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The 2012 Eat Your Kimchi Awards Winners

January 2, 2013


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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is finally ripe for us to announce the winners of the first annual Eat Your Kimchi Awards! We announced the nominees on December 4th, and let you vote until December 20th. We got nearly 1,000,000 votes altogether, and some really interesting results!

So, without further ado, here are our videos announcing the winners! We say video[s] because it’s just too long to be one video. Almost 20 minutes! So we broke it up into two parts. Part 1 was embedded above as a playlist, but playlists sometimes don’t work on mobile devices (I think?) so here’s part 2:

Ok, some side notes:

1) Yes, that is our new studio you saw us filming in! It’s still got a lot of stuff needed in it, but it’s otherwise all constructed! We still need some technical stuff, like lights and acoustic dampers, so the studio is still not very well lit and VERY VERY ECHO-EY! Also, we don’t have any furniture in it, so we can’t actually sit down anywhere. We just have our work desk, which is the most important thing. We want to do a live chat and show you the whole thing, but we want to show it to you when it’s ready, you know? There are also some small but very important design things that need to be done, and we don’t want to reveal the studio until it’s all ready. So hang tight! We’ll show you it all soon!

2) OHH WE TROLLED YOU SO HARD LIKE THE MAMAs! Congrats Busker Busker on winning Rookie of the Year! Ha! No, but seriously, the votes between EXO and B.A.P. were so close that it’s not really fair to say that one won over the other, though B.A.P. did get just a smidgen more. It was exceptionally even throughout, but I know you’d all kill us if we didn’t announce a winner. So, yay! Congrats to B.A.P.! And thanks to Brad for being such a good sport and agreeing to be a part of our skit. For those of you who still don’t know about Busker Busker, they were probably the biggest band of the year in Korea. Our studio is in Hongdae, right beside the university, and there’s a giant freaking building with Busker Busker’s pictures all over them. It’s, like, 5 stories tall. Haven’t seen that for any of the other rookie groups, FYI. DON’T GET MAD! We’re just telling you what it’s like in Korea. The internet world and the real world don’t always align.

3) Congrats to U-Kiss for winning the Male Band of the Year! We really wanted to do something with U-Kiss, and spoke with them, but we planned and filmed this all so extremely last minute and didn’t give them enough headway. We spoke with Kevin, though, and he was really surprised and happy that you all voted for U-Kiss. Great job, guise!

4) Yes, we made a Golden Spudgy Award for the ceremony. We only made one, though, and we’re not giving it away to any band. 17 won: how to we pick just one to give away? We have the form for it, at least, and we’ll be able to make a lot more for next year’s awards, and next year we’ll be more ready, so we’ll tell the companies well in advance of our shooting the video. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more people coming to the studio by then to pick up the awards! Also, we didn’t actually make the Golden Spudgy ourselves, mind you (that’s FARRR too beyond our abilities). We hired a university art student to make it. Yay for supporting local artists! We’re just going to keep that Golden Spudgy for ourselves in our studio so we can remember the first video we shot there :D

4) This video had so many freaking bloopers, probably because it was just such a long video with so many things happening in it. If you feel like seeing us mess up some more, here are the bloopers below.

Last side note: the voting page isn’t open any more, because we closed it to tally the votes, but we’re going to reopen it ASAP. Our developer’s away at the moment, but as soon as he’s back the results will go public again!



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