What a waste! This was such a perfect concept for a video and just pfffft it fell apart. We couldn’t find a bottle that was the exact right size for the machine, sadly. But those bottles don’t exist anymore! We’d know: our studio is in bar-central. There’s beer everywhere. I’m pretty sure the streets are paved in broken bottles and barf. Ha, no. But – really – there is a lot of barf in this area on the weekends. More public barf here than I’ve ever seen anywhere else.

Anyhow, I’m not even sure why this device is necessary. It’s a cool concept and all. I get it. But it’s solving a problem that doesn’t really need solving. When pouring Somek, you don’t really care that much for accuracy. Beer glass. Dump in shot of soju. Mission accomplished. This here is technology that doesn’t really need to be made. And, really, a whole lot of drinking in Korea happens in public places, at restaurants and bars, so where are you gonna get this from? Are you just gonna casually pull it out of your purse, because you keep it there for emergencies? I’d imagine, maybe, you’d bring this on camping trips, or pension trips, and it’s fun for your friends. That’s about the best guess I’ve got.

So that’s it for this week’s WTF. Great potential: poor execution. If this thing did work out as it was supposed to we’d flip out with excitement. We were really happy when Soo Zee first ordered this, and saw limitless potential. I guess now we know that the limit to this is bottle width. Poop!

Click on this pretty button below. It’s good for hangovers!

  1. Simon, maybe you should try pouring this directly into your mouth. Could be a lifesaver if you don’t have a cup to drink the concoction out of XD

  2. Ahahaha… That was an epic fail, boy!

  3. A had a Korean friend make somek like a pro the other night. Every glass tasted the same and each of ours were filled to the same place. I don’t need contraptions while he’s around;)

  4. Simon… That’s not how you pour beer.

  5. So… tilt the glass and make your pour run down the side, keeps your beer from foaming too much. http://youtu.be/K5r7GSfImmE

  6. OMG you had me laughing this whole episode! Such great content! Keep up the great work. :) -Your fan from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

  7. Simon?

    You should totally make a drunken version of the Sailor Moon Theme song! Totally the best part. :D

  8. I love how Simon knows the lyrics to the theme song :)
    You guys are such a cute couple

  9. What if you used the mixer thing and put in bottles of COCA-COLA AND SPRITE (or other sodas of your choosing but I prefer the two together)? Maybe it wouldn’t be a fail then… :D

  10. Um just so you know as a bartender if you don’t want lots of head on/in your beer you need to put the edge of the bottle against the lip of the glass and let it slide down. Maybe it’ll work better then? ^^;


  12. I’m so sorry, but I’m going to be “that person” and suggest that perhaps you weren’t pouring the beer correctly? (Yes, there is a method to the madness… I used to be a bartender at a pub in England… so I’m hoping I’m at least a little legit). However, I’ve never served a Korean beer so I can’t call myself an “expert” (as I obnoxiously stroke my own mustache). However, this WTF is a great concept if you’re serving mixed drinks to a large number of people in a short period of time.

  13. When Martina told Simon to put some foam on. I was thinking of Hyuna as well… :P

  14. Not much of a drinker but last time I was in Korea the people seemed to love drinking someks. I think half the fun is seeing the shotglass drop in the beer glass so I’ll pass on this one.

    Although we will be picking up some of the other WTF items when we visit there in September for our amusement… like the dukkbokki jenga and armpit pads :) We planned to visit Japan to buy the Tomy Pirate game but may have to pick it up in Korea instead.

  15. ahahah Martina just suddenly grows a moustache!!
    “never sober for a real fight!” aahahahha!!

  16. Um… as someone who sold beer and other alcohols for a while, you need to pour at a 45 degree angle and have the cup/glass at the same angle. I’ve gotten many people learning how to pour do it at the wrong angle and it becomes a huge foamy mess.

  17. I don’t know why you think it didn’t work? You got soju and beer in your cup. The reason why you got so much of a head (foam) on it was because you poured it into the cup at like a 90°. Of course the beer will foam up that way. You have to tilt the glass so the beer hits and runs down the side. Like LOTTA said, a 45° angle works best then when it starts filling up you can gradually straighten the glass so it’s upright. That way it cuts down on the amount of foam (head) on the top.

  18. Oh no Simon. Beer 101. You have to hold the glass at an angle also to reduce the over abundance of foam. Pouring fail. :-P

  19. Oh guise, you’re supposed to hold the glass/cup at 45° angle so it doesn’t foam up :D And when it’s about half full you can slowly hold it upright for the perfect foam cover. (Also consider using a cold glass pint straight from the freezer :3)

  20. Agreed. And SoMaek is basically a 폭단주, so you need the ‘bomb’. I like it that way.
    Or maybe I am just old and rusty that likes nothing but original.

  21. Haha, what a waste of money! I mean, you drink, you have fun – who wants to focus on spending time on that thing when you could rather just plop beer and soju together in a few seconds? I was going to say that perhaps the beard ruined the sexy foam face for you Simon, but then… Yeah. Try again when you drink your lattes at your You Are Here coffe place! Jay Park got nothing on you mr Dothraki!

  22. Thank you!!! I was having a horrible day. Saw the vid, and was immediatly cheered up.

    Always does it for me. You guys are all awesome.

  23. you’re supposed to follow instructions simon. pour at a 45 degree angle, so you wont get so much foam…. XD

  24. Haha totally loved the random appearance of your pink mustache Martina. You should rock that thing more often! I also think it is important to mention that the umbrella condom was the greatest of wins and should never be thought of otherwise. :)

  25. Not sure it would help with this contraption, but you’re supposed to tilt the glass and pour down the side of it, slowly turning it upright as you pour. It reduces the head formed while pouring.

    Soju makes it foam up even more though…so maybe not. All in all this looks like a pretty useless contraption. I’d rather buy a nice beer pitcher and just dump it all in there and serve.

  26. …lol. I can’t believe you just dipped your hands into the beer foam.

    Oh Simon. Go home. You’re drunk.

  27. I should be sleeping… I have a day full of GISHWHES-ing to do and a baby shower to attend. But no, I had to find out about this video now. At almost 3am no less!

    But seriously, you guys are fukcing hilarious!

    • Holy Crapoley I wanted to join GISHWHES soooo badly this year and as always I chickened out again. :( I hope you have an incredible time! Is this the first year you have done it? Next year I will definitely join! (unless I chicken out again):O P.S. I totally like you because you clearly like both EYK and Misha :)

  28. “Frogger The puke pile edition: A game the entire Family can enjoy!” It sounds like Hongdae’s drunk district is just the place for the downtrodden who seek a visual adaptation of the inner struggle. “Our streets are paved in broken bottles to mimic your lives crushed dreams and the shattered promises…. and the barf is the physical manifestation of the tears of your insides.” Uh yeah I’m done with that. I think instead that the soju mixers potential was sacrificed for the greater good, so that the “That’s what she/ he said” jokes could be plentiful… 8% head. The streams will cross! Maybe you can begin a journey of all the alternative uses for it? A flower watering thing-a-ma-jig perhaps?

  29. When are yous gona do the Soju taste test? cos thats gona be funny!

  30. I love how Soo Zee and Leigh get blamed, while Simon (the apparent real culprit) stands there looking guilty.

    Very sexy K-pop moment though, Beard-o Simon. Jo-aaaaahhh~

  31. A very Catholic town in Montana is the only city I know of in America where it’s legal to drink in public. There could be more, but I don’t know about them. Yet, no one really cracks down in the states I’ve lived in. We live for our bi-weekly bar crawls. (We’re 22 and 24.) I could totally see us using this for the novelty, but the microbrews we drink come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe one for rum and mexico-made coke?

  32. Never sober for a really fight………….Simon you had me laughing so hard I was crying. OMG LOL

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