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August 30, 2012


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Ok, so we know this isn’t a FAPFAP or WANK this week. We have good reason for it! So, for starters, how many of you know Busker Busker? You should. They’re huge in Korea. Like, really huge. They’re not that huge internationally, it seems, but in Korea, they’re played more than Big Bang, Super Junior, everyone. Surprising, isn’t it?

Anyhow, the point of this is, the drummer of Busker Busker, Brad, and his girlfriend Dani, are having their wedding tomorrow, and since we’re friends with Brad and Dani, we’re going! And so, we spent most of today getting ready for the wedding because…we’ve neglected our bodies… Simon’s hair needs to be re-dyed and trimmed, Martina needs to get her hair re-pinked, she’s gotta get her nails done, we had to buy them a gift, clean our clothes, you know: regular stuff to make us look NOT like the slobs we are. Ha! We are getting all did up because were are a little excited and hesitant about tomorrow’s wedding since Brad and Dani warned us that because Korean celebs are going, there will be an official paparazzi press wall and a carpet to walk down so we can’t look scrummy bummy! Simon is planning on wearing his two unicorns humping t-shirt. I told him: maybe not a good idea. :P Just joking! We would never do that! *shifty eyes*

Soooo, today we spent all of our time getting ready, instead of making the FAPFAP/WANK. Sorry guise! We’ll have footage of the wedding, though, which should be exciting because it’s a Korean style wedding with foreigners. OOooOOoOhh fusion! We will post that up as soon as we get the chance!

For now, though, here’s a video that we wanted to do for a while. In fact, how in the smoops did it take us SO LONG to make this video? We’ve had these dry coin towel thingies in our apartment since we moved into it. We even had them BEFORE we moved into it. We bought it for our WTF segments (if any of you remember those!) and always wanted to do it, but we just never did! Come on! So, this is kind of like a throw back to the days of WTF (by the way, if you don’t know what WTF stands for on Eatyourkimchi, it means Wonderful Treasure Find).

I’m not really sure what else we can say in this post outside of what we said in the video. When we first saw them we wanted to eat them. Because we’re barbarians, that’s why. “WHUT DIS? DIS FOOD? ME EAT ARRGH!” *excruciatingly dies 36 hours later of a clogged bungus*



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