Ok! Here’s a video that we didn’t make but one that we were a part of, so we thought we should share it!

We were on Canal+ in France for a program with Antoine de Caunes a long time ago. 7 Months ago, to be more specific, and I only know that because I found our instagram picture of us together:

We had a great time working with Antoine and the whole crew. The producer was awesome as well, and acted in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. I forget what role he was in. He told me after we had a bit to drink. And I’ve also never seen the movie. YES I’VE NEVER SEEN IT! Blasphemy, I know. I just never wanted to see it. I feel like it’s an accomplishment to not have seen it. Kind of like how I never did drugs before, people are like “holy hell! You’re from Toronto and never smoked weed?” This is similar. “You were a kid and never saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?!” Yes, yes that is true. What am I talking about again?

Filming with them was fun. They filmed a bunch of stuff with other Kpop bands as well, and were a bit confused about the representation of sexuality in the music videos and how disparate that image is from their controlled image outside of music video sets. Kpop artists can sing about love and act sexy on video, but they can’t ever be that way off camera. Canal + wanted to know why, so we gave our best answers as to why. Our opinion on the matter: having sexual relationships off camera lowers your marketability. Kpop idols fulfill people’s fantasies. Exo will sing about loving a girl but you won’t see her face, because if you do see a face that isn’t yours it’ll be more difficult for you to imagine yourself in that place. The illusion will be more difficult to sell. Girls Generation, in Genie, are leading a guy by the hand through different sexy rooms, but you only see his hand, which can very well be your hand. If you saw the guy’s face, the illusion would be broken, and fanatic fans – unable to role-play as easily as before – will not buy as much.

At least, that’s what I remember talking about in this video. I don’t know what they dubbed over us, though, because our French is so weak. They could very well be dubbing over us and saying “Hello my name is Simon and my head is fat!” and I wouldn’t know. If anyone here is French and can let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it, and maybe we could discuss it more in the comments if I can remember what we said :D

Anyhow, we come on at the 26:40 and we’re there, spliced in with other footage as well, for about 4 minutes or so, in case you feel like skipping to our part. I’ve heard the whole thing is really interesting, though! I’d love to see it with English subs. We didn’t upload this ourselves, either, so I don’t know what’s up with Part 2, if we’re in that or not. Supposedly we were listed in the credits there, too? I’m not sure. I remember reading someone say that, I think.

Yeah! For everyone else here who isn’t French and is utterly confused, umm, how about we talk about stuff we should do in Canada! We woke up at 3AM and were really hungry, so now we’re publishing this at, like 7AM here in Canadia time. Weird! We’re gonna go do some Christmas shopping today as well. Question: where are all the people? Why is it so empty around here?

  1. Nooooo ! I so wanted to see this video but it’s say “This video is not available in your country” (France)… So sad ! :'(

  2. That announcer is hysterical. I’m thankful for all my years of French class. Antoine, oui?

  3. Ahah lol You guys are so funny! Congrats! We need English subs pls ♥

  4. I understand french (well,from Quebec XD) and each time that I listen your french cover, Im’ like “Oh God!Simon, you have a 60 years old voice!!!!! “.

  5. Merry Christmas you guys! (BTW are any of you to jetlagged )

  6. There is an english interview about this documentary made by korean TV : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaAwwF1dV1M

  7. I am really happy you got to say something the only thing i wish is i could here what they where saying in korean and then french and here your english or if there was sub titles. Because i don’t speak french i don’t want to watch this becuase i don’t really understand.

  8. This really was a great documentary! I really enjoyed it!

  9. I’m so glad I can understand french!!!!

  10. Ah, sorry, my French is sooo rusty!! Living in Toronto for too long, and a vocabulary that is far beyond mine…! But this is what I could make of it!!

    Simon: For their big fans of K-pop(?), these people don’t go out with anyone, don’t have boy/girlfriends, they never have sex.

    Martina: ?? (I’m not positive what she says here but I THINK she says, “I really used to hope that they did.”)

    Simon: (AGAIN I’M NOT POSITIVE) K-Pop groups don’t have a lot of understanding. That’s what they should have. They ne

    This dynamic duo is Simon and Martina Stawski, the grey emminances (?) from the popular site Eat Your Kimchi and their YouTube channel. With their ?? humor and their sharp commentary, these two, who have been living in Seoul for 6 years, serve as masters of K-Pop for millions of viewers/followers around the world.

    And they knew at what point Asiatic pop stars and their fans was totally dysfunctional .

    Martina: There is a Japanese group called AKB47 and one of the singers, Minami, entered into a secret relationship with a boy. The girls were forbidden from having boyfriends, and a photo was taken of Minami leaving the his house. She was so shattered by the incident that she shaved her head and posted a video on Youtube where we see her in tears.

    Minami: I should/could never separate from everyone who loves me.

    Simon: She wasn’t crying because she had had a lover; she was crying because she had ruined the dreams of all her fans.

    Martina: She had betrayed their trust.

    Move on to the programme looking at Boyfriend and asking them if they have girlfriends. The band says no, but then one of them says, “I do!” surprising the others. “All my female fans are my girlfriends,” he confides.

    • Second appearance:

      Simon: In Korea homosexuality is a taboo subject. We know people who say, “No no, there are no homos in Korea; that is an illness that was brought over by foreigners.” But in Korea it doesn’t exist.

      Martina: It’s impossible.

      Annoucer: So, what happens with a Korean star comes out of the closet? There is in fact a man who did just that, and we spoke to him. It’s been 10 years since actor ???Hong Son Cheong??? shook up his Korean countrymen (?) by revealing his sexuality directly on television.

      Actor: There was a huge reaction. People were shocked by me coming out. My acting career was rendered innate. I lost everything and it lasted three years. I’d say that 99% of Koreans detested me.

      Announcer: Not being able to act, he turned his attention to opening restaurants. Since then he’s become one of the most celebrated restauranteurs of Seoul. In Korea, this figure of someone openly gay was an exception. Nobody (contested it?) except for his mother.

      Actor: She would call me every day and say “I love you my son, but tell me – when are you going to settle down and marry a woman?” I was like, “Mother, I’m gay!” and she would say, “No no, trust me, it’ll pass, believe me!” (The subtitles say he says “give it three months,” I hear crois moi, not trois moix…)

      • In Seoul’s unique gay village(?) is near Itteawon (sp likely!) . When (actor) Hong Suk-Chun wanders around he is received like a hero.

        Youth: Thanks to this man, young people can finally assume their sexuality. It has brought a lot of good to Korea.

        Hong Suk-Chun: Here are my friends, they are ladies! Actually, no, they are transsexuals!

        Transsexual lady: See you later!

        Announcer: On the dancefloor of one of the rare gay clubs of the city, a place a bit bigger than the telephone booths(??), I began to get to know an adorable young woman who found herself attracted to my charming self. It was at that time that Suk-Chun wanted to speak to me in the language of life. (?)

        Suk-Chun: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi se soir? (** The famous lyrics, “Would you like to sleep with me tonight”.)

        Announcer: Tonight?

        Suk-Chun: Yeah…! Okay?

        Announcer: Yes, yes, uh, tonight I can’t because I have a lot of work I still have to do.

        Suk-Chun: Just a quickie?

        (Both laugh)

        • Announcer: For several years, South Koreans, whether they be straight, gay, or somewhere in between, have become more and more obsessed by their appearance. In 2012, they parted with almost 1 billion dollars on beauty products. South Korea has thusly become the prime consumers of cosmetic products for men. Here it is common for men to take a high interest in their appearance, and young men in particular who do this are known affectionately as Flower Boys.

          Young Male: I began using make-up for a very simple reason: I had horrible skin! At first I started by using foundation (I think?) and after that I was ready to try just about anything!

          Announcer: When it comes to the categories of Flower Boys, An Jin-oh (?) and Hyun-cheong (?) have knocked the bouquet right over.

          (The boys make small chat about what they’ve seen on television lately)

          Announcer: It’s these best friends who appear on TV showing their make-up techniques for adolescents called uljang/ulzzang.

          (On TV:) And above all, guys, don’t forget to accessorize!
          Woman: Like this? (Pointing to bow tie)
          Guy: Exactly!
          Woman: It’s chic!
          Guy: And it’s cute!

          Young Man: Today, beauty counts a lot, and make-up is no longer reserved only for ladies. Young men can and MUST take care in their appearance.

          Announcer: It seems as though young South Koreans must spend quite a lot of time online sharing retouched photos of themselves, where they appear monsterously… cute. (^_^ I love this guy!) I decided that I myself would embrace the generation Ulzzang.

          The art of any Ulzzang who respects themselves is to have an air as angelic, innocent and androgynous as possible. Unfortunately in my case, the result evoques more of a teenage Hitler than anything else.

          Girl with Camera: Make a cute expression!

          Guy with Camera: Try to pucker your lips (like a chicken?? I guess this is what they call duck-face.)

          Announcer: After having chosen my favourite shot for my own profile, Jin-Oh begins retouching my photo, getting rid of my flaws. Luckily in Ulzzang, as in Hollywood, everything can be fixed in post-production! Even my noggin.

        • Koreans are known for their natural beauty and grace. And nowadays they are the biggest consumers of cosmetic surgery in the world. Frances Cha, a producer at CNN in Seoul, who is herself gifted by nature, settles down with me around a cup of tea to explain the reasons for this to me.

          Announcer: Frances, how would you define the idea of feminine beauty in Korea?

          Frances: I believe that Koreans will do all that they can to come close to this ideal that we have. You must have a small face, a very white skin, have large eyes, and the bottom of the face (chin) mustn’t be oval, but should form a “V”. What’s ironic is that these women are seeking to have an appearance they believe is very natural, except that it takes a lot of artifice, and a lot of surgery to accomplish this goal. I’ve heard it said that the secret to a happy marriage is that the women hide from their spouse their face from before their surgery.

          Announcer: It’s estimated that in Seoul, 1 out of every 5 women have taken part in a cosmetic surgery of one form or another. The posh Gagnam area has become the Mecca of “Lifting”.In the street, in the subway, it’s hard to miss the advertisements reminding women that the key to their cosmetic happiness is literally only a few steps away. At 17 storeys high, the BK hospital is one of those temples of transformation.



          “I have an appointment to see Doctor Kim!”

          Doctor Kim, who does not look at all his 51 years of age, is the founder and director of the hospital.

          Dr Kim: This is the museum of cosmetic surgery of the hospital.

          Announcer: After having admired his material, and there are many different courses (as in a meal), —

          -“Can I?”
          “Of course!”
          (Squeezes bosom)

          –and having tested some of the merchandise, I asked Doctor Kim whether having plastic surgery was still a taboo subject.

          Dr Kim: Actually, in Korea, patients who have access to cosmetic surgery don’t try to hide it. They tell their friends, they tell their family, they tell everyone that me, thanks to surgery, I got to become beautiful! They don’t make a secret of it.

          Announcer: Ong Jin-Hi(?) is 24 years old. In the guise of an end-of-studies gift, her parents gifted her with cosmetic surgery.

          Dr Kim: Open your eyes…

          Announcer: The intervention that Dr Kim will give her is the most asked-for in Asia: double-eyelid surgery.

          Dr Kim: It is the most commonly requested surgery, because Asiatic peoples don’t have double-eyelids. Double-eyelids widen the gaze, and around the world it is found to be more aesthetically pleasing.

          Announcer: The operation takes less than an hour and costs 1,200$, which is relatively affordable. Ong Jin-Hi expects a large return on this investment.

          Ong Jin-Hi: Many of my friends have become more beautiful since having their eyes done. With a nicer physique, we have better chances of gaining better jobs. We do it both for our professions as well as for beauty.

          Announcer: As for myself, I’ve always said that it ain’t broke, don’t operate. But I was still curious to know if the Doctor Kim could find anything to improve on my face. Having taken photos of my face from all angles, they proposed to me a radical change.

          Dr Kim: Here is a simulation of what we can give you. The photo on the left is before, and on the right is the after the lift. The wrinkles on the forehead are removed via face-lifting. We would pull the skin back. The eyebrows would be lifted up. We would also want to correct the chin, as well as your ears.

          Announcer: Oh, I’ve always found my pointy little ears to be nice, so I’d like to keep those if I could but uh… Would I be able to smile after?

          Dr Kim: Yes, it wouldn’t be a problem!

          Announcer: O_O;

          (End of Part 1)

  11. I’m French and I watched this too ! De Caunes’ sense of humour is kind of special in general. At first I wondered at what he was really seeking in Korea, because the beginning of the program was of little to no interest to me. Then it got more and more interesting in its own way. And when suddenly two faces I knew very well popped up on the screen, I almost yelled “Awmygawd it’s Simon and Martina !!!” and got all excited because you were on a French program and I wasn’t expecting it and it was awesome =D
    I tried to hear your voices but the dubbing was too loud x) But from what I have heard and as others told you here, your ideas were pretty well translated. It was great to see you guys on French TV !

  12. QUESTION FRENCH NASTIES! What does French Simon say at 26:50? “Il leur faut un grand pays” is all I can make out which clearly isn’t it…

    • ”Les groupes de Kpop n’ont pas de groupies. C’est ce qui leur manque, il leur en faudrait. Ça leur ferait une soupape.” So: Kpop bands don’t have groupies. It’s what they’re missing, I think they could use some. It would provide some relief. (‘soupape’ = valve. As an expression: something that releases pressure.)

  13. Not all of us no. Canada is a very large country and depending on where you are the concentration of speakers of any given language you find will also vary. Near the Ontario and Quebec border for instance very many are bilingual and as you get deeper into Quebec you’ll actually find more French speakers than English. I’m just generalizing though; it can even vary from one community to the next.

    • I’ve found that in terms of Montreal and a great part of Quebec, from my experiences at least, most people tend to be bilingual, even if their native tongue is French. I think it’s because there is just so much media out there in English that accessability to that is really important, and if you could have that, you would? Personally I’m from Ottawa, which is right next to Quebec, so I speak English and French, but I know many people in Ottawa who are not bilingual.

      As a whole Canada is supposed to be a bilingual COUNTRY, but that doesn’t mean its citizens are all bilingual. What that means is that by law all government things (census forms, voting stuff, and it trickles down) must be in both official languages. So if you call the government offices you should be able to speak to someone in the official language of your choice. Because not everyone working in government buildings is actually bilingual, however, that means sometimes they’ll have to transfer your call to someone who is. (Both my parents work for the government in very different aspects and only one is moderately bilingual.)

    • No worries :) and FEZ is awesome!

  14. Thank you so much for posting this! Montrealer here and just love Antoine De Caunes. The show is informative, subjective and lighthearted. They also did a great job with the dub (for the English bits at least, can’t speak a word of Korean unfortunately). You guys are very frank and that’s definitely something that keeps me coming back <3

  15. Thank you for sharing!


  16. Hello,

    I am the owner of the youtube channel which hosts the video, I am looking for help to made english subtitles !
    By the way, you can have a look on my french blog (sorry no translation) about korea : http://shamann.fr/dafuq-korea/

  17. OMG how did I not know about this? I am French, and I am so proud that they did this documentary. I haven’t seen it all for now but it looks both objective and fun. I really like what they said about the gay community. When Hong Sun Cheol asked “voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?” Antoine answered “I can’t tonight, I have a lot of work to do.” Lol.

    Here’s what they said about you guys:
    26:57 “This dynamic duo are Simon and Martina Stawski, the brains behind the very popular website Eat your Kimichi and its Youtube channel.”
    27:13 “With their acute humour and their sharp comments, these Canadians who have been living in Seoul for 6 years are now a Kpop reference for millions of followers around the world.”

  18. Can’t watch this now, but yay something I’ll be able to understand! No subtitles for me, woohoo!

    I’m like the slowest reader in the world, so subtitles suck for me (In kpop interviews I have to constantly stop the videos). So I’m looking forward to this.

  19. What is the story you were talking about with the bald headed girl?? Don’t remember watching an episode/video you guys did on that story..

  20. Can anyone tell me why is there an interception for AKB48? I’m not too familiar with that incident so I want to know how it relates to what S&M were saying :O

    • They’re talking about the kind of strange, dysfunctional relationship between Asiatic idols and their fans. :3

      Martina: There is a Japanese group called AKB47 and one of the singers, Minami, entered into a secret relationship with a boy. The girls were forbidden from having boyfriends, and a photo was taken of Minami leaving the his house. She was so shattered by the incident that she shaved her head and posted a video on Youtube where we see her in tears.
      Minami: I should/could never separate from everyone who loves me.

      Simon: She wasn’t crying because she had had a lover; she was crying because she had ruined the dreams of all her fans.

      Martina: She had betrayed their trust.

      Move on to the programme looking at Boyfriend and asking them if they have girlfriends. The band says no, but then one of them says, “I do!” surprising the others. “All my female fans are my girlfriends,” he confides.

  21. Me being all “YAY!!! I wanna watch… Hope it has English subs” Then I realize it doesn’t and since I don’t understand a word of French I just go to the corner and cry rivers.

  22. I’d be happy to translate for everyone who isn’t a French speaker, but who do I send it to?

  23. I was just going to skip to your part, but the entire documentary is hilarious. You can turn closed captioning on in the video and then turn on the translator to English. I could understand 50% of the dialogue this way.

  24. I’m French Canadian and the dubbing seems pretty accurate. I can’t really hear every word Simon and Martina are saying in English, but everything sounds logical and right. They did a great dubbing job! ^^

  25. “Kpop idols fulfill people’s fantasies. Exo will sing about loving a girl
    but you won’t see her face, because if you do see a face that isn’t
    yours it’ll be more difficult for you to imagine yourself in that place.
    The illusion will be more difficult to sell.”

    I hate to admit it, mainly because I’m highly guilty of it, but this is probably the single most cuttingly accurate description of the K-Pop industry I’ve heard. I might cut back on my fanaticism now that I can see it as this, and it’s actually a little sinister/disturbing. I really like you guys because you actually give honest and REASONED opinions on K-Pop and in your reviews, and what with the seas of fanatically biased comments on YouTube we have to swim through that is a really good thing. You point out things wrong or weird about a video which I or a fan might notice when watching for the first time but kind of shut out or get used to far too quickly. Plus, I’ve never heard such balanced arguments and well-reasoned views (in TL;DRs and stuff)! Anyway, sorry about the rant, would like to see it with subs if possible! <3

    Merry Christmas!! :D

    • Thank you! I think we alienate some kpop fans at times because we don’t watch Kpop for the same reasons they do. While we’re more interested in the music some people are more interested in the artists, and our stance oftentimes comes at loggerheads.

      • Yep, I personally wasn’t interested in K-Pop or Korean idols until I started watching Korean variety shows, wherein I laughed more than I had for a long time, and the music kind of came with it as BGM. This was a couple of years after being into J-Rock and despite liking 2NE1’s songs, couldn’t bring myself to like them and likewise Bigbang – liked their style but hated the music (AT THE TIME, NOW I’M A HUGE FAN). Now I’m glad that I can appreciate the music, because the more things you like, the better, right?

        Anyway, yeah, personally few K-Pop artists have managed to enthral me based on music alone, I often find that I have to see them on shows and like their personalities before the music starts ingraining itself in my head. I admit that I’ve thought when watching your reviews “HOW CAN YOU NOT BE IN LOVE WITH THEM?!” but I guess you’ve managed to avoid the rose-tinted glasses that come with discovering “idols” (maybe due to being in a slightly earlier generation..? Or having already found your other halves?). Which BTW I think is the totally wrong name to be aiming for as an artist, it must be something spearheaded by companies, because are they really OK with people viewing them as idols, or gods basically, and being worshipped? Do they really know what ‘idol’ means?! (Putting aside whether or not it means the same thing in Korean) I think the Korean music industry needs to spread its wings a bit and be less of a system – you can’t really enclose art in a system. People who want to be singers or artists shouldn’t have to be limited to these companies where a lot of style is imposed and creative ideas handed to you… I know K-Indie and stuff exists but I wish pop in Korea was bit more…real? Fun (for artists)? Experimental? Meh, dunno, I’m just typing as I think right now.

        Er, sorry about the rant again (maybe I should start a blog…?). Thanks for replying, I now feel appreciated, and also a little star-struck :D

  26. Simon your head’s not fat! It’s big boned!

    I really like the explanation you gave as to the difference between the MV/stage world of Kpop and the idols reality. Look what happens every time the illusion is broken and an idol admits to being in a relationship. Not all fans are that insanely dellusional but lots of them are. Plus it really does break any illusion anyone could have once a face is placed where you are imagining yours.

  27. Yay, my french has a purpose in life!
    The dubs basically say exactly what Simon and Martina said during their interviews. It’s actually super accurate and really funny.

  28. French tv doesn’t give much interest to Korea so I am happy that an emission like this one exists. I think it will help to spread interest for Korea in France. I hope my country will take a look to that country I love so much. I am happy too to see guys in it :) French nasty

  29. oh that’s so cool you got to meet antoine de caunes :D (my mom likes to watch french tv so i saw him on there a couple of times :)
    but it’s actually funny how i was disappointed that there are no english subs for about one minute until i remembered that i’m actually capable to understand and speak french D: I guess i just got used to not understanding anything without subs (korea/japan what have you done)
    i would have liked to sub this for you but reading the previous posts, i guess some people are already in the process of doing so ^-^

  30. He made fun of everything, but it was cool! Martina… your dub is hilarious! After they put make up on him, he said he looked more like a teen Hitler than a flower boy. So true!!

  31. I understand very little French but I watched boths parts and this is the funniest documentary I’ve ever seen. If anybody is offended by this then they don’t have a sense of humour because the guys makes more fun of himself than anything else. It’s hilarious and sweet how he participates and throws himself into everything. I wish he’d do one about Germany or the UK.

  32. Thank you for the video!
    I was so happy to see you in a French program!
    Even if I wasn’t able to hear everything, I think they translated what you said quite well.

  33. anybody can explain what the whole japanese girl group member was all about?? the one in short hair crying??

    • how horrible and cruel is it to make someone feel like they have to humiliate themselves like this just because they are in a relationship :((((( why do I help sustain an industry that lives off those unhealthy attitudes and fantasies :(

      • I think the worst part is that her company didn’t even forgive her (idk about her fans) and kicked her of the group and demoted her in trainee status to be “warning example”. She lost everything she had just because she had boyfriend, that’s crazy : (

  34. I’m French and I LOVE ANTOINE DE CAUNES!

    He is a great comedian and the MC of the Cesars (=French Oscars) and of the tv show “Le Grand Journal”. He is well know for his FRENCH HUMOR. I know it may be confusing for some people. He uses humour to talk about serious or difficult subject without having a burdensome atmosphere. He keep us entertained so that we listen to what he has to say. I think it’s brilliant.

    And guys, don’t worry about the dubbing because they used the exact same words as you did. The translation is good and we can understand your point just like you wrote it on your post up here.

    Love you guys! I was so glad to see you on french tv.

    • I agree, it often seems self-deprecating. I actually see it as more slapstick than any other humour I’ve found, while British humour is generally very low-key compared to what I’m used to.

    • Well French humour is sometimes raw/crude and cynical. And we also know how to laugh at ourselves.
      Humour is a really hard thing to explain because it’s really cultural. For instance, I really don’t get British Humour.

  35. This was actually a really entertaining and quirky view of Korea… a guy who makes a living impersonating KimJongIl, the absolutely bonkers presidential candidate (he said his motto is “just say my name, and you will get stronger/richer/etc.” He also said that he came from heaven to save the earth and will one day go back…. er waaah??), and the sex idol girl who goes around with a cat called Coco Chanel on her shoulder. I’m watching Part 2 on youtube right now… great stuff!! :D Thanks for sharing it!

  36. Thanks so much for sharing this guise! Since the programme aired on a private channel (one you have to pat monthly for), I couldn’t watch it even though I live in France. Now I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon^^
    Have a fun and wonderful Christmas with your families!

  37. I thought I recognised him. He was the host of an adult entertainment programme “Eurotrash” in the 90s. Nothing like a butt load of naked people on tv hahaha. Legend!

  38. That’s very, very French humor! I’m sure that when it gets subbed there will be people saying he’s hating or making fun or being disrespectuful… It’s always like that. But he’s actually appreciative and hilarious… in a French way!

  39. Antoines de Caunes is pretty famous in France, and a really funny guy too.
    If you watch the rest of the documentary you’ll see he just can’t stop himself from doing silly things while interviewing people.
    Like when he try to look like an average student in the K-Pop school…

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