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The 2013 Eatyourkimchi Awards!

December 24, 2013


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Hi guise!

Allow us to present to you our second annual Eatyourkimchi Awards, which honours the best of Kpop for 2013, and whose winners are determined solely by you, the audience. We know award shows oftentimes are vague in how they select their winners, but, with us, you can see the results as the votes pour in. We, then, take the list of winners, and do our best to talk about their achievements as awkwardly as possible. Great success! The voting results were hidden for a while after the voting closed, but you can check them now to see all of the nominees and all of the categories. Woot!

We’ve divided up the video into two parts, because the whole thing was almost 20 minutes long. 20 Freaking Minutes! That’s too long for one person to sit through on this thing called the internets, so we cut it in half. We put it all in a playlist, which you should be able to watch above. If not, you can at least see part 1 up there. Here’s part 2:

Very big thanks to Eric Nam, Brad, Geeks, N.O.M., Vixx, and Boyfriend. They were all awesome, and had a great sense of humour about them. This is the kind of stuff we’d love to do with Kpop. We want to be silly with the bands, we want to play around and do funny stuff. Hopefully next year we could keep on doing stuff like this, and run after boy bands telling them we want to lick their butts.

Let us know what you think! I know that online voting is a double edged sword. It’s good that you can determine the winner of the awards clearly, while other award shows “factor” in your participation in some obscure unclear way, but it also means that a fanswarm can heavily sway the votes, as we saw with the first time we opened our KpopCharts system to determine the winners of How to Dance Kpop Style 2011, in which Big Bang won dance of the year for a video…that didn’t have a dance.

With these awards, though, it seems like people’s choices were pretty fair, and though we might have voted for different winners here and there, I don’t think the results are really arguable as terribly unfair. Let us know if you feel differently. I definitely would have voted N.O.M.’s “A Guys” as Nastiest video of the year, IMO.

But, on a more serious note: the video that made us laugh the most out of this whole event was the Bloopers. HA! We had some small mental meltdowns. Why? Because that day that we were filming, when we had to get everything recorded before we went to Canada, we had two urgent unavoidable meetings scheduled, out of the blue, on that day. Each of them taking up two hours. That’s four hours of daylight lost! So we were a bit woozy at the end, as you might have seen with the skating scene. But we managed to finish filming before the sun rose, and then scuttled back home to get packing. But not without getting a load of great bloopers, which we hope you’ll like as much as we do:

On that note, if you liked these videos and haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, make sure you do so by clicking on this button here. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!



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