OH HAI! Spudgy here. From now on to the end of this post you must read out loud in my voice. Slowly. You can’t rush a Spudgy voice. It will hurt your throat.

So, surprise! I’ve learned how to type and how to use the internets. I’m not good at walking, and sometimes I poop so hard I dislocate my knees like a boss, but now I’ve been imbued with the ability to both think in coherent English, and convey those thoughts to you. Yay!

First: look at how young I was!

Young Spudgy

That’s the first picture of me ever! That’s when Mom and Dad took me for my first walk, soon after my mega poos!

Secondly, umm, my brother annoys me so much! Spudgy has boundaries, you know? But my brother, Dr. Meemersworth, is always all over me like we were at a club or something. Also, I’ve somehow been invested with the knowledge of what clubs are like, having never gone to one. Puppies aren’t allowed to go. Why would we even want to go, all with everyone all over each other? Spudgy likes his personal space. Point is, Meemers doesn’t get that, and he’s always like “let pleeyyyy!” and jumps on me all the time, and I’m like “GO AWAY!” Also, Meemers has difficulty pronouncing any vowel but the letter E, for some reason. How’d he even become a doctor, is what I want to know. It’s probably fake like Dr. Dre or something…

And I’m not even sure why he’s my brother! He’s not a puppy! He tries to act like me sometimes, and rolls around and show his stomach and demand tummy touches, and I know that’s not what kittens do, but he’s not fooling me! He’s a kitten! Stop copying me Meemers!

Also, mom and dad have done too many of these Draw My Life videos. Too many guise. They shouldn’t do one for my stupid brother. He’s just a kitten with nothing interesting happening to him, apart from his video going viral in Japan. What the eff, yo? Japanese people should like ME! I’m cooler than my brother!

Anyhow, I just wanted to emphasize again that adopting dogs is cool. My parents got me when I was already full grown, and they don’t regret their decision at all! There are lots of cool dogs like me that you can adopt in Korea! Head over to Animal Rescue Korea’s site and find a cool doggy there!

Oh, and…of course, buy a Spudgy Shirt! It’s the best shirt you can get! Any shirt you buy will go towards me getting more tummy touches. That’s as good a reason as any to buy a shirt!

Oh no! Woof. It’s happening! Woof. My ability to form coherent woof sentences is diminishing woof. Regressing woof back woof woof to woof woof dog speak.

Woof that was a lame way to end the woofing blog post!

  1. Finally getting around to watching the draw my life videos and gah, why did I pick this one first? I really just cried, but then at the end I was smiling like so much because Spudgy has such a happy ending to his video! <3

  2. Loved this video, really really love the draw my life series, thanks for sharing guys!!

  3. Awwww… this, coupled with Martina’s Draw My Life made me understand really why she loves him so much. Among other things, of course, Martina knows what it’s like to live with body pains because of a car accident. It’s kind of fate that he found you! :)

  4. so cute:3!! it was kind of a sad story but then it turned out to be a lucky and happy one :)

  5. I cried during the whole video. I don’t know why animals touch my heart so much ;~; We don’t have a dog but we have two rescued cats and we love them and keep them with us forever and ever no matter the booboos and the little issues <3

  6. Haha funny I read the blog post in Spudgy voice automatically! Nice.

  7. No matter how many times I watch the video where you adopted Spudgy I cry!!!!! The part where he’s laid up against Martina with his chin on her shoulder, It just seems like he’d chosen you just as must as you chose him! But i’m really happy that you mentioned getting dogs from a shelter! Just because they’re older doesn’t mean they’re not going to be great companions! It breaks my heart to think about all the sad, lonely doggies in shelters <3

  8. I cried so much :( Spudgy is so fortunate to have you! He’s such an amazing dog! *sendingtummytouches*

  9. I was wearing my Viva La Spudgy shirt while watching this, it’s actually my favorite tee shirt so EVERYONE buy one LOL!!!! Spudgy may be different but he’s so unique and an adorable dog even with his quirks

  10. You guys are wonderful people, I wish more people can be more compassionate and kind to animals too~ Definitely enjoyed all the Draw My Life videos! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. This was awesome! Fantasti-sobbi-hilarious! Thank you Simon and Martina (and Spudgy and Meemers) for being you. It makes me remember that it’s okay to be me. :)

  12. spudgy sounds a lot like strongbad’s teen girl squad. i wonder if that was an accident!

  13. Love love love this Draw My Life! I got teary eyed watching Simon and Martina’s, but this one made me cry. Why? Because it is AMAZING how the universe works to put amazing people together (like you guise) and put those amazing people into the life of a dog which was obviously PERFECT for them. Spudgy is lucky to have you both and you are lucky to have Spudgy. *sniffle* Okay, there I go again! Thank you for doing this. TUMMY TOUCHES FOR SPUDGY!

  14. aww…. i feel like we all know and love Spudgy through years of watching all these videos! it’s really sad and sweet, and really cute that you would do a draw-my-life for the Spudgy!!

  15. damn that made me cry *ahem* Spudgy is the sweetest little dog ever!

  16. Its so lovely and precious!!!!!!!! I have a puppy too, and yeah, he’s extremely annoying…wrecking my shoes, chewing the couch, barking at random stuff, not to mention biting at everything within his reach. Still, I understand what its like to own pets, and I’m so glad you guys found Spudgy! It’s wonderful now he is a famous WonderDog with a loving and caring home with you guys~ I wish Spudgy a long, healthy and bright life~ and thank you, SimonandMartina, for saving a life and giving it so much happiness and care~ LOVE YOU DEAR SPUDGY!

  17. Is it weird that I can understand the Spudgy voice like… perfectly fine? Lol.

    This was super cute you guise. I loved it. Viva Spudgy!!!

  18. I just… can’t stop thinking… Spudgy’s first family died in that car accident, huh? God, that depressed me. I can’t stop thinking about it.
    I can imagine how terrified, hurt, and confused he must have been. His family vanished off the face of the earth and he was bruised and broken physically and emotionally. OH MY GOD. IT’S SO FREAKING SAD. To me, pets are like children (and vice versa) so I look at it the same as if it were a preschooler this happened to.

    Spudgy, not only are you loved by your family, but Nasties love you too. I think the amount of pain you’ve experienced is equal to the amount of good fortune and love you get now. =D

  19. After watching Martina’s story and watching Spudgy’s, him saying that Martina knew his pain. I started getting so teary eyed and cried when i saw the young Spudgy. I love you Spudgy! *pounds chest* RESPECT! <3

  20. Hey Spudgy! Put up some 2x tshirts for us ugly fat Americans

  21. Spudgy is younger than my dog by 4 years! Wow! I’m glad that Spudgy is with such a wonderful family. I hope that other dogs become as lucky as Spudgy to get great owners!
    Love you Spudgy! (My dog is seriously glaring at me as I type this. I don’t know how she can understand what I’m typing since she can’t read, but I’m scared she’ll start barking if I continue.

  22. I cried when I watched him being adopted! T^T bawling my eyes out!

  23. WOW, Spudgy was in a car accident that killed his family? That is AWFUL. God… I can only imagine how traumatizing that must have been for him – and then to be in a shelter where he was quietly forgotten about by the families coming to adopt their dogs… I can’t help but believe in fate when I think of the amazing family that ended up giving him a home and a whole new lease on life, and so many opportunities to just enjoy being a dog. I love you guys so much for taking your chances on a dog who needed so much care. <3

  24. wowww so much maintenance! you guys are such wonderful people (:

  25. I actually automatically started reading the blog post in Spudgy’s voice before it even told you too :D

  26. Spudgy has a more interesting draw my life story than my own…….awkward

  27. Oh man. It’s raining in my house. And only on my face? What the

  28. The spudgy’s story made me cry the most :( then the video of how you guys got him!! :,( i had already watched it before but it touches my soul every time!!

  29. U guys should put subtitles when u do memer’s draw my life because it’s kind of hard to figure out that he’s saying.

  30. Blue love is Spudgy love :3

  31. I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to cry or laugh…

    *sigh* you know this isn’t helping me with my problem of personifying animals all the time. I blame Disney, but I don’t think watching Spudgy and Meemers is helping any. I think it’s just making it worse.

  32. I teared up, and had the lip quivers.

  33. I shouldn’t have clicked on Animal Rescue Korea’s website because now I want to adopt all the doggies! T.T
    Spudgy’s story is much sadder than I thought! I’m so happy he has such an amazing and loving mommy and daddy to take care of him! (And an adorable brother who loves him hehe)

  34. Awww, that was such a cute and sad story. I’m not huge fan of dogs, actually I’m kind of scared of them (mayb it’s cuz my neighbors dog tried killing me), but I feel like giving Spudgy a big hug.
    Is there going to be a story for Meemers? Leigh? SooZee?

  35. Now I just want to run over to Korea and give Spudgy tummy touches.

  36. My 5 yo is insisting we rewatch this video :) she’s a fan of the Spudgy voice. And he talks about poop a lot, right up her alley.

  37. my neighbors have the same breed dog as Spudgy! She’s almost nine years old now, but her mom lived to be 14! So Spudgy should have a good few more years left~ ^^ He’s not so old.

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