It’s that time of year again! Time for our year end Kpop Recap. We’ve been doing this every year since 2008 with our “How To Dance Kpop Style” videos. We used to chose our personal favourite songs of the year, but last year we opened it up to public voting, and it resulted in Big Bang’s “Tonight” winning Dance of the Year, for a video that didn’t have a dance. Lame! So, this year, we decided to change things up a bit so that we can explore different categories rather than just focusing on dancing only. Think of the 2012 EatYourKimchi Awards (2012 EYKAs) like a giant Kpop Music Monday! It won’t just be a boring listing of winners, we’ll joke around as we usually do WHILE wearing fancy evening wear and giving out awards! Ooohhh so classy!

We’d still like to give you the chance to voice your opinions, so each category will have 10 choices that you can vote on. The winner of each category will go onto the final 2012 EYK Awards ceremony.

How to vote!

Head on over to the 2012 Eat Your Kimchi Awards page and pick the best videos from the many different categories. You’ll notice that you can only vote on three categories for now. That’s because we’re going to release the nominees for different categories over the span of a week, just to keep it fresh, instead of overloading you with too much to vote for at once. Here’s the order we’ll be releasing the nominees. Check back on this page from time to time as we’ll be uploading new videos for each category.

Day 1

Vote for the Best Dance of 2012


Vote for the Nastiest Dance of 2012


Vote for the Best Potential KMM of 2012


Day 2

Vote for the Best Solo Performance of 2012


Vote for the Best Rookie Group of 2012


Day 3

Vote for the Best Artsy Fartsy Music Video of 2012


Vote for the Most Bizarre Video of 2012


Vote for the Best Plot of 2012


Day 4

Vote for the Best Aegyo of 2012


Vote for the Best Outfits of 2012


Vote for Best Spudgy Look-a-like


Day 5

Vote for Best Use of Mr.Brohoho’s Shop in 2012


Vote for Best Gun Usage of 2012


Vote for the Best Engrish of 2012

Day 6

Vote for the Best Female Group of 2012

Best Male Group

Day 7
Best Overall Video

Let us know what you think of the categories in the comment section below! This has been a really really long work in progress, we’ve been thinking about since last year’s Big Bang failure. (You know I love Big Bang, but they didn’t deserve best dance…hahahaha). Each category was very carefully thought out to make sure one band didn’t overlap into too many categories. We wouldn’t want one band taking four categories with the same song, that would be super lame. Also, for those of you who want us to screw the votes and just do what we want to do, don’t worry! We’re planning on talking about our own personal faves of the year as well, but who knows, perhaps our favs will overlap with the winners! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Lastly, thanks to all the Epik Nasties who helped out in the selection process. While we were away, they helped out so so much by carefully voting and debating about who should be in the top 10 categories. We’d be ripping out our hair now if it wasn’t for them.

  1. puwahahahaha!! i’m thinking about the idol’s face when he receive the EYKA statuette for the nastiest dance!!!! xD wondering what kind of thank you video he shoud send O_o… xD

  2. Is there anywhere to view the list of groups and song titles from the 2012 EYK Award nominations now that the voting is closed? It would be awesome if there were still links to all of the videos, even with voting closed!

  3. Where is the Best Male Group voting poll?

  4. Who would be the contenders for a ‘made Disqus their little bitch’ award? Bilasa, UKISS, and Epik High…anyone else?

  5. When voting stops will you block the winners so that it will be a surprise at who wins?

  6. Are you going to host this? If so, where?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRpVdPnMZM0&feature=youtu.be

    This should win awards! very clever parody of gangnam style dedicated to organ donation created by WCSU marketing club

  8. For the Engrish category (talking to Simon here), you said you would only judge the actual lyrics not the pronunciation of the singer. Well, in Boyfriend’s ”Janus” the actual lyrics are ”you’re not a bad girl”, the singers are making it sound different.
    Also, you made a typo in the ”Best Usage of Guns” category: you wrote ”usgage”. Probably not the first one to tell you that, sorry if I’m pissing you off.

    Overall though, you did a helluva job. Love the concept. But it would be even more awesome if you contacted the winning artists and gave them some sort of prize.
    Anyhow, keep up the good work *thumbs up from a fellow Canadian*

  9. Woaaahhh. Your awards are now featured on each kpop groups wiki page…. EPIC :D

  10. For those of you who want to complain about the EYKAs in style, let me give you a form where you can just copy and paste and insert the words you need into your own post.

    form 1 – not nominated.

    Why wasn’t <name of bias> nominated for the <category> category! <bias name’s song> is a far better candidate then the other 10 that you chose for the <category>.It doesn’t matter that <name of bias> was nominated for <number of categories>, <name of bias> deserves to win <category> and all the others you created.

    form 2 – not winning.

    I’m a <name of fan group>, but I’m not being biased. <name of bias> should be winning the <name of category>. Why don’t the rest of you see <reason #1> and <reason #2> make this video better than the others in the category. <name of bias> doesn’t deserve to be <current standing>.

    form 3 – hen house

    <name of female group/solo artist> should be getting more votes! <name of fan group> only knows how to vote for <name of fan group’s bias> and can’t see <name of female group/solo artist>’s talent is better than <name of fan group’s bias>.

    I personally will be using form 3 ad nauseum from here on out..;)

  11. Ooh I know you all are thinking right now “I wonder who NANAandLIZZYfanatic wants to win in each category?!”
    Nasty Dance – I voted SISTAR as they are my fav nasty dance, although they are def not the nastiest.
    BPKMMOrange Caramel’s Lipstick, c’mon now, S&M have said at least four times now that this is possibly their fav song and vid of the year and it would be an amazing review.
    Best DanceSHINee’s Sherlock, I LOVE PSY’s dance but this dance is just amazing and entertaining.
    Best SoloAilee, I don’t think I need to explain myself.
    Best Rookie NU’EST, this is actually tough as there are quite a few rookies I like songs by but none of them really have a couple songs I “love”.
    Most Bizarre – Either Son Dam Bi or Girl’s Day, SDB’s is more creepy, G’sD is more hilarious.
    Best PlotUV, This vid is just too retarded for me to not be voting for it! lol
    Artsy FartsyJohn Park’s Falling
    Best OutfitsNU’EST, I like shiny…
    Best AegyoORANGE CARAMEL!, this is their domain, all others get out! (Goo Hara can stay if she likes)
    BSLALHelloVenus’s Lime
    EngrishDancing King!, B1A4 is 2nd though.
    GunMBLAQ, that is if I’m being rational, otherwise I’m voting After School
    BROHOHOKJK This was my pick for plot until this was announced, also…. RUNNING MAN FTW!!!
    Best Male SHINee, since I’ve gotten into K-Pop (imma Gangnam Style baby, sorry) SHINee is the male group I’ve gotten into the most and Sherlock the song and dance were freakin amazazing! Big Bang would be my 2nd option.
    Best FemaleSISTAR, unless we are including OC along w/ AS then I vote for AS.
    Best VideoPSY’S GANGNAM STYLE!I mean seriously, I think less of all of you for not voting this video when you all clearly know it should win.

    These aren’t the only people I’m voting for but if I chose the winners myself these would be it.

  12. I REALLY really wanted to see Simon 1) explain what EXO was doing in their pants during History and 2) Do Hyuna Ice Cream… I really hope one wins and I hope Simon does a special skit!

  13. did you know that eyka is listed on each nominee’s wikipedia page under “awards and nominations”?

  14. [Rant Alert]

    EYKA Pet Peeve #1: “I’m not biased, but So-And-So DESERVES to win the most”

    Every. Single. Nominee. “DESERVES” to win.

    It’s ok to be biased, I won’t judge you. Go ahead and be biased, that’s what polls are for, no?

    We knew people would end up voting for their favourite groups anyway, which is why we tried to choose the nominees as objectively as possible. That way, whoever wins the category will still be a suitable candidate (or, even if it’s the least suitable candidate out of the 10, at least it’s better than BB winning Best Dance with a dance-less video lol)

    It just upsets me when people claim that they’re not biased, and that their group must be in first place purely because it deserves to win the most, over all the other nominees.

    Does it deserve to win? Yes. Does it deserve it more than everyone else? No.

    EYKA Pet Peeve #2: Hardly anyone checks out all the nominees before they vote.

    Well, fair enough, there’s 170 nominations after all. Checking out all the videos released this year and choosing from them objectively was the job of the nomination team (the Epik Nasties + S&M), and voters have all the right to just vote for the groups/videos they’re already familiar with.

    However, since a lot of effort was put into choosing these nominees, it would be really nice if people could go back and watch all the other videos that they haven’t seen, after they make their initial votes. Show some support to the less popular groups? Like this person did: http://saobservations.com/2012/12/06/most-artistically-creative-kpop-music-video-of-2012/

    In fact, to make it easier for you guys, here’s ALL 17 Categories in PLAYLIST MODE!!!

    EYKA Pet Peeve #3: All the Y U NO include So-And-So complaints

    We’ve all seen them. I actually don’t mind these too much, because although most of them were left out of the top 10 with strong reasoning, we did actually miss some good candidates. For example, Myname’s Hello and Goodbye would have been a pretty good Gun Usage candidate.

    What does annoy me though, is when people complain about:
    - Not including a group in a particular category when it already has nominations in a few other categories. Some groups weren’t nominated at all, so just be grateful yo!! the next person who asks why fantastic baby isn’t in best dance will be shot

    - Not including a video from 2011, or way before that. Troublemaker is from 2011. Cleansing Cream is from 2011. Balloons is from 2006. It’s called EYK Awards 2012 for a reason!

    EYKA Pet Peeve #4: Mods who make rants about their pet peeves

    Mods should just shut up and do their jobs, seriously. Why be a wet blanket and spoil everybody’s fun?

    - Most fans just enjoy voting for and promoting their biases, and may not have time to go through all 170 nominees, so might as well let them enjoy themselves.

    - All complaints about videos and groups that weren’t included should be taken with a grain of salt and given extra consideration next year. After all no list is perfect, and we should be open to this valuable input.

    - A large proportion of Nasties actually leave comments appreciating the current nominations, check out as many unknown nominees as they can, and try their best to leave objective votes and input. We should appreciate them and focus our thoughts on them instead of the less pleasant voters. For example, this person is my favourite Nasty right now: http://saobservations.com/2012/12/08/may-the-best-aegyo-win/

    Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Overall, I’m really REALLY happy with how the awards are going, and that people are discovering new videos, reminding themselves of old favourites, and just having fun!! *~(^o^)/~*

    [End Rant]

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Bwahahahahaahaha! I see that my penchant for shooting has rubbed off on you!

      I have to say that these EYKAs are going much better than I expected. I am so proud of all the Nasties, but those ones who say I know so-and-so are probably not going to win but I’m just glad they were nominated and those that take the time to at least check out the people that they haven’t heard of (even if they still end up voting for their bias) hold a special spot in my heart.

      No matter who wins in the different categories, I’ll be happy because they all deserve it! Except BAP in aegyo! Not that they don’t deserve it, but more that I refuse to see them as aegyo since I don’t really like aegyo. I’m gonna always see them as bad a$$ warriors! Forever and ever! *pouts*

      • Heh. At first I was like ‘Why the heck is BAP winning Aegyo’ but now I just find it really funny.

        Think of what the award ceremonies will be like. “Introducing BAP, winner of Best Rookie and Best Aegyo!!”

        And from hereon BAP shall be known as ‘That really Aegyo rookie group’ BWAHAHAHAHA xD

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I think the Babys decided to troll all of us hard. Actually, I’m finding it a bit amusing too. *pouts* I’m still gonna think of them as puffy bunny warriors *stomps foot*. :D

        • Agreed. At first I was disappointed about how the female groups weren’t getting much support, but now I find it completely laughable. I also loved S&M’s pleas to have the nasties try to vote objectively and not just their biases. Hahahahahahah/

        • thisisjustforfunval

          S&M killed me when they said it was the most bipolar transformation. It’s so disturbing how well BAP do aegyo. It’s sickening it deserved a vote from me.

          I have voting philosophy. For some categories I can’t help but give a vote for my bias, but I give a vote and shares to the videos I think should win. Some are one in the same. Some I know my bias’s isn’t the best in the category and don’t even give them a vote.

        • Speaking of BAP and aegyo, I just rewatched Stop It and kept thinking, “How can Bang Yong Guk be that adorably cute? He’s always so fierce.” Then I went and rewatched Power’s KMM, HA! To quote, Simon/Martina with Simon’s voice: “They debuted as rugged and badass and they’re sticking that way. Good because if they ever try to pull off a cute and playful Bilasa kind of video, I think I might vomit. I don’t think it’s possible for Bang Yong Guk to be cute. See how angry he always looks? Give him a bunny and he’ll eat it before he pets it.”

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I almost feel as if we should have had a “Most Fierce and Bad A$$ Warrior” category and B1A4 should be winning it. It feels like the world has all gone topsy turvey!

      • You guys are apparently more chill than I am lol, for the most part I’m not too fond of how things have went.

        • Heh, there’s a lot of things that I wish we could change for example MORE FEMALE WINNERS but nothing we can do about it now.

          So might as well accept it so it won’t ruin our mood too much, this is supposed to be enjoyable after all :)

          If it makes you feel better, S&M clearly said sooo many times that your favourite video was also their favourite song/video of the year (OC’s Lipstick :D)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It’s not enjoyable, I had more fun arguing nominations than seeing what is doing down right now…

          Yeah and yet it’s not on Best Vid lol, well anyway I knew they liked it 1st time they brought it up but I think we’re at four times now. Hopefully they review some of the vids they wished won each category. But there isn’t time for that so nvrm.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          yeah but you have always been more concerned with the who the winner should be then us. I’m not even voting half the time cause I’m happy with whoever wins because all the nominees totally fit in that category.

        • I’ve voted twice so far. LOL I think even my dad has voted more than me xD (he voted Epik High for Best Male, Sistar for Best Aegyo, and KJK for Brohoho)

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I voted when each category was announced and maybe a couple of times after that. Mostly for the underdogs though.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          SISTAR for Best Aegyo? lol

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Wait didn’t ur dad rly like NU’EST’s outfits?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Mainly what is ticking me off is the blowouts going on.

        • So….does that mean most artists seem to have no. 1 locked up and there’s no need to wait until the 20th?? ;)

      • I think you just said I hold a special place in your heart. awwwwww.

    • My rant wouldn’t have been as… pleasant.

    • I also find so and so deserves to win a funny argument. Along with so and so worked the hardest. Poor argument in my books as it’s hardly a secret that Kpop artists are overworked and have almost no vacation days.

      I’ll admit I’m one of those people that didn’t rewatch or even watch for the first time 98% of those music videos (although I had seen most once upon a time).

      So, why did you not include Clazzi’s “Love and Hate” for Best Solo Performance, Best Artsy Fartsy Video and/or Best Bizarre Video? ^_______________________________^

      • It was in the last draft for Artsy Fartsy, but it kinda stuck out like a sore thumb with all its CGI, so we kicked it out.


  15. In most of the categories I’m voting for more than just one video, but the best overall video is the first one where I want to vote for all of them. Maybe I’ll vote some of them more and some of them less. Or maybe I should concentrate on those less popular. They are sooo gooood…

  16. This is who I voted:
    1. Best Dance: PSY
    2. Nastiest Dance: Roh Ji Hoon
    3. Best Potential KMM: Nu’est
    4. Best Solo Performance: Junsu/Xiah
    5. Best Rookie: BAP
    6. Best Artsie Fartsie Video: Hot Potato
    7. Best Bizarre Video: Miryo
    8. Best Plot: UV
    9. Best Aegyo: Orange Caramel
    10. Best Costumes: Epik High
    11. Best Spudgy Look-A-Like: Big Bang
    12. Best Use of Mr. Brohoho’s Shop: T-ara
    13. Best Gun Usage: M-Blaq
    14. Best Engrish: Super Junior
    15. Best Female Group: T-ara
    16. Best Male Group: Originally just Epik High but I couldn’t resist so I also voted for Big Bang in the end.
    17. Best Video: Sunny Hill

    • Hmm, let me see.

      Psy has a good dance, Roh Ji Hoon has a nasty dance, Nu’est should’ve won KMM, Junsu is a good solo artist, BAP is a good rookie, Hot Potato had an artsy-fartsy video, Miryo’s video was bizarre, UV had a good plot, Orange Caramel had good aegyo, Epik High had good costumes, Big Bang’s GD and TOP look like Spudgy, T-ara used Mr. Brohoho’s brick room, MBLAQ used a few guns in their video, Super Junior had good Engrish, T-ara is a good female group, both Epik High and Big Bang are good male groups, and Sunny Hill had a good video.

      Yea I approve of your choices :p

  17. I think it’d have been a better idea to not show AT ALL the current ratings, just announce the big winners when you have the awards! A total vote count for each vote category would have sufficed, just to see that, yes, your vote was recorded. At the end of the voting period you can release charts with how the things looked at the end of each day and you’re sorted. Also make the videos appear in random order on every page refresh…and VOILA! you don’t get people getting crazy coz X is only in 2nd position. I guess with sharing to other social networking sites it’d be kinda impossible to do that, but that way they’ll be encouraged to share your site even more >.> so…
    I like all the nominations so far and I love that you disabled comments for this vote! :)

  18. 2ne1 had another song called Be Mine. wait, you guys didnt know? :O

  19. -gigglesnorted at the part where Spudgy mentioned Lime being named Lime, but has blue hair-

  20. 4Minute’s Volume up should have been nominated for ” Nastiest Dance” also :3 Anyway, all the categories are great :PP I can’t wait to see who wins, EYKAs are amazing! <3

  21. I really wish it was possible for the celebrities to do a video acceptance speech. Is it possible to notify them of the award before you guys film the video? hahaha

  22. Please.. save Christmas vote for Big Bang for best Male!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Yey, a category a male can’t win. Best Female!

  24. I think I just thought of an awesome category that S&M could do… BEST LINE EVAR award (whether the line be english, korean, or spanish). Lines such as Soy un dorito, Don’t take it in the butt, and I lost my pants…I think this could be and awesome category.

  25. I have to agree with your opinion on BB. Even I was like “WTF just happened?? @_@”

    Anyway, finally award nominees that actually make sense! -.-

  26. Question: At the beginning of the Engrish video you say it isn’t the Engrish that stems from pronunciation but from fail lyric writing skills. Based off of that, I don’t quite get the inclusion of Block B’s Nanrina…at least with the line used there. Simon says in this video, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know but I’m hard.” But the actual lyrics are, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know but I’m hot, hot. (so hot)”….And that line makes perfect sense to me.
    So in this case you are using pronunciation. Not sure if this happens in any of the other nominees as well because I don’t know them all.

    • Happened to Boyfriend as well. The “real” lyric to their song is “you’re not a bad girl” (not batgirl as Simon seems to say it).

    • It’s because of their pronunciation… not necessarily the English lyrics, but the way they say it in Engrish (hell even the word itself is making fun of the way some ppl can’t say English. why does the “L” sound like and “R”). Like Block B is supposed to say “hot”.. but the pronunciation is so bad, it sounds like “hard”

      • As you said, “It’s because of their pronunciation” and that is why I’m confused. At the beginning of the video listing the nominees, Simon says they aren’t talking about pronunciation, but lyrics that are completely out of the blue, ‘what is this person trying to say to me’ lyrics. That line in Nanrina makes sense, it isn’t confusing, the meaning is understood. The only issue with it is Ukwon saying ‘hot’ like ‘hawt’, which comes off sounding like ‘hard’. And even then the line makes sense…it becomes quite a bit more perverted, yes, but it still makes sense.
        More or less my confusion lies in the fact that they say they aren’t basing their choices on pronunciation and yet for this one, and Boyfriend and Teen Top as well based on other comments, the Engrish is stemming from the pronunciation.

  27. aegyo n engrish category is so funny!!! *holding my laughter in my uni library”

  28. Would have loved to have seen Xia Junsu’s Tarantallegra in the best dance category. True, there were many awesome videos out there, but Xiah’s is my favorite combination of awesome choreography + sexiness. And I was pleasantly surprised (like you) that he had a great, diversely ethnic group of back-up dancers with curves and what-not!

    • There were certain categories that were similar enough that we made it a rule not to overlap the nominees. Best Dance and Nastiest Dance were two of those categories. Tarantallegra is a great dance as well as a nasty/sexy dance, but we could only put it in one of those categories. In light of Junsu’s “rub my bananas, een-tox-i-kay-shun” character on EYK and considering that his dance had more sexy/nasty elements to it than our other Best Dance nominees, we chose to put him in Nastiest Dance. I hope this explanation helps :)

  29. Why Mordney doesn’t show up, even in the backor outside making a joke? I miss him (so the U-kiss boys).

  30. Seriously. I don’t now who choose. There are so many good Engrish in this awards XDDDD

    It’s hard to pick just one of them.

  31. I won’t be voting here….I’ll be voting at the FIRST AND ORIGINAL internet Kpop awards show!!! Good luck with your “idea” that just suddenly grew this year. What a co-inky-dink! NOT!!!

  32. For those of you guys saying U-KISS should be on there, think about it, their videos this year don’t fit in any of the categories right now except for best nasty dance, but the other dances are wayy nastier hahaha..don’t get me wrong, I’m a KissMe, but I can see why they weren’t nominated…well, here’s hoping for best male group and overall video!

    • I’m really sorry about UKiss, and it breaks our heart seeing all the sad Kissmes, but thank you for being so understanding >_<

      Kissmes are the best <3 <3 <3

  33. Hareem Siddiqi

    Mr.Brohoho’s room will always look better with U-kiss!
    but i seriously never noticed all dose groups had brick rooms, it’s creepy

  34. poodle

    Voted Super Junior for Engrish, but only for “Don’t take it in the butt!”

  35. LOL. u guys should have beautiful target for best engrish.

  36. Ahhh, now all my favorite lists have been posted. Loved watching all of the nomination videos but the aegyo video was a little difficult to understand.

    • And now things get serious lol, hopefully these last ones are actually competitive.

      • I’m not worried about competitiveness anymore. Actually, I couldn’t care less right now about who the winners are. I’m just happy with the nominees and that S&M got to briefly pan talk about those videos. That has been the best part of the EKYAs for me.

  37. Oh wow, the Best Engrish category. Almost spat tea all over my laptop!

  38. Love to look at the voting lists. All those categories and in only 2 lists do we have a girl band higher than 3. And the only reason the Aegyo list has a group at 3 is because there are only 2 boy bands in the list. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  39. Engrish…so awesome. Loved how Simon played it. Said them with a straight face and then on some of the worst offenders, bit his lip. Loved every one of them, especially the “I am hard” line followed by “You know what I mean.” Priceless Engrish if you know what I mean.

    You left out the best part of Baek Seung Heon’s Engrish Line: “oh my girl, like a my wife, girl, LET”S HAVE A BABY.” Grammatically correct, but who would ever say that to a girlfriend?

    I noticed that not a single girl group made the list.

    Little diappointed Hyuna’s Ice Cream wasn’t nominated for Engrish as she will always be my queen of Engrish when I include her or 4Minute. But she was already nominated for 2 other categories for her classically bad Ice Cream video.

    • Also hers would have been the only written Engrish so we cut it.

      • I thought that was another reason and I fully agree with the Epik Nasties’ decision. I fully understand why it was left off.

        • Wait, somebody voted that comment up? Must have been an Epik Nasty. :p

        • Our compliments are few and far in between (when compared to the complaints oh gawd) so let us enjoy it when we can :p

        • Ah, I hope you don’t take the complaints personal. Most netizens are rude because of the anonymity they get with their posts. I’ve grown a thick skin when working with internet dummkopfs and my teaching job. I especially find the comments about why wasn’t included in the list!

  40. unicornsgalaxy

    Spudy was awesome! I think this is my favorite category out of all of them!

  41. I love , love, love your ENGRISH category! XDD Thats of my favorite things about kpop..it wouldnt be fun with correct english lines :PP // No idea how i’ll choose with Bilasa , EXO and Super Junior in the category > v < but honestly i'm so relieved someone else noticed The " I don't know, but i'm hard " in Block B's video o-o I thought it was just me LOOL. I seriously wonder who writes these lines sometimes..

  42. how on earth did you do that Egnrish video with a straight face… i died at “Im hard”

    • That was priceless. I love how he tried so hard to be as straight faced as possible. That made the Engrish even funnier. I also was laying as he got more and more frustrated at Mr. Brohoho.

      And Spudgy is adorable. Heeee, I ship Spudgy/Lime.

      • “Don’t take it in the butt” would have put me over the edge but I know thats just a pronunciation thing.. lol and my Pekingese is waiting to date spudgy!

        • I was between the ‘ready to bingo’ and the ‘don’t take it in the butt’. Both are priceless. But obviously Spy has to take it for the Gun category so I am fine with a bingo party.

  43. Question how do i pick a Brohoho video if they are all the same?

    • Lol. The one that shows the most amount of Brohoho’s room? :p

      My dad said if it’s best usage of the room, then he thinks KJK utilised it very well, with the circular camera work.

      Or you could just vote for your favourite video out of the 10 :p

      We put in that category as a bit of a joke (as was with most categories) just to make a point that there was over 10 videos filmed in exactly the same room this year xD

    • haha – good one xD But I guess you can go with your fav artist out of the listed ^-^

    • hehehehe. Excellent question!

  44. omg i have a pekingnese and I always love seeing spudgy bc she has the same manersims as my dog. But that had to be the cutest video ever!!!! can spdugy host other videos cause he is so cute!!!! my dog Ruby wants to date him!!!

    • Sorry but he’s got his eyes eye set on Lime from Hello Venus, it seems :p

      Otherwise I would’ve snagged him already… =3=

      *is Spudgy biased*

  45. Okay, since so many people have asked for it, I made a playlist (yay!) of ALL of Mr. Brohoho’s sets and props. It’s still in progress, so tell me if I’ve forgotten anything :)

    Mr. BROHOHO’s Complete Prop and Set Guide!!

  46. Maybe it’s just me, but the Best Brohoho category doesn’t show a 1-10 listing on the http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpop-awards-2012/ page. I can still vote inside.

  47. I’m glad you chose Dal Shabet’s Mr. Bang Bang over their Hit U. If you chose Hit U, it would be just like the other girls with guns killing people video except with pink blood. Now they can stand out as the only group of aegyo girls using guns!

  48. Loved all three videos today! Spudgy was awesome and I loved how he kept looking at the pip videos, Seeing all the brick rooms in the brohoho category was an eye opener! And the commenting on the kpop groups with guns was great!!!

  49. I am so excited for The EYK Awards! I’ve got a countdown on my phone XD

  50. I’m missing Mr. Brohoho presenting this award, but certainlly love Spudgy presenting the Spudgy look-a-like Award. It was amazing.

  51. Is there a Nasty that has that list of all the music videos that use that brick room?
    I feel like sitting down with a bucket of popcorn and watching them.

  52. I’m a little bit late to the party… but if anyone is still having trouble understanding Seungri Time for Kisses in the Aeygo video, here is a translation of the video :)

    Aeygo is a term to describe where the girls are very sweet, innocent and endearingly cute, like me.
    It usually involves them starting their sentences with “Oppa” and it involves them talking about themselves in 3rd person.
    Like, for example, “Oppa, Seungri time for kisses want ice cream, waegeurae”. See how cute that was.
    And the nominees for Best Aegyo of the year are:
    Goo Hara – Secret Love
    Oh my god, that boy is so dreamy and Goo Hara has the best Aegyo reaction to his cuteness. Which is even more effective because she’s such a cutey herself. I wish I was a pretty as her.
    Sistar – Loving U
    Even though the girls are really sexy in Alone, you can see the genuine cute excitement when they frolic around on the beach. They’re so cute! Ahhrrrr
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick
    This nominee for the Best Aegyo is also the fakest Aeygo, as they seem to be all cute and innocent but then turn out to be stone cold ping pong killers. Still one of my favourite songs and videos of 2012.
    Ku Hye Sun – Marry Me
    This entire video is literally a close up of her head as she smiles and looks on the camera. Really, there’s nothing else. If you were to factor in the percentage of Aegyo time, into the winner of this award, she would definitely win, because its 100% her face, only her face.
    BAP – Stop It
    These boys are all about being powerful ruthless warriors, but now they’re cute? Biggest Aeygo turn around ever. This isn’t just male Aeygo, this is bi-polar.
    Tittaaays – Twinkle.
    Girls Generation are always making cute and know how to work the camera. Even if they are dancing around in lingerie. Be thankful that its cold right now, or I’d be announcing the nominees in the same attire. It wouldn’t be pretty.
    Hello Venus – Venus
    This video is chock full of pointing fingers at your cheeks, pouting, blinking, OK signs and everything that Aeygo girls need to pose for a picture.
    Big Star – I got ya
    If the Hello Venus video was set over snowboarding and Hello Venus were all boys, this would be the video. Lots of boys, looking at the camera and looking cute. Oh Boy
    IU, Korea’s sweet heart is one of the cutest people in all of Korea. Ah ar, wait a second, the picture frame is a bit off, can you…
    Eunkyuk it. I mean, Unhook. Oh god, unhook not Eunkyuk.
    BILASA – Baby Goodnight.
    They conquer kitties and teenage girls hearts and since I’m clearly a teenage girl, my heart is totally conquered by these cutey boy. Oh my god.

    That’s it for the nominees for Best Aegyo of 2012, there are so many cutey cuties to choose from. Let us know who you thought was the best Aeygo by heading over to EatYourKimchi.com/Kpop-awards-2012.
    And vote there. I would clearly understand if you want to vote for me, because I am definitely the most Aeygo out of everyone. I’m going to go write another love letter to Seungri now. Maybe one day he’ll answer them. Dear Seungri,… Time for Kisses.

    (^_^) Sorry for the long post, but it is a 3 minute video XD. If you heard something different, let me know~

  53. Love this! But I’m really surprised Cleansing Cream wasn’t an option for “Artsy Fartsy,” or “Best Plot.”

  54. Eunhyuk..i mean.. unhook.. bbbahahahahaha

  55. my ears are bleeding from listening to aegyo girl ..lol

  56. where is spudgy look a like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Hey, guise! I was thinking about where are UKiss in the nominees. I didn’t see them for any categories yet.

    Or am I missing something?

  58. I think Ukiss deserves their own special award for contributing to the most memorable EYK insiders like the their homeless epidemic, Mordney, Brohoho, math equations, man bras and so on.

  59. Exciting to see who will be the nominees for Spudgy-look-a-like Award. =D

  60. Omg……..
    I dunno who to vote for….. >.<

  61. people pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece vote naties of the year for gain bloom

  62. Hi guys, great videos! I have a little request could you please put closed captions on the aegyo video? English is my second language and it is dificult to understand Simon’s exotic voice. Thanks :)

  63. Hareem Siddiqi

    Didn’t Simon’s throat hurt after talking like that for like three minutes?

  64. Ummm is Spudgy now happening tomorrow?


    • unicornsgalaxy

      I’m guessing Meemers too exception to the fact that there was a category for Spudgy and not for him, so he decided to claw up all the video footage (never mind that it’s all digital). Either that or Spudgy is mad that he wasn’t nominated when clearly he should be and peed on the footage.

  65. I love the idea! I think it would be fairer to have best female and best male rookie categories. You missed my favorite! GLAM </3 also how obout a best underappreciated/best underdog group?

    • also how about a best underrated/underdog group category?

      • Hareem Siddiqi

        There are several underrated groups, but i don’t think a group would like an award that says they are the most underrated.

      • Everyone feels as though their group is underrated because they don’t win every single award ever.
        Underrated and overrated are two of my most hated words when it comes to kpop.

        • Ok I worded it badly but I was surprised there was no indie category, esp. Since they to the indie playlist. Not every band can be no 1 because they are not on the same skill level etc. but that dosen’t mean they aren’t good.

  66. Eunhyuk it :D OMG, I died laughting.

  67. What Happen To Best Spudgy Look-a-Like Category??? Has That Been Dropped or What?

  68. May I ask why didn’t you guys put a award for rookie soloists? I mean like there were a lot of awesome soloists this year

  69. Omg Simon your aegyo is so sweet i need to pinch your cheeks! <3

  70. I liked so much the Seungri Time For Kisses girl present the Aegyo EYK Awards! She’s so cute and aegyo. Isn’t she have a name?

    (PS: I’m still waiting for the “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic” t-shirt. I’ll surelly buy it.)

  71. I have a feeling all three of my picks are going to get destroyed in Aegyo…

    I’m just a dude in a sea of fangirls…

  72. Though I love Infinite’s outfits in The Chaser, Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song has to win the best outfits!

  73. So I just want to say thank you so much for the artsy-fartsy category because I have now found some new really cool/beautiful mv’s and amazing songs. Luckily I decided to watch them all to make an informed choice about who to vote for instead of just voting for Urban Zakapa and John Park (the ones that I knew lol – well I also knew ? but yeah..didn’t think it was as artsy as those two) HOWEVER, now I have a big problem because I want to vote for nearly all of them argghhh >.<

    • Then vote for all of them lol.

      lol You can clearly tell most people frankly didn’t give a crap about learning of new people in the Bizarre category.

      • *sigh* I know, GD was destined to win from the beginning; especially since the rest of the nominees aren’t that popular. But to give him credit, when I watched crayon for the first time I had absolutely no idea what was happening. Afterwards I was like….my mind is so confused, I don’t understand the world no more >.< – although isn't it kind of just like PSY because everyone has accepted it???

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          That’s exactly what I said! Lol

        • cookiemonster

          lol haha :D

        • We all agree that Crayon is a crazy/bizarre video that definitely fits the category. So do the other 9 nominees. The problem is that most people aren’t taking the time to watch every video and vote without bias. Don’t get me wrong, Crayon also deserves to win just as much as the others, but I don’t like seeing it win just because people didn’t bother to check out the competition. And yes, I facepalmed as well after hearing the logic for not including Gangnam Style because it also applies to Crayon. We Epik Nasties have our own reason for not including Gangnam Style in Bizarre, which should become clear to everyone later. But you didn’t hear that from me.

        • cookiemonster

          yes that is frustrating me too. A lot of the videos I don’t mind being in first place because I like them. But then I know that they are just there because they are the most popular and so I feel like I don’t want them there because there are lots of good mv’s in the nominees. But then, they are still good so I guess it’s fine. But then….my mind is constantly going through these rotations it’s very confusing and annoying :P haha. oh, and of course I didn’t hear anything ;)

  74. im going to say this as much as possible but…. y is blockb not in best rookie?????????

  75. Can’t wait to see who you put in the guns category. I’m hoping for at least one of the two Dal Shabet songs that included guns in their videos for 2012. I love the pink blood and I love the cute girl’s robbing the bank with guns concept. But don’t let me know if either of them are there. I want to be surprised in S&Ms video introduction!

  76. I really love your categories, guys! The nominees are also perfect :DI really can’t wait to vote! So hard with all the choicess > v<Ohhh all the good rookiess// I think a couple might be missing from the " nasty " nominees though. Of course HyunA made it in, but I think 4minute is deserving as a whole. All the videos are..quite nasty, namely Volume up, with the ( stocking , leotard? ) outfits, group..touching? , confident stares, and body rolls. Also, Bubble Pop and Trouble Maker are both very suited too XD Oh HyunA our common thread, you so nastyyyyy

    ThanksSimon and Martina! <3 I also really want to see Simons " ice cream " XDD And ahskdehh has anyone else seen the bottom of the page???? I diedd! " soy un dorito " / " Fantastic Baby " Rub my bananas " ahh the best kpop quotes ever ~~

  77. I really love your categories, guys! The nominees are also perfect :DI really can’t wait to vote! So hard with all the choicess > v<Ohhh all the good rookiess// I think a couple might be missing from the " nasty " nominees though. Of course HyunA made it in, but I think 4minute is deserving as a whole. All the videos are..quite nasty, namely Volume up, with the ( stocking , leotard? ) outfits, group..touching? , confident stares, and body rolls. Also, Bubble Pop and Trouble Maker are both very suited too XD Oh HyunA our common thread, you so nastyyyyy
    ThanksSimon and Martina! <3

  78. I really love your categories, guys! The nominees are also perfect :DI really can’t wait to vote! So hard with all the choicess > v <Oh how will I pick a rookieee :ooo ///// I think a couple might be missing from the " nasty " nominees though. Of course HyunA made it in, but I think 4minute is deserving as a whole. All the videos are..quite nasty, namely Volume up, with the ( stocking , leotard? ) outfits, group..touching? , confident stares, and body rolls. Also, Bubble Pop and Trouble Maker are both very suited too XD Oh HyunA our common thread, you so nastyyyyy. ~ Thanks Simon and Martina! <3

  79. I really love your categories, guys! The nominees are also perfect :DI really can’t wait to vote! So hard with all the choicess > v <// I think a couple are missing from the "nasty " category though, of course HyunA made it in, but I think 4minute deserves to be there too. All the videos ..are quite nasty, namely Volume Up with the (leotard, stocking outfits? ) group (touching? ) ,confident stares, and body rolls. That said I also think Bubble Pop and Trouble Maker also would've been really good choices. It is clear HyunA is the common thread though.. HyunA you so nastyyy.

  80. the categories are refreshingly personal, i think there’d be no point in adding more

    i have a few suggestions tho :)

    i think block b should be on here somewhere
    sunny hill also brilliant
    too much gdragon already (aka missy elliot aka snoop dog;got a bit annoying in 2012).. but bigbang should/will win best group imho
    epik high .. no,not really this year at least but tablo-bad/home

    my new fave singer eunji.. but apink is yuck and i don’t mean the songs

  81. You guys are awesome. No matter who wins whatever category, i know EYKA will be great.

  82. I think you guys forgot D-Unit as a nominee for best rookie group. also i hope block b’s nillili mambo shows up in best overall video.

    • Hareem Siddiqi

      Nillili Mambo is the best song of the year, amazing and hilarious video and so catchy! It’s got to be there (and so should U-kiss)

  83. I think that little silver Spudgy trophies (with blue mohawk included, of course) should be awarded to the winners.

  84. Haven’t seen a lot of the videos nominated for Best Plot, Artsy Fartsy, or Most Bizarre? You can watch them in PLAYLIST MODE!!! Click on the link posted here to see all of the Epik Nasty playlists for each category that has been revealed so far. We will continue to release more playlists as more categories are revealed, so keep checking back in!


  85. I love this! The nominations are so great this year! I only wish that FIESTAR or TimeZ (although hardly anyone knows them) had made it into one of the categories. Though, I am very glad that Ulala Session got recognition! <3 I've been watching for three years, so far, and I love that every year, you're trying improve on your already impressive videos.

  86. People please shutup (I mean that in the nicest way possible) about nominees until all of the categories and their nominees have been revealed. Afterwards if you still aren’t happy THEN you can complain.

  87. Where are all the Sunny Hill videos?

  88. Ugh hopefully I can get on before I leave and Aegyo will already be up! Pretty sad but that is the category I am awaiting the most.
    And I am trying VERY HARD to refrain from naming three groups/artists I am going to be voting for.

    AHH! I HOPE ONE OF THEM WINS THO! ….it ain’t happenin. :/

  89. For The smallest chance possible can you do something for U-kiss? Please~ with a cherry on top~

  90. I know that for Best english there going to be putting one of Ukiss’s songs, Also hopfully Nu’est and some yg

  91. Oh gosh, this is awesome. So psyched to see Best Engrish, because I’m a dork that way. :)

    • Yeah that and Aegyo are my two favs, and according to most of the people here I shouldn’t like either of those things.
      (Actually I don’t like Engrish if it’s artists I like, otherwise it’s HILARIOUS!)

      • I love Engrish too, but to me it doesn’t matter the artist. Actually, I love it more when my favorite artist has bad English it its song, like almost anything Hyuna or 4Minute sings. Also, I don’t get why Girls’ Generation has so much Engrish in their songs when 2 of their members were born and partly raised in America!

        • Ever since Caffeine came out, I’ve been going around singing “You bed to me, you bed to me, oh gurl you like a caffeine.” It’s so catchy and wonderfully full of Engrish.

  92. I have to agree with the Bizarre videos. And Seo Dam Bi’s video freaks me out too. Seriously i swear she is trying to be Lady Gaga. Because this is what Lady Gaga would do but she would make it’s even more Bizarre. I think Crayon is the most normal out of the Bizarre but i still think it’s Bizarre. :P

  93. Ah shoot I was hoping 2ne1′s Loving you would get in the nasty section. That sexy beef jerky dance scene and the hip thrusting girl with the snake like coat and those pants hugging her legs showing her curves. You could drool puppy dogs and rainbows watching that!!!

  94. These nominees make realize how little videos I know… So many MVs to watch!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I think a lot of people don’t realize that you can see the newest videos that come out on the EYK charts by clicking on the newest tab (http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/?sort_by=date&order=DESC). There are a lot of good songs that never make it to the top 10 on the EYK charts.

      • Shhhhh, let’s not ruin the smaller nasty community who love to watch and comment on the not so popular bands! ;)

        But you are correct. Dal Shabet would have never cracked the top 10 if S&M hadn’t brought it to the attention of all the nasties.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          spoil sport! Actually I have like 2 pages to go through and watch. I’ve slacked so much lately (although I have watched repeatedly one video on the 1st page of the sort by date…I don’t think that made any sense!)

        • I know what you mean :p *Changjo

        • Hahaha. We have hipster Nasties now. :-p.
          I like how these awards are giving some exposure to some of those videos which were not that popular and were stuck on the second or third page. Like the Epik Nasties sifted through and picked out some gems. It is heartening to see so many people actually sit and watch all these videos. Of course there will always be the big groups dominating, but just being exposed, especially in these nominee videos will help quite a few of the lesser known groups.
          That’s why I love the k indie segment. I get to learn about a wider range of Korean music, outside of Kpop that I would never get to see because it is not promoted outside if Korea.

    • lol there were like 350 videos we had to watch and choose from to make nominations.

    • You can watch them all in PLAYLIST MODE! Here is a link to all the Epik Nasty playlists for each category that has been revealed so far: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEpikNasties/videos?flow=grid&view=1
      We’ll keep releasing the playlists for the newly revealed categories, so keep checking back in.

  95. You should nominate GD’s crayon for best video. :) Even my sisters who hates K-pop loves it. :)

  96. sooooooo confuuuused…who to vote for….this is a great idea though…i love it

    • Vote for everybody that you want to! You are allowed to vote once per IP address per 24 hours for as many nominees as you want in the same category. I can’t manage to pick only one, so I’m voting for at least 3 in all the categories, lol.

  97. I can’t wait for the Artsy Fartsy section to be revealed XD

  98. To be honest I’m more excited about the EYKA’s than I was about the MAMA’s

  99. I love this idea <3 Only problem I have with this is… Picking who to vote for.

  100. So only winners from each category will go onto the ceremony? Just a small suggestion from me, would you guys also include and talk a little about second and third place as well since there are 10 nominees per category? I understand that there might be more work for Simon and Martina to do so but I believe a lot of fans (like me) would be glad to be introduced to more songs and videos =)

    • lol that means less time for the winners!! Considering people are demanding a full 10-minute KMM if they win, I don’t think adding more videos to the mix would be a good idea :p

      I’m impressed that they’re already talking about all 170 nominated videos in their category introductions. Soooo did not expect that (and soo infinitely happy that they did *O*)

      Btw if you want to be introduced to more songs and videos, here are all the current categories in PLAYLIST MODE!!! :D

      Or, you can check out my personal favourite korean songs/videos of the year. I can guarantee you haven’t seen most of them. ^^b

      • The more people get, the more demanding they become… I’m sick of the “Y U NO” comments. The fact that someone’s favorite is not nominated doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate other nominees.
        And sure, one side of me would like to see as much reviews, skits and other EYK stuff as possible, but the realistic side knows that even without reviews S&M are going to have a gazillion vids to film and edit for the ceremony so I won’t ask for more :)

      • That part about not knowing most of the songs on your playlist sounds like a challenge!

        • She likes a lot of k indie and so that list is really diverse. Plus she has an almost perverse love for playlists. heh. She was one of those Kpop haters years ago before Taeyang changed her mind about the genre, and Epik High cemented it so I know that her taste runs to the more obscure.

      • I’m really unsure if I sound too demanding in my previous suggestion but I was just trying to suggest something like briefly mentioning 2nd and 3rd place for maybe about a minute or so while the rest of the time should definitely go to the winner. But I get what you mean, I understand that it’s really hard so allow me to take my words back =p

        I’m very glad that they talked a little about the nominated videos too, that gives a better idea of why these videos are nominated for each category, I really appreciate that. And thanks to the mods who spent your time filtering the videos to give us the 10 nominees. =)

        Also, I’ve spent some time to watch the nominated videos that I’ve never seen and there are a lot of good ones indeed. The next thing I should do is to check out your playlist after I finish my finals, it looks really interesting =D

  101. Can’t wait! c: EYK Awards is gonna be awesome~

  102. P.S. VIXX is in the running for rookie of the year at the Seoul music awards.

  103. VIXX Rock Ur Body should definitely be a contender for Rookie of the Year! Also BAP really should not be considered a Rookie.
    Because they are pretty well established. VIXX forever!!!!!!!!!

  104. I guess it should have been obvious, but the 6 boy bands in the Best Rookie are destroying all 4 of the girl bands

    • I noticed. I’m trying to do something about it ^^b

      • Hmmm, if the current trend of the first 5 categories continues, this is going to be a – to put it in Simon’s words – sausage fest for the first annual EYKAs. I can see only 1 category where there will be a girl band winner….care to guess which one?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummm female? LOL!

          Aegyo I hope a female wins…

        • I do too, but you and I both know that it’s not likely unless it was an all girl aegyo list and no maegyo vids…or not the popular boy bands.

          Actually, I don’t really care for aegyo. I always like the song first, but I do admit that aegyo sometimes enhances my desire to listen to a particular song that I like.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Oh well most aegyo filled vids are catchy cheesy songs, and I like catchy cheesy songs.

        • I like the more catchy and less cheesy ones like Have, Don’t Have, or from a few years back, Genie when Girls Gen were still an aegyo group.

          Actually, the main reason I like KPop is cause I don’t understand a word they are singing most of the time. For example, I cannot listen to Chocolat’s English version of “I Like It.” But when they sing it in Korean, the little English they put in the song doesn’t bother me since it doesn’t have much meaning by itself.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          OK I guess cheesiness doesn’t really matter but if there isn’t one part I find incredibly catchy it most likely isn’t getting downloaded.

          U listened to the Crayon Pop song on the list? The chorus is like stuck in my head.

        • I’ve heard all the videos of Crayon Pop songs (can’t remember which one you’ve put on the list), but it’s not my cup of tea. Currently I have the grasshopper song in my head, but that’s because I just listened to it 2 minutes ago. But the recent songs I have really stuck in my head are anything by Dal Shabet and Tahiti’s Tonight.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Oh I mean in the actual MM list. Dancing Queen.

        • Not a bad song to have stuck in your head. I just can’t get into their Tae Kwon Do moves in their dance routine.

          Funny thing was I searched youtube for their “dancing queen” song but the official video wasn’t till the 4th page when searching for “crayon pop.” Not anywhere in the first 6 pages if you search for “crayon pop dancing queen”

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Hahaha yes the kick dance is horrible. It doesn’t even rly go w/ the beat.

          Yeah they are on iTunes but if you just type Crayon Pop you won’t find them. Once you start typing it it will suggest Crayon Pop w/ some Hangul characters before it, unless you use that you aren’t finding it lol.

      • I can’t help it all of you females seem to hate your on kind.

  105. I was waiting for Jo Kwon in the Best Potential KMM. I’m Da One was full of KMM goodness.

  106. Want to watch all the nominees for each category in Playlist Mode? (If you didn’t read that in Simon or Martina’s voice, go back and read it again :P ) Here is the link to all the Epik Nasty playlists for each category that has been revealed so far. Please keep checking back for new playlists as each category’s nominees are revealed. :)

    EDIT: Whoops, I lied. This is the link to the playlists: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEpikNasties/videos?flow=grid&view=1
    (But everyone should still check out 100%’s 100% live and in sync dance practice session.)

  107. I can’t wait to see peoples reaction’s to our choices for Artsy Fartsy.

  108. hi :) this is a really cool idea! How did you guys come up with the nominees, I know there were lots to choose from

    • The Epik Nasties helped come up w/ them while S&M were in Canada.
      It was a meticulous voting and debating process that took a couple weeks.

  109. where is LunaFly? they are a rookie and they are good :-)

  110. pierrotinlove

    Omg I really love this you guys! Thanks to Simon and Martina and the nasties that helped for being so awesome~ <3333

    • Your welcome :), we knew we couldn’t please everyone but we hope by the time all the nominees are revealed that about 80% of the people will be happy.

  111. Best overall video: Crayon Pop’s Saturday Night
    Korean LMFAO, what? :D

  112. No Jo Kwon for best solo act… honestly??????

    FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I know he is not that famous yet, but Baek Seung Heon – Til the sun rises is a really really good song :) Once I start listening to that song I cannpt help but listen to it all over again, at least 3 times ^^ Oh, and I love the fact that this song was written by JaeJoong <3

  114. would be awesome to actually give out awards and if the bands dont know the site they might just get familar with it, like U-kiss. i would be willing to donate money to help get them made and im sure others would to right?

  115. Omgosh this idea is perfect! great job! and honestly, I am SUPER jealous of your video editing skills! I just sit there in amazment at all the cool animations and flawless editing :]

  116. Will the winner of best potential KMM get an honorary KMM video? :D

  117. First off i think this is a really great idea and i love it! but i just wanted to rant about something really quick, i actually think next year if you do another awards show type thing, it would be really cool to have you guys (simon and martina) pick the winners! maybe we could choose the nominees but then ultimately you would pick the winners! Because not to hate on any group or any person but i feel like some of the awards are just people blindly picking their bias to win the category (kind of like how last year big bang won best dance..) when they really shouldn’t be winning in that specific category per se. Like in my opinion, for best potential KMM i think either lipstick or ice cream should win, not just because i am a huge fan of orange caramel and hyuna, but because simon and martina would be able to do so much with those two songs and videos and it would be hilarious! the top 5 spots are all really good songs (like the chaser, catch me and tried to walk) and i love those groups but they wouldn’t really be the BEST choice for a KMM you know? i don’t know, that’s just my opinion at least xD

    • 1. I think every nominee deserves to win in their category.

      2. Potential KMM is for the video that ‘Should have won, but didn’t, for whatever reason’. Some videos were included because, as you said, they would have made a hilarious KMM, but others, such as the top 5, were included because they were #1 on the kpop charts when S&M were either sick or overseas, and thus were robbed of a chance of getting reviewed. This is giving them a second chance :)

      • This sucks! I’m going to miss most of tomorrow and the day after on here. I’ll get on my phone and vote but hopefully I can at least get on at night and watch the vids and share and crap.

        (Can’t believe I’m missing Aegyo -_- If Orange Caramel, SISTAR, or Hara aren’t in the top 3 I’m not going to be very happy!)

      • OH okay i understand now, see i’m sorry i took it as “what video should’ve been reviewed that would have made a hilarious KMM” but i get it now :) and i also didn’t realize that the nasties were the ones who came up with the nominees! that’s so cool! i hope i didn’t offend you or anyone else!

    • Maybe there should be a “Strawski Choice award” For them to pay tribute to their favourite song or artist of the year, rather than the whoole thing being decided by them XD I like that they try to make the site as interactive as possible (even though this inevitably brings the bias and fanwars etc.) Then we can see at least one award that hasn’t boiled down to a popularity contest hahah

  118. Best Male/Female Group…oh God, that’s gonna be war! Ha ha.

  119. “Best Engrish” is BILASA forever~! lol (I seriously prefer [bilasa] over [bi one ai four])

  120. thanks for making my job for voting for best rookie so damn hard! :D i absolutely LOVE most of the groups on this list! How will i decide my ultimate rookie bias? Oh wait, I have, but i love them all so much! XO gonna be so hard!

    • Vote for all of them. That’s what I do, I tweet, like, share, and vote for all the ones I like but do slightly less for each one I like slightly less lol.

  121. I think the actual statuettes should be with a bowl and chopsticks (kimchi), your logo and category. Would be awesome!
    Sorry for my english. I still have some grammar problems.

  122. drykabioni

    Hyuna is not as nasty as the amazing Junsu in ‘Tarantallegra’, BUT thanks to her, Simon’s quote “OOOOH YOU SO NASTYYY!” became a symbol of “Eat Your Kimchi” and inspired fans to create The Nasties fan club, so she deserves a EYK tribute award for her contribution!


    best idea ever.
    It’s been a big kpop year, I completely forgot that some of these songs came out this year.

    kpop is so exciting!! xD

  124. Watching these videos after I get up in the morning… thank you for giving me a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

  125. I am so sad that Crazyno’s Musiche didn’t make it to anything ((yet)). He is so great. I’d love at least see his name pop up as a nomination. It’s one of my favorite songs to come out this year.

  126. ok this is so nasty! damn, you guise are so creative o/

  127. Albino Eskimo

    I kind of want to call these the EYKademy Awards. Awesome idea by the way.

  128. Thanks Simon and Martina! I feel totally vindicated now that Orange Caramel, Kara, Tara and Boa-only one have all been given another shot at EYK glory! Vote for them nasties!

    • OC was in 5th which was better than I expected, but now they have fallen to 6th :/
      BUT, KARA on the other hand is in 10th and I’m trying to get them some points so that they are at least in 9th…

  129. Dreading the rookie award… Boyfriend wont be included rite? They arent rookies anymore.. same goes to B1A4.. Dun wan to experience fanwars!!!

    anyway, i sense Boyfriend to be inside Best Aegyo haha. They MUZ be inside!!!

    Anyway, tis will be so COOL

  130. It would be great if there was EYKA Indie Awards! I love how you guys are showing KPOP but K-indie is great as well!

  131. Isabel Ruby

    anyone else notice the manly version of the SNSD Genie leg flip in the chaser?

    • I’ve seen that dance thousands of times and I’ve never seen that. Where?

      • Isabel Ruby

        it’s in the first 1:30 of the video… sorry i can’t be more precise, but i totally didn’t think to look when i noticed it

        • millie102685

          If you mean the spinny kick they do at the 0:49 mark, then No, not at all.
          If you mean the little stomp thing they do at 0:56 mark, then No, not at all.
          I don’t think we are watching the same video. =__=

  132. Wow, “Best Aegyo.”
    Too bad this isn’t 2011, cause Dal Shabet’s Pink Rocket was Aegyo overload for me. The top youtube comment on that video currently says “I’m in a aegyo coma after seeing this.”

  133. Your making it so hard for me to choose ;( These are all such great choices!!!!! LOVE This ;)

    • Why choose? You can vote for more than one nominee in a category :) You’re allowed to vote once per IP address every 24 hours for as many nominees in the same category as you want.

  134. Category Ideas: Best Rap, Best Superpowers

    • OTP wars are worse than fanwars.
      It’s strife within the fanbase and as an Inspirit that’s one thing I hate the most.
      I swear I have never seen an OTP get so much hate because the ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE are friendly to each other…
      Myungsoo sent Sungjong a Happy Birthday tweet and MyungYeol shippers went crazy and bashed Sungjong, bashed MyungJong shippers, and sent tweets to Myungsoo asking him to not “cheat” on Sungyeol anymore…
      Best Bromance is a horrible idea. =__=;

  135. OK, I expect one or more of you creative Nasties to create an EYKAS. AND… GO!

  136. Standing ovation for the Epik Nasties. I saw those posts of yours debating about what should and shouldn’t be included while the couple were away(why, yes. Yes I did lurk ;)). Everyone there has all my respect; so much thought was put into this. :3
    Awesome idea Simon and Martina!



      Well, we tried to be hush-hush not to spoil the surprise, but I think everyone did a really good job of being as objective as possible and considering all the options from different perspectives. I’m glad the lurker approves :D :D

    • That’s kind of scary, I wonder who else was watching and nvr said anything…? (DUN DUN DUN!)

      Some1 else did say they noticed our playlists too, psh Fuuko you might as well have just let S&M thank us all by name.

    • That is great. I know they did a really great job whittling everything down and trying to be as balanced as possible. There will sill be some disappointment but you can’t please everyone.

      I am looking forward to the next set of categories being released today. * excite*

    • Aww, you’re such a nice lurker :P

    • unicornsgalaxy

      YAY for happy lurkers! It was tough but everyone tried to “think outside the bias” and think what all the Nasties would want! Then when S&M got our recommendations they fine tuned it even more.

  137. thisisjustforfunval

    I left the playlist for Best Dance video running while I did stuff around my apartment and I’m thinking about creating that exact playlist on my iPod. Now to go find some of the songs I don’t have.

  138. So where is Batoost? I hope they get into something because with their fake audience in NYC they should at least get Best Outfit!

  139. Wow, I thought you guys were joking when you said kpop idol that most resembles Spudgy, but I see that you weren’t hahahaha That’s so awesome! I love the categories with the addition of all the eyk-ified awards. I can already tell this is gonna make an awesome video. :D

  140. This is so freaking awesome and the choices are already making my head hurt. Can’t wait!!

    • Don’t hurt your head too much trying to pick just one :) You can vote once per 24 hours per IP address for as many of the nominees in a category as you want.

  141. I foresee a crazy fan war over “Best New Artist” in the near future… B.A.P. FIGHTING!

  142. LOVE IT and i want to add Choi MinHo in Best Ageyo ty

  143. I’m super excited for Best Engrish and Best Gun Usage! Does this also include the use of finger guns?

  144. This. This is wonderful. I’m so excited! It would be really funny if the groups got a trophy to go with their awards :P

  145. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!You guys are awesome and hilarious! THANK YOU SIMON AND MARTINA YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!

  146. Question, is voting for a certain category only open for one day? Or is it open all the way until December 20th? (real question: how much do I need to vote and spam twitter to make sure Sherlock is the #1 dance?)

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Voting is open all the way until December 20th.

      Voting only counts once per video per ip address every 24 hrs (so if you want to vote on multiple videos you can) and I’m pretty sure that twitter only counts once per account every 24 hrs also.

      • HAHAHAHA that’s my job!! xD

        Btw I’ve been encouraging S&M to use the Epik Nasties’ playlists to encourage people to watch all the nominees. Where would be the best place to put the link, you think?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          pshh, you and Natz and cari will be busy not only with these but also regular KMM. The least I can do is try to answer a few questions here and there if I know the answer! LOL

          The playlists…hmmm I wonder if S&M could link to them in the nomination videos using those annotation thingys? or maybe right beside the link above the video in this blog post? Something like “VOTE FOR BEST DANCE 2012″ then right beside it “SEE ALL BEST DANCE NOMINATIONS”?

        • I’m not sure if most people know that they can vote for more than one nominee in a category per day. I’ve been trying to reply to people who seem torn about picking only one per category, just to let them know that they can vote for multiple nominees. Could a line about that be added somewhere along with the link to our playlists?

          As for where to put the link, how about at the top of each category page put the link to the appropriate playlist. Also, you could put a link to the main playlist page at the top of the main EYK Awards page with all the categories listed below.

          (btw, are all our playlists completely updated? There were some last minute changes…)

    • Unfortunately there’s not much spamming you can do ^^;
      Voting is once per 24 hours per IP address,
      Facebook is once EVER
      Google+ is once EVER
      Tweets are only counted once per 24 hours per account.

      I think all categories will be open until the 20th.

      Btw, I’m going to start a campaign to encourage people to watch the videos of ALL the nominees. Please vote for your bias if you want, but remember you can vote for more than one video!! Check out all the other great dances/videos of the year!! ^^b

  147. Please don’t forget JoKwon’s I’m Da One. It belongs in at least one of these categories. I remember when this song came and you guys wanted to review it for all its potential. Please don’t forget this song.

  148. Would best plot be considered like best concept? also i was wondering for some more stuff can we suggest some like best “debut song” or “best rookie solo artist” “best crybaby video” (for that one like you did for the voting for Janus and Cry.)

  149. EvoLEvoLEvoLEvoLEvoLEvoLEvoLEvoLEvoL!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :3
    with cherries and ranch on top!

  150. I’ve shown both my parents most of the videos up for the Nastiest Dance Award (my dad’s kind of a fan of SISTAR now, he actually heard the song before he saw the video…my bother was not aposed to Secret’s video either). The one video that i’ve seen that i refuse to show my father and brother was Hyuna’s Ice Cream…showed my mom cause we get a good laugh out of it…but something about showing the males in my family just felt wrong…which is strange cause we all watch True Blood together and i feel less weird.
    i still remember the first video that my brother stopped and watched when i had it up on the big screen…Rainbow’s ‘A’. He was walking by to go to his room got past the TV did a double take and then sat on the couch to watch the video.

  151. I’m sad and confused. What’s an Epik Nasty? This is probably something super obvious and I’m just missing out on it….

  152. ktaeng

    No Girl’s Day-Oh! My God? I’m surprised.

    • Which category would you have nominated it in?

      • ktaeng

        Best Potential KMM. S&M really seemed like they wanted to review it when they talked about it a while back (for one of their Update playlists, I believe ^^) and I think it would’ve resulted in a fun/goofy review. ^^

        • oh cool, I’m not that familiar with the song, so I didn’t know which category it would fit in. I’ll have to take another look at it if you think it would be a good KMM :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          This is one of the comments I refrained from spoiling on. But then again, I technically just spoiled by saying that… Oh well.

        • lol Thanks for that :P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yup I did all the dirty work for you, extremely vaguely.

        • ktaeng

          ^^ The song’s pretty standard I think, catchy as can be and good if you’re into upbeat, girly songs.
          And then there’s the MV, which is just full of bright colors and overexaggerated acting and whatnot. It’s fun. I think it could beat out a few of the songs on the list, but I mostly just mentioned it because I’m pretty sure Simon and Martina wanted a chance to review it when it came out. ^^;

        • I just found/watched the Chart Update you were talking about and Simon really was interested in reviewing it. Its sad that it is added to the pile of videos that they wanted to review, but weren’t able to. I hope in the future they are able review more videos that they are interested in, not just the ones the fans vote in :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          lol Almost EVERY chart update they say they want to review a vid that nvr gets reviewed.

        • That is true, because when they say they don’t want to review it, fans get upset >.<;

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well chart update is usually a combination of popularity and what they’d like to review but won’t get reviewed.

  153. omygod! this award is awesome! brilliant!

  154. Someday, this will become the new MAMAs, considering how awesome you guys are and all. I am definitely going to be looking more forward to this than I have for pretty much any other music awards show. Thanks for being so awesome and making kpop so much more lighthearted and accessible!

  155. This is just a suggestion for the future for the awards show but, it would be amazingly, awesomely cool if eat your kimchi could get a couple of video responses from some of the artists winning the EYKAS. It could be like U-Kiss finds out they won an award and they send a video back thanking the voters for winning and Eric or someone from the group could be like “What the heck is a EYKAS?” or something funny like that.

    But seriously this is a great idea can’t wait to vote and see who wins.

  156. So where’s the playlist of Nasty Dances? ;)

    J/K. I think that’d be too much Nasty in one place for most people to handle.

  157. By the way, I love how the “Epik Nasties” are epik and not epic :P

  158. My only reaction to this -> I Love You, Simon and Martina. This is beautiful *cries*. This is probably the first award show where I completely agree with the nominations. These categories are perfect. You two are perfect. Nasties are perfect. I’m going to skip around my house from the pure happiness that expels from kpop now *more cries*

  159. I like that lesser known groups were nominated, but this is still a popularity contest and just as predictable as the MAMAs. I appreicate the creativeness, but would have liked more legitimate categories like: best lyrics, best arrangement, best producer, best live performance etc. and I wish you had kept “best rookie, best girl group, best boy group” out of it, because I mean with mama and allkpop and melon and seoul music and gda… ISN’T IT ENOUGH ALREADY.

    day 1:
    Best Dance: Shinee
    Nastiest Dance: XIA
    Best Potential KMM: TVXQ
    day 2:
    Best Rookie Group: EXO
    Best Solo Performance: Ailee

    I’ll wait for the nominees.for the other categories.

    • That’s what I said :p Because I agreed with you completely, I’ll explain my thought process in accepting the current award categories.

      Simon and Martina told me that boring categories such as Best Male and Best Female are necessary to make the awards seem more credible (instead of just random Nasty categories), and to draw people to vote.

      So, for us who like to vote objectively, we can leave the ‘boring’ categories to the passionate fangirls and fanboys, and focus on the smaller, narrower categories, no? :)

      As for the ‘legitimate categories’ that you mentioned…..do you realise how hard it would be to chooose the nominees for those T_T
      We’d have to look up the lyrics for 350 songs (and how do you define ‘best’ anyway), listen to the instrumentals and look up the producers for 350 songs, watch all the live performances of every single of the 350 videos released this year…..


      lol btw, I love how you already guessed the winner for every category. I bet you’ll be surprised with the final outcome though. But tbh, I don’t mind if those nominees win. I would be happy with any of the candidates winning.

      Shinee has a good dance
      Xia has a nasty dance
      TVXQ is a good potential KMM
      EXO is a good rookie group
      Ailee is a good solo performance
      (and the same goes for ALL the other nominees)

      What more could you ask for? :) ‘Best’ is subjective!

  160. Why you no put Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen in the best dance category?! its so AWESOME! D:

  161. I feel like such a bitch saying this. I love you guys and have been watching your videos for 2 years now and I’ve seen you grow and become what you are. When I saw you guys meet your goal for the fundraiser so quickly I teared up too. I’m proud of what you guys have been able to do in bringing people together online. But I have to say that I really don’t like your new fans so much. The fanatical ones. It upsets me that you get so much hate. It upsets me to see you guys have to be defending yourselves all the time for ANYTHING you say that offends someone. I don’t think I can watch some of your videos anymore. I will probably still watch the indie stuff and the wanks. But I’m done with the kpop stuff. I’m losing my faith in humanity. Sorry guys :(

    • *hugs* I know how you feel.

      I kept pushing them to just drop KMM and move to Japan (although I suppose Jpop fans are just as bad)

      But I guess all I can do is support them ^^;

      • What the? Drop kmm and move to Japan? eatyoursushi? D: nooooo i don’t like jpop! (i like gackt though.. And DMC)

        • Whaaa? D:

          But Japan is like…the 2nd biggest music industry in the world…they have sooo much good stuff!! Not just AKB48 and Arashi!!

          Here, my favourite Japanese/Canadian group, Monkey Majik:

          Or my favourite hip-hop duo, Hilcrhyme:

          Or, my favourite indie rock group, Sakanaction:
          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZbXHt3xPr8 (it’s just a video, I haven’t made a playlist for them yet)

          Give them a chance laa~ >_<

        • Their pop have a distinct sound that i don’t like. I guess their music is too advance for me T_T *listens to gangnam style

        • Oh my gosh thank you for the playlist!! I love Sakanaction!!!!!!!!!!

        • Did somebody just mention Gackt? :D For your viewing pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOb0yNGW2k8

        • I love his distinct voice but he can’t dance at all though lol just bounce around. Let me show you what is nasty. Vanilla concert live ver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRZPe6eXqZc&feature=youtube_gdata_player

        • I didn’t think I’d seen that performance before, but as soon as I opened it and saw those snakeskin patterned pants of his, I remembered that I had seen it a few years ago. Yaoi fanservice to the max, lol. Gackt doesn’t need to be able to dance; he just oozes charisma. My friend and I actually dubbed his Vanilla MV dance “the octopus dance” because he flails his arms around so much.

          I love his voice too! My other favorite singer in the more mainstream Japanese music scene is Hyde from L’Arc-en-ciel. Have you heard any of their stuff? One of my favorite ballads by them is 抒情詩. L’Arc was the first Asian group I ever got into. I guess you could say that Hyde was my Jrock 初の恋.

        • I’m not familiar with Japanese songs. But i like gackt overall because his music somehow follows how classical songs are and his unforgettable voice. I’ve heard random songs in the public and able to recognise him just by voice) hyde… Ah.. when you search for gackt he’s the bottom.. Lol he’s in one of the mv too as a girl XD other than that idk him :/

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, but I do hope you at least stick around for the Indie stuff. We plan on doing more for Korean Indie, apart from just the playlists! We’re in the process of working out some really exciting ideas :D

      • You replied to me! :D I will always support you guys, and I will stick around for the indie stuff. You’ve introduced me to some of my favorite bands (The Koxx and Nell :D) I’ll also look forward to new segments. I really like your videos on living in Korea, Korean food, and Korean places, etc. I’m currently in Korea too so any suggestions or insight on living here I really enjoy. I hope you are able to continue doing stuff like that :)
        And fuuko4869 Jpop fans are scary too :/ so yeah all we can do is support in whatever way we can ^^

    • bigbangfosho

      The fandom somehow always ruins it, always.

    • Fandoms in general tend to create this type of fanaticism. It isn’t just Kpop, it is human nature. Just think of Kpop fandom as sort of like religion and each ‘fandom’ has their own particular faith / group that they follow. Not everyone in the fandom is fanatical, but some are, and there is really nothing you can do about them but ignore them.

      It does make me sad to see how S&M get so much hate, but they have taken on a role of making fun and entertainment out of something that some people have a sort of religious zealot like behavior about. And it is expected that some people will take things out of context, take things too seriously and get upset with them. I think that they have come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like them or what EYK represents.

      That said, as you realized, their Wanks and fap faps and indie videos are the ones that stir up the least controversy. I guess that is why they divided the site into Music and culture. If you stick to the culture side… Only coming out every once in a while for the k indie, I guess you will be fine. But I know that for the rest of this week at least they will be concentrating on the EYKA’s. you may not get much cultural updates or indie updates this week. We will see. It depends on how busy they are.

  162. in hopes that this will one day be like the MAMA awards…….


  164. bigbangfosho

    YES! GREAT IDEA!! Love all the categories, but what I like the most is that we get your opinion too. The reason I watch your videos is to hear your opinion so the fact your favorites are factored into this is just fantastic.

  165. Yay!!! I can actually vote….BTW, you guys should have a special MC…you know since you now have CONNECTIONS (wink wink)…I think Kevin from U-KISS would gladly help you guys with that…just a thought…

  166. This is wonderful! I cannot wait to see the 10 nominees for spudgy’s lookalike and brohoho’s shop ^^

  167. I like this new idea! So many new videos to watch so I can be an informed voter. It’s like political voting, but more important!

    Minor typographical error: when I went to the voting page, I thought you had put a Spanish subheading on your website for a second! It should say “Top *contender* wins the award.”

  168. I swear this is going to be the biggest award ceremony in all of kpop!

  169. And might I just add, that blue circle design background thingy on the wall during the category videos is really cool! I wish I could visit your house just to see the awesomeness. And I hope the studio has your personal touches everywhere! :D

  170. I vote for Meemers and Spudgy as mc’s
    in little tuxedos :-P

    Just out of curiosity, since meemers suddenly became a boy will he have a new voice?

  171. I’m sorry but I think you guys just blown my mind with this one! The EYKAs? AMAZING! I was wondering what you were going to do after last year’s….interesting outcome. I already love how you’re doing the voting process and stuff and I can already tell this will truly be AWESOME! I just hope us Nasties won’t go into extreme mode and start with the fanwars and so on

  172. This is awesome! And I totally agree with you guys on what went down last year with Big Bang winning and all because Tonight barely even had a dance so, no. But, I do feel like people would more or less like a vote in part of this so it would be really cool if there was like a day for fan favorites of maybe one award being the “Fan Favorite of the Year,” etc. Maybe not this year but in the year to come it would be a cool way to include the fans in because we all know how k-pop fans get with their idols.

    • We considered doing that, but there were just too many problems. We considered having it open to fan submission for the nominees, but isn’t that just the same as the Kpop Charts? What’s to stop people from nominating non-2012 videos or non-kpop videos? Otherwise we’d have to nominate ALL the MVs of the year, to be fair – so that’d be over 350 videos.

      But aren’t these current categories already reflecting fan favourites? The nominees were chosen so that on an objective level, EVERY. SINGLE. NOMINEE. deserves the award – and now it just comes down to fangirl/fanboy bias personal preference ^^b

      • Maybe just the 10 videos that received the most votes for KMM in 2012, regardless of whether they made it or not~~ but yeah, there’s already a tonne of categories hahaha I’m sure us Nasties could think of an infinite number of them XDD Think the choices and nominees are very good and well thought out this year though~~ ^^

  173. Lmao, Best Spudgy Look-A-Like. XD

    I’m guessing the nominees of GD, TOP, and Zelo? ;D

  174. Love how you have really legitimate contenders for every category. :)

  175. I LOVE THE CATEGORIES!!!!!! Best Spudgy Look-a-like!!!! Mwhahaha! That so has to go to T.O.P…I mean seriously, he TOTALLY ripped The Spudg-meister’s hair color off!

  176. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see S&M dance the Fantastic Baby dance! But they are not nominated. *Sniff*Sniff* *Wipes tear away*

  177. You Guys are awesome. I can’t believe how much more awesome EYK is getting every year. I can’t wait for all the things you will do in the future. I won’t miss a day!

  178. I really do love this

  179. Jordan

    Please. No matter what happens. who wins, etc. Please can we just see Simon dancing in bubbles for Hyuna’s Ice Cream? I want this so badly.

  180. Hareem Siddiqi

    Will you guys overlap groups in categories or are u trying to keep it equal?

  181. Hareem Siddiqi

    I like it!!
    but i think U-kiss shoulda been there for atleast best dance or nastiest dance (doradora), but i still like the selections

  182. You guys missed out on After School’s Flashback for Nastiest Dance D: The whole video oozes NASTYYYY

  183. Hurrah! The first set of EYK Award nominees are up. Am so excited. I can’t wait to see how the Nasties respond to the upcoming categories. Not everyone will be happy, but you can’t olease everyone. Yey, Epik Nasties are awesome!

  184. …you guise! always making me love you even more than before~! x3
    I don’t know how you can’t run out of ideas, but I love everything you add! I can’t wait for you to present the winners!! x333

  185. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Aegyo gets released while I’m in Chicago for my Final Fantasy concert!

    Hope Orange Caramel does well w/o me.

    • Final Fantasy Concert?! I went to that when it was in Korea. It was great!


      Unless you’re talking about the singer, Final Fantasy, of He Poos Clouds fame, who we also like.

      • No lol, I’m talkin the game series, THAT IS SO AWESOME THAT YOU WENT TO ONE!!!
        Yeah it’s North America’s only 25th anniversary concert. I’m so stoked!!!

  186. I’m wondering who the Spudgy-lookalike nominees are xD

  187. Love the idea!! =D

    I thought of some categories:
    Best KPOP Diagnosed Disease.
    Best use of F.A.R.T (Face Arousal Raunchy Thrusting)
    Most Lip Rubbing in a video! haha

  188. PunkyPrincess92


  189. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG! ims sooooo excited!! this is going to be awesome! you two just keep getting better and better!

  190. How many times can you vote, the same as with KMM? Also cool idea from you guys, never stop amazing me! <3

    • The same as KMM, except no points for comments. You can vote once per day per IP address for as many nominees as you want in each category. Personally, I’m voting for multiple groups in each category. There are too many great candidates to pick just one. My brain would explode, lol.

  191. wow i like it it’s like mine on line MAMA xd

  192. ~flail~ OH MY GOD I AM SO STUPIDLY EXCITED YOU’VE NO IDEA >3< ~flailflailflail~

    Especially for the "video that should have been reviewed but wasn't" cause… NU'EST. COME ON. NU'EST PLEASE ;-;

  193. Yay! It is so hard to choose on some of these!

  194. For best plot Lee Seung Gi”‘s Return should be there. Its a beautiful song and plot plus it was part of his real life experience.

  195. It’s finally here!! I hope everyone is looking forward to see the rest of the nominees :D This year’s “end of the year” special will be awesome ^^ Thanks for letting us help you Simon and Martina!!

  196. Wow just these basic overviews and they are some of my fav videos on EYK lol, but maybe that’s because I’m…. ummm….. attached.



  198. Love this. So much better then last year. You guys are right. As much as i love big bang, they are not know for the dancing. This way you get to see the artist or idol group that are not as popular as some other idols.

  199. This is so great! I really love How To Dance KPOP so this is a wonderful upgrade! I hope to see more of Simon thrusting away to kpop music during the ceremony xD It’s so tough to vote though…they all seem so…NAAAAASTY

  200. also, do i pronounce these as the EE-kas or the eyyyyy-kas?

    or…maybe the Eeyuckies. to fit in with the ‘nasty’ theme.

  201. Starsania

    This sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun, this year and in coming years. I love the idea =D The only trouble is, Who to vote for!? Difficult choices haha.

    • Vote for them all if you want! :) Voting is just like KMM: you can vote once per day per IP address for as many nominees in each category as you want.

  202. LOOOOOVE IT!!! LO AMO!!! ME ENCANTA!!! this is going to be EPIC, bigger than the MAMA awards 2012 lol :D thank you for being so creative and take things up to the next level, you always come up with new things to make our lives happier. For real sometimes I feel very tired and stressed , too much homework, too many things to do but thanks to you guys I can relax, laugh and feel better :) THANK YOU SIMON AND MARTINA, MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! LOS AMO!

  203. Did you ever thought of Hello Venus Lime as a Spudgy Look-alike? xD

  204. This is off topic of the EYKA but is Nell’s White Night not going to be added to the KMM list? I was really looking forward to voting for that and I don’t think a potential spot on K-Indie Music will do it justice.

  205. Ooooh so that’s what all these Epik Nasties’ playlists were for… I love this idea! I have a tendency to create the “best of” lists and I already thought of my fav. dance and best potential KMM lists before :) And now I have the chance to vote in so many categories, awesome!!! I’ll try not to be too biased, but I’m so torn between the nominees already. Thanks for not posting all the categories at once, my brain could explode if you did so.

    • Hahaha no1 was supposed to know about those playlists! >_<

      But we threw biases out the window while nominating so I'm totally going w/ my biases in voting! lol

  206. I’m scared for this EYK awards, it could bring fanwars to the next level. Fanwars already happen with Mama 2012 and it was a bad one, Say A vs Affxtions vs Kamilia, EXOtics vs Baby and more. Hope this time fans would vote for the real one who should win! I am spoilt for choices, too much! It should be just 5 nominees, now, I’m gonna test my skills! Secret Poison for nasty, Hyuna Ice Cream for best potential KMM, *gonna choose EXO because biased, but, its gonna be hell lot of funny seeing Simon in leather, and bathing in bubble! And definitely, SHINee Sherlock! Gangnam Style is great,but not the kind of dance that deserves Best Dance Of The Year.

    • Ah well. We try to encourage people to be respectful of each other here at EYK, so hopefully things won’t get out of control.

      My personal stance on these EYK Awards are:
      - The top 10 nominees for each category were carefully and systematically selected from over 350 candidates (that’s the amount of Kpop MVs released in 2012)
      - I feel that every video equally deserves the award, on a purely objective level. They were selected over 340 other videos. Thus, now it just comes down to personal preference.
      - Therefore, I don’t mind if people go totally biased, because no matter who wins, they’ll still be a good representative of the category :p

      The most important thing is for everyone to have fun ^^b

  207. Omg trouble maker should be on the nasty list!!! (Cough cough mama performance) SOO NASTY!!!!

  208. Can there be a “What the Heck Just Happened” award?
    Because there are so many videos that just leave you scratching your head in puzzlement and only S&M know what REALLY happens.

    • We have a “bizarre video” category, it might be one of the last to be released to the public but I’m sure it won’t disapoint you haha :)

  209. These categories are awesome! Engrish, nasty dance, brohoho… I wasn’t expecting anything less from you! :-) I love these awards already!


    Let me quote YOURSELF to you guise, about last year’s HTDK:

    A Nasty asked: “Do i have to vote for the BEST MV or the HOTTEST MV? I don’t really understand .. please answer ~”

    And you guise answered: “For your favourite kpop video of the year, so it could be best dance or video in general!”

    If you don’t believe me, here is the link: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/vote-for-how-to-dance-kpop-2011/#comment-383997677

    My only point is, I find it a bit cheeky from you to imply that Big Bang won last year because of stupid fangirls voting like crazy for their oppas, while at no point you set the rules clearly. Even on the voting page, the word “dance” didn’t even appear. Actually, people were supposed to vote for a good video, whatever it was, and they did. That’s why Big Bang won and deserved to win.

    But I’m really glad you solve this issue this year. Now it couldn’t be clearer, it’s not mixing with KMM voting either, it’s all good.


    Sincerely, a devoted Nasty.

    PS: this comment was written with luuuuv, even if it contains criticism. If I didn’t luuuuv you, what would I be doing here?

    • Did you see the last paragraph in the blog post :p

      We have bigger things in store tee hee heee~

      • I just re-read the last paragraph and I understand even less *scratch head* How can Epik High be out of the top 10 while YOU were one of the epic nasties who selected the nominees?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          The “EPIK Nasties” are all Epik High fans (sans me) but we refrained from being completely biased. EH is elsewhere in the nominees tho.

        • Most bizarre video, probably ^^

        • Because that would have been biased of us. Trust me, there is compensation elsewhere.

  210. Wait Wait! Why isn’t Miss A’s Touch in the Best Potential KMM? I thought that was quiet a nice song to be reviewed, but didn’t won because that song came out in the same time with BIGBANG’s 3 epic song Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. :(

  211. How about most disappointing dance as well? Heo Young Saeng should win that award for Cry. Just as the beat picks up and you’re meant to see an awesome dance, instead we see Young Saeng off beat and looking awkward. Disappointing.

  212. This just proved that you guys are really awesome. Really wanted to work with you guys, making video etc. But sadly, I’m not from Korea. :(

  213. I love this idea! I can’t wait to see Simon and Martina on award night in their spiffy evening wear! :D And I get one more chance to vote my heart out for Orange Caramel and Hyuna and others! It’s like a week filled with second chances! ;_; Also, with the revamped website and these new EYK Awards, I can’t wait to see what content you will have to share with us once you have the studio! EYK and Grandpa FIGHTING!!

  214. I’m sooo excited for this and I’m sitting here laughing to myself while reading the categories, imagining how you’re gonna talk about it xD can’t wait for the best Engrish… so many great nominees out there.

  215. uhh no pls not again! remove the rookie award again I’m sick of the fanwar between Baby’s and the Exo fandom

  216. Dora dora…very nasty dance….why you not nominated, oh well ^^

  217. This is great, but please still do some of the dances!

  218. Will this be a half hour special? :D

  219. This is awesome! Just… pure perfection, and exactly what EYK is about. Or I mean, what I hope that you want it to be about. Anyways, awesome and OOH YOU SO NASTY

  220. Oh, for best engrish… You did see the “English” version of Andamiro’s Hypnotize right? Cause really, that should be a given winner!

  221. Awesome, just jealous of your creativity and nastiness!

  222. I’m so looking forward toward the EYK Awards! Though, I feel like Nell – Before the Day should be a nominee for best potentional KMM. You could’ve put your academic degree to serious use if you had reviewed that song.

  223. drykabioni

    “The Nastiest Dance” is a titan’s battle! So so NASTYYYY!!! I love it all the categories!

  224. you should put infinite – paradise as one of the nominee for the nastiest dance

  225. Its a good idea!!………………………… But how is Teen Top- To you in the most nastiest dance section T^T……. WHYYY JUST WHYYYYY.

  226. Wow, this is truly an amazing idea ! I feel like this is just what we needed for the end of the year, and to voice out what we think about k-pop in a cool way ! Love you guys, you are genius !! There are so many categories, stuff to think about and to talk about to chose, awww what should I do ?? This is just as cool as the EMA’s !!! =D

  227. It looks so amazing! *cries tears of joy*

    I love the mini introductions you guys wrote for all the nominees in each category.

  228. This is an AWESOME Idea, wish oh my god by girls day was on the reviewed list though, that video is so silly and always seemed perfect for MM :)

  229. unicornsgalaxy

    YAY!! So many awesome videos to choose from! I think my brain may just explode trying to choose who to vote for!


    First of all let me say that I’m wayyyyyy more excited for this than the MAMA Awards.

    Second, I’m shocked there’s no Best Indie Music Video.(I literally JUST noticed that).

  231. Steampunky Owl and Moustachioed Kitty on you wall are mesmerizing. Where did you get them? I NEED TO KNOW.

    EYK Awards? YESSSSSSSSSS. Just in time to distract me from doing the super-important presentation for my bachelor’s degree. YAY!

  232. The EYK awards are gonna be so much better than the others! You should see about getting the winners actually little funky trophies or something haha!

  233. FINALLY!!!!!!

    *cries ugly tears*


  234. the epicness of your awesomeness is BLOWING MY MIND! this is a great idea you two! You did a great job with the categories! I can’t wait to watch!

  235. After watching the MAMA…You guys are waaay better.

  236. yeah.. the “Best Dance” last year.. -_- .. I love BB but.. woah! .. When I saw “How To Dance Kpop Style” and realized that Big Bang’s Tonight was the 1st place, I was like “wait, wuhhtt??” .. because I was the MV before and NEVER saw a dance there.. I had to rewatch it then but still, didn’t noticed any particular dance step.. I love you Big Bang!! <3

    I hope everyone's gonna vote wisely.. and not that it's because it's your bias group that you should vote for them .. ^^


  238. to check out the “Best Dance” nominees it actually makes more sense to watch performances instead of the MV cause you rarely see the full dance in the MV ;)

  239. So original categories :)) That way voting will be fun ~ xP!

  240. I can’t wait for the next catergories! This is a brilliant idea! Do you plan on actually giving out trophies to the artists?

  241. You guys are awesome! I can’t wait!!
    I’m anticipating the nominees for best plot… I hope that the last video of K.Will, “Please don’t…” is nominated. xD

    Hahaha yes, no doubt that last year best dance is epic failure :p
    But what the hell, NOW ALL LOOKS GREAATTT!!!

  243. Omg thank you, after last year I’m so happy you’re doing it this way now. I was so dissapointed when Big Bang won best DANCE of all things. xD

  244. -.- so now I want to vote BUT pabo me can’t figure out what ‘Best KMM’ means… uhm… uhm…
    *embarrassed*… what does it mean? I kinda need to know to vote, right?! *blushes*

  245. U-KISS should have been in Nastiest Dance with DoraDora

  246. what is potential KMM vid basically?


    what more do the rulers of the galaxy want from me

    I voted my kiester off for three full weeks

    I have analyzed their video from front to back and back to front, from turtlenecks to hairdos and from rings to poppies, from whale carcasses to ship hulls and from purgatory to mushroom trips, from manskirts to overalls and from beauty to despair.






  248. You should make EYKA’s statuette and send them to winners :D :D

  249. “Best Use of Mr.Brohoho’s Shop” So great :)

  250. So many good videos to choose from! Its going to be tough to vote~

    Will the videos change order based on the number of points (like the Kpop charts)? or are they locked in that position?

  251. I hope you guys will also continue making the How to Kpop Style videos every year. Definitely one of the best EYK videos of each year

  252. Also I am glad you guys are doing it this way, I was so disappointed in the people for voting for Big Bang in best dance. It shows that people don’t think, they just want.

  253. I admit I will probably vote for the videos that have not been on KMM just so there is more material for more funny skits.

  254. Yay I love this :’D And I love that Super Junior isn’t in every category so I can vote for all of my favourite groups and not only SJ hehe~ (and so I can vote less biased XD)

  255. You guys are such great content providers. Can wait to see what you will do when you get your studio.

  256. does the winner of the potential KMM award get reviewed? that would be an awesome extra!

    • They replied to one person on Youtube saying, “Yup, the 2012 EYK Awards are going to be like a giant Music Monday.” So, that would be a yes. :D

      • Well wait: it’s not that the best potential KMM gets its own review. The whole show is like a giant Music Monday, so to speak, rather than 17 music mondays for the 17 categories. THAT’D BE INSANE YO!

        • lol I didn’t mean like you’ll personally review it for like a whole video, but I’m sure whoever wins, that you guys will probably talk a little something about it. Just considering, that winning this is basically a second chance to be talked about somewhat. I should have worded my comment differently.

  257. THIS LOOKS AWESOME^^^ I keep on wanting actually interesting awards like most bizarre video and I just cannot wait for BEST ENGRISH, me loves me some engriishhh^^^ thank you guys so much!!! I too was a little bit annoyed (that is super super angry) that bigbang won best dance because yeah the song was fantastic but it just wasn’t fair for the other groups or really showed kpop fans ability to not be biased and actually pick a group who they sincerely thought was the best – which I know that we all have!!! So I’m super excited and I think this could be a revolution of sorts…maybe???
    Anyways, I’m excited^^

  258. Omg I can’t wait. You guys are the best!!!! Cx

  259. This is brilliant! I am sitting with adequate amounts of anticipation and with SUPER EXCITEMENT. ^_^

  260. OMG! This idea is totally brilliant!!! I just hope that all the Nasties who will vote won’t crash the voting system :D
    I’m really intrigued with Spudgy Look-a-like nomination, but I know that Bigbang will definitely be there :)

  261. The nominees….too hard to choose! >.<

    • Short answer: They are.

    • Me too… but I am not seeing them on any list anywhere. Is it because they are hallyu mostly; touring in other countries? Not bitter but really kinda bummed. Those guys are so damned lovable and multi-talented! The dance for Stop Girl is insane!

      • Trust me, almost everyone here, S&M and the Epik Nasties included, LOVE UKiss very much. As a group, they’re great and lovable personalities. But when compared to Neverland or Tick Tack from last year, their MVs this year weren’t that outstanding.

        How about this: Think of which UKiss videos you would nominate for which category. Then, look at the current nominees for those categories, and think which one you think should be replaced with UKiss, based on objective relevance to the category alone. Throw away your bias. It’s a bit hard, no?

        • silverhoneycat

          It’s quite easy actually. Especially since half of the categories are more fun than serious, which is pretty cool. It just seems to be their fate to be so hardworking and kind but underrated, I mean, they took a lot of critical flack this year but have always been generous with their interviews, even as far as a backstage invite to an mv shooting. I completely understand what your trying to say, but I’m allowed to like all of their work better than say… a song about crayons or frozen desserts. peace

        • ^^;

          Ah well. I suppose you’re allowed to be disappointed. And yes you’re allowed to like things more than others.

          We feel really bad for not giving them more nominations too, but they didn’t really fit anywhere. We’ll see what we can do about it :)

      • Hareem Siddiqi

        I was dissapointed at first too, but honestly they didn’t fit much anywhere, they didn’t have aegyo (thank goodness) or engrish. They had an amazing dance, but the ones on the list deserved to be there. As long as we work hard and win best Male Group.

        • You have no idea how much I appreciate this comment. In fact, I deeply appreciate all the polite KissMes that frequent EYK. As an Epik Nasty who loves Tick Tack, Neverland, and Shut Up, I can definitely say that we tried to find a place for U-Kiss in several of the categories, but the group consensus was that their MVs this year just weren’t quite good enough to make the top 10 or didn’t fit. They didn’t have aegyo (thank goodness) and they didn’t happen to have guns or Spudgy look-a-likes, lol. As for outfits, that category’s nominees ended up being either dramatic costume outfits or horrific outfits, neither of which apply to U-Kiss since their Stop Girl suits were so chic. In the case of Artsy Fartsy, we purposely only included less well-known artists to make it more of an Indie category. I personally love Stop Girl, but that dance just wasn’t quite as outstanding all the way through as the other nominees for Best Dance. If this was 2011, you can be sure that Neverland would have been the first Best Dance nominee to come to my mind (Tick Tack as well, but we probably couldn’t have nominated it since it was a Japanese release, lol).

          I for one am very glad to see U-Kiss in the #1 spot for Best Male Group. I’m a fan of Big Bang but I really feel for U-Kiss since they don’t seem to receive any recognition domestically. Hopefully their strong international fanbase can show them how much support they have overseas by winning in the EYKAs. I’ve got my fingers crossed for them. :)

        • Hareem Siddiqi
          Hareem Siddiqi

          thanks, i’m happy you guys nominated fairly. There isn’t a single band/group/solo that didn’t deserve to be in the category they were in. It must’ve been hard for u guys to not be bias.

  262. Oh my gosh guys, your rookie award is going to be like the MAMA’s XD

  263. First time participating in EYKAs!! Great idea about the awards btw! :D
    So pumpedd~! ^^

    P.S. Simon and Martina in fancy evening outfits… uhhhlala, I bet all Nasties are excited! ;)

  264. Oh. In the future, since I can see you guys doing this more often, I can see you guys should make an award for “Most Fun/Best to Interview”. I’m nt sure if that should be up for voting, since you were the ones to do the interviewing and we merely watched.

  265. LOVE THIS!! It’s really a great idea. You guys just keep getting more awesome (if that’s even possible)!

  266. This is a great idea! Just when I think you guys can’t get any more awesome, you come up with ideas like this.

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