Ok, so I’m not sure if this Opens the Happy very much, but I don’t know how else to categorize this. Here’s my bizarre hypermobile elbow! Some people didn’t understand what I meant by hypermobile, and some think that flexibility is the same thing, which it really isn’t. My joints do things they shouldn’t do. Elbows shouldn’t do this. But I didn’t know the difference until my friends at school were like, “EWWW WHAT’S WRONG WITH YER BROKEN ELBOW!!!!!??” Hahahaha!

Anyhow, this is great to show at parties. Like, “hay guise look what I can do! If you can’t do it, buy me a drank!” and then I do it and everyone else tries to do it and it doesn’t work, and then they’re like “WHOA THAT’S WEIRD!” And then I’m like, “Where is my DRANK!?”

Can you do it? LEMME KNOW! They key is to not move your hand off the table at all, and to not twist your body all the way around. That’s cheating!

Also, if you have no idea why I posted this bizarre video, it’s from my Draw My Life video from yesterday. Check it out if you didn’t see it.

Oh! And then afterwards I did the touch-my-elbows-behind-my-back trick that boys in high school try to get girls to do. It’s rather easy for me as well, they just touch with no effort. Haha! Suckers! Yay for cheap high school tricks!

  1. I can do that tooooo :D YAY WEIRD ELBOWS boo EDS
    Fun Story – I was doing that but my hands were on my hips and it was windy out so my hair was in my face and my sister was talking to my and I wasn’t listening so she went to smack me in the back of the head and smacked me in the face – ow…

  2. I CAN DO IT! Now I know why people pick on me about my elbow. I could never understand them. :O

  3. Goodness me, I can do that

  4. I can do that too! People always think that I am weird!! But hey, group that with the fact I was born without formed hipsockets and well… *shrug*!

  5. OMG, i just discovered that i have eds, now i know why my knees and shoulders would pop. I was always like meeh it´s nothing and popped them back.

  6. I can do the elbow thing lol its easy

  7. Omgosh you are like an adorable Transformer! I really hate that this hurts you though. But from now on I can’t help but sing “Martina! Cutest robot in disguise.” ^O^ Thanks for sharing.

  8. i know a girl whose arm joints are all like that. she can clasp her hands behind her back and then bring them over her head to the front without moving any other part of her body D:

  9. wait…..people cant bend their elbows different ways with their hands flat on a table?? thats not normal???? whoooaaa i learned something new today….cuz i can definitely do that but i dont have eds! i had to watch this video like 500 times to make sure i was seeing it right….but i can definitely bend my elbow up and down like that without moving my hand. whoa. mind blown.

  10. I can do half of it. My elbows are, thankfully, pretty untouched by my EDS III. My shoulders and hips are the worst (as in they actually cause problems/discomfort), my fingers, wrists, and toes are all bendy and pull-outable. My knees have always been pretty normal, too.. until it bent BACKWARD one day. When I was walking uphill. Carrying 40 lbs of groceries. I used to pop my shoulders every morning and never thought a thing of it, I figured it was normal! Until one day when it just.. didn’t pop. It just.. stayed there. It felt like my arm wasn’t attached anymore! Haha. It’s in the joint, but my ligaments are so loose that I have to do physio for a year to build up different muscles to hold it in place more (or else.. surgery – dun dun dun). Attached is m’shoulders. So, y’know, I feel your pain, Martina. Or your “ugh, really? Again?”

  11. I think I hurt more just watching that. :S

  12. Martina…I tried doing this but failed so miserably…I kinda understand how you feel having EDS and all cuz I kinda have a syndrome of my own…Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes you learn to appreciate it and be thankful that it doesn’t make your life miserable…You guise really inspire me :)

  13. Thanks to Martina, now i know that i have EDS!!!:P i dont know if its something i should brag about…

    • Being able to do this does not mean you have EDS. This is not a test. It may just mean you’re flexible or that you have some degree of hypermobility in that joint. EDS III (I’m being specific because that’s what I have and what Martina has as well) is not the same as regular hypermobility. Hypermobility Syndrome, or EDS III, has an impact on your quality of life.. regular hypermobility does not.

  14. I CAN DO IT!!!! I dunno if I should be happy about it but I CAN DO IT!!!

  15. I can do this too! I was diagnosed with hyper mobility as well but i don’t go through as much pain as martina does, at all. Things do tend to pop out of place though. Like the other day i was drinking and my Adams apple/ oesophagus bone popped out of place and it hurt like a b*tch!!!

  16. OMG-I can do this. I’ve always thought I was weird, but I show people that all the time. I can also my my knees bend the other way…looks like I’m a creepy bird or something and I can make my shoulder blade pop out a usually high amount! Funny enough-I’ve been going to the doctor for about 8 months now doing different test to find out why I have such bad joint pain and swelling. Wonder if it’s connected at all!?

  17. I’m not sure if this is a plus or a minus to have during sexy time…
    the positions possibilities…
    Note to self: get Simon and Martina a copy of the Kama Sutra….

  18. Is it weird that I find this kinda cool..?

  19. I can totally do that too! Not quite as far as you martina, since I don’t have EDS exactly, but I do have abnormally flexible joints :)

  20. This is interesting but I hope it doesn’t hurt… :(

  21. :D I showed my friend this in class and she freaked out //she said it made her want to pee? wut?
    The only weird thing I can do: my fingers bend oddly, so they aren’t straight when I hold them up .-. the (PIP) joint sticks out….

  22. I can bend my elbows in a similar fashion and have been told I’m “hyper flexible” but I’d never heard of EDS before. It sounds REALLY similar to things I have happen to me (Like being able to have my jaw stuck open, or closed….or on an apple like a stuck pig….) Hyper extending my knees on an almost monthly basis and getting them stuck there till I pop them back….Next time I go to my doc I’m going to ask them about this, not that much can be done about it but still…

  23. Is it weird if I can make my knees dance just like guys can make their boobs dance? o.O
    Only my mom and now my friend know about it, but it doesn’t hurt it kinda tickles actually. :b

  24. That is cool:)) haha Suzy is trying to copy you

  25. wow i can not do that but awesome!!! :D

  26. OH. I can do this without effort… but I don’t have the issues you do with popping joints all the time. Now I don’t know whether to worry or not!

  27. Wait, if I can do what you are doing….what does that mean?

  28. I can do this but my sister can do something even weirder. I can put my hands, palm touching my belly and my hands in a direction where my fingers are pointing up and my elbows end up being directly in front of me. Some of my friends already thought that was really weird. But my sister can also do this and then somehow “clap” both of her elbows together… which really looks just freaky O_____O

  29. I would have to see my doctor but i can do half of what your doing, is there such thing as acute EDS?

    • No. Being able to do half of this means nothing – I can only do half and I have EDS III (for me, my elbows are the only stable joint I have, so that’s why I can’t do this – the ligaments in this are are just fine for whatever reason). If you’re flexible, you’re flexible. That’s it. End of the line. I am good with patterns, have hypersensitivity, and bad at the phone.. but I do not have Asperger’s. See? Hypermobility itself is not abnormal, but it is not a pathology 100% of the time. Unless it is impacting your quality of life.. it is not a problem.

      • I never said it was a problem, I have ADD other disablities. I also work as an EA and I work with Children and Teens who have disablities in school. The person comes first the disablity is second. I never once said that this is a problem, and being able to just move half doesn’t mean nothing. just becase i say i am going to go see a doctor doesn’t mean i am saying that this is a problem. The only reason i would see a doctor is because your not supposed to dignose yourself, wither it be a cold or anything. if you actually want to know i am very flexable but i have to much tenson in my muscules to fully know what i can and can not do. I have actually pulled and ripped my all muscles in my arms serviral times when i sleep and doctors don’t know how i am doing it.

  30. (Also, I make my transformers sounds THE EXACT SAME WAYYY~!)

  31. ;_; I can do it, but I definitely do not have EDS. I wonder why? ?_?; I never even thought many people couldn’t do that… And I’m not flexible… OH WELL~! :D

  32. I guess I can kinda do it too. I’m not sure though. hm :I

  33. Does anyone know the difference between EDS and being double-jointed?

    • Yes – EDS is a genetic illness which causes collagen deficiency, leading to chronic joint pain, and can require brain surgery to reposition the brain, along with the constant pain of dislocations and so the occasional braces to prevent you joints from falling out/off

      • oh i see thank you for clearing that up because watching martina do the elbow thingy reminds me of what people who are double-jointed can usually do and i didnt fully understand her explanation of it in her draw my life so thanks again for clearing that up :)

        • No problem haha :D I’m double jointed, but I obviously don’t suffer from it. However, people with EDS have a really hard time :(

  34. xD I like your transformation at the end

  35. Woah…I can do this too…I didn’t know that was abnormal. Hm. Time to test it on other people ^^”

  36. Heh, that’s an old trick, Martina :) But, I agree, it’s super effective with making a bunch of people look incredibly funny, trying to copy you! You should also try to touch your right ear with your right hand… Sounds easy right? But what about going around your head and then touching it? That’s EDS Hypermobility right there hahah

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