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Draw My Life: Spudgy’s Story

May 2, 2013


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OH HAI! Spudgy here. From now on to the end of this post you must read out loud in my voice. Slowly. You can’t rush a Spudgy voice. It will hurt your throat.

So, surprise! I’ve learned how to type and how to use the internets. I’m not good at walking, and sometimes I poop so hard I dislocate my knees like a boss, but now I’ve been imbued with the ability to both think in coherent English, and convey those thoughts to you. Yay!

First: look at how young I was!

Young Spudgy

That’s the first picture of me ever! That’s when Mom and Dad took me for my first walk, soon after my mega poos!

Secondly, umm, my brother annoys me so much! Spudgy has boundaries, you know? But my brother, Dr. Meemersworth, is always all over me like we were at a club or something. Also, I’ve somehow been invested with the knowledge of what clubs are like, having never gone to one. Puppies aren’t allowed to go. Why would we even want to go, all with everyone all over each other? Spudgy likes his personal space. Point is, Meemers doesn’t get that, and he’s always like “let pleeyyyy!” and jumps on me all the time, and I’m like “GO AWAY!” Also, Meemers has difficulty pronouncing any vowel but the letter E, for some reason. How’d he even become a doctor, is what I want to know. It’s probably fake like Dr. Dre or something…

And I’m not even sure why he’s my brother! He’s not a puppy! He tries to act like me sometimes, and rolls around and show his stomach and demand tummy touches, and I know that’s not what kittens do, but he’s not fooling me! He’s a kitten! Stop copying me Meemers!

Also, mom and dad have done too many of these Draw My Life videos. Too many guise. They shouldn’t do one for my stupid brother. He’s just a kitten with nothing interesting happening to him, apart from his video going viral in Japan. What the eff, yo? Japanese people should like ME! I’m cooler than my brother!

Anyhow, I just wanted to emphasize again that adopting dogs is cool. My parents got me when I was already full grown, and they don’t regret their decision at all! There are lots of cool dogs like me that you can adopt in Korea! Head over to Animal Rescue Korea’s site and find a cool doggy there!

Oh, and…of course, buy a Spudgy Shirt! It’s the best shirt you can get! Any shirt you buy will go towards me getting more tummy touches. That’s as good a reason as any to buy a shirt!

Oh no! Woof. It’s happening! Woof. My ability to form coherent woof sentences is diminishing woof. Regressing woof back woof woof to woof woof dog speak.

Woof that was a lame way to end the woofing blog post!



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