Hey guise!

So, here is some awesome news: our friend Hyunwoo who also runs the awesome site Talk to Me in Korean is setting up a mind blowing event in Mexico, the Talk to Me in Korean Around the World 1st Event, and we’re going! It’s an event all about Korean culture, the Korean language, and of course, kpop! And there is going to be a kpop dance contest…and we’re gonna be judging it. OoOoOohhh get yer nasty dance moves ready! It only seems appropriate, since we are the best at ruining all of Kpop’s sexiest dances. And by the best, I really should give the crown to Simon. Huzzah! We’re totally stoked!

It’s gonna be October 7th, 2012, from 1-6PM, in the World Trade Center in Mexico City. Tickets go on sale on August 20th, and you can buy them here. For more info, head over to the event page here.

Guise: if you’re in Mexico, or close to Mexico, for the love of everything, come out! We’ll be so excited to meet you! AAHH! GAHHRGHHH!!! GONNA EAT AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD AND AVOCADOS UNTIL WE EXPLOOOOOOODE!!!

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