Ok, so I’m not sure if this Opens the Happy very much, but I don’t know how else to categorize this. Here’s my bizarre hypermobile elbow! Some people didn’t understand what I meant by hypermobile, and some think that flexibility is the same thing, which it really isn’t. My joints do things they shouldn’t do. Elbows shouldn’t do this. But I didn’t know the difference until my friends at school were like, “EWWW WHAT’S WRONG WITH YER BROKEN ELBOW!!!!!??” Hahahaha!

Anyhow, this is great to show at parties. Like, “hay guise look what I can do! If you can’t do it, buy me a drank!” and then I do it and everyone else tries to do it and it doesn’t work, and then they’re like “WHOA THAT’S WEIRD!” And then I’m like, “Where is my DRANK!?”

Can you do it? LEMME KNOW! They key is to not move your hand off the table at all, and to not twist your body all the way around. That’s cheating!

Also, if you have no idea why I posted this bizarre video, it’s from my Draw My Life video from yesterday. Check it out if you didn’t see it.

Oh! And then afterwards I did the touch-my-elbows-behind-my-back trick that boys in high school try to get girls to do. It’s rather easy for me as well, they just touch with no effort. Haha! Suckers! Yay for cheap high school tricks!

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