Hey guise!

So, here is some awesome news: our friend Hyunwoo who also runs the awesome site Talk to Me in Korean is setting up a mind blowing event in Mexico, the Talk to Me in Korean Around the World 1st Event, and we’re going! It’s an event all about Korean culture, the Korean language, and of course, kpop! And there is going to be a kpop dance contest…and we’re gonna be judging it. OoOoOohhh get yer nasty dance moves ready! It only seems appropriate, since we are the best at ruining all of Kpop’s sexiest dances. And by the best, I really should give the crown to Simon. Huzzah! We’re totally stoked!

It’s gonna be October 7th, 2012, from 1-6PM, in the World Trade Center in Mexico City. Tickets go on sale on August 20th, and you can buy them here. For more info, head over to the event page here.

Guise: if you’re in Mexico, or close to Mexico, for the love of everything, come out! We’ll be so excited to meet you! AAHH! GAHHRGHHH!!! GONNA EAT AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD AND AVOCADOS UNTIL WE EXPLOOOOOOODE!!!

  1. you have to pay $48 for a mango? wow here (US) its like a dollar for 3 mangos.

  2. i live in Mexico City and nothing ever happened to me

  3. Are you kidding me right? There are alot of safe places in Mexico!!!!!!!!!!! 

  4. oh yeah!! 
     Viva México!! :D 

    Los espero!! :D …  quisiera vivir en la ciudad de México, pero estoy mas al norte D: 

  5. jajaj well I;m from El Salvaor (close to mexico) and here I can buy like 5 or 10 mangos with one dollar depending what king of mango you want to eat

  6. Lol what.? Nope in fact mexico city is safe, surethere r some places were u should not go but is not as dangerous as everybody thinks

    • Really?  I’ve never read that anywhere.  I have read that Ciudad Juarez is ranked that high, but that’s a different city…in a totally different part of the country.  I’ve also read that Mexico City is safer than Chicago or Miami.  

  7. Please let me know if we can help somehow… I would LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!! we have great things to eat that you are going to love it!!! :)

  8. that is no true … México city is a safe place !!!! maybe you aren´t mexican !!!!!!

  9. Hola!! I am from Mexico!!! so we are going to wait for you here!! great!! please I want to see you!!!!!!!

  10. First time you’ll be in mexico?
    You’re gonna love it, but if you can, try to come to the sout-east, to yucatan and you’ll go crazy with our food, arquitecture and mayan culture, after all you don’t want to missed before “THE MAYAN PROFECY” happen LOL ^^ (plus merida [yucatan’s capital] is 3 hrs from cancun, and we have sun and hot weather all year long)

    And try mexican “sweat” and candys wich most of them have chili (picante) but the’re so worthy

  11. Have fun enjoying the avocados and mangoes. XD
    Sounds like a fun event! First U-KISS, now this? Martina, Simon, Y U MAKE MY LIFE SEEM SO BORING? Who’ll take care of Dr. meemersworth and Spudgy while you’re away?

  12. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. yesss please do that I volunteer for the job XP

  14. That guy Javi is quite nice to look at.  

  15. I really really REALLY want to be in Mexico THIS INSTANCE! TT.TT WHY DOESN’T ANYBODY COME TO BOSTON!?!?!?

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA Mexican food is worth it!!! xD

  17. I love TTMIK ^^ They are awesome!

  18. So close… Yet so far! *SOB*

  19. Oh God, I need to learn korean as soon as possible D: I’m not from Mexico (I’m from de Dominican Republic) but hope you guys enjoy your mexican adventure!!  love you guys! LATINOS ARRIBA!! :D 

  20. T_T i just came back from Mexico 3 weeks ago.. but hope everyone has fun and enjoys all the tasty food! ^.^ 

  21. awww man i was just in mexico last month 

  22. Am from Mexico but I am in Orlando right now so I can’t go see you guys (am so sad), but have fun and record a lot of thing so I can see my beautiful country I miss it so much but am happy I will be able to see it through your eyes.

    I hope the best for your trip :-) and be safe.

  23. Simon… u have a mustache~!

  24. THAT’S SO COOOL!! And yet, I live close (not really) to the Mexican Border.
    Is it going to be recorded by chance?

  25. thats really cool.. have fun!! happy that both ttmik and eyk are doing so well!! 

  26. omg!!! I’m from Mexico!!! i’m so happy you guys are coming, i really really hope i can make it to the event, because i live in another state…..anyways….you are going to have so much fun. 
    :D (bring spudgy and dr. meemersworth, haha)

  27. I highly suggest you bring your medicines just in case, you need to be ready for food here. I know you eat Korean food and it is spicy and everything but trust me. I’ve known people from other countries they say the same XD actually last month a friend told me… I lived in Korea so… and then his stomach wasn’t that strong for Mexican food. Food is just different. Besdies that … EAT ALL MEXICAN FOOD YOU CAN! haha it’s delicious, don’t hesitate to ask some of us to take you for a tour or something, Mexico city is amazing! :) and other cities too. I’m from Veracruz but with all these events I’m going to Mexico city once or twice a month! I LOVE IT! :D

    Thank you so much guys! I’ll be there!!! I must be there!!! :)

  28. Omg, that’s awesome! And what is Caelike doing in this picture?? Will she be with you guys?? Do you know her? Personally, I am not a big fan of her, but it should be interesting

  29. Maybe one day you’ll come to Philly, Pennsylvania USA

  30. When you got to Mexico I highly recommend you try tunas, not the fish, the fruit that’s on cactus theyre red, orange, or green. I really miss them, they’re so delicious!! Careful they’re extremely prickly but they should be sold without the spines. I recommend you don’t buy them from the store, they’re probably more fresh if you buy them from street vendors. Also don’t forget to eat mangos!! And if they’re in season try Caña = Sugar cane. It comes prepared with lemon and chilli powder. OMG so good! I want go to Mexico now T_T

  31. That is amazing!!! Congratulations!!! :D!! my native lenguage is Spanish sooo I hope you guys can learn a lil bit while you are there! xD 

  32. YOU have to eat tacos!!!!! you’re gonna love them  83

  33. oh fuck yeah!! 
    Simon and Martina be prepared to be harassed and adored by me! muajuajuaja!!

  34. Hahaha Mangos and Avocados galore! and how awesome to have a huge group of people coming together in 3 diff languages, but still be able to comunicate in Korean together, thats the power of humanity! Enjoy yourselves! :D 

  35. You’re going to mexico?! OMG So am I, well… not exactly.  Going to Dominion Republic which is sort of near mexico.  But Have fun on your trip!! :DD

  36. GENIAL!!! Iré a conocerlos ^^ that’s great !!

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