It’s my Draw My Life story! It’s a me, Mario! I mean, Martio! I mean…Martina…O….

Whoa guise, like whoa these take a long time. I was like, “this should be fun and easy!” Okay, it was fun, but I spent hours writing out what I was going to say, and then about 8 hours to do all the drawings, seriously. Then, you have to record your voice into a mic and then re-time the drawings to match the story, but I drew too many things!!! I’m sorry! When I had to fast-forward everything, I found the pictures getting all blurred and lots of little text got kind of washed away. Then I drew too much, so I had to cut half the drawing out, and so my pen might pop up randomly but hopefully it won’t bug you too much. Bah! I’ll learn for next time! Which there shan’t be! Or maybe…Draw My Life Spudgy? Meemers?

Trying to mush important aspects of your life into an under 12 minute segment is pretty tough. From the other YouTuber videos I watched, most of the YouTubers aren’t married, so there is an entire story they don’t have to fit in! I wanted to talk about Simon and our marriage, but because Simon talked about it I left it out. Not fair!!! He got all the mushy bits! Some of the stuff I didn’t put in that I would have liked to was about my family. I didn’t get the chance to really tell you all about my childhood and all the good memories I had.

I would have loved to talked more about my parents, and my Baka, and my Nana and Grandaddy who were a HUGE part of my life. I mentioned our family was small. Seven people all together (with cousins that live in Croatia and Newfoundland) that we didn’t see often. My grandparents were a big part of my life, and with them I really had the chance to experience two opposing sides of life.

Growing up in Toronto, I got to go shopping with my Baka at the Eaton Centre, ride the subway, and visit all different parts of city to pick up speciality Croatian food with labels I couldn’t understand. My Baka, like Simon’s parents, had fled her home country, during a war and arrived in Canada a widow who was very very poor. She taught me how to be thrifty but without sacrificing style. Buying normally expensive clothing on sale during the end of season, sewing things to last longer, choosing clothing based on what it was made of so it would last, rather than buying ten articles of cheap clothing that lasted a year. She was an amazing dresser despite not being wealthy and she really taught me how to save money wisely. Every single Sunday we had ah-ha-mazing dinners at my Baka’s apartment, who was just a phenomenal cook. We spent every Christmas Eve at my Baka’s home where we would search the building for signs of Santa, and when we’d return with nothing, I’d be shocked that the tree had gifts under it.

In the summer time I went to Nova Scotia to visit my Nana and Grandaddy where I spent most of my time swimming in a lake or playing in their wonderful garden. My Nana and I would play cribbage and make preserves to store in her cellar, and my grandaddy and I would don rubber boots, a soapy spray bottle, and flashlights to search the garden at night time for pesky slugs trying to eat the vegetables. They grew peas, beans, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, rhubarb, and berries. There is NOTHING so cool as going to the garden to pull up a carrot and some lettuce for dinner that night. My grandaddy and I were both night owls, so we’d sit up in the kitchen while everyone else was asleep and we’d look over flyers from the local supermarket. We’d cut out coupons and circle those items we wanted to buy, and once 24 hour grocery stores started to exist, we’d head out to buy discounted end-of-the-day cookies and pies, and we’d make toast and warm milk and read comics together. Since the town my Nana and grandaddy lived in wasn’t very busy (Bedford), I really learned how to be calm, relax, and just enjoy nature.

I could really go on, I haven’t even talked about my awesome parents, but I will say this to intrigue you. They were both high school teachers and I went to the same school they taught at! That was good fun. :D

Anyhoo I hope you enjoyed this loooong video. I’m not sure how many people can relate to a lot of what I said about EDS, because not a lot of people have it, but I’m also curious if anyone watching this video has EDS or knows someone with it because I’ve never actually met anyone else with it!

If you do want to know more about it, though, I recommend two sites that might be helpful! (The second site requires you to sign up to read and comment!)

  1. This was absolutely phenomenal! Seriously. I spent a summer in Korea & feel like such a weirdo when I talk about Korean things with my friends at home. I’m a total black sheep in my family & they have no clue why I would want to live out of the good ole USA.

    You guys are absolutely amazing & I am so glad you created this amazing website!

  2. I love this video. Actually I learn a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing your story Martina :D

  3. OMG, I’m totally obsessed with SAILOR MOON. I’m 24 years old, going to get my MBA soon and my desktop screen is the picture of the whole sailor team. My family and friends said “You’re too old to obsess over manga”. I was like “nah, you’re never too old for manga, plus, mentally I’m forever young”. Anw, glad to stumble into other Sailor Moon fans :D

  4. Sailor Moon was also my first exposure to J-Culture. However, it was via one of the free European digital channels we had and was dubbed into German. I tried watching it in Japanese with English subtitles when I got older but it never felt quite right when, at the end of her transformations, she didn’t scream ‘ICH BIN SAILORMOON!’

    I can’t remember which of your reviews it was but there was a bit in a music video where there was a couple spinning each other round on an empty dancefloor to show how happy and in love they were and you were like ‘Has anyone done that ever?’ A couple of weeks later, my boyfriend and I stumbled across a deserted dancefloor and… well, you can guess how the story ends. Just thought you’d enjoy one of the many small and silly ways you have had an effect on the lives of your nasties.


  5. Well I sort of feel like a chump, but even though this is an old-ish(?) video I really wanted to say something. I don`t have EDS or even a physical disorder, but your story about invisible pain really hit me right in the flashing boss fight weak point. I`ve got a sensory processing disorder that screws with my head and can send me into a violent rage-filled panic. High school was fun. But the thing is, how do you explain that to people? Even if they believe you, they`ll think you`re some kind of nonhuman. It didn`t get diagnosed until I was about 20, so all throughout adolescence and childhood, I couldn`t even articulate what was wrong. In fact I still can`t really, since again, the pain isn`t actually physical. Worse, people would often get defensive and angry with me if I brought up the noises that triggered the response, so eventually I just became too afraid to mention it to anyone.

    The bottom line is that it`s gotten to the point where I can rarely sit through an entire class period without some sort of white noise device to filter out the trigger noises, and even then, I can`t hear the teacher half the time. I usually try to explain the situation to my professors, but to the other students, I`m sure it just looks like I`m a slacker who just sits in class listening to music to pass time.
    I`m counting down the days until I graduate, but I still worry if I`ll be able to find a job I can actually hold down. I *adore* foreign languages, and you two made me crave so badly to try and teach abroad, but I`ve since had to abandon that idea..
    Oh my jesus that is super long but ok the point I wanted to make was that I guess… There`s no cure, right? And treatments are tenuous at best. At this point I`ve pretty much given up hope that it`ll ever fully go away, and that thought *kills* me sometimes. But watching this really gave me hope that even if that is that case, it doesn`t mean you can`t live a fulfilling, happy life. So oh god this was really long but thank you so so so so so so much <3 And I believe in you!

  6. Hi! I am super clumsy and I just keep falling and hitting my head in several super fun ways and ruining my cervical spine because of whiplash. Any recommendations on the whole nerve pinch therapy thing so I can ask my doctor for them? It is so annoying because it’s a nerve that goes down to my hands and some days it lust feels like someone has been kicking me from the bottom of my head down my arms and to the middle of my back (which is the only time I actually take pills since my prescription is actually addictive). What was the kind of therapy that worked out the best for you? Did you get rid of the pain in your neck? What alternative therapies did you try?

    I really like how you cover such different topics. I love your videos, you guys are so full of energy and crazy and are so much fun to watch that it is really cool to see your take on different kinds of videos. Thanks for making them!

  7. Hey Martina, I may not have EDS, BUT I do have hyper-mobility in my shoulders. So I dislocate my shoulders….a lot. It gets to the point where I have to be careful how I sleep in bed and how I reach for things. Like if I lay flat on my stomach with my arms stretched out in front of me, I feel my shoulders start to dislocate. I also played sports in high school so that was a bit problematic (I’m in college now and have no time for sports ): )….. I also have an AV Block stage 1. It deals with the electrical system of the heart, where the AV node sends signals to the heart to pump blood. My heart is slightly delayed in receiving those signals so I experience pain in my chest (it hurts to breath for a few seconds). Lucky me it’s just stage 1, if it was stage 2 I wouldn’t have been able to play sports in high school. Anyway I know it can get tough at times but it feels awesome when you just go do what you love despite that! (: Thanks for sharing with us about yalls’ lives and everything (:

  8. Adore all of your YTubes. But these take the cake for sure! I loved these Draw My Life vids! Hugs!

  9. I also have a weird flexibility disorder ! Mine’s called hyperlaxy :)

  10. You and Simon are perfect for each other!! I’m really thankful you guys make these videos for us, it really open up our minds =D

  11. Wow, that was like a draw my life and motivational speech wrapped into one. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Tora

    oh… how well do I know the situation of the so called “invisible” pain… When I was about 12 I started getting really horrible migraines and was sick.. a lot… then more fun when I had to have spinal surgery when I was about 14 or 15….(I’m like Wolwerine! body full of metal haha~) then I was later also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrom.. which I’ve now had for about six years… It’s not easy to have any sicknesses or injuries, but the ones you can’t see makes it really difficult to get people to understand your condition~

    and yeah, in situations like that (and life in general) it is vital to focus on the good things and the good days~ EYK is definitely one of the good things that can light up a difficult day for me! :D so keep up the good work~ ^-^

    Thank you for sharing your stories guys~ :)

    (and… I saw GACKT’s name there in the video.. yay! XD :3)

  13. Martina, I totally get your looking fine on the outside, not so fine on the inside thing. I’ve got fibromyalgia, and I’m in pain all the time too. No one can see the pain so sometimes when I say I have to sit down or rest, people just look at me like I have two heads. I, too, try to be positive about things and that makes it even LESS obvious that things are not so okay on the inside. When people find out about my condition they almost always say that they never would have guessed because I don’t show that I’m in pain. My dad had an absolutely horrible arthritic disease called anykylosing spondylitis which caused all this bones to grow together. The best lesson he ever taught me is “you can be IN pain without being A pain”. I think it’s one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in my life. Having said all that, I admire you for your positive attitude so much. I think you’ve totally got me trumped on the pain thing, and it would be so easy for you to live a non-stop pity party, and i don’t think anyone would fault you for that, knowing what you deal with all day long. I do think that a positive attitude helps with the pain, too.

    Thanks for sharing your life story with us. My daughter and I are determined to visit Seoul some day and I hope to give you a nice, big (gentle…non shoulder-dislocating) hug when we get there! We love you guise…..

  14. This is SO sweet!!! awesome stories, drawings(Martina(Sorry Simon : p)), and all the works !! you guys arms must be killing you two!

  15. Wow Martina, that was moving. I feel like very few people I run into ever take other people’s struggles and problems into consideration. Ever since my husband and I got pregnant, I’ve had a better understanding. When I was pregnant, I was either super sick or supeeeer swollen. Like freakishly puffy and tender. It was seriously such an uncomfortable 9 months. Bad mood all the timeless hormones. Anywho I wasn’t pleasant to be around and I’m lucky to have such a patient husband because not very many people were patient with me . So going through that made me have a real appreciation for others feelings. And now I’m a patient and proud mom. I know that 9 months is nothing compared to a whole life of pain, but I guess 1day of internal he’ll can feel like a lifetime too. Pain is pain. Well Thanks so much for sharing. NASTY out!

  16. I actually started crying during Martina’s video, then once I finished I watched Simon’s and started crying again. I had no idea that life had been like this for you guys, and I feel like I KNOW you from learning these things. You both are truly inspirational and I love you both very much.
    Also, it is VERY good to know you can actually get out of the friendzone ;)

  17. Martina, ever since I became a nasty, I have appreciated all the videos and effort you guys put in to this for us…Now I have truly learned how difficult things can be for you and I’d just like to say thankyou…You (and Simon) INSPIRE me so much and this video made me feel much better about my own problems and gave me an opportunity to reflect on them and truly understand you. I like your one negative two positive concept and will try that to become more optimistic…
    If you someday read this, I would like to let you know that I…we appreciate all of your hard work and effort to make us NASTIES happy I hope that can somehow compensate for the pain that you feel. We all love you and will support you through thick and thin :))
    ps. You have some real drawing SKILLZZZ!!! lol

  18. Martina and Simon, you are so brave sharing such personal things with us and posting them for everyone to see, I kinda used to think you two had the perfect life, you must be the luckiest people in the world, doing what you do, having each other, but it has nothing to do with luck, as in lottery luck I mean, you’ve earned it all by never giving up, overcoming obstacles every day, being positive and caring and strong-willed and supportive and generous and allaround lovely people, are you blushing yet? thanks for sharing your life with us <3

  19. My knees also bend a bit farther back than normal and my arms also twist in an abnormal way! I never noticed I could do that until a classmate pointed it out to me. I guess since I am not a big sports girl I have not had much trouble but I do occasionally pop my jaw… not sure if I have EDS maybe I should get checked! But it is interesting to know that there is someone else out there that also can do these things and that there is a name for it! I learned something new =)!! By the way loved your video, drawings, and appreciate that even through pain you can still keep an optimistic mood!!!

  20. I had a Japanese friend who intro’d me to Sailor Moon and brought me manga and I had a Sailor Moon Colection!…still have it…I recordd every single episode that came out! Hehehe. I play the cello, so I knew a lot of those hopeless baritone souls you were talking about in my music circle. When i was diagnosed with scoliosis, the doctor brought EVERY SINGLE intern on the floor in to see my crooked spine and uneven hips. So I was standing there bent over in front of all these people while they checked out my hips…yeah. My best friend has constant pain and I know from watching her the difficulty of constant pain. It’s pretty awesome you still do stuff and get out and work and do everything. MAD PROPZ MARTINA! I think I like EYK mostly cause of you guys. Yeah, you talk about cool stuff that make my RL friends roll their eyes, but you’re down to earth and chill. Your pain grounded you and it doesn’t do that for a lot of people. It’s awesome.

  21. I was a hardcore Moonie, and I still am to this day! SAILOR MOON FAN HIGH FIVE WITH MARTINA! Like many other people here, my love of East Asia started with it! I love that both you and Simon shared your stories with us. I appreciate everything that the EYK crew does for me and so many others to make us laugh and smile with each new upload and help us to learn so many new things about Korea that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise without being there! I really loved what you said about everyone experiencing pain, Martina. It’s so true! I wish you all happiness for the future, and thank you thank you thank you!

  22. Martina, you made me cry with this <3 It's amazing how you managed to remain positive throughout, you are a massive inspiration to me and all the Nasties <3

    Although I don't have EDS or a joint/bone problem, I do have IBS which basically means I get horrible cramps almost every day, and also (whether or not it's related) means that I feel sick almost all the time *and* random bits of my body will be in pain for no apparent reason. It's pretty sucky because on top of the cramping, it leads to a lot of other things: I get horrible period pains on top of the normal pain, if I'm cramping I can't take normal painkillers like Neurofen for headaches etc because it makes it worse, it links to a lot of other problems I have (even if the condition's not diagnosed, I still feel the effects and there's nothing I can do) and I went through two or three painkillers before I found one that works (and even that one's not certain – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). The other issue is that I don't know exactly what causes it: anything from eating the wrong food to sleeping on the wrong side, being stressed or, in some cases, just standing up for a long time. While there are ways to relieve the pain, the only real way I've found that properly works is just lie down on my right side for a long period of time which, if I have a full day of school to get through and am already having trouble standing up at 9am, isn't really viable. I used to go lie down in the nurse's office during my breaks but now it's easier just to grin and bear it, especially as exams approach and I have so much to do. Most of my friends and family know that I'm in pain a lot, but very few people beyond my immediate family actually know what it is (mainly because it's fairly embarrasing to tell people), and often I just have to try and shout at people "if I don't sit down now I am either going to throw up, pass out, or both".

    Whew, that went on for longer than expected. Point is, like a lot of people here, I know what it feels like to have this internal pain that constantly plagues you which people just don't notice until you make it plain to them that something's wrong and you're in pain. It's sucky, especially when you're surrounded by people who have problems worse than you, so you feel like you don't deserve to complain until you physically can't deal with it, and I often feel really rude to people because I'm so short with them when it's not because I'm angry, just because I'm more focused on trying to stand up.

    You are such an inspiration to me, Martina, and everyone else here, and I wish you all the best of luck in everything in life and send you as many virtual hugs as you want or need. I love all you Nasties, like, a lot <33333333333

  23. Please do SooZee and InternLeigh “draw my life” too.. :DDD

  24. I just wanted to say, I relate to the pain & stuff that no one sees. Sometimes it’s nice to hear that someone else out there can relate to you, you know? I have fibromyalgia and some other problems that cause a lot of pain day-to-day. I found out a few years back and felt really helpless because it was during my first major flare up of fibro! I had a good friend who I was living with and wouldn’t have gotten through that time without them. ^_^ I was really lucky. Somedays are bad days somedays are good days! I do my best not to be cranky and complain (it’s hard sometimes XD) but I refuse to let it prevent me from having an awesome life. I have an interview next week for teaching over-seas and I’m so excited!! Thanks for sharing your story :)

  25. Hi, just wanted to say, as a doctor in training, it sucks when we can’t figure out people’s problems right away. It hurts us too when we don’t quite have all the information or the symptoms people manifest don’t quite add up to a diagnosis right away and people suffer in pain. I just wanted to throw out there, that often times for rare diseases, we don’t often get a chance to see them with our own eyes, only in books or articles in medical journals. So please be kind to us when we gather around to see you if you do have a more rare condition, because it helps us, who are constantly trying to build up our knowledge base to remember you so that hopefully we will recognize it in someone else and learn from you to treat another who may have the same condition as you! And I mean this with every respect to everyone here on this site, because I have seen a lot of people suffering and in pain, and it sucks. but that is why I want to see as much as possible and learn as much as possible so that I have the answers and can treat the pain and suffering that my patients may have. Just my lowly two cents.

    • I want to say, thank you, truly. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to train and then to be a doctor but I for one really appreciate it. I have a grand total of seven disabilities including EDS and a neurological disorder only approx 100 people in Europe have and know from experience that patients aren’t always the easiest or best behaved/. But in the end, we know it is for the best for ourselves and for others that you ask the incessant questions so keep doing it- please!

  26. can you please tell us about ALL of your tattoos and potential future ones?

  27. You are amazing and its true about people’s outer appearance not always reflecting whats going on inside

  28. Stephanie

    I’m going to join the folks who can definitely relate to having difficulty finding friends who you can share your love of Asian pop culture with. I began to fall in love with anime when I was 10 or 11 (Sailor Moon on YTV!). When I was 13 we got the internet and I was able to further learn about and really discover anime. But the only people I could talk to about it were people online. I used to hide my interest in anime and Japan because the other kids at my school didn’t understand the appeal at all and I didn’t like the jokes they’d make. I didn’t find anyone at school or in my community who shared my interests until I was 16. Even now at 28 I have friends who like some things but not necessarily to the extent that I do and not as broad a range of interests. So sometimes it still feels like the only people I can share this with are online. Finding EYK has made me feel less alone in being an adult who likes K-Pop. So, yay! You guys are awesome.

    Also, I grew up in Bedford so it’s kinda cool seeing you mention it here :)

  29. I just want to thank you Simon and Martina; You and the EYK crew, make possible for me to share what I think, listen and read other people opinions, about asian culture. Personally I am a Japanese’s culture adict, I even study japanese at my free time, who knows maybe if I work hard someday I will travel and see everything with my own eyes :)
    Thanks to you guys, I find a place where i feel free to speak my mind about the things that i like and I can’t share with other people. Even though I have a family and friend that love and care about me; sometimes, because of my “strange” taste, I can’t share this type of things with them because they see it as freaky and make fun of that “kind” of people (not knowing that I’m like that too), they know I’m a japanese freak but not how much i like korean culture too.

    So I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Eat Your Kimichi possible, and I hope more nasties find you.

    Thanks again :) !!!!

  30. Love Love Love Love Love!

    Thank you so much Martina! It really made me tear up when you started talking about who you love! And it is so amazing that you and Simon have opened up to us this way. I feel honored ;A;

    Martina, honestly, you are an inspiration. You are so strong and I’m definietly going to step back in my life and look at all the good things rather than the bad. Life is full of both, but it’s only the good things that you should hold on to.

    So finally, thank you both for helping me see things a little bit clearer. I know I have a lot to learn but It’s nice to know that people have who have been through hard times can still smile and say they are happy.

    Love you both and good night from NY :]

  31. kawaii_candie

    wow, Martina! I remembere you mentioned you dislocation thing before but I had no idea it was so bad! I have a lot of respect for you!!!

    also, i was laughing about all the Sailor Moon stuff because that was pretty much me in high school (omg, YTV!!!) and you have just confirmed what i suspected all along – that we are pretty much the same age ^_- so i was relating a bit to the no facebook and tumblr and the picture of a giant computer, haha… when i was into anime, school friends would be like “haha, you’re watching kiddie cartoons!!” or “eew… you’re watching that weird asian cartoon porn stuff!!” … hum… yeah. lol.

    anyhoo. you are such a sweet person. we love you! keep it up!

  32. Sophie

    Thank you guys so much for your Draw My Life Videos! They were both touching, emotional, and fun! Martina I loved the “don’t judge a book by its cover” part, and I agree most people say the inside is what’s better but sometimes it’s the inside that needs help. I recently got in contact with my friend from North Carolina (I moved to Ohio last year half-way through the school-year). She’s been having to go to a physiatrist because she was being bullied, she was quite depressed because one of her best friends died in a car crash and to make it worst her grades are slipping. But one good thing is that she has been in a great relationship with her boyfriend, who I wish I remember but sadly do not… I love your rule if you say something bad about your day, you have to say two good things! When you said that you realized that it may have been important for you to be in that drunk driver’s way, my respect for you just went through the roof! You guys are truly amazing, wonderful people!

  33. :D Fighting, Martina. Siempre me hacían reir mucho y ahora los admiro mucho más a los dos. I love, guys :D

  34. Awesome story. I also became obsessed with Japanese Animation and sailor moon, and we would all congregate in #saintseiya channel to discuss whatever had happened at the episode, or Sailor Moon or Ranma 1/2. Without internet, I wouldn’t have met those friends who loved the things I did in a place where distance didn’t matter. thanks for reminding me of this, and I love the idea of the 2 good to 1 bad! I’ll put it in practice :)

  35. Martina! Your artwork reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye’s in Coffee Prince. It’s lovely :)

  36. OMG i didn’t fall asleep i teared up at how amazing it was :P

  37. Martina- the section on EDS made me cry, partly with sadness but also with a feeling of affinity as. Other than my mum, you are the only person I know with the same type diagnosed EDS as me. It sucks right? I now have a walking stick (glow in the dark!) to support me as it is not the only disability I have but I also spent alot of my school years angry at the pain and at people for assuming I was okay when I was in agony or for teasing me when I was on crutches but with no cast. But now, after a lot of pain and heartache, I like you, made the decision to look on the bright side and happened to find a wonderful husband who supports me- maybe we should start doing the 1 bad 2 good things- it sounds like a great way to put things in perspective. One good thing is that we are always great fun at parties- just a couple of days ago my boss yelled in shock when he saw my hand flat on the desk and my arm bending waaay over it, and I barely noticed I was doing it! I got a free cup of tea in exchange for doing again (don’t tell my doctors!). Anyway, sorry for the long post but don’t forget that even outside the family you have built there are people to support you- the EDS community is craaazzy supportive! Hwaiting! xxx

  38. OH MER GAWD I SAW GACKT AND FAN GIRL HEADDESKED MY LAPTOP!!! You guys are seriously the best and I’m glad I discovered you years ago! :D

  39. Martina, this brightened my day! I grew up with and still suffer from juvenile idiopathic arthritis from the age of 11 and it was so refreshing just to hear someone explain how tough it is to not have a very visible disability because of the lack of understanding from those around you, I empathize with that struggle and I know several people with EDS I met as a kid through attending special summer camp that will find this so uplifting. We all live with some level of pain on a daily basis and I know your video will make it just a tad more bearable. Thank you for sharing with us Nasties! <3

  40. kpopfan123

    “Then, you have to record your voice into a mic and then re-time the drawings to match the story, but I drew too many things!!! I’m sorry! When I had to fast-forward everything, I found the pictures getting all blurred and lots of little text got kind of washed away. Then I drew too much, so I had to cut half the drawing out, and so my pen might pop up randomly but hopefully it won’t bug you too much. Bah! I’ll learn for next time! Which there shan’t be!” ♥

    Thank you for sharing your life with us! Love you guise!!! > . <

    03:38 ♥ (EYK)


  41. the drawings are so pretty. :)

  42. OMG. I LUV SAILOR MOON. I WATCHED ALL THE EPISODES. and then there was mermaid melody…. good times…. C:

  43. My older brother as EDS as well!

    His shoulders are especially bad, they pretty much dislocate if you just happened to sneeze in their direction o.0 When we were kids we thought it was a lot of fun and we could spend hours with him popping it in and out of place “dislocated, not dislocated, dislocated, not dislocated!” and we would have joint popping competitions, which he would always win. Seriously the sounds he can produce, especially with his neck and ellbows.. !

    It was only as we got older we realized just how bad his joints really were and that we had actually caused more damage by, in a way, playing with it when we were younger :( There were talks of surgery as you said but luckily they ended up just recommending physio and swimming. He is better now but his shoulder will always be a big problem I think..

    Also, Martina I really know how you feel about being the weird Asian obsessed kid XD I remember when I was a kid and I randomly bought a Sailor moon comic in sweden (I am norwegian) I just became obsessed with it and I showed all my friends this wonderfully strange comic I had got in Sweden. I particularly wanted to cut my hair short like Sailor Mercury, but my mom wouldn’t let me -_-” I also saw Totoro, grave of the fireflies and old godzilla films on the movie channel, but none of my friends knew what I was talking about. Imagine the 8 year old Norwegian kid trying to teach her friends the mothra song XD

    I was lucky though, cause my brother shared this interest with me, he was the one who got me further in to Ghibli films, manga etc, he even introduced me to Pokemon before it became cool. As I got older though I started gaining more friends through drama club (Where the weird once rule!!) that I could sharemy interests with, and I had a japanese girl in my high school class. Coming to her house after school was like a dream come true. I nearly died of happiness when I heard her mum being all kawaii in Japanese to the family dog.

    Now I feel a bit like the weird kid again (I am 25, lol) though, because I am the only one I know who likes K-pop and korean programming :/ Gangnam style helped but not by much. I did manage to get my brother into it, so I have returned the pokemon favour :P He is more into the variety scene, but I do believe he is a closet Kamilia as he has for instant learned the Mister Butt dance! :D So that is why I am so happy I have you and Simon, the eatyoukimchi crew and all the nasties, to share all the epicness that is asian pop culture with!

    Wow, this became a bit of a rant,, Anyway, I wish I knew you when we were kids, Martina! We could have been the weird Asian/sailor moon kids together! I love the eatyourkimchi videos and blogs, and even though we haven’t met in person I really do consider you and Simon my friends! And that goes for all you other wonderful nasties as well!

    The both of you, stay as awesome as always, it does not go unappreciated!!

    *Virtual huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs all around!!!!*

  44. I am always falling over and injuring myself and last month i fell over and broke my leg/ankle in 3 places and had to have surgery on it. At the time i was frustrated and all “why the hell does this always happen to me” (i broke my left foot the previous month) I have had to have 6 weeks off work and non weight baring so i survived on one leg and two arms. That is just as painful as i am so active and always have to be doing something. Relying on others isnt my thing and I have had to swallow my pride and let people help me. I Learned i had no reason to complain as there are people who are worse off than me and I will have my leg back at the end of the day (monday to be exact. sooooo excited)
    But your story is inspirational. you show you are able to carry on with everything even though there is pain.
    You are a remarkable person.

  45. I LOVE SAILOR MOON TOO!!!! YUPI! Happy to know it Martina! ;P Keep the good job!
    I have to say you draw pretty well and… I was a bit sad to know about your disease. I had no idea you suffered like this ’cause you are always so happy and full of energy. I just hope you continue this happy (as much as possible) and continue to bring us joy. 1000 kisses from Portugal! ^.^

  46. Martina! i love you! you seriously are my idol and a fantastic inspiration!<3

  47. I had a really bad day today… but after watching this I feel a lot better knowing that you went through a lot harder times than I have and are still so positive, thanks so much for the video! xx

  48. I actually cried for some of this – I love you Martina *hugs you*
    You and Simon are wonderful people – I’m always excited for your videos (and I turned 2 of my best friends into Nasties because I just fangirl so much about you guys) – love you so much!! And Meemers, and the Spudgy!!!!!

  49. Thank you for your story Martina, I felt like your story was meant to give me some hope and direction in my own life. I agree that just because people appear okay on the outside, it doesn’t really mean they are. Not everyone shows or wants to show their problems. I think you’ve handled EDS and how it impacts your life admirably. I’m grateful to see you guys have a happy approach to life and I hope I can achieve something similar.

  50. Remember Sugar from YTV? Sailor Chibi Moon =)

  51. Hi Martina,

    I don’t have EDS, but I’m hyper-mobile, and my hip has a mind of its own, whenever I walk I tell it to go straight, it decides to make a sharp turn to the left. My knees pop constantly, I’ve seen more doctors then I care to remember and I’ve done just about everything imaginable to lessen the pain and constant discomfort. Although it sucks to have, I applaud you for talking about it in such a public way. I can especially relate to the looking alright on the outside but resembling a 90year old woman on the inside (I’m 25, but I’ve been having problems with my feet, knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders,… since I was 10) . I’ve even had physical therapist tell me that her 70 grandma can push more weight than me– right after she’d received hip surgery… well thank you for that physical therapist, that really lifted my spirits.

    Anyway, thanks for talking about this and sharing your story.

    I always look forward to your videos and I love what you and Simon do! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

    Love from Belgium.

  52. omg this just hit me. I can totally understand as i have something of that sort as well.. basically i had my shoulders disslocated all the time ….and with all the time i mean whenever i lifted my arm >.< as a result i had to quitt sports in 4th grade when we noticed that. The Thing is i didn't even notice that i did disslocate my shoulder cause it was a normal Thing for me to do and didn't cause any pain at all…^^' so my should basically was so bad that it didn't even hurt anymore. As sports are central in my Family. it was horrible. well i had therapy for 2 years and finally made that my shoulders only disslocated around once a day …which was a huuuge improvement…but things like gymnastics and basically all sports that use the shoulders a loot were banned till forever for me since i was lucky i didn't hurt myself further while doing gymnastics with a disslocated shoulder.
    It's awesome to see that even tho u went trough all that too u became positiv about it and true the pain in the inside can't be seen but luckily there are People who notice that stuff even tho they can't see it.
    huge respect from me and hwaiting ^.^

  53. Simon and Martina; you guise are great tandem and couple that we have ever seen. (I am speaking on behalf of your followers[for sure they will agree]). Not just only that; Martina, I commend you being a very strong will-powered person despite of your ailment you still put a wonderful yet cute smile on your face. I do really like how you differentiate what life is in your own way.

    As I watch your both “Draw your Life” TL;DR; I learn one thing from the both of your (especially with Martina); I’ve learn that life is what you persevere for and you have to live your life to the fullest. Not just only that; Always put smile on your face if your facing problems. Problem is nothing as you put smile on your face and learn what is the best for you.

    Guise, kudos to both of you and I want to give you a great big hug like barney :P and applause for your wonderful job and may you have a great success as you continue feeding us information about South Korea. (Screw NORTH KOREA!) just kidding lol!

    More power to you both!

  54. Hi Martina,
    You are really so positive and encouraging if anyone know about you…
    You are right – everyone has their story behind that not everyone know about and we shouldn’t presume too much of a person.
    I will remember always to stay positive because you prove to be positive even when life went through sucky patches.

  55. I LOVE SAILOR MOON TOO!!!! YUPI! Happy to know it Martina! ;P Keep the good joob!

  56. Not to say “ooh, I’m happy Martina has health problems too!” But I really appreciated your sharing your story with EDS. My sister has suffered similar problems like you all her life and recently discovered in the past year or so she has it, and I also have dealt with Ulcerative Colitis, which is kind of like Crohn’s if you know what that is, all my life. I often think it is really unfair that we have to deal with so much, but then I like to remind myself that everyone has problems of some kind, and the only way to deal is to just try to not let them get in the way of living your life. Like you said, best to use try to focus on being happy no matter what :)

  57. I really love it!! You story is really inspirational, you always seem like such a happy person but underneath that there is pain. Us nasty people will support you, Simon, Spudgy, Meemers and EYK forever!!

  58. This is why I love you guise. Martina, you can fangirl with me anytime :D

  59. I knew there was a reason I love guise. This just sealed the package…. Simon and Martina you are seriously awesome, and I will happily fangirl with you anyday :)

  60. I have EDS as well! I feel your pain….literally…..it sucks all sorts of things i won’t say. I like that rule, one bad thing and you need to come up with 2 good things, i should try that one. Thanks for making this video!

  61. Your Draw My Life was really moving and I feel your pain about having EDS. I’ve got TMJ (lock jaw) from stressing real bad in high school, mix that with anxiety and depression and you’ve got yourself a bundle of problems. I’d grind my teeth at night and stress about every little thing that was happening around me. The amount I stressed became so bad that the left side of my top and bottom jaw fused together. After seeing a doctor in another state and being diagnosed as having one of the worst cases of Lock Jaw in Australia in 20 years I finally had the cartilage that fused my jaw together removed.

    Now the muscles in my mouth are super inflamed and tense from not being used for 7 or so years (if somebody touches the left side of my face I scream in pain) and there are no doctors/physiotherapists/jaw surgeons left who can properly help me or can actually pinpoint what’s going on because there’s no one who’s had TMJ to my extent. I understand it’s always one crappy saga after the next.

  62. This is so inspirational in a way I can’t explain. ‘Gull, i can’t explain how I feel~’ Okay. No. Anyways had the same issue as you, when I was younger, just less intense, but now I’m fine~ Are you? Hehe, you are so lucky to find someone like Simon~ And no, I’m not having a crush on him! Hehe~ Anyways keep on being happy buddies~

  63. I don’t want to be “that guy” but medical marijuana can really help alleviate chronic joint pain. My grandmother had similar symptoms and they went away basically overnight.

  64. Awesome a fellow Sailor Moon fan!!! I loved that show so hard. I collected the character cards and anything else I could get my hands on.I watched it religiously every morning, before school. hauled my butt out of bed at 4:30am every morning to watch it.. Most of my friends thought I was crazy and still do since I discovered Kpop and Kdramas about a year and a half ago. they don’t understand why I like it so much. oh well any ways enough of me rambling. Sending virtual/mental hugs to Martina, you are one strong and awesome person never doubt that.


  66. The looking fine on the outside but sick on the inside struck a chord with me. I look fine on the outside but I do have an illness that makes me sick a lot and in physical pain. It’s often too hard to properly explain to people and because I look fine all the time, even close friends can forget that I have an illness. People see me looking happy and healthy and don’t realise that for all the time I’m out and socialising, I need to have the down time for my body to recover. It can cause some friction in friendships when people don’t understand me needing time away. But these days I’m just happy that my illness isn’t something much worse.

    My parents were highschool teachers too… and my dad taught at my school….. ughhh!

  67. Martina you and your china bone/joint things are much loved. You know for Simon being such a tall “Graceful” manly warrior, I’m happy to see that your not hurt more often or plagued by “wo’ was me” syndrome. Keep up the excellent work and the beauty you, both of you. Much love from this nasty!

  68. Thanks for being super awesome! My best friend and her whole family has EDS. My friend’s oldest sister has it the worst and it is so sad to watch her suffer. My friend has only a mild form of it but shes only 17 so it will only get worse. But it still prevents her from doing things like hiking and tap dance, which she loves to do. I look at them and think about how nice they are and it reminds me again and again that my problems aren’t super bad compared to that, and that I should be grateful for the health I do have.
    Also, you remind me a lot of my older sister. She loves anime and manga (like everyone should!) but she has FIBROMYALGIA. So, she says (like you did in the video) that she is basically a 25 year old living in a 83 year old body! ALL THE TIME! So! even though I don’t have a super horrible health problem, I understand, and it really makes me thankful for people like Simon and my brother-in-law who will love someone for who they are!
    LUV YA!

  69. Martina you actually made me cry with this video! (In a good way I swear) I 100% know what you mean about inner pain while looking normal on the outside. Health wise i’m really not so great and I go through pain everyday and take lots of medication for it too, though most of the time it doesn’t really help. My doctors don’t even know everything that is going on with me either, I feel like a crazy person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in hospitals, I actually consider them my second home. I don’t want to mention specifics, however I go through a lot more than people around me realize. Even close friends, that don’t know everything, still don’t understand me or what I go through everyday even when I try to tell them…

    Your video was BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE your message! ~I hope I can too find someone like Simon who can listen and take care of me when needed, someone who is beyond supportive too. Someone who will always be my side and not just be a best friend but a amazing husband as well. :) I’m certain you two will last forever!! ^^

  70. I know everyone else has already said it, but it’s very true. Your story was great; your comments about not judging a book by it’s cover for people who are in pain, either physical or mental is so true. I go through a lot of mental anguish from the depression that I suffer but people never see it because it’s not something that can be seen.
    I also understand what you mean about finding all the wonderful nasties through the interwebs. I have met a lot of very wonderful people through the internet who have become more true friends to me than people I might have known in person.
    I feel like from watching your videos that we could be good friends too… Hopefully I’ll run into you two while filming one day when I’m in Korea. ^^ Can I say that’s on my bucket list of things to do? It totally is. :3

  71. Martina noooo! D: I didn’t know you were in all this pain all the time!!! :’<
    Totes gonna do what you do. Look on the bright side of things, and complain a whole lot less. That 2 positives for one negative thing is a brilliant idea, gonna input that into my daily life.
    Oh, and did I spy Gackt in there somewhere???????? O_O (I went through a huge JRock phase all throughout middle school and high school, and I loves me some Gackt. And Miyavi. And The Gazette. And Do As Infinity.) Who else did you listen to????? :D

  72. I really connected to your story because a lot of it reminded me of my own life experiences. Especially when you talk about your relationship with your sister. I’m one of five children, but I’m not really close with my older siblings because of our age gap. But my little sister and I are literally BFFs and are really close. We share clothes (mostly; she’s smaller than me, too) and talk about practically everything. I know I can count on her to give it to me straight, and that she’ll have my back when it comes down to it.
    How do you stay connected with your sister? Mine is going to university & staying in the dorms this fall, and it’s going to be so strange not having her home. I’m already missing her and she hasn’t even left yet lol.

    P.S. Sailor Moon is DA BOMB. One of my favorites to this day. <3

  73. Hurray for baritones! Low brass luv!

  74. I don’t know if this was asked, but you know how at every major announcement, people ask if you’re pregnant? Because you have EDS, have you been advised not to get pregnant? I know that during pregnancy, a hormone relaxin is sent through out your body. Upside is that this allows ones hips and pelvis to spread making childbirth possible. Downside, your joints become really unstable. Since it sounds like EDS has already made your joints unstable, would pregnancy exacerbate the issue? So we are being really insensitive when we ask? (Yes, I get the irony and apologize.) It is just us Nasties don’t want to cause you more pain. So just give us a hint that it is a really sore subject.

    • Actually, they have made it known that they really don’t like all the questions about them becoming pregnant. It is the one really personal thing that they don’t talk about. So yes, it is a sore subject.

      I honestly don’t understand why people keep asking them about it seeing as it is their private business. They share a lot of stuff with the Internet but that is one thing I think it is their right to keep to themselves.

      • I completely agree that it is none of our business. Hopefully, it was understood my questions were rhetorical. Whenever they have a major announcement, my thoughts are “are they finally coming to my city?” Or “Are they interviewing my favorite band?” Not “Is Martina pregnant?” However, having someone ask personal questions that you don’t want to answer is an annoyance. The Internet excels at being annoying. But, from personal experience, I know the soul shredding pain of being asked if you are pregnant if you feel or know you can’t be when you really want children. While some Nasties wouldn’t mind being annoying, they would hate to know they truly hurt Simon and Martina.

  75. I too can relate to the whole weird disease thing. As a child, I was always sick. I would cry in the morning when my mom tried to make me go to school. In my sophomore year of high school, I was absent from school so much that I had to get an attendance waiver signed because I was just sick almost every day. We didn’t know what was wrong, I was anemic, sure but we didn’t know why my stomach was always hurting or bloated. I had headaches and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep. I cut meat out of my diet at age 10 because that’s what I thought was making me ill. Eventually we found out I had Celiac, making me gluten intolerant and destroying the villi in my intestines and causing all sorts of problems. I now have to be extremely careful with my diet and if I eat even a tiny bit of gluten, I feel it right away. It’s horrible. I have to sit through classes with my stomach hurting, my head hurting, my head fogging up, it’s absolutely the worst thing. Maybe not like having your joints popping out but a different pain. It’s also a pain to eat out or to go to a friend’s house because I hate when people fuss over me even though it is extremely touching when people do.

  76. Martina, you are an angel :’)

  77. yanagiba yusuke22

    tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq so much…waiting for so long time….:)

  78. I think all of us Nasties just need to sit around and eat ginger snaps/drink chamomile tea. From all of the differnt types of injuries I have read about in the comments (including my own weird thing), I think we are all just secretly old grannies and granppos.

  79. @7:09 did Martina draw a black wrinkly penis? xD

  80. It was so touching watching this video… And really can I say I actually smile because i understand the feeling of looking perfectly fine on the outside but feeling like crap on the inside. /SHOWERS MARTINA IN HUGS/ I have ADHD, plus kidney issues (Still waiting for the official diagnosis after 4 years of being sick), GAD, dysthymia (the one that makes my days the hardest), my joints are a mess coz i had surgery on my ankles when i was a kid and they messed up with my tendons, the result i have had 6 level 2 sprains on my ankle, broken ankle and the bad part is that im allergic to all NSAIDs (this means all painkillers) so I have learn to suck up the pain and in short words a crappy health in general. But yes sometimes we chronic’s (like i learn to call myself) we have our hard days, but like you I also try to say hey!!! im still alive~~ im still alive /start rapping like T.O.P/ ok… back to the topic (damn u ADHD, waves fist in the air), its hard sometimes because people tend to get sick of people with poor health, reason why I have choosen to stay single for the moment… And it has also shown me who your true friends are.

    At the end of the day I just want to say thanks for sharing your amazing story and showing people that we must pay attention and show empathy for everyone out there.

    Now for the blog post!!!!! I had the amazing chance of living with my lita and lito (my grandparents for my dad’s side) until I turn 21, my grandma showed me how to cook despite she didnt let anyone on her kitchen and my lito always took care of me, even watching as a vigilante when my friends (which where all male, sorry kinda tomboyish too XD) came. It so refreshing seen someone like you telling this story.

    Thanks Martina!!! And also thanks Simon for giving me hope that I can find someone like you who can deal with my sick self… Showers you all with hugs!!!!

  81. Wow I loved the video Martina! I’d just like to add something to your thoughts about people who on the outside look healthy, but on the inside they may have mental or small injuries that other people wouldn’t be able to tell. Well for the mental ones: I’m a pretty sensitive person, and take mean or hurtful comments from people very close to me (my parents) 10 times worse then what they probably meant. As a result, some days are just horrible for me. Now that doesn’t sound too far off what most people experience on a daily basis, but throw in some depression and other bad stuff, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to live with myself! But the worst thing is I look at myself from the outside, and I see myself looking healthy, I’m not struggling for money (not any more then a poor starving university student), and I generally have a lot of good stuff going for me. So I see myself and think “What the hell is wrong with her(me)?!” I treat myself like strangers treat people who’s injury is invisible…. I’m my own worse enemy ! Anyone else like this too?

  82. Wow Martina..you really broke a lot of bones. ._.

  83. Do you still talk to your friend Miki?

  84. Totally understand with the daily pain. I got the short end of the stick and was born into a fairly poor, American family. The healthcare here sucks if you don’t have insurance or otherwise can’t afford it. Anyway, I have chronic migraines ( every day, all day, at it’s worst ) which I’m finally on medication for. I still get headaches, though I’m glad they aren’t migraines. I have a “diagnosis” of endometriosis through process of elimination; I can’t afford to get the exploratory surgery to actually confirm it. It causes pain all the time in the pelvic area, and my periods were about 2 weeks long, with another week in the middle of pain and cramps. I’ve been on so many medications I can’t even remember anymore, but I finally gave in and risked infertility by taking depo-provera. I really want to have children, but I’m almost 27 and my family has a history of very early menopause ( think 40~45 ). Endo is a condition that affects the immune system as well as reproductive, which affects the digestive system after a while, and only gets more painful with age. It was at the point where I was unable to move at all so I’d just stay in bed all day for 3 days straight, and I would fall when walking because the pain was too much. I had to get prescription pain medication for it, because it’s the only thing that would help; over the counter stuff ( Tylenol, Advil, etc ) stopped being effective, I’d have to take about 30 pills to get any help, but it was hurting my stomach. I look normal on the outside, and I pretty much have a poker face when I’m anywhere outside of my bedroom. My family and friends don’t understand, some of my family even think I’m faking it or exaggerating, and I was even told to “just stop thinking about it and it will go away”. You’re really lucky to have supportive family and friends! As of now, I’m still in pain most days, either from headaches or still having abdominal/pelvic pain. I’m pretty sure my digestive system is in terrible shape, but I don’t have the money to find out what exactly is going on.

    As for the 2 good things ( freaking awesome idea! ), I’m satisfied that I’m smart and I guess pretty, so I have something to help me along in life. People can deny it, but being pretty helps you in every country on Earth, consciously or not. I’m glad that I get to watch some awesome videos from a couple that I admire, seriously your marriage is something we should all strive for. I’m thrilled there’s so many people that share my love of music in general, kpop specifically, and U-Kiss even more specifically! ( I’m listening to Take Me Away right now on repeat! )

    A lot of people in the comment section said that they were crying, but I didn’t because it didn’t feel sad. Your attitude through the whole thing was still happy and positive, and that’s just amazing. Thank you so much, both of you.

    • I have severe endometriosis. At 27, last december, i resorted to a total hysterectomy because i could not deal with the pain any longer. I feel like a completely new person now, it amazes me how sick it was making me. It was one of the best decisions ever.
      I have always wanted to be a mother, and am still trying to deal with the fact that i can never carry a child. It is a hard thing to go through. But thinking about adoption and the little baby that i know one day will be born for me to be a mother to, i definitely made the right decision. I let “not being able to have my own child” delay me for so long, i wish i had the surgery sooner.
      I wish you the best of luck! it truely is absolutely horrible, the pain, etc…..Hang in there!

      • -hugs- You didn’t want to just get the ovaries removed so you might be able to get IVF later on? I’ve been thinking about it, though I don’t have the money to do it. My mom had fibroids and cysts, she got a full hysterectomy after my youngest siblings were born ( she was 30 I think? ), but she had to look for months until she found a doctor willing to do it. Ridiculous. Did you have that issue?

        I think about what would happen if I went through with the surgery and later wanted to have kids, and I just end up really depressed and sometimes cry. I do want to have children of my own blood, not that I have anything against adoption ( it’s a wonderful thing! ), I just want to have the full experience of carrying my child and giving life to it. I wouldn’t love the child any less if it was adopted, but I would feel like something was lacking for me personally. I’m not sure if I could reconcile that in myself.

        • that was considered, but once they got in there, they found everything just sooo damaged, i wouldn’t have been able to carry a baby.
          I didn’t have any problems with my doc not wanting to do it, i was just sooo sick, and in soo much pain, i couldn’t take being in the hospital or ER almost every week anymore, it was the best decision for me.
          I thought about that a whole lot as well, i wanted to be able to carry a child myself so badly, and i still have times when it upsets me and i’ve cried sooo much about it. But i could not live any type of life in the condition i was in, there was no way i could have raised a child like that or anything, i couldn’t even work. I had to decide to make the best choice for me, i had to let go of being able to have my own children. I’ve spoken to many women who have been through the same thing and have adopted, and i can’t tell you how much that has helped me. Now i realize I can still be a mom, though i won;t be able to carry the child, someone will for me. It is an extremely hard thing to deal with, but in the end you need to do what is best for you.
          -hugs- I hope things work out for you, no matter what the future holds! I’m always here if you need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact me! Hang in there!

        • Thank you so much. I’ll try, and I’m definitely thinking about just ovary removal if possible ( and freeze some eggs for later ). I’ve been on prescription painkillers for years, and even right now being on depo provera, I’m having some serious pain without the super heavy period. It sucks! I can’t really work either, though I’ll be homeless pretty soon. I’m supposed to go to college this fall, but I don’t know how that’s gonna turn out. -sigh-
          Anyway, thank you again. Really, it means so much to be able to talk to someone who knows what I’m going through.

        • Have you considered trying Lupron shots? it basically puts you into a medically induced menopause, i did that for two years, it could be something to consider.
          I was on the prescription painkillers too, they had me on such ridiculous amounts that i started having problems and it took months to get off of them.
          and no problem, i’m here to talk anytime you need to!

        • Depo-Provera does the same thing, pretty much. I’m still having a hard time on it though, and it’s been 5 months now I think. It’s just really frustrating that I can’t afford to do anything about it, not anything that would really make a difference.
          I’ve been taking the prescription painkillers for the last ~7 years, very carefully controlled. It takes away just the worst of the pain so that I can get up and do stuff like eat or shower or whatever. Even now that I’m not really having periods, I’m still having cramps that are bad enough to still need to take them. It sucks!

  85. Just like it did for you, Martina, EYK also helped ME find all these like-minded cool awesome people I never had (since people in my family/friends circle don’t care about k-culture and kpop) that share the same interests as me. Thanks EYK crew, it’s been a blessing knowing you these last 2 years! ^^

  86. I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now but have always been a bit shy to leave a comment. I just wanted to say your videos and blog posts always brighten up my day! Thank you :)


  88. I had scoliosis. (I say “had” because I had surgery to correct it – I have nine vertebrae fused in my spine). I don’t want to use my surgery as a way to get my way or to get out of doing something. (I may joke about it, but I try not to use that unless it’s very necessary).

    I also have a Non-Verbal Learning Disability, which basically means I sometimes have difficulty remembering information I hear or I can’t process a lot of information given to me at one time.

    On top of that, when I was 18, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, which essentially means I can’t have my own children.

    I used to complain because I felt like I was the “unhealthy” one in my family, what with all my doctors visits and I used to complain about all the stuff going on in my life. But now I realized that things happen for a reason: My spinal fusion means I don’t have scoliosis anymore, I have perfect posture and I wear my scar like a badge of honor. (And it gives me material for funny stories – like the time my steel rod accidentally set off the metal detector at Heathrow.) As useful as it would have been knowing about my learning disability when I was in school (they thought it was ADD until I was retested). at least i know more now. It made me think about accommodations I can use (making lists, jotting down notes, listening to music during a long task so I can concentrate and not get distracted) so I can do the best work possible in my job, and those things I do are a godsend. So I can’t have my own kids. That doesn’t mean I can’t be a mom when I’m meant to be. I can adopt. And adopting means I can be a family to a child who doesn’t have one. (And the idea of childbirth freaks me out!)

    Simon and Martina, I love you guise and you changed my life, too: I feel like you’re my friends and I love the fact that your site gives us Nasties a chance to connect with each other.

    To you Nasties (and Martina) going through stuff: stay strong and stay positive! Fighting!

  89. XD Simon’s problems are more internal conflict or change but Martina is physical :D I love you guys so much

  90. Will Leigh and SooZee do one?

  91. I way always interested in Asian cultures mostly Japanese stuff. It took me a long time to find out that Korea existed and that it wasn’t a third world country. I stumbled across the K drama “My princess” while searching for a Japanese show called “the Mischievous princess” I remembered watching with my sister once but we had drifted apart at the as she got busy with school, and I didn’t really have any friends because I was homeschooled. I guess I was trying to remember that feeling of being close to someone. I liked the warm feeling of the show and started watching “Oh my Lady” which was listed under similar shows at that point I didn’t even know I was watching a Korean show. When Siwon started singing I was blown away so I started looking for more music done by him and inevitably got addicted to Super Junior. I started getting deeper and deeper into Korean culture to the point that even though I’ve never studied the Korean language I have to catch myself before blurting the few words I do know into my English sentences. But I live in a small town where everyone loves country music and people celebrate Easter by target practicing with their armory of guns and again I didn’t have many friends and I didn’t want to lose the few I did have so I just hid the Korean part of me for a long time. It didn’t go over well. My love for Korea just grew as I found more bands and watched more dramas and googled. But then when I was with my friends I ended up just shutting down because I didn’t know what to talk about other than KPop. Eventually, I realized that that is a pathetic way to live and I saw what it was doing to me. I started being more open with my friends and told them some of the things I learned about Korea. Some of them didn’t know the difference between North and South and when I said I wanted to go the Hongdae they replied they would be worried about getting stabbed. After all this happened I was a lot more comfortable with my friends and happier in general, but I was the crazy one and they never get my references so I still felt isolated. Then I found eyk and its like a second but actually accepting family where people know what I am talking about, like the same things, and if you say Korea is as safe or safer than America they don’t tell you your research is wrong.

    I guess this monstrously long story of my life was all to say is THANK YOU to all the Nasties, the eyk crew, and to Simon and Martina especially. First I thought you were strange (WTF was my problem back then), then I thought you were hilarious, and now your both super huge role models to me regarding life in general (and also still hilarious).

  92. I didn’t almost cry (that’s reserved for old people, babies, and animals) but I really related with Martina when she talked about her Baka. I was basically raised by my Grama, so I really understand the love and affection people describe when they talk about their Grandparents. Also, I really love the comments on this video, because I feel like I’m learning about so many people, and realizing that although we are all diverse and experience other difficulties, we all found a little bit of happiness thanks to Simon and Martina. :)

  93. YOU PLAY CRIBBAGE? Dude. I challenge you. It is so on…

  94. Hey Martina, I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but just in case. . . Have you ever tried strength training to help with your EDS? I’m a yogi who happens to love lifting weights, and while I don’t have EDS or anything like it, I did used to suffer from pretty bad joint pain. Lifting not only strengthened my muscles, it helped my joints as well — lifting weights, particularly heavy ones (in my case — in yours I would recommend low weight, until your joints have strengthened and you learn perfect form, etc) actually strengthens your joints, ligaments and tendons. If you mix that with some gentle yoga, you might find that you experience less dislocation and pain in general. Again, you’d have to be really diligent about proper form and using the right weight for you, but it could really help — I looked up some forums for people with EDS and a lot of the have had quite a bit of success with this.

  95. I’ll join the EDS folks coming out of the woodwork…I had my first major reconstructive knee surgery in eighth grade. I also got lucky enough to pick up Reynaud’s when I was 21, apparently associated with EDS, so I can basically get frostbite from holding a glass of ice water. I have also been advised not to do sports, but I competitively windsurf despite the often extreme pain.

  96. Great job….~!XD but it flashed too quickly…..= =||||

  97. Sailor Moon was my first anime too <3 I used to get up at 4 am when I was in the 2nd grade to watch it although I didn't know it was anime. In fifth grade my mom bought me a Sailor Moon movie that she didn't know was in Japanese and I fell in love with the language <3 Sailor Moon is like the gateway drug to awesome <3

  98. Martina, if I did not love you before I sure do now! just by looking at you no would think that you were hurting. I will think twice before complaining about my back or legs hurting, I mean come on i choose it when i horse back ride ever week. But i just wanted to say i love you guise!!!!

  99. When you said “You guys have changed my life in ways you probably didn’t realize”… And I’m thinking, you guys have probably changed our lives in ways we(us nasties) or you guys didn’t really realize. To someone they probably don’t care about this stuff, about Korean culture and food and such (and may just be racist and don’t care about any culture other than their own and ect); but then there are us, who LOVE to learn about all this stuff, and that you guys and the whole of EatYourKimchi mean so much to us, and in different ways to different people you have helped us and maybe made a bigger impact than we really think about.
    Like, for me, because of your videos, helping me grow to love Korea and Korean things, I really have a dream to go to Korea and experience the culture and such for myself. Also, if it weren’t for you guys keeping me in touch with kpop and all, I probably wouldn’t be all that into kpop so much.
    I, in my opinion at least, think that you guys mean more to us nasties than you can really think. I don’t know if any other nasties have even really thought about how different our lives could be if we didn’t watch your videos or anything..
    I actually would like to say its kind of like we are all a virtual/internet family, I guess? Cause thats kind of how it sort of seems like, in a way. We watch your videos, send you mail, fan-mail, letters, etc. And you guys show us your lives and your personalities, and let us into your lives, your home, your hearts. You guys spend SOOO much time in your lives to make your videos for us to watch, and sometimes go out of your way to do things for us(like giving us signed CDs, or the care packages, and etc), and I give you guys a HUGE thank you for everything you’ve done!! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way..
    You guys really are so awesome! So don’t stop being who you are and doing what you do! We will continue to be here for you guys, to care about you, and to watch you guys grow and go through life. And never forget how much you guys really mean to us
    <3 ♥ :)

  100. It’s funny how alike our lives were growing up, Martina! The entire time I was like “ahmahgerd, she’s just like me!” For real! Although it wasn’t so much that I had a Japanese friend, but a Japanese neighbor, whose kids I grew up with. She would make yummy Japanese food, and I would watch awesome Japanese cartoons and learn to speak baby Japanese lol. I can really relate to that and the feeling of not having anyone else really understand or having friends who liked it, too. I was always that “weird girl who likes Asian stuff”. But I didn’t care! I also played a lot of sports as a kid and had a lot of guy friends, though without the injuries. I did hurt my knee in TaeKwonDo my senior year of high school though. Tore the ACL during practice ><. I still have knee problems to this day, and suffer from tendinitis from a sprained wrist from last year.
    It really sucks about your condition. I can't imagine what that must be like to live with on a day to day basis. But I think it's great that you have someone like Simon to support you through everything. I think things like that are really important, even without a medical condition. It's even better that you try not to let it get you down. Your positive outlook on life is an inspiration to all. :)

    Sailor Moon was also my gateway drug to anime :P

  101. My brother’s girlfriend has EDS. She doesn’t like to talk about it very much because she doesn’t want people to treat her any different, but it is so cute how much my brother takes care of her. He is able to make sure she is fine without drawing too much attention to her.

  102. I cried towards the end.

  103. Thanks for sharing Martina! I have IBS, and it’s a real struggle to be happy sometimes. Most people don’t understand me, because I look fine on the outside. You have a great outlook on life. I’m going to take your advice and be more positive. :) Stay strong! <3

  104. Well, I certainly don’t have any body issues like you do or some of the people in the comments (I can’t even imagine being in pain like that. Oh my god. My best friend has fibromyalgia and she’s always in pain and I have no clue who to do or what she’s feeling and it SUCKS) but I can most certainly relate to people seeing that happy shell on the outside.
    My father is an alcoholic, and many people don’t understand that it’s a disease, like many addictions are. When I was…nine or ten, I went on a trip with my best friend and came back in the middle of day 3 of a binge he was on. He was supposed to be taking care of my brother, but that was left up to me. I had no clue what was going on. I didn’t want to tell my mom because I was afraid of what would happen to my dad. I was lost. My brother called my mom, and she called the police and we were handed over to a friend and flown home the next morning. (My parents are divorced. My dad’s in Arizona, my mom, stepdad, brother and I are in California.)
    My mom still doesn’t trust me completely, or my dad, despite how long ago this was, and nobody ever understands that. I can’t go out and do things with my friends because my mom gets really worried, and my visits with my dad are really restricted, despite his sobriety and involvement in the AA. I also get extremely annoyed with people who joke about drinking and drug use, and nobody really understands that, either. My school isn’t in the best area, and being in the American society we are now, it’s like underage drinking and drug use is a rite of passage or something, and nobody at my school understands why I get so angry when people talk about it. My own parents (well, mom and stepdad) joke about drinking.
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant. I just…I connected, I guess. And while I’m certainly not hurting physically, I know what it’s like. Just gotta stay happy and concentrate on the good things :) Thank you, Martina!
    Also, totally being a nerd here, but SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY CRIBBAGE OH MY GOD.


  106. I have a form of scoliosis that makes standing for long periods of time painful, but I’ve grown to ignore it. I’ve known since grade school that I have it (I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, though, because it’s definitely not as bad as it could be). It does make my 7-9 hour shifts at work a bit more difficult than it does for others, but my coworkers just think that I’m complaining to complain. Because I’m, you know, young, and should not have any issues like that. I guess I could tell them, but I just don’t want their pity. Or whatever. I don’t know, it’s some pride thing, I guess. I’m also no stranger to heartbreak, but I’ve already told that story somewhere on this site, so nyeh. My point is, I know how you feel about the being in pain, and how a lot of fans feel when it comes to emotional pain. All you can do is look at the good things in life and realize that it really could be so much worse. I heard this once, and think it applies really well here; “Life is only beautiful if you make it so. So see the beauty in your life.”
    “Every wound has to have its birth before it can reach its demise, and that ‘end’ is waiting just as surely as tomorrow’s sun will rise”

  107. Thank you so much for doing this video !! Martina don’t ever feel lonely again we are here for you guys !!

  108. ahahaha “I want to be a unicorn”

  109. Martina! I never knew you were Croatian! (At least that’s what I get from your story) I’m half Croatian and half Korean so it’s really nice to get a mix of both (and incredibly different) cultures. My mom’s side of the family is a big, Croatian, meat-eating family, while my Dad’s side is a smaller, Korean, meat-eating family ;) I live in Canada also so I seem to have a lot in common with you :D

  110. I cried while you spoke of being in pain everyday and choosing to focus on the happy. Four years ago I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) at the age of 28. If you are not in pain every minute of every day there is no way you can truly understand what it is like. I empathize with you, and celebrate that we have both decided to focus on the good. (It’s sooooo much better than wallowing in self pity!!!!) The thing you said about no one talking about those who look fine but are not fine on the inside…yeah…my least favorite comment to hear when people ask what is wrong when I have a bad pain day and they can tell…”Arthritis?? You are too young for that!” …..sigh…..yeah…Like I haven’t heard THAT before! :P

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone (but you already know that!)

  111. Simon & Martina,

    Will you marry me?

  112. oh my goodness martina! that really spoke to me because just recently I dislocated my hip and I’m only in high school. I’ve always been super flexible in my joints and I’ve had stuff like shoulder pain and it was really hard for me after this accident, because it gave me weird pains in my head and legs and well…anyways, what you said about staying positive is so true, it’s something I’ve had to remember so many times over the past few months. So thanks!! <3
    (side note ugh such cute drawings!!!)

  113. You guys are seriously the best (that goes for the nasties too). I feel like I can write whatever I want in the comments, no matter how hard it is. Even things that I wouldn’t be able to tell my friends at school for example. It’s a really weird feeling… But I guess it’s a good feeling too ^_^
    Also a great virtual hug to you Martina. My father has an illness that the doctors can’t even figure out, and he is in so much pain. It really breaks my heart to see him like that, but after watching this, I’m going to try harder for him. Thank you so much. I think every nasty agrees that both you and Simon are amazing.

  114. This was bEEEaaUUUttifullllllll c’:

  115. That’s awesome that you are so positive despite your health problems. I have a freakishly low immune system, muscle skeletal issues, a pyscho killer uterus, scoliosis, etc. and sometimes it really gets me down. In fact, I was feeling pretty down about it today but thanks to your video I put a smile on my face and am ready to face the day. ^^

  116. I have EDS too! So does my mom and sister. I also have hypermobility type but thankfully I don’t actually dislocate things that much (though I hyperextend things pretty far, they just don’t dislocate)… just the pain. I also have some of the skin issues. So I understand your feelings about invisible illness. I constantly have people saying “Oh, you could do this, and this, and this! You’re so smart!” and I’ve just given up trying to explain why NO, I CAN’T do that even if I try really, really hard.

    I got most of my medical diagnoses when I was 17, though I’ve been suffering from them since birth. I’m 22 now and it kind of feels like forever since that year (which was complete and utter hell). Thankfully when I found K-Pop last year it’s given me something to focus on since I can’t work or go to school.

    I have several other invisible disabilities (physical and mental) so it’s really hard sometimes. But it’s great that you’ve found Simon and a way to be happy in your life, and it’s great that you bring so much happiness to others.

  117. Starsania

    I’ve been reading through a lot of these comments and boy I’ve gotta say I’m very happy to call myself a Nasty. I had no idea so many would have such issues like they do. I myself have had medical issues all throughout my childhood including kidney stones, three times in my life now, each time resulting a visit to the hospital.

    Despite everyone’s problems I love love LOVE how everyone is being supportive. <3

    Love you Martina! (Simon to of course) Love all you Nasties and proud to be one =D




    I originally wanted to play either flute, clarinet, or trumpet, anything small, but noooo they tricked me and picked Baritone for me! DX

    Now im stuck with Baritone for high school, but flute would be so much more elegant and my taste XD

    but playing the baritone did give me 2 best friends that i will cherish forever


    thanks for sharing your wonderful life story Martina!

  119. Both of these were simply beautiful. Thank you.

  120. Aw Martina…. I got all teary near the end when you started talking about us Nasties. I didn’t know you had it so hard but you have such a positive outlook on life that I would never have imagined. You’re so amazing. Both you and Simon are so inspiring. I love you guise so much. Proud Nasty over here. I hope to meet the both of you one day. Continue being amazing and I will forever continue to support you guise… always.

  121. Martina my love of all things asian from dramas, music (not just k-pop), manga, manhwa, fashion, it all started because of Sailor Moon! I was literally obsessed with that show! I remember role playing and pretending that I was sailor moon and tuxedo mask would come and save me! A bit embarrassing now that I think about it. I didn’t really have much exposure to anything until I started watching Dragon Ball Z, and then Naruto on Cartoon Network! Naruto was what really made up my mind, I had to find out more about it…..and that is how I got where I am today as a 20 year old Female who loves Manga, Anime, asian music and Dramas and traveling! My mom is still getting used to my weirdness! Haha she says “Porque no eres una niña normal?” Why am I not a normal girl?…Lol

  122. Baritones!!!!! Best instrument! Own that!

  123. First of all, i do not have eds.. (im sorry) :( your a trooper martina! Your videos you make with Simon cheer me up when im depressed like no other!They are a life saver!

    But- i had a knee that kept growing crooked at a 30 degree angle so i would always need surgeries. Starting at about 7 years old i had my first surgery that leaded to another 6 more. After the surgeries i would be in a cast for about 1-2 months, then i would use a brace and need a wheel chair or crutches for the next 4-5 months. And yes lots of phsysical therapy. While i HATED the physical therapy i learned to appreciate being able to have limbs, and move around. It was an eye opener before how much i took for granted being able to walk,jump,skip, run, snow ski and play tennis.. so many fun things i would have missed out on if i was unfortunate to have a physically crippling disease!

    Some people would be stuck using a wheel chair for the rest of their life..while i was lucky, i had a very short time compared to that.

    Now i have a titanium plate in my right knee with about 30 screws in place that fused with the bone to make sure my leg never grows the wrong direction again.

    Its pretty awesome my friends think im like half cyborg and if people dont believe my story i just have them put their hand on my knee so they can feel the screws move. :D

  124. Awww Martina! I was the same way! Although I didn’t learn about anime really until Sailor Moon aired on Cartoon Network but I had watched Ronin Warriors and Voltron before then. And what you said about people looking normal on the outside but going through so much internally really struck home for me because I am pretty much like that. I don’t like causing others to worry and so I generally keep problems and stress to myself. And speaking of dramas, have you seen Cheongdamdong Alice? I just finished it and I thought it was amazing, and now I’m debating on what series to check out next. XD

  125. This may be too personal to ask, but does your join problems mean that pregnancy would be dangerous for you? It seems like it’d be at the very least extremely uncomfortable, if not downright painful. (this isn’t actually a hint for wanting you to get pregnant, just so you know lol)

  126. I had no clue that you were in so much pain. But i completely understand the pain you go through. Although i don’t have EDS, i have a different rare disorder/disease called CRPS. essentially your secondary nerves that tell your brain your in pain do not turn of like evar and trick your brain into thinking you are in pain 24/7 (at least thats the best that the doctors can come up with there isnt all that much known about it) CRPS has no cure and is actually a 42 on the official pain cale thingy, above amputation and childbirth, so it is officially the most painful condition. Like you said, because i look normal and healthy on the outside no one actually realizes how much pain i am in. When i was in highschool when someone playfully punched my arm it would feel like i was stabbed. You couldnt touch me or it was like i was punched. I did physical therapy and pain therapy and all that sucked. Then i did acupuncture and it made tolerable. Like you everyday can suck and i can be in a lot of pain, but like simon my hubby is supportive and helps me. And i feel that though the pain sucks it makes me stronger and helps make me who i am.

    Keep fighting martina!!! My hubby and i are super duper nasties and we love you more than rainbows and kittens!!!

    Oh and i should start trying the negative 1/2 positive idea with my husband. I think it will help both of us have a better outlook on each day.

  127. Martinaaa I just want to hug you (not so much that I hurt you though ;3;)
    You’re so awesome for dealing with your condition in the way that you do on top of that also the way you deal with negativity in your life <3 <3 You guys are truly beautiful people :D

    Oh! About the dressing up as Sailor Moon for Halloween, I dressed up as her too when I was in Kindergarten so you're not alone! On top of that I also grew up with a huge Asian culture influence in my life because my older cousins were into anime, manga and they would take me to Chinatown once a month, (even though it got me bullied a lot because every one thought I was a little Hispanic kid trying to be Asian. .__.;;;)

  128. Martina: “I want to be a unicorn.” Simon: “You can do it.” That’s what I call unconditional love and support ^_^ You both are so great!
    And I feel a greater connection to you, cause my love for everything Asian also was started by Sailor Moon ^_^
    Given your happy personality, Martina, I would never have imagined that you are going through so much pain every day. That you can still be positive about life is very, extremely, outstandingly inspiring!

  129. You are always so happy and cheery and bright and bubbly I would have had no idea you were in constant pain! I know a little bit about eds via this cool lady http://www.xojane.com/author/fem-korsten

  130. Thank you Martina for being such a great positive person! The world needs more people like you and Simon! <3

  131. Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU! Finally, another Sailor Moon lover :) Simon and Martina, you are both wonderful and please keep posting videos. My roommates and I always watch them together and gush on your married cuteness and Korean culture! Love ya’ll!!!!!!

  132. PunkyPrincess92

    wow…Martina had NO idea you were in pain all the time!! aaww!! *hug*
    it’s lovely to know how you guys have such a positive outlook in life!!
    TT_TT you guys are the best!!
    just keep being your nasty selves!!
    *sends you a heart sign*

  133. Gackt? I saw that Martina. Don’t think you could sneak that in without your nasties pouncing on it. We might all be from different countries, but we came from the same place, if you know what I mean. Youth spent in front of a computer screen, searching for Geocities sites and primitive forums (MIRC…ha!) where we could make our friends.

  134. Martina you are not alone in being a Sailor Moon fanatic (^__^) You got another Sailor Moon buddy with me.
    So the real question is what are your thoughts on the new anime adaptation for Sailor Moon?

  135. Aww Martina :’) *hugs her.. virtually*

  136. ohhh martinaa you are so sweet and i had no idea you were in pain! you two are so inspiring i feel so close to you even i have never met you it is awesome i love you guys.
    and martina you are drawing like whoaaa i loved it :D
    and i am a super sailor moon fan too last year i started watching again and watched all the 200 episodes again like crazy -.-

  137. i agree what you said about being in pain on the inside. I have had a pinched nerve in my back for 3 years now and everytime Im sitting in class I have to deal with the pain as it goes down my leg and in my lower back. it’s painful. however no one knows I have this pain bc on the outside I look fine. When I had a herniated disc in my back I still had to go to school and sit in classes for over 6 hours in excruciating pain. I feel your pain martina.

  138. OMG I didn’t know there was an actual diagnoseable condition like that! D8 Even though I doubt I have it (I can’t dislocate my shoulder at least) I know what it’s like to have pain in the joints all the time. Like just last week I was practicing martial arts and even though there was a mat on the floor I kept hurting my knee when I had to kneel down no matter how lightly I did it and it continued to hurt for the rest of the week. >n< I think as far as my joint pain goes I might just have a misalignment somewhere because when I walk for a while (and I'm talking maybe just less than a mile) my right hip always hurts and I have to walk all awkwardly. o-o; But what I think that means is I seriously need to see a chiropractor. lol XD The weird thing about my joints is no matter how limber I am they always seem to pop when I do things like dancing. ^^; Anyway, that was a great story Martina it makes a load of sense now why you have this joy for life as according to Simon. ^v^

  139. I really needed to see this video. Seriously, you have no idea. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (a joint condition that causes irreparable damage) and Fibromyalgia (a nerve condition that causes constant pain among other things). I was diagnosed 9 years ago and now at almost 29 years old, I have to use a cane because of the joint damage and my right hand is permanantly curled into a soft fist. I get flare ups a couple times a year when not even my 13 different medications do anything to help me.

    I said all that to say this, I’m in the worst simultaneous fibro/RA flare up of my life and it’s lasted a couple months now with no end in sight. I’m in pain from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep… and needless to say it’s wearing on me and darkening how I interact with the people I love and the world at large. I find myself feeling bitter and angry quite a bit.

    Your video reminded me that attitude counts for a lot and that’s something I need to work on.
    So thank you. <3

    • My sister suffers from fibromyalgia – it really is terrible to have to experience so much pain from start to finish of your day and it sucks even more when other people can’t seem to understand the pain you go through… So I hope you can keep on fighting and know you’re not alone in your suffering.

    • Both my mum and sister have Fibromyalgia. My mum also suffers from chronic migranes, type 2 diabetes, meniaires, and an assortment, and my sister has rheumatoid arthritis in her knuckles. Neither of them are as bad as you, but I can understand how awful it is. Attitude is definitely an important factor, and it especially shows because Mum is probably the most cheerful of my family even though she’s in constant pain! I hope you can stay strong even though you’re in constant pain, and if you ever need someone to talk to, we’ll be here :)

  140. awwww martina thats so cute but can i see some boyish photos of you like u going through your emo stage?

  141. I don’t have EDS but I do have scoliosis, so I definitely understand the always being in pain bit. I remember being in 3rd grade and having to ask my teacher if I could sit in a chair during circle time because sitting on the floor was murder on my back and my teacher totally not understanding the problem. It’s cool and impressive to me that you learned such a valuable lesson from having to deal with that pain all the time. I will also try to keep it mind! EYK life lesson #2001315 ;)

  142. I feel like I understand both of you a lot better now. Thank you for making these videos, guys. Really.

  143. woah, u’re right abt the opposite of don’t judge a book by its cover. i never knew u were in so much pain. i would be all crabby if i were u..

  144. It’s so inspiring to watch other’s draw my life. You have been strong! You are awesome! You BOTH are:D

    When you told about the specialist who invited all the people to look at you, it reminded me of my mom when she gave birth to me x) I was born by breech. At the exact day of my birth, there were a lot of health students visiting the hospital, all of them came to watch me get born x)

  145. Hey Martina! Thanks so much for sharing with us :). I loved Sailor Moon from the time that I first discovered it when I was around 11 (it was currently airing in the early morning right after Dragon Ball-the original *cough*best*cough series). My first episode was where Usagi’s friend Naru (Molly for those not really familiar with the manga) is in lurve with Nephlite (in disguise) and after I saw the next episode (where he dies for love), I was hooked. I never got, growing up, why my mom was so obsessed with soap operas, but from that point I “got it”, lol. Anywho, I found out about the manga a few years later and that was the start of my obsession with manga and Japanese culture. I wish that I had had a friend like you (we’re pretty close age-wise right? 84-liner here). I’m not much of a tomboy, but we could have exchanged ideas about manga and anime (Mamoru’s bout of amnesia was my first experience with that all important J-Drama/K-drama plot point, lol). I knew about k-pop and k-drama before, but EYK is what really caused me to be immersed and my life has yet again been forever changed. Thanks to the inspiration of you and Simon’s determination to lose weight and help of a new workout playlist (oh gawd, I have spent soo much on k-pop on iTunes in the last few months), I have lost 32 pounds since November and I feel so good about myself. Love you guys! Thanks for being you :D

    P.S. I totally feel you about the whole “feeling like a bug under a microscope” feeling that you had at the hospital. When I was 15 (my freshman year in high school) I contracted chicken pox for the first time and as I was pretty old to have chicken pox, when I went to the hospital, the resident asked all of the cute young interns in to check out my case. I had them BAD and I felt sooo embarrassed.

  146. Martina, I knew you were awesome but not that you were awesome to like the super-infinite-awesomest power. Thank you for being so positive and getting up everyday to make these videos with Sim<3n.
    And I grew up in the states in an area where it was predominantly hispanics and I felt the same way about sailor moon and had to get my info from the older college guys who would hang out with 14 yr olds (that now, thinking back, was really creepy but at the time I didn't care as long as they continued to get me (VHS) copies of the unaired Sailor Moon episodes).

    On a related note, my husband found an old floppy disk (OMG!) of mine and wanted to know what was on it. I made a big protest, like huge about no. no. no. you cannot. He thought it was the p0rnos and being computer savvy, an old out of date floppy disk didnt deter him. He had a way to read it and guess what it was. Hundreds and hundreds of saved jpegs images of Sailor Moon. It was hilarious.

    Thank you, Martina and Simon, for sharing your stories. I love watching your videos. When my non-kmusic-loving friends ask why I like kpop and korean culture I point them to your vlog.

  147. So when I see you some day, I’ll give you a gentle hug. (^.^)/

  148. I have almot all the same interests as you, especialy japan and korea and no one understand it :P XD :D

  149. While Simon’s video made me wanna cry in a sappy way, Martina’s made me wanna say THANK YOU (& run to give my cats a hug). I never heard of EDS before & I’m sorry you hurt. It makes me appreciate all your videos and funny moments SO much more! Your positive attitude is inspiring. HUGS!

  150. I was in the middle of class when I watched this and I had to leave because I started to cry. I am so sorry to hear about all of your pain, but seriously, as I’m sure so many people have said already, your story is truly inspirational. Your outlook on life is so amazing and I hope that many good things come to you in the future. Thank you for this! I really needed it at this time. Is it awkward to say I love you? Haha… 감사합니다~

  151. Now i totally understand why simon fell so much in love with you!! Not that i couldnt before… heh
    Thanks for sharing your story!! “Yes i said tape” haahaha youre not THAT old!

  152. My childhood – Sailor Moon and DragonBall. Sailor Moon was so popular in Poland. Every kid watch it. And after, everybody were playing Sailor Moon outside,
    I understand you, I don’t have so serious disease. I have breathing problems, kind of astma and severe migrain (I always end in hospital) and I just learn that my blood doesn’t coagulate (vWD).
    But I have sick sister. She is mind disable. She look like adult but inside she is like 9 years old kid. It would easier if she had a Down syndrom. Everybody would know that she is sick. But she had not. It’s hard, people don’t understand that she is sick, don’t belive it even if they know, because she look normal. They get angry that her behavior is bad, or because she laught like crazy or because she tell what she feel (even if it’s bad). All my life I’m protecting her, I’m alwyas with her. I know her friends who are the same. There is 50 years old boy who love to ask what is good and bad (people think that he is criminal because he always ask: If I would steal it… and wait for you to tell him that it is bad). And many other ‘adults’ kids.

  153. This was so super wonderful! You and Simon are truly inspirational people, and you really gave me a new perspective on people who deal with chronic pain so young. I had a friend who had problems similar to yours, and I never really understood until now what she dealt with (she hated talking about it).
    Virtual hugs for both of you? And Spudgy and Meemers? /hug/ /hug/ /hug/
    Spudgy and Meemers story would be great! Maybe Intern Leigh and Soo Zee could also?

  154. I teared up at the end. You guys are so awesome! T^T

  155. I love you guys. *hugs*

  156. Your family gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. :3 No wonder you’re such an awesome person ! Thank you very much for sharing.

  157. Thank you Martina and Simon for Eat Your Kimchi….you have definitely created a place to share my passion for Korean culture and music which I had been dying to share with others. Kinda similar to Martina, ever since I was kid I grew up in primarily asian elementary school (mix of chinese, japanese, and filipino) where I was exposed to their food and culture. When I moved to primarily white town before middle school, I quickly realized my interests were no longer the same as my new friends and suddenly had to keep these interests a secret and indulge in them alone…it wasn’t until I was much older i discovered the internet had a plethora of places to share these interests….and EYK has become one of those places. So from the bottom of heart Thank you Simon and Martina for teaching me more about Korea and providing a safe place to share our passions!!!

  158. “what you can do with an English degree” Amazing. Respect to both of you.

  159. I have something similar called Multi-directional instability (MDI). Mine is cause by having too loose of ligaments. While I have not dislocated anything besides my shoulder, my joints are constantly shifting in the sockets rather than sitting, causing my muscles to swell and ache, but also causing me to have ridiculous amounts of flexibility. I also experienced having the doctors call people in to see what crazy things my joints could do, because while MDI is relatively uncommon, it tends to only occur in the shoulders. Mine happens in every joint in my body. I have always felt connected to you, whether it’s through similar tastes in music, dramas, shows, or even appearance (people say we look like twins), and this is just another thing to add to this strange mirror image…strangeness. I hope this came off as sweet and not creepy, and am so proud to say that I am a Nasty.

  160. I like the say one complaint, say two good things idea. I am going to use that!



    Great big virtual hug goes to you. I can only imagine how painful that is. D: You guys are so so so inspirational in all you do. Thank you. Seriously. You are such a cool person. Both you and Simon. *hugs*

    I can sympathize with the car accident. Or rather, my sister can. My sister’s gotten in two car accidents in the past year. Neither were her fault. The first one, she finally got compensation from the guy’s insurance company seven months after the friggin’ accident, and after she dragged the guy to court. And the first accident wasn’t even that bad, it was just really expensive to repair our car. The second one, she wasn’t even driving. Her friend was driving, and was stopped at a red light, when someone just randomly decided that they were going to ram into them. They weren’t drunk, just stupid. She still hasn’t settled that accident, and that one was the one where she got whiplash and had to have a lot of sessions with a chiropractor. I highly doubt her whiplash was as bad as yours, but she’s getting really annoyed with the insurance company because they’re avoiding her calls and emails. She might have to take them to court AGAIN.


  162. Martina! Why you make me cry T T. Seriously though. Martina, you are one of the coolest people I know – is that weird to say because I have actually never met you? You inspire me! While I don’t have EDS, I do have an auto-immune disease that makes life a lot harder to deal with. I have sort of gotten used to a new “normal”, but some days are just hard. I think I will most definitely have to introduce your one negative, two positives rule – it is so excellent.

    Some people think that my love and obsession with Asian culture, Korean drama, and K-pop is strange and weird, and I am so glad to have found like-minded friends here on the Internets as well.

    Simon & Martina, you are amazing! Thank you for all you do for us, you guise seriously are so wonderful. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  163. You guys make me cryㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I feel so bad because my brother and I both have that so like its nice knowing that like oh hey someone that I already related to has this same condition, but it’s sad at the same time because I know that feeling, and
    Me being young,sometimes it’s just unbearable and since its not common, the nurse at school gives me crackers and tells
    Me to sit down…(hooray American health care) but yeah you guys are the best and always share heartfelt stories. Thanks alot for Craig for us Nasties because we care about you too.

  164. I really appreciate the work you guys put into these videos… I know it was a lot of work but I think their your best and most interesting so far :) I’m jealous you got to be around so many diverse people growing up… I have some family members that are half Japanese but I didn’t get to see them often and once I was around more diversity in college I never really thought about what kind of Asians all my friend were. I guess in my eyes they were not white and interesting either way because of it :)

    I have always thought Asians are the most beautiful people, part of that comes from my step-aunts and step-uncle who are half-japanese… I wish I hadn’t been such a picky eater when I was little. Their mother, Tomako (Tah-mah-koh), made Japanese food but I didn’t realize how awesome it was and was afraid to try :(

    At least I learned about the awesomeness of Asian foods as I got older though :)

  165. Kimmicci

    Aw Martina! Well if helps you feel any better I have ankylosing spondylitis and I’ve had it for 9 years now.
    Its supposed effect males for than females but I guess i’m one of the fewer female cases. this disease has given me sooo much pain and led to other serious health issues but I’ve had to suck it all in for years because my mom and I are too poor for treatment/medicine. we discovered my disease when I fell from a cheerleading stunt and they had to make sure I wasn’t going to be paralyzed. That was 9 years ago and we’re STILL trying to pay off that crap (+ other hospital bills from me being 2 major car wrecks [i almost died in both- both also caused by drunk driver] and almost dying from a bee sting).
    It’s funny because being active, like working out and dancing helps ease the pain but if I stay still for too long it gets sooo severe. I can’t actually lie down completely flat on my back either because it hurts so much…. so sleeping is such a pain.
    ~ Like you said, I look normal on the outside (MOST of the time… sometimes my disease causes me to look like those kids in africa with skin sticking to their bones but with a belly [because I eat]~ but this is only like once a year for like a week THANK GOODNESS. luckily my thighs are always kinda thick with muscle -no thigh gap- so Zico should still love me… i mean… wait what.) but on the inside i’m a painful mess. I just learned to be calm and keep smiling and laughing because happiness heals most pain. I totally know what you’re going through EVERY SINGLE DAY. Anyways, Martina, I’ve been a Nasty since 2011 and i keep loving you more and more (especially now that I realize we have SO much in common!) I have to say you’re probably my greatest role model and person who inspires me the most. I’m glad you keep fighting day after day! Let’s both stay strong women! FIGHTING!! :D

  166. FINALLY!!!! An EDS buddy!!!! I cannot believe this! I seriously thought I was the only such weirdo out there! my doctors just shake their heads and say, “NAHHH popping-out hips? can’t be!” and send me home T___T Feels so nice to have someone understand what you go through everyday :)))) Thank you so much Martina! I’m gonna sound super cheezy and cliche but this is such an inspirational story :3

    • OMG! Most doctors have NO idea what EDS is, which is why I recommend the two sites. You can use the message boards to find doctors in your neighbourhood that other people have used (that have studied EDS) and actually know what it is! Since your doctor doesn’t know EDS, be careful about surgery because a lot of EDS Hypermobility patients get suckered into surgeries since the doctor thinks it’s a normal dislocation, only to dislocate it again and again in the future. I was supposed to have surgery on my shoulder/knee and my doctor saved me. Instead, physio physio physio!

      Now I do low impact weight lifting with light weights everyday to keep my shoulder muscles strong, and I keep knee braces and wraps around the house at all time in case my knee feels like it’s loose and might fall out of place. Long dresses are a great way to cover up knee braces while still looking cute! ^^

      • I have EDS as well….and my doctors didn’t understand the surgery part. In short…many surgeries later…i can still dislocate everything. the surgeries aren’t worth it, definitely find someone who understands about EDS!

      • I have EDS 3 with two other disorders (all rare and most doctors don’t about). My joints mainly pop and my shoulders sub-dislocate,if that makes since. I also play the violin which can make it worse. I have been this way since birth but found out around 2nd grade, I’m around permit age now. When I go out I have to be in wheelchair for one of the other problems. Well that’s my story if you want to know the other two conditions tell me and I will say.

      • Now that I think about it, I also haven’t ever met anyone with EDS before… to be honest, I didn’t know I had it until last summer where I “supposedly” tore my ligaments in my ankle during a tennis competition, but it ended up being a horrific dislocation that i walked on and played with for 2 days! Thank god, it didn’t get to a surgery :)
        The problem for me is that I live in Israel and I’ve been to every possible doctor that has anything to do with joints/bones/etc and none of them could figure anything out. For one of them I had to pop out my entire hip to prove that I’m not messing with him! >.<
        Oh, another problem is that my parents don't want to believe that I have EDS. It's just like you said, they look at me and see nothing wrong so they don't believe me when I'm in pain.. which I usually don't show anyways (plus high pain tolerance.. you probably know what I mean :) So I also feel a little hurt emotionally when even my parents think I'm faking when I'm not (I mean, also, how can you fake a popped-out hip??) PLUS every PE or Dance class I'm the biggest joke in class cuz I can't do half the exercises without looking broken…. Plus, in all the sports competition I wrap almost all the joints I feel have a potential to fall out of place and I look like a mummy…. ughh
        Anyhoo, on a lighter note, Martina, we found each other :D hahah Thank you so much for helping me realize that I'm not the only one who's strange and ignored when in pain! Oh, and I really like that idea of long dresses covering up the braces! I wish that was allowed in sports hahah ^^

      • I also have EDS. My brother and I both inherited it from our paternal grandmother, but my father didn’t have it. Luckily, my brother’s and mine are mild (his is waaaay milder than mine tho!! rawr), but I don’t know my about my grandmother’s since she lived most of her life before EDS was even discovered~^^
        Mine is either Hypermobility or Classical EDS. So I have joint hypermobility, or what people used to think was being double-jointed, in my jaw, shoulders, elbows, hips, toes, and fingers (swan neck and duck bill deformities). I’m also flat-footed. And I have skin hyperextensibility, meaning my skin stretches a lot more than normal. I’m quite prone to bruising and most of the time, I have no idea where the bruise came from xp
        I’ve only dislocated my left shoulder once in judo… Which was not fun -___-
        Both my knees have dislocated numerous times, from just sitting down or standing up wrong. It’s happened so many times that despite the pain, I have little trouble popping them back into place. I also have joint pain in my knees, but it’s not often, only if I walk too much or if I walk with lots of heavy things for too long (although sometimes, it’s completely random after doing next to nothing which I totally don’t understand…). I could never run well because of EDS, but it never stopped me from doing other sports when I was a kid. In elementary and the beginning of middle schoold, I did ballet, gymnastics, jazz dance, taekwondo, Hawaiian dance, and football (soccer). In late middle school and high school, I did cheerleading, flag corps for marching band, rifle drill team for our school’s military club type thing, and, as previously mentioned, I did judo in college. Up until Judo, I had only ever dislocated my knees, which after a while, stopped bothering me. But when I dislocated my shoulder in Judo, I knew I had to quit sports all together. TBH, I was never super fond of them anyway cuz after I started playing the piano at 7, music slowly took over my life, hence the decline in the sports I did.
        No doctor has ever diagnosed me since I’ve never actually been hospitalized for injuries. I’ve always been able to pop my bones back into place myself pretty quickly anyway. It’s never really hindered my life enough and no one in the tiny US town that I grew up in knows what EDS is, let alone here in the Philippines, where I live now. Luckily, my injuries and pain were never severe, and I have quite the high tolerance for pain as well.
        Thank you so much for posting those sites about EDS! Now I know all the other technical terms (I had only ever known about hypermobility, but I didn’t know my skin’s weirdness had a name too XDD). Like you said, it always provides great stories to tell at parties, and of course, the best part is showing off all the crazy things I can do with my joints. It never fails to amaze people ^^ Other than my bro and grandma, I’ve never met anyone else with EDS so it’s really cool to know you have it. too. So aside from K-pop, I can relate to you guys through Wyandotte St. (the house I grew up in the US is on Wyandotte St. and my parents and brother still live there!) and to Martina through EDS and our childhood obsession with Sailor Moon! Awesomeness~xppp
        This is really long, but I hope you guys read this. Especially Martina because I want this post to take some pain away from you, even for just a moment. And SooZee cuz I have a huge crush on you *I’m a bi girl, but that’s okay, right??? XD* But yea. I really love you guys at EYK and even if I’m a new Nasty, I think you guys are amajjing. Thank you Simon and Martina, SooZee, Intern Leigh, Ryan, Spudgy, Dr. Meemersworth, and everyone else in the EYK family. Zzang!!!~^^

  167. aah we are old. i was so obsessed about sailormoon. i was drawing her to everywhere. so i started to draw anime characters..
    and MIRC! oh yes! there were mirc channels/rooms!

    i have never had an asian friend since i was living in Turkey but i had a japanese room-mate once in England when i was there for a summer school. i remember she had a so fancy, colorful mobile phone while we were still using our old boring nokia s.
    ok, i feel old now, i need a massage for my old bones.. *cries*

  168. ok srsly, i thought Simon’s made me “teary”, but this actually made me cry (just a little… maybe). I have Epstein Barr, and my best friend dealt with otherwise undiagnosable Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it took years to figure out most of her issues, and she and i still deal with our chronic illnesses. I will say (sorry to proselytize) going gluten free helped me a TON. Migraines and joint pain are gone. I can’t tell people enough how much better my life is without bread and beer in it ( okay i know!! it seems like a lie! really, most of the time my life is better, and whenever i cheat, i more than likely decide it wasn’t worth it!)… but anyway…. you shared so much of your personal life, and it means a lot that you guys love and trust all of us enough to share such personal details. :D i am stealing your 1 negative: 2 positives idea=best idea ever :)

  169. KATHyphenTUN

    Umm could you guise stop making cry… Seriously!

    And I think everyone who enjoys asian culture has felt that lonely period, but you do meet someone eventually!!!
    Everyone kept trying to ban me from it saying it wasn’t normal, but i didn’t care! Then i met the love of my life through it and just because he is taiwanese it is “okay” for me to enjoy their culture now. (which gets on my nerves a bit). But i have met some of the best people in my life through our love of the culture! So if there are people feeling lonely just remember it wont be forever!! <3

  170. I’m not sure if it’s EDS but I do have a friend who says her doctor told her she was “hyperflexible”..? She did a lot of synchronised swimming, but I think the trainers forcing her into stretches made her have a lot of pain in high school D: She seems more comfortable now that she is doing it more at her own pace now though. Anyway, it’s great how both you guys have built lives with such positive attitudes, respect yo~ Enjoyed watching this set of videos =w=

  171. Hi Martina, I really enjoyed your drawings! I thought it was funny how I experienced almost exactly the same situation when I was younger; I was born with a very rare kind of medical anomaly and was basically called to the hospital under the pretense of wanting to discuss my condition, but was basically just looked at by a bunch of doctors like some kind of freakshow. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I have much respect for how you maintain a positive attitude. I recognised a lot of things you mentioned about having EDS, even though I’ve had to deal with different kinds of health problems that restrain my abilities to a certain extent. The hardest thing is that none are immediately visible, which somehow always seems to make people question whether I’m being sincere or just unwilling. It’s been hard sometimes, especially when even friends were unable to understand and that hurt. This sounds kind of weird, but the fact that you have exprienced similar situations and are even in pain everyday really inspires me to try and stay as positive about life as you are!

  172. Woaaaaaahhhhhh, these were really touching Draw My Life videos! :o It’s so interesting to get to know the background of you guys! ^_^ I really look up to you! HWAITING! :D You mustn’t do any “Draw My Lifes” anymore, if it really takes too long. But it would be cool, if we get another Spudgy related video, in which he talks about his life or something like that! <3 :D I really love you guys! Hehehe, prepare you for something great from Switzerland.. once :D

  173. I just saw Martina draw Little Twin Stars. Awww. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story with a good lesson to boot.

  174. Simon’s such a sweetheart and hilarious! awww just watched his draw my life story! so awesome

  175. when you wrote gackt you became the sister i always wanted lol

  176. Ray

    Love you guise Thanks for giving us a brief intro into your lives… MARTINA FIGHTING!!!!!! I hope it wasnt a Hello Kitty Parade….lol! I know u think is a pain but like Alyn Clay asked make a SPUDGY Story! would be awesome…you draw and Simon does the voice ^^

  177. wow martina, i never expected u to be in constant pain almost all the time. i too am having a rare bone condition called fibrous dysplasia, which is some kind of tissue growth on my bones and constantly making it weaker. my bones are more brittle than a regular old person. i broke my femur TWICE, yes the same femur (tight bone) in a very normal fall. my surgeons commented people normally dont break the strongest bone in a human body simply by a normal fall. i am currently recovering from my 2nd injury and i can understand the angst you felt when u had the car accident. i too was asking questions like why me and stuff. i couldnt do sports, i couldnt even stand or walk for more than 20-30 mins. but now i have learnt to look things at the bright side. normally people would have been even angrier if they had the same injury on the 2nd time, but i did not. i actually am happier than i was during my 1st injury.

    i hope people will learn to be happy even at bad times, look at things on the bright side, you are not the most unfortunate person in the world. even the most unfortunate person in the world will find something to be happy about. it bothers me to see people on my facebook feeds complain and rant about the smallest stuff online, people ought to be contented with whatever they have. all bad things will work and lead to something good, every cloud has a silver lining.

  178. I used to watch Sailor Moon all the time really early in the morning before daycare/work and whatnot when I was younger. It was literally probably my favorite show ever. It came on everyday at around 6:00 in the morning, and I was always up and ready to watch it. It was so great. Even the movies are awesome.

    Aaaand your story is really inspiring/awesome. And I definitely agree with the whole looking normal on the outside, but having feelings or being in pain on the inside that others just don’t know about. I personally have an anxiety disorder, so even though I might look okay on the outside, I’m most likely internally freaking out, and I’ve always been good at hiding it. Only those who are generally really close to me can see the signs.

    Your entire outlook on literally everything is amazing, and especially how you can seem so cheery/happy all the time is truly awesome~
    Wish you both the best~

  179. Wow, you are both so inspiring. You’ve opened so much and honestly, both of the videos almost made me cry.. I really like the rule of two good things on every bad one. Should remeber it! Btw. my mum has multiple sclerosis. On first look you can’t see there is something wrong with her, so many people think she is just clumsy. It’s sad, because me and my dad and my sister were also like those people when she was diagnosed. “She was perfectly normal yeasterday, she looks like yeasterday so she is just lazy and isn’t trying hard enough..” I’m really sorry because of that and yes, this really taught me not to judge by the cover.. Thank you for sharing Martina..

  180. I pretty much cried during this x_x You really don’t realize when stuff like that happens to other people, but especially you. You look so happy all the time! I’m suffering from an illness now (finally being treated for it after I got really really really sick and had to be in the hospital for a few days) that usually only affects elderly people. And I’m in my early 20s. It feels like “why me? why happen to me? cant I just feel well for once?” (especially knowing that despite my treatments, I have a good chance of it coming back afterward and needing more treatment) but I know there are people who have it even worse than me and I try to be happy because being miserable all the time doesn’t make things better.

  181. can relate to being hypermobile. I always have joint pain and I’m really clumsy. So combined it creates the ultimate clumsy person:O >_< On a daily basis I bump into trees. I love making kpop,jpop, kdramas and jdrama references but none of my friends get them. I am tempted to force them to watch everything MWAHAHAAH…*coughs*

  182. @simonandmartina:disqus from now on every time I see the pink in Martina’s hair or the buns on her head I would think of Sailormoon or Sailor Chibimoon. Yup, I’m a Sailor Soldiers fan too. :) And Martina! I dont have EDS but I’ve had so many accidents similar to yours like my knee caps would just pop to the sides all of a sudden even when I’m just standing up, or my ankle would just sprain itself with one step, or I’d have side stitches while yawning, etc. I hate it and it’s really painful when it happens so I just always pray that my limbs and joints would be strengthened. I hope that your health improves much better. (coz we Nasties want you to be healthy and give birth to a dothraki junior!) LOL xoxoxox

  183. …(.= I feel so happy to be a nasty

  184. I love Martina’s draw my life story , I literally teared up, first because of how she grew up and liked things no one else really understood or got per say! I feel like that now, & her accident and having that hard time in her life that she saw the good on and said things happen for a reason ! OMG.. that is my life as of late! So i loved this video hands down it inspired me! i watch your videos when i can i love them and share them! also my fam jam is from the east coast! PEI to be exact but im living in NOVA SCOTIA so Hello From NS!! :) and I am married ! my Hubbys parents actually fled from hungary and came to canada in the 70′s so i have a thing for other cultures etc. including south korean/japanese because my brother is the japan guru and i am the South korean!! :) and we are super super close not the kind of sibling that fight at all! :) so .. yep! Thank you for making this video and all of your EYK vids ! :) I recently just started doing video blogging also inspired buy you both and many others and hope to do one about EYK in the near future and talk about this video! :)

  185. Wow Martina, I have to say I really admire you even more! You are so right about people going through things that aren’t visible to others. I have to say you definitely do not let anything you have faced stop you from being happy, and that says a lot about your character. You managed to stay positive and let that positivity reach all aspects of your life. As a result I believe that is why(in addition to hard work on your part) you have seen so much success! I love you guys, and I love you guys and I wish you nothing but the best!
    Love and hugs from California!

  186. I’m not as hardcore as you, Martina, I don’t have EDS, just flaccid ligaments (I don’t know if this is proper name for it in english.) So I can bend my joints more than i should, very often I dislocate something like recenlty my fingers tend to dislocate just because they want to without a reason. But it has its advantages like after surgery my knee couldn’t bend it took me only a week to make progress that normally takes 3 weeks. So in some percentage I know how you feel every day. I know that for me it’s not as painful as for you, but now i think pain is more annoying than painful. It’s super inspirational that despite hardships you’re such a cheerful person. Keep being happy!



  187. Me too i found sailor moon by chance and boy was i hooked!!! every morning i would watch it before going to school … i loved sailor moon and sailor jupiter…love them still …loved watching your draw my life.. thank you for doing it! :)

  188. Gabriel Shallsaur Enlightened

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Didn’t know you had joint problems until now.
    I do have my own set of pain. Both my shin were fractured at some point and now I can predict a coming storm with it. Haha.
    It does gets irritating and painful at times but just like you, I just got used to it.

  189. Haha, i definitely understand being the one person in high school who liked things like anime, jrock/jpop etc. Only my online friends liked that stuff too (yes on mIRC which i still use… to this day… and also on AIM). It wasn’t until college that i met people who shared similar interests and… who i could sit down and watch it with!! Thanks to watching japanese dramas, i started watching korean dramas but never went farther than that into k-culture until my sister got into kpop (and EYK) and BAM!
    The Korean culture drew me in way more than anything – I hate to say I’m obsessed because that sounds like such a bad word lol but hey, if it looks like a duck…
    A-anyway…. and I definitely understand about the looking perfectly normal but being very sick/hurt on the inside thanks to my sister who was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. She looks perfectly healthy and if this were a perfect world, she’d probably be the healthiest person ever – unfortunately she suffers from a ton of health problems that sometimes people don’t believe or understand because it’s not always visible.
    Whoops, i didn’t mean to give you my life story.
    What i was eventually going to get around to saying was that, I loved learning more about you and Simon, Martina!
    You two are so interesting and fun and I super wish I could meet y’all in real life!! (haha, creepy)

    Also i wanted to mention that sometimes it’s a little sad to watch these because Martina looks and acts so much like my one of my best friends in the world (who I met in college and was really one of the first people who shared the same interests as me) who i never get to see anymore because being an adult sucks!
    It really makes me miss her more and more just to see martina lol
    seriously you two look so much alike and have so many of the same mannerisms that it frightens me :I are you guys secretly twins??
    She’s from Texas tho… and also has one older sister… I’m onto you guys.

  190. I love how both of your DML videos were exactly 12:43 long… You guys are like united in everything and it just makes me so happy – you all give a lot of hope to so many people all over the world, I just hope you know that.

    Aw gewrsh, now I’m gonna cry… ㅠㅠ

  191. What a great story! I admire your perseverance. I feel like a kindred spirit because of the many similarities. Also – and I don’t mean to make anyone jellies – my old email was [email protected]. In fact, I still use MoonTiara as a username for many things! There was one website in particular that helped me keep up to date with the anime and it was run by Hitoshi Doi. Did you visit that site too?

  192. I can really relate to the whole doctor thing. I have Lichen Sclerosis which is a rare condition too, and as a young child I had a team of skin specialists called to examine me, and would often have more than one doctor at an appointment. It wasn’t very pleasant at all.

  193. I love your super cute drawings. Thank you for sharing all that with us!

  194. I Loved Watching It When It Showed Growing Up, Sailor Moon Was My First Anime To Watch Then Dragon Ball Z And My Love of Japanesse Music! :) GACKT, AYUMI HAMASAKI, KODA KUMI & BOA I Mainly Listened Too Growing Up :)

  195. That was cool!! i really feel like i know you guys!!!

  196. That was such an interesting and inspirational TL:DR!!!

  197. Your drawings are awesome Martina.

    I have scoliosis and I was diagnosed when I was 5 or 6, and I had to live 5 years of my life with a sort of a plaster jacket but it wasn’t made of plaster, I could remove it. Any who it’s all to say that since I was a kid (I’m 21) I lived my life with pain as well and being unable to do what normal kids did. But that never really bothered me ’cause I was so young I didn’t care about other people. I would run around in the beach with my jacket thingy showing and people looked at me and I didn’t care at all.

    I couldn’t pursue my child dream of becoming a ballerina but instead I was left with a strong personality and since a young age I learned how not to care about other people judging me and tell them how wrong it is to take pity of someone.

    I don’t even know why I’m telling my life story, this is about you Martina, and you’re beyond awesome.

  198. @simonandmartina from now on every time I see the pink in Martina’s hair I would think about Sailormoon or Sailor chibi moon. LOL

  199. Wow I Really Enjoyed Your Draw My Life Video Martina! It’s The First Time Hearing About EDS, I Haven’t Heard of Anyone With It Here In My Hometown. Sorry To Hear With Your Pain You Go Through Everyday :(

  200. I don’t have EDS, but I have an extreme case of orthostatic hypotension (the head rush/momentary blindness some people get when standing up too quickly, except it happens to me every time I stand no matter how slowly; sometimes the blindness lasts for over a minute and the longer it lasts, the more painful it is) and I also have orthostatic intolerance: the inability to tolerate standing for long periods of time. I am fine if I keep moving, but I can’t stay in one spot for super long. Sometimes these two things work together against me and those are some good times (I once lost all my senses and pretty much fainted without losing consciousness). I was on the train from NYC to New Jersey last August for the 2ne1 concert and I had an episode of orthostatic intolerance. I was in a crazy amount of pain and needed to sit down. There were no empty seats, but I was desperate, so I sat on the nasty floor of the train. People kept looking at me and my friends kept asking me loudly if I was okay to see if any of the seated passengers would get the picture, but no one offered their seats to me, including the people sitting in seats technically reserved for the elderly or disabled. I was about to turn 23 at the time, so I wasn’t elderly and my physical issues are not visible, so I understood their rudeness. I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone and I was surviving on the floor, so I dealt with it.

    Basically, I just want to say that it really hit home for me when you talked about people not considering that those who look normal externally may be having some type of issue that you cannot see. Thank you for sharing that aspect of your life with us. It only adds to the respect I have for you. =]


  202. I hope you two will eventually follow your original attraction to Japan! I have little to no investment in kpop or drama (I mostly watch your TL;DRs, WANKs, and FAPFAPs), but rather MUCH more interest in just the Simon and Martina of it all. But if you guys were to go over to Japan that would be amazing! Do you have any plans to?

  203. Martina! You’re a Gackt fan? That’s awesome :DDDD he was my first ever Jrock music obsession [long before I found kpop]. That’s so cool >w<

    Also, both your and Simon's video brought me to tears. You guys are such cool, interesting, and amazing people. Thank you for sharing your humor and love of Korean culture with us<3 Even though it's time consuming and there are negative fans out there, we Nasties love you guys so much! Thank you guys as well for sharing some of your storiesl! It's cliche but I kinda feel closer to you guys now^^;; I like it [: and I think I want to try and apply that 2 good 1 bad rule to my life because that's a really good thing to live by, in my opinion. Thank you guys again! Simon and Martina hwaiting!! <3 xx

  204. Oh My Godddddd…..Sailor Moon! I was obsessed with that (still am) growing up. I remember watching it all the time on TV, trying to search for the manga, going over to my friend’s house to look at pictures online using 56k internet. Also, being sad that it was moving off non-cable TV to cable TV which I didn’t have.

    I remember when MixxZine was released in the US and seeing Sailor Moon in it’s pages. I begged my mom to buy it for me (which she eventually did). Ah…

  205. I had no idea you were in pain. I want to give you a great big virtual hug. What you said about invisible problems almost made me cry because for years I’ve been dealing with some mental ones and you always get those people who don’t understand and go “you don’t look sick. You’re just making it up.” So, yeah, I feel for you and I guess it’s good to know that there are lots of people out there with similar problems, but at the same time not like “yay! People are in pain!” This is all coming out wrong…

    I want to try adopting that one negative- two positive idea. It’s really nice. There are times I focus too much on the negative and that could really help. You are amazing. Both of you. You make me smile and laugh and tear up. Thank you so much for opening up to us Nasties and letting us get to know you. I wish I could repay you for all the smiles you’ve given.

    Oh, and whoooa! You drew a LOT! O.O I was amazed. It was really pretty ^_^ I can’t even imagine how long that took.

  206. the last part almost made me cry…thank you for everything Martina!

  207. This is so great! I had a Sailor Moon costume for the Halloween party in the 1st grade but none of the teachers heard about her so I didn’t get any prize. I was devastated!! lol

  208. I can understand what you are going through. Although I may not have EDS, I have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). I always have pains around my hips, and there’s nothing really much that I can do about it. =/ I can’t take certain medicines because I’m already stuck with about 3 prescribed medications that I have to take everyday. I’m stuck with 2 of them for life, and 1 medicine I’m stuck with until I am approved for a kidney transplant. I also take one supplement (fish oil) just to ease the inflammation of my kidneys.

    I may look normal on the outside, but my kidneys have been damaged (it has scars), and I have to go through the day with hip pains. I have a lot of foods that I used to love, but can’t eat anymore. As much as I am going through a tough time, I’m trying to stay positive about it even though it’s frustrating.

    Asides from all those frustrations, it’s been really great watching your videos. It makes my day a bit better whenever I feel down at times, especially whenever I hear bad news from my kidney doctor. Watching this video gives me that “positive vibes” because you have that positive attitude even though you’re going through your life with EDS. I guess you can say this video is very inspiring to me. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work! =)

  209. I loved hearing Martina talk…IDKW but every time Martina talks its like she’s soothing somebody lol! I loved both of your Draw my Life stories but I connected with Martina more though I had a friend who loves Japanese culture and he got me into it, I sprung out into K-Pop after hearing “Run Devil Run” in high school. Other than that one person, nobody in my family likes K-Pop no matter how many times I try and convince my little cousins. My family thinks that I’m the Black Sheep because in their opinion K-Pop music and watching K-Dramas and various anime is childish and I’m twenty-two. I’m glad yours didn’t make me ball my eyes out like Simon’s, Martina I couldn’t take crying two weeks in a row lol. Awesome stories and I love you guys

    • It like me. My friends, family looking down on my because I like kpop, kdramas and other asian stuffs. They are laughting that I am childish because I like pink, hello kitty and cute stuffs. Only my older sister kind of understands my because she like anime. And I’m twenty-twomas well. So i should be boring and mature, but I’m ‘childish’, hyper and always laughting.

      • And the worst part, they think that all K-Pop artists are like PSY and I have to literally explain the different styles of K-Pop to them…THAT SUCKS!!

        • I’m a little better with it. They know few song (I listen kpop in car and sing freakin’ loud) but they say:
          - my mum: all asian are small, and language is strange soo even if this song is good I don’t want to listen to it – they sing like cats
          - my friend: noo it’s some chinease strange thing, I’m better than it, I listen only to good music
          And them I’m like whatever, I’m like this and I’m proud of it, and I’m cool.
          I’m soo happy to be Nasty, I found people like me, finally!

        • I feel your pain!
          In my family they call most Asians Chinese (not like they are trying to be racist or anything, they were just not familiar with Asian cultures AT ALL) so they would tease me throughout middle and high school for liking “those Chinese people” and the music in a language I didn’t understand. After a while everyone kind of got used to the idea of me liking K-pop, K-dramas, J-dramas, and manga, my mom even started to like it! Sometimes I would be listening to K-pop and I would catch her singing it (or trying to)… and she watched Hana Yori Dango with me x)

          In school if I told anybody other than my best friend (who introduced me to it) they would be like “how can you like something you don’t even understand?” but… whatever

          I am twenty years old, in college, and I LOVE K-pop, and Dramas and cartoons! and I am proud to day I am not alone! =) you are all my peeps! ^-^

        • Whenever anyone looks down on you liking kpop, kdrama, etc. remember there are tons of us nasties out in the world singing right along with you. (And this is coming from me – a 50ish year old woman – yea my kids roll their eyes when I singing along as best I can – or as I’m crying watching a kdrama – HA!!! They all make me happy – so there! Simon and Martina are absolutely the most inspiring couple for what you want in a marriage – believe me. Marry your best friend – you won’t go astray. Fighting.

        • Magicimpact

          Yeah my mom, thinks that their Chinese. When I wanted to donate she didn’t let me (she didn’t trust Simon and Martina) it was a sad day for me!

        • Magicimpact

          Thank you! And I have explained to my friend/fremenies , that there is more groups, and that I do not want, oh wait.I’m telling you my feelings. Oops :s

    • my sister and i have forced the rest of the family to listen to kpop. my father totally enjoys it! ^_^
      oh, and we’re both 30+!!
      none of my friends get it….but whatev. it’s happy fun music!! i like it and my opinions are mine. so keep on listening!! ^__^

  210. OMG! Your drawings are amazing!!!!! Really! Thanks for such great videos, you guise! :’) Nasties support you~ <3 hugs~

  211. Martina, you are seriously my inspiration. I don’t have EDS, but I do know what it’s like to be in pain all day and look totally normal (I have a benign brain tumor that is a whole bunch of fun, as is the medicine to shrink it.) You are so positive about everything, it’s kind of awesome. I think I’m going to try that 2 positive things for every bad thing.

    Also, the EDS must suck, I mean I have really bad TMJ, like my jaw will dislocate in the middle of daily conversation, and it’s rather painful, so I can’t even imagine how much pain you’re in, but it makes me admire you even more for maintaining your great outlook on things. :D

  212. Gackt….Seriously I promise I watched the vid and thought the whole thing was amazing you guys are so open and your Nasties are able to know so much about you which is wonderful!! but…..Gackt!!! deff don’t know many people who know him. Love him in movies, variety shows, and on stage! Had to share the love!

  213. all i can say Is i love my nasty family more with every video. Martina fighting!

  214. I never knew we Nasties meant so much to your Martini *wipes a tear*

  215. Martina! Thanks so much for doing this. I love, love, loved it. You and Simon are such great examples for us– I know that you really focus on just getting out fantastic videos about Korea, K-pop, the occasional hair tutorial (etc. etc. all of them are wonderful) – but you’re also sending out messages about how to deal with tough things, how to respect and love your partner, (seriously, I’d take your relationship over a K-drama one any day), how to laugh in the face of wonderful adventures that go horribly wrong and make the most of them, how to give your all to something and the crazy things that can happen because of it. I’m your age, and I learn so much from you. I hope you realize how much EYK does. You are the nastiest. <3

  216. I’ve dislocated my Jaw too and also i had that moment when all the doctors came to see me like if i was part of a freak show. I know that feel girl!

  217. MIRC! my life wouldn’t be the same without it.. that and icq or asianave! what i like about you and Simon is that you guys have such a close relationship with your family.

  218. I was a sailor moon fan when I was little too. And my friends still think i’m weird when I talk about japanese or Korean things. XD =)Never heard of EDS before, but I like your positive view of things. <3 You're great at drawing!

  219. “Aw yeah to ruinin’ a parade!” XD

    Simon. Martina. You guise are seriously so inspirational. Can I give you a guise a virtual hug? Virtual hug. /hug/

  220. low brass is always missing in bands.. :( I was almost lured into playing baritone for the rest of my high school but luckily I stuck out with my trumpet :)

    I loved the “draw my life” series!! It was such a great way to get to know you guys better!! :D

  221. Hi Martina, I had no idea that you experience so much pain daily and I’m sorry that you do. I wanted to share that I really like the message that everyone is in some sort of pain (even if you can’t see it) and trying to deal with it. I also think that I’m going to try your 2 good 1 bad recipe since there has been a lot of bad lately and it’s easy to forget that there is so much good in life as well. You have an amazing attitude and are an inspiration.

  222. A lot more in depth than I thought possible. And yes, I have to admit I only saw the sunshine and lollipop layer when I met you. This helps keeps things in perspective; I really do forget we’re all dealing with life as best we can and often show people what we think they want to see.

  223. I don’t have EDS but I’ve had two concussions, and after the second one I had migrane headaches daily. Being in pain constantly really can put you in a bad mood, so I really admire that you keep a positive outlook. I definitely had my grumpy days. It sucks when you have something wrong with your body that’s out of your control. You are totally awesome and cool!! Hwaiting!!

  224. revsoulx3

    Yay I have doctory problems too (Yay? Probably not the correct word…)!! I LOVE when the doctors have other doctors/nurses/etc come to also witness your weird diseasy-ness. ¬_¬

  225. We love you Martinaa! :D
    And you too Simon! ^_^
    Thank you for being so awesome and bringing all the nasties together.

  226. As I was watching, I realized that you’re not only a mother to Spudgy and Meemers and Simon sometimes XD but I feel like you’re the mother figure of the Nasties as well. SIMON & MARTINA FIGHTING!

  227. I love martina’s positive outlook in life. :”)

  228. OMG, YOU LOVE GACKT?! *explodes from happiness*

  229. Baritone buddies! (Except it’s called euphonium here…) Carry it around was such a pain ==

  230. EM-AI-ERRR-SSSIIII!! omg! I miss that time. chatting with new friends is always started with ‘asl pls’
    kekekeke…. ^^

  231. Dana

    hah, awesome, i was also obsessed with sailor moon as a kid, made my own SM website (this was like in 1995) and had one of the top sites (ok there was not a lot of competition back then lol)… would be hilarious if you visited it at one point Martina :D

    • I seriously bet you I did! I googled my old hotmail email address and look what I found on a comment page about Sailor Moon!!! HAHAHAH!!!

      • Dana

        lol!! awesome! :D oh guestbooks… those were the days.. XD i remember once getting into a fight with a random girl about who knew more about sailor moon and it ended with us throwing facts about the sailor scouts blood types. nobody looked at us weird at all….


  233. Spudgy next? Really want a Spudgy story!

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