*Trumpet Sound* BRR BRRR BR BRRRR! Introducing, the Eatyourkimchi Team Building Road Trip!

We’ve shot so many WANKs and FAPFAPs locally, but Korea offers a lot more than just Seoul and Bucheon. It’s about time we stepped out of our comfort zones and Wonderfully Adventured around Korea! This marks our first team road trip, and – guise – let us stress to you just how totally stoked we are about this video. We’re unsure if you’re gonna like it as much as we liked it, but we had so much freaking fun doing this all that we kinda want to make a regular show out of trips like this. We’d like to go out for a weekend, film a boatload of footage, and edit and air that over the course of a month. It can be like our own 1-Night-2-Days kinda show. Thoughts?

We filmed SOOOO much footage, though, and can’t put it all in one video. That’d make for far too long of a video. We chopped up Day 1 into two different videos, embedded in a playlist above. If you can’t view playlists, here’s part 2 of the video:


Our footage of Day 2 will be UNLEASHED next week. Unleashed, you hear? It’s like a Kpop video. Little did you know that YouTube keeps videos on leashes. It is our duty as YouTubers to take the leash off of those videos, and for Kpop news sites to report on them with ridiculous titles.

The area we went to is Gapyeong. It’s close to Nami Island – famous for Winter Sonata – and Chuncheon, the birthplace of Dak Galbi supposedly, and also famous for Makguksu, which we LURRRRRV. We stayed at the Four Seasons, and I HIGHLY doubt it has any connection to the actual Four Seasons franchise. Is it just a freak coincidence that the pension has that name, or were the pension owners like “Yeah! Four Seasons sounds like a great name. Let’s use that as well!” I know Korea likes to advertise its four distinct seasons – which – by the way, is malarky. Spring lasts two weeks. That’s not a season!

The Four Seasons pension was totally packed. Not a single room sat unused. We didn’t have the biggest of the rooms, but we didn’t have many options, either. Pension season is coming up, supposedly, and the cost of pensions go up in July. Our first day there, after we unpacked all of our gear and collapsed into Eatyourkimchi heaps, we tried booking another day, just so we could relax a bit, but everything was already booked. Balls! So we had to wake up at, like, 9AM to make breakfast and get ready for our 12PM checkout. GROSS! That’s what, like, normal people do! We usually go to sleep at 4 or 5AM and sleep in until past 12. Adjusting to normal people hours scares us.

Not all rooms were equal, either. Some of the rooms are smaller, just for couples. Some were bigger than that, like ours, meant for double dating. Beside us was a giant room, meant for larger groups of people, like schools or bigger companies. They had their own big outdoor grill and giant table which overlooked the scenery. Our grill was upstairs and in the corner by the cornfields. Not as pretty as the bigger group, but we were still happy to be out of the city and closer to nature, in a way. Our room also didn’t have a noraebang, which we’ll be sure to get for our next pension trip – if you like these videos, that is!

We thought for a bit about how the grass is always greener. Our studio’s right in Hongdae. We’re surrounded by buildings and stores and restaurants and clubs and schools and people and cars and tiny parking lots and crawling cars. Out in the countryside, we heard frogs screaming out “I JUST HAD SEX” in the middle of the night. The skies were so dark and unlit that we could barely see each other. We sat by the balcony and shared a bowl of cherries, then tried to see who could spit their pits out the farthest. We couldn’t see where they landed: we’d spit the pits and try to hear how far away they clicked on the road. That, for some of us, felt like what we wanted to do forever, surrounded by mountains and trees and water and barely any people.

For people living there, though, the trees and the hills are not as charming. The bustling energy of the city is far more interesting. I’m sure we’d feel the same way if we lived in the countryside for a while. We’re all meant to yearn for something different. We know some people are watching our videos and wishing they could live somewhere else, because where they are is so boring, and some will move here or elsewhere and enjoy the difference for a while. But then they’ll learn to miss their homes. We miss Canada. We miss Bucheon. We miss the Four Seasons. And if we ever live in another country, we’ll miss Korea. Ok I’ma stop being existential now. There’s just something jarring about the serenity outside of cities. Or it could be the fact that Monsoon Season has started now, and writing blog posts in gloomy and dark and rainy days changes the things you feel like writing about. I’m sure if it was sunny today I’d be like “SPUDGY WAS SO CUTE AND FUN ARRRGGGHHH”

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. Day 2 comes out next week. If you’re interested, we have a small teaser for it here as well:


Cool! Teasers for future episodes! That’s, like, so professional and TV-like, no? Well, if you’d rather see us be more un-professional, you can check out this week’s Blooper reel here below.


  1. Every time I revisit this video and see Spudgy….there are some lyrics that run through my head “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!” oh boy.

  2. JJapagetti is not black bean flavor. It’s black bean sauce flavor.
    Black bean sauce is chinese traditional sauce. It’s a type of fermented and salted soy bean.

  3. Awesome videos! Yes, please do more adventures like these. :D

  4. kpopfan123

    Hello guise! :)

    “We’d like to go out for a weekend, film a boatload of footage, and edit and air that over the course of a month. It can be like our own 1-Night-2-Days kinda show. Thoughts?” Yes!!

    “We sat by the balcony and shared a bowl of cherries, then tried to see who could spit their pits out the farthest.” Uhm… don’t do that guise…. the birds could pick them up eat them and choke T_T


  5. Been getting bored of the vidoes lately, this is such a great idea =D loved it!

  6. Cara Rose

    holydorkfactor, BUT hereitgoesanyway :P
    The 4 things that ‘introduced’ me to Korea; Boys Over Flowers, 1Night2Days, Glen Check, EatYourKimchi…. so yes, please do more road trip style videos!!!!
    ps. literally jumped outta bed when I heard Racket…
    Is there anything better than being pleasantly surprised by unexpectedly hearing songs from your favorite band? ^_^

  7. 6:59 Simon say “I fell a class” he didn’t speak in 3rd person and nobody notice

  8. I’d LOVE to see more videos like this, it was really fun! It’s fun to see the whole EYK Crew too :D

  9. creepy small door my thgought alice in wonderland

  10. I enjoyed this soooo much! I loved watching you guys have fun! Makes me wish I was there! :)

  11. I really enjoyed these road trip videos; they are fun, interesting, and funny. I look forward to your regularly scheduled videos like but I would definitely watch more videos like this. Even monthly or even season-type(?) videos would be really fun! Keep up the good work!

  12. Pausing the video to say:
    “Lazy cause I’m so crazy”
    Ahahaha, when Kyung said that I died. I love that you remembered it and ended up using it here. That’s so cool.

    Ok, on with the rest of the vid!

  13. WoonCloud

    By the way, not exactly on-topic, but did you ever get to go to Yeosu Expo?

  14. I LOVE the new shirts. Next time you order, you should totally get the shirts with white backgrounds in a baseball tee cut. Soooo cute on girls and guys ;D

  15. Esther Lee

    I don’t really think I’ve noticed this before, but your weight-loss and working out has DEFINITELY paid off :D good job, guys!! (now I need to be more like you… =,=””) hehe ^^

  16. GAH! I got so excited when I heard Racket :D Glen Check are really cool and their songs are awesome!
    Anyways, this video and this WANK edition was so different from the usual ones, but just as fun to watch :3

  17. OMO This place looks perfect!!! Take me with you next time you go on a roadtrip guise!!!! T.T (I wish lol)

  18. Can you do a video on how Korean people react when foreigners date a Korean person. I’m not sure if you’ve done this but I’m really interest to find the answer

  19. I have a question, what do you call those bugs that were on the window? I am from Ohio, and we call them mayflies. My boyfriend is from Michigan, and they call them fish flies. SETTLE THE SCORE!! (or add another option)

    • They are may flies but I grew up in Windsor and we always called them june bugs (which are actually a beetle and a different species entirely!) To this day I still call them june bugs but *know* they’re really may flies. The swarms we get back home at my parents place are TERRIFYINNNGGG!!!

  20. Yay… yes please more videos like this! I could tell you guys had so much fun, great video! ^^

  21. OMG, I didn’t notice Spudgy’s lipstick until after the livechat!! EWW!! LOL. I’ve only had girl-dogs, so…eek!!

  22. Hi guys! Just wanted to say thanks. I was watching your vids to relax during the final phase of the devilish thesis writting process and they prevented me from going totally nuts. You are doing a great work! Trust me I`m an engineer. ;oD

  23. Here’s simon and here’s the window…
    Simon: *pouts* SO I can’t make sexes??
    If that is what he really said, that is hilarious Simon XDDDD

  24. I think it’s a great idea to travel around Korea more and this video was a lot of fun to watch! :D But, for the future if you start making more of these, can you go to different sights etc. and not just stay at the pension? Of course, your time is limited but I think that would be great :) You probably have more of that in your Day 2 video if you’re visiting the Nami Island and all but I thought I’d still bring it up :)

    Anyway, great vid guise! I’m starting to like SooZee and Leigh more and more :D

  25. I somehow thought that Leigh would be the youngest, how old is the entire crew actually?

  26. I’m pretty sure Simon broke a lot more rules than he got called on!

  27. So fun! Very nice to see different parts of Korea. I was feeling bad for Simon being the only guy on the roadtrip then when he got the man slave card it was icing on the cake! Are you sure that wasn’t rigged? Hehe. Very funny though. I vote next addition to the EYK crew should be a guy so Simon has some man support!

  28. I love the idea of an EYK variety show! XD
    This was really fun to watch and I look forward to seeing more.
    As a side note, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who watches variety shows like Running Man and thinks, “If only I could be on a show like that. DDDD:”

  29. 좋아! I would love to see more videos of trips.

  30. Emily

    How terrifying was it driving in Korea??

  31. Where’s your blue bowsie, Simon?

  32. Awesome. It was so much fun to watch. I would love to see your road trips more often. The best WANK ever. More of it! More of it! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  33. I’ve watched this twice today. Guys, this is one of your best WANKs EVAR! Question: Have you ever thought of bringing the WANK dice back? I miss that dice

  34. I love your videos guys. Just one thing – Simon what’s with chewing with your mouth open? I see it during every FAPFAP and WANK with food involved. Am I the only one who notices this? I like sea food, but see food is a different story =)

  35. Is this why there is no KMM this week?

  36. Diana Cristina Munteanu

    yay :D road trip :D
    you guys can definitely do this more often :D more suzy and leigh yay :D

    but why is only martina driving???

  37. Awesome video guys. Reminds me of a variety show :DD

  38. Love SooZee’s earrings :)

  39. Could you guys please tell me where is the pension,I live in korea and i had a boring summer vacation so I wanted asked my mom if we could go there :)

  40. I loved the soundtrack for this video! Racket is my favorite Glen Check, and I can’t wait for “Who’s that dog” on the next EYK greatest hits CD!

    That drinking game sounds funny but I couldn’t really understand the questions… That’s actually the reason why I didn’t watch the drinking game WANK, drunk people speaking a foreign language are difficult to understand if you’re not drunk yourself. I’ll wait for the subs!

  41. Could you guys please tell me where is the pension,I live in korea and i had a boring summer vacation so I wanted asked my mom if we could go there :)

  42. I AM AMUSED!

  43. This is awesome! Make me of such videos. Think they’re a great idea

  44. I just have to point out that, in the teaser video at :30, the fountain looks like it has a face. All I could think of was BLLEEEAAAUUUGHGHGHGHHG!!!!!!

  45. This has got to be the best WANK EVAR

  46. Now here’s a nice suggestion for an “Away mission”: Ganggu-ri. A harbour village on the East coast that survives solely snow crab restaurants. Very popular with Koreans, not so with foreigners (we were the only two waegooks we saw there). The food is excellent for a FAPFAP and the scenery could be a good WANK. Then again it’s very close to Gyeongju, where you can go WANKing for at least a week… Here’s a picture of the scenery in Ganggu-ri

  47. 25min flew by already. back to work

  48. I’m heading to Gapyeong today with my coworkers for an overnight trip :D Thanks for sharing your video!

  49. This was awesome… and really made me miss Korea. I do spend some time in Seoul but I spend a lot of my time in the rural areas.

  50. lol, martina drives the car, and simon drives the camera…

  51. When I read the line about the frogs I instantly heard the SNL song looping in my head, and then I thought, damn those must be talented frogs if they can sing like Akon


  52. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG best video ever!!! I laughed sooo hard! The games you played were awesome!!! I felt like i was apart of the crew and joined you guise!!! ^.^ I can’t wait for more!!! <3

  53. Jackie

    I would love to see more of these 1-Night-2-Days videos~! It seems like you guise had an absolute blast!! :D

  54. Akira Miyashi

    This is hilarious!!! Please do more of this! Once a month would be good. :)

    p/s: anyone noticed that Simon said “I’m not good with left hand” but was not punished? XD I’m on to you Simon!

  55. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this! You guys look like you were having so much fun, I wish businesses here would do this. Your pervert cam almost had me in tears I was laughing so hard. I think a 1-Night-2-Days this would be amazing!

  56. Really enjoyed watching this video. Really made me want to travel around Korea. Do you think it would be easy for a foreigner to rent a car and just drive around Korea for several weeks? Just sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  57. Best WANK guise. It was so good to finally see something other thn what’s just outside your studio…would love to see more of Korea!

  58. Simon and Martina, you guys are just awesome, I wish I was a part of your team. :(

  59. kawaii_candie

    cool! looks like you guys had so much fun! and it was funny to see you dunk ;p

    i like the teaser idea! very professional indeed! ^_-

  60. I would love EYK to do more travel videos, showing us the different parts of Korea. Also, you should introduce us to ALL the different kinds of kimchi! cause I don’t know much about em… :D Great video guise, I missed the punishment die you used to have so it was great to see a punishment hat!

  61. Did anyone see the spudy’s thingy in the begining of the video? /.

  62. Misa Shim

    I like a lot your video, is like family trip feel~ So great!! And right, you should do more like this, Korea is no just a city~ so is great you can explore another place and show us~! Hi five to this new WANK!

    • yeah they do give me the feeling that they are a family, and mom martina was doing the driving, which is weird for me, cos its usually the dad who drives when the family is out on a trip. and they have a pair of very cute daughters LOL

  63. Is it weird that I kept going back to 3:08 on the second part just to hear Martina’s high pitched “I don’t know what number we’re on?!”? Cause it just made me laugh every time she said it.

  64. Loved this!! and I also love that Soo Zee and Leigh are appearing more in the vids ^^

  65. I would totally like to see more videos like these and I loved the teaser.

  66. I absolutely loved this. I hope you all get to do more of these things! Going and seeing other places!
    LIKE JEJU. Woooo~~

  67. Definitely looking forward to EatYourKimchi Road Trip Day 2 & the GWIYOMI CHALLENGE :D :3

  68. This was SO much fun to watch :) I miss your old wank adventures where you had challenges and this kinda brought it back

  69. Out of curiosity what part other than your ear did you guys pierce?

  70. Spudgy! For shame! Cover your bits! And I loved this, you should totally do more videos like this in the future! It’s nice to watch you guys just hanging out and having fun.

  71. thsi is seriously one of my favorite wanks ever – i loved it!!!! I would love to see more of this! :D
    also I totally died at the “everyone is drunk part” oomg XD

  72. That was lots of fun! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you guys, lol.

  73. I really love when the EYK crew gets together for videos like this. I think Sozee and Leigh are really cool :) Simon and Martina, you guys did a really good job at creating such a pleasant work dynamic. I wish all bosses were as fun as you guys :( This WANK was amazing, it made me wanna leave town and go camping with friends :D

  74. I like these kind of videos. Please visit different cities in South Korea so we can get a sense of what all of South Korea is like and not just Seoul. Start with Busan!!! I really want to see Busan in person, but seeing it through your eyes and camera is good enough for now.

  75. Dana

    please please PLEASE share the rules you had written out on the pieces of paper in the hat for the drinking game!! i want to do this with my friends!! :)))

  76. Spudgy looked really, er ….. happy there during your introduction. *cough* *giggle*

  77. I love these videos!! :]
    I think you guys should continue to do the especially if you guys have fun doing it!
    Yay for an eatyourkimchi road trips show! :D

  78. That was awesome ! One of the best WANK you ever did. You should totally do it on a regular basis ! I had so much fun watching you

  79. MORE!!! PLEASE THIS WAS AWESOME! I love it when the crew gets together c:

  80. Noooooo! There are mayflies in Korea too?!

  81. I loved this so much, and would really like to see more of these videos. I liked how you split this into two parts and the whole trip is split into another big part so that it doesn’t become one whole long footage.

    It was so fun to see you do something different, the exploring part at the beginning so was awesome and a great idea. I think you should definitely so more of these trips you had fun and you got a chance to really explore other parts of korea and we will definitely enjoy it.

    I cannot wait for next week, looking forward to the second part of the trip

  82. Great video. Looking forward to the unveiling of “Day 2″. The teaser was a nice touch.

  83. Niqi Honeydew

    These videos are awesome! It’s really nice to watch and share the experience of your exciting travels :D Thank you! I laughed so much at the drinking games, haha
    It’s also so true what you wrote in the last paragraph; wherever we explore stays with us, and things might not always be as they seem. There is so much out there to discover, and we’ll all find places that we love and maybe don’t want to leave.
    I’m visiting Korea in October for the first time, arriving in Seoul then travelling to Busan for a few days. I’m really excited!
    Thank you for the wonderful videos you make :)

  84. Yes! You should go for more road trips in the future :D MOAR, I say! Road trips are super fun.

    As for the blog post – even though I’ve always been living in a small town (it’s not really a countryside, but almost) I never got bored with it, I just love nature too much. Funny how you mentioned frogs, I’m migrating between my hometown and the city where I study and in summer when I’m coming back to my hometown the first thing that makes me feel home again when I’m walking from the bus stop is the sound of frogs instead of traffic noise.

  85. Ah man, this is so cool! I really love seeing all your footage of South Korea. For some reason this video makes it seem more real to me.. I don’t know how to explain it! It makes me really, really want to travel and visit, even more than before. Plus it’s so much fun to see you guys so happy and having a great time. I think it would be AWESOME if you took little trips like this around South Korea. Ah, man. So much fun! :D

  86. An EYK version of 1N2D?! That would be wonderful!!! This video was awesome, always love seeing the whole crew interacting ;) Definitely do more of these if you can!

  87. sunnyhill

    Oh how I wish my bosses would organise this kind of team building trip :D

  88. This was so awesome and fun! I’d love to see more of this stuff. I love watching Korean shows that are like 1 Night 2 Days! It’s very entertaining to watch!

  89. That was amazing! Really loved it! Can’t await for the next part to be UNLEASHED. :’D

  90. BTW I love the previews!! ^0^ Very TV-like! :D You’re totally right!

  91. This is such a fun wank! I would love to see more road trips like this!! Did Meemers stay with a friend?

    I would so win at not using my right hand since I’m left-handed haha.

  92. Simon said, “I’m not good with… (mumbles about left-handedness)… ” Drink again!

  93. Simon said “I failed a class.” Drink up Simon! ^_^

  94. I remember the: “lazy because I am lazy” ooh Park Kyung… I hope they’ll come back soon (: I’ve heard someweher in october or september. Anyway. I loved this WANK. Thank you very much <3

  95. Oh this is so fun to watch :) I really like that this WANK is long ‘couse I can get to feel the place more :)
    You should definitely do more Team Trip WANKs. It would be an awesome regular show :)

  96. I totally enjoyed your drinking games 100 times more in here than in the video dedicated to it >.<

  97. Next stop for the 1N2D: EYK edition, THE G-DRAGON PENSIONNN! It would be glorious, but sadly I have a feeling that it may be a bit too pricey :( But there could be a potential meeting between the Spudgy and Gaho! CUTENESS OVERLOAD. :OOO

  98. what is with leigh’s eye tho

  99. Loved hearing Racket playing! I love Glen Check. :D

  100. This video is awesome!!! I love the whole road trip aspect. It shows something different to do while in South Korea. Plus you guys playing the drinking game is hilarious. “Simon says” lol!! I’d like to see more videos like this. :)

  101. PunkyPrincess92

    that was a fu~n watch!!

  102. Ahh this is awesome! Kinda reminds me of the narrowish streets we have here in St. John’s. Martina, how different is driving the highways in Korea compared to the TCH?

  103. All of that time in a car and no rolling down your sexy windows!? Guise! We need your sexy windows!

  104. Ray

    i know a lot of people might say this but i love Soo Zee

    she is beautiful OMG… *-*

  105. haruchi

    I like trips to cottages and to other not familiar places in the summer so this was fun to watch! ^^ (That exploring part totally reminded me of a school I stayed the night at with my friends which had a tv room and a pool etc. and we basically did what you did, explored everything lol) I almost got the same feeling while watching as being on a trip myself. But now I really wanna take a trip with my friends too~

  106. This video was seriously the best. PLEEEEASE continue making videos like this. It’s so fun to see you guise go relax and have fun. I feel like I’m exploring with you! I’m a sucker for road trips! How did Martina drive in Korea legally? Because I would totally truck around Korea if I could.

    also PS Leigh I also played Never Have I Ever at 6th grade sleepovers
    PPS I still play it in college

  107. Annie

    I. am. so. JELLLLLYYYYY!

  108. I loved it! And you should make the videos even longer :) Can’t wait for next week
    1N2D is actually my most fav korean show…..

  109. wow, this was so much fun! Now i am craving to do this with my friends and get plastered.

  110. Awesome video! I loved the music and the editing was super duper! Thanks for sharing this road trip, it looked like so much fun. I loved the Leigh and Soozee segments too; awesome people! So, are the black vest tops kind of like a uniform for these road trips?

  111. This video was so much to watch. I’m really looking forward to part 2 and more videos like this :D It is so nice seeing all of you together having fun :)

  112. thisisjustforfunval

    It’s always wonderful to get out of the city and adventure around new places. Even though you guys were working making the video you got to get away, relax and have fun as a team. I loved seeing the green hills of Korea. I like the idea of you going out and doing more of these videos. :)

  113. Nice manner legs, Simon!

  114. Suzy don’t talk about your spare panties please XD … Leigh is a natural at vlogging… SiMar it’s kinda boring to watch you eat instant ramyun but i like that you continue introducing new cool music to us even in this format (Glen Check) – many people watch you cos you introduce good music to us so it totally makes sense if you continue doing it in your “non music-related” vids… i don’t watch much of those but if you used new songs for the soundtrack (and label them so we can find them online later if we like them) i would! <3

  115. Mmmm, I saw Shin Ramyun Black… my favorite ramyun so far! :D

    • It was on sale! *fist pump to the sky* we totally ate that later on drunk and with cheese. :P

      • I’ve never had it with cheese… that sounds dangerous :p Although we put brats in ours sometimes :) I’ve made Tteokbokki with cheese though.

        Soooo jealous of the sale, each package is a little bit under $2 each if I buy them in packs of 18 or 24. Totally worth it though… if I feel like junk in the morning it always perks me up.

  116. I wish i could go on a road trip with you guys! It looks so fun ._.

  117. I loved this video, I’d love to see more like this!

  118. That was so fun! Looking forward to the next Day XD

  119. Also Simon’s face made me cackle maniacally. Like, literally cackle.


  120. Lmao…… omo….poor poor Leigh having to play with that torture device on her face XD

  121. “Wonderful Adventure Now…” then the video just stops loading. So frustrating! I’ll try again tomorrow. Anyways, I’m glad you guise had a good time and got to relax out of Seoul, lulled by horny frogs who probably inspired your latest TL;DR. Rest well guise!

  122. Yay, thank you for showing more of Korea :D you’re the best!

  123. OMG I’M LOVING THIS! Hahahah this is exactly like me and my friends travel, or even when we hang out!

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