So, writing a blog post for this might be a bit awkward. I’m not sure how to really elaborate or to give any different ideas, which is what we usually do in our blog posts. We use the video as a springboard for different ideas, but here in this post I didn’t really discuss any ideas. It was just me telling stories about myself in video animation format. I guess what I can say is some extra information, maybe? The video was long and there were some things that we had to cut out to make it of somewhat reasonable length.

My brother and sister: I mentioned them briefly. I’ll talk more about them here. My brother’s name is Slavek. He has two kids, Shanice, who is now 20, and Therren, who’s 15. Shanice is half-Spanish (I’m pretty sure!) while Therren is half-Jamaican (I’m pretty sure as well!). I’m a bad uncle. I was really close with them when I was younger and they were first born. This was before my two years of university isolation. I haven’t really gotten that much closer with them since, but I know that when I see them when I come back to Canada I miss them dearly.

My sister’s name is Marta. She’s married to Richard. They have two beautiful kids, Ethan and Maya, who are also half-Jamaican. We have a very multicultural family :D I’m Maya’s godfather, but I’m terrible at it. I’ve been away from the family since I’ve been married and I haven’t had the chance to see her grow up. Ethan I spent some time with when he was first born, before I became hermitted, but afterwards it’s pretty much the same as with my other niece and nephew.

I’m closest with my parents. I speak with them once a week on FaceTime. I talked about it briefly in the video how thankful I am for all they did for us. One part I had to cut out because I’d just sob through the whole thing is that, when I was a teenager, going through my punk fake-hardcore giant-asshole phase, I was terrible to them. Just terrible. They won’t tell the story that way. They’ll say that I was an angel, but I remember how mean I was to them, how rude and inconsiderate I was to them, how I mistreated them. It’s one of my most shameful times of my life and I feel terrible for being such a bad kid. It’s one of the things that scares me the most if I ever were to be a father myself: my parents were nothing but loving and supportive of me, and I repaid them terribly back then. What if my kids were to do the same? It’d be karma. I’d accept it as divine justice, but I just couldn’t imagine surviving it, not only for my own sake, but because it’d be a constant reminder of how bad I was back then. I’m a better son now, but I’ll never forget how great my parents were for me.

Martina’s awesome: I can’t do justice to talking about her in a video or a blog post. She has something that I just haven’t seen in anyone before. There’s a purity of spirit in her, a freedom from the shades of adulthood, that you can’t quite explain. It’s like a child’s innocence, the way they find pleasure in running through fields and playing with bubbles and petting caterpillars, but it’s without the ignorance associated with childhood. She’s exceptionally smart and capable: she’s witnessed some of the shittiness of the world and of human nature, and has still maintained her joy for life. I don’t know how to explain it. She’s not a perfect human being; we all have heavy shadows around us, all of us, but she’s fought hers off more than I’ve ever seen anyone do before. I don’t know how that makes sense in writing. Sorry if it doesn’t.

I just realized that most of this blog post was about my family and friends, and about my difficulties in connecting with others. It’s odd, then, that I do so much stuff online. I’m not good at connecting in person; I’m better at connecting online. I’ve spoken with more people online here, in the comment section to this site, than I have with some of my own family and friends. Thanks, guise, for being so Nasty and chatting with me from time to time. I really appreciate it.

Martina’s planning her Draw My Life video now as well, and should get to filming it soon. You’ll see it next week!

  1. Hi everyone, you know we did some DML too. Well we are proud about our corporate one like this one Draw my life but maybe you’d prefer this one about Amélie Poulain . Let us know what you thought about it.

  2. Wait so you guys don’t teach at ALL anymore now?

  3. Ooh I skipped a grade too! But it was 1st grade, not 3rd

  4. Awwwww. Adorable! But holy asfsakfvd!!! You lived in a haunted house!?!! That’s craaaay.
    Ermmmmm, I especially love your tribute to your parents. I, too, was a horrible daughter at times and took the things my parents afforded me for granted. I have so much more respect for them now that I’m older and on my own. They were so right when they said “One day you’ll understand.” Cute story about you and Martina, as well. I love that you two are really best friends first. That’s a great way to look at marriage and very much how my grandparents operate in their marriage too. Outta da friendzone. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Such a perfect TLDR. Omgosh I laughed and cried. Can’t wait for Martina’s! Thanks ever so much for sharing.

  6. I’ve always wanted to be friends with Simon since I first started watching. I always thought he would be an awesome guy to hang out with and joke around with. After this I just wish I could be his friend more. You are one cool cat Simon, I’m glad you and Martina have be open enough to share your lives with the rest of us.

  7. Such a lovely video :’)

  8. I am a mother of a lovely, charming, studious and shy young woman. Can we clone you, Simon!!! I truly hope she finds someone like you. You’ve got your head on right about what is really important. We need to know how to make more young men like you.

  9. I was just wondering how difficult it is to travel with The Spudgey between Canada and Korea, what are the regulations on bringing your pets to Korea, and how does he handle the long plane ride?

  10. Simon – I only can say thank you for sharing your story. Such a moving story in a compact video. You also inspired me that it is possible to make white board animation despite not being an expert!! It gives me courage! You are pioneering – learning by doing and expanding the scope your capabilities. I admire how you overcome all the hardest times and bloom so brightly and fantastically like this! Lots of nasty force for you guise! :D

  11. Simon, you are seriously one of the most humble people I know (or know of at least). I’m very use to seeing a super happy silly you and it was nice to see you stripped down. God, I wanted to hug you during this video and take Meemers away from the dry erase board. Gosh, he loves being a part of the action. Reading the part about your parents, I started getting teary and then I started bawling when I remembered the horrible things I’ve done to my parents. I can’t wait to see Martina’s though I’m worried that I’ll end up just having this need to hug you both and be like, “you precious babies, let me comfort you!”

  12. One reason I really like these videos is that they are a reminder that many, many people have some very significant things happen in their lives that makes them who they are, AND that just because we see a happy smiling face now doesn’t mean it was always this way. We always tend to think we’re alone, that nobody understands us or experiences the same things we do. And yet, while each of our experiences is uniquely ours, there are strong similarities to others experiences and those similarities bring us together and make us closer.

    I was very depressed in college and had no direction or purpose or goal. As graduation came closer, I got panicky and broke down. I was scared about the future and while the idea of coming to Korea and teaching English was put to me several times, I immediately said no out of fear of the unknown. It was seriously after watching your videos that I became confident to take the plunge. You guys did videos on the little things. Sure, culture shock comes from big and bright things like the language barrier or taking your shoes off in buildings, but it was the videos on the little everyday things we take for granted like throwing your toilet paper in the trash can and not the toilet, or how to use a rice cooker or a washing machine that helped me. It was your attention to such tiny details that put my mind (and I’m sure other’s minds) at ease and I knew it was going to be the right thing to do.

    I know you guys are both SUPER busy and all, but if you EVER get down to Gwangju, I’d love to take you guys out for some grub somewhere as a thank you for keeping me sane! If not, keep doing what you’re doing and good luck!

  13. cried watching the video, cried reading the blog post, and cried reading some of the comments here too! glad I’m not the only one though, haha. MY FEELS. And Simon, the paragraph on Martina here was perfect, I loved it. described here beautifully, and I can definitely see what you mean, even if I haven’t met her (your English skills and metaphors were showing. loved everything about that paragraph. I can feel your love. (makes me feel forever alone though hahah)).

  14. I love how you didn’t interfere in Martina’s relationship a true friend, also how after you started dating you got married within 3 years that’s AWESOME

  15. I think that it’s because of seeing your relationship with Martina, seeing how well you two get along, how much you love each other, I have kind of been spoiled into the idea that THAT is the kind of relationship I want. My friend once said “You should feel lucky to be single right now. Being in a relationship can be straining.” I told him “They aren’t supposed to be straining.” And then I showed him the two of you. He even said you two were so alike, and definitely meant for each other.

  16. awww….. Simon!!!! this was really touching and you really are the sweetest guy ever!! I’m sorry you had to struggle in your Early life, but I’m really envious of your relationship with Martina! what you guys have is what i wish i would have! I think it’s amazing…. and i am so happy for you that things turned out to be pretty good for you in the end ^_-

  17. Stick figures are da bomb!! Started out with them and use them most of the time.

    I’m glad your parents moved to Canada because you got to meet Martina and got out of the friend zone!

    So thank you for moving to Korea, marrying Martina, and making the best of EYK.

  18. Simon you really are awesome :)

  19. i just readed the post and Im crying.. here comes the video buaaa =D

  20. simon needs to get heyguuurled more often v(°^°)v

  21. Hmm this might sound weird but I think there is a Simon in all of us if that makes sense. Having a hard time in high school, not knowing how to connect with people. Well actually I’m more like Martina, loving Asian culture and being goth. Hm I guess a little of both. I can connect with you guys b/c I can relate to the both of you. I hope I get to live out my dream like you guys, and help people and unite people all around the world.

  22. Oh My God! This was an amazing video!!! It shows such a cool story that even made me have more hope and courage for my future (since I’m a high schooler who’s almost gonna graduate and go to college… I’m kind of scare 0_0 ) I really liked the video!!

  23. aw.. i cried. at multiple parts. i can’t believe your “friends” robbed you. i’m so glad you found martina

  24. Dang, I should show this to my brother.

  25. Simon I really wish you could answer my question!! I want to go teach English in Korea, that’s actually my life plan. It’s my dream. I know nothing is perfect in life, but that’s really what I want to do. I know you need to be an English native speaker to teach in Korea. The thing is I’m from Montreal, and my first language is French. I started learning English before elementary school, and
    now I’m perfectly bilingual. But I still have a slight French accent when I speak English. Do you know any English teachers in Korea who’s first language wasn’t English, and if so, did they have to lie about it in order to get their job?
    Please let me know, this question is killing me!!!

    (By the way I love you guys so much, you really are an inspiration)

  26. I get ya on the whole hermit/socially awkward/connect better online vs in person thing Simon. I have trust issues with people having been rejected and used a lot by others, so it’s difficult for me to begin with people. No worries though! It was interesting to know more of your background. I already knew you were a colorful person, but now even more depth has been added. :) Thanks for wanting to share with us!

  27. oh gosh i got to control the tears during the video but after reading the blog post i couldn’t hold back anymore! lol, thanks for sharing such a beautiful tldr Simon!

  28. AWHHHHHH SIMON!! i like this ^^ i think i smiled the whole way through!… except the part with your friends not so much friends breaking in part (Jerks >. Congrats on being out of the Friendzone! And the part about Martina ^^ you made me get teary eyed! but i still smiled :’D
    Love your Draw My Life story Simon :)
    Thanks for sharing !!!

  29. SIMON STAHP MAKING ME CRAY *drowns in feels*

  30. Simon I too was a ten lb baby, ten lbs 11 ounces. Mom props to our mothers!

  31. I love how you told your story! I like how you put the red Mohawk to denote you.

    And, I want to thank you for reminding me how wonderful it is to know that you don’t deserve your spouse. Somehow I had got away from that. I have been married for 14 years. Sometimes you need a reminder of how blessed you are.

  32. Simon – thank you so much for sharing! This is by far one of my most favouritest “Draw My Life” videos I have seen so far. You are awesome! And I am so glad that you and Martina met each other, and that you guise decided to make EYK. It is so awesome and amazing and fun and hilarious!

  33. The way you talked about Martina was utterly adorable. You guys are so cute~ xD
    Thanks for sharing about your life. ^^

  34. Simon.. this is so… sweet!
    All girls would love to be married to a guy who thinks of her the way you think of Martina!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  36. oh man Simon I loved this video ;A; Why are Draw My Life videos so depressing though like every single one I’ve watched so far has been so sad ):

  37. Simon we’re so glad you shared your story :) and I think your story (like many youtubers who have already done draw my life) will really reach a lot of people on the internet struggling through the same thing. It’s really nice to see such a human-ness in everyone (especially when we forget that the internet is made up of real people too) :D NASTY LOVE FOREVARRR!

  38. Yall got married on my birthday xD grats

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