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EatYourKimchi in Toronto!

October 29, 2011


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Hey guise!

If you couldn’t tell by now by our last two videos, we’re in Canada now! Woohoo!

Now, we didn’t announce it to anyone at all because we wanted it to be a totally surprise to our families. See, we usually go to Canada once a year during the summer, but we didn’t go this summer, which was kind of sad for us and our families. We told them that we’d be coming for Christmas instead, while – really – we had planned on surprising them now. Woot! So we couldn’t announce our trip to Canada anywhere because, well, our families follow our site (hi moms and dads and siblings!).

Anyhow, long story short, this is the video of us surprising our families! It’s a bit long, because we did five different surprises for everyone. EVERYONE WAS SEPARATED! WHYYYYYYYY?! We had planned on surprising Martina’s parents together at Starbucks, which they regularly go to in the mornings, but – of course – they had a random change of schedule for that day, so that plan got a bit ruined, but we improvised! Also, Simon’s father was supposed to be home when we came there first, but he had won a Bronze Life Master standing for bridge just the day before, so he was out doing something bridge related at that time. So instead of three videos we have five. YAY!

So, we’re in Toronto until the 5th of November, and then we’re heading back to Korea. We’ll be filming our Music Mondays in Canada until then, but next week we’re just going to be doing vloggity vlogging around Toronto. Yeah!

Also, if you want to stop by and hang out with us while we’re here, you can meet us at University of Toronto on November 3rd.

Woot! We’ll be there for a bit to talk about living in Korea and whatnot, so stop on by for super fun times! And there will be cake! Actually, that was a lie. There will be no cake. But there will be Spudgy! :D



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