Ok, so we know this isn’t a FAPFAP or WANK this week. We have good reason for it! So, for starters, how many of you know Busker Busker? You should. They’re huge in Korea. Like, really huge. They’re not that huge internationally, it seems, but in Korea, they’re played more than Big Bang, Super Junior, everyone. Surprising, isn’t it?

Anyhow, the point of this is, the drummer of Busker Busker, Brad, and his girlfriend Dani, are having their wedding tomorrow, and since we’re friends with Brad and Dani, we’re going! And so, we spent most of today getting ready for the wedding because…we’ve neglected our bodies… Simon’s hair needs to be re-dyed and trimmed, Martina needs to get her hair re-pinked, she’s gotta get her nails done, we had to buy them a gift, clean our clothes, you know: regular stuff to make us look NOT like the slobs we are. Ha! We are getting all did up because were are a little excited and hesitant about tomorrow’s wedding since Brad and Dani warned us that because Korean celebs are going, there will be an official paparazzi press wall and a carpet to walk down so we can’t look scrummy bummy! Simon is planning on wearing his two unicorns humping t-shirt. I told him: maybe not a good idea. :P Just joking! We would never do that! *shifty eyes*

Soooo, today we spent all of our time getting ready, instead of making the FAPFAP/WANK. Sorry guise! We’ll have footage of the wedding, though, which should be exciting because it’s a Korean style wedding with foreigners. OOooOOoOhh fusion! We will post that up as soon as we get the chance!

For now, though, here’s a video that we wanted to do for a while. In fact, how in the smoops did it take us SO LONG to make this video? We’ve had these dry coin towel thingies in our apartment since we moved into it. We even had them BEFORE we moved into it. We bought it for our WTF segments (if any of you remember those!) and always wanted to do it, but we just never did! Come on! So, this is kind of like a throw back to the days of WTF (by the way, if you don’t know what WTF stands for on Eatyourkimchi, it means Wonderful Treasure Find).

I’m not really sure what else we can say in this post outside of what we said in the video. When we first saw them we wanted to eat them. Because we’re barbarians, that’s why. “WHUT DIS? DIS FOOD? ME EAT ARRGH!” *excruciatingly dies 36 hours later of a clogged bungus*

  1. I had never seen this before, but its really strange literally I watched this last Thursday then went out for a meal on Friday and at the end I was given one of these!

  2. memories of WTF . simon with his instant boobies

  3. I miss WTFs =)They were fun and I totally bought that egg shaper thingy from Daiso when I went to Korea because of you XD

  4. WTF segments remind me of all the weird shop names I see here in Korea (I live in Suwon). I was walking around the station area the other day just loling at some of these names. XD I also see names copied sometimes. For example, there was a store called “Abercrombie & Fitch” but it’s definitely not the A&F store found in the US… :P

  5. Have fun at the wedding ……..btw since you guys are friends with the drummer of busker busker, you should ask them for an interview sometime!!!!

  6. How have I not seen these coin things before? I’ve found the expandable face mask coins, and even paper soap at daiso….but never the wet towelettes. Where did you get them?

  7. i have t-shirts of these! except it’s in the shape of a car not a mint…

  8. Next TL:DR ! What does your internet look like? Like what sites are restricted, are a lot of sites in korean, and the suchessness :)

  9. Meemurs is getting so big! And I actually have found and used some of those towel coins here in Florida!

  10. I thought this is being used everywhere… Not only Korea…

  11. I miss WTF! And I love Busker Busker! Do a WTF for old time sake. We really miss it.

  12. While watching this video i was only looking at Meerer 

  13. We have towels like that here. But they’re bigger and have cartoons on them. You buy them at the dollar store and they are well worth the dollar. I buy tons of them and throw them in the bath and giggle as they expand. Yes. I am fully aware these are supposed to amuse children, but they amuse me more. 

  14. ´O. o` increíble! nunca vi algo así
    ´O. o` amazing! I never see something like that

  15. Just curious. How do you know Brad and Dani? xD

  16. I saw your picture with Brad and Dani on facebook! I liked it :) Also I hope you took pictures of the Korean Celebs there cause I wanna see….d(@.@)b

  17. You know that those exist in Canada too? XDD I’m from Quebec and I’ve seen those in a Dollorama :P

  18. oh my gosh did he play at his own wedding?

  19. so it’s like a wet one?

  20. your homepage is messed up on my computer! :( are you editing it?

  21. OMG! A coin became a wet tissue!?!? WITCH@!!

  22. Scrmmfhhhummmmufuffff!! D: SOO JELLY !!! 

    I LOOVE Busker Busker >.

  23. omg :D We have this in the US! I love using these, haven’t bought them in a while. lololol well maybe not anywhere I live in NYC.

  24. How do you guys know Brad and Dani?

  25. awww that’s so cool!

  26.  In Australia i saw something like that but they were… PAJAMAS. im dead serious. it was about the size of a smart phone, and the instuctions told you to take the plastic off the PAJAMA cake, put it in a bucket of water, let them dry, and there you go. PAJAMAS. (they didnt actually tell you to dry them, i added that, but who wants to wear wet PAJAMAS?) (also i wasnt sure whether to spell it as PYJAMAS or PAJAMAS, they both work right?)

  27. I randomly found something like this at the Dollar Store this week. It was on clearance for $.50 so I of course bought it and it is lurking in my purse for future use.

  28. THAT’S SOOO COOL!! I want one. emergency wipes. :D

  29. UUUUU!!! I want one of those in my handbag! 

  30.  Amazing guys! You are awesome, really!

  31. It reminds me of these washcloths I got as a kid. I would go to the Disney store and by a little clorful star, heart, or just normal shape, add water, and it would unfold showing the image. I have one of Stitch hugging Scrump. I think that is the only one I have left

  32. omgosh! could you imagine if someone ate it!?!?!

  33. That was just cool, and I miss WTF :(. Have fun at the wedding, ya’ll will be great! Many blessings to Brad and Dani. The only Korean wedding I have seen is on dramas…how close to real life are they?

  34. Just a bit of randomness:  Martina, I love the voice you’re doing for Meemers. ^_^  Is tooooo cute!

    Also, have fun at the wedding :) I wish a long and happy marriage to your friends!

  35. The good Dr. of Meemerology is getting HUGE!!! She’s so cute. <3

  36. Wow! That’s so cool! I’ve never seen a Korean wedding before, so it’ll be cool to see that cultural bit. ^^
    And golly, I’ve missed WTFs. D:

  37. I saw something similar at Disney Store (not trying to do merchandise here), at first thought it was soup with the form of a car, it was small and cute, so I bought it for my uncle’s birthday, he like cars and I like jokes. It end up being a mini towel super cute, a bit bigger than yours and definitely to be use more than once.
    So I would definitely thought this cute dry coin towel were for a) to eat or b) for a bath. Now, all dry things will look like dry towels to me. (hahahaha) Have fun at the wedding, you look amazing with the new habits for a healthy life, so no doubt you will be fabulous.

  38. I bought some of those the other day at dollar tree… we have them in the US.

  39. Okay, so small world, but one of my friends (her name is Julie) is friends with Dani too.  They used to skate together back in the day :)  Julie is totally awesome and is moving away today which totally has me bummed, so it’s cool to give her a little round about shout out. :D  Have a great time at the wedding you guise!  Go strut your non scrummy bummy selves down that red carpet Eat Your Kimchi style!  (but no humping unicorn shirt Simon! LOL)  ^.^

  40. I swear, you guise have the coolest connections. The dude from M-tiful, and a dude from Busker Busker? whoaaaaa.

  41. You know Brad?… Say “Helloo, and congratulations” to them from us!:D

  42. What was this video about? I was so distracted about Meemersworth in the back x)

  43. I was listening to Busker Busker just as I clicked on this blog post!

    hehe, what a coincidence :P 
    I always enjoy your videos because it makes me reminisce about Korea a lot (I’ve been living in US for about ten years now) :)
    Hope you guys are doing okay during the typhoons and other severe or pleasant weather conditions! :D

  44. Ahahaha! That was so cool. Dr. Memersworth was like: Don’t want!

  45. MBLAQ SINGING GOING ON I love you guys XD 

  46. That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!! :D How do they even come up with these things?

  47. So if we eat it, we’d be eating a napkin?

  48. We have something similar here in Latvia, but instead of tissues we have little towels. I remember that I got one in an egg form on Easter when I was 8. But we have many other forms too, like heart shapes and such.

  49. totally distracted by the cute kitty behind you in the background…Dr. Meemersworth, you’re so cute!!!!  but those, not necessarily in wetnap form, have been out for years.  They become thin terrycloth towels.  Frog faces, Hello Kitty…find them at like Target and other mainstream stores.  Now, to find out who Busker Busker is!

  50. Simon tiene puesto B B Cream lol

  51. Dr Meemersworth Is So Big now !! :D

  52. Awww, I hope they have a wonderful life together! :) I can’t wait to see pictures and videos from the wedding. You guys better make sure you’re actually in the shots instead of shooting everyone else! We will be on the look-out to see you in the media. :)

  53. You guys really should visit the Dollar Store more if you didn’t know about these XD

  54. You  Barbarian you – are you sure you aren’t  Cookie Monster “COIN! COIN/1 ME EAT
    COIN…NUMM NUMM”  HA!  I’m looking forward to seeing your footage of
    the wedding – do Korean women wear Hanbok dresses to formal weddings?
     I’ve started watching more historical Kdramas and find the Hanbok dresses
    fascinating.  Enjoy the wedding.  Love your videos.

  55. You are Barbarians sounding like Cookie Monster “COIN COIN ME EAT COIN…NUMM NUMM”  HA!  I’m looking forward to seeing footage of the wedding – do Korean women wear Hanbok dresses to formal weddings?  I’ve started watching more Kdramas and find the Hanbok dresses fascinating.  Enjoy the wedding.  Love your videos.

  56. PunkyPrincess92

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know them!!! i don’t really listen to Busker Busker but i totally know about them and just…WHOA!!!!!!!!!! you guys are going to a celebrity wedding!!!!! you gotta totally tell us which celebrities were there and everything!!!!! so cool!!!

    anyway that towel is way awesome!!!!!! in the next few years you’ll be getting food from the microwave just like in Fifth Element over there!!!!

  57. I saw a picture she is such a pretty woman! I dont know about korean wedding tradition, but people might also throw rice for celebrating, so dont forget to take a little bag of rice with you.
    …random mblaq – oh yeahh uhh yeah yeah yeah ~ 

  58. Isabel Ruby

    haha i knew what WTF stood for…. now i feelz old in a “my generation was cooler then your’s” sorta way 

  59. awesome!!!!!!!!

  60. Whoa. Insta-towel O_O
    Best wishes to  Brad and Dani!!!
    (I want my life to be as awesome as yours! *_* )

  61. Have a good time at the wedding.  

  62. My mom got facial whitening masks like that because I was nagging her to get them. They’re so cool when they just *puff!* up! XDD
    Also, best wishes to Brad and Dani! ^.^

  63. WHY IS BRAD GETTING MARRIED?!!!!!!!!!!! WAE-YOOOOOOOO??????!!!!!! TT_TT 

    *goes to a corner and silently weeps* Just kidding! (*slowly shakes head from left to right*). LOL. Best wishes to them! :)

    In other news, that is the most jaw-dropping thing I’ve ever seen since ever ever.

  64. awesome! have fun at the wedding, weddings have to be like the most awesome events to attend filled with all the happy love.
    and i love expanding towles i used to carry them every were when my niece and nephew were smaller they were life savers and more eco friendly then wet wipes as i could take the towels home and put them in the rage drawer and re use them.   

  65. YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH BUSKER BUSKER!!! DDDDx They are like, probably the only non-Kpop group in Korea I ADORE!!! xDDD Aaaawww~ envy~ Can’t understand though, why they are not that well-known outside of Korea, cause they make amazing music! (Tokyo Girl my favorite) O____O”

  66. I feel like a bad fan for not missing WTF as much as everyone else. I don’t know, but stuff like WANKs just grabbed my attention more. Don’t kill me! *hides*
    Anyways, while I’m pretty sure water expanding stuff isn’t exclusive to Korea, I definitely know that their use of it is unique. in the US, those kinds of things are consider kids toys and here it seems to be a lot more mainstream in society (ie being used in restaurants)

  67. WHAT. EH?! THIS.. What the fudge! *_______*

    Koreans are amazing inventors. 

  68. LOL I laugh so much… maybe because I was drunk?

  69. OH OH OH! We have these in Germany…just that for us they transform in towels you can re-use. Sometimes those towels even have prints on them…like there are towels like this with Winnie the Pooh characters on them for example. Or Sailor Moon characters. :)
    It’s not really used in restaurants or anything though, it’s more like…some fun for kids. They’ll be amazed at how it unfolds and they can keep the towel with the print. :)

  70. Oh lol I have those little towels … I had a box full of them like…2 years ago? yah that hehe it doesn’t surprise me anymore xP


  72. Have cake you guys! Also nice video about the magic towels, it is much cooler to have your wet towel like that instead of a package! ( I am looking at you KFC!)

  73. I’m going to get a wife and move to Korea and make videos like you to see if I get to see any K-pop idols :D

  74. Ah, memories! WTF throwback FTW.

  75. Oh, you guys. You say you’re friends with Busker Busker’s Brad so matter-of-factly when it’s like the AWESOMENEST thing ever! AND you get to attend a celebrity wedding. Totally jelly.

  76. WTF was really what made me get into EYK videos!

  77. I love Busker Busker. I cannot wait to see that video. 

    oh and best wishes to brad & dani!^^

  79. sounds muchos exciting!! do show us plenty footage of you guise in your dressed up glory!!! what’s a good gift for foreigner friends getting hitched in korea?

  80. Oh man you guys would impressed with those Sponge Business Cards!

    You think “man this business card is pretty thick?” then you accidentally spill you glass of water on it…. and then next thing you know, the spill is completely absorbed by your business card!

  81. Haha they actually sell those at Dollarama here in Canada XD They’re still really cool though! Have fun at the wedding you guys!! Can’t wait to see your footage ^_^

  82. Totally looking forward to pictures of you guys from the Korean paparazzi! ^____^

  83. I swear those towel things have been around for ages … I live in the UK and I had them when I was a kid (about 13 years ago now?) but ours were shaped like little animals i think? (i had a whale and my brother had a tiger) I always assumed everyone had seen them – I guess not

    anyway – have fun! :)

  84. AWESOME!!! Congrats to Busker Brad & Soon-to-be-Mrs Dani “Busker”….and have fun u guys….check list of who’s who at the wedding, please XD Shall we expect to see u on KPop News….”And on today’s KPop Daily…In Busker Busker’s Brad’s Wedding, we see EatYourKimchi’s Simon & Martina!” o>v<o

  85. Wow, I’ve never seen a Korean wedding before – not even in pictures or videos. And I really love Busker Busker. Sounds amazing! Hope you guys have fun! :)

    Oh, and congratulations to Brad and Dani of course! God bless them! d(^_^)b

  86. I feel so happy even though you knew about them for years, I did a video on them last year & put it on your facebook! Remember that? Probably not since you’re so famous & have lots of fans AND it was like a year ago… -___- Anyway have a great time at the wedding!

  87. This… is… AMAZING! O__o 

    PS : I love Simon’s version of “Oh yeah” KKK We are all the same! :p

    PS² : Big congratulations to your friends :D

  88. Wow going to their wedding is exciting. HF!

  89. Aww~ have fun at the wedding guys! And all the best to Brad and Dani! :3

  90. … and once again I must admit that I’m jealous of You guise – not for going to a celebrities wedding (dahh.. who would be ealous of that?!), but for being just You!! I’d like to be like You – cool, funny, entertaining and most of all A W E S O M E!! You truly are like role-models for me! Thank You for being You!!

  91. Busker Busker = AWESOME!!! Speaking about their fame – even my mp3 player feels the need to put their songs more than BIG Bang`s or Super Junior`s, so it`s official!! P.S. – All the best to Brad & Dani! May their love last forewer!

  92. Lucky you! Soon enough YOU’LL become korean celebs as well, anyways, MUCH LOVE FROM FRANCE!

  93. SHUT UP you know Brad from Busker Busker …. i love love love busker Busker. I hope you have a great time. And tell them their wedding photos (the ones we saw) were super adorable and I hope they are happy forever.

  94. Have a wonderful time at the wedding, we cant wait to see pictures/ videos from it, love to see you guys all dressed up too.

  95. Love Busker Busker! I wonder what other celebs Brad’s invited to the wedding…

  96. that wedding’s gonna be exciting!!!!! Congratulations to them!

  97. You guys should bring WTF segments back, loved them ^^

  98. You’re famous and you guys know famous peeepos! AMAZINNGG!! I hope you guys post up some behind the scene, special footage for your fans! YAY! :D

  99. Those things are so cool! Although I was slightly distracted by Dr Meemersworth in the background hahaha!

    Hope the wedding is awesome!

  100. have fun at the wedding, can’t wait to see the footage! p.s. whats a smoop? :D

  101. WOOW you’re so lucky ! :D I look forward to watching the footage !! Brad is so handsome ! *u* He is like a korean … but not and I LOVE Busker busker’s music !

  102. hopefully its not one of those rushed Korean weddings that ive been to here where as the bride is leaving the next one is practically coming down the isle. not cool

  103. You guys personally know Brad?!? Whoa…Connections~ And humping unicorns, I see no problem with that…

    …Wait, I have a Lay dp…awkward.

    Also, I saw something like those towels on a trip to Vietnam once, but they weren’t as tiny ><

  104. I’ve seen those at the store here in Canada. I’ve been wanting to try them.

  105. HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! U GUYS KNOW BUSKER BUSKER?????!!!!! totally jelly right now…

  106. Whoot I can´t wait to see the footage from the wedding! I can already forsee you guys looking good at the wedding tomorrow:D I hope Simon won´t be doing any banana dance at the wedding though, that would be really unappropriated and funny :p

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