And here it is: Day 2 of our epic road trip! If you missed Day 1, you can watch it and read about it here!

We had to cut it up into different WANKs, simply because we had far too much footage to work with. Our Day 1 footage was over 20 minutes long, and we cut out A LOT. Day 2 had a lot less footage, mostly because we didn’t have a full day to work with. The vast majority of the day was spent driving back to Seoul. Whoa. Driving into Seoul on the weekends SUCKS SO BAD! The…traffic…is…so…slow.

Anyhow, we still had a bit of fun this week, and got to finally do the GWIYOMI CHALLENGE! Cast your votes as to who won the challenge in the comment section below. Though, I fully understand that some of you might find commenting too difficult because you’re so busy, so I’ll take some of the burden off your shoulders: copy and paste this in the comment section:


That’s it! You don’t have to think of a response. Just…copy and paste. Voila! See, we here at Eatyourkimchi care about the community, and want to make things better for you :D Also, you might notice that, even though we’re both on camera at the same time, it can only really be one person writing a blog post at a time. I wonder if any of you ever pick up on who’s writing, and – even better – read it in his/her voice. Another tip: Spudgy doesn’t write blog posts. Reading them in his voice won’t be that useful.

Anyhow, we went to Nami Island, which is where Winter Sonata was filmed…or something like that. We don’t know, because none of us are really that familiar with Winter Sonata. We just know of its impact on the Hallyu Wave, and a bunch of people go to Nami Island now because of Winter Sonata. For us, though, we’re not really emotionally invested with either the island or the drama, and so we found going there a bit…bland. We had to make our own fun.

It was really pretty, though, and the day was gorgeous. It was just a bit too hot for us, but that’s probably because we were carrying around all of our camera gear as well as our fat old lazy dog. Spudgy had a tough time of it all. He likes being outdoors, but only to a limited extent.

Anyhow, with all that being said, we hope you liked our little adventure with the Eatyourkimchi Crew. If the videos are successful enough, we’ll gladly do more of them in the future. Today’s our brainstorming session in which we try to plan out Future WANKs, FAPFAPs, and TL;DRs, and I’m sure in there we’ll lay out another Road Trip somewhere. We’d really like to do one in Busan! Hmm. Maybe.

And, on that note, we’ve got some scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Check em out if you want to see us do more dumb stuff :D


  1. You gotta love a group of friends who can allude to a penguin’s anus and feel comfortable.

  2. Duuuude Simon was the best, in my opinion!! You were pulling out 귀여미 moves that I’ve never seen :D Precious~

  3. Vote for spudgy all the way!

  4. Martina’s gwiyomi was priceless

  5. ” Don’t say clap when you clap ! ” *lol* who-ever said that, I said it at the same time as the person *lol* xD

  6. Martina wins! coz she is so hardcore. yeah.


    ah but seriously I vote for simon, gwiomi moves I’ve never seen before. I laughed

  8. So after you mention reading in Spudgy’s voice, I couldn’t STOP reading it in Spudgy’s voice.

  9. Everyone was good in their own way! I can’t pick!

  10. OMG SO HARD TO CHOSE ONE! I’m going with Spudgy! I just can’t with him! LOL ^^

  11. I’m voting for INTERN LEIGH! She went all in with the make-me-barf-aegyo, and was completely SUCCESSFUL! GO INTERN LEIGH! Honorable mention is SooZee for being completely ADD in the middle of her Gwiyomi, and for her adorable “Aigooooo”

  12. I love these videos sooo much!!!! I can’t wait for more of these! you guise are awesome!!

    and also..SIMON OPPA WINS! OMG HIS WAS SO CUTE!… but seriously Simon does have my vote

  13. Oh my gosh Martina!! If you haven’t seen Winter sonata, you would DIE watching it because everyone wears turtlenecks and scarves all the time. I don’t remember seeing a single neck..

  14. I vote for SOO ZEEEEEE gwiyomi she’s so awkward and cool

  15. Ahahaha I spy the beginnings of an Arrested Development chicken dance in the bloopers, extra kudos to you Martina :’)
    …..I think Leigh wins though xD

  16. I vote for Martina! Heavy metal, nice touch ;D

  17. I actually HATE “What’s your name”, but now, it’s stuck in my head and I NEED to listen to it. Thank you Simon.

    Maybe you should consider getting sponsored by 4minutes XD

  18. I vote for Martina because she made me laugh like an idiot!!! Leigh gets 2nd place :)

  19. Simon was actually the cutest !!

  20. Can you bring back the WANK dice/challenges? They were really cute~!

  21. I VOTE FOR MARTINA!!!! >.<

  22. I don’t know who to pick. You blow my mind.


    No, really, I was going to vote for Simon already. :P


  25. Simon was pretty darn cute with the challenge! I vote for Simon!

  26. Well, the lights flickered in my dorm room while watching Martina’s attempt at the challenge, so my vote goes to Martina! Her heavy metal version has pleased the Yonsei electricity gods! Or the humidity is just really stupid right now. But probably the former option.

  27. Sometimes I’ll be reading a blog post with Martina’s voice in my head and then halfway through realize it’s Simon (or vice versa) and quickly switch XD

  28. SIMON WINS tho Martina’s was really funny too xDD

  29. Vote for Simon. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it the best.

  30. Leigh!! (Well, Spudgy, but are we only allowed to vote for the humans?) So much aegyo! Anyone who can make the whole crew puke totally wins.

  31. I vote for MARTINAA~ :D And Spudgy in second ;-; hahahaha
    Please keep with these travel-WANKS!
    Usually when people announce they’ll do 귀요미 I’m all “NOOOOoooOooOOoooOOOO!” but this was so fun hahahahah


    Ahem. Actually I think this was the gwiyomi with the best ”flow” (if that makes sense), and for some very strange reason it made me think of Honey-sempai the whole time (don’t ask me why… the smile maybe?)

    Soooooo…. I vote for Simon :D

    And also, I really really enjoyed this WANK, so I’d be glad to see other road trips like that!

  33. Martina Eonnie ftw! Hell yeah! *makes adorable faces*

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