Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is finally ripe for us to announce the winners of the first annual Eat Your Kimchi Awards! We announced the nominees on December 4th, and let you vote until December 20th. We got nearly 1,000,000 votes altogether, and some really interesting results!

So, without further ado, here are our videos announcing the winners! We say video[s] because it’s just too long to be one video. Almost 20 minutes! So we broke it up into two parts. Part 1 was embedded above as a playlist, but playlists sometimes don’t work on mobile devices (I think?) so here’s part 2:


Ok, some side notes:

1) Yes, that is our new studio you saw us filming in! It’s still got a lot of stuff needed in it, but it’s otherwise all constructed! We still need some technical stuff, like lights and acoustic dampers, so the studio is still not very well lit and VERY VERY ECHO-EY! Also, we don’t have any furniture in it, so we can’t actually sit down anywhere. We just have our work desk, which is the most important thing. We want to do a live chat and show you the whole thing, but we want to show it to you when it’s ready, you know? There are also some small but very important design things that need to be done, and we don’t want to reveal the studio until it’s all ready. So hang tight! We’ll show you it all soon!

2) OHH WE TROLLED YOU SO HARD LIKE THE MAMAs! Congrats Busker Busker on winning Rookie of the Year! Ha! No, but seriously, the votes between EXO and B.A.P. were so close that it’s not really fair to say that one won over the other, though B.A.P. did get just a smidgen more. It was exceptionally even throughout, but I know you’d all kill us if we didn’t announce a winner. So, yay! Congrats to B.A.P.! And thanks to Brad for being such a good sport and agreeing to be a part of our skit. For those of you who still don’t know about Busker Busker, they were probably the biggest band of the year in Korea. Our studio is in Hongdae, right beside the university, and there’s a giant freaking building with Busker Busker’s pictures all over them. It’s, like, 5 stories tall. Haven’t seen that for any of the other rookie groups, FYI. DON’T GET MAD! We’re just telling you what it’s like in Korea. The internet world and the real world don’t always align.

3) Congrats to U-Kiss for winning the Male Band of the Year! We really wanted to do something with U-Kiss, and spoke with them, but we planned and filmed this all so extremely last minute and didn’t give them enough headway. We spoke with Kevin, though, and he was really surprised and happy that you all voted for U-Kiss. Great job, guise!

4) Yes, we made a Golden Spudgy Award for the ceremony. We only made one, though, and we’re not giving it away to any band. 17 won: how to we pick just one to give away? We have the form for it, at least, and we’ll be able to make a lot more for next year’s awards, and next year we’ll be more ready, so we’ll tell the companies well in advance of our shooting the video. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more people coming to the studio by then to pick up the awards! Also, we didn’t actually make the Golden Spudgy ourselves, mind you (that’s FARRR too beyond our abilities). We hired a university art student to make it. Yay for supporting local artists! We’re just going to keep that Golden Spudgy for ourselves in our studio so we can remember the first video we shot there :D

4) This video had so many freaking bloopers, probably because it was just such a long video with so many things happening in it. If you feel like seeing us mess up some more, here are the bloopers below.


Last side note: the voting page isn’t open any more, because we closed it to tally the votes, but we’re going to reopen it ASAP. Our developer’s away at the moment, but as soon as he’s back the results will go public again!

  1. Simon, your TOP impression had me in stitches! And…I’m totally learning the Sherlock dance right now…amazing choreography. SO MJ and with Tony, no wonder.

  2. I was able to take a class from the choreographer of Sherlock by SHINee. He’s incredible. and of course the SHINee dancers performed it beautifully.

  3. anyway 2ne1 is the best!!!

  4. I absolutely loved the Taeyang part. It makes me crack up every time. In all it was an awesome awards show. EYK fighting!

  5. I am like REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER proud of U-Kiss, although they haven’t won any “legitimate” music awards yet, this just shows to say that we love you, U-Kiss so take a break and then give us your best comeback yet for this will be the year of Kissmees~~ <3

  6. I’m watching this again for Simon’s aegyo.

  7. I may be a bit BigBang biased… just a bit

  8. OMG U-KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Skrillex im comming for your titel ! *innocent mustachio*
    i was just Brohohoed :DD

  10. Simon AEGYO WAS OMG
    Congratz B.A.P AND UKISS<3<3<3

  11. yes yes yes yes!!! UKISS ALL THE WAY!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. I am so happy and extremely proud of U-kiss!
    They deserve so much more recognition!

    Simon and Martina. Thank you for making me seem absolutely and completely crazy. I died from laughing so hard at my computer screen XD

  13. Are you guys taking suggestions to improve on “Eat Your Kimchi” awards? If so, I think you guys should send that Spudgy award with whatever title the winning group won and send it to them. I’m POSITIVE that they would greatly appreciate it and be so happy to have won. ^_^

  14. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS SCARED ME!!!! I got to the end of the video and I thought Busker Busker had actually won. I can’t believe you made us relive that, meanies

  15. ^^ Kevin apparently posted something on Twitter about the EYK’s.

  16. I’m just waiting to see if for Infinite – The Chaser ‘s KMM, S&M will roll around. I am so waiting for a car rolling imitation.

  17. Amazing work on the Awards Show, you guise!! You and U-Kiss both definitely deserve a break after all of your hard work this past year! Wishing you all the best in 2013!!

  18. My interpretation of MAMA Engrish: Carolless, carolless, anonymous, anonymous, motherless motherless- no one will care about me. So the EXO members are tired of guarding Tree of Life and want a mama to take care of them… Obvious.

  19. Lol overload!! So great. I loved Brohoho’s cameo. Next year, I hope Dr. Whatthehecksherfrickenname can attend. :> Congrats to the winners and all EYK’s success. <3

  20. great job guys!!! it was brilliant! you guys outdid yourselves :D

  21. UKISS won!! Woohoo~! They actually released 8 (?) MVs this year, including their Japanese singles. :) And oh wow! Meemer’s really big now~! Anyways, the video is lovely!! I LoLzed so much!! Thanks for giving me a big laugh!!

  22. This was so much fun to watch!! Can’t wait for another awesome year with your videos~~

  23. Wait… who won the Nasty Dance award?! I must knowwww!!!

  24. thank you guys so so soooo much for this and for all the videos in 2012!!!! you really are amazing and I have brought me a lot of happiness and laughter haha :P – that sounds a bit weird but it’s true :D These awards were fantastic – I thoroughly enjoyed all the skits, especially the bigbang winning everything awards and the surprise that busker busker won the rookie award hehehe that was hilarious!!! It was really cool that Brad could come too!!!!!
    oh and your studio looks awesome!!!! It gives a much different, more professional, feel than infront of the washing machine (although I really liked having kmm’s infront of the washing machine it was nice :) hehe) I guess from now on you guys are probably just going to get more and more awesome from now on :D
    and UKISS WON!!!! yay <3 __<

    congrats to all the other winners too :D
    I already can't wait for next years awards lol – I just enjoyed the whole process of being involved with the voting and everything; you could only vote once a day so it wasn't completely frustrating like other awards and I learnt about so many new cool songs and artists!!!!
    I wish you guys a very successful 2013 for EYK!!!!!

  25. For anyone that is asking for my icon yes its t-ara sexy love with hwayoung and also I voted for t-ara nonstop and I forced my friend to and yet the didn’t win “Cries”

  26. wanted t-ara to win

  27. Not a huge fan of the music of U-KISS, but I’m happy for them all the same (especially after seeing their interview with you guys – I fangirled so much, though I wasn’t really a fan :P)

  28. Brad is such a good spor-JUDO CHOP! You guise never said anything about how his wedding went way back when. You mentioned that ya’ll were going and would share in a later post, but I don’t know that it ever happened! Of course, maybe that was during a mental blackout time for me. . . . .

  29. bigbangfosho

    AWESOME! I loved watching this. Thank you so much for your hard work, it was a great way to relieve my stress today. Thank you again for these awesome videos! Can’t wait for 2013 EYKA’s!

  30. Just the fact that U-Kiss won one award makes 2012 complete ^^ I’m so glad Kevin and U-Kiss know about it!

  31. GhettoprincessTaeyang

    oh my god the part where Simon dresses as Taeyang i was laughing for like 5 minutes because Taeyang is my ultimate bias and stuff

  32. Lol, the impending doom moment at the end when the Exotics were apparently coming for blood and aegyo Simon ( I mean, the Seungri fangirl, cough) grumbling about all the dirty work.

  33. Wait no one steps up their choreo game in Kpop except for Shinee?? I can hear Infinite crying in the corner right now. Lol, I felt like I’m the only one who completely forgot Big Bang this year xD

  34. “So hang tight! We’ll show you it all soon!” (..)

    “so we’ll tell the companies well in advance of our shooting the video. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more people coming to the studio by then to pick up the awards!” so awesome!! o(> . . . < (too many favorite parts…can't pick!!)

    I'm happy that U-KISS won the award for best kpop male group of the year :D (maybe they'll listen to your advice Simon and take a break now and then …= . = ) it would've been nice to see U-KISS come and get their award :D (maybe next year :) )


  35. hahaha and the highlight for me was U-kiss winning and kevin being happy about it >_<

  36. Awesome job you two! Was so happy to see that Brad made an appearance! He did such a good job! Also loved the MBLAQ butt slap and the golden Spudgy. AWESOME on everything!

  37. I’m pretty sure there’s no girl on this planet who can be more aegyo than Simon.

  38. Yeah, OMG, so many voters choose the same artists/videos I did! Yeah! :)

    It was interesting but somehow, I liked the old “How to Dance K-Pop” videos funnier… Maybe I just need to get used to the new format… But I still think you did a great job considering all the other stuff you guys had going on simultaneously!

    Have a great 2013!

  39. So Funny!!! Great Job!! I loved the awards show. I look forward to next year :D

  40. I had a lot of fun watching the EYK Awards. Nice to see that about half of what I voted for actually won. I also liked how you went to the streets to talk to other english speakers to get their take on the MAMA song. I do have to say that since Junsu is one of my bias that he got Nastiest Kpop Dance Video. I think it is still one of my top favorite videos from all of 2012. Oh, and lastly the Spudgy trophy was adorable!!

  41. I just realized that if there had been a “best potential KMM” last year, Infinite would have won it as well. Remember BTD arrived on 3rd place, and it was the only video of the top 10 that hadn’t been reviewed! Bad luck Infinite, even your most reviewable videos don’t get reviewed!

  42. I find it absolutely hilarious that you guys got Brad from Busker Busker in when they didn’t even show up to any music shows! EatYourKimchi power!!! lol.

  43. OMG it was so good, i don’t think i have laughed that much in a while xD
    Though Simon’s Aegyo terrifies me, and i love Simon but damn that gives me all kinds of unwanted shivers hahaha
    I loved all the parodies you did ahhh it was sooo epic.
    I agree with what others have said about the interviewing people in the street, i thought that was a great piece and i hope it will become a frequent segment in the future.
    THE STUDIO IS LOOKING AMAZING woooooooooooo 2013 is going to be an exciting year for EYK

  44. OMG you guys this award was so awesome. I was laughing my head off when brad just popped out of no where totally didn’t expect that. Loved your skits they were too cool and funny. Asking 10 random people in the street about the English in the song was a clever idea, would love to see more videos of you guys talking to people on the street and asking for their opinions.

    Really appreciate the effort you put into your videos, thanks again.

    Time to watch the awards all over again !!!!!!

  45. PunkyPrincess92

    aawww i think Spudgy, with a bit more training, could definitely rival the nations MC Yoo Jae Suk!!!
    wow it’s your new studio!!!
    whoa what? you got a Busker Busker member in? cool!! ahahahaha Simon got churro (SHINIGAMI) chopped!!
    i liked SHINee’s use of guns in their concert VCR!! i thought it was good!! especially the way Onew flipped it around his head and shot the guy!! that’s right!! they actually shot people!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC5ZJyAVtng
    ahahahaha “yes, he is crying in ballad format!”
    i DID NOT like Big Bang’s outfits in Monster!! some were o~kay….but ew i hated Taeyang’s glitter crop top the most!!! just…NO!!!
    goodness the Brohoho dubstep was just too funny!!! i burst out laughing a bit too loud!
    yay my SHINee!!! of course!! of course!! proud of their dancing!! (and live singing!)
    aaww congrats to U-Kiss!!!

    i loved this award!!!! ^^

  46. Oh my, I believed that you would really perform some mix of Tarantallegra and Sherlock dances! That would have been glorious! The other skits were good too. Creative aegyo and Simon as Taeyang = win :D
    And since I’m Infinite biased: OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

  47. Loved the award show ^-^ And did you film some parts in the new studio?

  48. wow that guy is really from busker busker??

  49. In the future I hope that EYKAs would have performances from idol groups. There would be a red carpet too. Just like a legit Korean award show like MAMAs, GDAs and Melon Music Awards. Ahh, the feels. Here’s to a more successful future for the Nasty family.

  50. You need a Meemers trophy for next year… maybe it could be a special award for the best rookie group :-)

  51. I have the same banana pillow @ 1:58 do u bought it in home plus?

  52. I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THE 2013 EYKAs :D I totally loved it! Thank you again for you hard work, it was a pleasure to begin this brand new year with this awesome video! :) I just love you guyyyyyz ! :D
    And woooow the studio seems osooom really! >www< I didn't know the "building work" (sorry, I'm french) would go SO fast :D

  53. but Martina you look like Sunny with that wig on ^o^


  55. And btw, Simon and Martina, thank you for making us laugh throughout the whole year! :D
    You guys deserve an award honestly :D
    Keep it up!

    Finally! OMG!

  57. Sascha_Wong

    Martina, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! So excited Infinite won too and that we get to see you film in your new studio! Happy New Year and great job guise! :)

  58. I want to add “so many nipples” to my daily vocabulary.

  59. kawaii_candie

    omg… the aegyo skit…. i was pissing myself, it’s so funny! (and wrong…) the skit where Big Bang pick their Monster costumes was also pretty hilarious…

    I can’t believe Big Bang didn’t win best group!!! *shock*

    • The only group that can consistently turn the usually YG biased Nasties, is UKiss. I think they are the Nasties’ weakness. Plus it was the only category UKiss was nominated in. Big Bang won 6 out of the 7 nominations they got though.

  60. Aaah, as happy I am for everyone (and although I agree on almost all of the top ones, voting for them myself) I feel so terribly bad for NU’EST. ~siiiigh~ Our poor boys. >3< So terribly deserved to win…

  61. I opened and drank a bottle of champagne JUST for the EYK awards! I almost choked on it several times
    -Martina’s “boomshakalaka” haha
    - …the banana. COTTON FOOD. I can’t get over the banana at all. Every time I think of it, I start laughing.
    - Don’t forget to carry the decimal, oppa! (this was when I started crying for laughing)

    Thank you for starting 2013 with NASTINESS!

  62. KATHyphenTUN

    BEST VIDEO EVAAAAR!!! i seriously can’t stop laughing! from busker busker to the bum slaps! I loved the bigbang awards and your dead serious face “way to make us look bias…..” well done guise!! <3<3<3
    P.S. THE STUDIO LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Weeee so excited for EYK 2013

  63. I waslike eeeeew!!!! when Simon was pulling up his shirt O.o then I was all yea!!!!!! When UKISS won for best male group lol

  64. Can’t wait for The Chaser review!!!!!!! ;~;
    Congratulations to all the winners! Yay for SHINee & B.A.P! ^-^
    And especially U-Kiss, omfg. ;____;

  65. What I got from the EYKAs:
    1) The Chaser is going to get reviewed.
    2) Pretty much.

  66. I want to make a request to have ageyo girl appear at least once a month. She’s my spirit animal.

  67. Yay! U-KISS fighting! :D

  68. let me just say, Martina you look sooooo effin beautiful in this, like wow.

  69. I swear the daily voting drained me :’( but it was so worth it :) Im A Nasty 100% :)

  70. I’m So Proud of U-kiss For Winning The Male Band Of The Year, They Deserve That And More! :) Me Biased…Very Much So :) I Was Shocked and Pleasently Supprised To See Brad Form Busker Busker Make A Cameo On The 2012 EYK Awards! :) I Can’t Wait To See The Chaser Finally Get Reviewed For Next Weeks KMM :) P.S. It Would Have Been Awesome If U-Kiss was Able To Do Skit :)

  71. Please give one of the golden spudgy to B.A.P. They deserve it. Anyway, good and funny videos as always, agree with all the winners.

  72. I’m so glad Kevin knows about U-Kiss winning best male group of the year :D
    I loved the awards show, it was so creative and funny. Thank you Simon and Martina :)

  73. gosh, Martina, you hair is getting so long!! I’m jealous! I just started to grow mine out. (: And congrats to UKiss for winning best male group of the year (I voted so hard! Can this be like an official win for them because, uh, they deserve as many awards as the can get, and I’m not even a hard core kissme). Oh, and I started to cry a little when you announced that you’ll be doing a review on Infinite’s The Chaser. So happyyyy. ;u; thank you guys for a fantastic year!! ♥

  74. WOW FANTASTIC BABY!! (True that of BB ruining that word for everyone)
    This was incredibly awesome!! I loved all the skits, specially the one with Brad, so cool of him :D And Simon playing Taeyang omg!!

    I’m happy The Epik Nasties helped on this, the process of selecting all the nominees was something I really enjoyed doing :D If this year you guise want to do something similar, I’m sure we’re all in to help ^^ (Though I was busy with college things half the time we were doing it)

    Congratulations to all the winners :D Specially U-KISS, they deserve this and so much more.

  75. Thanks guys, that was so entertaining and your studio shots look great!!!

    Damn, even though I didn’t vote her Hyuna I was secretly hoping Simon would dress up as her again and do the dirty dancing…

  76. Currently running around chanting ‘UKISS! UKISS! UKISS!” The power of international Kissme is so amazing. I have never been so proud to be a fan of an idol group.

  77. omg this was funny!!!! specially the best rookie with brad xD that was epic!!! thanks for this guys! and im really glad Kevin heard about them winning best boy group xD… also please add more female categories :D

  78. Nice work! It was fun seeing the walls change in the background. I’ve also made a personal discovery, consistent with my taste in things stateside, nothing I voted for won. This proves something. Irrefutably.

  79. poodle

    This was so fun to watch! Thank you guys for putting so much work into it, and Happy New Year!

  80. eyk awards needs a female rookie award because all this BAP and EXO makes it really seem like there is no male demographic.

  81. EYKA made my first day of the year so much better. Thank you!

  82. Well thank you Simon and Martina for working hard to count the votes and putting this together – especially right after/during the holidays! My favorite part was definitely Mr. Brohoho’s segment haha…

    … I will admit, though…. I was a little disappointed in this presentation. I don’t know if it’s because it was in the midst of the holidays, family situations, studio prepping, and everything else, but something seemed… lacking? I guess it was a little anti-climatic in addition to being a tad late… HOWEVER, this does not take away from how much effort you put in to your video making for us, your fans, to watch for free entertainment! For that, you guys should have your own award!

  83. It must be quite funny to receive an award for Best Engrish! Like..

    EYK: Oh, we would like to present to you this award that you’ve won through internet voting!!
    Artiste: Uhm what is the award about….
    EYK: You’ve won the Best Engrish Award.. Which is the best usage of bad english… Well.. this is awkward…. Goodbye!

  84. thisisjustforfunval

    Us Nasties are very YG biased. As well as sausage biased. But more than anything we just may be more U-Kiss biased!. I speak as all three ^_^

  85. I was hoping for a skit for every award, but that’s just me being greedy :p I loved all the skits you made!! And I’m looking forward to the Infinite KMM, they’ll be so happy xD

    In other news, I thought it was really cool that you went out and actually asked people on the streets about EXO’s lyrics!! SOOO AWESOME!! :D Can you do that stuff more often? It makes me feel like you’re really in Korea, y’know? xD

  86. YAY!!!!!! I am too happy that U-KISS won! They totally deserved that award.

    They always work so hard, and I love Kiss Me’s for always sticking by them!

    Kiss Me for life!

  87. Yay! This was awesome! And Martina you look so beautiful!

  88. LOL too YG biased <3 and U-KISS omg perfect <3 EYK awards are so nasty ~

  89. Yeay! I got up before 5 am just to see this, and I’m not disappointed! Thank you for the energy you put in creating this event, and thank you for these 19 minutes of pure awesomeness! And congrats to the winners!

    But please, stop putting salt on the wound with Big Bang supposely winning “best dance” last year, because it’s not what happened. Most voters just couldn’t guess the contest was about dance. This year though, it couldn’t have been clearer, because this categories system worked perfectly (and it was hilarious!)

  90. Congratz to all the winners, especially B.A.P! Yes Sir! ♥

  91. wow i pretty much lost all composure as soon as brad appeared. also real talk: i love both groups a lot, but i’m glad b.a.p won out over exo. even though they may not have had a lot of oversea schedules (mainly because they don’t have the major connections that come with being part of a big 3 company *cough*sm town parisnewyorknorthpole*cough*), but b.a.p released five songs in one year and had like 3 different reality shows. not saying they both didn’t work hard, but with b.a.p being just as successful as exo even though they’re from a smaller company, i think b.a.p deserves their win.

    in other news: apart from being mad yg biased, we so u-kiss biased too.

  92. Yey! This was so awesome. I love that Brad was able to come and accept Busker Busker’s completely surprise rookie award. :-p. hahaha. Oh B.A.P and EXO.

    Nasties are so YG biased, except when it comes to UKiss. Anything on this site UKiss related is automatically a shoo in. I hope Kevin and the others are going to get some rest this year. But it seems that they are just as busy in Japan as they are in Korea. And aren’t they supposed to have a concert in the UK too? Too bad about not being able to get them to come accept their award. They were so busy in Japan that they did not attend any of the Gayos either. It would be hilarious if they completely skipped all the big Korean award shows, but showed up for the Golden Spudgy.

    It was a great EYKA ceremony. Well worth the wait. I loved the Golden Spudgy. See, Brad really wanted it too. Hopefully you will be able to make more for next year.

    • @concert in the UK

      I never heard about this and all info seems to be from November time. Do you have anything on it more recent?

    • Now Now. I am sure us lazy ass vips would have been closer if we weren’t split between a dozen categories, LMAO. jk. I was actually voting for Epik High in best outfits because Baby GD and Little Joker beat Mickey Mouse and Mushroom Hair always. Love Monster, but it was an outfit competition, lol. But Kissmes are way tough. That we vips still managed to get Crayon reviewed after they held us out the first week is impressive enough. We bow to the obvious voting superiority of Kissmes.

  93. Someone seriously has to tweet this to one of the bigbang members!!! it’s hilarious. Simon as taeyang was pure awesomeness

  94. thisisjustforfunval

    YAY U-Kiss!!! It is wonderful that the EYK fans voted them to number one and they really do deserve it. I’m in total agreement that they seriously need to take a break though. Go spend time with family, friend, vacationing and relaxing. They are thee hardest working bang out there in my opinion. Really wish you could have done a skit with them like you wanted to. Hopefully for next years EYKA’s!

  95. So great! YAY! ^_^ Waited all day for this!

  96. I loved the Taeyang and TOP impressions. Congrats U-KISS!

  97. BEST AWARD SHOW EVER!!!!!! i really did love it, i giggled all the way through. i envy the awesome that is Simon and Martina, how did you guys get to be so awesome-tastic?

  98. YAAAAAY! So excited for this, I hope for the day these artists perform on your awards and I wish I’d be able to get Spudgy and Meemers’ autographs ^_^

  99. Absolutely loved this!!!!!!!! It was so funny. :) lol

  100. This was very entertaining. Thank you! I laughed a lot with Busker Busker.

    But let me say something: this is why I hate polls in the Internet. The only female artist that actually won something was 2NE1. Oh, right, that was the Best Female Group, nevermind.
    I voted so hard for artists like Sunny Hill (c’mon, those outfits were and that MV were perfect), Secret (nastiest dance ever, “look at out vaginas, look!”) and Hello Venus (true aeygo IMO). I also voted for male artists (like SHINee, K. Will or MBLAQ) and I’m glad tha they won. I didn’t even vote my favorite group (SNSD, in this case, I didn’t vote for TaeTiSeo) because I knew they didn’t deserved the “Best Aeygo”. And I know it’s just an internet poll but I can’t fight this feeling that fangirls of boygroups ruin everything. At least for me, they ruin the fun. It’s like “Oh, another male artist, and another, and another…”.

    I know that this is not YOUR fault, you just own the site and made the poll. I’m just saying my opinion. I’m just a frustrasted fangirl who wants some balance. Nevermind.

    Also, good work, EYK.

    • It’s a fair reflection of what 2012 was for EYK, though. An endless sausage fest.

      • looooooool!!!!!!!! omg ur comment is so funny!

      • Indeed, it is unfair, but true. But I found that most girl groups took a backseat this year. The female soloists I feel were stronger. Like Ga-in, Ailee, Son Dam Bi, BoA, G.Na, N.S Yoon G, Lee Hi and others. The main girl groups that put out a lot this year and made an impression were Secret, Sistar, and Orange Caramel. Fx had a strong album but I felt that the latter part of the year they were missing in action and we all know that 2NE1 were not even focused on releasing much this year. We got I Love You in Korea, Scream in Japan and Be Mine which was for a commercial.

        I also thought Sunny Hill did pretty well this year too, but they aren’t really a ‘ girl group’.

        • It’s true that girl groups were not a big thing in 2012 -although Sistar and f(x) went pretty good-. But not even female soloist could win in ANY cathegory in this poll.

      • We’re close on coming up with a solution to the sausage festival. Pretty close…

        • Quotas on KMM winners? That would be WAR… But I trust you, you usually find smart solutions for everything!

        • Can’t wait :) I think it’s a great idea that you let us -nasties- vote for K-Pop Mondays and give some tips about the vlog. And that you actually listen -read- our opinions and take notes. Also, I loved how you improved the show.

          Keep working hard.

        • Gabrielle Minor

          Maybe make it every other week? Top boy one week, then a week for the top ladies?

        • maybe make a facebook promotion 2 point instead of 4. Because that seems just a little……..overpowered.


        • thank GOD!!!! I myself would love to see more girl groups reviewed, huh? oooh yeeeah.

          *Ryan raises his eyebrows up and down and smiles, he then looks around to see if he has support but quickly sees many fellow Nasties with clubs and sharp objects in their hands chanting in poor English that is clearly a 1 out of 5*

        • Don’t worry dude I’ve got your back :p

        • I can always count on you girl!!!

        • me to I want more girl groups reviewed. I wanted T-ARA TO WIN!

        • Wait, wait…What’s a sausage festival? >.<

        • Lots and lots of dicks.

        • I really wanted T-ara to be reviewed!!! Plus other girl groups! I want more girls!!!!!

      • Yeah I wish that girl groups had more of a chance. It’s so unfair :(

    • I agree!

      I liked the winners, but it was such a sasauge fiesta. Ga-In should of won something, her video, it’s plot, the topic, was groundbreaking. And SISTAR covered some major ground this year with their releases. There were some girls that, for lack of a better term, were totally shafted by the fangirls.

    • Yeah kind of disturbing when a guy group wins even in the aegyo category.

    • Yah, was frustrating. Can never get the girls near the top =( I understand Bias, but I do prefer it being music videos that there is something to talk about or do a skit about. Even if I don’t like the song.

  101. I hope the Epik Nasties get to help again next year, twas a blast. I’m sure if you guys wanted/needed us we’d all be up for it.

    (Not as in we do everything and you have minimal say, but at least help w/ a few nominations.) But either way it was fun even though it was kind of like a last resort.

    Hope everyone (S&M and all the fans) enjoyed the 1st EYKAs!

    • How to apply to become an Epik Nasty? What are the skills required? Where to queue? What exam to take? What to put in my résumé, and where to send it?

      • lol I dunno….be Epik? xD

        check this page regularly? http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/epik-high-up/

        Follow us via Disqus? At the time it was just anyone who saw my post and replied to it.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well the Epik Nasties kind of started during Dancing King, then Don’t Hate Me. But we weren’t “legit” until the DHM cover video.

        • The “Up” page? I wouldn’t have guessed! That’s when we feel the lack of forum around here.

        • Lol, that’s why we’re the “Epik” Nasties. ^^ (I do agree that a forum would be great around here.)

        • Well, I love Epik High more than any other Korean group, but the fate made me deprieved of internet during the three weeks or something that followed the realease of Up and Don’t Hate Me, so I didn’t have a chance to vote and comment at that time, and then I thought it was too late so I didn’t bother checking these pages! Sounds like I should have!

        • What a terrible time to lose your Internet connection. You have my condolences.

          You sound like a fan of Epik High, but it’s not a requirement, lol. It just so happened that naturally mostly Epik High fans were on the Don’t Hate Me thread when we started bonding over the puntasticness that is that video. We’ve been on the threads for DHM and Up for a couple months now. Since EYKA nominations are over we’ve just been chatting about random kpop stuff, so feel free to drop by (we’re currently using Up). ^^

        • We’ve been looking into a forum south on as well. Got some other things on the plate, too, in due time :)

  102. The EYK Awards is brilliant! Loved the whole thing. The studio is looking awesome too. 2013 is going to be great for you guys.

  103. great to see you guys start to film in your studio. when you talk about acustic dampers does that mean putting crap on the walls or is it an electronic instrument?

  104. This was so amazing and well worth the wait. Thank you for putting in so much time and effort! There are too many awesome things to gush about them all (that would be one long post), but I will just say that the appearance from Busker Busker was so awesome!!!



    Congrats to all the groups that won! c:

    Totally worth the wait, the EYKAs were beyond awesome. I think I almost died laughing from watching Simon’s “creative” aegyo.

  106. unicornsgalaxy

    So for the KMM for the Chaser, will that be in addition to the video that wins this week or will it replace it? I’m hoping in addition to cause otherwise that would be kinda sucky for the video that wins this week…

  107. That made me laugh so hard you guys! Seriously thank you so much for your hard work! You never fail to put a smile on my face!

    And Simon really does have a hairy chest, I remember you guise saying that!
    Martina do you have extensions in? They look so pretty!

  108. im just bummed ice cream didnt win and simon wont dress as Hyuna…lol

    ps poor Choom TOP hahaha

    • im not bummed at ALL. S&M reviewing Ice Cream just means I have to listen to parts of that train wreck again. spare us all the pain, fake sexiness, and “cream shots” PLEASE!

      • Simon swore he wouldn’t do that. Anyways there are too much funny stuff in the video to let any time for complaint.

      • I love you. I hated that ridiculously atrocious excuse for music. And sexiness. Sitting through it once was enough horror for a lifetime. Thankyounothankyou, Cube.

      • I feel you! In fact, listening to it is torturing but watching that thrash again is worse. My friend actually had to close the video after it played for maybe less than 20 seconds when she opened the video in our school’s library =____=

      • true but simon in a leather dress … with that scary girl voice…lol

  109. congrats on your first annual eat your kimchi awards!!! hoping to see another great one next year!!

  110. I cried when i saw the bloopers. they were hilarious!

  111. YAY! I am very happy with the results, you guys are right, we DID vote the winners, so there shouldn’t be any butthurt about YG winning! Good job for the first awards show! I can’t wait to see the K-Pop Music Monday for Infinite’s The Chaser! :D

  112. That was awesome~! And the studio looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see more studio-filmed videos. :3

  113. Waited all day, and you two didn’t disappoint!!! I love you, and look forward to what you have to say in 2013.

  114. thisisjustforfunval

    HA! I’m waiting for part two to load but I just had to say I laughed so hard at the Rookie of the Year skit and loved that Brad agreed to do the skit. I for one loved it and your awesome trolling!

  115. These were SO WORTH the wait! I remember the first “How to Dance K-Pop,” which was awesome, but the EYKAs just blew it out of the water! Well done, guise! :D

  116. This was truly a work of art. I can’t wait for the awards next year. I’m so happy that U-Kiss won band of the year. I voted as much as possible. And I’m also happy about Big Bang and 2ne1 winning as well. I love the commentaries you guys give on each group. I can’t wait for the KMM for The Chaser. Thanks so much guys. I know this was a lot to do but I’m so thankful at the same time for all that you guys do when it comes to Kpop as well as Korean culture. Looking forward to the new things this year! :)

  117. unicornsgalaxy

    I have some other thoughts running around in my mind but first I need to get over the MANLY BEAST (B2ST? LOL) that is Simon!

  118. Haha..I Soy un Doritoed in SHINee’s concert LAWL

  119. That was the most glorious 20 min of my life :D totes worth the wait.
    I’m so so so glad U-Kiss won. It was the only category I really voted on and they totally deserved it <3
    Thank you Simon and Martina for this awesome EYKA. I cannot wait for 2013!

  120. Oh so awesome! Lurve you guys! Hope you had a great New Years and so wonderful to see you in the studio!!

  121. So much chest hair in one day O.o Awesome so far! just finished part 1. I LUV YOU G DRAGON you’re so badass.

  122. Ugh we have to wait until Jan 14th for the ‘I Got A Boy’ review? :(

    Anyways, really well done and funny awards ceremony! I just hope that more female artists will be able to be part of the ceremony next year (as in more than winning the only category that is female-only). It was severely lacking and is a real clear indicator of the bias towards male artists. Perhaps you can find a different way to tally up votes that could even the field a bit more.

    • I think the only way to solve that problem would be to separate everything into male and female. Alas. That would make for even more categories. Kpop fans are just more male biased due to the fact that the demographics for most Kpop fans are 13-20 year old females. I think that EYK may skew a little older, but not by much. And it still is overwhelmingly female. For some reason females just flock to boy bands.

      Edit: I already skew the demo by being way older than most Kpop fans. And I like girl groups along with the boy groups too.

      • I would actually really love for there to be a male and female winner in every category. They can keep the same kind of format, but they would simply choose the best male and best female (even if the top female artist is like #5) or something like that.

        • I am 29. There are a few more Nasties that are older than me I think but the majority are much younger. Even Simon and Martina are younger than me.

        • Im WAY old… so I totally screw the demographic ratio ^^

        • Lol. I know there are older Nasties. There are whole families of Nasties with kids, parents and grandparents too. I wonder who our oldest one is.

          Mind you I still think I am young. It is just that most Kpop fans are teenagers or in college. I once saw a girl comment that she was in college and was ‘ancient’. Oh I nearly got a stitch from the laughing… And then I got severely depressed.

        • I remember Cinnamon saying she’s 43….wait should I be exposing this? *runs away*

        • millie102685

          I know exactly how you feel. When people that under 25 call themselves old I simultaneously want to laugh and slap them. :/

  123. All of this was amazing!! I died at the bum smack bullet XD
    And yay U-Kiss!!! o/

  124. simon i srsly can’t with your taeyang impression it is SPOT ON.

  125. im dying at the Big bang skit… hahahaha TOPs voice!!

  126. This is epic. Best videos I’ve seen all year…oh wait… :)

  127. Wait, why reopen the voting? Just for gins and griggles? lol

  128. wooo finally!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this :D

  129. I want the thank you for your contribution to the Pekingnese breed’s popularity! Er’yone says my Ruby is ugly bit I love her squished face! Spudgy, Your Ruby’s Bias!

    oh and thank you S and M for your hard work. EYK FIGHTING!

  130. YES!!! Finally!! Before I watch anything, can I just say, I love the fact that you actually made a little Spudgy statue!! That is so amazing!!! Is it for sale? :D :D

  131. Wow, no comments. That’s just crazy!

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