Hey guise!

So, here is some awesome news: our friend Hyunwoo who also runs the awesome site Talk to Me in Korean is setting up a mind blowing event in Mexico, the Talk to Me in Korean Around the World 1st Event, and we’re going! It’s an event all about Korean culture, the Korean language, and of course, kpop! And there is going to be a kpop dance contest…and we’re gonna be judging it. OoOoOohhh get yer nasty dance moves ready! It only seems appropriate, since we are the best at ruining all of Kpop’s sexiest dances. And by the best, I really should give the crown to Simon. Huzzah! We’re totally stoked!

It’s gonna be October 7th, 2012, from 1-6PM, in the World Trade Center in Mexico City. Tickets go on sale on August 20th, and you can buy them here. For more info, head over to the event page here.

Guise: if you’re in Mexico, or close to Mexico, for the love of everything, come out! We’ll be so excited to meet you! AAHH! GAHHRGHHH!!! GONNA EAT AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD AND AVOCADOS UNTIL WE EXPLOOOOOOODE!!!

  1. hola soy mexicana y apenas me entere de este evento los admiro mucho chicos pero lamentablemente no juntare suficiente dinero para ir es un poco triste, quería ir por que irán ustedes pero les mando mi apoyo y felicitaciones por participar en este tipo de eventos. Den lo mejor de ustedes México es un lugar de gente muy calida y energica

  2. nooo please come to guadalajara to…

  3. Quiero ir a la ciudad de México!! pero estoy en otra ciudad lejos :( (Villahermosa) buuuuuu, anyway have fun!!!

  4. ooooh i should go visit mi familia in mexico then….. ^_^ 

  5. Yayyy!!! So you are friends with Hyunwoo Seonsaengnim and the rest of the gang!!! That’s totally DAEBAK!! XD

  6. Will you make a fan reunion in México? Please let us know guys ^w^

  7. OMGGG, I love those guys! I thought I recognized Kyeong-eun’s picture XD i love them :DDD i wish i could goooooooo ;A; 

  8. Authentic mexican food that you need to try: enchiladas, panbasos, flautas, pozole, menudo, tepache, taquitos callejeros, mole poblano, chiles rellenos, tortas ahogadas, micheladas . . . . . . . .. . 

  9. Ohhhh my!!!! I want to go to see you guys (I´m live in Guadalajara México), ohh god, I´m so happy, really really HAPPY!!!!! TT-TT

  10. i wanna go but i don’t think my mom would let me go from las vegas alllllllllll the way to mexio city. but yay! i <3 knowing that i can understand korean, spanish, and english :p!

  11. Hell yes!!!!! I’m so happy for being Mexican XD

  12. I’m from Mexico City…  I will look out for you guys…
    And please try tamales, sopes, enchiladas, tacos, we have many delicious food!!! 

  13. yupiiiii comeran los buenos tacos, los de verdad:A

  14. Is there going to be info about travel agencies and how to work or study in Korea?? or just culture and entertainment?? Because I live in Mexico and I’ve been planning to visit Korea, but there’s no travel agency in Mexico that will take me to Korea =(

  15. I live in mexico, and I´m a huge fan of you guys, but I just moved from Mexico city to Cancún…Is far away =(

  16. OMG!!!!! i can´t believe it!!! :´D i ´ll going to meet you!!!!! xD <3

  17. Hey S&M, it seems that you are Icream Lovers!  Ice cream in Mexico is amazing, and you can find the craziest flavours you can imagine, don´t forget to try some!!


  19. VIVA MEXICO!!!!

  20. wooooo I hope you guys have a nice time in MEXICO!

  21. yay you guys will totally get your fill of all the delicious Mexican food Korea lacks! haha

  22. OMG I WANT TO MEET YOU GUYS SO BAD! But I live quite far away from Mexico City. Y U NO COME NEAR MY CITY?

  23. Try cochinita pibil omg it is amazing
    you will LOVE the street food omggggg
    Oh and the peso can get you far. but taxis are expensive.
    Also, you are going to be cheated for your money by vendors, so stay away XD

  24. DANG! Why couldn’t you guys come to the US and do the dance contest in Times Square in NYC!! :( It would’ve been so epic….and I also would’ve been able to go. 

  25. YaY! I’m so excited!!!… I’m gonna meet u 2!!! I always check your videos at youtube and love Simon’s dances!!!… I hope you can sing “I LOST MY PANTS” just because!!!
    Waiting you!!!

  26. Hey guys! I have a challenge for you as they come to Mexico why not visit the Teotihuacan piramimides with approximately 243 stairs (no elavador). 

    Hope you have fun in our country! XD and welcome…

  27. Florida is so close….yet so far away :(

  28. are you bringing Spudgy with you?

  29. YAY MY THREE FAVORITE LANGUAGES ALL IN ONE LOL:) i live in the us but im Mexican i speak Spanish and English and currently TRYING to learn Korean

  30. OMG!! Are coming to Mexico! GREAT!!! 

  31. I hope you come to Portugal

  32.  OMG MEXICO CITY IS LIKE SUPER LEGIT!!!!! For those wondering if it is “safe.” It really is, sure not like The States on the west coast like where I’m from. But every country has a bad area. So S&M will be A-OK just don’t walk around at night like you do in South Korea and for your bags or purses, umm just watch over them. Like don’t be careless and always drink bottled water or sodas form actual stores and not food stands but food itself can come from anywhere just not water or soda. Also just wanna say, I’ve been to Mexico quiet often, got family over there all over the place. So this is from personal experiences.

  33. OMG MEXICO CITY IS LIKE SUPER LEGIT!!!!! For those wondering if it is “safe.” It really is, sure not like The States on the west coast like where I’m from. But every country has a bad area. So S&M will be A-OK just don’t walk around at night like you do in South Korea and for your bags or purses, umm just watch over them. Like don’t be careless and always drink bottled water or sodas for actual stores. Also just wanna say, I’ve been to Mexico quiet often, got family over there all over the place. So this is personal experiences.

  34. oh yeah!! 
     Viva México!! :D 

    Los espero!! :D …  quisiera vivir en la ciudad de México, pero estoy mas al norte D: 

  35. You should try sopaipillas (soh-pie-pee-yahs) while you’re there. It’s like this puffed-up biscuit that you rip apart and dip in honey. I can’t get them in Illinois, I have to go visit my family in New Mexico. They’re yummy, and you can also get them as dinner food with tomatoes and meat and sour cream and stuff.

    Also, chiles rellenos (chee-lays ray-yay-nohs). Chiles stuffed with meat and cheese, then breaded/battered and fried. They can range from mild to screaming death in level of spicy, but most are medium-hot.

    However (and I know I’m sure to get some backlash for this), you may want to drink bottled rather than tap water. I’ve had American friends who traveled to Mexico and well as Mexican friends who came to America. Some got sick from drinking the water (both places), I suppose because it’s processed differently. One even brushed her teeth with bottled water to avoid it.

    Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

  36. I like it when I don’t need no subs ^^

  37. this is soooo cool :D

  38. Mexico is a really beautiful country… And our food it’s delicious!!! The Mexican guys are so friendly  and warmly… (?) I’m happy for this!!! Please, love us!!! Mexican kpopers loves you ♥

  39. I live in Mexico but I can’t go :C  Mexico city it’s so too far away from me fdhcvnej ugh WHY??!!

  40. For some reason, I feel as Mexico’s image in the world is that of : Spicy form Hell Food, Tacos, Mangoes, Avocados and ´Poisonous Tap Water.  XD What happened to the good old  Tequila, Fiesta and Amigo? XD I hope you get a great time in my country. Mexicans love foreigners! 

    • You forgot to mention slums, gang wars, killings and shooting daily, huge drug problem, organised crime, kidnaping.

    • I used to have that image but then all my mexican friends said “don’t go to mexico,” following the heightened gang war situation. I’m actually heading out to either Bolivia or Colombia instead, and I feel much safer if that gives you any idea.You live in Mexico? I’d appreciate any insight on the matter.

      • Violence is restricted to certain states (mostly int he North) but other places are quite safe if u want to visit. Mexico City has a bad reputation but i think is a bit exaggereted. Of course you must avoud dangerous neigbourhoods and beware or thiefs in turistic areas but is the same in many big cities!

  41. lol. i learn korean from talk to me in korean. thats sooo cool ^^

  42. Uwa! I totally wish I could go! DAMN, why isn’t Florida closer to Mexico!!!! This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to meeting you guys. XD

    Well, Simon and Martina, you guys will have a blast! Can’t wait to read/see all about it!

    Que pasen buen viaje! (Have a badass time!) XD


  43. ㅡㅜ I think you are going to really good place.!!

  44. i just pick the mango from my back yard

  45. why do people keep saying to bring medicine ? lol i use to go to mexico all the time when i was small and i never got sick because of the food or the water…. either u people are really stereotypical or just plain out racist…

  46. I wish I lived in Mexico TT_TT my heart’s breaking~
    No, really, I wish I could go :/

  47. So proud of my Spanish skills right now because I could understand all of that without reading the subs. If only my Korean were that good :’(

  48. Hyunwoo is cute. >_<

  49. you guys are so darn lucky to be able to go to so many amazing places…and yes contrary to local and national news reports, Mexico is one of those amazing places. So wish I could go but I live in the neighboring country.

  50. OMG this looks like an awesome event. Sadly i won’t be ale to join in the fun because i have classes…. Maybe Simon and Matina can shoot some awesome videos while they are there…. :P 

  51. :O Me wants to go!!!! T3T

  52.  you will weight gain in mexico XD the food is really awesome :Q___ like:goridtas, tamales, tacos (any kind of tacos XD), pambazo,quesadilla, guacamole, chicharron, enjitomatadas, consome,pozole, etc … definitly you should take this opportunity to know the mexican culture and tequila LOL xD ;D

  53. Gah so close! Sure you don’t wanna skip on over to Dallas? :D

  54. jgkdfhgdfjkh T_______T I’m far from México City … I’m from México but it’s far (living in Veracruz) u.u… :( Hope to go I’ll try my hardest :)

  55. jgkdfhgdfjkh T_______T I’m far from México City … I’m México but it’s far… :( Hope to go I’ll try my hardest :)

  56. Lol at some of the comments here XD anyway simon and martina im sure u r gonna have tons of fun here, taste alll the food and mexican candies that u can, and dont listen all u see in news XD aaa btw avocado is good but there r more delicious things lol

  57.  Lucky you guys are going to Mexico. Bet its going to be so cool. Cant wait for it even if I cant go all the way to mexico, at least its something to look forward to, hope to see some fun videos

    Buy the way are you going to get a pet sitter for Dr. mem and spudgy?

  58. amidst all those crimes going on, you probably should go there…

  59. ohh I’m mexican but I live really far from Mexico city :/ that sucks 

  60. Please let me know if we can help somehow… I would LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!! we have great things to eat that you are going to love it!!! :)

  61. Omg I love TTMK!! So cool that you have that opportunity, wish I could come!

  62. thats right, eat lots of fruit when your there. it will be cheaper. :) to bad you can’t bring it back with you :)

  63. You Must Do A “Wonderful Adventure In Mexico”(W.A.I.M.)!!!!   KYAAAA!!!  so that you can talk about your experience with the food, culture, people…ETC.
    OMG, OMG, OMG! Can’t wait!!!!!! :)

  64. FInally a Kpop related event that is a possiblitly of me attending!! Even though I live in North Carolina, my family is from Mexico! Is there going to be an age requirment to attend by myself? I’m 13


  66. I am definitely going!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!! I’m gonna take some
    mexican candies for you guys!! I just hope to see you there :DDDDDDDD

  67. I am definitely going!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!! I’m gonna take some mexican candies for you guys!! I just hope to see you there :DDDDDDDD

  68. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am so JELLY!!! I just went to Mexico on vacation and now I just got back to the states! RAWRRRR!! I missed Simon and Martina! NooOOOOOoooo~

  69. Hola!! I am from Mexico!!! so we are going to wait for you here!! great!! please I want to see you!!!!!!!

  70. Wow!! Congratulations for the opportunity!! I wish this come to my country.

  71. Spanish, English & Korean ♥ Perfect ♥


  73. You guys are so lucky!!! Congratulations! Have an awesome time!

  74. Whaha you two have such a different style than the other bits of the video XD Seems kinda out of place. Awesome that you’re going to Mexico though ^^

  75. you’ll be able to taste some Doritos! ahah :)

  76. That would be really awesome! I can’t wait to participate! :3 I’m proud to be mexican :’)

  77. OMG!!! YOU GUYS ARE SOOOO LUCKY! The last time i went to mexico was in winter of 1999 on vacation so i was 4 years old, and i barely remember anything! wish i get to go there soon and also wish i go when u guys go but probably not possible TT_TT Well i hope you guys have fun at Mexico!! it’s SUPER FUN, as i heard, they have a six flags there too so go there!! k well have fun, BYE !!! 
    P.S: when you guys go, buy a shit load of mexican candy! its worth it and super good!!! but get the good kines ^_____^ if not i’ll send u some thru fan mail ^>^ k bye!!!

    -Kealii from Hawaii !!

  78. First time you’ll be in mexico?
    You’re gonna love it, but if you can, try to come to the sout-east, to yucatan and you’ll go crazy with our food, arquitecture and mayan culture, after all you don’t want to missed before “THE MAYAN PROFECY” happen LOL ^^ (plus merida [yucatan's capital] is 3 hrs from cancun, and we have sun and hot weather all year long)

    And try mexican “sweat” and candys wich most of them have chili (picante) but the’re so worthy

  79. …….is it just me who found Simon and Martina’s friend Hyunwoo……good looking?

  80. Yeeii!, I found out about this today and when I saw that you were coming I was like no waaaaay!! oh I’m really really exited for this :D I’ll get to know you both :)))) Can’t wait :D I’d love to take you both to eat real mexican spicy delicious food :D

  81. Can you guys come by San Diego for a hangout too? :D

  82. Yay that is awesome! I hope you guys can come to Sydney one day.

  83. Omfg! ahh so close yet so far :( Aish I havent been to mexico in like 4 years. I think its time I should go then. hahaha ugh stupid school! :( Hehehe enjoy our delicious mexican food :DD

  84. Simon and Martina thank you SO much for coming i hope you have a wonderful trip to mexico ! I WILL SEE YOU THERE ;) 
    ohh yes remember to try enchiladas and sops … but try the esquites ! they are so DELICIOUS oh i may just think in another things !

  85. pleeeease guys ..kidnaps some ….k-pop artist ..for uuuus */////*

  86. I heard about this in my Korean class for last year’s event. Awesome! Too bad I can’t be there as I will be taking the second Korean class at that time. And working two jobs, yay. 

  87. spudgy is coming come with you?

    Yeah the guacamole is the best!!!!
    I’m so exited to meet you!!
    sorry for my english

  88. OMG I’m so excited >u< It's amazing that you're coming to my country, guise :3 Wish I didn't live so far from the capital :/ Good thing's that I got to meet you at MBC-Google Kpop festival (?) last May :3

  89. Whoa, my mind is kind of spinning from trying to switch among all my language centers!  I could actually understand some of both Spanish and Korean!

  90. OMG!!! you guys!!! i’m sooo going to see you here in mexico!! this is the year of mexico! finally korea is noticing us!!!

  91. Wish I could go (I’m in AZ, so not too far…), but by then I’ll be in Korea! So, do something in Korea, and I will so be there!

  92. awesome!  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  93. Ahhh so great!!! Welcome to Mexico, unfortunately I won´t be able to meet you =(. Don´t forget to visit Zona Rosa, in this area you can find our little K-town. Unfortunately is not as big as other places but is really nice.
    Go to “Historia de Panaderias” they have awesome cakes and teas. Kpop videos are played all the time!!! I send you a link to a video of the place. It was made by a girl that used to teach english in Korea and now she is teaching in Mexico.



  94. you can have avocados  any time you want here in mexico also there are different types of the and eat also delicios fruits like mangos they are really cheap compared to korea >_< delicious food every were!!! XD  i will definitly go :) i want to met both of you guise XD

  95. by the way guys, can you pleasee, PLEASEEEE tell us how to buy the tickets?? do I need a credit card? :3

  96. I live 2 days away but cant go how sad is this :( I want to compete in the kpop dance cover so bad but im solo and cant go. Ugh so frustrating i dont have other friends who are into kpop and who like to dance (Anybody in El Paso area who like to do kpop dance covers with me?? :D ok no ._. ) Anyways Simon and Matina you guys have to try the candies, pan dulce, tamales, and pretty much anything that gets in your way :D Mexican food is really neomu mucho yummy  ;) haha :D

  97. :DD I’ll definitely try to go!!!! <3

  98. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! I’ve been learning Korean from TalkToMeInKorean.com!! And Eat Your Kimchi!! I’m so excited!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  99. I want to go so badly! D:  Maybe I can convince my parents to let me go to Mexico to visit my aunts and uncles and then sneak away to go to this event >:D Muhahaha! I feel special that I can understand all the English, Spanish and 50% of the Korean in this video. Come to Los Angeles, please! :D

  100. You made my day!! Mexican here!! XD 

    I can´t believe it!!

  101. and doritos!!!  no? jajaj CONGRATS!

  102. LOL in mexico you can find all kinds of fruits even if it’s not season xDD You can even buy a watermelon in winter and its not that expensive xDD

  103. OH MY GAWD T-T I really want to go!!!! how many tickets are going to be on sale? I really hope  to buy one x: !

  104. Have fun and eat lots of mangos and avocados and be sure to be safe =]

  105. Yay and more YAY! It’s a dream come true, I can’t wait to meet ya guise. Will u be bringing Spudgy and Dr M. With you? I’m so gonna be fanboying??? (does this word exist) all over you. October 7th is gonna be marked ony calendar as a VERY IMPORTANT DAY!

  106. Sadly I don’t live in Mexico City (I’m from Guadalajara) :( but anyway eat a lot!!!! XP

  107. i soo exited  i am sooo fans of you guys  and  i live in mexico city  and i be there 

  108. OMG!! if u ever come to brasil i’m definitelly making the effort to see u guys!

  109. les invitare unos tacos y le regalare un sombrero a spudgy y al Dr. Meemersworth :)

  110. oh god oh god MUST GO D; but even if i live in mexico it’s so far away, but i’ll try to go :) and eat tacos for 5 pesos muahahahaha 

  111. You MUST go to “Garibaldi”


  113. Have fun enjoying the avocados and mangoes. XD
    Sounds like a fun event! First U-KISS, now this? Martina, Simon, Y U MAKE MY LIFE SEEM SO BORING? Who’ll take care of Dr. meemersworth and Spudgy while you’re away?

  114. I’m about 3 hours by plane but that’s okay because I saw you at the google concert anyways :D
    >0< the TTMIK teachers are going too! 
    Have fun in Mexico!

  115.  …I don’t recommend eating too much Mexican food. And only drink bottled water. Also…WHY CAN’T YOU GUYS COME TO MIAMI GEEZ!? IF YOU WANNA BE SURROUNDED BY HISPANICS AND EAT A LOT OF BAD-FOR-YOU FOOD YOU’RE BETTER OFF HERE IN MIAMI!

  116. let me just cry in a corner since i live in mexico but i cant go to mexico city because it’s too expensive >.<

  117. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Wow!!!! That’s so freaking awesome!!! Enjoy Mexico guys!!! There are so many awesome things to see in Mexico City I hope you love it!! ^____^

  119. omg, i must be there— and im from mexico …hell yeah

  120. I’ll tell grandma to prepare her explosive guacamole, just saw the news Im so happy, you will be very welcome guys…

  121. awwww, I live in Arizona but SSchool just started >.<

  122. irritablevowel

    That guy Javi is quite nice to look at.  

  123. Be careful it’s not really the safest place to be as a foreigner with expensive cameras and gear…

    • Lol what.? Nope in fact mexico city is safe, surethere r some places were u should not go but is not as dangerous as everybody thinks

      • My bad, in 2012 it’s only ranked Nr 6. th most dengerous city in the world so guess it’s not that dangerous then…
        Only Colombia, Iraq, Guatemala, Honduras, Cape Town is worse.

        • irritablevowel

          Really?  I’ve never read that anywhere.  I have read that Ciudad Juarez is ranked that high, but that’s a different city…in a totally different part of the country.  I’ve also read that Mexico City is safer than Chicago or Miami.  

  124. OMG I CANT EVEN!!! THIS IS SOOOO OSM!!! im totally going, i wanna meet you guys *-*…i just wanna shout to Simon “OH YOU SO NASSSTYYY” XDDDD . We will be waiting for you guys!!!

  125. Omg wow, I can’t believe you’re coming to mexico city. I’ll def be there, and might bring a few of my friends. See you guys soon! <3 You'll love the food here btw, but you can't be on a diet if you come. Seriously, it's impossible :D

  126. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT DRINKING WATER THERE. You need to make sure the water is safe. Once my mom drank from the tap there and she was lying on the floor vomiting her guts out. Have fun~!

  127. Yeiii, I will try to be there… I think is time to visit my relatives hahahah.. And yes. the food here in Mexico is very cheap, fruit and avocados are really really cheap, so you will be able to eat as much as you want.  If you want to know anything about Mexico you just have to ask

  128. OMG OMG OMGOMG OMG aqwsedrftgyhujifdesedrftgyhujikokgtfrdswasedrftgyujik OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait till October guysssssssss!!! I love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Mexico love EYK !!!!!! ♥

  129. and i just got back from mexico… dang it :(

  130. I really really REALLY want to be in Mexico THIS INSTANCE! TT.TT WHY DOESN’T ANYBODY COME TO BOSTON!?!?!?

  131. Oh wow~! I wish I could be there, but unfortunately one country away is a bit over the top for me. xD Have fun for me you guys! Eat ALL the authentic Mexican food! :D

  132. You two are too stinkin cute :) have fun in Mexico!

  133. Wow I SO wish I was multilingual!! Heck, even bilingual would do!!! I refuse to die a one-language-speaking person!!
    Working on it.

    Also, this is awesome. I wish I lived closer to Mexico.

  134. Chloe Chew

    I love TTMIK ^^ They are awesome!

  135. This is so cool! Congrats you guys! Can’t wait to see some posts from Mexico! 

  136. noooooooooooooo your diets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. So close… Yet so far! *SOB*

  138. Oh God, I need to learn korean as soon as possible D: I’m not from Mexico (I’m from de Dominican Republic) but hope you guys enjoy your mexican adventure!!  love you guys! LATINOS ARRIBA!! :D 

  139. omg u guys r going to mexico :( i want to go!!! i havent been there since last nov and unfortanily i cant go this year :(…….but have lots of fun!!!! Mexico is a really nice country and the ppl r nice (most of the time lol)….TIPS! DONT DONT drink the water from the tap…dont have ur wallet in ur back pocket of ur pants…and take some pills for acid reflex mexican food has a lot of condiments might not set well on ur stomach….Que se diviertan mucho!!

  140. T_T i just came back from Mexico 3 weeks ago.. but hope everyone has fun and enjoys all the tasty food! ^.^ 

  141. I’m learning Korean on that website!!! :D Daebak~~ Enjoy your stay on Mexico and eats lots and lots of yummy food!! *__* I love Mexican Food~~ <3

  142. OMG I hadn’t paid attention but Caelike is also gonna be there xDDDD wow I feel so identified but I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be able to go TTT-TTT

  143. You’re totally gonna love Mexican food like NO JOKE !! but I wish you the best and please be careful since it hasn’t been that safe lately so pleaseee I’ll pray for you guys take good care & I really want to go but I’m not sure I can :C I live like on the very tail of Texas >w< so I'll see if I can :D and hope you eat TONS and TONS of TACOS!!!! ♥♥♥ ps. You should try the ones called Gringas or Piratas *P* and papas asadas!

  144. U have to be kidding me aaaaaaaa u guys coming to my country aaaa im sure u r not gonna regret it we will be glad to have u here guys seriously pff sooo happy, im gonna do my best to be at the event so i can finally meet u grrrrr

  145. OH MY GOSH!!! I’M MEXICAN BUT I DON’T LIVE THERE ANYMORE!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! say hi to my family for me LOL!  OH! and you HAVE to try the tamales and all the street food and a super popular candy called Tamarindo. IT’S FRICKING AMAZING!!! GAH! MY MOUTH IS WATERING!!! :D

  146. ExotoicLuhan/Kris_ElfDonghae

    awww man i was just in mexico last month 

  147. WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW R U Serious OMG I´m definetelly going >.< Mexico City is only a couple of hours from where I live

  148. I’ve been in Mexico (Puebla and Mexico City) for two months and you all decide to come in October… really? That is evillllllll! :( Well now I’ll just have to wait until you visit TX)

  149. What will you do with the Dr and Spudgey? 

  150. Am from Mexico but I am in Orlando right now so I can’t go see you guys (am so sad), but have fun and record a lot of thing so I can see my beautiful country I miss it so much but am happy I will be able to see it through your eyes.

    I hope the best for your trip :-) and be safe.

  151. Simon… u have a mustache~!

  152. THAT’S SO COOOL!! And yet, I live close (not really) to the Mexican Border.
    Is it going to be recorded by chance?

  153. thats really cool.. have fun!! happy that both ttmik and eyk are doing so well!! 

  154. omg!!! I’m from Mexico!!! i’m so happy you guys are coming, i really really hope i can make it to the event, because i live in another state…..anyways….you are going to have so much fun. 
    :D (bring spudgy and dr. meemersworth, haha)

  155. I highly suggest you bring your medicines just in case, you need to be ready for food here. I know you eat Korean food and it is spicy and everything but trust me. I’ve known people from other countries they say the same XD actually last month a friend told me… I lived in Korea so… and then his stomach wasn’t that strong for Mexican food. Food is just different. Besdies that … EAT ALL MEXICAN FOOD YOU CAN! haha it’s delicious, don’t hesitate to ask some of us to take you for a tour or something, Mexico city is amazing! :) and other cities too. I’m from Veracruz but with all these events I’m going to Mexico city once or twice a month! I LOVE IT! :D

    Thank you so much guys! I’ll be there!!! I must be there!!! :)

  156. Have fun in Mexico ^-^ But I was wondering what are you going to do with Dr. Meemersworth and Spudgy? Are you taking them with you?

  157. never mind, I just watched the video haha

  158. Omg, that’s awesome! And what is Caelike doing in this picture?? Will she be with you guys?? Do you know her? Personally, I am not a big fan of her, but it should be interesting

  159. Maybe one day you’ll come to Philly, Pennsylvania USA

  160. When you got to Mexico I highly recommend you try tunas, not the fish, the fruit that’s on cactus theyre red, orange, or green. I really miss them, they’re so delicious!! Careful they’re extremely prickly but they should be sold without the spines. I recommend you don’t buy them from the store, they’re probably more fresh if you buy them from street vendors. Also don’t forget to eat mangos!! And if they’re in season try Caña = Sugar cane. It comes prepared with lemon and chilli powder. OMG so good! I want go to Mexico now T_T

  161. That is amazing!!! Congratulations!!! :D!! my native lenguage is Spanish sooo I hope you guys can learn a lil bit while you are there! xD 

  162. My native language is spanish….but when they were talking in spanish I was reading the subtitles lol!!
    I live in El Salvador (kind of close to mexico)….. but it’s too expensive to go so I can’t! :( I would love to go x3


  164.  Im going to mexico in  oct. to visit my grandparents but they live 10 hours away from mexico city. * sigh* I will not see guys there. :(


  166. YOU have to eat tacos!!!!! you’re gonna love them  83

  167. That awkward moment when you’re mexican but you understand more korean than spanish. Wtf is wrong with me?! Haha so excited for you guys!!

  168. oh fuck yeah!! 
    Simon and Martina be prepared to be harassed and adored by me! muajuajuaja!!

  169. Hahaha Mangos and Avocados galore! and how awesome to have a huge group of people coming together in 3 diff languages, but still be able to comunicate in Korean together, thats the power of humanity! Enjoy yourselves! :D 

  170. You’re going to mexico?! OMG So am I, well… not exactly.  Going to Dominion Republic which is sort of near mexico.  But Have fun on your trip!! :DD

  171. GENIAL!!! Iré a conocerlos ^^ that’s great !!

  172. guise. this is so freaking amazing! I’m actually learning korean with TTMIK so I was so freaking suprised when I saw this XD small world, eh?

  173. I’m happy you are coming to Mèxico, but I’m sad I don’t actually live in Mexico city and I can’t go that day :(

  174. oh my god!!!! that’s so awesome!! I live near mexico, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go, it sort dangerous, and damnit i don’t have money :(

  175. waaaaa…. si si, vengan!! xD 

    makes so happy just the idea of getting to meet you both! *w* you’re awesome
    y no solo coman aguacate… existen mas cosas cool que de seguro les gustaran

  176. oh that’s super awesome!!!! there is going to be a recording right? will it be live? if so can you let us know where we can watch it?

  177. hopefully i can go for my birtday cause my birthday is october 8

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    Have fun, México it’s a beautiful place

  179. OMG guys I’m so excited for you!!!!!! > . < ****________****

  180. Epic sad face!!! I won’t be in Mexico that month.
    Poop, I would love to be able to see you in my home country!~

    Have uber loads of fun!
    Diviertanse!!! And eat all the cheap avocados & mangoes you can stand!!!
    And make sure to have tacos from the taco stands!!! Mhm, now I want tacos!!! T^T

  181. OMG!! I live in Mexico in leon, guanajuato!!! I cant wait to go to mexico city and see you guys!!! I am so excited!!!! :’)

  182. Wow you guys are so lucky hopefully you don’t get sick and are healthy to show up an enjoy the event :)

  183. HAHA!! I was already going to Mexico for Junsu!! Well I’ll tell my grandma that her favorite granddaughter is going to visit her for not one month but TWO!! Thank you grandma and pa for deciding to live ther >_<

  184. OMFG I never imagined to see you guys here in Mexico! Will totally go, would never miss it~


  186. Can’t wait for the EYK gang to go to Mexico and eat awesome Mexican foods ( don’t really know what authentic Mexican food is… But I’m sure it’s good! )
    You taking the Spudgy and the Meemersworth?

  187. My fanjumma moment…  OMG! You are friends with Hyunwoo from TTMIK???  How awesome is that!?  I have been studying with TTMIK for a couple of years now and I adore him!!  A WANK over to his studio would be awesome!  

    Congrats on the invitation, you guise will do great!  Have fun! 

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    U guys its so fun there make sure to try ALL of there food its absolutly deliciose! ^^

  190. I really wanted you to come to Venezuela T_T, I guess in another opportunity =( also the date picked for the event is terrible for us because we’ll have our presidential elections u_u hopefully next year *O*

  191. wiii! please eat a lot of mexican food, authentic TACOOOS!  and visit Tijuana :p!

  192. Hey, I’m from Mexico, i don’t know if i can hang out with you guys but i’m pretty sure i can get you some delicious things that you can only get if you go by the pueblos of Michoacán, so, can we send you guys stuff?

  193. WOW!, welcome to Mexico!!!, see you here! :D hey!, we can go to eat REAL TACOS together!!,  haha, it would be AWESOME!!

  194. ahhh thats so weird! last night, i couldnt sleep so i was using talktomeinkorean.com to teach myself korean (i know, im weird…) but i saw a banner for the korean culture festival thingy and i was thinking “oh thats cool”

    and now its even more cool because simon and martina are gonna be there!
    too bad i dont live near mexico :(

  195. My korean is improving XD I actually understood what they said . . .from the 1st listening ^-^

    Anyways, have fun on your trip !  ^-^

  196. That is amazing!  I hope you have a great time!

  197. we have to see a behind the scenes kinda video, sorta like your wank in canada video! will the spudgy go with you?

  198. hey guys I’m so frikin EXCITED, I live a little far from Mexico city (I live in Zacatecas, México, it’s a beautiful city), but I’ll try my best to go, you should try real tacos, guacamole, pozole, enchiladas, mole, tamales etc etc, I’m so happy!!!

  199. what about spudgy and dr meemerswoth?

  200. Yayshhh congrats on the whole being a judge thing!!! :D bad thing I’m waaaay afar from Mexico, but if you guise come to Argentina I’d be pleased to meet you ♥

  201. make sure to eat some yummy posole for me and pitallas (cant remember if there in season yet) im so jelly

  202. There is no way I’m missing this. I’m going there, guys! 

    Finally! More kpop in my country!! :DD

  203. OMG !!! If you need a guide just tell me ;D there are sooo many places to visit! near mexico city is the state of ‘morelos’ and there is a town called ‘Tepoztlan’ which is beautiful, has magical & mysterious stuff, delicious food, lots of souvenirs, you can go hiking/ climb the ‘mountain of tepozteco’ and is also full of foregneirs lol omg i’m sooo happy :D!! 

  204. watching the vidoe like… subtitle in english (and spanish), then suddenly the girl talks in english (the subtitle spanish only) then turns to spanish (read the subs again) then korean then……. dang!!! Glad I live in international neighborhood, where I can hear lots of different language while I’m sitting enjoying my lunch everyday. So, I can adapt quickly to the video. Kekeke^^

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  206. Wonderful Adventure Mexico! WAM! 

  207. Aww Man, I’m like 2 hours away from Mexico, haha I live in New Mexico :c And I think I will be in Alabama when you come this way Dang it I miss all the cool things

  208. do you guys speak spanish? 

  209. yay!!! thats so cool that you will go with talk to me in korean- i love those people!!! have fun in mexico! now you will be closer to me!!!

  210. O_O I know about Talk to me in Korean! When I was being suspicious, I didn’t write in English, but in Korean and the audio lessons really helped me :P

  211. Are you guys kidding me. I live in Mexico, but I’m moving to Toronto this month. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. But that’s awesome, have a great time (: EAT A LOT.

  212. If only I was planning a trip to Mexico at that time, I really want to meet you guys! 

    You could, of course, always come to Sweden! :D

  213. aww too far! D: i wish you guys could come to Maryland too! ><

  214. GAH I’d love to go!!! I’m in Mexico but not in Mexico city!!! Maybe I can go…..I need money!!!!


  215. Guys just be careful there. Since there are too many rumors about Mexico here in Canada, and their treatment of Canadian visitor. Not that I’m generalizing but better be safe than sorry I guess. 

    On a side note this is a really good opportunity to spread word about Korean Culture, Languages and Music! I hope you enjoy your Mexico trip. They (Mexicans) really have some kick-ass awesome food and amazing parties! :)) 

  216. you guys should… ALSO COME TO OHIO!!!!!! again! :D but that sounds like so much fun.. i’m too far from Mexico, nooooooooo~

  217. Strange… I don’t speak spanish and I understood almost evrything…

  218.  after mexico, where are you going next? are you really going to be judging dance moves, if you come buy, i will get you mangos that are not 48 dollars nor roten or over ripe!

  219. I’m really excited!!!!! but I hope the school will allow me to miss one day because I live 8 hours from that city. Enjoy Mexico and eat all the food, mangoes and avocados!!!!! ^^

  220. I just got back from Mexico this Sunday :( 
    I am going to tell my cousins to go visit you guys.


  222. YOU’RE FRIENDS WITH HYUNWOO? man, i’ve been taking classes through ‘talk to me in korean’ and i had no idea y’all had any connection. myeheheh, small world. ^o^

  223. Wow Simon and Martina and my teachers together now xD

  224. wow i’m mexican but live far away from mexico city!! good for you guys enjoy my country i wish i could be there

  225. YES MEXICO!!!! WOOOOOO but i leave for college im so gonna cry right now! If you can go to Cuernavaca it’s like 45 min from mexico city and it’s a beautiful place full of haciendas! and for mexican food I do not advice you to eat on the streets, you’ll probably get moctezuma’s revenge. If you want tacos go to a place called El Charco de las Ranas tacos there are good and its a clean place so you’ll be fine. AND AS A LAST ADVICE DO NOT GET ON TAXIS THAT SEEM SUSPICIOUS? (if you want to email me for more mexican stuff dont hesitate claudio.tres@gmail:disqus.com) HAVE fun you guys!!!

  226. WOW!!!!!! i wanna met yaa guyss!! *___* it will be osom!! yeaah great news for today! ;D

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  229. OH MANN! I’m in Arizona. I would kill to go to this! 

  230. I really wish yall guys a great time in Mexico! Enjoy all the delicious food, awwwww Avocados!!! Mangoooossss ! YUmmmm!! 

  231. Yay! TTMIK+EYK= OMG it’s so cool I’m gonna die! 

  232. You should do this in Canada too in the future! :D

  233. i love TTMIK and you guys

  234. First Junsu and now you guys SO HAPPY

  235. So cool! Can’t believe it! Just yesterday I was talking to some friends about how awesome it could be if you guys come to Mexico! Hahaha, OMG, it’s amazing! >w<

  236. That is awesome~~~ Take medicine for possible stomache aches. My family is Mexican, so I visit Mexico every once in a while, but I tend to get sick from the food and water (although I eat it all the time at home, the meat is different). Oh & the food isn’t that cheap… since the last time I went… but it’s delicious :D

  237. im happier with this notice than when i knew xiah will came next september 6th and im not kidding!!!!!!  cant wait!!!! :3 

  238. OMG Guise!! I’m going to do whatever I can to attend :D


  240. Avocadooooos!!!! Have fun and I hope you will come to UK as well!

  241. I hope you enjoy it!!!! I can’t wait to see your videos!!

  242. Wow – now you can get a mango that doesn’t cost $40!  Yay cheap fruit!  Have fun!

  243. ohhh!!! I’m Mexican and I won’t be there at that time!!! ohhh!!! I want to cry :(, wanted to make pics with you guys!! hope you have a good time in there, eat a lot of tacos please!!! love you!!

  244. I seen the poster this morning from my TTMIK feed too, and thought WAIT…SIMON AND MARTINA?! Sok Jin and you guys, waaaaa. I wish I could go. 

  245. That’s so cool! 
    Just be careful, Mexico isn’t exactly the safest place to be right now. 

  246. Bahhhhh you know Hyunwoo?? His podcast-ed voice fills my car with beautiful Korean lessons every day as I drive to and from university.  HOW YOU KNOW EVERYONE, SIMON AND MARTINA?!

  247. Remember to eat all those delicious sexy mangos that aren’t sold for $48 :D 

  248. You guys have a great Job!!! I am getting ETK addicted, the other day I said to my sister ‘OOooooooow you’re nasty!’ and she was like LOL and asking ‘where is THAT from’. LOL.

  249. OMG! YOU’RE COMING HERE!!! MY COUNTRY!! :D I’m so excited I shall do everything I can to go to Mexico city :D

  250. ¬¬ I’M GONNA DIE, I’ll be in Mexico city  a week after that….you can always stay for the music festival that’s gonna be there. Lots of great bands, a canadian band is gonna play, Tegan and Sara!  :P   I’ll see a way to send some stuff for you guise!

  251. How AWESOME you’re coming!!! :D
    Don’t forget to try sopes, enchiladas and chilaquiles, they’re the best! Oh and guacamole, it’s like an avocado sauce

  252. OMG THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING PROJECT!! Good luck on your trip =D I’m Colombian but I live in NY, lol hopefully the next place you guys go to is NY =D

    and I suggest you guys skip the indie playlist and give us another monday on another day music video to make up for the one you’ll miss…. =p

  253. And jsut when I moved from the country. Why guys, why.
    But of course you have to taste the food, avocados aren’t th only good thing lol.

  254. WOAH :D Go get em Simon ~!!

  255. :’( I was born and raised in Mexico city, and now live in Canada. I haven’t been back in a long time and I really miss it. Enjoy it for me~~

  256. Woah! I love TTMIK! Where I learn some Korean. That’s awesome that you guys are going to Mexico. ^^ Hope you guys have a great time!

  257. Wow, that is going to be a super long flight!  Have fun!

  258. Ah, just come to Poland ;P Mexico is tooooo far…~~ LOL ^^

    anyway – have fuuuun :D

  259. You guys have to make a video on a wank or just  a video about you guys gorging on  AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD AND AVOCADOS UNTIL you EXPLOOOOOOODE!!! XDDDD

  260. Vengan a Argentina!!! Los amo!!!

  261. When will you go to France!?! T^T

  262. It’s weird to hear three languages mixed in one video. And I understood everyhting! Yay for speaking multiple languages ♥

  263. Hey Guys, that’s awesome that your going to Mexico! I’m sure you have tons of fans there! It’s cool to see all the opportunities you guys have gotten from starting an awesome blog. I was just wondering if your still looking for interns or employees to help you edit videos and what not. I have someone who is really great at filmmaking and they’re moving to Korea soon. They’re also a big fan of you. So I hope you see this message and can respond! :)
     -Lindsey ([email protected])

  264. OMG You guys! I’m gonna be in Mexico those days so I will be there for sure!!!!!! I wanna try their guacamole and tacos =)… 

  265. Mexican guy is super cute

  266. OMG you with TTMIK’s teachers O_O I’m so happy !!!!! 

  267. Let me guess, you’ll miss an episode or two of Kpop Music Mondays?


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