So, writing a blog post for this might be a bit awkward. I’m not sure how to really elaborate or to give any different ideas, which is what we usually do in our blog posts. We use the video as a springboard for different ideas, but here in this post I didn’t really discuss any ideas. It was just me telling stories about myself in video animation format. I guess what I can say is some extra information, maybe? The video was long and there were some things that we had to cut out to make it of somewhat reasonable length.

My brother and sister: I mentioned them briefly. I’ll talk more about them here. My brother’s name is Slavek. He has two kids, Shanice, who is now 20, and Therren, who’s 15. Shanice is half-Spanish (I’m pretty sure!) while Therren is half-Jamaican (I’m pretty sure as well!). I’m a bad uncle. I was really close with them when I was younger and they were first born. This was before my two years of university isolation. I haven’t really gotten that much closer with them since, but I know that when I see them when I come back to Canada I miss them dearly.

My sister’s name is Marta. She’s married to Richard. They have two beautiful kids, Ethan and Maya, who are also half-Jamaican. We have a very multicultural family :D I’m Maya’s godfather, but I’m terrible at it. I’ve been away from the family since I’ve been married and I haven’t had the chance to see her grow up. Ethan I spent some time with when he was first born, before I became hermitted, but afterwards it’s pretty much the same as with my other niece and nephew.

I’m closest with my parents. I speak with them once a week on FaceTime. I talked about it briefly in the video how thankful I am for all they did for us. One part I had to cut out because I’d just sob through the whole thing is that, when I was a teenager, going through my punk fake-hardcore giant-asshole phase, I was terrible to them. Just terrible. They won’t tell the story that way. They’ll say that I was an angel, but I remember how mean I was to them, how rude and inconsiderate I was to them, how I mistreated them. It’s one of my most shameful times of my life and I feel terrible for being such a bad kid. It’s one of the things that scares me the most if I ever were to be a father myself: my parents were nothing but loving and supportive of me, and I repaid them terribly back then. What if my kids were to do the same? It’d be karma. I’d accept it as divine justice, but I just couldn’t imagine surviving it, not only for my own sake, but because it’d be a constant reminder of how bad I was back then. I’m a better son now, but I’ll never forget how great my parents were for me.

Martina’s awesome: I can’t do justice to talking about her in a video or a blog post. She has something that I just haven’t seen in anyone before. There’s a purity of spirit in her, a freedom from the shades of adulthood, that you can’t quite explain. It’s like a child’s innocence, the way they find pleasure in running through fields and playing with bubbles and petting caterpillars, but it’s without the ignorance associated with childhood. She’s exceptionally smart and capable: she’s witnessed some of the shittiness of the world and of human nature, and has still maintained her joy for life. I don’t know how to explain it. She’s not a perfect human being; we all have heavy shadows around us, all of us, but she’s fought hers off more than I’ve ever seen anyone do before. I don’t know how that makes sense in writing. Sorry if it doesn’t.

I just realized that most of this blog post was about my family and friends, and about my difficulties in connecting with others. It’s odd, then, that I do so much stuff online. I’m not good at connecting in person; I’m better at connecting online. I’ve spoken with more people online here, in the comment section to this site, than I have with some of my own family and friends. Thanks, guise, for being so Nasty and chatting with me from time to time. I really appreciate it.

Martina’s planning her Draw My Life video now as well, and should get to filming it soon. You’ll see it next week!

  1. Simon, you are so lucky to meet Martina in your life! I’m really moved QAQ

  2. Wait so you guys don’t teach at ALL anymore now?

  3. Ooh I skipped a grade too! But it was 1st grade, not 3rd

  4. You guys are the coolest! I watched Martina’s first (and gotta admit your drawing is…ihm…. but if I were to do it, I would probably be the first one to laugh and then cry and laugh again,.. But the idea is pretty awesome) and even if I just discovered you, It felt so good watching people’s results out of passion and not giving up. I am pretty messed up right now, I might get into depression, and mostly because of Koreans (OMG I just figured out that I finally have a question to ask – but you probably not take it into considerations since I will probably be the single person to want the answer), but you really did sent me a little bunch of hope so, I might have to tank you later for not taking my life yet :P I totally agree with your parents for looking for a better life for you in Canada, I would definitely do that for my children as well, because I live in a much worse country – Romania, and I put up with bad things all the time. And if I were a happy person here it would probably matter less but, since I want to see the world it kind of sucks.

    Yeah, sometimes I get verbal diarrhea so, what I want to say is that, like many other “nasties” out there I thank you for existing and doing this wonderful videos and so, I really envy you and hope I would be able to have a couple life just like yours and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the 5 years in Korea and to your 6 years of marriage.

  5. Simon – Thank you for sharing – this was awesome to watch and to hear a
    bit about why you are who you are and where you are now. I love that
    you guys are so cute together :) I understand how awesome it can be to marry your best friend, I did too :) Mad props!

  6. YAY it’s amazing to know you can get out of the friendzone. Also i hope all thoughs people who robbed you are like….. he’s famous now and i am sitting in a call centre. I know you put it all behind but i still can’t believe that would break into your house. I am so Happy you might Martina and your life is amazing now. :)

  7. Seriously you guys are one of the most inspirational people, I’m so happy to have discovered you guys~

  8. thunder and iu had been friendzoned thunder like iu but he was in the friendzone

  9. OMG! Your family is from Poland! It’s like, so cool. I never (honestly, It doesn’t happen) see awesome people on the internet that comes from the same country as me (even if you can’t speak fluent polish and just don’t consider yourself as a person from Poland – we have something in common!)

    Also, I really love watching your “private” videos. Getting to know your life is SO inspirational. Seriously. I almost cried when I watched your love-stories, and now… I just feel really happy that I found this website. Thanks for everything :)

    (And sorry for my english – writing is A LOT more harder than reading&listening).

    PS. If you ever decide to visit Poland – just one word, and the nasties will throw you a huge welcome party – because, you know, we love eatyourkimchi!

  10. Simon, You got the Skillz!! Lol…jokes aside, this video really opened my eyes as to how life was and is for you. All the hard work you had to do to achieve what you have gave me a new perspective on Eatyourkimchi. I am, and forever will be, a NASTY!!!
    ps, I appreciate your reaction to your house being robbed and that you didn’t hold any grudges against those people, that was very mature of you :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!! (eat your kimchi crew)

  11. OMG this video was AWESOME, I love how honest and open you guise are, srsly, I got really freaked out about the haunted house thing, although I’ve seen pretty freaky stuff myself (like witches and stuff which are oddly common in my country =( ), I loved the blog’s bit about Martina that was the sweetest thing I’ve ever read (and I read A LOT). anyway just wanted to tell you that I think you are an awesome person and Martina is as Lucky to have you as you are to have her <3 You are truly the perfect couple at least for me =)

    Hugs and kisses all the way from Venezuela <3

  12. Awwwww. Adorable! But holy asfsakfvd!!! You lived in a haunted house!?!! That’s craaaay.
    Ermmmmm, I especially love your tribute to your parents. I, too, was a horrible daughter at times and took the things my parents afforded me for granted. I have so much more respect for them now that I’m older and on my own. They were so right when they said “One day you’ll understand.” Cute story about you and Martina, as well. I love that you two are really best friends first. That’s a great way to look at marriage and very much how my grandparents operate in their marriage too. Outta da friendzone. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Hey Simon and Martina! My question for you is: From your perspective, what are the greatest needs in South Korea? Is there any need? We often hear about the high suicide rate, high beauty standards, etc… But does this create some kind of social distress?? In places like Africa where malnutrition and HIV/AIDS runs rampant there is a great tangible need for medical care, basic sanitation, clean water, food…. Is there any humanitarian need? (Not that South Korea is in any way compared to Africa, but there are needs everywhere…) Thanks! And BTW your draw my life video was epic!!!!!

  14. your relationship with Martina is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. you you both have so much love for each other, that when i watch your videos, I can see the bond that you share with each other. I hope that one day, I will have something as special as you two have.

  15. wow Simon, thanks so much for sharing! You have an awesome story. :)

  16. Ok, loved this episode! You remind me a lot of myself, so I could relate a lot. I can’t wait for Martina’s video. Ideas for future TL;DRs, I have seen many people post about religion and wanting to know more so that could be one, I would like a Pets TL;DR, or what is on TV in Korea like, what shows do you watch? A news channel you believe is unbiased and reports the news, I know, this sounds silly, but I have to put that in there because not all journalism is what it’s cracked up to be. Speaking news, how much do you try to follow news in Korean and about Korea? Also, any shows you find yourself liking? I mean Korean ones, but you can list the English ones that you can’t stop following in the blog post, since the jerkiest of the complainers probably won’t even check your blog. They just watch the video to complain. I’d rather the majority of the TL;DR to be more Korean focused to be fair. You can type in the dramas that you watch too, Martina, even if Simon begs you not to. I’ll be honest, I liked it when you reviewed dramas, but I’m not about to ask you to give up precious sleep for it. Well, I’m out.

  17. jessica

    Such a perfect TLDR. Omgosh I laughed and cried. Can’t wait for Martina’s! Thanks ever so much for sharing.

  18. i was crying simon ur soo sweet

  19. I’m sorry that you had to live in Windsor.

  20. Simon, I do really like your story it is almost the same story as mine… :”(

  21. Thanks so much for sharing Simon, and I can’t wait to see Martina’s as well :D For a Future TLDR or blog post I was wondering if you guys could make a post with a more in depth explanation on your process of opening your own business in Korea What your your personal experience was with dealing with that process? I remember you covered it in bits in past videos a while ago but I was curious about more! Thanks! <3

  22. Aww Simon :D You been through so much to get to where you are today! GOOD JOB! MARTINA LIT UP YOUR ENTIRE LIFE :)

  23. I’ve always wanted to be friends with Simon since I first started watching. I always thought he would be an awesome guy to hang out with and joke around with. After this I just wish I could be his friend more. You are one cool cat Simon, I’m glad you and Martina have be open enough to share your lives with the rest of us.

  24. Simon, that was seriously amazing and so inspirational. You and Martina are just two really, really special people that you don’t encounter often enough in the world. I can’t emphasize that enough. Thank you so much for taking all the time to make this video. :D (Sorry, I can’t even express it in words how awesome this was. Plus, even though I’m subscribed, it’s my first time commenting on anything… Ehe. Yeah. I’m a bit shy. Just a bit. Or, a lot. Yeah, a lot.)

  25. I’m was really touched and inspired while watching this, props to you Simon because now you are doing what you love and have Martina with you, and that’s just lovely, you really are an awesome person and keep doing what makes you happy that in the end is the only thing that really matters :)

  26. Wow, so yeah I don’t know what I was expecting but I don’t think it was this. Watching this I went through so many different emotions and in the end smiling like a fool with teary eyes, haha.

    Though honestly this was so freaking interesting to watch/listen to. Not only do I feel really honoured that you shared so much with us but also this was a really insightful, humbling, honest and inspiring video.
    I have so much respect for you and Martina for all you have achieved and although I don’t know you personally I feel that through your videos, website, and other social networks you really try your hardest to make everyone involved and feel like a part of everything you do.
    Not only that but your relationship is so beautiful, I don’t even know what to say but I do want to try and say how much your Marriage makes me have hope and faith in love and true friendship. I don’t want to be all mushy but I really respect you both for your Marriage and how you Simon value Martina and your commitment to one another.

    Another thing that really stood out to me was how you spoke about your family and your teenage years. I couldn’t believe that people you thought were friends could do something so terrible and I really commend you for coming through that and achieving what you did with your education and life after that. This means a lot to me because at some point I thought I wasn’t going to accumulate the grades I had dreamed of getting at a young age. I am so freaking awkward and socially anxious, I sometimes suffer from panic attacks and terrible confidence issues, I often go through bouts of intense depression because of this and it all basically stems from how pretty much from Primary School (age 6-7) I started to get bullied, I am mixed raced (my Mother is British and my Father African American) and apart from two of my other friends I was the only mixed race kid in the whole school. The bullying got progressively worse in High School to the point where I was skipping school and locking myself away in my room and basically I stopped wanting to go out, to do pretty much anything and most of all I didn’t want to be me, I wanted to be white, someone else or not exist. I never fit in anywhere, I always thought I was the odd one out and the fact that my sense of humour was weird, I dressed in a style that I liked but everyone else thought was weird, I liked Asian culture, rock music, and of course Asian music too made me even more of a target. So finding EYK became an escapism as much as K-Pop and J-Rock did for me and honestly watching one of your videos always makes me manage to smile and forget about all the things I constantly worry about even if for a few minutes, it really makes a big difference and seeing that you have managed to do so many things and achieve so many dreams and wonderful things really inspires me and gives me some hope. I love your personalities and your outlook on things and I really want to thank you and the EYK CREW for being so awesome and I can’t wait for Martina’s video as well (^∇^).
    Sorry for rambling on and on and for this being so ridiculously long (and whiny) though (。-_-。).

  27. Ahhh. Simon, this is great! I’m excited to see Martina’s video!

  28. lovee this video so cute !! How come you guys never talk anout your honeymoon ? Did you guys not have one or it is just nothing funny to tell ?

  29. the martina/simon part is just adorable <3

  30. Oh God, I was so horrible to my mum as a teen – it is my most shameful memory and (though my mum obviously never held it against me and, as you said, probably doesn’t remember it that way herself) I’ll carry that guilt with me forever.

    Simon, your story was partly sad and partly sweet, but the main message(s) I took from it? Even when it feels like your world’s come crashing down or you have no friends or no-one loves you… you’re not alone and it *does* get better. Thank you! :D

  31. A fascinating story told fantastically. Thanks.

  32. i started crying when you spoke about martina =) you both are adorable and i wish you the best!

  33. as i watched your story on yt and read the rest of it here..actually, i’m learning something from it. you’re a big inspiration for us..you definitely deserve what you have succeeded so far! can’t wait to watch martina’s story next week. :)) hwaiting!

    p.s = i’m sooooo jelly how sweet simon is to his wife..i wish my future husband would be like that in the future, hehehe (^^)v

  34. Hey Simon and Martina,
    I read in an article that you guys were interviewed, and you said that you do not think that the Korean bands will never really make it mainstream if they were pushed towards marketing in the U.S., because Korean music does not reflect North American Culture. What do you think is so different about the Korean culture and the North American culture that makes the movement of K-pop into American music industry so difficult? Martina also said, ” K-pop is not just a song or a genre, it’s an entire culture.” Could you expand on that a bit more?

  35. Thanks for sharing, very well done. Wish you and your bestest friend (and wife) the best life.

  36. I love your video! I’m all late and wrong… but it’s so like motivational! Don’t be afraid to go places, because things will go up and down but it usually works out–just keep moving. ^_^

  37. Oh gawd this was truly touching, I teared up ;0; I can’t believe that behind your usual dorky fun self was a past full of hardships but everytime we see you in your videos you act as if its not what defines for the rest of your life. I admire what you have done and how much you and Martina have come in your lives. You are truly inspirational

  38. there’s no way martina was your first love. YOU’RE NOT TELLING US EVERYTHING. YOU’RE AFRAID MARTINA WILL GET JELLY.

  39. Simon, I think you and I have a lot in common (although your life story is much more interesting). From this, I have two hopes:
    1) That maybe when I move to Korea (hopefully) in a year and a half, you, Martina and I can be friends 8D
    2) That there’s hope for me to find someone someday to love me too who is as awesome as you and Martina, because I find you two’s relationship so inspiring (makes me a little jelly sometimes, for real). Or, at the very least, I can learn how to make friends too. O.o

  40. To be honest , before this video I was a bit envious of you and Martina. Your life seemed perfect to me: you have found your love, got married, you have your dream job, loving family, you live in the country where you wanna live and so on and so forth. I’ve never thought what brought to your happy life (I hope and believe, that you are happy now). Now when I saw how much you’ve come through, I can believe that someday I will have my happy life too :) Simon, you are awesome!!! Thank you so much for this video and for all the videos, you’ve made and will make!!

  41. Can i just say…I laughed, I cried and most importantly, I enjoyed! You guys are prime example of what a healthy relationship and married life is all about :) Kudos!

  42. Such a lovely video :’)

  43. I am a mother of a lovely, charming, studious and shy young woman. Can we clone you, Simon!!! I truly hope she finds someone like you. You’ve got your head on right about what is really important. We need to know how to make more young men like you.

  44. I was just wondering how difficult it is to travel with The Spudgey between Canada and Korea, what are the regulations on bringing your pets to Korea, and how does he handle the long plane ride?

  45. I saw this article and it reminded me of you guise!

    Everyone should ready it.. men and women (even if its directed to women) and christians or non-christians. (^-^)

  46. I’m impressed with Simon and Martina’s love story (>,<)<3 I admire you guise lot! Hope to meet yous someday! (:D)
    Greetings from Puerto Rico (:P) Puerto Rican Nasty here.. Peace Out!

    • Woohoo! Another Puerto Rican Nasty! :DD I feel so happy whenever I see there’s someone from PR. Makes me feel less alone. Heck, someone from here even sent a fanmail package to them. That’s just awesome!!

  47. that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it sounds like you’ve had a great life so far, even though there were bad moments, they still seemed like memorable experiences and life lessons, awsome stuff Simon!

  48. Simon – I only can say thank you for sharing your story. Such a moving story in a compact video. You also inspired me that it is possible to make white board animation despite not being an expert!! It gives me courage! You are pioneering – learning by doing and expanding the scope your capabilities. I admire how you overcome all the hardest times and bloom so brightly and fantastically like this! Lots of nasty force for you guise! :D

  49. This inspired me so much and it really taught me that we should never give up, THANK YOU :D
    I wish I will someday experience a love as sweet and awesome as yours ;~;

    On a side note, I’m really shock at the difference between cultures. In Asia, a STUDENT would never EVER have dared to do what your ‘friends’ did. Oh god the punishment they will face if they live here *shudders*.

    But it’s sad, really. Asian countries are just so strict, and all we do is to simply study :( we don’t have much precious or fun memories or maybe just relaxing times for us to just hang out with our friends. Sigh..

  50. hapagirl

    Simon, you are seriously one of the most humble people I know (or know of at least). I’m very use to seeing a super happy silly you and it was nice to see you stripped down. God, I wanted to hug you during this video and take Meemers away from the dry erase board. Gosh, he loves being a part of the action. Reading the part about your parents, I started getting teary and then I started bawling when I remembered the horrible things I’ve done to my parents. I can’t wait to see Martina’s though I’m worried that I’ll end up just having this need to hug you both and be like, “you precious babies, let me comfort you!”

  51. One reason I really like these videos is that they are a reminder that many, many people have some very significant things happen in their lives that makes them who they are, AND that just because we see a happy smiling face now doesn’t mean it was always this way. We always tend to think we’re alone, that nobody understands us or experiences the same things we do. And yet, while each of our experiences is uniquely ours, there are strong similarities to others experiences and those similarities bring us together and make us closer.

    I was very depressed in college and had no direction or purpose or goal. As graduation came closer, I got panicky and broke down. I was scared about the future and while the idea of coming to Korea and teaching English was put to me several times, I immediately said no out of fear of the unknown. It was seriously after watching your videos that I became confident to take the plunge. You guys did videos on the little things. Sure, culture shock comes from big and bright things like the language barrier or taking your shoes off in buildings, but it was the videos on the little everyday things we take for granted like throwing your toilet paper in the trash can and not the toilet, or how to use a rice cooker or a washing machine that helped me. It was your attention to such tiny details that put my mind (and I’m sure other’s minds) at ease and I knew it was going to be the right thing to do.

    I know you guys are both SUPER busy and all, but if you EVER get down to Gwangju, I’d love to take you guys out for some grub somewhere as a thank you for keeping me sane! If not, keep doing what you’re doing and good luck!

  52. cried watching the video, cried reading the blog post, and cried reading some of the comments here too! glad I’m not the only one though, haha. MY FEELS. And Simon, the paragraph on Martina here was perfect, I loved it. described here beautifully, and I can definitely see what you mean, even if I haven’t met her (your English skills and metaphors were showing. loved everything about that paragraph. I can feel your love. (makes me feel forever alone though hahah)).

  53. I love how you didn’t interfere in Martina’s relationship a true friend, also how after you started dating you got married within 3 years that’s AWESOME

  54. you’re such a great storyteller Simon! i really admire how you became the MAN you are now, cuz from the sounds of things, you’re life could’ve gone straight to the crapper… Martina saved you! :) you guys are so cute you make me sick. xD

  55. your so cute what a sweet man ,, martina is so lucky too !! both really nice folks ,,,,,,,,,, everyone should find their happiness and live life take some risk !! explore the world ,, its worth it…

  56. I think that it’s because of seeing your relationship with Martina, seeing how well you two get along, how much you love each other, I have kind of been spoiled into the idea that THAT is the kind of relationship I want. My friend once said “You should feel lucky to be single right now. Being in a relationship can be straining.” I told him “They aren’t supposed to be straining.” And then I showed him the two of you. He even said you two were so alike, and definitely meant for each other.

  57. kawaii_candie

    awww….. Simon!!!! this was really touching and you really are the sweetest guy ever!! I’m sorry you had to struggle in your Early life, but I’m really envious of your relationship with Martina! what you guys have is what i wish i would have! I think it’s amazing…. and i am so happy for you that things turned out to be pretty good for you in the end ^_-

  58. KATHyphenTUN

    The FEELS!!! TT.TT

  59. Stick figures are da bomb!! Started out with them and use them most of the time.

    I’m glad your parents moved to Canada because you got to meet Martina and got out of the friend zone!

    So thank you for moving to Korea, marrying Martina, and making the best of EYK.

  60. Simon you really are awesome :)

  61. as one of my friends in germany told me..

    “What’s the famous slogan of the tourism sector in Poland?

    Come to Poland – Your car is already here.”

    haha.. sorry for your first-hand experience with that

  62. Simon, I knew that there was an inner chocolaty essence to your soul, son. [said in my most hood impression possible]
    This was amazing! Watching EYK and knowing it’s popularity has made you and Martina almost popstar recognizable, but this was so humbling and connective. You are truly great people, and what I’m gonna take away most is “Where you end, isn’t always where you begin.” #Real-Life-Yo!

  63. simon needs to get heyguuurled more often v(°^°)v

  64. This was awesome. I”m now looking forward to Matina’s too!
    I am also a little bit introverted so I have a hard time connecting with other people and socializing with people outside of work and school. I admit I have more online friends than irl since I, for some reason, am better at socializing online.

  65. Hmm this might sound weird but I think there is a Simon in all of us if that makes sense. Having a hard time in high school, not knowing how to connect with people. Well actually I’m more like Martina, loving Asian culture and being goth. Hm I guess a little of both. I can connect with you guys b/c I can relate to the both of you. I hope I get to live out my dream like you guys, and help people and unite people all around the world.

  66. Dulce Maria Lopez

    Oh My God! This was an amazing video!!! It shows such a cool story that even made me have more hope and courage for my future (since I’m a high schooler who’s almost gonna graduate and go to college… I’m kind of scare 0_0 ) I really liked the video!!

  67. aw.. i cried. at multiple parts. i can’t believe your “friends” robbed you. i’m so glad you found martina

  68. Dang, I should show this to my brother.

  69. Simon I really wish you could answer my question!! I want to go teach English in Korea, that’s actually my life plan. It’s my dream. I know nothing is perfect in life, but that’s really what I want to do. I know you need to be an English native speaker to teach in Korea. The thing is I’m from Montreal, and my first language is French. I started learning English before elementary school, and
    now I’m perfectly bilingual. But I still have a slight French accent when I speak English. Do you know any English teachers in Korea who’s first language wasn’t English, and if so, did they have to lie about it in order to get their job?
    Please let me know, this question is killing me!!!

    (By the way I love you guys so much, you really are an inspiration)

  70. I get ya on the whole hermit/socially awkward/connect better online vs in person thing Simon. I have trust issues with people having been rejected and used a lot by others, so it’s difficult for me to begin with people. No worries though! It was interesting to know more of your background. I already knew you were a colorful person, but now even more depth has been added. :) Thanks for wanting to share with us!

  71. This was so awesome Simon~ First I loved the animation format xD
    Second… this was so honest of you…not much people can talk like that about their life, being so honest about it, and realizing all the problems you caused, all the harships you went through and say ‘I did it huh?’ and even more, gettin a happy ever after? you speech about Martina was so moving, really~ that’s how love should be…you are one of the guys you find with a lupe xD
    I just loved this…can’t wait fro Martina’s one :3
    Thanks for sharing this with your nasties~ we’ll always be there for you :DDD

  72. Not going to lie, at first I was like “what do ya’ll have to say that you haven’t already told us? o3o” and didn’t think the video would be TOO entertaining other than your jokes of course. But OMG I loved it. It was totally interesting and I loved the style, even with your dorky stick figures. I loved listening to it, and thank you so much for doing it. ^^ Makes you realize you really can do anything when you try hard enough.

  73. simon i loved how you were being so honest about your life and not making up stuff about how it was perfect. You genuinely told us about your hardships as you grew up. it was so sweet. Your mini speech about martina was so heartwarming. I wonder if anyone else is like that….pshh no. thanks for posting this!

  74. oh gosh i got to control the tears during the video but after reading the blog post i couldn’t hold back anymore! lol, thanks for sharing such a beautiful tldr Simon!

  75. AWHHHHHH SIMON!! i like this ^^ i think i smiled the whole way through!… except the part with your friends not so much friends breaking in part (Jerks >. Congrats on being out of the Friendzone! And the part about Martina ^^ you made me get teary eyed! but i still smiled :’D
    Love your Draw My Life story Simon :)
    Thanks for sharing !!!

  76. SIMON STAHP MAKING ME CRAY *drowns in feels*

  77. I laughed so hard when you talked about moving out of the haunted house ahahahha oh white people in scary movies…

  78. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon I too was a ten lb baby, ten lbs 11 ounces. Mom props to our mothers!

  79. I love how you told your story! I like how you put the red Mohawk to denote you.

    And, I want to thank you for reminding me how wonderful it is to know that you don’t deserve your spouse. Somehow I had got away from that. I have been married for 14 years. Sometimes you need a reminder of how blessed you are.

  80. Simon – thank you so much for sharing! This is by far one of my most favouritest “Draw My Life” videos I have seen so far. You are awesome! And I am so glad that you and Martina met each other, and that you guise decided to make EYK. It is so awesome and amazing and fun and hilarious!

  81. The way you talked about Martina was utterly adorable. You guys are so cute~ xD
    Thanks for sharing about your life. ^^

  82. Simon.. this is so… sweet!
    All girls would love to be married to a guy who thinks of her the way you think of Martina!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  84. oh man Simon I loved this video ;A; Why are Draw My Life videos so depressing though like every single one I’ve watched so far has been so sad ):

  85. Simon we’re so glad you shared your story :) and I think your story (like many youtubers who have already done draw my life) will really reach a lot of people on the internet struggling through the same thing. It’s really nice to see such a human-ness in everyone (especially when we forget that the internet is made up of real people too) :D NASTY LOVE FOREVARRR!

  86. Yall got married on my birthday xD grats

  87. HAha, my mom is from Nigeria and my dad is from Trinidad. I think its kinda funny

  88. After all these comments there’s not much that I can add… What I want to say is that I’m happy that you and Martina met each other. I really am!
    I’m an introverted. “forever alone” person and this video is one of the things that remind me not to give up hope in a better future.
    Oh boy, I sound cheesy.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  89. OMG guys you got married in the same date my hubbie and I did only difference is we married on 1989! Yeah, long time ago, I know! Lol!! But we’ve gone thru lows and ups like you and did some travel, only to the USA because home to us is Puerto Rico. You still have to go tru the fun part, having kids!! Lol!! We have two daughter, they think we’re a bit crazy, well we are! My hubbie is a doctor, a lawyer and a loving guy. I’m a bit like you, not tall, ha! I’m a smurfette but in the part of being more social on the internet than in face to face. I’m very shy, only one close friend! I knew about Kpop three years ago and loved it. This is how I knew about you two nasties! It’s great to know a little about you! You’re a great guy! :D

  90. Simon, I don’t know you, but I know that there is some shamelessness in me too. I do make friends easily now, but boy does the blog part about being nasty to your parents remind me of how I was to my mom at 16 asking for stuff and all.

    I’m sure you’d be an awesome Dad. I mean, given the way you are now, you’ve learnt a lot and I’m sure you have tons of things to teach… and since we know you can literally do that to Korean students, why not a kid, heh ;)

  91. Are Soozee and Leigh going to do a Draw My Life video as well?

  92. I cried a bunch this video is so cuteeeeeeeeee~ T____T <3

  93. Hi Simon, I just want to thank you for this. You’ve given one awkward, reclusive, friendless girl new hope :) If I can be a quarter as awesome as you, my life is complete.

  94. bigbangfosho

    My gosh, I’m crying and laughing at the same time. You both bring so much joy into my life, and I’m so glad you both are very happy as you are. Please stay forever happy together, keep inspiring us all.

  95. This video was really cool. But is there some significance behind draw my life? Nvr heard of it till S&M did it.just wondering

  96. My friends live on Wyandotte, and I live right off Wyandotte.

    Can verify the apartment sketchyness.

  97. PunkyPrincess92

    O_O you…you seriously lived in a haunted house?
    ahahaha i used get taken to the head teachers office to show off my art work!!!
    bwahahahhaha sorry Simon but i laughed!!! (even though i already knew) you used to be gangster!!!
    T_T aawww man …what the….that is freakin’ terrible of your ‘friends’!
    hahaha Simon!! don’t insult Martina’s choice in hooking you up!!

    aawwwww that was so awesome and special to watch!!! TT_TT so happy to be a nasty!!!

  98. simon, awesome video. its great to know more about you. i can relate to some of the things that happened in your life. You had your ups and downs, but it finally went your way in the end. Happy that you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and that you’re doing what you enjoy for a living.

  99. So good, great, Awesome, uhh you so nasty. It was sad but man it was good I love your ideas at the end. :-)

  100. Hey guise!!

    I missed your videos ;_; I haven’t been able to find time to watch your new released videos(just yesterday I barely managed to watch your interview with K.Will but I didn’t comment *I’ll surely will!*)… so when I saw that there’s a “draw my life” video on your page I just had to watch it! I knew it would be a mushy heartwarming one (I love mushy heartwarming videos :3). Can’t wait for Martina’s video. :)

    blog post:

    “I’m a bad uncle. I was really close with them when I was younger and they were first born. This was before my two years of university isolation. I haven’t really gotten that much closer with them since, but I know that when I see them when I come back to Canada I miss them dearly.” You still have time to compensate for that time. (They might be even reading your blog posts and watch your videos) :)

    Oh…Simon… at least you’ve matured and repented and I’m sure that the fact that you’re trying to amend for the things you’ve done make your parents really happy.

    “Sorry if it doesn’t.” No. It does… there are not many people that get to old age with some sanity in them…



    05:13 yeah…. friends…

    That was one of the most awesome “Draw My Life” videos! You have some nice drawings :) I hope your life experience and video will have the power to change lives for the better Simon :)

    I don’t know why some people get born in the most difficult environments and never get out of it…. just thinking about these kind of people I consider myself really blessed and lucky to find friends that last forever (even after not meeting with them for a couple of months when we get together it’s just like we weren’t even apart… of course I miss them but when you’re so busy you can’t help it…) and I met them at pure coincidence… I didn’t even try to make friends because I was a total unsocial freak in middle school and almost all highschool…

    Since I met my best friends I’ve started to not take things for granted and since I met you guise(EYK, Nasties) even more. I know that nothing comes in life for free. NOTHING!!! and that all things happen for a reason so when something good(no matter the size of it) happens in your life take a moment to reflect upon it and don’t let it slide like it’s nothing…

    Big mushy Thank You! ;______;

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  101. How did you like Poland, Simon? (curious because I’m Polish^^) What cities/areas did you see? :)
    I hope that travel to Poland brought you some nice memories even though your friends broke your trust terribly that time…
    I’m asking about things connected to my country but the whole video was very interesting, I enjoyed watching it. Can see you went trought many things, wish you all the best for the future~

  102. That was so touching; kinda teared up. You should be a motivational speaker next.

  103. TheShawol as a NastyPotterHead

    That… that was T-T
    I don’t think this is a sad story, I see it like a happy story because in the end you become a successful person, not because of the money but for the happiness itself.
    And the way you talk about Martina its just beautiful. When I get marry I want a marriage like your’s.

  104. I know completely how it feels to be socially awkward. I had to take a four year college hiatus because of my finances. I lost touch with all my friends and then ones that stayed in touch eventually told me they just felt bad that’s why they were talking to me still. I became really closed off, and stopped doing all the fun nerdy things I liked to do. I am finally back in school, and at first I never came out of my room, and then one day I finally made a friend. Now I am slowly starting to do things I loved, I even sketched last night for the first time in four years. I am glad you shared your life with us, and I am glad you and Martina share all your quirky videos with us because you two are awesome. Did I mention it is my dream and has been since the 6th grade to teach English in Asia. You guys inspire me a lot =] <—-sorry that was so incredibly sappy, I just wanted you guys to know you are awesome and I am proud to be a Nasty <3

  105. Awww Simon that was so touching! I can’t wait for Martina’s but I loved this absolutely loved this I always get misty eyed when listening to other peoples stories!

  106. what about martina draw my life video?

  107. I really like your voice Simon, it’s nice to listen to..

  108. Simon you got me crying, I can’t wait for Martina’s

  109. This is such an amazing video. Thank you Simon for sharing your story with us. My favorite part was when you talked about Martina. It was very touching <3

    I'm afraid of change and trying new things, but once I got to college 4 years ago I tried to keep myself open to new possibilities and opportunities, the first being moving from New Jersey to South Carolina for school. At first it was hard, but I tried to look at it as finally doing something new and different. And once I found you guys about a year and a half ago and seen all that you have done, I started to inspired to get out there and experience and do new things. You guys are amazing <3

  110. from MBA to KPOP … —- wow so inspiring

  111. OMO My house in the US is on Wyandotte St.!!!! I share a similarity other than K-pop with you guys XDDD
    This was a really beautiful video. Thanks for sharing it with us ^^
    On another note, how’d you guys get into K-pop? It seems like Martina was already into Japanese and Korean culture since she was younger, but what’s the whole story including your side?? xp

  112. thisisjustforfunval

    I feel the same way Simon. I have three siblings, two brothers and one sister. My oldest brother and my sister are my half siblings but I’ve never seen them that way, they are just my siblings. My eldest brother didn’t grow up with us but I don’t seem him as seperate or half anything. In fact lol he’s the sibling I love most. I could never do a draw my life, people would be crying puddles left and right, even with my humorous nature. Your Draw My Life was really awesome, and that photo bomber Meemers is priceless.

  113. Simon, I really think Meemers has it out for you. XD He’s a kitty with an agenda. o.o

  114. Probably a reason why you don’t talk much when you interview others

  115. I did get quite teary eyed there
    That was beautiful, Simon :)

  116. That was really nice and well done.

  117. Simon your the cutest

  118. I go to UofT and I feel exactly the same way as you do! People here are so intense T_T I love your story! I’m actually going to teacher’s college this Sept at UWO, any advice? D: btw I did think about teaching in Korea, but my boyfriend of almost 2 years whom I love dearly is studying to be a dentist here and would never leave his family (I don’t have any family in Canada) so I guess it’s not something I could do at the moment. I too, feel inadequate and socially awkward compared to my bf, and we’re currently in a LDR and I feel like a complete loner sometimes, while he has friends to hang out with where he’s at. Your story has made me realize that it does get better, and I can’t wait for teacher’s college where hopefully I could make new friends! (I pretty much bombed my undergrad social life)

  119. Aweeee my feel goods (: This is beautiful, I LOVED Simon’s description of Martina :D I’ll be honest….I teared up…WHAT, don’t make fun! I ain’t scurrrrred of yous! :)

  120. And props to you for opening up like this! It seems like we all have stuff in our past that are difficult to talk about… I’m not sure I would have the force to hold the pen all the way to adult age!

  121. I am so waiting for a pic of Simon from high school to surface ^_^

  122. I had no idea Simon went through any of this! So sad, but has a very happy ending!

  123. These ‘draw my life’ videos are tearjerkers dammit! I absolutely loved yours Simon! You guys are like the most sincere people on YouTube or let’s say the internets. :’D

  124. what u said about Martina was sweeter than any “i love you’s” and romantic confessions combined. I hope we all can speak so highly and profound of our significant others.


  126. i dunno whats more sad…. being friendzoned for 6 months or being robbed. =( you’ve lived an epic life up till now. =) props man!

  127. Although much of your story was sad Simon, I found it incredibly uplifting. As cliche as it sounds, your story proves there is always a silver lining to every cloud and I’m glad you have found happiness with Martina and are living your lives to the fullest. It means there is hope…hope that everyone can find their slice of happiness. Thank you for giving us hope and for sharing!!!

  128. Simon, this was incredible. The pattern you described-smart kid, school, friends, friends screw you over-become hermit, college hermit, etc. was so similar to my life! I still have a tendency to be hermit like, but my husband helps me to be social. I feel the same way about my husband that you do about Martina. Maybe that’s because of what you have been through, but I totally relate to the, “I tricked you into marrying me, mwahahaha!”. Thank you so much for sharing! We love you to begin with, but now even more! Yes, this story is a tear jerker.

  129. This video was totally awesome Simon,making me all teary-eyed. In your video’s your so fun,bright and…..well just sunshine,that i would never have pegged you to be one of those reserved,introvert kinda teenager while growing up.I thought u were more of the funny,goofy classroom entertainer type :) .It just goes to show how much people change.
    And the stuff u said about Martina is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever heard.*sniffles*. Even though we know Martina is awesome,i also think ur one most of the sweetest husband..You guys are so lucky to have each other. :)

  130. You met Martina on my birthday!

  131. Omg!!! The day u met martins is my brothers birthday!!! Yay!!!!

  132. Martina had a lip ring!?

  133. As everyone else – I almost bursted into tears :< Not only because your story was sad sometimes, but also very touching (the moment you start to talk about Martina is so damn beautiful), and inspiring. You gys are some kind of role model/heroes for me, and I really admire you.
    Can't wait for Martina's story : D

  134. @simonandmartina:disqus I’m betting Simon is the only man in the world who remembers important dates in a relationship: when you met, when you proposed, when you dated, when you married, etc. :)

  135. @simonandmartina:disqus Simon, thanks for sharing your story with us. From your videos I always thought you were the crazy funny quirky type but now we understand why you’re also really smart, introverted, bookish and cheesy husband to Martina. It’s unbelievable how one person can turn one’s life around huh? I’m really happy you got to know Martina and she makes everyday better for you. I’m really excited to watch Martina’s side of the story. Maybe in the future Soo Zee and Leigh can share theirs too.

    P.S. Love the Meemers cameo in this video!

  136. Wow, that really was wonderful! I always think it is fascinating to hear how people grew up and what they experienced in their life. Some of it might not be pretty or picture perfect, but it’s what shapes us, you know?

    That was my first draw my life thing, and I am excited to see more from the rest of the EYK Crew!

  137. Very moving and touching! Um, yeah you turned out to be a great person Simon so don’t feel that bad about your past!

  138. Simon – such a cute video. I love watching you and Martina. Just found you guys recently and i love watching your videos. It is nice to hear that you can over come things, especially the friend zone if you try! By the way – i have the same wedding date as you guys! So cool :)

  139. I LOVE YOUR LIFE!! wait that sounds weird lol, well done on leaving the fdzone!! haha you guys are perfect for each other!!! :D

  140. Seriously, every time you guys talk about each other, I cry. You and Martina have one of the most loving marriages ever. I don’t know if you realize how much of a ray of hope that is to me, since most of the marriages I’ve seen seem to consist of people barely tolerating each other.

  141. Has somebody been cutting onions in here?
    That was really beautiful and touching. It’s so sad that your friends back in those days did that to you and your family; it’s so hard to understand why people do such things. And it’s so rough that it, in a sense, crippled (?) you towards making new friends for a while – but that you were able to make your university years such a success as a result… You are such a strong, persevering person! Wow! I’ve always respected you, but I think that respect just exploded exponentially. Honestly; you’re kind of a role model! And I love that you and Martina seem to take your relationship as seriously as I do mine – that you don’t argue with your best friend because what’s it worth? And when you can just as easily talk it out calmly and find a solution quickly… I’ve always really admired that about you guys, and it’s odd how infrequently you hear about relationships like that. If I could only get celebrity gossip that was like, “Simon and Martina disagree over pizza toppings. Compromise ensues!” it would be great. :3

    Keep on keeping on, you guys. Your story is beautiful, Simon. So much respect to your parents, too, but also to you. I could go on all day, but yeah… I won’t. This was one of my favourite TL;DRs ever. <3

  142. During the first part i just kept thinking of the theme for the fresh prince of Belaire. Does that make Simon the fresh prince of Ontario?

  143. Simon, I loved your story. Thank for sharing *teary eyed* Also, y’all started dating on my birthday, yay! March 28th, good day for all.

  144. ugh oh simon, this video man.. so many onions around me :’( when you started talking about martina like that, OH MA GAWD, absolutely so cute!!

  145. That was great and really interesting! I liked your stick figure drawings. Simon, you draw better than me. No, really. You do.

  146. i know this is off topic and all but when you were talking about your old haunted house it reminded me off that closet you wouldn’t show us during your live chat a few months back saying it was creepy and had a bad aura. could you show us what it looks like inside?

  147. teary eyed first few paragraph. bawling for the Martina paragraph/jelly of how loved and how in love you two are. lastly cries how Simon appreciates us. like the eyk honestly makes me feel like a speial fan. so glad to be a nasty. keep being you eyk!

  148. your ex-friends are jerks! glad you found your happiness and hope it continues forever! you two are seriously the cutest people ever! love from michigan!

  149. hey simon, i can totally relate to you with the social awkwardness and connecting better online thing – i’ve felt that way most of my life! but i’m really glad for you knowing that you turned out alright :)

  150. That was awesome (and quite sad at the beginning). I’m glad you find hapiness.

  151. SIMON YOU GAVE ME THE EYE SWEATS. T-T And i just realised Simon’s has got a reaaaaaally nice speaking voice! Had to be deprived of the man warrior face to realise that

  152. I wanted to cry from how sweet this is. You guys are awesome, and I am so glad that you let is talk to you and become your Nastys.

  153. Really thank you very much for sharing this Simon… for sharing this with us – your Nasty family. And it’s really, really so WONDERFUL and AWESOME that you found each other, guise. And thanks for trust. *still a bit crying*))))

  154. I don’t know if it’s because of a killer hangover or invisible ninja with his onion but i cried. love from Poland

  155. it was so hard to not cry when you talked about what your “friends” did to you, and when you say how much you love Martina and think you don’t deserve her… you’re both awesome ! you’re also the bestest in your kind !!

  156. That Was A Very Touching And Moving Video! I Can Relate To Being A Hermit Myself :( #LoveConquersAll:)

  157. I read the blog post in class and got teary eyed. #thanksSimon gosh At least I’m in the back row.

  158. Dude you guys are so frickin fun and great, enjoy life and all the friends you have made :)

  159. I didn’t cry! But that’s because I know that you got your happy ending with the lovely Martina :D But it did make me want to give you a big ole hug!

  160. Simon, you are one hell of a freaking cool person, you know that?

  161. that’s alot of drawing!! thanks for sharing Simon!! looking fwd to Martina’s! Cheers!

  162. Thank you so much for sharing this Simon, I feel pretty inspired now. Almost two years ago I came to China and now I’m not pretty sure what I am going to do with my life, but I do feel inspired by your story, and keep doing what I like. :)

  163. That was so nice. I was teary watching some parts. Like really. Thanks for sharing.

  164. If you guys are doing youtube tags now, you should DEFINITELY do a “husband does my makeup” tag for Open The Happy.

  165. And then when you talked about Martina and I actually teared up, because one can really hear how much you love her. Or, at least we catch just a small glimpse of it.

  166. That was so inspirational… T_T I’m afraid to try new stuff, make comments on videos and blog posts because I’m afraid that people will think I’m an idiot. But you inspire me to try new stuff and just say what I want to say regardless of what others may think. And for that, I thank you.

    You’re just as awesome as Martina, Simon, don’t worry! ^^

  167. lots of love simon!!!
    like i said in my youtube comment, i was just really happy to hear your story and im thankful that u shared it with us :]]]
    i look forward to learning more about Martina’s story too >w<~~~~~

  168. I got all teary when Simon was talking about meeting Martina! Such a great video :)

  169. That was so good ;_;

  170. This was far too emotional :( SIMON WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.
    Near the end of the video did anyone else think it sounded so much like Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen.

  171. Omg my name is Marta!!!! But I’m not your sister…. Sorry.

  172. Awwww!!!!! I so frickin loved this! Good job Simon! When you talk about Martina I can feel all the love! Damn I am so jealous! ^o^

  173. Lie down… try not to cry, cry a lot…

  174. You guys are the freaking best! So inspirational!

  175. I dont know if it makes a difference but to me if I were to draw my life eyk would be a part of it… im disabled and cant domuch other than be online or watch tv so I watch your videos and I can not say how many times you have brought me out of depression… ur awesome ps I totally see that in martina too

  176. Dude I cried thanks for them story

  177. I honestly think U of T is one of those schools that makes you feel stupid no matter how intelligent you actually are. PS How did you get a hold of the reading so fast? The profs never put the syllabi on Blackboard that early!

  178. What I loved about this video is how honest you were and showing us how you’ve come over your problems to be the awesome guy you are today :D
    Also we NEED picture of you with cane rows…. It’d be cruel to deprive us of that

  179. Awww! Simon, seriously, COOL STORY BRO!!! That was really interesting, and funny! And I think its awesome how in love you guys are!
    Side note: I could never make one of these cause I cant draw and my life is pretty boring! :/

  180. Great story simon, was really interesting to see.

    I have some similarities in my life. I’ve been pretty much living like a hermit for a few years now and am looking to expand my horizon and maybe meet some more friends and see more of the world. Just wish I had gotten my college degree so I could at least look at getting a job somewhere.

    And that sucks about your friends. I lost a ton of friends in my life and now basically only have one good friend that I see on a regular basis. Also one of the reasons I want to spread my wings and get out there. I am just very socially awkward which makes it hard. And I am far from being a teenager at 31 so I can’t even use that as an excuse.

    But yeah I really liked your story and am looking forward to hearing Martina’s version

  181. at the beginning i had to laugh so much bcuz of meemers xDD baaad kitty

    but later i had to cry a bit when you spoke about how martina changed your life
    and pls don’t think you’re not good enough… i think you two perfectly match
    wish i will also meet someone like that someday

  182. Love it! I can not believe u guys were in Windsor while I was studying in the U of Windsor. I probably met you before on the riverside :) In Canada, lots of people are immigrations and have tough experiences when they just land the country. But finally, they survive and be stronger and happier ever. Life always will be better by constantly working for what you passionate about. Thank you for the sharing, Simon.

  183. cglyn

    simoooooooooon! this is amaziiiing and inspiring :D
    and got me all in tears ;-;

  184. Simon! I can relate to you about the whole mistreating your parents thing.

    I had a horrendous time at school, from about when I just started comprehensive school to when I was about 14. I was bullied, the teachers made me feel inferior and all in all I had a horrible time.
    Home for me was the only place where I felt safe, it was the only place where I wasn’t made to feel like the scum of the earth. So in a way it was the only place I could feel in power and as a result of this I treated my parents like sh*t.

    I was almost like those problem kids you see on Maury. I swore to them; I threatened to turn the house over; I even came really close to striking my mother on numerous occasions.

    Writing this out I feel absolutely disgusted with myself. And it wasn’t until I had to move schools that I stopped treating my parents that way. I am forever in debt to my parents for never turning back on me, for never failing to offer me help even during the times where I threatened to do bad things. They continued to love their daughter, to offer help with her homework, to take her on holiday. They never turned their backs on me.
    I hope one day I can be half the parent they were and I am forever sorry to them and I will never stop loving them.

    Anyways, enough about me. I really enjoyed your video simon :) you even made me tear up on occasions. I can’t wait for Martina’s ^^

  185. I got teary eyed. ;~; But your video really did make me see that i will have a better life in the future. I really loved your story and also can’t wait to hear about Martina’s life. I love you guise!

  186. Totally loved the part when u talk about escaping from ur haunted house. that’s what ppl call common sense! i’m bit of envious about ur relationship. i wish that mine will be so good too. I’m happy that u have now nice ppl around u:)
    anyway, u are great. i’m a fangirl of you, guise. Before when I talked to my friend I was like: “oh, my God! have u seen the video where GD is.. blah blah” and now I’m like: “oh, I know that mv, EYK talked about it. Wanna know what they said? Blah, blah…” And the story ‘Worst Mistake in Korea’ – they really loved it (not that my friends had any option to say sth different…:P). I even create an account to follow u on twitter (sth what I didn’t do for gd)! Oh, well, maybe it was because I really wanted one of the CDs that u give away…
    ekhm, what I wanted to ask is do u have any interest in polish book? Poems or novels? And if yes, what type, I mean, genre or writer do u like? Because I was thinking about sending u a package and I’d like to know if keen on stuff like that. And is there anything you’d like to send you from Poland?

    btw, thx for introducing me to more korean artists and culture^^

  187. Thank you for sharing Simon! It was really inspiring… and it’s weird that our lives were playing out so close sometimes, especially when you lived in Windsor — I am pretty sure I was in the Detroit Metro at that time.

    I would have no idea that you slacked off in high school but turned everything around in the end. I also totally understand going to college and feeling dumb. I was a straight A student in high school with barely any effort and then I went to the University of Michigan…. my confidence took a real blow, especially from my TA in my Intro to Sociology class who in more eloquent words basically called me a dumbass. I actually had been interested in majoring in Sociology since I did well on my exams but I let my TA talk me out of it.

    Oh well, I lasted four years at U-M but got a great sales job right before my last semester so I tried to work full-time and go to school with a full load and I failed two classes :-/ I chose to stick with my sales job and didn’t finish my degree until ten years later, Dec 2012… but hey, I did it :D Now I am still trying to figure out things at 32 but I am a much better student than I was 10 years ago :)

    I wish I could be in at least shoes similar to yours… I would love to be in Korea or to make a career out of learning, educating and promoting Korea. But we have a cheap home in a beautiful area and my fiance is starting to make a good money with his @home job so I have to see how things play out and hopefully get a job worthy of a Bachelor’s from the University of Michigan.

  188. Simoooon….hearing you talk about Martina like that is SO SWEET! *tears up* And about your parents in the blog post? I cried!!

  189. wow. a haunted house n someone died. i dunno what to say @_@

  190. Hey Simon, thanks for this insight into your life before EYK. It was so moving that I and sooooo many others ended up in tears, and also very encouraging. The section in the blog about Martina is so amazing, and I wish I can someday find the piece that completes me just as Martina completes you! Can’t wait until next week for Martina’s half of the story, and I love you guise! <3

    (Also, could you do a TL;DR on skinship in Korea after Martina's Draw My Life? I get really confused about what is and isn't appropriate and to what level is it okay between a guy and a girl that aren't dating or related? My comment would probably never be seen on YT so I figured I may as well try on here too… Thank you muchly <3)

    • I’d like to know exactly what would be considered appropriate too, between people dating ( hetero and not, if possible! ), friends of the same or opposite gender, etc.

  191. I had to pause and take a laugh break at the haunting part! xD
    That was so sweet, every part of it felt genuine but still had a little bit of humor to it. It also made me want to hug my parents…

  192. GREAT VIDEO… It’s not about where you start or where you go… it’s about the journey and who’s riding along with you. Keep on doing what you love!

  193. you two are awesome and I am glad that you found each other, therefore bringing us the nasty!

  194. I started to tear up when you talked about Martina and how she impacted your life. It was very, very sweet. :’)
    It’s funny how much your stories of studying in school remind me of my own experiences. I hope to one day find the path that makes me happy, like you have. Thank you for sharing such personal stories, and for being an inspiration to all the people who watch your videos. :)

  195. just wanna say this video was very inspiring. believe it or not my friends also broke into my parents house when i was 15 and stole some things which as a result ended our friendship. ever since then i havent trusted people and now i’m a 23 year old in college who is tired of being friendless but is awkward and cant really make friends due to years of social isolation (i have a 3.5 gpa which isnt as impressive as your 4.0 but does require a lot of studying which is where most of my energy went.). Just from watching your video i never woulda guessed u could be the person u described yourself being in high school and college. you seem so confident, and social and very smart and most importantly you seem very happy now (something that for myself at least is sometimes hard to imagine) it’s very inspiring to know that other people are going through similar things and that things do sometimes get better. anyway thanks :)

    • Wow! We do share a bunch of similarities.

      Also, confidence isn’t something I really have. Confidence suggests a belief in one’s prowess or abilities. I have something better described as shamelessness, an indifference to the inevitable mocking at my lack of talents. Ha!

      • haha now that u mention shamlessness does sound more accurate (tho id disagree with lack of talents. you wouldnt be where u are today without at least some talent) . thanks for posting this and taking the time to respond. it really cheered me up seeing things work out so well for someone who went through alot of the stuff im currently dealing with. i wish u and Martina the best :) -smitty

        • Hey smitty:) (btw, I love your name) I you want someone to talk with you I’d be very happy to do so (if you are willing to cope with my poor English). I hope it doesn’t sound creepy but you sound like a really nice person… I won’t promise you that we’ll be bffs instantly but I do promise to make my best to listen to you whenever you need it:) so, if you want, friend me on fb and we’ll talk about Doritos and ridiculous aegyo ^^

        • I finally watched the SHINee video of Sherlock again and I finally heard what sounds like “Soy un Dorito!” Thank god, at last, I finally get it and I was laughing. I mean, I knew it was in one of their songs but never knew which one. I had never noticed it before.

        • I didn’t heard it the first time…Taemin is waaay to distractingXD but now whenever I hear Sherlock with my kpoper friends all activities stop so we can shout SOY UN DORITO!

  196. This was truly inspiring :) In High School I was a loner too, and I pretty much am now too. I spend my days studying or sitting at home. All my friends dropped me after graduating and I’m not good at making new friends. I’ve always wanted to visit Korea but don’t know how I can. I have no money! I couldn’t be an English teacher there, well because I hate English!! I want to make some Korean friends but I don’t know how to either. The internet is filled with a lot of fake people so I’m not one to go on chat sites or add random people.. I think that would be weird..and maybe creep them out. Well anyways your video is AWESOME and I’m ready for Martina’s :)

  197. Your haunted house reminded me of how I still wanna know what’s in that room at the eyk studio that you guys said was haunted or whatever!

  198. Simon that video was brilliant, it made me both laugh and cry. Thank you for sharing your story with us. As for being a good godparent, I use a large amount of sweets chocolates and inappropriate birthday and christmas gifts.

  199. Simon, are any of your nieces and nephews k-pop/EYK fans? They’re probably within the age group of your target audience. You should totally use EYK as a way to impress them. I imagine there must be some pretty sweet bragging rights when your uncle is a famous YouTube vlogger.

  200. I actually teared up…. it is so true. Little things in our lives touch us. We meet different people that propel us to different experiences, lifestyles…etc..even love. Really beautiful Simon… congrats and good luck as you make that ‘poorly drawn but beautiful life story’ longer…:D

  201. Oh I loved this! It was so interesting and touching! Thank you for sharing with us, Simon. I admit, I peeked down at the comments and saw all the ones about crying and thought, psh, I won’t cry. Yet here I sit with eyes a bit moist.

  202. c’: that was beautiful simon

  203. I giggle at the fact you’re black on the inside Simon XD I hope you and Martina stay together forever and ever cause you guys are seriously so great >w<

  204. Thank you for your story Simon! I’m so grateful to have discovered your blog, because you really have helped me through bad times when I felt hopeless and alone. One day I will find my own Simon, because being best friends with your partner is the way all marriages should be. Love you guise!

  205. laughed so hard. omg haunted house? creepy as shit!

  206. I really admire you because you had the courage to share all your story with us. It’s not a simple thing, I think.. We all had our bad times, and sometimes when you think it’s finally over, the past returns and gives you more problems. (It’s happening to me right now). But I don’t really wanna talk about my life in one comment. Even because I hope to meet you guys someday (hopefully next summer lol) and to thank you for let me believe in all the dreams I was afraid to believe before.
    NOW. EXCUSE ME, but I think I’ll go hide myself for being so cheesy. And meantime I’ll cry.. Just a little.
    -Chiara from Italy

  207. Aww I love this! I’m happy you guys are together and happy with your lives. ^^

  208. You make me cry 휴지 plz dont worry Simom nobody is perfect thank’s god you and Martina are happy take care .

  209. OMG YOU CAN GET OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE?!?!?!! 8D (Time to talk to that boy I like)

  210. This is so cute.

  211. Simon. You are amazing. I mean that with all of my heart. :D

  212. I know a lot of times it seems like Martina gets a lot of the love, but seriously, you are such an admirable man and a fun guy to be around! You’re like the big brother I would love to have, and I am so grateful that you have come to be who you are today through all the trials and hardships. Thank you for sharing your life with us! <3 <3

  213. cool story >..< really sad that things like that shouldn't happen, you open up to people,trust them and when you turn your back to them 'bread'(bang) they shoot you down :

    sorry prob you don't like to remember that… anyway it was give and take, you lost friends which seems you never really had and got 1 true friend for the rest of your life xD and 2 quadrupeds and a ton of fans to support you ^^ and lately a great team too.

  214. What a great video. It sounds like you’ve had some tough times and the fact that you’ve made it through them and turned out the way you did is awesome. Thank you for giving us an insight into your past. I can’t wait for Martina’s video now!!

  215. Anna Birna Brynjarsdottir

    Omg Simon, you made me cry! I totally know how you feel about your partner being way too good for you! I was bullied a lot when I was younger, because I was very tall and stood out, and I had the worst self esteem for ages. But a few years ago, I met my now fiance and he is so wonderful! Whenever I’m upset, stressing over exams or whatever, he knows exactly what to say to calm me down. He’s always doing something nice for me and I get that exact feeling of please don’t realize you’re way too good for me.

    He’s the best person in the world, and next year we are getting married, I can’t wait :D

  216. this was really good, you’re really funny simon!! and it’s really cool to see where you came from and what you wanted to do as a kid. I would never have guessed that you were a hermit, like, you’re so nice and funny and so on. (you DO deserve Martina, y’know?) :DD

  217. Wow, hearing your story makes me so happy that you guys are doing what you love, you both deserve it :D cant wait to see Martina’s story!

  218. Reasons why Simon is just as much the bestest as Martina:

    You make a lot of people have better days just because you’ve posted a video
    You work hard for what you’ve got
    You inspire other people to go live their dreams
    You promote the fact that being married is lovely and about being around your best friend and appreciating them
    You are 100% yourself and you make no apologies for it so you let other people know they are just fine with who they are
    When a difficult situation comes along you work it as a positive no matter how bad
    You’re actually more talented than you know, not many people could do your job
    appreciate all your parents did for you and your family (FYI, I have
    watched a few kids grow from being very young to adults – makes me feel
    old – but EVERY kid has a couple of years when they are ratty to their
    parents. It is a biological thing to make you leave the nest. You
    can’t fight it, it is nature. Don’t feel too bad about how you were to
    your parents because I guarantee what they care about is how you are
    now, which is lovely. Every parent knows they are in for it around the
    teenage years!)

    a ton of other reasons but this post will get too long but I couldn’t
    let you think you aren’t just as lovely and special as Martina

    Loved the video – it was really, really good – thank you for sharing your life story.

    • This! It has everything I was thinking! Simon, you rock and are totally the bestest too! <3

      • Could not agree more!! Especially this one! ‘You promote the fact that being married is lovely and about being around your best friend and appreciating them’ It’s just so freaking wonderful to know there are couples like you guys who appreciate each other so much!! I hope I can do that when I get married.

    • I agree entirely. I WISH i will have a husband like you in every sense….you always talk so nicely about Martina, you two can act silly togheter but also challange each other to be better, you´re funny and understanding, you did not gave up when thing s were rough. YOU are just perfect the way you are and perfect for Martina, you two are so lucky to have found each other!!! I´m very happy you made this video, we got to know more of ¨real Simon¨, not just the awsome funny guy in youtube videos…your story is inspiring:D

  219. Simon, Simon, Simon!! That was fantastic!! I felt just about every emotion in one 12 minute video (you just made a grown man cry ;..-). Thanks for being so candid, and so very cool. Can’t wait for Martina’s.

  220. ;) Simon, I’m glad you got out of the friend zone. SHARE YO STORY. My boyfriend and I met in junior year of college when I had a seriously terrible serious boyfriend of 6 years. I had just transferred and had NO friends. He had a girlfriend of 4 years that I even gave him sexy advice on–in fact the only reason I decided he was “safe” to be friends with (my ex wouldn’t feel threatened by him -_-”) was because he had a serious girlfriend! Nevertheless, a semester later of being study buddies, we were both magically single at the same time…and then not single.

    I always tell guys there is no magical friend zone land where you enter and can’t leave. Chances are, if she’s single, not relationship-phobic (and even if she says she won’t date friends for fear of ruining the relationship–if it’s the right guy, she’ll risk it ;D), and she still won’t date him, it’s because she’s not physically/emotionally attracted to him and that’s that. It’s hard to swallow that someone doesn’t find you attractive inside/outside, but the right person will. And as anyone can see with Simon and Martina, when that happens, it is awesome sauce. Good luck with the ladies, guise.

  221. My hubs and I met about 2 weeks before you guys, and got married about 6 months later. We’re getting out of the whole “poor twenties” now and looking at moving overseas. Your videos keep inspiring us to stick with it…because it really does work out! Just not always how we think :)

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this!

  222. Aww, Simon! You got me all teary-eyed. The way you speak of your family and especially of Martina is heartwarming. I look forward to watching the video later :)

  223. Two things + my thoughts:
    -You speak like such a gangster because growing up you were pretty much the only white kid you knew. Everyone else was from …. Detroit?! Yeah that’s a really foreign place….

    -You moved to Windsor, Ontario to a SMALL, THREE story apartment?! How is a 3 story apartment small?!?!!

    Anywho, I love the video! Quite amazing to see what your parents went through when they immigrated to Canada. I imagine my great grandparents were a lot like that too…. but probably worse because they had to start off as farmers >.> But still, for your parents to do that in the modern day and age, where things are **hopefully** better off then they were 100 years ago, props to them! Also, January 20th is such an awesome day! It’s been my favourite day ever since…… I WAS BORN. Boo-Yaaahh~!!! I thought that day was all MINE, but each year that I’ve known about you guys I get to see another person happy about the same day, and I actually kind of like it. :) I’ll allow you to share my day with me Simon xD

  224. This is absolutely the best Draw My Life video I’ve ever seen.
    Goodness gracious, Simon!
    I want to find the Simon to my Martina one day, hahaha

  225. Ugh this was absolutely adorable.

  226. OMG I NEED TISSUES! (no really, Im all teary too!)

  227. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the clock! Hahahah

    Thank you for this video, I really enjoyed it!

  228. That was such an informative TLDR. I feel like I’m seeing you, Simon, in a whole different light. Seriously, SIMON + CORNROWS = CANNOT UN-IMAGINE. Cannot wait for Martina’s turn.

    Also, congrats on being a Friendzone Survivor. That was the highlight of the video for me.

    And P.S. Is this wrong spelling intentional, though? I laughed over this, sorry.

  229. Simon and Martina should rule the world! I’m so happy that I’ve ‘met’ you guys – In some way you’ve changed my life – thanks for that, and I wish you all the best … because you’re the best! :)
    Greetings from Poland :)

  230. i wanna see pictures of u guise in university

  231. D’awwww, you guise are the cutest together! It’s like we can see how the both of you bring out the best in each other~ I would love to have such a sweet and playful, yet serious relationship like yours.

  232. I fricken love these ‘Draw my life’ videos! While watching it I got in trouble for laughing because I made too much noise! xD and then a minute later I was tearing up a bit. What crappy “friends”, seriously. Props to you for not holding a grudge, I don’t think that is something I could do!
    Loved the “I even wifed her! You see that, now she’s mine for lyfe!” hahaha see it is possible to “escape” the friendzone!
    Thank you for sharing with us! <3

  233. I thoroughly enjoyed that! thanks simon for sharing your life story :)

  234. Highly entertaining. Thank you. Stick figures didn’t matter, you told your story with style!!!

  235. I love to hear other people ‘s stories, it’s very interesting, like you said: “things get worse, things get better” ^^

  236. This video was great Simon. You deserve everything you’ve achieved in life thusfar and much more. I only discovered you and Martina’s blog a few months ago and this is my first comment ever, but I already feel like a true nasty seeing as how I went into the archives and watched tons of EYK old videos. I can relate to a lot of your story and damn near shed a tear when I read the blog post after. I wish you and Martina more success and happiness and hope one day that I can find my own Martina. You guys have a fan/nasty for life in me. – Brian, Miami Florida.

  237. That was amazingly amazing! Seriously! Yeah, you really can’t draw, but that didn’t stop you from being able to express and share! Thank you for being am example of what real marriage is, you guise never sugar coat it, you tell it like it is and for that I am grateful. “Never take your partner for granted.” It is the best quote EVA from Simon.

  238. That was really touching and inspirational :) Thanks for sharing Simon

  239. Awww, Simon…..YOU SO FLIPPIN SWEET!

  240. That was very touching. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

  241. Kimmicci

    Awwww SIMON!!! Well I’m so glad you found Martina!! This almost made me cry (<– almost bc i dont cry -bc of shit in past- and i just prefer not crying anymore bc smiling is better ^^) This actually helps me through my own personal darkness and its good to see how you are now after all that!! It defintely helps keep me optomistic! SIMON FIGHTING!!! <3 <3 <3
    P.S Meemers wanted to be a part of ur story too :P

  242. I feel for ya, bro. Now I just gotta find a Martina of my own xD. But seriously, great video.

  243. Awwwww. I cried a bit. You guys are such an inspiration. I know the feeling of meeting someone and they are amazing and a whole new world opens up. My husband and I want to be able to work together eventually and be earning enough money from blogging because we want to be together and be doing something creative. It’s hard when other people are critical of that and don’t think it’s a good career choice, but we always get inspired and feel uplifted when we see what you and Martina are doing. I honestly don’t know if we would have had the courage to start if it wasn’t for you guys.

  244. Thanks for sharing with us! Awww It’s really touching and YES! I will follow your steps outta friendzone!!!!!!

  245. This is exceptionally beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life story.

  246. I got teary too …. :’( But it was awesome :) !!!!!!!!!

  247. so many feels T_T

  248. It amazes me how very well you told your life story. It would seem to me that God allowed you to go through your ups and downs to make you the perfect husband for Martina. Honestly, you two are so good for one another and so blasted cute together! Thank you for sharing. Give your parents a great big hug….they definitely deserve it! It took a great deal of courage and humility to leave Poland and go to Canada….all for you and your siblings. Wow! That is love!!!

  249. Best TLDR, thanks so much for sharing. Not gonna lie, I cried a bit… I feel like meeting my boyfriend/fiance has really changed me in a similar way to what you say about Martina, soI could totally relate to all the feels there… Awesome inspiring partner five! .(TT人TT)/* Looking forward to seeing Martina’s one too!

  250. I love the TLDR videos you and Martina make. Thanks for sharing Simon ^^ Just last week, my friend and I were talking about how sweet a couple you and Martina make. Spread the nasty love and happiness!! xoxo

  251. London Ontario WTF! That is were I am originally from although I also now find myself in Korea as well…

  252. So awesome of you to do this and invite us to your whole life history. You’ve done great, and I’m left with a feeling that even if I’m still so confused about what I wanna do in life at the age of 23, things will probably turn out better then I expect. Thank you!

    • Hey, I’m 26 and still don’t really know what I want to do. Just gotta do what you feel is right, and eventually you’ll figure it out.

      • what if you feel nothing is right?!
        not depressed though, gust confused.

        • Don’t worry! If you just think about it all the time and get depressed or confused over it, then you’ll never feel interested in anything. If you think “hey, this might be a useful thing in the future even though I’m not totally interested in it right now”, go ahead and do it. You might find out that you like that, or you might discover something else along the way.

          I just decided I -probably- want to be a translator, but the school that has a good program for it is in Hawaii ( plus nearby schools teach Chinese / Japanese / Korean! ). I have no money at all ( no jobs here ), so I can’t really move there and pay for everything. I don’t have any degrees or certifications or anything, so I’m staying where I am to go to a local community college and live with my family in the meantime. It sucks! By the time I get a web design certificate I’ll be 27, and if I have enough money by then I might be able to go there… and be 28 or 29 when I’m done. God, I feel old… D:

      • 28 and clueless here. That’s not very comforting…haha, sorry. But yeah, here’s hoping going with the flow will take me somewhere someday :)

  253. Wow inspiring story :) thanks for sharing that Simon. Defiantly gotta go with the flow right? – love from a brother from another mother in NZ!

  254. Dana

    lovely video! i have the same problem connecting with people in person – and had a similar hermit existence at school. however, my REAL question is – why is your name Simon and not SZYMON! :D

    • Ha! Because how many people will be able to read that who aren’t Polish? That’s why! Same with my brother: Slawomir. Good luck getting English people to read that out loud!

      • XD i figured… my real name is not really dana – i just started asking people to call me that after years of mangling my hard to pronounce real polish first name!! was just curious if that’s what you did too ;)

  255. Did anyone else cry a bit?

  256. WOAH!!! ;___; ♥ It’s not even my story but it made me tear up. ;~; I’m so so happy for you both. Like.. seriously.. I want to find a partner like you Simon, who’s like.. asdfjkl! n_n ♪

  257. Simon…You did good! Props Bra’, now hug your wife…pet the Spudgy….and Meems I guess…and go make videos…or food..

  258. I m gonna cry!!! You together make the perfect couple!! <3 I m SO SO happy for you, really!!

  259. Simon. Stop making me cry.

  260. I love how you wrote about Martina, I got teary too <3

    • This. I can only dream of having a marriage like theirs. It’s seriously a model marriage, from all I’ve seen on their videos. Something to aspire to, for real. Now I just need to get myself a husband who matches me as well as Simon matches Martina!

  261. Simooooon I got all teary…. D’:

    • meee tooo I looove this video… Thank you Simon for sharing!!!!

    • Me too! He is one of the most wonderful guys out there!

    • So did I. As always, you let us into your life. It is so touching to see the love and respect you have for your family and Martina. The emotion is definitely translated through your narration and awesome stick figures. Thank you for the candid glimpse of your past… Oh and for keepin’ it real yo!

    • Same! It was such a good story and it’s actually so inspiring!
      Simon, thank you for telling us your story! It was really touching and helps me realize that things work out in their own unique and usually random way!

      Btw Your stick figures were flawless! :]

  262. 1:40 THE F BOMB!! THE IRONY!

  263. FIRST!!! :D

    Now let’s see if your drawings are as good as mine………. :p

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