It’s that time of year again! Time for our year end Kpop Recap. We’ve been doing this every year since 2008 with our “How To Dance Kpop Style” videos. We used to chose our personal favourite songs of the year, but last year we opened it up to public voting, and it resulted in Big Bang’s “Tonight” winning Dance of the Year, for a video that didn’t have a dance. Lame! So, this year, we decided to change things up a bit so that we can explore different categories rather than just focusing on dancing only. Think of the 2012 EatYourKimchi Awards (2012 EYKAs) like a giant Kpop Music Monday! It won’t just be a boring listing of winners, we’ll joke around as we usually do WHILE wearing fancy evening wear and giving out awards! Ooohhh so classy!

We’d still like to give you the chance to voice your opinions, so each category will have 10 choices that you can vote on. The winner of each category will go onto the final 2012 EYK Awards ceremony.

How to vote!

Head on over to the 2012 Eat Your Kimchi Awards page and pick the best videos from the many different categories. You’ll notice that you can only vote on three categories for now. That’s because we’re going to release the nominees for different categories over the span of a week, just to keep it fresh, instead of overloading you with too much to vote for at once. Here’s the order we’ll be releasing the nominees. Check back on this page from time to time as we’ll be uploading new videos for each category.

Day 1

Vote for the Best Dance of 2012


Vote for the Nastiest Dance of 2012


Vote for the Best Potential KMM of 2012


Day 2

Vote for the Best Solo Performance of 2012


Vote for the Best Rookie Group of 2012


Day 3

Vote for the Best Artsy Fartsy Music Video of 2012


Vote for the Most Bizarre Video of 2012


Vote for the Best Plot of 2012


Day 4

Vote for the Best Aegyo of 2012


Vote for the Best Outfits of 2012


Vote for Best Spudgy Look-a-like


Day 5

Vote for Best Use of Mr.Brohoho’s Shop in 2012


Vote for Best Gun Usage of 2012


Vote for the Best Engrish of 2012

Day 6

Vote for the Best Female Group of 2012

Best Male Group

Day 7
Best Overall Video

Let us know what you think of the categories in the comment section below! This has been a really really long work in progress, we’ve been thinking about since last year’s Big Bang failure. (You know I love Big Bang, but they didn’t deserve best dance…hahahaha). Each category was very carefully thought out to make sure one band didn’t overlap into too many categories. We wouldn’t want one band taking four categories with the same song, that would be super lame. Also, for those of you who want us to screw the votes and just do what we want to do, don’t worry! We’re planning on talking about our own personal faves of the year as well, but who knows, perhaps our favs will overlap with the winners! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Lastly, thanks to all the Epik Nasties who helped out in the selection process. While we were away, they helped out so so much by carefully voting and debating about who should be in the top 10 categories. We’d be ripping out our hair now if it wasn’t for them.

  1. For those of you who want to complain about the EYKAs in style, let me give you a form where you can just copy and paste and insert the words you need into your own post.

    form 1 – not nominated.

    Why wasn’t <name of bias> nominated for the <category> category! <bias name’s song> is a far better candidate then the other 10 that you chose for the <category>.It doesn’t matter that <name of bias> was nominated for <number of categories>, <name of bias> deserves to win <category> and all the others you created.

    form 2 – not winning.

    I’m a <name of fan group>, but I’m not being biased. <name of bias> should be winning the <name of category>. Why don’t the rest of you see <reason #1> and <reason #2> make this video better than the others in the category. <name of bias> doesn’t deserve to be <current standing>.

    form 3 – hen house

    <name of female group/solo artist> should be getting more votes! <name of fan group> only knows how to vote for <name of fan group’s bias> and can’t see <name of female group/solo artist>’s talent is better than <name of fan group’s bias>.

    I personally will be using form 3 ad nauseum from here on out..;)

  2. well i know its on B.A.P and Exo’s wiki pages. I honestly didn’t check the others, mianhaeyo!

  3. Hmm, let me see.

    Psy has a good dance, Roh Ji Hoon has a nasty dance, Nu’est should’ve won KMM, Junsu is a good solo artist, BAP is a good rookie, Hot Potato had an artsy-fartsy video, Miryo’s video was bizarre, UV had a good plot, Orange Caramel had good aegyo, Epik High had good costumes, Big Bang’s GD and TOP look like Spudgy, T-ara used Mr. Brohoho’s brick room, MBLAQ used a few guns in their video, Super Junior had good Engrish, T-ara is a good female group, both Epik High and Big Bang are good male groups, and Sunny Hill had a good video.

    Yea I approve of your choices :p

  4. Hahaha I don’t know about the other Epik Nasties, but that was what I was thinking when I saw it nominated.

    Oh the irony xD

    • hahaha pretty sure we never claimed not to be a little trollish, but if that’s what everyone is the majority are voting for who are we to deny them! xD Though I would prefer a girl group to win Aeygo…

      • What? Us trollish? Naw, we wouldn’t do anything trollish *cough* Nothing like put Ku Hye Sun in aegyo or Dancing King in Engrish just to see WTF reactions *cough*

        • hahaha Dancing King has fabulous Engrish! I’ve been converted now lol. I hope more people are watching that video now XD
          I’m glad we had a couple of troll nominations, it’s not like any of them didn’t deserve to be nominated, but it means that the EYKAs have an EYK/Epik Nasty feel to it. Keeps things interesting :D

        • after all, we would know all about trolling after we got trolled so hard by Tablo!

  5. [Rant Alert]

    EYKA Pet Peeve #1: “I’m not biased, but So-And-So DESERVES to win the most”

    Every. Single. Nominee. “DESERVES” to win.

    It’s ok to be biased, I won’t judge you. Go ahead and be biased, that’s what polls are for, no?

    We knew people would end up voting for their favourite groups anyway, which is why we tried to choose the nominees as objectively as possible. That way, whoever wins the category will still be a suitable candidate (or, even if it’s the least suitable candidate out of the 10, at least it’s better than BB winning Best Dance with a dance-less video lol)

    It just upsets me when people claim that they’re not biased, and that their group must be in first place purely because it deserves to win the most, over all the other nominees.

    Does it deserve to win? Yes. Does it deserve it more than everyone else? No.

    EYKA Pet Peeve #2: Hardly anyone checks out all the nominees before they vote.

    Well, fair enough, there’s 170 nominations after all. Checking out all the videos released this year and choosing from them objectively was the job of the nomination team (the Epik Nasties + S&M), and voters have all the right to just vote for the groups/videos they’re already familiar with.

    However, since a lot of effort was put into choosing these nominees, it would be really nice if people could go back and watch all the other videos that they haven’t seen, after they make their initial votes. Show some support to the less popular groups? Like this person did: http://saobservations.com/2012/12/06/most-artistically-creative-kpop-music-video-of-2012/

    In fact, to make it easier for you guys, here’s ALL 17 Categories in PLAYLIST MODE!!!

    EYKA Pet Peeve #3: All the Y U NO include So-And-So complaints

    We’ve all seen them. I actually don’t mind these too much, because although most of them were left out of the top 10 with strong reasoning, we did actually miss some good candidates. For example, Myname’s Hello and Goodbye would have been a pretty good Gun Usage candidate.

    What does annoy me though, is when people complain about:
    – Not including a group in a particular category when it already has nominations in a few other categories. Some groups weren’t nominated at all, so just be grateful yo!! the next person who asks why fantastic baby isn’t in best dance will be shot

    – Not including a video from 2011, or way before that. Troublemaker is from 2011. Cleansing Cream is from 2011. Balloons is from 2006. It’s called EYK Awards 2012 for a reason!

    EYKA Pet Peeve #4: Mods who make rants about their pet peeves

    Mods should just shut up and do their jobs, seriously. Why be a wet blanket and spoil everybody’s fun?

    – Most fans just enjoy voting for and promoting their biases, and may not have time to go through all 170 nominees, so might as well let them enjoy themselves.

    – All complaints about videos and groups that weren’t included should be taken with a grain of salt and given extra consideration next year. After all no list is perfect, and we should be open to this valuable input.

    – A large proportion of Nasties actually leave comments appreciating the current nominations, check out as many unknown nominees as they can, and try their best to leave objective votes and input. We should appreciate them and focus our thoughts on them instead of the less pleasant voters. For example, this person is my favourite Nasty right now: http://saobservations.com/2012/12/08/may-the-best-aegyo-win/

    Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Overall, I’m really REALLY happy with how the awards are going, and that people are discovering new videos, reminding themselves of old favourites, and just having fun!! *~(^o^)/~*

    [End Rant]

    • It was in the last draft for Artsy Fartsy, but it kinda stuck out like a sore thumb with all its CGI, so we kicked it out.


    • Bwahahahahaahaha! I see that my penchant for shooting has rubbed off on you!

      I have to say that these EYKAs are going much better than I expected. I am so proud of all the Nasties, but those ones who say I know so-and-so are probably not going to win but I’m just glad they were nominated and those that take the time to at least check out the people that they haven’t heard of (even if they still end up voting for their bias) hold a special spot in my heart.

      No matter who wins in the different categories, I’ll be happy because they all deserve it! Except BAP in aegyo! Not that they don’t deserve it, but more that I refuse to see them as aegyo since I don’t really like aegyo. I’m gonna always see them as bad a$$ warriors! Forever and ever! *pouts*

      • yeah but you have always been more concerned with the who the winner should be then us. I’m not even voting half the time cause I’m happy with whoever wins because all the nominees totally fit in that category.

      • Heh, there’s a lot of things that I wish we could change for example MORE FEMALE WINNERS but nothing we can do about it now.

        So might as well accept it so it won’t ruin our mood too much, this is supposed to be enjoyable after all :)

        If it makes you feel better, S&M clearly said sooo many times that your favourite video was also their favourite song/video of the year (OC’s Lipstick :D)

      • Heh. At first I was like ‘Why the heck is BAP winning Aegyo’ but now I just find it really funny.

        Think of what the award ceremonies will be like. “Introducing BAP, winner of Best Rookie and Best Aegyo!!”

        And from hereon BAP shall be known as ‘That really Aegyo rookie group’ BWAHAHAHAHA xD

        • S&M killed me when they said it was the most bipolar transformation. It’s so disturbing how well BAP do aegyo. It’s sickening it deserved a vote from me.

          I have voting philosophy. For some categories I can’t help but give a vote for my bias, but I give a vote and shares to the videos I think should win. Some are one in the same. Some I know my bias’s isn’t the best in the category and don’t even give them a vote.

        • I almost feel as if we should have had a “Most Fierce and Bad A$$ Warrior” category and B1A4 should be winning it. It feels like the world has all gone topsy turvey!

        • I think the Babys decided to troll all of us hard. Actually, I’m finding it a bit amusing too. *pouts* I’m still gonna think of them as puffy bunny warriors *stomps foot*. :D

  6. …………..whoops *looks away*

    lol the reason that wasn’t nominated was because it wasn’t on the Kpop Charts because it was an very obvious commerical. We only chose nominees from the 350 videos on the Kpop Charts this year :)

  7. Yes!! Concentrate on the less popular ones!! It’s more interesting that way xD

    Now, read this, and then vote for Epik High’s Don’t Hate Me!! MWHAHAHAHA xD


  8. -gigglesnorted at the part where Spudgy mentioned Lime being named Lime, but has blue hair-

  9. Please, please, please, no more Aegyo video’s from BAP. I can only hope and pray their management team doesn’t ruin BAP’s image and music video’s any further.

  10. Yey, a category a male can’t win. Best Female!

  11. I think I just thought of an awesome category that S&M could do… BEST LINE EVAR award (whether the line be english, korean, or spanish). Lines such as Soy un dorito, Don’t take it in the butt, and I lost my pants…I think this could be and awesome category.

  12. Hahaha I think they might be from your favourite website Jamie ;)

  13. Question: At the beginning of the Engrish video you say it isn’t the Engrish that stems from pronunciation but from fail lyric writing skills. Based off of that, I don’t quite get the inclusion of Block B’s Nanrina…at least with the line used there. Simon says in this video, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know but I’m hard.” But the actual lyrics are, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know but I’m hot, hot. (so hot)”….And that line makes perfect sense to me.
    So in this case you are using pronunciation. Not sure if this happens in any of the other nominees as well because I don’t know them all.

    • As you said, “It’s because of their pronunciation” and that is why I’m confused. At the beginning of the video listing the nominees, Simon says they aren’t talking about pronunciation, but lyrics that are completely out of the blue, ‘what is this person trying to say to me’ lyrics. That line in Nanrina makes sense, it isn’t confusing, the meaning is understood. The only issue with it is Ukwon saying ‘hot’ like ‘hawt’, which comes off sounding like ‘hard’. And even then the line makes sense…it becomes quite a bit more perverted, yes, but it still makes sense.
      More or less my confusion lies in the fact that they say they aren’t basing their choices on pronunciation and yet for this one, and Boyfriend and Teen Top as well based on other comments, the Engrish is stemming from the pronunciation.

  14. Seriously. I don’t now who choose. There are so many good Engrish in this awards XDDDD

    It’s hard to pick just one of them.

  15. I’m really sorry about UKiss, and it breaks our heart seeing all the sad Kissmes, but thank you for being so understanding >_<

    Kissmes are the best <3 <3 <3

  16. Mr.Brohoho’s room will always look better with U-kiss!
    but i seriously never noticed all dose groups had brick rooms, it’s creepy

  17. Voted Super Junior for Engrish, but only for “Don’t take it in the butt!”

  18. hehehehe. Excellent question!

  19. Engrish…so awesome. Loved how Simon played it. Said them with a straight face and then on some of the worst offenders, bit his lip. Loved every one of them, especially the “I am hard” line followed by “You know what I mean.” Priceless Engrish if you know what I mean.

    You left out the best part of Baek Seung Heon’s Engrish Line: “oh my girl, like a my wife, girl, LET”S HAVE A BABY.” Grammatically correct, but who would ever say that to a girlfriend?

    I noticed that not a single girl group made the list.

    Little diappointed Hyuna’s Ice Cream wasn’t nominated for Engrish as she will always be my queen of Engrish when I include her or 4Minute. But she was already nominated for 2 other categories for her classically bad Ice Cream video.

  20. Spudy was awesome! I think this is my favorite category out of all of them!

  21. I love , love, love your ENGRISH category! XDD Thats of my favorite things about kpop..it wouldnt be fun with correct english lines :PP // No idea how i’ll choose with Bilasa , EXO and Super Junior in the category > v < but honestly i'm so relieved someone else noticed The " I don't know, but i'm hard " in Block B's video o-o I thought it was just me LOOL. I seriously wonder who writes these lines sometimes..

  22. They were all pretty hilarious.

  23. That was priceless. I love how he tried so hard to be as straight faced as possible. That made the Engrish even funnier. I also was laying as he got more and more frustrated at Mr. Brohoho.

    And Spudgy is adorable. Heeee, I ship Spudgy/Lime.

  24. Lol. The one that shows the most amount of Brohoho’s room? :p

    My dad said if it’s best usage of the room, then he thinks KJK utilised it very well, with the circular camera work.

    Or you could just vote for your favourite video out of the 10 :p

    We put in that category as a bit of a joke (as was with most categories) just to make a point that there was over 10 videos filmed in exactly the same room this year xD

  25. omg i have a pekingnese and I always love seeing spudgy bc she has the same manersims as my dog. But that had to be the cutest video ever!!!! can spdugy host other videos cause he is so cute!!!! my dog Ruby wants to date him!!!

  26. Okay, since so many people have asked for it, I made a playlist (yay!) of ALL of Mr. Brohoho’s sets and props. It’s still in progress, so tell me if I’ve forgotten anything :)

    Mr. BROHOHO’s Complete Prop and Set Guide!!

  27. Maybe it’s just me, but the Best Brohoho category doesn’t show a 1-10 listing on the http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpop-awards-2012/ page. I can still vote inside.

  28. I am so excited for The EYK Awards! I’ve got a countdown on my phone XD

  29. I’m missing Mr. Brohoho presenting this award, but certainlly love Spudgy presenting the Spudgy look-a-like Award. It was amazing.

  30. Is there a Nasty that has that list of all the music videos that use that brick room?
    I feel like sitting down with a bucket of popcorn and watching them.

  31. I’m a little bit late to the party… but if anyone is still having trouble understanding Seungri Time for Kisses in the Aeygo video, here is a translation of the video :)

    Aeygo is a term to describe where the girls are very sweet, innocent and endearingly cute, like me.
    It usually involves them starting their sentences with “Oppa” and it involves them talking about themselves in 3rd person.
    Like, for example, “Oppa, Seungri time for kisses want ice cream, waegeurae”. See how cute that was.
    And the nominees for Best Aegyo of the year are:
    Goo Hara – Secret Love
    Oh my god, that boy is so dreamy and Goo Hara has the best Aegyo reaction to his cuteness. Which is even more effective because she’s such a cutey herself. I wish I was a pretty as her.
    Sistar – Loving U
    Even though the girls are really sexy in Alone, you can see the genuine cute excitement when they frolic around on the beach. They’re so cute! Ahhrrrr
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick
    This nominee for the Best Aegyo is also the fakest Aeygo, as they seem to be all cute and innocent but then turn out to be stone cold ping pong killers. Still one of my favourite songs and videos of 2012.
    Ku Hye Sun – Marry Me
    This entire video is literally a close up of her head as she smiles and looks on the camera. Really, there’s nothing else. If you were to factor in the percentage of Aegyo time, into the winner of this award, she would definitely win, because its 100% her face, only her face.
    BAP – Stop It
    These boys are all about being powerful ruthless warriors, but now they’re cute? Biggest Aeygo turn around ever. This isn’t just male Aeygo, this is bi-polar.
    Tittaaays – Twinkle.
    Girls Generation are always making cute and know how to work the camera. Even if they are dancing around in lingerie. Be thankful that its cold right now, or I’d be announcing the nominees in the same attire. It wouldn’t be pretty.
    Hello Venus – Venus
    This video is chock full of pointing fingers at your cheeks, pouting, blinking, OK signs and everything that Aeygo girls need to pose for a picture.
    Big Star – I got ya
    If the Hello Venus video was set over snowboarding and Hello Venus were all boys, this would be the video. Lots of boys, looking at the camera and looking cute. Oh Boy
    IU, Korea’s sweet heart is one of the cutest people in all of Korea. Ah ar, wait a second, the picture frame is a bit off, can you…
    Eunkyuk it. I mean, Unhook. Oh god, unhook not Eunkyuk.
    BILASA – Baby Goodnight.
    They conquer kitties and teenage girls hearts and since I’m clearly a teenage girl, my heart is totally conquered by these cutey boy. Oh my god.

    That’s it for the nominees for Best Aegyo of 2012, there are so many cutey cuties to choose from. Let us know who you thought was the best Aeygo by heading over to EatYourKimchi.com/Kpop-awards-2012.
    And vote there. I would clearly understand if you want to vote for me, because I am definitely the most Aeygo out of everyone. I’m going to go write another love letter to Seungri now. Maybe one day he’ll answer them. Dear Seungri,… Time for Kisses.

    (^_^) Sorry for the long post, but it is a 3 minute video XD. If you heard something different, let me know~

  32. Love this! But I’m really surprised Cleansing Cream wasn’t an option for “Artsy Fartsy,” or “Best Plot.”

  33. Everyone feels as though their group is underrated because they don’t win every single award ever.
    Underrated and overrated are two of my most hated words when it comes to kpop.

  34. Eunhyuk..i mean.. unhook.. bbbahahahahaha

  35. my ears are bleeding from listening to aegyo girl ..lol

  36. where is spudgy look a like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hey, guise! I was thinking about where are UKiss in the nominees. I didn’t see them for any categories yet.

    Or am I missing something?

  38. I think Ukiss deserves their own special award for contributing to the most memorable EYK insiders like the their homeless epidemic, Mordney, Brohoho, math equations, man bras and so on.

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