OH HAI! Spudgy here. From now on to the end of this post you must read out loud in my voice. Slowly. You can’t rush a Spudgy voice. It will hurt your throat.

So, surprise! I’ve learned how to type and how to use the internets. I’m not good at walking, and sometimes I poop so hard I dislocate my knees like a boss, but now I’ve been imbued with the ability to both think in coherent English, and convey those thoughts to you. Yay!

First: look at how young I was!

Young Spudgy

That’s the first picture of me ever! That’s when Mom and Dad took me for my first walk, soon after my mega poos!

Secondly, umm, my brother annoys me so much! Spudgy has boundaries, you know? But my brother, Dr. Meemersworth, is always all over me like we were at a club or something. Also, I’ve somehow been invested with the knowledge of what clubs are like, having never gone to one. Puppies aren’t allowed to go. Why would we even want to go, all with everyone all over each other? Spudgy likes his personal space. Point is, Meemers doesn’t get that, and he’s always like “let pleeyyyy!” and jumps on me all the time, and I’m like “GO AWAY!” Also, Meemers has difficulty pronouncing any vowel but the letter E, for some reason. How’d he even become a doctor, is what I want to know. It’s probably fake like Dr. Dre or something…

And I’m not even sure why he’s my brother! He’s not a puppy! He tries to act like me sometimes, and rolls around and show his stomach and demand tummy touches, and I know that’s not what kittens do, but he’s not fooling me! He’s a kitten! Stop copying me Meemers!

Also, mom and dad have done too many of these Draw My Life videos. Too many guise. They shouldn’t do one for my stupid brother. He’s just a kitten with nothing interesting happening to him, apart from his video going viral in Japan. What the eff, yo? Japanese people should like ME! I’m cooler than my brother!

Anyhow, I just wanted to emphasize again that adopting dogs is cool. My parents got me when I was already full grown, and they don’t regret their decision at all! There are lots of cool dogs like me that you can adopt in Korea! Head over to Animal Rescue Korea’s site and find a cool doggy there!

Oh, and…of course, buy a Spudgy Shirt! It’s the best shirt you can get! Any shirt you buy will go towards me getting more tummy touches. That’s as good a reason as any to buy a shirt!

Oh no! Woof. It’s happening! Woof. My ability to form coherent woof sentences is diminishing woof. Regressing woof back woof woof to woof woof dog speak.

Woof that was a lame way to end the woofing blog post!

  1. Awwww… this, coupled with Martina’s Draw My Life made me understand really why she loves him so much. Among other things, of course, Martina knows what it’s like to live with body pains because of a car accident. It’s kind of fate that he found you! :)

  2. aww…. i feel like we all know and love Spudgy through years of watching all these videos! it’s really sad and sweet, and really cute that you would do a draw-my-life for the Spudgy!!

  3. Hey Spudgy! Put up some 2x tshirts for us ugly fat Americans

  4. Spudgy is younger than my dog by 4 years! Wow! I’m glad that Spudgy is with such a wonderful family. I hope that other dogs become as lucky as Spudgy to get great owners!
    Love you Spudgy! (My dog is seriously glaring at me as I type this. I don’t know how she can understand what I’m typing since she can’t read, but I’m scared she’ll start barking if I continue.

  5. I actually automatically started reading the blog post in Spudgy’s voice before it even told you too :D

  6. Spudgy has a more interesting draw my life story than my own…….awkward

  7. Oh man. It’s raining in my house. And only on my face? What the

  8. I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to cry or laugh…

    *sigh* you know this isn’t helping me with my problem of personifying animals all the time. I blame Disney, but I don’t think watching Spudgy and Meemers is helping any. I think it’s just making it worse.

  9. Awww, that was such a cute and sad story. I’m not huge fan of dogs, actually I’m kind of scared of them (mayb it’s cuz my neighbors dog tried killing me), but I feel like giving Spudgy a big hug.
    Is there going to be a story for Meemers? Leigh? SooZee?

  10. My 5 yo is insisting we rewatch this video :) she’s a fan of the Spudgy voice. And he talks about poop a lot, right up her alley.

  11. The second video made me teary-eyed. It’s so touching that Spudgy was lucky enough to have Martina fall in love with him at first sight ^_^

  12. Aaaaw!!!! Loved it!!! And I think it’s hilarious that the Meemers video went viral in Japan. That’s awesome!

  13. In a weird way, the life story of Spudgy made me think about the life story of Martina with the bones and joints stuff. As we always say : Like owner, like dog

  14. that was the freakin’ cutest!!!!!!
    aawwww T_T his story is so sad!!! poor doggy!!
    ahahahaha Spudgy telling us why not to get puppies!!!

    TT_TT oh my god i started crying from the ‘adopting a dog in Korea’ video!!!

    WHAO!!!!!!!!!!! ahah cool a Dr Meemersworth vid went viral in Japan!!!????

  15. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Best draw my life ever. Spudgy, we love you.

  16. This was the best Draw My Life I’ve seen so far, hands down!

  17. So in a way, Spudgy is like the dog version of Martina because he “breaks easily”. Aand Meemers is like the cat version of Simon! all big and mischievious. hehehee

  18. As A Animal Lover, Spudgy’s Story & The Video Clip of His Adoption Got Me All Teary Eyed! :'( I Know I Will Cry When My Pom Pom Dies :'( His Almost 6 yrs old His My Baby :'(

  19. the video of how y’all got spudgy is absolutely precious. i’m really touched at how you became family with him. he’s one blessed pooch. ^_^ now i must adopt an already grown dog! (人´∀`*)

  20. Oooh..spudgy is soo cute… and I just made my friend an almost-nastie!!: she adores him…

  21. I have seen the adoption video so many times….but each time it gets me. It gets me. I cry like a FOOL!!!

  22. This brought a happy tear to my eye, as I remembered the first video with the Spudgy.
    When we finally get our own place, my husband has promised me a puppy or 2 (for me ‘puppy’ is pretty much any dog of any age that I see, as my husband can attest with eyes rolling)
    One of the great things I’ve seen recently is the pet stores in our area are teaming up with Animal Shelters, so that they are not supporting puppy/kitteh mills. (I live to the East of Melbourne, Australia) They have profiles on the animals, with their age, temperment and a bit about their history
    I’ll happily take an animal or two into my home & heart :) I just have to wait till we can get a place that is not a super strict rental property :P

  23. I hurt my throat reading all of that aloud ;~;

  24. Awwwww, this was so cute and sweet. I really liked it.

    I also wanted to say, maybe you’re tired of these but it would totally be worth it to do one for Dr. Meemersworth next. If you wait until he gets older, you’ll probably never go back and do it and later you’ll be sorry that you don’t have one for him too. Besides, you’d probably want Spudgy to appear in it like Meemers did in this video and who knows how long until that is no longer possible……sniiff…. I seem to be sweating out of my eyes….excuse me……


  26. Aw I too got all teary watching this! But at the same time I was smiling throughout, either due to epic cuteness, or because I knew how happy the end of the story is :) You guise are awesome parents to the Spudgy and Meemers, you’re seriously like the perfect little family ^_^

  27. spudgy’s voice hurts my poor ears

  28. if you still decide to do a draw my life for meemers (just for the lols) then you should probably add subtitles to it… >_>

  29. Martina found a kindred spirit in Spudgy. He is her Daemon!!

  30. Oh Spudgyyyy ;______; *_______* You’re the cutest dog ever!!! > . < Great draw my life video Spudgy!! :D You've got drawing skills too!! :))

    I actually didn't read Spudgy's blog post alloud but after I finished reading it my throat started to hurt XDD


  31. Two things: That “touch my tummy” drawing was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and should be on some sort of merch, I would buy it. And second, Spudgy’s version of one of a kind made me laugh really loud and all my co-workers looked at me funny :/ so worth it.

  32. I had a dog to for very long time but he pass away, and now it is too hard for me to take another dog. He was really great dog. But I have a kitty. I found him near a forest, he was so pittyfull. He was kid, hungry and it was really cold. It was winter time so I was so scared that he will froze or some foxes or wolf will eat him, so I took him home (I had a cat at home, so niw I have two)
    He is the best cat I had. He is like Spugy, he always show his tummy and ask to toich his tommy. All he wants is – touch my tummy. And he is really talkactive if say something tomhim he will respond – miau, miau, miau. It funny.

  33. OHMAIGOSH. When Spudgy was all shaky I seriously started to cry. I love you Spudgy!!

  34. It sucks when a dog has to have surgery… mine got a nasty cut (jumping over barbed/thorny wire, I think) that was along his inner thigh and stomach. Took him to the nearest vet to sew him up before he could get an infection but he burst the stitches -_- and did the same a second time *sigh* He’s now in the animal hospital until he fully heals (it’s tough to have him out of action as he is a working dog)

  35. Smart move with the mega poos Spudgy, I completely understand why that won them over.

  36. Raise your hand if you not only read the blog in Spudgy’s voice, but imagined him trying to type it up at a computer with his little paws.

  37. not sure why but while watching the spudgy’s DML video, i felt that martina probably had a strong connection with spudgy because of their past experiences with health problems. i have 4 cats, i love them all but i have a strong connection with 1 of my cats becos i felt that she’s very much like me. now we’re so close even my family members dont know why she only response to me and wants hugs from me.

    do a DML for meems!

  38. Also, Spudgy got a temporary human hand.

  39. I loved this TL:DR, when ever I hear spudgy’s story I always get teary eyed. He is so cute.

    I wasn’t expecting a TL:DR this week or a Spudgy Draw My Life, so thanks guys.

  40. Awwwwwwwww was Simon drawing? Or were both if you drawing? There was te classic Simon stick figured, but also Martina’s….(how do I put this?) “artistry” (I only used quotes bacause I wasn’t sure which word to use, not to insult your talent) but anyway I thought it was very nice, AND THEN I SAW THE “how I got adopted” video………. I need to build
    Myself a raft…. The tears…. Geeze. They wouldn’t stop after I saw The Sdudgy shaking. I was like “nooooooooooo The Spudgy, be warm, be happy, don’t be nervous” seriously I don’t even personally know you guys and I feel so touched when you guys put up Stuff about your family. You care about your Nasties. AND WE VERY MUCH APRECIATE IT!!!!

    *here’s a tummy rub for The Spudgy… A cyber tummy rub… Not as high quality but the thought is still there*

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