Ok, so I’m not sure if this Opens the Happy very much, but I don’t know how else to categorize this. Here’s my bizarre hypermobile elbow! Some people didn’t understand what I meant by hypermobile, and some think that flexibility is the same thing, which it really isn’t. My joints do things they shouldn’t do. Elbows shouldn’t do this. But I didn’t know the difference until my friends at school were like, “EWWW WHAT’S WRONG WITH YER BROKEN ELBOW!!!!!??” Hahahaha!

Anyhow, this is great to show at parties. Like, “hay guise look what I can do! If you can’t do it, buy me a drank!” and then I do it and everyone else tries to do it and it doesn’t work, and then they’re like “WHOA THAT’S WEIRD!” And then I’m like, “Where is my DRANK!?”

Can you do it? LEMME KNOW! They key is to not move your hand off the table at all, and to not twist your body all the way around. That’s cheating!

Also, if you have no idea why I posted this bizarre video, it’s from my Draw My Life video from yesterday. Check it out if you didn’t see it.

Oh! And then afterwards I did the touch-my-elbows-behind-my-back trick that boys in high school try to get girls to do. It’s rather easy for me as well, they just touch with no effort. Haha! Suckers! Yay for cheap high school tricks!

  1. I can do that tooooo :D YAY WEIRD ELBOWS boo EDS
    Fun Story – I was doing that but my hands were on my hips and it was windy out so my hair was in my face and my sister was talking to my and I wasn’t listening so she went to smack me in the back of the head and smacked me in the face – ow…

  2. I CAN DO IT! Now I know why people pick on me about my elbow. I could never understand them. :O

  3. Goodness me, I can do that

  4. I can do that too! People always think that I am weird!! But hey, group that with the fact I was born without formed hipsockets and well… *shrug*!

  5. OMG, i just discovered that i have eds, now i know why my knees and shoulders would pop. I was always like meeh it´s nothing and popped them back.

  6. Valerie Blaze Chompre

    I can do the elbow thing lol its easy

  7. Oh, that’s funny.

  8. Omgosh you are like an adorable Transformer! I really hate that this hurts you though. But from now on I can’t help but sing “Martina! Cutest robot in disguise.” ^O^ Thanks for sharing.

  9. i know a girl whose arm joints are all like that. she can clasp her hands behind her back and then bring them over her head to the front without moving any other part of her body D:

  10. wait…..people cant bend their elbows different ways with their hands flat on a table?? thats not normal???? whoooaaa i learned something new today….cuz i can definitely do that but i dont have eds! i had to watch this video like 500 times to make sure i was seeing it right….but i can definitely bend my elbow up and down like that without moving my hand. whoa. mind blown.

  11. I can do half of it. My elbows are, thankfully, pretty untouched by my EDS III. My shoulders and hips are the worst (as in they actually cause problems/discomfort), my fingers, wrists, and toes are all bendy and pull-outable. My knees have always been pretty normal, too.. until it bent BACKWARD one day. When I was walking uphill. Carrying 40 lbs of groceries. I used to pop my shoulders every morning and never thought a thing of it, I figured it was normal! Until one day when it just.. didn’t pop. It just.. stayed there. It felt like my arm wasn’t attached anymore! Haha. It’s in the joint, but my ligaments are so loose that I have to do physio for a year to build up different muscles to hold it in place more (or else.. surgery – dun dun dun). Attached is m’shoulders. So, y’know, I feel your pain, Martina. Or your “ugh, really? Again?”

  12. I think I hurt more just watching that. :S

  13. Martina…I tried doing this but failed so miserably…I kinda understand how you feel having EDS and all cuz I kinda have a syndrome of my own…Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes you learn to appreciate it and be thankful that it doesn’t make your life miserable…You guise really inspire me :)

  14. Thanks to Martina, now i know that i have EDS!!!:P i dont know if its something i should brag about…

    • Being able to do this does not mean you have EDS. This is not a test. It may just mean you’re flexible or that you have some degree of hypermobility in that joint. EDS III (I’m being specific because that’s what I have and what Martina has as well) is not the same as regular hypermobility. Hypermobility Syndrome, or EDS III, has an impact on your quality of life.. regular hypermobility does not.

  15. I CAN DO IT!!!! I dunno if I should be happy about it but I CAN DO IT!!!

  16. I can do this too! I was diagnosed with hyper mobility as well but i don’t go through as much pain as martina does, at all. Things do tend to pop out of place though. Like the other day i was drinking and my Adams apple/ oesophagus bone popped out of place and it hurt like a b*tch!!!

  17. OMG-I can do this. I’ve always thought I was weird, but I show people that all the time. I can also my my knees bend the other way…looks like I’m a creepy bird or something and I can make my shoulder blade pop out a usually high amount! Funny enough-I’ve been going to the doctor for about 8 months now doing different test to find out why I have such bad joint pain and swelling. Wonder if it’s connected at all!?

  18. I’m not sure if this is a plus or a minus to have during sexy time…
    the positions possibilities…
    Note to self: get Simon and Martina a copy of the Kama Sutra….

  19. Is it weird that I find this kinda cool..?

  20. I can totally do that too! Not quite as far as you martina, since I don’t have EDS exactly, but I do have abnormally flexible joints :)

  21. Sarah

    This is interesting but I hope it doesn’t hurt… :(

  22. :D I showed my friend this in class and she freaked out //she said it made her want to pee? wut?
    The only weird thing I can do: my fingers bend oddly, so they aren’t straight when I hold them up .-. the (PIP) joint sticks out….

  23. I can bend my elbows in a similar fashion and have been told I’m “hyper flexible” but I’d never heard of EDS before. It sounds REALLY similar to things I have happen to me (Like being able to have my jaw stuck open, or closed….or on an apple like a stuck pig….) Hyper extending my knees on an almost monthly basis and getting them stuck there till I pop them back….Next time I go to my doc I’m going to ask them about this, not that much can be done about it but still…

  24. Is it weird if I can make my knees dance just like guys can make their boobs dance? o.O
    Only my mom and now my friend know about it, but it doesn’t hurt it kinda tickles actually. :b

  25. That is cool:)) haha Suzy is trying to copy you

  26. wow i can not do that but awesome!!! :D

  27. OH. I can do this without effort… but I don’t have the issues you do with popping joints all the time. Now I don’t know whether to worry or not!

  28. Wait, if I can do what you are doing….what does that mean?

  29. I can do this but my sister can do something even weirder. I can put my hands, palm touching my belly and my hands in a direction where my fingers are pointing up and my elbows end up being directly in front of me. Some of my friends already thought that was really weird. But my sister can also do this and then somehow “clap” both of her elbows together… which really looks just freaky O_____O

  30. I would have to see my doctor but i can do half of what your doing, is there such thing as acute EDS?

    • No. Being able to do half of this means nothing – I can only do half and I have EDS III (for me, my elbows are the only stable joint I have, so that’s why I can’t do this – the ligaments in this are are just fine for whatever reason). If you’re flexible, you’re flexible. That’s it. End of the line. I am good with patterns, have hypersensitivity, and bad at the phone.. but I do not have Asperger’s. See? Hypermobility itself is not abnormal, but it is not a pathology 100% of the time. Unless it is impacting your quality of life.. it is not a problem.

      • I never said it was a problem, I have ADD other disablities. I also work as an EA and I work with Children and Teens who have disablities in school. The person comes first the disablity is second. I never once said that this is a problem, and being able to just move half doesn’t mean nothing. just becase i say i am going to go see a doctor doesn’t mean i am saying that this is a problem. The only reason i would see a doctor is because your not supposed to dignose yourself, wither it be a cold or anything. if you actually want to know i am very flexable but i have to much tenson in my muscules to fully know what i can and can not do. I have actually pulled and ripped my all muscles in my arms serviral times when i sleep and doctors don’t know how i am doing it.

  31. (Also, I make my transformers sounds THE EXACT SAME WAYYY~!)

  32. ;_; I can do it, but I definitely do not have EDS. I wonder why? ?_?; I never even thought many people couldn’t do that… And I’m not flexible… OH WELL~! :D

  33. Tori LeeKwonWooDongPark

    I guess I can kinda do it too. I’m not sure though. hm :I

  34. Does anyone know the difference between EDS and being double-jointed?

    • Yes – EDS is a genetic illness which causes collagen deficiency, leading to chronic joint pain, and can require brain surgery to reposition the brain, along with the constant pain of dislocations and so the occasional braces to prevent you joints from falling out/off

      • oh i see thank you for clearing that up because watching martina do the elbow thingy reminds me of what people who are double-jointed can usually do and i didnt fully understand her explanation of it in her draw my life so thanks again for clearing that up :)

        • No problem haha :D I’m double jointed, but I obviously don’t suffer from it. However, people with EDS have a really hard time :(

  35. xD I like your transformation at the end

  36. Woah…I can do this too…I didn’t know that was abnormal. Hm. Time to test it on other people ^^”

  37. Heh, that’s an old trick, Martina :) But, I agree, it’s super effective with making a bunch of people look incredibly funny, trying to copy you! You should also try to touch your right ear with your right hand… Sounds easy right? But what about going around your head and then touching it? That’s EDS Hypermobility right there hahah

  38. Omg my elbows are really wacked up too. I once had to do a presentation on myself for 5 minutes in front of my college class and I didn’t want to lose marks for finishing too early so I decided to show and tell my special limbs and the whole class started screaming at me. It was pretty nasty and FREAKING awesome.

  39. Lol Think you’re the first with the techno elbow dance :D

  40. I actually can do this. I was once leaning forward on my hands and my elbows were turned around just like Martina’s, in a way that made my arm look broken. One of my brothers went “whoa what’s wrong with your arm?” and I was just like “wut?” XD

    I don’t have the extreme hypermobility that Martina does, though (thank God). It’s just my elbows, and my joints don’t pop out. It’s nice to find something cool about a disorder/disability, though. :)

  41. It says “they key”
    Shinee reference or typo?

  42. I have double jointed fingers! I don’t have EDS, but I still have the ability to freak people out! XD

  43. I’m sorry but I was stuck in the fact that
    You guys have an adipose stress toy. Because
    I have one too. It’s so much fun to play with!!!

  44. Martina! You’re like an ultra cool robot! :O ….hmmmm are you secretly a member of BILASA’s planet??!! O.O

  45. bigbangfosho

    Martina, you’re able to do all this because you’re not actually human. You’re a special warriors species that’s born with flexible joints to fight off evil!

  46. Martina I thought you said your disease was rare!

    looking at the comments here and on YouTube
    … it doesn’t look like it’s really rare.

    still can’t do it though. LOL ^-^.

    • I think it’s a difference between people who can twist their elbow in a weird way, and her disease. – Like: I can kind of turn my elbow like that. – But it has something to do with my shoulder – and I do definitely not have that disease. Judging by most of the comments people can twist their elbow in a weird way, but only few of them actually have that disease. – Others are just flexible enough, to do the elbow thing.

      Like; I guess the disease affects all places. – While you can be extremely flexible in some places (like the thumb-guy, who posted his pics – people have awesome faces when you twist your thumb as if it is some kind of seperate thing xD), without having to deal with all the negative side effects.

      • OMG you are so nice, thank you for taking time to write these enlightening informations for me, i didn’t know ^-^
        + that is soOo cool O_o . who is the guy and where is that picture?!

        • No problem. – That’s what the comment section is for :D

          And the thumb-guy is just a few posts below (Daryl Stephenson) just hit “load more comments” :]

  47. The Nasties are with you, Martina.

    … As for me; I can’t do the elbow thing as good as you can – but I don’t even want to “train” to make it better… like I don’t do it with my elbow, but with my shoulder… it makes a weird noise (doesn’t pop out… I think) when I move my elbow, and then, when I move it back it makes this sound again… don’t like that sound, so I don’t do it anymore.

    So: Even though it is cool to look at, I wouldn’t want to take your place – or the place of one of the others. Like; the few places I am flexible in a weird way … like I don’t know if it is “flexible” or “dislocated” (shoulder, Hand, knees & feet) are really enough and sometimes really annoying. I would go crazy if this would happen anywhere where there are joints.

    … One day we should make “The Nastie’s Photo Collection: Contortions Edition”

  48. I can do it! :) I can do also a trick with my arms…basically, you have to keep your fingers intertwined while twist your arms and do other things, such as make a ‘hole’ between your forearms and arms twisted and then put inside that hole your head…that’s s hard to explain, sorry XD I never found anyone capable of doing it apart from my Dad, but I think that you could do it! I could try making a video in which I show how to do it… >_< But I'm really shy, lol

  49. …but I thought everyone could do that… does that mean I have EDS??  =O

  50. I can do that with my elbows too! XD

  51. I’ve been doing this myself for years. It seems to look different when you do it so I tried the same thing and realize it is what I can do. A few years ago I was at a friend’s house and was sitting while having weight on my arm with the inside pointed outward. “What’s up with your arm!?,” my friend asked (My elbow stretches beyond straight). I had no idea what they were asking about as I do this all the time. I can also have my hand resting on something, or slightly grabbing, and can move my shoulder somewhat in and out of my socket (not painful).

    Another time I noticed I was double jointed or flexible is when we stretch our arms in gym with our hand behind the head and pulling slightly above the shoulder. Everyone would feel that “stretch” but my arm goes beyond theirs so I never felt this stretch like they do.

    I haven’t dislocated my joints like you have so I must have a much milder form, however, I have had some painful experiences with it. One is that I reached my arm up to hit a beach ball and my shoulder popped in and out of my socket with my swinging motion. It was immensely painful. I didn’t play any sports so that must be why I haven’t had greater injury regarding my shoulder (thought about volleyball).

  52. Yup, I can do that too. I was surprised when I realized other people couldn’t!

  53. well now i know why im so naturally flexible… i never thought it was weird so i never got it checked out but i keep dislocating all of my joints…and i can lick my elbows too.

  54. Pretty sure there’s no such thing as being double-jointed, as in having more than the usual amount of joints (in response to some comments). However, I suppose when you start going past the usual ranges of flexibility you get into the realm of disorders, but I think for most people it’s just a higher range of flexibilty.
    I dunno, I just really wanted to point out the double-jointed idea going around, even though nowadays I think when people say it they really just mean like extreme flexibility or something. :’D

  55. Hahah now all the nasties are twisting their elbows.

  56. hungry.hungry.catapillar

    Martina, can you do some knitting stuff? I know you mentioned something about that in your ‘Draw my life’ video.

  57. Is that an Adipose in the cup on the desk? Whovians for life! :)

  58. I have hyper mobile thumbs. Good fun, the reactions are awesome.

  59. I can do that too! I also have EDS type 3, don’t feel alone anymore! Thank you Martina <3

  60. martina making transformer / machine clicking sounds haha

  61. LOL i can do that too! and my thumbs do the same thing too!

  62. Martina, no love for the EDS, but you would be a kick-ass pop-locker if it wasn’t for all the pain all the time. Then pain is preventing you from realizing your true calling! :P

  63. Here is a woman who also has EDS, and talks about what it’s like :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aVDHi0Rsec

  64. omg that was soo weird!!! but cool !! i think i can do it!!! but i have the super power of bending my finger 80 degrees backward and i can bend my pinky finger 90 degrees in three directions !!

  65. Ok it looks like her arms r break dancing. Weird but cool at the same time. But i wonder if she’s going to be in pain the next day. :/

  66. Doesn’t that damage your joint? The moving it how it shouldn’t and what sounds like is the pretty routine popping out of the joint it does. Just curious.

  67. WHOA!! My mind is blown away! 8D

  68. did not realise that I shouldn’t be able to do this…..

  69. the whole time i was thinking “DONT DO IT MARTINA DON”T HURT YOURSELF!” and then i realized this is already taped…wah wah…

  70. My sister-in-law can do that as well!! When my brother came to me a few years ago saying: hey, you know what? my girlfriend is “hiperlaxa” (which i guess is the Spanish word for hipermobility) and I thought: “what? why is he telling me about her girlfriend pooping problems…”. Don’t judge me, I was young and ignorant!! Now I know what it is.

  71. So is the mobility in your elbows or is it actually your shoulders where all the magic happens?

  72. Omg, Martina that’s so cool!! I’m double jointed in my shoulders and so i can bring my arms all the way around. Let me give an example, My friends were so amazed that they hand cuffed me, with my hands behind my back, and I’m able to bring my arms forward and rotate my joint so i can bring my hands over my head and to my front. I can literally feel the my shoulder twisting around, i can feel it more in left shoulder when going foward and then i feel it more in my right when going backward. I do it to stretch after a long day of school but i try not to do it to often because poeple want to see it, again, and again and “again and again and again and agaiiiiiiinnnnnnn~” Any way, what i’m trying to put across is that I know that feeling of having everybody wanting to come see and then getting grossed out by it. I feel so much closer to you knowing that you have a cool body trick like mine. Thanks Nasties, you made my day!!!!

  73. Martina, you could be one of those coolest popping and locking dancers!

  74. WAIT YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!?!?!?!? I’ve been able to do this my entire life and I found it funny because everyone would freak out and think I broke my arm!! In fact I pretended once in middle school that I did do something to my arm and I thought my gym teacher was going to have a heart attack……….. she wasn’t mad though.

  75. I’m always going to think of you as 50% human/50% transformer now but more importantly always 100% awesome. I hope you know that you probably have hundreds of people stood at desks trying this now ;)

  76. Martina, can you do this too? Minha from Nine Muses can rotate her arms 360 degrees O_o


  77. Hey, it’s nice to know there are other human party tricks around! I think I might have to o a video response to this thang.

  78. Do your knee pop out sometimes when you are sitting too long on the floor like they do for me? I had no idea that other ppl couldn’t do that with there elbow.

  79. I hava a friend who can do it and she does with her legs too

  80. I really love watching you guys video’s even these silly ones! :)

  81. I’m double-jointed but even I can’t touch my elbows behind my back. XD Props, Martizzle!
    (I can however bend my elbows in all kinds of scary ways that used to reeeally gross out my friends. Bahahaha.)

    I hereby declare the Martizzle Hypermobility Party! (Because now thousands of people are trying to bend their elbows in wacky ways thanks to you. Way to Open the Happy. <333)

    If we can’t do it, does this mean we owe you drinks. Whut.

  82. PunkyPrincess92

    O_O Martina you should be a ZOMBee in SHINee’s mv….

    so like….i was copying this and trying it out myself…..and i can do it……
    i need someone else to test this out on!!!

  83. You could be the most awesome spin bowler in cricket…. what’s cricket you say!?!? errr…. it’s a game that we play all day, or for 5 days and all the action can be summed up in about 30 minutes of highlights… pretty boring ey. But if you want to see what SPIN bowling is…all you got to do is look up the Best of Shane Warne. Failing that… maybe you could play competitive frisbee as no one will be able to work out which way your throwing the dang thing.

    Anyway, that’s gross… well done. ~S

  84. Mutant powers…Activate! I have crazy people magnets! Bleh…

  85. am I the only one who screamed while martina is doing that?? @.@

  86. oh my bejeeezuz… I thought me being double jointed was quite disturbing. This happens all the time? Martina, mad props with dealing with this in your adolescent years and mad props living with it now. I am just double jointed in my shoulders, so I can jump rope with my arms but my doctor has said that I need to stop doing it. My rotator cuff is bad in my left shoulder and the cartilage in the area is wearing down.

  87. I could do the back touching elbow thing and my pinkies are double jointed and feel like they have no bone so at random times i’ll tell classmates touch my finger lol they will be all weird out and when they try touching it and start moving around they get freaked out or even scream thinking i have no bone lol or if its broken >.< I found out when i was playing around with my fingers… It was actually intertaining but I got scared thinking I had something bad but they said it was double jointed… I sometimes get scared i might have a joint disorder or something because I always get pain in my knees and shoulders but I might end up having arthritis like my mom which I hope I don't… seeing how she struggles with it :/

  88. I…hum, not sure if this really does it justice :p I think it ~ looks ~ like I can do this but I’m probably missing something

  89. I can do it.

    Back in school days I always did trick to my classmates with touching floor with my foot toes while sitting with straight in knees legs. But I tried it now and I can’t touch the floor, about 1-2 cm left.

  90. I feel like Martina would be an awesome, uh. . .break dancer? pop-lock-and-drop-it-er? Those guys who do those herky-jerky dances, with the all the crazy arm waves and whatnot. :P

  91. I can do it.. It doesn’t look as impressive as Martina’s arm when she does it(I’m not hypermobile to that degree, just a little I guess..).. I figured I’d be able to do this, since my hips pop out every now and then.. And I once did a barrel roll wich made one of my upper back vertebra dislocate.. So, I feel your pain! But luckily I don’t feel constant joint pains, and I feel so sorry for Martina that she does.
    It’s super inspiring for me to see how you cope with it, Martina! You remain so positive! Please continue to do so forever.
    You guise will be forever in my heart <3

  92. I have a question for you Martina…
    So I play golf, and sometimes when I swing a certain way, it feels like one of my ribs pops out. It hurts a lot for a couple seconds then if i bend over like a dying camel I’ll hear it pop back in to place. But, can ribs actually dislocate?! It’s really weird and I don’t know if I should see someone about it… but seeing your draw my life, I thought maybe you could help!
    Lots of Love <3

  93. I’m double jointed but I still can’t do it like Martina xD


  95. My elbows do that too! I don’t feel it either, so I always end up looking like I have broken arms on all my photos where I’m leaning on stuff!!

  96. I actually haven’t tried doing that before but I could LOL but I already knew I have hypermobility. Not as severe as you though cause i’ve never dislocated anything but I pretty much have pain every day and I feel every single little knot in like my back that most people otherwise probably wouldn’t even feel or be bothered about ( and I get them very easily), my knees are bad probably because i’ve been standing the wrong way (bending to much backwards and not relying on the muscles) and my wrists are so weak and my whole body just feels like an 80 year old when im only turning 21 tomorrow… It’s also REALLY hard to train up my back and body to help me with this so it might get a tiny bit better because ugh PAIN!! But like you im kind of used to it so it’s not that much of a big deal anymore I mean hey, I can probably handle more pain than many others can ;) SEE THINGS FROM THE GOOD SIDE~!

  97. I can half do that!! hehe I’m only double jointed though…

  98. IDK why I found that so freaking awesome and fascinating haha!!! I feel like a weird person thats fascinated with this haha!!! (^o^)

  99. the word on your shirt fits the trick well. I can imagine having some shazaaaam bg sound or something. :))

  100. OMGGG.. I have EDS and i didn’t even know it :)) i thought it was normal

  101. I tried that while the video was still playing and I heard something go pop, next thing I know my elbow hurts like hell ;A;

  102. I see a new kpop dance in the making…Cross Gene would pull it off greatly

  103. OMG Can you lick your elbows?

    • Oooh I can:D Mostly because of my longer-than-average tongue though….I can’t bend quite like Martina, but I do have a better range of motion than a lot of people which makes licking my elbow a little bit easier…

  104. I can do that too… I think o.o

  105. misspricilla

    i tried to do it…..but couldn’t (hopefully? i guess…)

  106. I like your transformers sounds, i was just reading about EDS last week for my pathology final, so as you know med students get excited to see genetic disorders cause they’re rare (i was all aha i know what this is about when you said it T.T)

  107. That awkward moment you try to do it and can… I did not know I could do this O.o

    • ikr >.< I always wondered why my shoulder and knees pop =)) but that is all that i can do, i don't think it's EDS because I'm so freaking rigid :))

  108. Transformer in disguise…

    Edit: I finally know of someone who has EDS Type 3. Pathology ftw!!!

  109. whut whut :D daebak!!!

  110. Martina, knowing you are constantly in pain but keep going with positive thoughts and feeling happy and sharing with all of us makes me appreciate you more. Thank you for sharing with us the richness of your spirit. A lot of love and cheers from Mexico.


  112. MUTANT!!

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