It’s my Draw My Life story! It’s a me, Mario! I mean, Martio! I mean…Martina…O….

Whoa guise, like whoa these take a long time. I was like, “this should be fun and easy!” Okay, it was fun, but I spent hours writing out what I was going to say, and then about 8 hours to do all the drawings, seriously. Then, you have to record your voice into a mic and then re-time the drawings to match the story, but I drew too many things!!! I’m sorry! When I had to fast-forward everything, I found the pictures getting all blurred and lots of little text got kind of washed away. Then I drew too much, so I had to cut half the drawing out, and so my pen might pop up randomly but hopefully it won’t bug you too much. Bah! I’ll learn for next time! Which there shan’t be! Or maybe…Draw My Life Spudgy? Meemers?

Trying to mush important aspects of your life into an under 12 minute segment is pretty tough. From the other YouTuber videos I watched, most of the YouTubers aren’t married, so there is an entire story they don’t have to fit in! I wanted to talk about Simon and our marriage, but because Simon talked about it I left it out. Not fair!!! He got all the mushy bits! Some of the stuff I didn’t put in that I would have liked to was about my family. I didn’t get the chance to really tell you all about my childhood and all the good memories I had.

I would have loved to talked more about my parents, and my Baka, and my Nana and Grandaddy who were a HUGE part of my life. I mentioned our family was small. Seven people all together (with cousins that live in Croatia and Newfoundland) that we didn’t see often. My grandparents were a big part of my life, and with them I really had the chance to experience two opposing sides of life.

Growing up in Toronto, I got to go shopping with my Baka at the Eaton Centre, ride the subway, and visit all different parts of city to pick up speciality Croatian food with labels I couldn’t understand. My Baka, like Simon’s parents, had fled her home country, during a war and arrived in Canada a widow who was very very poor. She taught me how to be thrifty but without sacrificing style. Buying normally expensive clothing on sale during the end of season, sewing things to last longer, choosing clothing based on what it was made of so it would last, rather than buying ten articles of cheap clothing that lasted a year. She was an amazing dresser despite not being wealthy and she really taught me how to save money wisely. Every single Sunday we had ah-ha-mazing dinners at my Baka’s apartment, who was just a phenomenal cook. We spent every Christmas Eve at my Baka’s home where we would search the building for signs of Santa, and when we’d return with nothing, I’d be shocked that the tree had gifts under it.

In the summer time I went to Nova Scotia to visit my Nana and Grandaddy where I spent most of my time swimming in a lake or playing in their wonderful garden. My Nana and I would play cribbage and make preserves to store in her cellar, and my grandaddy and I would don rubber boots, a soapy spray bottle, and flashlights to search the garden at night time for pesky slugs trying to eat the vegetables. They grew peas, beans, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, rhubarb, and berries. There is NOTHING so cool as going to the garden to pull up a carrot and some lettuce for dinner that night. My grandaddy and I were both night owls, so we’d sit up in the kitchen while everyone else was asleep and we’d look over flyers from the local supermarket. We’d cut out coupons and circle those items we wanted to buy, and once 24 hour grocery stores started to exist, we’d head out to buy discounted end-of-the-day cookies and pies, and we’d make toast and warm milk and read comics together. Since the town my Nana and grandaddy lived in wasn’t very busy (Bedford), I really learned how to be calm, relax, and just enjoy nature.

I could really go on, I haven’t even talked about my awesome parents, but I will say this to intrigue you. They were both high school teachers and I went to the same school they taught at! That was good fun. :D

Anyhoo I hope you enjoyed this loooong video. I’m not sure how many people can relate to a lot of what I said about EDS, because not a lot of people have it, but I’m also curious if anyone watching this video has EDS or knows someone with it because I’ve never actually met anyone else with it!

If you do want to know more about it, though, I recommend two sites that might be helpful! (The second site requires you to sign up to read and comment!)

  1. I really enjoyed learning more about your life! I’ve always enjoyed being able to hear about other peoples lives and learning about where people come from. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This video made a lot of sense to me…only because of having the same thing…only I avoid sports and things…last time I tried to be involved in sports I broke my pinkie…funny thing is I didn’t feel it break at all xD…I’ve only dislocated my shoulder when I was little and learning how to roll over in my sleep in my crib xD…also dislocated my elbow out then popping it back in a second later…so much for wrestling with my brother and dad o-o…yay for EDS

  3. I have it…it took over a year to figure out what I have…and 3 years later still doing test and medication testing xD…it causes me to feel like a old person when I’m only 16 :P

  4. Hi Martina I actually have EDS!! I’m 19 from England, I primarily watched yours and Simons videos because I love all things Asian. When I was watching this video and heard the dislocation stories I thought “Humm, this sounds familiar” to then find out you suffer from EDS I was in awe! It’s so rare, it’s really inspiring to see someone with it succeed in the way you have :3

    I know I’m over a year late to post on this so I don’t know whether or not you’ll see this but I just wanted to let you know (as you put at the end of the post that you’ve never met anyone with it!)

  5. This was absolutely phenomenal! Seriously. I spent a summer in Korea & feel like such a weirdo when I talk about Korean things with my friends at home. I’m a total black sheep in my family & they have no clue why I would want to live out of the good ole USA.

    You guys are absolutely amazing & I am so glad you created this amazing website!

  6. I love this video. Actually I learn a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing your story Martina :D

  7. OMG, I’m totally obsessed with SAILOR MOON. I’m 24 years old, going to get my MBA soon and my desktop screen is the picture of the whole sailor team. My family and friends said “You’re too old to obsess over manga”. I was like “nah, you’re never too old for manga, plus, mentally I’m forever young”. Anw, glad to stumble into other Sailor Moon fans :D

  8. Sailor Moon was also my first exposure to J-Culture. However, it was via one of the free European digital channels we had and was dubbed into German. I tried watching it in Japanese with English subtitles when I got older but it never felt quite right when, at the end of her transformations, she didn’t scream ‘ICH BIN SAILORMOON!’

    I can’t remember which of your reviews it was but there was a bit in a music video where there was a couple spinning each other round on an empty dancefloor to show how happy and in love they were and you were like ‘Has anyone done that ever?’ A couple of weeks later, my boyfriend and I stumbled across a deserted dancefloor and… well, you can guess how the story ends. Just thought you’d enjoy one of the many small and silly ways you have had an effect on the lives of your nasties.


  9. Well I sort of feel like a chump, but even though this is an old-ish(?) video I really wanted to say something. I don`t have EDS or even a physical disorder, but your story about invisible pain really hit me right in the flashing boss fight weak point. I`ve got a sensory processing disorder that screws with my head and can send me into a violent rage-filled panic. High school was fun. But the thing is, how do you explain that to people? Even if they believe you, they`ll think you`re some kind of nonhuman. It didn`t get diagnosed until I was about 20, so all throughout adolescence and childhood, I couldn`t even articulate what was wrong. In fact I still can`t really, since again, the pain isn`t actually physical. Worse, people would often get defensive and angry with me if I brought up the noises that triggered the response, so eventually I just became too afraid to mention it to anyone.

    The bottom line is that it`s gotten to the point where I can rarely sit through an entire class period without some sort of white noise device to filter out the trigger noises, and even then, I can`t hear the teacher half the time. I usually try to explain the situation to my professors, but to the other students, I`m sure it just looks like I`m a slacker who just sits in class listening to music to pass time.
    I`m counting down the days until I graduate, but I still worry if I`ll be able to find a job I can actually hold down. I *adore* foreign languages, and you two made me crave so badly to try and teach abroad, but I`ve since had to abandon that idea..
    Oh my jesus that is super long but ok the point I wanted to make was that I guess… There`s no cure, right? And treatments are tenuous at best. At this point I`ve pretty much given up hope that it`ll ever fully go away, and that thought *kills* me sometimes. But watching this really gave me hope that even if that is that case, it doesn`t mean you can`t live a fulfilling, happy life. So oh god this was really long but thank you so so so so so so much <3 And I believe in you!

  10. Hi! I am super clumsy and I just keep falling and hitting my head in several super fun ways and ruining my cervical spine because of whiplash. Any recommendations on the whole nerve pinch therapy thing so I can ask my doctor for them? It is so annoying because it’s a nerve that goes down to my hands and some days it lust feels like someone has been kicking me from the bottom of my head down my arms and to the middle of my back (which is the only time I actually take pills since my prescription is actually addictive). What was the kind of therapy that worked out the best for you? Did you get rid of the pain in your neck? What alternative therapies did you try?

    I really like how you cover such different topics. I love your videos, you guys are so full of energy and crazy and are so much fun to watch that it is really cool to see your take on different kinds of videos. Thanks for making them!

  11. Hey Martina, I may not have EDS, BUT I do have hyper-mobility in my shoulders. So I dislocate my shoulders….a lot. It gets to the point where I have to be careful how I sleep in bed and how I reach for things. Like if I lay flat on my stomach with my arms stretched out in front of me, I feel my shoulders start to dislocate. I also played sports in high school so that was a bit problematic (I’m in college now and have no time for sports ): )….. I also have an AV Block stage 1. It deals with the electrical system of the heart, where the AV node sends signals to the heart to pump blood. My heart is slightly delayed in receiving those signals so I experience pain in my chest (it hurts to breath for a few seconds). Lucky me it’s just stage 1, if it was stage 2 I wouldn’t have been able to play sports in high school. Anyway I know it can get tough at times but it feels awesome when you just go do what you love despite that! (: Thanks for sharing with us about yalls’ lives and everything (:

  12. Adore all of your YTubes. But these take the cake for sure! I loved these Draw My Life vids! Hugs!

  13. I also have a weird flexibility disorder ! Mine’s called hyperlaxy :)

  14. You and Simon are perfect for each other!! I’m really thankful you guys make these videos for us, it really open up our minds =D

  15. Wow, that was like a draw my life and motivational speech wrapped into one. Thanks for sharing!

  16. oh… how well do I know the situation of the so called “invisible” pain… When I was about 12 I started getting really horrible migraines and was sick.. a lot… then more fun when I had to have spinal surgery when I was about 14 or 15….(I’m like Wolwerine! body full of metal haha~) then I was later also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrom.. which I’ve now had for about six years… It’s not easy to have any sicknesses or injuries, but the ones you can’t see makes it really difficult to get people to understand your condition~

    and yeah, in situations like that (and life in general) it is vital to focus on the good things and the good days~ EYK is definitely one of the good things that can light up a difficult day for me! :D so keep up the good work~ ^-^

    Thank you for sharing your stories guys~ :)

    (and… I saw GACKT’s name there in the video.. yay! XD :3)

  17. Martina, I totally get your looking fine on the outside, not so fine on the inside thing. I’ve got fibromyalgia, and I’m in pain all the time too. No one can see the pain so sometimes when I say I have to sit down or rest, people just look at me like I have two heads. I, too, try to be positive about things and that makes it even LESS obvious that things are not so okay on the inside. When people find out about my condition they almost always say that they never would have guessed because I don’t show that I’m in pain. My dad had an absolutely horrible arthritic disease called anykylosing spondylitis which caused all this bones to grow together. The best lesson he ever taught me is “you can be IN pain without being A pain”. I think it’s one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in my life. Having said all that, I admire you for your positive attitude so much. I think you’ve totally got me trumped on the pain thing, and it would be so easy for you to live a non-stop pity party, and i don’t think anyone would fault you for that, knowing what you deal with all day long. I do think that a positive attitude helps with the pain, too.

    Thanks for sharing your life story with us. My daughter and I are determined to visit Seoul some day and I hope to give you a nice, big (gentle…non shoulder-dislocating) hug when we get there! We love you guise…..

  18. This is SO sweet!!! awesome stories, drawings(Martina(Sorry Simon : p)), and all the works !! you guys arms must be killing you two!

  19. Wow Martina, that was moving. I feel like very few people I run into ever take other people’s struggles and problems into consideration. Ever since my husband and I got pregnant, I’ve had a better understanding. When I was pregnant, I was either super sick or supeeeer swollen. Like freakishly puffy and tender. It was seriously such an uncomfortable 9 months. Bad mood all the timeless hormones. Anywho I wasn’t pleasant to be around and I’m lucky to have such a patient husband because not very many people were patient with me . So going through that made me have a real appreciation for others feelings. And now I’m a patient and proud mom. I know that 9 months is nothing compared to a whole life of pain, but I guess 1day of internal he’ll can feel like a lifetime too. Pain is pain. Well Thanks so much for sharing. NASTY out!

  20. I actually started crying during Martina’s video, then once I finished I watched Simon’s and started crying again. I had no idea that life had been like this for you guys, and I feel like I KNOW you from learning these things. You both are truly inspirational and I love you both very much.
    Also, it is VERY good to know you can actually get out of the friendzone ;)

  21. Martina, ever since I became a nasty, I have appreciated all the videos and effort you guys put in to this for us…Now I have truly learned how difficult things can be for you and I’d just like to say thankyou…You (and Simon) INSPIRE me so much and this video made me feel much better about my own problems and gave me an opportunity to reflect on them and truly understand you. I like your one negative two positive concept and will try that to become more optimistic…
    If you someday read this, I would like to let you know that I…we appreciate all of your hard work and effort to make us NASTIES happy I hope that can somehow compensate for the pain that you feel. We all love you and will support you through thick and thin :))
    ps. You have some real drawing SKILLZZZ!!! lol

  22. Martina and Simon, you are so brave sharing such personal things with us and posting them for everyone to see, I kinda used to think you two had the perfect life, you must be the luckiest people in the world, doing what you do, having each other, but it has nothing to do with luck, as in lottery luck I mean, you’ve earned it all by never giving up, overcoming obstacles every day, being positive and caring and strong-willed and supportive and generous and allaround lovely people, are you blushing yet? thanks for sharing your life with us <3

  23. My knees also bend a bit farther back than normal and my arms also twist in an abnormal way! I never noticed I could do that until a classmate pointed it out to me. I guess since I am not a big sports girl I have not had much trouble but I do occasionally pop my jaw… not sure if I have EDS maybe I should get checked! But it is interesting to know that there is someone else out there that also can do these things and that there is a name for it! I learned something new =)!! By the way loved your video, drawings, and appreciate that even through pain you can still keep an optimistic mood!!!

  24. I had a Japanese friend who intro’d me to Sailor Moon and brought me manga and I had a Sailor Moon Colection!…still have it…I recordd every single episode that came out! Hehehe. I play the cello, so I knew a lot of those hopeless baritone souls you were talking about in my music circle. When i was diagnosed with scoliosis, the doctor brought EVERY SINGLE intern on the floor in to see my crooked spine and uneven hips. So I was standing there bent over in front of all these people while they checked out my hips…yeah. My best friend has constant pain and I know from watching her the difficulty of constant pain. It’s pretty awesome you still do stuff and get out and work and do everything. MAD PROPZ MARTINA! I think I like EYK mostly cause of you guys. Yeah, you talk about cool stuff that make my RL friends roll their eyes, but you’re down to earth and chill. Your pain grounded you and it doesn’t do that for a lot of people. It’s awesome.

  25. I was a hardcore Moonie, and I still am to this day! SAILOR MOON FAN HIGH FIVE WITH MARTINA! Like many other people here, my love of East Asia started with it! I love that both you and Simon shared your stories with us. I appreciate everything that the EYK crew does for me and so many others to make us laugh and smile with each new upload and help us to learn so many new things about Korea that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise without being there! I really loved what you said about everyone experiencing pain, Martina. It’s so true! I wish you all happiness for the future, and thank you thank you thank you!

  26. Martina, you made me cry with this <3 It's amazing how you managed to remain positive throughout, you are a massive inspiration to me and all the Nasties <3

    Although I don't have EDS or a joint/bone problem, I do have IBS which basically means I get horrible cramps almost every day, and also (whether or not it's related) means that I feel sick almost all the time *and* random bits of my body will be in pain for no apparent reason. It's pretty sucky because on top of the cramping, it leads to a lot of other things: I get horrible period pains on top of the normal pain, if I'm cramping I can't take normal painkillers like Neurofen for headaches etc because it makes it worse, it links to a lot of other problems I have (even if the condition's not diagnosed, I still feel the effects and there's nothing I can do) and I went through two or three painkillers before I found one that works (and even that one's not certain – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). The other issue is that I don't know exactly what causes it: anything from eating the wrong food to sleeping on the wrong side, being stressed or, in some cases, just standing up for a long time. While there are ways to relieve the pain, the only real way I've found that properly works is just lie down on my right side for a long period of time which, if I have a full day of school to get through and am already having trouble standing up at 9am, isn't really viable. I used to go lie down in the nurse's office during my breaks but now it's easier just to grin and bear it, especially as exams approach and I have so much to do. Most of my friends and family know that I'm in pain a lot, but very few people beyond my immediate family actually know what it is (mainly because it's fairly embarrasing to tell people), and often I just have to try and shout at people "if I don't sit down now I am either going to throw up, pass out, or both".

    Whew, that went on for longer than expected. Point is, like a lot of people here, I know what it feels like to have this internal pain that constantly plagues you which people just don't notice until you make it plain to them that something's wrong and you're in pain. It's sucky, especially when you're surrounded by people who have problems worse than you, so you feel like you don't deserve to complain until you physically can't deal with it, and I often feel really rude to people because I'm so short with them when it's not because I'm angry, just because I'm more focused on trying to stand up.

    You are such an inspiration to me, Martina, and everyone else here, and I wish you all the best of luck in everything in life and send you as many virtual hugs as you want or need. I love all you Nasties, like, a lot <33333333333

  27. Please do SooZee and InternLeigh “draw my life” too.. :DDD

  28. I just wanted to say, I relate to the pain & stuff that no one sees. Sometimes it’s nice to hear that someone else out there can relate to you, you know? I have fibromyalgia and some other problems that cause a lot of pain day-to-day. I found out a few years back and felt really helpless because it was during my first major flare up of fibro! I had a good friend who I was living with and wouldn’t have gotten through that time without them. ^_^ I was really lucky. Somedays are bad days somedays are good days! I do my best not to be cranky and complain (it’s hard sometimes XD) but I refuse to let it prevent me from having an awesome life. I have an interview next week for teaching over-seas and I’m so excited!! Thanks for sharing your story :)

  29. Hi, just wanted to say, as a doctor in training, it sucks when we can’t figure out people’s problems right away. It hurts us too when we don’t quite have all the information or the symptoms people manifest don’t quite add up to a diagnosis right away and people suffer in pain. I just wanted to throw out there, that often times for rare diseases, we don’t often get a chance to see them with our own eyes, only in books or articles in medical journals. So please be kind to us when we gather around to see you if you do have a more rare condition, because it helps us, who are constantly trying to build up our knowledge base to remember you so that hopefully we will recognize it in someone else and learn from you to treat another who may have the same condition as you! And I mean this with every respect to everyone here on this site, because I have seen a lot of people suffering and in pain, and it sucks. but that is why I want to see as much as possible and learn as much as possible so that I have the answers and can treat the pain and suffering that my patients may have. Just my lowly two cents.

    • I want to say, thank you, truly. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to train and then to be a doctor but I for one really appreciate it. I have a grand total of seven disabilities including EDS and a neurological disorder only approx 100 people in Europe have and know from experience that patients aren’t always the easiest or best behaved/. But in the end, we know it is for the best for ourselves and for others that you ask the incessant questions so keep doing it- please!

  30. can you please tell us about ALL of your tattoos and potential future ones?

  31. You are amazing and its true about people’s outer appearance not always reflecting whats going on inside

  32. I’m going to join the folks who can definitely relate to having difficulty finding friends who you can share your love of Asian pop culture with. I began to fall in love with anime when I was 10 or 11 (Sailor Moon on YTV!). When I was 13 we got the internet and I was able to further learn about and really discover anime. But the only people I could talk to about it were people online. I used to hide my interest in anime and Japan because the other kids at my school didn’t understand the appeal at all and I didn’t like the jokes they’d make. I didn’t find anyone at school or in my community who shared my interests until I was 16. Even now at 28 I have friends who like some things but not necessarily to the extent that I do and not as broad a range of interests. So sometimes it still feels like the only people I can share this with are online. Finding EYK has made me feel less alone in being an adult who likes K-Pop. So, yay! You guys are awesome.

    Also, I grew up in Bedford so it’s kinda cool seeing you mention it here :)

  33. I just want to thank you Simon and Martina; You and the EYK crew, make possible for me to share what I think, listen and read other people opinions, about asian culture. Personally I am a Japanese’s culture adict, I even study japanese at my free time, who knows maybe if I work hard someday I will travel and see everything with my own eyes :)
    Thanks to you guys, I find a place where i feel free to speak my mind about the things that i like and I can’t share with other people. Even though I have a family and friend that love and care about me; sometimes, because of my “strange” taste, I can’t share this type of things with them because they see it as freaky and make fun of that “kind” of people (not knowing that I’m like that too), they know I’m a japanese freak but not how much i like korean culture too.

    So I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Eat Your Kimichi possible, and I hope more nasties find you.

    Thanks again :) !!!!

  34. Love Love Love Love Love!

    Thank you so much Martina! It really made me tear up when you started talking about who you love! And it is so amazing that you and Simon have opened up to us this way. I feel honored ;A;

    Martina, honestly, you are an inspiration. You are so strong and I’m definietly going to step back in my life and look at all the good things rather than the bad. Life is full of both, but it’s only the good things that you should hold on to.

    So finally, thank you both for helping me see things a little bit clearer. I know I have a lot to learn but It’s nice to know that people have who have been through hard times can still smile and say they are happy.

    Love you both and good night from NY :]

  35. wow, Martina! I remembere you mentioned you dislocation thing before but I had no idea it was so bad! I have a lot of respect for you!!!

    also, i was laughing about all the Sailor Moon stuff because that was pretty much me in high school (omg, YTV!!!) and you have just confirmed what i suspected all along – that we are pretty much the same age ^_- so i was relating a bit to the no facebook and tumblr and the picture of a giant computer, haha… when i was into anime, school friends would be like “haha, you’re watching kiddie cartoons!!” or “eew… you’re watching that weird asian cartoon porn stuff!!” … hum… yeah. lol.

    anyhoo. you are such a sweet person. we love you! keep it up!

  36. Thank you guys so much for your Draw My Life Videos! They were both touching, emotional, and fun! Martina I loved the “don’t judge a book by its cover” part, and I agree most people say the inside is what’s better but sometimes it’s the inside that needs help. I recently got in contact with my friend from North Carolina (I moved to Ohio last year half-way through the school-year). She’s been having to go to a physiatrist because she was being bullied, she was quite depressed because one of her best friends died in a car crash and to make it worst her grades are slipping. But one good thing is that she has been in a great relationship with her boyfriend, who I wish I remember but sadly do not… I love your rule if you say something bad about your day, you have to say two good things! When you said that you realized that it may have been important for you to be in that drunk driver’s way, my respect for you just went through the roof! You guys are truly amazing, wonderful people!

  37. :D Fighting, Martina. Siempre me hacían reir mucho y ahora los admiro mucho más a los dos. I love, guys :D

  38. Awesome story. I also became obsessed with Japanese Animation and sailor moon, and we would all congregate in #saintseiya channel to discuss whatever had happened at the episode, or Sailor Moon or Ranma 1/2. Without internet, I wouldn’t have met those friends who loved the things I did in a place where distance didn’t matter. thanks for reminding me of this, and I love the idea of the 2 good to 1 bad! I’ll put it in practice :)

  39. Martina! Your artwork reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye’s in Coffee Prince. It’s lovely :)

  40. OMG i didn’t fall asleep i teared up at how amazing it was :P

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