my bucket list of things to do? It totally is. :3

  33. Martina noooo! D: I didn’t know you were in all this pain all the time!!! :'<
    Totes gonna do what you do. Look on the bright side of things, and complain a whole lot less. That 2 positives for one negative thing is a brilliant idea, gonna input that into my daily life.
    Oh, and did I spy Gackt in there somewhere???????? O_O (I went through a huge JRock phase all throughout middle school and high school, and I loves me some Gackt. And Miyavi. And The Gazette. And Do As Infinity.) Who else did you listen to????? :D

  34. Hurray for baritones! Low brass luv!

  35. I too can relate to the whole weird disease thing. As a child, I was always sick. I would cry in the morning when my mom tried to make me go to school. In my sophomore year of high school, I was absent from school so much that I had to get an attendance waiver signed because I was just sick almost every day. We didn’t know what was wrong, I was anemic, sure but we didn’t know why my stomach was always hurting or bloated. I had headaches and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep. I cut meat out of my diet at age 10 because that’s what I thought was making me ill. Eventually we found out I had Celiac, making me gluten intolerant and destroying the villi in my intestines and causing all sorts of problems. I now have to be extremely careful with my diet and if I eat even a tiny bit of gluten, I feel it right away. It’s horrible. I have to sit through classes with my stomach hurting, my head hurting, my head fogging up, it’s absolutely the worst thing. Maybe not like having your joints popping out but a different pain. It’s also a pain to eat out or to go to a friend’s house because I hate when people fuss over me even though it is extremely touching when people do.

  36. Martina, you are an angel :’)

  37. tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq so much…waiting for so long time….:)

  38. I think all of us Nasties just need to sit around and eat ginger snaps/drink chamomile tea. From all of the differnt types of injuries I have read about in the comments (including my own weird thing), I think we are all just secretly old grannies and granppos.

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