Hey guise!

If you couldn’t tell by now by our last two videos, we’re in Canada now! Woohoo!

Now, we didn’t announce it to anyone at all because we wanted it to be a totally surprise to our families. See, we usually go to Canada once a year during the summer, but we didn’t go this summer, which was kind of sad for us and our families. We told them that we’d be coming for Christmas instead, while – really – we had planned on surprising them now. Woot! So we couldn’t announce our trip to Canada anywhere because, well, our families follow our site (hi moms and dads and siblings!).

Anyhow, long story short, this is the video of us surprising our families! It’s a bit long, because we did five different surprises for everyone. EVERYONE WAS SEPARATED! WHYYYYYYYY?! We had planned on surprising Martina’s parents together at Starbucks, which they regularly go to in the mornings, but – of course – they had a random change of schedule for that day, so that plan got a bit ruined, but we improvised! Also, Simon’s father was supposed to be home when we came there first, but he had won a Bronze Life Master standing for bridge just the day before, so he was out doing something bridge related at that time. So instead of three videos we have five. YAY!

So, we’re in Toronto until the 5th of November, and then we’re heading back to Korea. We’ll be filming our Music Mondays in Canada until then, but next week we’re just going to be doing vloggity vlogging around Toronto. Yeah!

Also, if you want to stop by and hang out with us while we’re here, you can meet us at University of Toronto on November 3rd.

Woot! We’ll be there for a bit to talk about living in Korea and whatnot, so stop on by for super fun times! And there will be cake! Actually, that was a lie. There will be no cake. But there will be Spudgy! :D

  1. Which mall was this in the beginning?


  3. I’ve been watching your videos over the past few weeks from the VERY beginning. This is one of my all time faves!! Great work. Love that simon’s dad isn’t wearing pants…same as my dad. Heading to teach in Korea in August this year so hope I can do the same to my fam :)

  4. Ha all their reactions were great :)

  5. wow, it’s so weird to hear Polish in your video… but a good weird! Simon, your parents are so typically Polish :’D

    I actually did the same thing on my first year of uni, my family was so thrilled to see me after such a long time, surprises like that are the best ^^ I was worried they’d choose that exact day to sleep early (they sometimes have bizzare ideas like that), but when I arrived in the evening they luckily were still watching tv :D


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    Out of curiosity, I watched some Korean drama and movies, and I became hooked ever after.
    And an admirer of Korean culture in more ways.

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    Kam sa mi da !

  7. I have a grandpa in Canada who loves Tim Hortons. I’m glad he’s not alone. :)

  8. Congrats. You’ve made my face hurt now. I’ve been smiling for 13 minutes straight. Why do stuff like this make me smile like a goddam fool?

  9. That was super sweet! Hope you had fun!

  10. Nice video…Martina has great ninja skills^^ Martina’s mom reaction was nice…she didn’t recognize her at the beginning~ It was kinda cute when Simon’s dad was switching between Polish and English “Oh TY son of a gun”…haha…

  11. Simon, your dad’s reaction was the best. I thought this was really cute and heartwarming omg. They were so happy to see you guys! <3

  12. The video is really heartwarming, I like it very very very much! BARDZO! ^^ And Simon and his parents talking in Polish, that was so sweet! I love guys! All of you and your family members!

  13. Do you actually LIVE in Korea?
    Do you have a Korean citizenship?
    and what language did they speak in the end of the video?

  14. Want to be there!!!!!! I was in Toronto from Sep.2010-Apr.2011……. I lived on Queen St East……. Miss the moment and it would be amazing if I met you guys in Toronto.

  15. Simon, I JUST LOVE YOURS “GDZIE JEST TATA” I SCREAMED. And oh god, your parents talking in Polish, that’s just made my day!!! <3333 I don't know, but i just just…oh god hearing my own language in such a country from such a people T_____T It really makes me proud, I don't know why…LOVE YOU SIMON REALLY!!!!! And oh Martina, I writes it already a few times, but i have to do this again – YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!! Love your eyes and smile, really! Oh My GOD, I REALLY LOVE YOU GUISE! Thank you for everything! And your family reactions was awesome, I was laughing so hard! Best wishes from Poland for you and your family! Hope you guys gonna have great time in Canada! Woot woot and imma waiting for another cool video! 

  16. oh i didn’t know you two held a fan-meet on thursday! but i did you you guys in a red/burgundy car when i was walking to class at st. george and college! =]

  17. Wow! This was fun to watch :D And so heart warming.

  18. That was really sweet…and I luved ur families awesome suprised reactions lol

  19. This was awesome to watch.  Simon’s dad = the origin of the “Inconcievable!” face 

  20. Que Bello! :) thats very heart warming supprising the parents :)

  21. this is sooooo sweet!!!!! I almost started crying after watching this!!!!!! 

  22. Martina, is your brother wearing a Super Sentai/Kamen Rider shirt at 4:25? I like him already.

  23. I thought I couldn’t like you guys anymore than I already do, but, but….


    ILOVEYOU!!!! xD

  24. Great Success with ALL Mission completed…I guess everyone were happy for you guys surprise visit to Toronto!!
    btw I just wonder that you guys will not released new KPOP Monday review until back to Korea…right?
    as Wonder Girls comeback is real soon!!

  25. oł oł wow I just heard Polish, I’m so suprised :3 And parents reaction- the best. I love it:)  

  26. Awesome!!!! You guys, rock!!!
    Just a question, which language are Simon’s parents talking??? No idea of what it could be! ^^’

  27. “But there will be Spudgy! ”
    OMG!!!! I want to see the SPUDGY!!!
    Please come to California, Simon and Martina, please!

  28. Thanks for sharing this! And Simon get better soon~

  29. This is random but..
    Do you guy’s say “ding dong the bell” in Canada?
    Interesting.. because In the U.S. we say “ring the bell” 
    maybe you guys can talk about the differences between the U.S. and Canada?

    sorry for my randomness

  30. Awww this was so cool :D I loved your parents reaction , I think Simons dad had the best one ^..^  , And wow Simon I didnt know you speak Polish , I understood everything Your parents said :) Hope on more vids from Canada , and more Spudgy :)

                                                                                                            Pozdrawiam <3 !

  31. Karis Amano

    you guys parents are so cute! i hope they’re in more videos from canada.

  32. Where will you guys be at U of T? :o I’m in Toronto. lol

  33. I like rewatching this becos it’s osm..
    my favorite part is when you guys are headed into Simon’s house and Martina tells Simon to take off his glasses. and he just does it and doesn’t give any lip!! thats so amazing! Martina you’ve got a heckuva man! i’m aware it’s not the best part of the video. lol. but it is a hidden treasure.

  34. hahaha, that was awesome!! Simon’s dad had the best reaction! lol.

  35. That is totally amazing! 

  36. That really was a touching video to watch.  Thanks for sharing guise.  :)

  37. Epic gong/expriessions. *Spudgy’s bum hehe*
    Lol Martina is having way too much fun being sneaky. Oh and nice shoes my friend has them in gray. I try to steal them daily. P.S. You blink a lot..I need a gif of that.
    How many languages do you speak Simon? (Your dad’s pantless reaction was the best lol)

  38. lol this reminds me running man show! 
    very cool!

  39. Martina, how do you keep your hair so vividly pink!? It’s awesome.

  40. OMG cuttest video  evaaaa *-*
    thats really sweet of you guys todo all of that even though you were really tired.
    the dads have the most epic OMG faces! its funny how the mons take a little while to realized thats their children XD
     hope you guys are having an awesome time :D

  41. This was so sweet to watch. It was nice to see a little look into your guyses family life :)

  42. ahhhh this was so cute XD hahhahhahha omg i was like anxious for you guys!!


  44. LOL simon’s mom…she was totally about to close the door xD

  45. Hehehe, sneaking on your folks brilliant! This is such a touching video. 

  46. hahahaha the simon’s mother reaction was my fav xD it took her a while to recognize her son haha xD and that made me sooo laugh xD i even thought ‘oh no, she’ll just close the doors…!!’ but naaaah ofc it didn’t happen xD and then she was super cute *o* and all the polish partz made me soo squeek XDD it’s always such a great fun to hear it haha xDD

    oh and that sneaking in the restaurant to surprise martina’s mom. gosh it had to look super hilarious from the other guest’s perspective xDD

    anyways – great idea with surprising ur family (: and have a wonderful time there~!! ♥

  47. Oh my god! Simons family is too damn cute. When he surprised his mom, I started tearing up. She is the sweetest little mom ever!

  48. When did you guys get in to Canada?

  49. Holy Etobicoke batman! First Sherway Gardens, next the Dundas Street grill! 

  50. This video just made me grin the whole time. Yay for family :)

  51. Happy happy joy joy; happy happy joy joy!!!!!
    You guise…I wish you and your families all the best!  

  52. Please ask Simon’s Dad to do a rendition of “Mordney Present” ….it’s clear where Simon gets his *Mordney Bravado* from ~ :) 

  53. Sherway Garden? haha… Their reactions are the coolest (especially Simon’s dad).  I hope i would be able to do something like this when I go home. I haven’t seen my mom and brother for 3 years since my move to Canada. :) great idea!!! :) awesome!!! :)

    Anyway guys see you at U of T!!! I’ll be there after my Chem Lab! :)

  54. Welcome home Simon and Martina! (If only for a little while). Have fun and make some great memories.

  55. I think Simon’s dad wins the most epic OMG face and Martina’s dad wins second :D

  56. Can you guise film the Nov.3 meeting? I want to go, but I can’t miss school for it D;

  57. This has to be one of my favorite videos from you two.  Probably cause I’m a sucker for all things family-related.  Definitely enjoyed this and hope that you’re enjoying your time at home. :)

  58. Let’s put this simple. While I watched that video, my mom suddenly asked (from the other side of the house): What are you doing? So, for the first time since I started watching your videos, I told her about you and while my mom is very much against sharing privet lives on the Internet (I dunno how she will feel about my blogging ideas), 

    In any case, while I found your video hilarious (secretly scheming to do something like this when I start working, because I hope and study to work abroad), she had me sternly promise not to do something like this to put up n youtube. Oh dear mom… don’t you worry, there are more ways than one to secretly prepare sneak attacks… *just thinking sneaky Christmas gifts for the eh… what is it now…. 5th year in a row).

  59. The only thing I remember from the video is “Oh my god.. oh my god.. oh my god.. oh my god.. oh my god.. oh my god.. oh my god..”

  60. OMG!  I live in Toronto! I wish I could go to see you guys!

  61. lol the father almost had a heart attack LOL ~ take care and don’t surprise them too much ^^~

  62. I replayed this video probably 10 times today. I can’t get over the surprised/shocked faces of your family! Your family’s soooo cute! :D As much as I want to come see you guys on November 3rd, I really can’t. I live in Calgary and I have school. I’m sad now. >_<

  63. idk why I wanted to cry of happiness throuhgout lol
    It’s so nice how everyone was all excited and surprised and its just beautiful to see their shcoked reactions. It is obvious by their emotional welcomes that you two are very loved.

    =/ Makes me wonder how my family would react if I surprised them after being gone for like a yr

    PS Simon’s voice sounds manly “like a man” lol

  64. Great video, that had to be one of your favorite videos to make. Glad no one ended up in the hospital due to shock and/or surprise. 

    Martina’s sister finding Spudgy was my favorite part. 

    Simon’s Polish parents live in Canada. Simon lives in Korea. Wonder which country the grandkids will call home.

  65. aww i love love love this video *.* funny and suprise;DDD I polski xDDD yeey;DDD gdzie tata xD 

  66. this was so cute i cried throughout the whole video >.<

  67. That’s really great! You made me laugh and cry! I know that feeling so well! I’ve been away from my family for 7 years now. So, wishing you all the best of times!!

  68. I wish I could go up and see you guys. I’m in Maine so I’m just a bit south from you two but alas, I don’t have a passport :( 

  69. This was the sweetest video! :’) Thank you guys for sharing. I’m glad you got to see your families. Happy holidays to all of you.

    p.s. – Martina I love your hoodie! You seriously have the best clothes. Yay Korean fashion? :p

  70. Guadalupe Sanchez Arrarte

    Martina the way u huged ur dad moved to the point that i shed some tears… i haven’t seen my parent in almost 2 years because I’m studying here in Canada and I missed them soo much… awwww.. im happy that u guys are back in Toronto 

  71. My Russian parents would react the EXACT same way as Simon’s… right after they see you, they get into little bits of squabbles – for no reason! (Well, maybe for reasons of been all bothered.) So precious. So true!

  72. Loved the video! I started getting tears in my eyes when you surprised Martina’s sister. 

  73. I swear the expression on Simon’s dad was the best ! It was priceless , really !! I loved how you guys surprised your families, some parts even made me cry !! When r u guys coming back to korea ?

  74. Nice guard..Love the Audi..is brother looking for a girlfriend? LOL


    I’ve been waiting for you guys… mwahahaha. ;D

  76. ohhhhhhhh that was so sweeeeeeet :) thank you guise for sharing it with us !!!!

  77. That’s wonderful! It’s great to see how much y’all love your families and how glad they were to see you again. :-)

  78. “Paczkę miałeś przysłać!” haha, your dad was the best, but maybe that’s because I can understand everything he says :) Parents of both of you seem awesome! :D

  79. “Gdzie jest tata”!!! That’s what I was waiting for, Simon :D:D:D so much Polish in EatYourKimchi video!

  80. That was awesome.

    Even the caption pic before I watched the video made me smiiiiiiiiiile.

  81. U are like double agents!!! Crawling all around to surprise your family ^^
    Ur dad reaction was great ^^
    I thinking how people at the restaurant were watching on u crawling around XD and ur mom reaction is great too “Oh my god x100!” ^^ and sister is like ur mom ^^
    and Simon’s dad really cool ^^
    Great success! Totally! Thanks for sharing ^^

  82. When Martina´s saying “Son of a…” in the beginning of the video it reminded me this funny story:

    And polish tata was the best :)
    And Martina´s sister looks totally like Martina.

  83. This may be the best thing I have ever seen.
    I adored you both before, but now I adore you so much more.

    And Simon’s parents are adorable…seriously, I now want to be Polish.


  85. OMG, this what so much fun, I almost thought that i was with you two trying to surprice your family. COOL!!!!!

  86. Oh my gosh, that made me cry! So sweet! Martina’s sis seems super cool, too.

  87. This is such a sweet video. It totally made my day. Everybody was so surprised, and their faces are priceless. Simon and Martina~ I hope I’ll be as cool as you guys when I’m older :D

    Martina, your sister’s reaction was so funny. She saw spudgy, and she totally freaked out. Sweetest video ever!

  88. The word you were looking for was ambush. This is a great video. Your families obviously love you both LOADS! I loved it when Nicole saw Spudgy and she was having a major squeal-a-thon! ^_^

  89. THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET TwT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!i seriously loved it and i could see so much love ;w; <3<3w>…. hehe seems like a lotta fun ^^but im glad, lotsa of love to u and ur families :](and lolz to simon’s dad not wearing pants XDDDD)

  90. punkyprincess92

    oohh you guys are gonna have a meet up on Nov 3rd? well i obviously can’t go seeing as i’m in England! 
    anyway that’s the day SHINee are performing in London!!!!!! party! but right now i’m crying cos i can’t go see them!
    have fun with your fans!!

  91. i LOVE how you guys were crawling around at the restaurant! priceless! have fun in Canada!

  92. aaaaaw you guys made me tear up! so touching to see you with your family! thanks for sharing! really!

  93. Awwnn…your family is so adorable. I’m so happy for you guys ^^.
    PS: Martina’s sister is sooooo cute.

  94. “Gdzie jest tata?” – OMG, Simon, your accent is really cute :)

  95. make a video in Polish ! :D 

  96. I knew Simon was polish but I didn’t know he was ~that~ polish. I absolutely loved their mothers’ reactions. It took them both a moment to realize the person talking was indeed their children. And is that anyway to behave in a fine eating establishment? 

  97. punkyprincess92

    ehem!! you should RING DING DONG the bell!!!
    Martina you really don’t blend with that awesome hoody you have on!! you look like a creeper!also your dads ‘ohohoho’ was so funny!!! loved it!!!
    and you guys at the restaurant!!! covering your faces! so suspicious looking and then on the floor hiding!!! man i would love to have an adventure day out with you guys!!hiding in the basement? you really are creepers!

  98. OMG give Martina’s dad the best reaction of the year award! Her sister the most omg reaction since 2000 award. Simon’s dad gets the most awesomeness reaction award! Man that was funny. WOW!

  99. This was an awesome video.  I seriously think your fathers were the highlights.  I’m glad you two could manage to spend some time at home with your families.  Have fun!  : D

  100. Wooooow your families are sooo lovely ^_^ And the Simon’s dad was just amazing! Hearing Simon talking in Polish with his parents totally cute. I don’t know why but I feel really proud to be Polish in moments like that ;) I laughed so hard, you guys absolutely made my day xD
    Ty paczkę miałeś przysłać! looool xD

  101. This is the happier video I ever seen. I made me smile all the time :D

  102. omg! I can’t stop laughing just what I needed to make this day better!

  103. Simon’s father was hilarious

  104. Love it. made me sniffle and smile at the same time.

  105. I was watching this as if it was a horror movie! I was like : ‘Oh god they are going to be seen. ‘

    ‘Oh no what if they got caught!” hahaha I love this video! 

  106. That was….beautiful xD
    It was EPIC!!! Im so happy for you guys!!!

  107. Two Martinas=a whole lots of cuteness!!

  108. it’s so much fun how you guys scared the bejesus out of your family!! :D I had a stupid grin on my face the whole time I was staring at the video! XD Simon’s dad was awesome, hahaha!

  109. Oh my gosh, I totally cried when you showed your sisters reaction! This was so sweet!

  110. Simons dad was golden xD

  111. wow, crazy! xD and u speak Polish at home, I feel weird seeing Simon understand Polish xD
    Simon’s dad is so friendly ^^ everyone is! <3

    I love ur families, no wonder u guys are so friendly too ^^

  112. AWWWWW :’>
    IDK why but I had the impression everyone in canada spoke like you guys and so would your family, so I was kind of amazed when they sounded like they were from other countries :D but then I realised I don’t speak like my parents at all unless I’m talking to them either! Hahaha ^-^

  113. Polish was the last thing I expected, but the faces of your relatives… My god, fantastic!! I can imagine this shock after seeing who are they talking to ^^
    Polskie chłopaki, to fajne chłopaki Simon ;)
    Have a nice time back in Canada, and a lot of those you’ve missed in Korea (whatever it is :D )

  114. I’m sure a certain group of 5 are now planning a certain revenge on a certain couple of 2. Hope they film it and Martina doesn’t sniff it out though!

  115. Honestly…. matinas dad and her in-law are really bad spys and totally conspicous with there hands =D

  116. you guys are not staying for christmas?? 5th november are way to far 

  117. I want your brother-in-law’s t-shirt ><

  118. Aww, this is so sweet. Watching Simon’s dad made me tear up, you guys are so nice. :’D

  119. You guys are awesome to surprise your parents. Too sweet. Simon, I think your dad had the best reaction, his omg face lol.

  120. This was a fun video ^^ Nobody can hate the Spudgy not even a security guard  :D

  121. Oh my gosh I liked Simon’s dad’s reaction the best! XD I love reunion videos!

  122. Simon you look so much like your dad! :D I got happy from watching this! Awesome! <3

  123. your families are cute and lol they like to say Oh my god!

  124. Loving this! And how did Spudgy go along!?!? No quarantine?

  125. SO AWESOME.
    It’s so hard to pick my favorite “wtf? parent face”….but I’m gonna have to award Simon’s Dad with *Most International Response”.  Absolutely loved it. (hugs all around)

  126. Lol his O face XD

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