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Eatyourkimchi on French TV!

December 20, 2013


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Ok! Here’s a video that we didn’t make but one that we were a part of, so we thought we should share it!

We were on Canal+ in France for a program with Antoine de Caunes a long time ago. 7 Months ago, to be more specific, and I only know that because I found our instagram picture of us together:

We had a great time working with Antoine and the whole crew. The producer was awesome as well, and acted in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. I forget what role he was in. He told me after we had a bit to drink. And I’ve also never seen the movie. YES I’VE NEVER SEEN IT! Blasphemy, I know. I just never wanted to see it. I feel like it’s an accomplishment to not have seen it. Kind of like how I never did drugs before, people are like “holy hell! You’re from Toronto and never smoked weed?” This is similar. “You were a kid and never saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?!” Yes, yes that is true. What am I talking about again?

Filming with them was fun. They filmed a bunch of stuff with other Kpop bands as well, and were a bit confused about the representation of sexuality in the music videos and how disparate that image is from their controlled image outside of music video sets. Kpop artists can sing about love and act sexy on video, but they can’t ever be that way off camera. Canal + wanted to know why, so we gave our best answers as to why. Our opinion on the matter: having sexual relationships off camera lowers your marketability. Kpop idols fulfill people’s fantasies. Exo will sing about loving a girl but you won’t see her face, because if you do see a face that isn’t yours it’ll be more difficult for you to imagine yourself in that place. The illusion will be more difficult to sell. Girls Generation, in Genie, are leading a guy by the hand through different sexy rooms, but you only see his hand, which can very well be your hand. If you saw the guy’s face, the illusion would be broken, and fanatic fans – unable to role-play as easily as before – will not buy as much.

At least, that’s what I remember talking about in this video. I don’t know what they dubbed over us, though, because our French is so weak. They could very well be dubbing over us and saying “Hello my name is Simon and my head is fat!” and I wouldn’t know. If anyone here is French and can let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it, and maybe we could discuss it more in the comments if I can remember what we said :D

Anyhow, we come on at the 26:40 and we’re there, spliced in with other footage as well, for about 4 minutes or so, in case you feel like skipping to our part. I’ve heard the whole thing is really interesting, though! I’d love to see it with English subs. We didn’t upload this ourselves, either, so I don’t know what’s up with Part 2, if we’re in that or not. Supposedly we were listed in the credits there, too? I’m not sure. I remember reading someone say that, I think.

Yeah! For everyone else here who isn’t French and is utterly confused, umm, how about we talk about stuff we should do in Canada! We woke up at 3AM and were really hungry, so now we’re publishing this at, like 7AM here in Canadia time. Weird! We’re gonna go do some Christmas shopping today as well. Question: where are all the people? Why is it so empty around here?



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