Ok, so I’m not sure if this Opens the Happy very much, but I don’t know how else to categorize this. Here’s my bizarre hypermobile elbow! Some people didn’t understand what I meant by hypermobile, and some think that flexibility is the same thing, which it really isn’t. My joints do things they shouldn’t do. Elbows shouldn’t do this. But I didn’t know the difference until my friends at school were like, “EWWW WHAT’S WRONG WITH YER BROKEN ELBOW!!!!!??” Hahahaha!

Anyhow, this is great to show at parties. Like, “hay guise look what I can do! If you can’t do it, buy me a drank!” and then I do it and everyone else tries to do it and it doesn’t work, and then they’re like “WHOA THAT’S WEIRD!” And then I’m like, “Where is my DRANK!?”

Can you do it? LEMME KNOW! They key is to not move your hand off the table at all, and to not twist your body all the way around. That’s cheating!

Also, if you have no idea why I posted this bizarre video, it’s from my Draw My Life video from yesterday. Check it out if you didn’t see it.

Oh! And then afterwards I did the touch-my-elbows-behind-my-back trick that boys in high school try to get girls to do. It’s rather easy for me as well, they just touch with no effort. Haha! Suckers! Yay for cheap high school tricks!

  1. I can do that tooooo :D YAY WEIRD ELBOWS boo EDS
    Fun Story – I was doing that but my hands were on my hips and it was windy out so my hair was in my face and my sister was talking to my and I wasn’t listening so she went to smack me in the back of the head and smacked me in the face – ow…

  2. I think I hurt more just watching that. :S

  3. This is interesting but I hope it doesn’t hurt… :(

  4. Martina, you’re able to do all this because you’re not actually human. You’re a special warriors species that’s born with flexible joints to fight off evil!

  5. I can do that too! I also have EDS type 3, don’t feel alone anymore! Thank you Martina <3

  6. Martina, no love for the EDS, but you would be a kick-ass pop-locker if it wasn’t for all the pain all the time. Then pain is preventing you from realizing your true calling! :P

  7. omg that was soo weird!!! but cool !! i think i can do it!!! but i have the super power of bending my finger 80 degrees backward and i can bend my pinky finger 90 degrees in three directions !!

  8. Doesn’t that damage your joint? The moving it how it shouldn’t and what sounds like is the pretty routine popping out of the joint it does. Just curious.

  9. WHOA!! My mind is blown away! 8D

  10. the whole time i was thinking “DONT DO IT MARTINA DON”T HURT YOURSELF!” and then i realized this is already taped…wah wah…

  11. My sister-in-law can do that as well!! When my brother came to me a few years ago saying: hey, you know what? my girlfriend is “hiperlaxa” (which i guess is the Spanish word for hipermobility) and I thought: “what? why is he telling me about her girlfriend pooping problems…”. Don’t judge me, I was young and ignorant!! Now I know what it is.

  12. So is the mobility in your elbows or is it actually your shoulders where all the magic happens?

  13. Omg, Martina that’s so cool!! I’m double jointed in my shoulders and so i can bring my arms all the way around. Let me give an example, My friends were so amazed that they hand cuffed me, with my hands behind my back, and I’m able to bring my arms forward and rotate my joint so i can bring my hands over my head and to my front. I can literally feel the my shoulder twisting around, i can feel it more in left shoulder when going foward and then i feel it more in my right when going backward. I do it to stretch after a long day of school but i try not to do it to often because poeple want to see it, again, and again and “again and again and again and agaiiiiiiinnnnnnn~” Any way, what i’m trying to put across is that I know that feeling of having everybody wanting to come see and then getting grossed out by it. I feel so much closer to you knowing that you have a cool body trick like mine. Thanks Nasties, you made my day!!!!

  14. Martina, you could be one of those coolest popping and locking dancers!

  15. WAIT YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!?!?!?!? I’ve been able to do this my entire life and I found it funny because everyone would freak out and think I broke my arm!! In fact I pretended once in middle school that I did do something to my arm and I thought my gym teacher was going to have a heart attack……….. she wasn’t mad though.

  16. Martina, can you do this too? Minha from Nine Muses can rotate her arms 360 degrees O_o


  17. Hey, it’s nice to know there are other human party tricks around! I think I might have to o a video response to this thang.

  18. Do your knee pop out sometimes when you are sitting too long on the floor like they do for me? I had no idea that other ppl couldn’t do that with there elbow.

  19. I hava a friend who can do it and she does with her legs too

  20. I really love watching you guys video’s even these silly ones! :)

  21. I’m double-jointed but even I can’t touch my elbows behind my back. XD Props, Martizzle!
    (I can however bend my elbows in all kinds of scary ways that used to reeeally gross out my friends. Bahahaha.)

    I hereby declare the Martizzle Hypermobility Party! (Because now thousands of people are trying to bend their elbows in wacky ways thanks to you. Way to Open the Happy. <333)

    If we can’t do it, does this mean we owe you drinks. Whut.

  22. O_O Martina you should be a ZOMBee in SHINee’s mv….

    so like….i was copying this and trying it out myself…..and i can do it……
    i need someone else to test this out on!!!

  23. You could be the most awesome spin bowler in cricket…. what’s cricket you say!?!? errr…. it’s a game that we play all day, or for 5 days and all the action can be summed up in about 30 minutes of highlights… pretty boring ey. But if you want to see what SPIN bowling is…all you got to do is look up the Best of Shane Warne. Failing that… maybe you could play competitive frisbee as no one will be able to work out which way your throwing the dang thing.

    Anyway, that’s gross… well done. ~S

  24. Mutant powers…Activate! I have crazy people magnets! Bleh…

  25. am I the only one who screamed while martina is doing that?? @.@

  26. oh my bejeeezuz… I thought me being double jointed was quite disturbing. This happens all the time? Martina, mad props with dealing with this in your adolescent years and mad props living with it now. I am just double jointed in my shoulders, so I can jump rope with my arms but my doctor has said that I need to stop doing it. My rotator cuff is bad in my left shoulder and the cartilage in the area is wearing down.

  27. I could do the back touching elbow thing and my pinkies are double jointed and feel like they have no bone so at random times i’ll tell classmates touch my finger lol they will be all weird out and when they try touching it and start moving around they get freaked out or even scream thinking i have no bone lol or if its broken >.< I found out when i was playing around with my fingers… It was actually intertaining but I got scared thinking I had something bad but they said it was double jointed… I sometimes get scared i might have a joint disorder or something because I always get pain in my knees and shoulders but I might end up having arthritis like my mom which I hope I don't… seeing how she struggles with it :/

  28. I…hum, not sure if this really does it justice :p I think it ~ looks ~ like I can do this but I’m probably missing something

  29. I can do it.

    Back in school days I always did trick to my classmates with touching floor with my foot toes while sitting with straight in knees legs. But I tried it now and I can’t touch the floor, about 1-2 cm left.

  30. I feel like Martina would be an awesome, uh. . .break dancer? pop-lock-and-drop-it-er? Those guys who do those herky-jerky dances, with the all the crazy arm waves and whatnot. :P

  31. I can do it.. It doesn’t look as impressive as Martina’s arm when she does it(I’m not hypermobile to that degree, just a little I guess..).. I figured I’d be able to do this, since my hips pop out every now and then.. And I once did a barrel roll wich made one of my upper back vertebra dislocate.. So, I feel your pain! But luckily I don’t feel constant joint pains, and I feel so sorry for Martina that she does.
    It’s super inspiring for me to see how you cope with it, Martina! You remain so positive! Please continue to do so forever.
    You guise will be forever in my heart <3

  32. I have a question for you Martina…
    So I play golf, and sometimes when I swing a certain way, it feels like one of my ribs pops out. It hurts a lot for a couple seconds then if i bend over like a dying camel I’ll hear it pop back in to place. But, can ribs actually dislocate?! It’s really weird and I don’t know if I should see someone about it… but seeing your draw my life, I thought maybe you could help!
    Lots of Love <3

  33. I’m double jointed but I still can’t do it like Martina xD


  35. My elbows do that too! I don’t feel it either, so I always end up looking like I have broken arms on all my photos where I’m leaning on stuff!!

  36. I actually haven’t tried doing that before but I could LOL but I already knew I have hypermobility. Not as severe as you though cause i’ve never dislocated anything but I pretty much have pain every day and I feel every single little knot in like my back that most people otherwise probably wouldn’t even feel or be bothered about ( and I get them very easily), my knees are bad probably because i’ve been standing the wrong way (bending to much backwards and not relying on the muscles) and my wrists are so weak and my whole body just feels like an 80 year old when im only turning 21 tomorrow… It’s also REALLY hard to train up my back and body to help me with this so it might get a tiny bit better because ugh PAIN!! But like you im kind of used to it so it’s not that much of a big deal anymore I mean hey, I can probably handle more pain than many others can ;) SEE THINGS FROM THE GOOD SIDE~!

  37. I can half do that!! hehe I’m only double jointed though…

  38. IDK why I found that so freaking awesome and fascinating haha!!! I feel like a weird person thats fascinated with this haha!!! (^o^)

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