OH HAI! Spudgy here. From now on to the end of this post you must read out loud in my voice. Slowly. You can’t rush a Spudgy voice. It will hurt your throat.

So, surprise! I’ve learned how to type and how to use the internets. I’m not good at walking, and sometimes I poop so hard I dislocate my knees like a boss, but now I’ve been imbued with the ability to both think in coherent English, and convey those thoughts to you. Yay!

First: look at how young I was!

Young Spudgy

That’s the first picture of me ever! That’s when Mom and Dad took me for my first walk, soon after my mega poos!

Secondly, umm, my brother annoys me so much! Spudgy has boundaries, you know? But my brother, Dr. Meemersworth, is always all over me like we were at a club or something. Also, I’ve somehow been invested with the knowledge of what clubs are like, having never gone to one. Puppies aren’t allowed to go. Why would we even want to go, all with everyone all over each other? Spudgy likes his personal space. Point is, Meemers doesn’t get that, and he’s always like “let pleeyyyy!” and jumps on me all the time, and I’m like “GO AWAY!” Also, Meemers has difficulty pronouncing any vowel but the letter E, for some reason. How’d he even become a doctor, is what I want to know. It’s probably fake like Dr. Dre or something…

And I’m not even sure why he’s my brother! He’s not a puppy! He tries to act like me sometimes, and rolls around and show his stomach and demand tummy touches, and I know that’s not what kittens do, but he’s not fooling me! He’s a kitten! Stop copying me Meemers!

Also, mom and dad have done too many of these Draw My Life videos. Too many guise. They shouldn’t do one for my stupid brother. He’s just a kitten with nothing interesting happening to him, apart from his video going viral in Japan. What the eff, yo? Japanese people should like ME! I’m cooler than my brother!

Anyhow, I just wanted to emphasize again that adopting dogs is cool. My parents got me when I was already full grown, and they don’t regret their decision at all! There are lots of cool dogs like me that you can adopt in Korea! Head over to Animal Rescue Korea’s site and find a cool doggy there!

Oh, and…of course, buy a Spudgy Shirt! It’s the best shirt you can get! Any shirt you buy will go towards me getting more tummy touches. That’s as good a reason as any to buy a shirt!

Oh no! Woof. It’s happening! Woof. My ability to form coherent woof sentences is diminishing woof. Regressing woof back woof woof to woof woof dog speak.

Woof that was a lame way to end the woofing blog post!

  1. Finally getting around to watching the draw my life videos and gah, why did I pick this one first? I really just cried, but then at the end I was smiling like so much because Spudgy has such a happy ending to his video! <3

  2. Loved this video, really really love the draw my life series, thanks for sharing guys!!

  3. Awwww… this, coupled with Martina’s Draw My Life made me understand really why she loves him so much. Among other things, of course, Martina knows what it’s like to live with body pains because of a car accident. It’s kind of fate that he found you! :)

  4. so cute:3!! it was kind of a sad story but then it turned out to be a lucky and happy one :)

  5. I cried during the whole video. I don’t know why animals touch my heart so much ;~; We don’t have a dog but we have two rescued cats and we love them and keep them with us forever and ever no matter the booboos and the little issues <3

  6. Haha funny I read the blog post in Spudgy voice automatically! Nice.

  7. No matter how many times I watch the video where you adopted Spudgy I cry!!!!! The part where he’s laid up against Martina with his chin on her shoulder, It just seems like he’d chosen you just as must as you chose him! But i’m really happy that you mentioned getting dogs from a shelter! Just because they’re older doesn’t mean they’re not going to be great companions! It breaks my heart to think about all the sad, lonely doggies in shelters <3

  8. I cried so much :( Spudgy is so fortunate to have you! He’s such an amazing dog! *sendingtummytouches*

  9. I was wearing my Viva La Spudgy shirt while watching this, it’s actually my favorite tee shirt so EVERYONE buy one LOL!!!! Spudgy may be different but he’s so unique and an adorable dog even with his quirks

  10. You guys are wonderful people, I wish more people can be more compassionate and kind to animals too~ Definitely enjoyed all the Draw My Life videos! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. This was awesome! Fantasti-sobbi-hilarious! Thank you Simon and Martina (and Spudgy and Meemers) for being you. It makes me remember that it’s okay to be me. :)

  12. the truth is out there

    <3 I love this video

  13. spudgy sounds a lot like strongbad’s teen girl squad. i wonder if that was an accident!

  14. Love love love this Draw My Life! I got teary eyed watching Simon and Martina’s, but this one made me cry. Why? Because it is AMAZING how the universe works to put amazing people together (like you guise) and put those amazing people into the life of a dog which was obviously PERFECT for them. Spudgy is lucky to have you both and you are lucky to have Spudgy. *sniffle* Okay, there I go again! Thank you for doing this. TUMMY TOUCHES FOR SPUDGY!

  15. Awww spudgy!!!!!!

  16. kawaii_candie

    aww…. i feel like we all know and love Spudgy through years of watching all these videos! it’s really sad and sweet, and really cute that you would do a draw-my-life for the Spudgy!!

  17. damn that made me cry *ahem* Spudgy is the sweetest little dog ever!

  18. Its so lovely and precious!!!!!!!! I have a puppy too, and yeah, he’s extremely annoying…wrecking my shoes, chewing the couch, barking at random stuff, not to mention biting at everything within his reach. Still, I understand what its like to own pets, and I’m so glad you guys found Spudgy! It’s wonderful now he is a famous WonderDog with a loving and caring home with you guys~ I wish Spudgy a long, healthy and bright life~ and thank you, SimonandMartina, for saving a life and giving it so much happiness and care~ LOVE YOU DEAR SPUDGY!

  19. Is it weird that I can understand the Spudgy voice like… perfectly fine? Lol.

    This was super cute you guise. I loved it. Viva Spudgy!!!

  20. I just… can’t stop thinking… Spudgy’s first family died in that car accident, huh? God, that depressed me. I can’t stop thinking about it.
    I can imagine how terrified, hurt, and confused he must have been. His family vanished off the face of the earth and he was bruised and broken physically and emotionally. OH MY GOD. IT’S SO FREAKING SAD. To me, pets are like children (and vice versa) so I look at it the same as if it were a preschooler this happened to.

    Spudgy, not only are you loved by your family, but Nasties love you too. I think the amount of pain you’ve experienced is equal to the amount of good fortune and love you get now. =D

  21. After watching Martina’s story and watching Spudgy’s, him saying that Martina knew his pain. I started getting so teary eyed and cried when i saw the young Spudgy. I love you Spudgy! *pounds chest* RESPECT! <3

  22. Hey Spudgy! Put up some 2x tshirts for us ugly fat Americans

  23. [email protected]

    Spudgy is younger than my dog by 4 years! Wow! I’m glad that Spudgy is with such a wonderful family. I hope that other dogs become as lucky as Spudgy to get great owners!
    Love you Spudgy! (My dog is seriously glaring at me as I type this. I don’t know how she can understand what I’m typing since she can’t read, but I’m scared she’ll start barking if I continue.

  24. I cried when I watched him being adopted! T^T bawling my eyes out!

  25. WOW, Spudgy was in a car accident that killed his family? That is AWFUL. God… I can only imagine how traumatizing that must have been for him – and then to be in a shelter where he was quietly forgotten about by the families coming to adopt their dogs… I can’t help but believe in fate when I think of the amazing family that ended up giving him a home and a whole new lease on life, and so many opportunities to just enjoy being a dog. I love you guys so much for taking your chances on a dog who needed so much care. <3

  26. wowww so much maintenance! you guys are such wonderful people (:

  27. Paydi Liu

    I actually automatically started reading the blog post in Spudgy’s voice before it even told you too :D

  28. KATHyphenTUN

    Spudgy has a more interesting draw my life story than my own…….awkward

  29. Oh man. It’s raining in my house. And only on my face? What the

  30. The spudgy’s story made me cry the most :( then the video of how you guys got him!! :,( i had already watched it before but it touches my soul every time!!

  31. U guys should put subtitles when u do memer’s draw my life because it’s kind of hard to figure out that he’s saying.

  32. Blue love is Spudgy love :3

  33. unicornsgalaxy

    I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to cry or laugh…

    *sigh* you know this isn’t helping me with my problem of personifying animals all the time. I blame Disney, but I don’t think watching Spudgy and Meemers is helping any. I think it’s just making it worse.

  34. I teared up, and had the lip quivers.

  35. I shouldn’t have clicked on Animal Rescue Korea’s website because now I want to adopt all the doggies! T.T
    Spudgy’s story is much sadder than I thought! I’m so happy he has such an amazing and loving mommy and daddy to take care of him! (And an adorable brother who loves him hehe)

  36. Maashugna

    Awww, that was such a cute and sad story. I’m not huge fan of dogs, actually I’m kind of scared of them (mayb it’s cuz my neighbors dog tried killing me), but I feel like giving Spudgy a big hug.
    Is there going to be a story for Meemers? Leigh? SooZee?

  37. Now I just want to run over to Korea and give Spudgy tummy touches.

  38. My 5 yo is insisting we rewatch this video :) she’s a fan of the Spudgy voice. And he talks about poop a lot, right up her alley.

  39. my neighbors have the same breed dog as Spudgy! She’s almost nine years old now, but her mom lived to be 14! So Spudgy should have a good few more years left~ ^^ He’s not so old.

  40. OMG! Spudgy you’ve had a very interesting life! This was a very cool and funny video! The rest of the EYK crew should film one also!

  41. The second video made me teary-eyed. It’s so touching that Spudgy was lucky enough to have Martina fall in love with him at first sight ^_^

  42. Darn you, Spudgy…why you make me cry? This is one of the most cute, sad, and wonderful draw my life vids I’ve watched (BTW, I’ve only watched Simon’s, Martina’s and Spudgy’s XD)

    Anybody else heard Drama life instead of Draw my life….XD and meemers was hard to understand….If I could, I would totally hug and give lots of tummy rubs to Spudgy…Spudgy live a long, long life ok?

  43. Aaaaw!!!! Loved it!!! And I think it’s hilarious that the Meemers video went viral in Japan. That’s awesome!

  44. In a weird way, the life story of Spudgy made me think about the life story of Martina with the bones and joints stuff. As we always say : Like owner, like dog

  45. Cutest draw my life everrrr! I fully support adopting older animals (in my area it’s extremely uncommon to find little dogs in shelters though so it makes adopting an older dog a bit more difficult, but there’s a ton of older cats). They’re already trained, they already have their own cues to let you know when they want to go out and such. I thought it would be hard to bond with an older dog but it’s really not. I took care of my dad’s dog when she was already maybe 13 years old (a small white blind dog like the Spudgy!). I did have the benefit of already knowing her before I took care of her for 6 months, but I only saw her maybe twice a year most of the time growing up and I really really didn’t like her (she hid under the bed the whole time, barked at me, and my dad treated her better than he treated me so I was a little jealous at first). But then I had to take care of her because my dad was going somewhere that didn’t allow pets. She had surgery so I had to take care of her after the surgery and everything. She was the sweetest pup. She always wanted to be on my lap and be carried and sleep next to me in bed (as much as my cat hated it!). When my dad took care of her she’d hide under the bed all the time because he didn’t give her the attention she wanted and needed. He didn’t hold her when she was scared. So she ended up basically switching her preferred owner to me (after spending her whole life with him!) and even when he was able to take care of her again, she wanted to stay with me instead, so he let her. I’d wake up to her surrounded by stuffed animals, having made her own little nest while I slept. When I got home from school she’d greet me at the door and dance on her back legs so I’d pick her up. She’d dance around and act playful to let me know she wanted to go outside. It was the cutest thing! She was even sleeping in my bed the last day of her life. She had gotten really sick really quickly and dad (who was over visiting at the time) took her to the vet very early in the morning to see what was wrong with her. The nurse couldn’t figure it out and basically said it was unlikely they could take her pain away and he had her put to sleep instead of getting a 2nd opinion. I didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye because I was half asleep when he took her to the vet :( I miss the pup so much but I’m waiting to adopt a new pup (hopefully an older little shelter dog!) until I’m in a situation where I know I can take care of him or her with my own money.

  46. PunkyPrincess92

    that was the freakin’ cutest!!!!!!
    aawwww T_T his story is so sad!!! poor doggy!!
    ahahahaha Spudgy telling us why not to get puppies!!!

    TT_TT oh my god i started crying from the ‘adopting a dog in Korea’ video!!!

    WHAO!!!!!!!!!!! ahah cool a Dr Meemersworth vid went viral in Japan!!!????

  47. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Best draw my life ever. Spudgy, we love you.

  48. I didn’t know Spudgy was fan of GD, “Yes, sir, I am one of the kind~!” So funny and cute from Spudgy, he is my favorite, and yes I would fly to Korea just to touch his tummy, um, that sounded so selfish, I would say Hi to Simon and hug Martina, then I would spend my time with the Spudgy!

  49. This was the best Draw My Life I’ve seen so far, hands down!

  50. ohhhh my dear! spudgy we love u so much!

  51. So in a way, Spudgy is like the dog version of Martina because he “breaks easily”. Aand Meemers is like the cat version of Simon! all big and mischievious. hehehee

  52. As A Animal Lover, Spudgy’s Story & The Video Clip of His Adoption Got Me All Teary Eyed! :’( I Know I Will Cry When My Pom Pom Dies :’( His Almost 6 yrs old His My Baby :’(

  53. Gah way to make people cry Simon and Martina, but in any case we love the Spudgy!

  54. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Loved the message in this video too.

  55. the video of how y’all got spudgy is absolutely precious. i’m really touched at how you became family with him. he’s one blessed pooch. ^_^ now i must adopt an already grown dog! (人´∀`*)

  56. Oooh..spudgy is soo cute… and I just made my friend an almost-nastie!!: she adores him…

  57. I have seen the adoption video so many times….but each time it gets me. It gets me. I cry like a FOOL!!!

  58. This brought a happy tear to my eye, as I remembered the first video with the Spudgy.
    When we finally get our own place, my husband has promised me a puppy or 2 (for me ‘puppy’ is pretty much any dog of any age that I see, as my husband can attest with eyes rolling)
    One of the great things I’ve seen recently is the pet stores in our area are teaming up with Animal Shelters, so that they are not supporting puppy/kitteh mills. (I live to the East of Melbourne, Australia) They have profiles on the animals, with their age, temperment and a bit about their history
    I’ll happily take an animal or two into my home & heart :) I just have to wait till we can get a place that is not a super strict rental property :P

  59. I hurt my throat reading all of that aloud ;~;

  60. Cyber_3

    Awwwww, this was so cute and sweet. I really liked it.

    I also wanted to say, maybe you’re tired of these but it would totally be worth it to do one for Dr. Meemersworth next. If you wait until he gets older, you’ll probably never go back and do it and later you’ll be sorry that you don’t have one for him too. Besides, you’d probably want Spudgy to appear in it like Meemers did in this video and who knows how long until that is no longer possible……sniiff…. I seem to be sweating out of my eyes….excuse me……


  62. Aw I too got all teary watching this! But at the same time I was smiling throughout, either due to epic cuteness, or because I knew how happy the end of the story is :) You guise are awesome parents to the Spudgy and Meemers, you’re seriously like the perfect little family ^_^

  63. spudgy’s voice hurts my poor ears

  64. if you still decide to do a draw my life for meemers (just for the lols) then you should probably add subtitles to it… >_>

  65. Martina found a kindred spirit in Spudgy. He is her Daemon!!

  66. Oh Spudgyyyy ;______; *_______* You’re the cutest dog ever!!! > . < Great draw my life video Spudgy!! :D You've got drawing skills too!! :))

    I actually didn't read Spudgy's blog post alloud but after I finished reading it my throat started to hurt XDD


  67. Guise…T_T This made me cry so much and the first video of Spudgy at the shelter too. I’ve never adopted from a shelter since all the kitties and doggies in my neighborhood somehow end up at my house. ^-^ So I try to take care of all of them. T.T Spudgy~! We love you!

  68. Two things: That “touch my tummy” drawing was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and should be on some sort of merch, I would buy it. And second, Spudgy’s version of one of a kind made me laugh really loud and all my co-workers looked at me funny :/ so worth it.

    • That may get some unwanted tummy touches… Spudgy may be okay with strangers touching his tummy but if I wore that in public and some random person came and touched me there will be lots of flailing and screaming.

  69. I had a dog to for very long time but he pass away, and now it is too hard for me to take another dog. He was really great dog. But I have a kitty. I found him near a forest, he was so pittyfull. He was kid, hungry and it was really cold. It was winter time so I was so scared that he will froze or some foxes or wolf will eat him, so I took him home (I had a cat at home, so niw I have two)
    He is the best cat I had. He is like Spugy, he always show his tummy and ask to toich his tommy. All he wants is – touch my tummy. And he is really talkactive if say something tomhim he will respond – miau, miau, miau. It funny.

  70. Spudgy 화이팅! Best dog ever :3

  71. OHMAIGOSH. When Spudgy was all shaky I seriously started to cry. I love you Spudgy!!

  72. It sucks when a dog has to have surgery… mine got a nasty cut (jumping over barbed/thorny wire, I think) that was along his inner thigh and stomach. Took him to the nearest vet to sew him up before he could get an infection but he burst the stitches -_- and did the same a second time *sigh* He’s now in the animal hospital until he fully heals (it’s tough to have him out of action as he is a working dog)

  73. Smart move with the mega poos Spudgy, I completely understand why that won them over.

  74. irritablevowel

    Raise your hand if you not only read the blog in Spudgy’s voice, but imagined him trying to type it up at a computer with his little paws.

  75. not sure why but while watching the spudgy’s DML video, i felt that martina probably had a strong connection with spudgy because of their past experiences with health problems. i have 4 cats, i love them all but i have a strong connection with 1 of my cats becos i felt that she’s very much like me. now we’re so close even my family members dont know why she only response to me and wants hugs from me.

    do a DML for meems!

  76. Also, Spudgy got a temporary human hand.

  77. I loved this TL:DR, when ever I hear spudgy’s story I always get teary eyed. He is so cute.

    I wasn’t expecting a TL:DR this week or a Spudgy Draw My Life, so thanks guys.

  78. Oh my gosh, did Spudgy’s first family possibly die? Or they were probably too injured to take care of him, that’s so sad. But I’m glad he has a happy ending. I love you, Spudgy! <3 <3 <3

  79. Awwwwwwwww was Simon drawing? Or were both if you drawing? There was te classic Simon stick figured, but also Martina’s….(how do I put this?) “artistry” (I only used quotes bacause I wasn’t sure which word to use, not to insult your talent) but anyway I thought it was very nice, AND THEN I SAW THE “how I got adopted” video………. I need to build
    Myself a raft…. The tears…. Geeze. They wouldn’t stop after I saw The Sdudgy shaking. I was like “nooooooooooo The Spudgy, be warm, be happy, don’t be nervous” seriously I don’t even personally know you guys and I feel so touched when you guys put up Stuff about your family. You care about your Nasties. AND WE VERY MUCH APRECIATE IT!!!!

    *here’s a tummy rub for The Spudgy… A cyber tummy rub… Not as high quality but the thought is still there*

  80. yanagiba yusuke22

    hope dr meemers will draw his life too

  81. Waaah Awesome TL;DR!!!
    I also have a dog and cat, and I’m sure my dog Mya can totally relate to Spudgy not wanting his cat brother all over him. My cat, Cat Dooku (if you get the reference, you’re awesome XD) always wants to play or even groom Mya and she hates it xp But I’m just like he’s trying to show his love for you!! But no. She won’t have it. Haha luckily they don’t ever fight since she’s such a chill dog, also like Spudgy XDDD
    Aaaand I don’t think you need to do a Meemers video since he’s still young. Maybe after a few years~^^

  82. “Also, mom and dad have done too many of these Draw My Life videos.”

    agreed lol

  83. Awww Spudgyyyyy. I have adopted three dogs in my lifetime and will probably always adopt dogs, I have never had a bad dog. Pebbles was gentle enough to make me not afraid of dogs, Jerry was dumb enough to lick me when I cried and sit on me even though he was definitely not a lap dog, and Josie is sweet and loving and rambunctious and spunky and already perfectly trained. I’m so glad that you’re promoting adopting shelter dogs because no matter how cute those pet store puppies are, you know they’ll be adopted. It’s the sweet dogs in shelters that may be older that I worry about.

  84. Did anyone else read the blog part in Spudy’s voice? lol.

  85. Hit me right in the feels. SPUDGY, DON’T DIE, YA HEAR!! I don’t think us Nasties could bear the news.

  86. All the feels… You go spudgy! I feel your pain. What you’ve been through, the hardship, blood and big poos made you a stronger doggy. Now you’ve made it to the top and no one can take it away from you! Peace bro.

  87. Spudgy has awesome drawing skills!

    BTW, this needs subs x)

  88. Sitting in the livingroom reading this post, tried to read it in the spudgy voice, but it’s really hard to do! My family just looks weirdly at me like I’m crazy… :p

  89. But Spudgy is Korean, shouldn’t the post end in “mong mong mong”?

    Additionally, every time you all post about Spudgy it hits me right in the feels. My dog was 9 when I adopted him and a got a lot of criticism from some of my family because they thought it was a bad idea to start loving a dog that might not have a lot of years left in him. I’ve had him for almost 3 years now and his eyes are going cloudy and his joints are getting stiff but he’s still my best friend and I’m making the most of every moment we’ve got together.

  90. Oh man rewatching the video of the day Spudgy got adopted made me tear up a little!

  91. Preach Spudgy preach!! haha <3 My next dog will definitely be a smarter old dog ;)


  93. This was a rather special Draw My Life video. Spudgy, be strong, okay? The Nasty community loves you so much. Even though I’m not really a dog person, I can’t help but feel attached to you. XD

    Anyhow, I wonder why left out the fact that Spudgy is also a recording superstar. Did you guys forget his perfect-all-kill hit “I’m The Spudgy”?

    • Cyber_3

      And wasn’t there the recording of Spudgy doing the WANK soundtrack/song – that was AWESOME!

      ….also he has his own cartoon cameos!

  94. omg..this vid—was so cute and had so many aww moments.

  95. i almsot cried T__T poor spudgy!! when I get a kitten or dog imma go to a shelter for sure!

  96. if you wore paws and draw it would be pretty funny

  97. Okay why do I feel like **I** got the birthday present?! I was under the impression you guise wouldn’t be working because of Martina’s birthday so I totally wasn’t expecting anything, and instead there is THIS EPICNESS?! *cries* I don’t deserve you guise!!! ((HUGGLES)) And sorry I am extra emotional because I’m juggling a deadline, packing for vacation, and all the thousand details that accompany it. Thank you! :)

  98. I am loving the Meemers voice. It’s so cute! And I cried when he talked about they never picked him. Poor thing ;__;

  99. you voice must have hurt after doing this video!! Spudgy!!!! We all love you very much!! <3


  101. I cried when I saw that spudgy video when you guys adopted him, is wonderful how he was meant to be with you both. I’m so thankful to you ‘cuz you show how much those abandoned doggies need and deserve as much love as puppys and super expensive ones do.

  102. daww LOVE HOW YOU TWO ARE SO DEDICATED TO SPUDGY <3 hes such an awesome, lucky dog : D

  103. Kimmicci

    awww i’ve been a nasty for a while so i knew all about Spudy’s past from ur other videos, but awwww this made me teary eyed, but it a sappy happy way… if you know what i mean. I love older pets~ im not much a dog person but my mom and I always adopt older cats (like reallyyy old cats) from animal shelters and keep them until they die of old age. Sadly we cant adopt any with alot of medical needs because we cant afford it, but SPUDGY IS RIGHT, GO FOR OLDER ANIMALS. they are always the sweetest :’3 VIVA LA SPUDGY!!!!!
    Yea ya’ll dont have to one for Meems because HIS WHOLE LIFE has been on camera! haha from the moment ya’ll got “her” and then all the cute stuff and then discovering she’s a HE haha~ it’s all on camera. spoiled kitten. kkkkkk <3

  104. Happy birthday, Martina! I love this, and I love Spudgy. *gives virtual tummy touches*

  105. hey simon & martina. watching t reminded me of my dog. she died last week at the age of 13. spudggy is strong don’t worry. :) plus,i brother enjoys watching EYK! =)) he absolutely loves martinas voice as spudggy! :) lots of love from me and the philippine nasties!

  106. Celine

    hahhahah couldn’t stop laughing at the poop barbarians part! anyway, awwww thank you for making this video!

  107. And this is the point where I realize that I can never ever get a dog as awesome as spudgy :| :)

  108. Awwww. I love doggies too much. I was actually touched by this story♥~~ ;______; Spudgy is such a lucky dog~ :.]
    I LOVE YOU, SPUDGY♥♥~~~ D:

  109. You have to, have to please, please, please, please, please (did I say please enough yet) do a Dr. Meemersworth one, Please!

  110. I have school tomorrow and need to wake up in a few hours but how could I sleep without watching the Spudgy video?!! D:

    I’m so touched right now, Spudgy is so cute and had such a hard life ::__;;

    You guys are so amazing and Spudgy is the best dog ever ♥

  111. ClaireBear LikesMusic

    I LOVE YOU SPUDGY!!! Wow, that must’ve hurt your voice… but still, it was a great video!

  112. hapagirl

    So many Spudgy feels! Like when I found out what happened, and when he was alone afterwards, and how he became blind. and ah!!! But Spudgy, didn’t you pee on the carpet this weekend?
    I really enjoyed it. I do wanna see a Meemers one, just because I kinda wanna see Spudgy and Meemers arguing during it.

  113. is there really famous people who touch spudgy tummy

  114. OK. So now, Meemers is pressured to do a Draw My Life. Good luck. LOL (oh, and happy birthday, spudgy and meemer’s mom)

  115. OH MA GAWD- SPUDGY! I didn’t realize you dislocated your knee….pooping…I felt really bad, but I did laugh slightly…*cough*… hope you live another 100 years! Viva la Spudgy!

  116. I think I’m weirdly emotional at the moment because when ‘Spudgy’ said “They’re not going to want me anymore!” I got a little-teary eyed.
    Hahaaa -__-

  117. The second I heard Martina’s voice, I bursted in laughter. Love this with a passion, lol.

  118. gosh, this was a TL;DR I never expected, super yay though! ^__^

    • We felt a bit silly doing it as well, but this is the best we could do for a TL;DR this week because of Martina’s birthday yesterday…

      • Totally understandable :) As long as Martina’s birthday was great!

      • It was wesome ^_^ i love spudgy, sad story with a happy ending ♥

      • Loved it! Spudgy is adorable! Following the birthday theme, it’d be cool if you could do a tldr about birthdays in Korea actually next week :DDD Like explaining “korean age” and if they have different traditions for birthdays or if they adopt western stuffs like birthday cakes etc.

      • I enjoyed it a lot! It’s clear a lot of effort went into it and every once in awhile a good old Spudgy video is awesome. Besides, I think it made a point even though it was sweet and fluffy :)

      • i love the video that was really nice i had my old lady as i cold her her name was candy and she died 3 weeks ago hurt disease so take care of spudgy and keep loving him. my dog was with me for 11 years of her life since i was 12 and iam 23 so happy for you guys take good care of your family member

      • Happy Birthday Martina!…I know its a bit late…but still! Also I love Spudgy hes so adorable ^^ I got all teary eyed when he said he wasn’t sure if you would still want him after hearing he was blind/ his hip/leg was hurting him :,( And I watched the video of you guise first getting him and I cried sooo much ! Especially when he was shaking D: And I didn’t know he was on sooo much medicine! …my dogs on medicine cuz shes got a brain disorder that makes her have spasms if she gets worked up/excited and she doesn’t walk well..I love her sooo much just like how you guise love Spudgy ^^ Could you give Spudgy a little tummy rub for me? :) Great video guise! Thanks for uploading!

    • Just gotta say, your picture of PSH is soooooooooo beautiful (*o*)

  119. FIRST! Always wanted to do that… and oh, hi from Vancouver! Hope you had an amazing birthday Martina! I really love all the videos you and Simon make :D

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