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Allow us to present to you our second annual Eatyourkimchi Awards, which honours the best of Kpop for 2013, and whose winners are determined solely by you, the audience. We know award shows oftentimes are vague in how they select their winners, but, with us, you can see the results as the votes pour in. We, then, take the list of winners, and do our best to talk about their achievements as awkwardly as possible. Great success! The voting results were hidden for a while after the voting closed, but you can check them now to see all of the nominees and all of the categories. Woot!

We’ve divided up the video into two parts, because the whole thing was almost 20 minutes long. 20 Freaking Minutes! That’s too long for one person to sit through on this thing called the internets, so we cut it in half. We put it all in a playlist, which you should be able to watch above. If not, you can at least see part 1 up there. Here’s part 2:


Very big thanks to Eric Nam, Brad, Geeks, N.O.M., Vixx, and Boyfriend. They were all awesome, and had a great sense of humour about them. This is the kind of stuff we’d love to do with Kpop. We want to be silly with the bands, we want to play around and do funny stuff. Hopefully next year we could keep on doing stuff like this, and run after boy bands telling them we want to lick their butts.

Let us know what you think! I know that online voting is a double edged sword. It’s good that you can determine the winner of the awards clearly, while other award shows “factor” in your participation in some obscure unclear way, but it also means that a fanswarm can heavily sway the votes, as we saw with the first time we opened our KpopCharts system to determine the winners of How to Dance Kpop Style 2011, in which Big Bang won dance of the year for a video…that didn’t have a dance.

With these awards, though, it seems like people’s choices were pretty fair, and though we might have voted for different winners here and there, I don’t think the results are really arguable as terribly unfair. Let us know if you feel differently. I definitely would have voted N.O.M.’s “A Guys” as Nastiest video of the year, IMO.

But, on a more serious note: the video that made us laugh the most out of this whole event was the Bloopers. HA! We had some small mental meltdowns. Why? Because that day that we were filming, when we had to get everything recorded before we went to Canada, we had two urgent unavoidable meetings scheduled, out of the blue, on that day. Each of them taking up two hours. That’s four hours of daylight lost! So we were a bit woozy at the end, as you might have seen with the skating scene. But we managed to finish filming before the sun rose, and then scuttled back home to get packing. But not without getting a load of great bloopers, which we hope you’ll like as much as we do:


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  1. Geeks “We recieved a trophy. It’s a dog.” THEY LOOK SO CONFUSED LMAO

  2. I can’t even tell you how much I love Eric Nam omfg

  3. still haven’t gotten tired of watching this~~~~

  4. “Tall white man counseling” I wonder where I can get that degree…

  5. I spazzed so loudly out of happiness for EYK at how amazing this video was and how far they have come….that I made all the neighboring dogs in my apartment complex start barking. Oops!….I feel no shame. :D

  6. After battling bad internet and starting a new university semester, I can finally say that I’ve watched this from beginning to end! Weeeooooo~~ You guys totally out did yourselves! Had so many great quips, SO many inside jokes! And that’s what I love about you guys ^^ I was pleasantly surprised to see so many kpop groups taking interest in these awards, so much more so than last year. Just goes to prove who much your popularity is growing :) I remember back when you guys were in your old apartment and Martina was fangirling about TOP (I totally understand). Well I can see in the very near future you guys ACTUALLY meeting him! And hopefully the rest of Big Bang! :O Congrats guies :)

  7. I’ve probably watched this five times now, Eric and Brad were hilarious but Soozee SLAYED me. After that I was just done, and then the bloopers happened.
    But I’ve also come to the discussion with other motives…
    My friend just yesterday got me SHINee socks shipped all the way from SK as a late Christmas gift, and it came with a card full of some wonderful Engrish, and I’d thought I’d share with the Nasty community.
    “I really appreciated for buying from us. I hope you don’t mind that please leave positive feedback for me. Please understand this is Global shipment. We are far from away. All DSR 5.0 will be highly appreciated. (The webaddress) you can buy more variety and cheaper.”
    I’m calling it a three for one deal, kpop socks, Korean postage and Engrish all in one package. Favorite Christmas gift this year, by far hahaha.

  8. Thanks guys. This was really funny. My bf dumped me on Christmas and I’ve just been feeling like a shitty wreck, and this made me laugh out loud and forget how miserable I was for a few minutes…

    Also, it’s really cool how many artists you got to participate in this! Congrats!

  9. Did you know that Amber F(x) won!…

  10. omg so funny..and the guest appearances are so fun! reminded me of these: http://www.theoneshots.com/2013/12/2013-wtf-k-pop-awards-pt-1/

  11. Hi can you talk about korean money because this summer i’m going to south korea so i want to know how to use them.

  12. I hope u one day get’s to intewiev JYJ! <3

  13. Oh dear, not only do I think I recognize that gray wig from some cosplay sites but I’m pretty sure I know which characters it’s been styled for too. XD

  14. Don’t I feel dirty wearing my cookie monster shirt now …

  15. Wow can’t believe NOM was there with all their… sexiness.. naked bodies…rubbing all over Nasty Studio. I am confused why they didn’t win the filthy edition though.. I think people were too scared to watch the video!Haha. Btw EYKAs were so much fun! I was happy with the winners and partied. P.S. Blond Simon’s laughing fits are killing me. You guys always make me laugh <3

  16. I loved Geeks in this. “It’s a dog.” lol True, very true.

  17. it seems like you don’t respect our voting decisions, I think people only voting because they like the artist is an inevitable consequence of having voters, it’s also a choice to vote because you like the artist, voting is about the majority not what you think should have won because you think they should’ve voted one way I think you should just get rid of voting if you’re just going to ignore it because you don’t agree

  18. When I saw the Doom Dada teaser with the lookalike Jack Lint baby mask, I was so stoked ’cause Brazil is my favourite movie EVAR. I was on a BB fansite and some posts were saying it was a reference to a weirdo-lookin’ baby from some animé, but given all the other movie references, I think it makes more sense that it’s a nod to Brazil.
    The 2013 EYKA’s were awesome! Thank you!

  19. The only one winner I disagree with is the Nasty MV winner. I agree. NOM totally shoulda won. That video made me feel REALLY nasty after watching it. While watching these awards I was having flashbacks too. *shudders*

  20. soooozeeee has the best job EVAR!! :D

  21. This is why I love you guise and the EYKAs!
    I forgot how contagious Simon’s laugh is xD I had tears in my eyes just from watching and hearing him laugh in the bloopers!
    And let me thank all the Bestfriends around the world for voting my all time favourite group to the top, cause I missed the voting period. It’s so cool: last year K.Will won a category and this year Boyfriend. Starship Entertainment’s stable presence at this prestigious Award Show – I’m so happy :)

  22. its minwoo not minhoㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    • and its not ‘hello, we are’, its ‘i’m your boyfriend(their catch phrase like we are one exo, so~ beast!!, we da b.e.s.t. sistar, 우린b.a.p yessir!!)’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  23. HAHAHAHA CRYING from laughter :D :D SO funny and happy!! The bloopers, MY GOOD!!! Poor Eric, but so funny Brad!

  24. I’m so surprise with the celebrities on here. I thought it was just Martina & Simon going to make us laugh, but wow :O

    If Leigh was there, I would laugh when Leigh and Sozee go all touchy with NOM hehe
    Even if Troublemaker won, it’s alright that NOM came. It’s for fun guys, relax.

    Brad, “You guys want to see my Eric Nam’s impersonation?” ….. Shrinked….Eric said, “HAHAHAHA You the worst! HAHAH”

    HAHAHA Omg! I cracked up HAHAHA Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift ^O^

  25. The transitions between each award category were great!

    • WOOHOO! I’m really excited that you said this. It’s such a nerdy thing for me to be excited about, but the idea of “how do we talk about this category after talking about this category” was something I spent a lot of time in planning. YAY! Glad you noticed it :D

  26. I really loved the part when Martina analyze TOP’s Doom dada MV.I don’t know in Korea or even in Us or Canada but here in Europe (by the way i come from France happy that Antoine de Caune come to see you) everyone found the Mv and the song “bizzare “. But Thank you to have more explain it . I hoped that you will review it , and i still hope it ^O^ here we had the explication of the MV but i really wanted to here your point of view of you and Simon about this song .
    Thanks for this great moment ANd happy Christma’s and new year Hollydays . ^O^/

  27. that was wonderous thanks guys!

  28. This award show merely showed which band has the most active fans -_-

  29. If anything, it’s actually “T.O.P loves art. I love art. Therefore, I am T.O.P.”

  30. Merry Christmas, guys!!! Congrats on EYKA2013 :D

  31. Thanks to all the artists for coming! Gosh, so surprised and happy to see the Geeks!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  32. Christmas Eve = made courtesy of EYK. Big shout out and thanks to all of the special guests!

  33. The Busker Busker Brad and Eric Nam thing was GREAT. I had to pause because I was laughing so hard.
    Absolutely amazing!!
    And I’m really glad that so many groups participated in the EYKAs this year!! It was great to see!!!
    I mean, really, NOM dancing around all of them like that? AMAZING.
    This whole thing was great. xDDD Great great great great great! Love the EYKAs!!!

  34. YAS!!!! This gave me life this Christmas Eve! Thank you guys for uploading and exporting despite the bad weather! Much appreciated! And are you all still doing a meet and great in the T.O. once it comes out of Mother Nature’s icy grip? Detroit is only 4 hrs away and I would so make the drive!

  35. This was seriously awesome. Not only did you include guest award acceptance speeches (which are great, but can sort of blend in after too many), you also had guests involved in hilarious skits. Entertaining! Loved Brad’s Eric Nam impersonation, Eric Nam’s entire speech in general, and SooZee’s nonchalant demeanor with NOM

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