Hi guise!

Allow us to present to you our second annual Eatyourkimchi Awards, which honours the best of Kpop for 2013, and whose winners are determined solely by you, the audience. We know award shows oftentimes are vague in how they select their winners, but, with us, you can see the results as the votes pour in. We, then, take the list of winners, and do our best to talk about their achievements as awkwardly as possible. Great success! The voting results were hidden for a while after the voting closed, but you can check them now to see all of the nominees and all of the categories. Woot!

We’ve divided up the video into two parts, because the whole thing was almost 20 minutes long. 20 Freaking Minutes! That’s too long for one person to sit through on this thing called the internets, so we cut it in half. We put it all in a playlist, which you should be able to watch above. If not, you can at least see part 1 up there. Here’s part 2:


Very big thanks to Eric Nam, Brad, Geeks, N.O.M., Vixx, and Boyfriend. They were all awesome, and had a great sense of humour about them. This is the kind of stuff we’d love to do with Kpop. We want to be silly with the bands, we want to play around and do funny stuff. Hopefully next year we could keep on doing stuff like this, and run after boy bands telling them we want to lick their butts.

Let us know what you think! I know that online voting is a double edged sword. It’s good that you can determine the winner of the awards clearly, while other award shows “factor” in your participation in some obscure unclear way, but it also means that a fanswarm can heavily sway the votes, as we saw with the first time we opened our KpopCharts system to determine the winners of How to Dance Kpop Style 2011, in which Big Bang won dance of the year for a video…that didn’t have a dance.

With these awards, though, it seems like people’s choices were pretty fair, and though we might have voted for different winners here and there, I don’t think the results are really arguable as terribly unfair. Let us know if you feel differently. I definitely would have voted N.O.M.’s “A Guys” as Nastiest video of the year, IMO.

But, on a more serious note: the video that made us laugh the most out of this whole event was the Bloopers. HA! We had some small mental meltdowns. Why? Because that day that we were filming, when we had to get everything recorded before we went to Canada, we had two urgent unavoidable meetings scheduled, out of the blue, on that day. Each of them taking up two hours. That’s four hours of daylight lost! So we were a bit woozy at the end, as you might have seen with the skating scene. But we managed to finish filming before the sun rose, and then scuttled back home to get packing. But not without getting a load of great bloopers, which we hope you’ll like as much as we do:


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  1. Geeks “We recieved a trophy. It’s a dog.” THEY LOOK SO CONFUSED LMAO

  2. I can’t even tell you how much I love Eric Nam omfg

  3. still haven’t gotten tired of watching this~~~~

  4. “Tall white man counseling” I wonder where I can get that degree…

  5. I spazzed so loudly out of happiness for EYK at how amazing this video was and how far they have come….that I made all the neighboring dogs in my apartment complex start barking. Oops!….I feel no shame. :D

  6. After battling bad internet and starting a new university semester, I can finally say that I’ve watched this from beginning to end! Weeeooooo~~ You guys totally out did yourselves! Had so many great quips, SO many inside jokes! And that’s what I love about you guys ^^ I was pleasantly surprised to see so many kpop groups taking interest in these awards, so much more so than last year. Just goes to prove who much your popularity is growing :) I remember back when you guys were in your old apartment and Martina was fangirling about TOP (I totally understand). Well I can see in the very near future you guys ACTUALLY meeting him! And hopefully the rest of Big Bang! :O Congrats guies :)

  7. Funny

  8. Hahahahaha

  9. I’ve probably watched this five times now, Eric and Brad were hilarious but Soozee SLAYED me. After that I was just done, and then the bloopers happened.
    But I’ve also come to the discussion with other motives…
    My friend just yesterday got me SHINee socks shipped all the way from SK as a late Christmas gift, and it came with a card full of some wonderful Engrish, and I’d thought I’d share with the Nasty community.
    “I really appreciated for buying from us. I hope you don’t mind that please leave positive feedback for me. Please understand this is Global shipment. We are far from away. All DSR 5.0 will be highly appreciated. (The webaddress) you can buy more variety and cheaper.”
    I’m calling it a three for one deal, kpop socks, Korean postage and Engrish all in one package. Favorite Christmas gift this year, by far hahaha.

  10. kawaii_candie

    Thanks guys. This was really funny. My bf dumped me on Christmas and I’ve just been feeling like a shitty wreck, and this made me laugh out loud and forget how miserable I was for a few minutes…

    Also, it’s really cool how many artists you got to participate in this! Congrats!

  11. Did you know that Amber F(x) won!…

  12. omg so funny..and the guest appearances are so fun! reminded me of these: http://www.theoneshots.com/2013/12/2013-wtf-k-pop-awards-pt-1/

  13. that was funny…reminds me of these awards, which are hilarious: http://www.theoneshots.com/2013/12/2013-wtf-k-pop-awards-pt-1/

  14. Hi can you talk about korean money because this summer i’m going to south korea so i want to know how to use them.

  15. Katrine Shawol Jensen

    I hope u one day get’s to intewiev JYJ! <3

  16. Oh dear, not only do I think I recognize that gray wig from some cosplay sites but I’m pretty sure I know which characters it’s been styled for too. XD

  17. Don’t I feel dirty wearing my cookie monster shirt now …

  18. Wow can’t believe NOM was there with all their… sexiness.. naked bodies…rubbing all over Nasty Studio. I am confused why they didn’t win the filthy edition though.. I think people were too scared to watch the video!Haha. Btw EYKAs were so much fun! I was happy with the winners and partied. P.S. Blond Simon’s laughing fits are killing me. You guys always make me laugh <3

  19. I loved Geeks in this. “It’s a dog.” lol True, very true.

  20. it seems like you don’t respect our voting decisions, I think people only voting because they like the artist is an inevitable consequence of having voters, it’s also a choice to vote because you like the artist, voting is about the majority not what you think should have won because you think they should’ve voted one way I think you should just get rid of voting if you’re just going to ignore it because you don’t agree

  21. When I saw the Doom Dada teaser with the lookalike Jack Lint baby mask, I was so stoked ’cause Brazil is my favourite movie EVAR. I was on a BB fansite and some posts were saying it was a reference to a weirdo-lookin’ baby from some animé, but given all the other movie references, I think it makes more sense that it’s a nod to Brazil.
    The 2013 EYKA’s were awesome! Thank you!

  22. The only one winner I disagree with is the Nasty MV winner. I agree. NOM totally shoulda won. That video made me feel REALLY nasty after watching it. While watching these awards I was having flashbacks too. *shudders*

  23. soooozeeee has the best job EVAR!! :D

  24. This is why I love you guise and the EYKAs!
    I forgot how contagious Simon’s laugh is xD I had tears in my eyes just from watching and hearing him laugh in the bloopers!
    And let me thank all the Bestfriends around the world for voting my all time favourite group to the top, cause I missed the voting period. It’s so cool: last year K.Will won a category and this year Boyfriend. Starship Entertainment’s stable presence at this prestigious Award Show – I’m so happy :)

  25. its minwoo not minhoㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    • and its not ‘hello, we are’, its ‘i’m your boyfriend(their catch phrase like we are one exo, so~ beast!!, we da b.e.s.t. sistar, 우린b.a.p yessir!!)’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  26. HAHAHAHA CRYING from laughter :D :D SO funny and happy!! The bloopers, MY GOOD!!! Poor Eric, but so funny Brad!

  27. I’m so surprise with the celebrities on here. I thought it was just Martina & Simon going to make us laugh, but wow :O

    If Leigh was there, I would laugh when Leigh and Sozee go all touchy with NOM hehe
    Even if Troublemaker won, it’s alright that NOM came. It’s for fun guys, relax.

    Brad, “You guys want to see my Eric Nam’s impersonation?” ….. Shrinked….Eric said, “HAHAHAHA You the worst! HAHAH”

    HAHAHA Omg! I cracked up HAHAHA Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift ^O^

  28. The transitions between each award category were great!

    • WOOHOO! I’m really excited that you said this. It’s such a nerdy thing for me to be excited about, but the idea of “how do we talk about this category after talking about this category” was something I spent a lot of time in planning. YAY! Glad you noticed it :D

      • :D Thank YOU for taking the time with these kinds of details! Is this Martina present? Oh and have you guys though of having a general discussion area where people can talk about topics that are not specific to a post but still relevant to eatyourkimchi and also be able to leave suggestions for video segments and other things?

      • i loved how ren died then morndey died that was nice and smooth

  29. I really loved the part when Martina analyze TOP’s Doom dada MV.I don’t know in Korea or even in Us or Canada but here in Europe (by the way i come from France happy that Antoine de Caune come to see you) everyone found the Mv and the song “bizzare “. But Thank you to have more explain it . I hoped that you will review it , and i still hope it ^O^ here we had the explication of the MV but i really wanted to here your point of view of you and Simon about this song .
    Thanks for this great moment ANd happy Christma’s and new year Hollydays . ^O^/

  30. that was wonderous thanks guys!

  31. This award show merely showed which band has the most active fans -_-

    • *on this website.

      Trust me, some bands have very active fans and fandoms who do not like EYK and made active choices not to vote for the EYKA’s which were thought to be very irrelevant and pointless.

  32. If anything, it’s actually “T.O.P loves art. I love art. Therefore, I am T.O.P.”

  33. Merry Christmas, guys!!! Congrats on EYKA2013 :D

  34. Thanks to all the artists for coming! Gosh, so surprised and happy to see the Geeks!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  35. Christmas Eve = made courtesy of EYK. Big shout out and thanks to all of the special guests!

  36. eric nam is aaaaaadorable

  37. The Busker Busker Brad and Eric Nam thing was GREAT. I had to pause because I was laughing so hard.
    Absolutely amazing!!
    And I’m really glad that so many groups participated in the EYKAs this year!! It was great to see!!!
    I mean, really, NOM dancing around all of them like that? AMAZING.
    This whole thing was great. xDDD Great great great great great! Love the EYKAs!!!

  38. YAS!!!! This gave me life this Christmas Eve! Thank you guys for uploading and exporting despite the bad weather! Much appreciated! And are you all still doing a meet and great in the T.O. once it comes out of Mother Nature’s icy grip? Detroit is only 4 hrs away and I would so make the drive!

  39. This was seriously awesome. Not only did you include guest award acceptance speeches (which are great, but can sort of blend in after too many), you also had guests involved in hilarious skits. Entertaining! Loved Brad’s Eric Nam impersonation, Eric Nam’s entire speech in general, and SooZee’s nonchalant demeanor with NOM

  40. This was fabulous from start to finish! I haven’t laughed this hard at your videos in a while… The guest appearances were awesome, and there were so many of them too!! I’m happy about these winners, even though they weren’t all the same who I voted for ^_^

    The TOP video breakdown was awesome btw, I had no idea it had so many references o_O

  41. Marzia Matalone

    …and I who was thinking that the baby in “Doom dada” was the one from “Spirited Away”…Thank you for the super fast-yet-super-interesting review Martina! Merry Christmas from Italy! ;-)

  42. The Best part was truly the Bloopers. <3 Soozie "I LOVE MY JOB" Im not sure how she kept a strait face. And Brad… omo "You guys want to see my Eric Nam Impression". This was great… Have a wonderful Vacation Guys!!!

  43. Wow guys, that was amazing! I loved all the skits, and wow, you got so many people to participate! It’s a shame NOM didn’t win because their video was quite nasty. Do you guys know NOM, or something? You know all the other people that actually came, so I wondered if you knew them…

  44. Soozee, I don’t know how you deal with such a stressful workplace! Bless you for all your hard work and sacrifice!!! :D

  45. Camilla Helen Wickstrøm

    Great! LOVED this :D You were so funny.
    The apperance from the idols made it even more amazing <3

  46. OMG Simon I literally laughed so hard when Fangurilla said “let me lick your butts”, that I thought my head was gonna explode!!!!

  47. It’s awesome, that more bands send their videos and participated. Because of you I laughed so much. It’s awesome, seriously awesome. I voted for NOM. It was sooooo nasty. Much nastier than Trouble Maker.
    I can’t wait for next EYK’as :)

  48. Cosmic Cat

    omg Brad’s impression of Eric :’) I kno dat feel bro hashtag shawtie4lyf!

  49. Great EYKA this year guys!!! I laughed so much!! OMG ERIC NAM AND BUSKER BUSKER!! Extreme lols guys!!! GREAT JOB!!

  50. LOL hard!! Guys this was AWESOME!!! LOL loved Eric Nam and Brad’s scenes!! #1 Rookie 4 life!!
    I am so happy so many artists could pariticipate with u guys :D! It was so fun watching all of u!!

    Wishing a Merry Christmas from Brazil to all EYK crew! Hope u enjoy a great time together with ur family!

  51. Such a great Christmas gift! Love this video so much!

  52. Poor Fangurilla not getting any love from N.O.M. One day there will be a Boy Group who will accept our Fangurilla. Maybe our Fangurilla needs a make-over for 2014. That outfit is getting pretty out dated.

  53. I heard the little laugh of Martina during the Fangurilla scene with NOM. Really funny, it must have been so hard no to laugh during this

  54. So I totes loved this year’s EYKAs :D It was so funny and enjoyable and I’m so glad that you guys decided to continue it after last year ^^ It was really cool to see all the K-Pop groups in the video (especially NOM, because… I’d love to nom on them ;D). It was just a treat to watch. Thank you guys so much, you’re just totes amazing ^^

    Btw, Martina, you straight up blew my mind into 9001 pieces with that analysis of TOP’s Doom Dada video (like seriously, I wish *that* got a KMM so you could actually go into detail about how you came up with that analysis).

  55. This was probably the best eyk video I’ve seen! You guys are hilarious and your power to actually get those groups and people to appear really is amazing! I felt bad that I didn’t end up voting but…to be honest…u couldn’t! They were so many great nominees even in categories where I didn’t KNOW the nominees that I had no idea which way to vote so i just didn’t and figured I’d see what everyone else choose. Look. I was happiest to see the fx won girl group of the year! They deserve so much morethan they are getting and thus asked the unconditional support of the international fans. I was hoping Amber would speak but after your last battle with SmE I get not wanting to touch their hr with a ten foot pole.

    Thanks for all the hard work! Hope you guys are staying warm and safe in your house! Hope the power comes back soon

  56. Sheila Muñoz

    NOM <3 they should have won by far xDDD loved the SKIT omg hahahahhahahah Zoooseeeeeeeee~ xD enjoyed herself xD

  57. I seriously love this years EYKA so much more than last. All the guest appearances were just great. I don’t even know who’s surprise appearance was my favorite, but I definitely wish we had more behind the scenes with y’all and all of them. It seemed like y’all had a TON of fun recording with a LOT of great people.

    Poor NOM though for being chased by Fangurilla, haha. <3

  58. omgoodness, NOM!!! Just. Made my morning. MY CHRISTMAS EVE! All of you make me smile and giggle so much, it’s just so amazing… thank you guys for all that you do, and I hope you have a very merry Christmas. <3

  59. The N.O.M. guys were the best!!! i loved every minute of it and Suzy’s raction killed me and in the bloopers :DD She wished they could stay there forever :DDDDD

  60. kaward

    you don’t even know how much this made me laugh :) I am so happy that some of my favourites won :) keep up the good work guys and merry Christmas. (I am hoping there is more behind the scenes footage ;))

  61. you guise did a great job best award ever! my only regret is for a moment i thought i might see Martina and top interaction… i knew it was unlikely but a girl can hope :sigh: and best video of the year one shot? i like bap and they’re dances are always great but…

  62. This was awesome, Thanks for this early Christmas present!
    Can’t pinpoint my favorite Moment just to much gloriousness!

    On a side note: You should definitely interview N. O. M.- I’m courious about their take on the Nastiness. :)

    Merry Christmas& Happy New Year Everybody

  63. Guise, you’ve just reached a totally different level of awesomeness never before achievable to any other human being.
    This made my day ♥ Thank you guise! :B

  64. Oh my gosh… Guise, suck an epic eyka awards video!! I jst, can’t , no… I’m so overwhelmed! You are really amazing. And YOU Soozee, ooo, you so naaasty <3

  65. Side note: seeing lots of comments on NOM’s video on Youtube. Lot’s of Nasties sad they didn’t vote for it.

    • Blueberries

      I think that most of people didn’t have time to check out all contestants and mv’s (I know I didn’t.. I watched most but didn’t have time for all of them) and that’s why people just choose their favorites without checking who really was best in the category.

      Maybe best and most easiest resolution for this would be decreasing amount of nominations per category or then making less categories. I enjoyed watching playlists of all categories but there was just too many at least for me since I needed to study for my exams and make essays a lot in that time as well ^^;

  66. How am I just finding out about Eric Nam now? I must know more.

  67. Soozeeeeeee omg i can’t breath funniest eyk vid of the year!you outdid yourselves guyz *applause*

  68. I can’t stop smiling XD

  69. that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eyk ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. With both VIXX and Nu’est breaking the curse, maybe it’s time for some BTS? ^_^

  71. This was the best!! N.O.M new fan LOL

  72. Cristal Green

    the EYKA were amazing! :D Even better than I could have imagined! You def made me start Christmas with a laugh and fear of chocking! :P
    Brad and Eric were so funny that tears were swelling up in my eyes (both in the actual video and the bloopers)!
    Also very surprised NOM didn’t win, but so glad you features them it was hilarious !

  73. Vintenson

    This is perfect! Just perfect! Had a really crappy day today and this turned it right around!
    ERIC NAM!!!! BRAD!!! OMG NOM!!!!!!! AND GEEEEEKKK!!!!!!! I will now survive Christmas for sure!

  74. lady_kire

    I have a tall white male friend thats 6 ft something. I’m so telling him that I have a degree in tall white man counsel now.

  75. It’s 1:00 in the morning and I laughed so much that my mom wakes up and comes into my room and it has to be the part when NOM are there.

  76. The glorious EYKAs! I loved every minute of it! From the guest appearances (Brad’s impression of Eric xD) to Martina’s extremely enlightening review of Doom Dada (I was hoping for a KMM but I’ll take this ^^) and SooZee’s skit with NOM! It was hard not too laugh. Best Christmas gift EVER!

  77. Did you guys actually make golden Spudgy’s for the winners or was there only 1? Great Awards show! :)

  78. KYAAA~!!!!! Eric and Brad so totally made my day~!!! KIND OF sad that Honey G’s My Love didn’t win Most Bizarre Video but Meh~ Brad made an appearance anyway… YES~!!!
    And VIXX appeared~!! ^_^

  79. well at least we can always count on a girl group winning Best Female Artist

  80. “Who the f*ck is len?” LOL
    I seriously love the rookie award skit, the appearance of Brad himself was hilarious!

  81. THAT. WAS AMAZING. omg NOM, I just…. *laughed so hard when Simon was laughing uncontrollably*

  82. The NOM scenes were the best! I have not laughed that hard over a video in so long! You guise. :D!! Eric Nam was such a cutie too! Thank you EYK crew for all your hard work into making such an awesome EYKA this year!

  83. I think the best people to answer this question are you S&M but from what i have seen there is two groups with the same name NOM. As you know the one that was at the eyk studio the A guys – N.O.M but who is this other NOM??


  84. thisisjustforfunval

    Love the Nu’est skit. The curse may technically be broken but it still follows them in that again you aren’t in Korea to film their Music Monday for another month XD Can’t wait till February 2014….or February 2098 haha

  85. Martina, how did you feel with NOM dancing all nasty around you??? I would have felt soooo uncomfortable, with it being on camera LOL. And I’m sure it was uncomfortable for Simon to watch too haha :P

  86. Omg! Soo Zee at the end XD!!!!! And so many guest appearances O_O that was awesome!!!!!! And the comment on the Nues’t KMM! I laughed so hard! And Eric Nam’s laugh is so cute!!!! And Amber tweeted!?! (I don’t have a tweeter) Awesome! So happy for f(x) cause that category was a tough one!!! And Vixx! Omg they appeared!!!! And N.O.M. was too funny! And Boyfriend was so cute!!!! and…and…and! Brain overload!

  87. “How to Dance Kpop Style 2011, in which Big Bang won dance of the year for a video…that didn’t have a dance.”
    GD won the MAMA best male solo dance of the year with Crooked… even the live version doesn’t have a choregraphy…

    SOOSEEEE has the best job. I’m kind of jalous of her.

  88. Lastly thank you Ren is the prettiest IDOL ever

  89. OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG FINALLY NU’EST will get a music monday omg omg thank you everyone for voting. LO/E fans we did it

  90. I am so jealous of SOOZEE OMG i can’t believe you had all thought hot guys around you

  91. So not to be a stick in the mud, but im going to be a stick in the mud. SNSD on the last day were leading the Best Dance . . . how did they get knocked down into 8th/9th? Also what is with the 20825 G+ votes for everyone above them except Shinee …

    I don’t want to start a fan/flame war, I just really was hoping they would win at least 1 category and have S/M talk about them.

    • Blueberries

      I was suprised too since SNSD was leading quite sometime. But maybe there was just invansion of exotics suddenly coming to vote? That happens with bigger groups, for example when popular fansite tweets or makes posts about awards.

      • I thought of that too. But if you check the voting #’s, they dont add up. Take out the wonky G+ numbers and you’ll notice the difference. They would’ve needed a huge amount of g+ votes to surpass them, but who uses Google Plus? Not enough to get into first on the last day I bet.

        • nonprofit_tech

          EYK Google+ page has over 78,000 followers, so there were plenty to rally. Admittedly, a far lower count than Facebook or Twitter, but really, something like a ‘final notice’ to vote or a well timed ‘call to action’ can easily change the charts, which is why, Simon and Martina warn, not to vote your bias, but to watch all the videos, then vote. But let’s face it, there are probably millions of people, that’s never going to happen for.

  92. Feygarden

    I’m dying from my inability to breathe. Seriously that was really funny. I didn’t watch the NOM video before now as I thought they were just another boy kpop group, but has thrusting choreography. Boy was I wrong. Seriously did I watch a kpop mv or soft core gay porn? Oooh so nasty!

  93. “in which Big Bang won dance of the year for a video…that didn’t have a dance.”
    …lmao but seriously for the next time you should maybe count your votes as well not just the votes of the fans

  94. I am not ashamed to say I have watched the last 1:20 several times. SO MANY MOMENTS.

    And Soo Zee, you might be one of my spirit humans.

  95. Javonni

    God bless Eat Your Kimchi!

  96. This year’s EYKAs blew last years out of the water! Very great job, Simon and Martina. <3

  97. LOLZ! Hilarity!!!!!!!! Great videos! And Soozee with NOM hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  98. i bet soo zee wont be washing her right hand after touching those abs LOL

  99. omg the entire thing was amazing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! Brad and Eric were awesome together. I’ve replayed Brad’s Eric Nam impersonation like 10 times now. And NOM were hilarious. Soozee made me burst out loud laughing with her interactions with them XD


  101. I loved the awards this year! So hilarious!!!
    Too bad Amber couldn’t do a skit with you guys though, but I LOVED the other guest appearances!

  102. I had no idea Doom Dada alluded to so many things, I only recognized the Dali mustache and the zootrope. You go TOP, you go.

  103. I’ve only watched part one and nearliy died XDD RUN N.O.M RUN was all I could yell. XDD….Eric Nam and Brad kiled me a little XD I was hopping for a judo chop >.> #buskerbuskerrookies4life

  104. Let me just say:
    I absolutely love Eric Nam. =D <3

  105. I loved the scene with Eric Nam but the one with N.O.M. made me actually laugh out loud. You guys are awesome! Also, I would live to see more Fangurilla.

  106. Jordan

    Um….OMG Fangurilla

  107. So funny and yay B.A.P and Eric won! Also I don’t know why but I feel like a proud parent, Simon and Martina this video shows how far you guys have come and how far you can go. You guys expanded the EYK crew, just had a pop up store event, had actual celebrity guest appearances and video messages, and numerous other things you all have recently done. It really is amazing to see how EYK continues to expand and continue to keep all of it’s charms!! Ok I’m done having a moment lol! EYK 4 LYFE lol

    The Nom part was hilarious! >.<

  108. Sydney

    Wow Eric Nam was soo funny! I loved watching him!

  109. I would like you to know I nearly died twice while watching this review, both times from laughing so hard I choked on my water. Y’all are like really hilarious assassins…I’m on to you.

  110. I would have LOVED to see Leigh+NOM

  111. Great job guys! Loved it! Eric and Brad were so hilarious! Love them! BTW, did you all notice how Spudgy was really looking into Brad’s eyes as he was getting his tummy rubbed. So cute!!!

  112. N.O.M Entertainment OFFICIAL FACEBOOK


  113. Do you wanna see my Eric Nam impersonation? LOL

  114. This just occurred to me. Does your censoring goat noise have any correlation with the awkward goat noise in K-Dramas like Reply 1994?

  115. Hi!!! the videos are amazing, omg you are the best. Please write the lyrics from aegyo girl song Lol, your english is too fast for me ;)

  116. Great awards guys and thanks for getting some of the artists in for this. In term of reducing fan bias, I wish there was a way of ensuring that people could only vote once…But all in all am okay with the winners as you guise said its pretty fair.

  117. I thought last year’s EYK’s Awards was fantastic and really enjoyed it, but this year you have outdone yourselves! All the special guests and the skits and the bloopers! ( Brad’s Eric Nam was priceless and the poor NOM guys with Simon..I think they might be traumatized forever!) With everything you have had going on and how popular you guys are getting it is so nice to see that you are still staying true to yourselves! Please, please keep giving us all of this loveliness and even if I don’t always agree with some of your reviews, I LOVE watching them and you! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  118. oh my god i was losing my shit so bad at fanguerella
    /thrust thrust thrust

    Everyone who won was just awesome and all the appearances and acceptance speeches were just lovely :3

    what a great EYKA this year!
    (also i lost it at martina’s face when simon and soozee were dancing on her in the tiny kitchenette)

  119. Hahaha Shawty got low, low, low, low…
    Eric: “How low do we have to go?!”
    Me: “All the way through the floor!”

  120. omg! this was s much more than I was expecting! I was thinking something along the lines of last year but then you guys went and totally blowed me mind!!! First off I loved all the guest appearances (especially Eric Nam+Busker Busker’s Brad) and the totally hot half naked guys!! but then you even went and had real acceptance speeches from VIXX and Boyfriend!! Congratulations to everyone on the EYK crew this year because you have officially out done yourself :) thank you for a great to end to whats been an amazing year for all the Nasties :)
    P.S I would totally love my job if I was SooZee as well haha

  121. is it just me or does simon totally look like the wierd french dude from Tamra the island with that blonde wig on.

  122. OMG! Brad’s Eric Nam impersonation… PURE GOLD! :’D

  123. Kate Allan

    This was awesome! Everything about this was top notch, really!

  124. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop laughing at these videos :’) Love how you guys actually got some of the winners in (like last year), makes the EYKAs seem more real ^~^ LOVE IT YOU GUYS AWESOME EDITING! <3

  125. That made my day !!! Thanks you It was hilarious !!!

  126. Awesome awards, S&M! There was so much goodness in this I could cry tears of gold plated joy.

    I voted for N.O.M every day so glad they still got some love for obviously being the Nastiest guys in Kpop! And Eric Nam is adorable! Heck, everyone was amazing. Thanks!

  127. Jase Aaron

    Hahaha I would’ve never expected N.O.M to be there, that was awesome! Let the traumatizing live on!

    And wow that was quite the detailed explanation of Doom Dada, now it seems less bizarre… slightly.

  128. No, sorry. Let me do this right.

  129. I find your lack of girl bands… disturbing

  130. OMG this was the BEST XD I swear, everything was awesome! All the winners seemed pretty fair to me and I’m glad you got VIXX and Boyfriend to do acceptance speeches and that you got Eric Nam, Brad, Geeks and NOM to come to the studio xD They were all hilarious! Brad’s Eric Nam impersonation killed me! Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing for a long time! And I fangirled like crazy when VIXX appeared with their speech. I hope you guys get to do an interview with them in the future :) It’d be fun to watch! Speaking of fun to watch….THIS AWARD SHOW WAS SO FUN TO WATCH! And the fact that you had to do this in a short amount of time before you left Canada is mind blowing. You guys must have been seriously tired.

    Now I can’t wait for next year’s! If you guys had all this planned for this year’s, I can’t wait to see how you will top it!

  131. thisisjustforfunval

    Totally feel the need to say this, don’t care if anyone disagrees, Martina I love what you said about Boyfriend and aegyo and why they deserved to win. Sure it would have been nice to see a girl group take the aegyo category by storm since they are masters of their aegyo craft but from the moment I saw “On and On” I was spewing sparkly rainbows of cuteness from all my facial orifices. They took aegyo to a new extreme and didn’t let up or loosen up once during the whole video. It was as you said very robotic, so robotic it could be a tad scary but then it lulls you with big unblinking eyes like a cute fluffy kitten. Much like this one:

  132. Haven’t laughed this much for a video in months. Well done guise, and Merry Christmas all you Nasties in the world.

  133. AoiHitomi

    OMG I was expecting an awesome EYKA video this year but you blew me away! it was beyond my expectations, I think I woke up my whole family from laughter… and now I love even more Brad and Eric, they are so funny! :) Also, NOMs part…with Soozee….E.P.I.C!
    Congrats to all the winners!

    BEST EYK AWARDS EVAAAR! Congratulations! The best Christmas present this year so far!

    Lots of love from Spain

  134. This is seriously the best christmas present I could have ever asked for. and NOM?! WTF?! HOW??? HOW DID YOU GUYS EVEN?! I feel violated and ecstatic at the same time! :,D

  135. I CAN’T BELIVE THAT U GOT VIXX TO FLIM A VIDEO FOR U GUIES OHMYGURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VIXX!!!!!!

  136. Soo Zee with N.O.M was HILARIOUS! Lucky girl ^_^ Best job ever!!

  137. Sayapinky

    I LOVED THIS. I freaked out when I saw Eric Nam, and the NOM-parts had me almost dying with laughter!! I would have LOVED to see all the backstage of this, especially with the latter. Their expressions leaving Fangurilla are glorious XD

    I was wondering, however, how come you can’t make and give the winners an actual trophy? It seems so sad that they actually come into your studio to give speeches and apparently still can’t bring a trophy home..


    Wonderful, start to finish! I just loved the videos, thank you for making them so awesome :D
    I’m so happy that Eric Nam won Best Rookie, your interview was what made me like him so much and now this skit just solidified it. I loved how Eric always called Brad “Busker Busker Brad” :D
    It’s cool that Geeks came to the studio too, I didn’t expect that!
    Doom Dada basically got a mini-review which is cool as well because tbh I didn’t realize how thought out that video was! And Martina should win some award too, for being able to speak so fast with a lisp and still be understandable.
    And oh, the Nastiest Video… I voted for N.O.M like every day and thought that if they would win, they’d have possibly shown up for a skit because they promoted the EYKAs on their Facebook page AND OMG IT HAPPENED even though they didn’t win :D And the skit was pure gold, SooZee’s part was my favorite. She really enjoyed it, didn’t she? ;] N.O.M, ooooh you so nasty!
    Boyfriend were one of those artists that I took into account when I wondered who would possibly make an acceptance speech video and I’m happy to see that I was right :) I’m pretty sure Minwoo won’t be too upset about that misspelling but I have to say that after seeing all these guest appearances, for a moment I was dumbfounded and thought “How in the world did they get Minho to appear in this?” lol. I hope one day your schedules will finally align. Starship artists seem so EYK-friendly.
    Wow, Mordney got some winter attire. And yay for VIXX’s acceptance video! They’ve really mastered the dark concept so I’m glad they won. Question I wonder if Mordney can understand Ravi’s intros? It seems to me that the two can find a common language, huh?
    Growl won Best Dance, yay!
    Too bad f(x) are from SM…
    “Sausage fests are great!”>>>>SooZee with N.O.M LOLOLOLOL
    Eric Nam impersonation, I can’t stop laughing!

    Thank you guys!

    P.S. Pretty baby… pretty baby girls.

  140. I can’t believe N.O.M was there! I learned about them a few months back and thought they had an interesting concept. I took a chance submitting the video after it was out cuz it was so damn NASTY and I hoped it would get reviewed for a music monday, but this is so much better!

  141. Dina Panda-Chan Kitiara

    Simon is wearing my bow!!!!!! Super ecstatic!!!!!!!^^

  142. Holy fart sucking batman

    Who were those guys dancing around soozee?

  143. You guys make me love Eric Nam even more everytime he comes to your studio! XD And Brad’s just as awesome as ever(or perhaps more? lol) And wow I wasn’t expecting the thank you speech from Boyfriend and VIXX I squealed so much. >w< As always, thank you for another great year and I can't wait for next year! ^^


  145. BEST EYK AWARDS EVER, Cant wait until next year, i would be nice to see the late acceptance speech videos of the other artist

  146. Guys this is the best, i laught the whole time :))

  147. Brad impersonation of Eric Nam XD So mean !! [So freaking funny] I ♥ Brad and Eric Nam ♥

  148. I just… I don’t… I’m sorry, I had a major breakdown because NOM. I’m pretty sure half of my street heard me hysterically laughing for like ten solid minutes. Thank you.

  149. NOM is officially scared of all forigners… BUT THAT WAS HILARIOUS!! You go Fangurilla!

  150. I bet Fangurilla scared the shit out of the N.O.M. guys lol. BEST EYKAS SO FAR, GUYS! EPIC!

  151. unicornsgalaxy

    Finished part 2. Was happy to see Boyfriend and VIXX give a thank you video! …it was hard to top N.O.M’s appearance though… Don’t think anything could top that.

    Just one minor bit of contention though. Um, when saying who a winner beat, it might be a good idea to keep it with people who were nominated in the category. I mean I guess technically you could say that if they weren’t nominated then the winner did beat them, but it just looks kind of off to me (if you ask me). I mean there were 7 other groups that you could have said that were nominated. I’m gonna go with it was just a quick slip of the tongue caused by alliteration, lack of sleep, and rushing to get the filming done though.

    But overall, I think you guys did a super great job and I was really happy to see all the groups that participated! Great Job guys!!!

  152. Stephanie Dubuque

    Wow you guys did an amazingly awesome job I was laughing out loud to everything, I especially loved the skit with Eric Nam and Busker Busker Brad. Can’t wait for next years and the timing of this upload was nice, very nice early Christmas gift ^^

  153. OMG!!!! This is so awesome! It ended way too soon!!! You guys are the best, you are always making me laugh like crazy!!!

  154. I can’t even, you guise. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying. This year’s EYKAs were outstanding. Busker Busker Brad and Eric Name were hysterical, NOM were *can’t finish sentence, so much drooling over half naked boys* and great sports for coming out to be a part of this even though they didn’t win. Absolute yes to more being silly with Kpop bands! It was the best! You guys slay me. Hope you’re safe and warm and enjoying Christmas Eve Eve in Canada! Also Soooooozeeeeeee! You really do have the best job ;P

  155. HOT!!! GUYS!!!!! LOL!!!! LOVED THAT PART!!!!!!

  156. Next year y’all should do a ‘Best Band (Performance/Video/Group)’ category. Nell, Busker Busker, Royal Pirates ect ect could have been up for it this year.
    Oh and an Indie category too!

  157. This was awesome!! Last year was great, but this year you did even better! I couldn’t list everything that had me crack up.
    Soozee having the time of her life and being so cute when she said ”I love my job”!
    And Mordney is baaaaaaaaaaack!
    And the tribute to Milkshake… Ah I almost wiped a tear…

    And I find so great that you had so many bands coming to the studio, and knowing that even more were interested… It’s great that you guys gain so much recognition now!
    And I was baffled by your explanation of TOP’s video. I was really weirded out by the video at first, but all these artistic references had me thinking (yep history of arts nerd here^^)
    And even though very few of the bands I supported made it to first place, I am quite satisfied by the results and think they are well balanced overall.

    Ah now I really start to feel like it’s Christmas! Thanks for this awesome present… And a merry Christmas to everyone!

  158. I wish there was a way to get you guys real Golden Spudgy awards to hand out to the winners who actually make it to the studio.

  159. Hannah Niebaum


  160. Cara Rose

    ohhh mah word!! I had to stop at 7:58 and laugh hysterically at Sooooozzeeeee’s resction >.< priceless

  161. Omg. I laughed so hard. Great job you guys! Better then last year!!

  162. So I’m going to assume Eric Nam is a new EYK bestie? You guy just keep accumulating kpop idol friends. I think Amber was totally jealous watching this…

  163. Does Amber know that f(x) won?

  164. THANK YOU FOR THIS YEAR’S EYKAs. Seriously. So fun to watch, I LOVE that you were able to contact the bands and get them to participate in the videos (Eric Nam is so sweet! :D), and they had me laughing hysterically. Also, SOOZEE AND NOM. BEST. THING. EVER.
    I’m with you guys about A Guys deserving the Nastiest video award! I was going through all of the mvs before voting and when that guy’s hands disappeared into his pants I sat there and stared open-mouthed until the video was over. I think they should have won that award, hands down (…their pants. OOH, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?).
    I have absolutely no problem with Amber using her EYKBFF super powers to help get f(x) the award for best female artist, though. Congrats to them! :D

  165. The 2013 EYK awards is even better than the 2012 one. I laugh so hard, especially at the bloopers and when soozee went crazy surrounding by so many guys.
    It was completely worth the wait

  166. Congrats to all the winners! But i must say that i’m so proud of Junsu and Jaejoong! As for Yoochun, we will see him soon as an actor in his new drama ,,Three days” and the movie ,,Sea fog”. And finally, a new JYJ album will be released in 2014. And thank you S&M for supporting JYJ!

  167. OMG MARTINA I HOPED YOU WOULD DO A REVIEW OF T.O.P’S DOOM DADA AND YOU DID, even tho’ it was a fast one!! And you are just as excited about this video like me LOL I love that!! I was like DAMN MARTINA GOTTA DO A REVIEW ON THIS MV when I saw it, cause it was sooo weird and full of symbols, and you made it sooo interesting just doing a fast little review of Doom DaDa and when you listed all the symbols and influential pieces for the MV I was all like WHOAAing all the time. You should have done a KMM on this one!! ヘ(。□°)ヘ

  168. I have really enjoyed watching the transformation of your videos. Did you guys ever imagine having this many fans and being able to book so many people? Sooo Happy for you guys. Thanks for the entertainment. You make my day a bit brighter every day. Oh and way to go Susie! Meow!

  169. And the best scene of the EYKAs goes to….Soozee and her new work accessories…I almost died of laughter.

  170. unicornsgalaxy

    Eric Nam!!!!! aw he’s so sweet and cute. I thought BTS had it in the bag but I’m glad that Eric won and was able to come on. I loved the skit with him and ‘Busker Busker Brad”! He does know that he has to come on every year right?

    GEEKS!! Wow, I didn’t expect them to show up! I’m really happy they did.

    NOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!! I seriously screamed out loud when they came on!!! I was so hoping they would win but it’s awesome that they came on anyways! I’m still a little traumatized by the video though

    I honestly wasn’t expecting all these groups to come! I figured ‘Busker Busker Brad’ would and maybe Eric but not the others. OK off to watch part 2. Once I saw NOM, I figured I had to stop and spazz for a few seconds!

  171. I was waiting for Brad to Judo chop Eric and run off with the Golden Spudgy.

  172. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahaahahahah OH MY GOD that Voldermort scared the crap outta me!!!! i literally jumped back!!!
    Soozoo and NOM bwahahahahhahaha!!!!

  173. Ariadne Locket

    Even though some of my favourite bands didn’t win I can’t stop myself from congratulating you guys for the amazing work. Thank you.

  174. I didn’t think any of your winners would actually be in the EYK studio, that’s awesome! It’s so cool that they recognize you guise this way, and wanted to goof around with you and the Spudgy award haha, even tho’ it’s an fun, unofficial award voted forward by fans, and that they took time in their schedule to visit is awesome. Laughed a lot at the skits too, they were funny ^^ Nice work Simon and Martina, I enjoyed the EYKA’s a lot!

  175. I was so excited for the EYKAs I spilled an entire glass of mint green bubble tea all over the floor. But it was worth it to watch Busker Busker Brad and Eric Nam duke it out. Amazing.

  176. Wishy

    Brad’s “Eric Nam Impression” XD Do that on every variety show!

  177. thisisjustforfunval

    SPECTACULAR EYKA’s this year. It is so wonderful that so many celebrities participated. Didn’t know it was possibly but I may love Eric Nam even more now, love his sense of humor. Brad and him are amazing for doing this skit for the EYKA’s. HUGE round of applause to N.O.M. for the skit made of gold! For me the were the winners of Nastiest, especially since they were messaging for votes as well. Guys you really out did yourselves this year. Amazing humor and scripting, editing, the bloopers are perfect. Brad, lol quit teasing poor Eric hahaha. Love it guys, love you and love all everyone who participated!

  178. By the way WHY DIDN T N.O.M. A GUYS WIN

    • People voted for their bias groups. N.O.M had the support of the hardcore Nasties because, it truly is nasty. Troublemaker had the support of the 4nias and the B2utys. Both of those fan groups (even by themselves) outnumber the hardcore Nasties who voted for N.O.M and were able to dominate that category. It’s not fair but with the system in which 100% of the votes count for an award, results like this are bound to happen. :/

      • But in the end which video got more attention from EYK.?? Not that Troublemaker would have shown up to accept the award. NOM may not have won but they will get more views from this..

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Not to mention I think them showing up is going to get them a lot more attention and I’m thinking way more people who didn’t watch before will watch it now :)

        • So many of us commented on NOM’s MV page after seeing this. They are going to attract more attention with the international community now, that is for sure.

        • kiyavi Ann Hatten

          n.o.m has a facebook page it’s n.o.mentlive just like their youtube

    • That’s what I’d like to know!

    • I know right?… way nastier than any nasty video that ever nastied!

  179. Oh my God.. I laughed so hard with everyone.. my parents were giving me strange looks. Oops. xD

  180. KATHyphenTUN

    Well that was just a blast! I think I teared up a bit from both the laughter and from seeing you guys come sooo far with the studio!! Congrats and can’t wait for what’s in store in 2014

  181. Thanks guise! So much fun. and SooZee was def the best part :)

  182. WOW that is a whole new level of epicness. Best Christmas present of 2013. Thanks to the whole team for your hard work!

  183. Wishy

    I’m sure Fangurilla is going to murder Soo Zee when she finds out about the ab licking incident. XD

  184. Hopefully you guys can interview these awesome bands next year! Would love to see VIXX being dorky with you guys :)

    • hapagirl

      Oh jesus, N and Ken with Simon and Martina, that needs to happen. And all of them in the sticker booth. And they can bribe Leo with Spudgy and Meemers

      • N with his “LeoOooo~” and Ken with “N HYUNG! N HYUNG! N HYUNG!” vs. Simon and Martina’s “SOOOOooZEEeee~~!”

        • hapagirl

          I can see that happen and Leo’s gonna hide in the cave and take the animals and the food with him.

        • Leo gets happy on camera when there is food, children, animals, and someone getting hurt/scared(mtv diary when his firework accidentally shot toward a couple). He smiles a lot when he isn’t on camera though….*flashback zone out*

        • hapagirl

          I can see that happening, just him judging everyone. And what if the bloopers is him giving Spudgy tummy touches? I’ve noticed that too, him and aegyo go together as well as N with anything slightly scary.

  185. I totally voted NOM for the Nastiest video of the year!!! But I love the fact you still were able to include them into the award video :DDD

  186. Sascha_Wong

    This was so hilariously awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing at the NOM skit. Ahahaha.

  187. I wish I were Suzy, so lucky being witht that many hot guys *///v///*

  188. I actually really liked the EYKAs this year. xD Though, I felt the skit between Eric and Brad was kinda out there. Overall, I applaud everyone who worked on it.

    However, I do agree how fans will be clouded by their idols and vote for them, despite other contenders deserving their respective category more. :/ I’m in a lot of these fandoms, but I REALLY try my best to vote fairly. I hope that one day, we can vote for groups that truly deserve the votes over our biases because *omo they’re so magical and they have to be the best*

    That’s all I have issues with. I’m okay with the groups/idols that won their awards though. ^^ Let’s hope for another successful year with EYK!

  189. Fangurilla needs a new dress and wig for 2014! This are the best Awards EVER! Congratulations for being so awesome and giving to the fans what we need…more and more fanservice xD!

  190. Brad’s Eric Nam impression was spot on.. sorryeric.

  191. Cara Rose

    it’s here. IT’S HERE!!! ^_^

  192. Guise, that was awesome. You made something totally unexpectable and crazy out of an award ceremony. I loved the accelarated Doom Dada KMM, and all the different interventions. Finally we got to see Fangurilla in front of actual KPop idols! She was… not so succesful. But we still love her.

    Just one thing, guise: are you going to bring up the 2011 HTDK every year? You guise asked us to vote for our favorite video, we did, then you changed your mind and announced the winners as if it was a dance contest! How was it the voters’ fault???

  193. Oh, and btw, NOM has a lot of fans here in Brazil!

    Best wishes for you guys! Thank you for inviting them, S&M!

  194. ok, who are the hot guys with Soozee?

  195. Wishy

    I think that blondie Olympic reporter has Flacid Jaw Syndrome… o.o Nooooooooo~!!!

  196. Was just thinking..can you imagine the crazy nastiness that would happen (in a good way) if this was an actual on stage live (ok..maybe should only be on cable or the internet…) awards show? Would be epically crazy. If I’m in SK when that happens i will work on it for spudgy tummy touches……:-D

    • We thought about that, but I’m not sure if we could ever do a Live event like this, you know? We need time to edit awkward skits and can’t do that live :D

      • But they do that on reg. awards shows…where they have them pre-filmed. (you know like the MTV awards when they were actually interesting..) :-D and then there are some that aren’t and they do fine. OH you could have the bands perform..would be so kewl!

  197. I laughed so hard at the Nom bit that my Dad came downstairs and asked me if I was having a seizure. .. xD

  198. Brad doing his “Eric Nam impression” cracked me up so much

  199. mihuru

    Aaah you got so many of the winners to come to the studio or give a thank you video! My jaw literally dropped when VIXX appeared!

  200. THE BLOOPERS THOUGH!! Haaaa Eric and Brad seem like such nice and definitely funny people! :D

  201. lol busker buskers brad impersonation of eric nam…….

  202. hapagirl

    This made me SO happy!!!
    I really didn’t think that I’d see anyone, like after Eric and Brad. My bother will confirm that I pretty much fansquealed over the whole thing, with A Guys that made me year. Poor Leigh having to miss out on that. And I agree that they should have won or Jay Park. And when Vixx came out, I lost my shit. I’m happy that people were able to participate in this, we got more idols and it wasn’t just Brad and K Will. Maybe next year or later on we can get JYJ to be a part of it!
    Hope you guys are safe and warm and everyone gets power back soon.

  203. Omg awesome. just so awesome. :-D

  204. This made my day omg. It was perfect!
    And it saddens me that I have to wait one year for the next EYK Awards. Already looking forward to it!

  205. I think the Eric Nam and Busker Busker Brad skit was pretty much the best thing to happen all year. I had to pause to give myself time to catch my breath because I was actually choking.

    …and as a side note so that you’re prepared for possibly angry fangirls, the dude in Boyfriend…his name is Minwoo, not Minho XD Hopefully people will remain calm.

    • I KNEW there was something wrong with that, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I’m not super familiar with Boyfriend but I didn’t think they had a Minho.

  206. misspricilla

    such award
    much nastiness
    very artists

  207. Omg… this is awesome & hilarious^^ especially with Eric Nom and Fangurilla!!!

  208. The most memorable award ceremony with… Spudgy, Eric Nam, and Bard from BB. AND OMG those guys… Are they like the real group and OMG!!! I wonder what went through their minds when they had to film those scenes…

  209. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG I just finished part one and I’m dying. NO ONE is in the office to save me either. Brad and Eric slayed me but I can’t survive that GLORIOUS N.O.M skit. OMG I can’t breath! This is so amazingly wonderful guys! I’m almost afraid to start part two, deep breath, inhale, exhale.

  210. Ray

    SooZee O.O you surprised me ^^ licking your finger after touching the guys abs and that look …Anyone would fall in love with you…too bad im far away ^^.. It was funny

  211. Brad makes for an excellent villian. Maybe next year all the winners can come in and do their 30 second acceptance speech?

  212. Wishy

    Tall white man counseling… XD They should make that the dance for the next MV.

  213. I started laughing soooo hard when Soozee touched one of the A nom (??) member’s abs. BEST.PART. of part 1. Now off to part 2! Nananananaaah!

  214. omg “Eric Nam: I have a degree in tall white man counsel”

  215. Just finished Part 1 and I have tears in my eyes because of N.O.M… LOL!

  216. How did NOM show up in the studio? I mean how were they dressed when they got out of the cab.

  217. So excited to watch! But first I had to leave a comment…love you guise!!!!! *Insert NA~~~~STY love*

  218. “T.O.P loves art. I love art. T.O.P loves me”.

    You’re totally right!

  219. Brad and Eric are too funny!!! The eykas are totally distracting me from decorating the Christmas tree…

  220. Spudgy Love!

  221. Nina Harris

    Ah I can’t believe you were able to get so many guests to come! Congrats S&M!

  222. Wooohooo! Can’t wait to watch! =D

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