Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is finally ripe for us to announce the winners of the first annual Eat Your Kimchi Awards! We announced the nominees on December 4th, and let you vote until December 20th. We got nearly 1,000,000 votes altogether, and some really interesting results!

So, without further ado, here are our videos announcing the winners! We say video[s] because it’s just too long to be one video. Almost 20 minutes! So we broke it up into two parts. Part 1 was embedded above as a playlist, but playlists sometimes don’t work on mobile devices (I think?) so here’s part 2:


Ok, some side notes:

1) Yes, that is our new studio you saw us filming in! It’s still got a lot of stuff needed in it, but it’s otherwise all constructed! We still need some technical stuff, like lights and acoustic dampers, so the studio is still not very well lit and VERY VERY ECHO-EY! Also, we don’t have any furniture in it, so we can’t actually sit down anywhere. We just have our work desk, which is the most important thing. We want to do a live chat and show you the whole thing, but we want to show it to you when it’s ready, you know? There are also some small but very important design things that need to be done, and we don’t want to reveal the studio until it’s all ready. So hang tight! We’ll show you it all soon!

2) OHH WE TROLLED YOU SO HARD LIKE THE MAMAs! Congrats Busker Busker on winning Rookie of the Year! Ha! No, but seriously, the votes between EXO and B.A.P. were so close that it’s not really fair to say that one won over the other, though B.A.P. did get just a smidgen more. It was exceptionally even throughout, but I know you’d all kill us if we didn’t announce a winner. So, yay! Congrats to B.A.P.! And thanks to Brad for being such a good sport and agreeing to be a part of our skit. For those of you who still don’t know about Busker Busker, they were probably the biggest band of the year in Korea. Our studio is in Hongdae, right beside the university, and there’s a giant freaking building with Busker Busker’s pictures all over them. It’s, like, 5 stories tall. Haven’t seen that for any of the other rookie groups, FYI. DON’T GET MAD! We’re just telling you what it’s like in Korea. The internet world and the real world don’t always align.

3) Congrats to U-Kiss for winning the Male Band of the Year! We really wanted to do something with U-Kiss, and spoke with them, but we planned and filmed this all so extremely last minute and didn’t give them enough headway. We spoke with Kevin, though, and he was really surprised and happy that you all voted for U-Kiss. Great job, guise!

4) Yes, we made a Golden Spudgy Award for the ceremony. We only made one, though, and we’re not giving it away to any band. 17 won: how to we pick just one to give away? We have the form for it, at least, and we’ll be able to make a lot more for next year’s awards, and next year we’ll be more ready, so we’ll tell the companies well in advance of our shooting the video. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more people coming to the studio by then to pick up the awards! Also, we didn’t actually make the Golden Spudgy ourselves, mind you (that’s FARRR too beyond our abilities). We hired a university art student to make it. Yay for supporting local artists! We’re just going to keep that Golden Spudgy for ourselves in our studio so we can remember the first video we shot there :D

4) This video had so many freaking bloopers, probably because it was just such a long video with so many things happening in it. If you feel like seeing us mess up some more, here are the bloopers below.


Last side note: the voting page isn’t open any more, because we closed it to tally the votes, but we’re going to reopen it ASAP. Our developer’s away at the moment, but as soon as he’s back the results will go public again!

  1. I was able to take a class from the choreographer of Sherlock by SHINee. He’s incredible. and of course the SHINee dancers performed it beautifully.

  2. I absolutely loved the Taeyang part. It makes me crack up every time. In all it was an awesome awards show. EYK fighting!

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing that they should send a Spudgy trophy to each of the winning groups. I know for sure that they would treasure & appreciate it! :)

  4. I am like REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER proud of U-Kiss, although they haven’t won any “legitimate” music awards yet, this just shows to say that we love you, U-Kiss so take a break and then give us your best comeback yet for this will be the year of Kissmees~~ <3

  5. I’m watching this again for Simon’s aegyo.

  6. I may be a bit BigBang biased… just a bit

  7. Simon AEGYO WAS OMG
    Congratz B.A.P AND UKISS<3<3<3

  8. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS SCARED ME!!!! I got to the end of the video and I thought Busker Busker had actually won. I can’t believe you made us relive that, meanies

  9. Yep, and Brad replied to him too.

  10. Amazing work on the Awards Show, you guise!! You and U-Kiss both definitely deserve a break after all of your hard work this past year! Wishing you all the best in 2013!!

  11. For anyone that is asking for my icon yes its t-ara sexy love with hwayoung and also I voted for t-ara nonstop and I forced my friend to and yet the didn’t win “Cries”

  12. Not a huge fan of the music of U-KISS, but I’m happy for them all the same (especially after seeing their interview with you guys – I fangirled so much, though I wasn’t really a fan :P)

  13. AWESOME! I loved watching this. Thank you so much for your hard work, it was a great way to relieve my stress today. Thank you again for these awesome videos! Can’t wait for 2013 EYKA’s!

  14. “So hang tight! We’ll show you it all soon!” (..)

    “so we’ll tell the companies well in advance of our shooting the video. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more people coming to the studio by then to pick up the awards!” so awesome!! o(> . . . < (too many favorite parts…can't pick!!)

    I'm happy that U-KISS won the award for best kpop male group of the year :D (maybe they'll listen to your advice Simon and take a break now and then …= . = ) it would've been nice to see U-KISS come and get their award :D (maybe next year :) )


  15. hahaha and the highlight for me was U-kiss winning and kevin being happy about it >_<

  16. Awesome job you two! Was so happy to see that Brad made an appearance! He did such a good job! Also loved the MBLAQ butt slap and the golden Spudgy. AWESOME on everything!

  17. I’m pretty sure there’s no girl on this planet who can be more aegyo than Simon.

  18. I had a lot of fun watching the EYK Awards. Nice to see that about half of what I voted for actually won. I also liked how you went to the streets to talk to other english speakers to get their take on the MAMA song. I do have to say that since Junsu is one of my bias that he got Nastiest Kpop Dance Video. I think it is still one of my top favorite videos from all of 2012. Oh, and lastly the Spudgy trophy was adorable!!

  19. I just realized that if there had been a “best potential KMM” last year, Infinite would have won it as well. Remember BTD arrived on 3rd place, and it was the only video of the top 10 that hadn’t been reviewed! Bad luck Infinite, even your most reviewable videos don’t get reviewed!

  20. I find it absolutely hilarious that you guys got Brad from Busker Busker in when they didn’t even show up to any music shows! EatYourKimchi power!!! lol.

  21. OMG it was so good, i don’t think i have laughed that much in a while xD
    Though Simon’s Aegyo terrifies me, and i love Simon but damn that gives me all kinds of unwanted shivers hahaha
    I loved all the parodies you did ahhh it was sooo epic.
    I agree with what others have said about the interviewing people in the street, i thought that was a great piece and i hope it will become a frequent segment in the future.
    THE STUDIO IS LOOKING AMAZING woooooooooooo 2013 is going to be an exciting year for EYK

  22. OMG you guys this award was so awesome. I was laughing my head off when brad just popped out of no where totally didn’t expect that. Loved your skits they were too cool and funny. Asking 10 random people in the street about the English in the song was a clever idea, would love to see more videos of you guys talking to people on the street and asking for their opinions.

    Really appreciate the effort you put into your videos, thanks again.

    Time to watch the awards all over again !!!!!!

  23. aawww i think Spudgy, with a bit more training, could definitely rival the nations MC Yoo Jae Suk!!!
    wow it’s your new studio!!!
    whoa what? you got a Busker Busker member in? cool!! ahahahaha Simon got churro (SHINIGAMI) chopped!!
    i liked SHINee’s use of guns in their concert VCR!! i thought it was good!! especially the way Onew flipped it around his head and shot the guy!! that’s right!! they actually shot people!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC5ZJyAVtng
    ahahahaha “yes, he is crying in ballad format!”
    i DID NOT like Big Bang’s outfits in Monster!! some were o~kay….but ew i hated Taeyang’s glitter crop top the most!!! just…NO!!!
    goodness the Brohoho dubstep was just too funny!!! i burst out laughing a bit too loud!
    yay my SHINee!!! of course!! of course!! proud of their dancing!! (and live singing!)
    aaww congrats to U-Kiss!!!

    i loved this award!!!! ^^

  24. Oh my, I believed that you would really perform some mix of Tarantallegra and Sherlock dances! That would have been glorious! The other skits were good too. Creative aegyo and Simon as Taeyang = win :D
    And since I’m Infinite biased: OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

  25. Loved the award show ^-^ And did you film some parts in the new studio?

  26. wow that guy is really from busker busker??

  27. In the future I hope that EYKAs would have performances from idol groups. There would be a red carpet too. Just like a legit Korean award show like MAMAs, GDAs and Melon Music Awards. Ahh, the feels. Here’s to a more successful future for the Nasty family.

  28. You need a Meemers trophy for next year… maybe it could be a special award for the best rookie group :-)

  29. I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THE 2013 EYKAs :D I totally loved it! Thank you again for you hard work, it was a pleasure to begin this brand new year with this awesome video! :) I just love you guyyyyyz ! :D
    And woooow the studio seems osooom really! >www< I didn't know the "building work" (sorry, I'm french) would go SO fast :D

  30. but Martina you look like Sunny with that wig on ^o^

  31. And btw, Simon and Martina, thank you for making us laugh throughout the whole year! :D
    You guys deserve an award honestly :D
    Keep it up!

    Finally! OMG!

  33. Martina, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! So excited Infinite won too and that we get to see you film in your new studio! Happy New Year and great job guise! :)

  34. I want to add “so many nipples” to my daily vocabulary.

  35. omg… the aegyo skit…. i was pissing myself, it’s so funny! (and wrong…) the skit where Big Bang pick their Monster costumes was also pretty hilarious…

    I can’t believe Big Bang didn’t win best group!!! *shock*

    • The only group that can consistently turn the usually YG biased Nasties, is UKiss. I think they are the Nasties’ weakness. Plus it was the only category UKiss was nominated in. Big Bang won 6 out of the 7 nominations they got though.

  36. Aaah, as happy I am for everyone (and although I agree on almost all of the top ones, voting for them myself) I feel so terribly bad for NU’EST. ~siiiigh~ Our poor boys. >3< So terribly deserved to win…

  37. I opened and drank a bottle of champagne JUST for the EYK awards! I almost choked on it several times
    -Martina’s “boomshakalaka” haha
    – …the banana. COTTON FOOD. I can’t get over the banana at all. Every time I think of it, I start laughing.
    – Don’t forget to carry the decimal, oppa! (this was when I started crying for laughing)

    Thank you for starting 2013 with NASTINESS!

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