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Eat Your Kimchi Version 3.0

April 3, 2009


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So we’ve got a lot to mention. Here goes:
1) The big announcement is that we are now Gepik Representatives for Bucheon City. What does this mean? A few things: one, if you have any questions about dealing with your school, please contact us! We’ll do our best to answer your questions or direct you to the higher powers that can solve the problem for you. We’re here to help! If you don’t live in Bucheon, we can direct you to your local rep who lives close to you. As well, this means that next week, (April 6th-9th) we will be working at the Gepik Orientation for Middle and High School Students. We’ll be helping out at the workshops and we’re also giving a presentation on Classroom Management. Yes, we will be up on stage for two hours talking about classroom management. If you’re going to be there, then please be nice to us! We’re nervous!

As for the website, there are a few updates as well:

1) We drew on our website. See the pictures all around? Yeah. Martina likes to doodle. The wider your window, the more doodles you’ll see.

2) Sorry for the delay in videos. We’ve been either working on our Gepik Orientation Presentation or trying to remodel the site into something more usable. We’ve had issues with the Movies and ESL Resources page, so we remade them from scratch.
Now EVERY ONE OF OUR VIDEOS EVER is available on YouTube, and the YouTube links are available on our Movies Page. A lot of people prefer YouTube over QuickTime, so we made every video available. The few we haven’t made available are of ones specifically of our students. Even though our schools have given us permission to upload the movies, we still want to refrain from putting some of those videos up.

3) The ESL Resources page now has more to offer. You can browse our lesson plans by tags, rather than just School Levels. If you’re looking for games, click on the games tag; handouts? Click on the handouts tag. As well, every lesson that has a Powerpoint presentation is updated, so that you can preview a movie of the Powerpoint to see if you want to download it or not. All lessons come in both Mac and PC formats.

4) As well, since we’re not web-coding wizards, this took a lot longer than it should have taken any competent human being. We’re worried that there might be some bugs. Feel free to tell us if you find any. We won’t take offense, honest! We’ll be mighty thankful!

Finally, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, we’ve got more fun videos in the works, so check the post above to see what a class is like in a Korean Middle School for starters!



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Eat Your Kimchi Version 3.0


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  1. Thanks! Korean street food is awesome! Might just have it for dinner now that you reminded me…

    10 years ago
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