So, writing a blog post for this might be a bit awkward. I’m not sure how to really elaborate or to give any different ideas, which is what we usually do in our blog posts. We use the video as a springboard for different ideas, but here in this post I didn’t really discuss any ideas. It was just me telling stories about myself in video animation format. I guess what I can say is some extra information, maybe? The video was long and there were some things that we had to cut out to make it of somewhat reasonable length.

My brother and sister: I mentioned them briefly. I’ll talk more about them here. My brother’s name is Slavek. He has two kids, Shanice, who is now 20, and Therren, who’s 15. Shanice is half-Spanish (I’m pretty sure!) while Therren is half-Jamaican (I’m pretty sure as well!). I’m a bad uncle. I was really close with them when I was younger and they were first born. This was before my two years of university isolation. I haven’t really gotten that much closer with them since, but I know that when I see them when I come back to Canada I miss them dearly.

My sister’s name is Marta. She’s married to Richard. They have two beautiful kids, Ethan and Maya, who are also half-Jamaican. We have a very multicultural family :D I’m Maya’s godfather, but I’m terrible at it. I’ve been away from the family since I’ve been married and I haven’t had the chance to see her grow up. Ethan I spent some time with when he was first born, before I became hermitted, but afterwards it’s pretty much the same as with my other niece and nephew.

I’m closest with my parents. I speak with them once a week on FaceTime. I talked about it briefly in the video how thankful I am for all they did for us. One part I had to cut out because I’d just sob through the whole thing is that, when I was a teenager, going through my punk fake-hardcore giant-asshole phase, I was terrible to them. Just terrible. They won’t tell the story that way. They’ll say that I was an angel, but I remember how mean I was to them, how rude and inconsiderate I was to them, how I mistreated them. It’s one of my most shameful times of my life and I feel terrible for being such a bad kid. It’s one of the things that scares me the most if I ever were to be a father myself: my parents were nothing but loving and supportive of me, and I repaid them terribly back then. What if my kids were to do the same? It’d be karma. I’d accept it as divine justice, but I just couldn’t imagine surviving it, not only for my own sake, but because it’d be a constant reminder of how bad I was back then. I’m a better son now, but I’ll never forget how great my parents were for me.

Martina’s awesome: I can’t do justice to talking about her in a video or a blog post. She has something that I just haven’t seen in anyone before. There’s a purity of spirit in her, a freedom from the shades of adulthood, that you can’t quite explain. It’s like a child’s innocence, the way they find pleasure in running through fields and playing with bubbles and petting caterpillars, but it’s without the ignorance associated with childhood. She’s exceptionally smart and capable: she’s witnessed some of the shittiness of the world and of human nature, and has still maintained her joy for life. I don’t know how to explain it. She’s not a perfect human being; we all have heavy shadows around us, all of us, but she’s fought hers off more than I’ve ever seen anyone do before. I don’t know how that makes sense in writing. Sorry if it doesn’t.

I just realized that most of this blog post was about my family and friends, and about my difficulties in connecting with others. It’s odd, then, that I do so much stuff online. I’m not good at connecting in person; I’m better at connecting online. I’ve spoken with more people online here, in the comment section to this site, than I have with some of my own family and friends. Thanks, guise, for being so Nasty and chatting with me from time to time. I really appreciate it.

Martina’s planning her Draw My Life video now as well, and should get to filming it soon. You’ll see it next week!

  1. Simon, you are so lucky to meet Martina in your life! I’m really moved QAQ

  2. Wait so you guys don’t teach at ALL anymore now?

  3. Ooh I skipped a grade too! But it was 1st grade, not 3rd

  4. You guys are the coolest! I watched Martina’s first (and gotta admit your drawing is…ihm…. but if I were to do it, I would probably be the first one to laugh and then cry and laugh again,.. But the idea is pretty awesome) and even if I just discovered you, It felt so good watching people’s results out of passion and not giving up. I am pretty messed up right now, I might get into depression, and mostly because of Koreans (OMG I just figured out that I finally have a question to ask – but you probably not take it into considerations since I will probably be the single person to want the answer), but you really did sent me a little bunch of hope so, I might have to tank you later for not taking my life yet :P I totally agree with your parents for looking for a better life for you in Canada, I would definitely do that for my children as well, because I live in a much worse country – Romania, and I put up with bad things all the time. And if I were a happy person here it would probably matter less but, since I want to see the world it kind of sucks.

    Yeah, sometimes I get verbal diarrhea so, what I want to say is that, like many other “nasties” out there I thank you for existing and doing this wonderful videos and so, I really envy you and hope I would be able to have a couple life just like yours and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the 5 years in Korea and to your 6 years of marriage.

  5. Simon – Thank you for sharing – this was awesome to watch and to hear a
    bit about why you are who you are and where you are now. I love that
    you guys are so cute together :) I understand how awesome it can be to marry your best friend, I did too :) Mad props!

  6. YAY it’s amazing to know you can get out of the friendzone. Also i hope all thoughs people who robbed you are like….. he’s famous now and i am sitting in a call centre. I know you put it all behind but i still can’t believe that would break into your house. I am so Happy you might Martina and your life is amazing now. :)

  7. Seriously you guys are one of the most inspirational people, I’m so happy to have discovered you guys~

  8. thunder and iu had been friendzoned thunder like iu but he was in the friendzone

  9. OMG! Your family is from Poland! It’s like, so cool. I never (honestly, It doesn’t happen) see awesome people on the internet that comes from the same country as me (even if you can’t speak fluent polish and just don’t consider yourself as a person from Poland – we have something in common!)

    Also, I really love watching your “private” videos. Getting to know your life is SO inspirational. Seriously. I almost cried when I watched your love-stories, and now… I just feel really happy that I found this website. Thanks for everything :)

    (And sorry for my english – writing is A LOT more harder than reading&listening).

    PS. If you ever decide to visit Poland – just one word, and the nasties will throw you a huge welcome party – because, you know, we love eatyourkimchi!

  10. Simon, You got the Skillz!! Lol…jokes aside, this video really opened my eyes as to how life was and is for you. All the hard work you had to do to achieve what you have gave me a new perspective on Eatyourkimchi. I am, and forever will be, a NASTY!!!
    ps, I appreciate your reaction to your house being robbed and that you didn’t hold any grudges against those people, that was very mature of you :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!! (eat your kimchi crew)

  11. OMG this video was AWESOME, I love how honest and open you guise are, srsly, I got really freaked out about the haunted house thing, although I’ve seen pretty freaky stuff myself (like witches and stuff which are oddly common in my country =( ), I loved the blog’s bit about Martina that was the sweetest thing I’ve ever read (and I read A LOT). anyway just wanted to tell you that I think you are an awesome person and Martina is as Lucky to have you as you are to have her <3 You are truly the perfect couple at least for me =)

    Hugs and kisses all the way from Venezuela <3

  12. Awwwww. Adorable! But holy asfsakfvd!!! You lived in a haunted house!?!! That’s craaaay.
    Ermmmmm, I especially love your tribute to your parents. I, too, was a horrible daughter at times and took the things my parents afforded me for granted. I have so much more respect for them now that I’m older and on my own. They were so right when they said “One day you’ll understand.” Cute story about you and Martina, as well. I love that you two are really best friends first. That’s a great way to look at marriage and very much how my grandparents operate in their marriage too. Outta da friendzone. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Hey Simon and Martina! My question for you is: From your perspective, what are the greatest needs in South Korea? Is there any need? We often hear about the high suicide rate, high beauty standards, etc… But does this create some kind of social distress?? In places like Africa where malnutrition and HIV/AIDS runs rampant there is a great tangible need for medical care, basic sanitation, clean water, food…. Is there any humanitarian need? (Not that South Korea is in any way compared to Africa, but there are needs everywhere…) Thanks! And BTW your draw my life video was epic!!!!!

  14. your relationship with Martina is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. you you both have so much love for each other, that when i watch your videos, I can see the bond that you share with each other. I hope that one day, I will have something as special as you two have.

  15. wow Simon, thanks so much for sharing! You have an awesome story. :)

  16. Ok, loved this episode! You remind me a lot of myself, so I could relate a lot. I can’t wait for Martina’s video. Ideas for future TL;DRs, I have seen many people post about religion and wanting to know more so that could be one, I would like a Pets TL;DR, or what is on TV in Korea like, what shows do you watch? A news channel you believe is unbiased and reports the news, I know, this sounds silly, but I have to put that in there because not all journalism is what it’s cracked up to be. Speaking news, how much do you try to follow news in Korean and about Korea? Also, any shows you find yourself liking? I mean Korean ones, but you can list the English ones that you can’t stop following in the blog post, since the jerkiest of the complainers probably won’t even check your blog. They just watch the video to complain. I’d rather the majority of the TL;DR to be more Korean focused to be fair. You can type in the dramas that you watch too, Martina, even if Simon begs you not to. I’ll be honest, I liked it when you reviewed dramas, but I’m not about to ask you to give up precious sleep for it. Well, I’m out.

  17. Such a perfect TLDR. Omgosh I laughed and cried. Can’t wait for Martina’s! Thanks ever so much for sharing.

  18. i was crying simon ur soo sweet

  19. I’m sorry that you had to live in Windsor.

  20. Simon, I do really like your story it is almost the same story as mine… :”(

  21. Thanks so much for sharing Simon, and I can’t wait to see Martina’s as well :D For a Future TLDR or blog post I was wondering if you guys could make a post with a more in depth explanation on your process of opening your own business in Korea What your your personal experience was with dealing with that process? I remember you covered it in bits in past videos a while ago but I was curious about more! Thanks! <3

  22. Aww Simon :D You been through so much to get to where you are today! GOOD JOB! MARTINA LIT UP YOUR ENTIRE LIFE :)

  23. I’ve always wanted to be friends with Simon since I first started watching. I always thought he would be an awesome guy to hang out with and joke around with. After this I just wish I could be his friend more. You are one cool cat Simon, I’m glad you and Martina have be open enough to share your lives with the rest of us.

  24. Simon, that was seriously amazing and so inspirational. You and Martina are just two really, really special people that you don’t encounter often enough in the world. I can’t emphasize that enough. Thank you so much for taking all the time to make this video. :D (Sorry, I can’t even express it in words how awesome this was. Plus, even though I’m subscribed, it’s my first time commenting on anything… Ehe. Yeah. I’m a bit shy. Just a bit. Or, a lot. Yeah, a lot.)

  25. I’m was really touched and inspired while watching this, props to you Simon because now you are doing what you love and have Martina with you, and that’s just lovely, you really are an awesome person and keep doing what makes you happy that in the end is the only thing that really matters :)

  26. Wow, so yeah I don’t know what I was expecting but I don’t think it was this. Watching this I went through so many different emotions and in the end smiling like a fool with teary eyes, haha.

    Though honestly this was so freaking interesting to watch/listen to. Not only do I feel really honoured that you shared so much with us but also this was a really insightful, humbling, honest and inspiring video.
    I have so much respect for you and Martina for all you have achieved and although I don’t know you personally I feel that through your videos, website, and other social networks you really try your hardest to make everyone involved and feel like a part of everything you do.
    Not only that but your relationship is so beautiful, I don’t even know what to say but I do want to try and say how much your Marriage makes me have hope and faith in love and true friendship. I don’t want to be all mushy but I really respect you both for your Marriage and how you Simon value Martina and your commitment to one another.

    Another thing that really stood out to me was how you spoke about your family and your teenage years. I couldn’t believe that people you thought were friends could do something so terrible and I really commend you for coming through that and achieving what you did with your education and life after that. This means a lot to me because at some point I thought I wasn’t going to accumulate the grades I had dreamed of getting at a young age. I am so freaking awkward and socially anxious, I sometimes suffer from panic attacks and terrible confidence issues, I often go through bouts of intense depression because of this and it all basically stems from how pretty much from Primary School (age 6-7) I started to get bullied, I am mixed raced (my Mother is British and my Father African American) and apart from two of my other friends I was the only mixed race kid in the whole school. The bullying got progressively worse in High School to the point where I was skipping school and locking myself away in my room and basically I stopped wanting to go out, to do pretty much anything and most of all I didn’t want to be me, I wanted to be white, someone else or not exist. I never fit in anywhere, I always thought I was the odd one out and the fact that my sense of humour was weird, I dressed in a style that I liked but everyone else thought was weird, I liked Asian culture, rock music, and of course Asian music too made me even more of a target. So finding EYK became an escapism as much as K-Pop and J-Rock did for me and honestly watching one of your videos always makes me manage to smile and forget about all the things I constantly worry about even if for a few minutes, it really makes a big difference and seeing that you have managed to do so many things and achieve so many dreams and wonderful things really inspires me and gives me some hope. I love your personalities and your outlook on things and I really want to thank you and the EYK CREW for being so awesome and I can’t wait for Martina’s video as well (^∇^).
    Sorry for rambling on and on and for this being so ridiculously long (and whiny) though (。-_-。).

  27. Ahhh. Simon, this is great! I’m excited to see Martina’s video!

  28. lovee this video so cute !! How come you guys never talk anout your honeymoon ? Did you guys not have one or it is just nothing funny to tell ?

  29. the martina/simon part is just adorable <3

  30. Oh God, I was so horrible to my mum as a teen – it is my most shameful memory and (though my mum obviously never held it against me and, as you said, probably doesn’t remember it that way herself) I’ll carry that guilt with me forever.

    Simon, your story was partly sad and partly sweet, but the main message(s) I took from it? Even when it feels like your world’s come crashing down or you have no friends or no-one loves you… you’re not alone and it *does* get better. Thank you! :D

  31. A fascinating story told fantastically. Thanks.

  32. i started crying when you spoke about martina =) you both are adorable and i wish you the best!

  33. as i watched your story on yt and read the rest of it here..actually, i’m learning something from it. you’re a big inspiration for us..you definitely deserve what you have succeeded so far! can’t wait to watch martina’s story next week. :)) hwaiting!

    p.s = i’m sooooo jelly how sweet simon is to his wife..i wish my future husband would be like that in the future, hehehe (^^)v

  34. Hey Simon and Martina,
    I read in an article that you guys were interviewed, and you said that you do not think that the Korean bands will never really make it mainstream if they were pushed towards marketing in the U.S., because Korean music does not reflect North American Culture. What do you think is so different about the Korean culture and the North American culture that makes the movement of K-pop into American music industry so difficult? Martina also said, ” K-pop is not just a song or a genre, it’s an entire culture.” Could you expand on that a bit more?

  35. Thanks for sharing, very well done. Wish you and your bestest friend (and wife) the best life.

  36. I love your video! I’m all late and wrong… but it’s so like motivational! Don’t be afraid to go places, because things will go up and down but it usually works out–just keep moving. ^_^

  37. Oh gawd this was truly touching, I teared up ;0; I can’t believe that behind your usual dorky fun self was a past full of hardships but everytime we see you in your videos you act as if its not what defines for the rest of your life. I admire what you have done and how much you and Martina have come in your lives. You are truly inspirational

  38. there’s no way martina was your first love. YOU’RE NOT TELLING US EVERYTHING. YOU’RE AFRAID MARTINA WILL GET JELLY.

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