It’s a video! YAY!! It’s a makeup related video! YAY? So I made this video before I left Korea with the intention of putting it up before Christmas (you’ll hear the Christmas reference in the video, which BTW my mom loves them) but for those of you that didn’t hear, we arrived in Canada and two days later got hit with an ice storm that took out all our power. We didn’t have power until Christmas day around 3:00pm and so we were frantically trying to charge our laptops/phones via the car and coffee shops and upload the EYKAs on time since no power = no internet. After the whole ice storm no power thingy, we had a lot of stuff to do, such as throw out the contents of my parent’s fridge (such a waste of food, *SOB*), clean it, shovel snow, and visit Simon’s parents (who also had no power) so we were a lot busier than we expected to be! This was a very unusual but exciting Christmas, I’ll tell you that much!

So here is my late but totally not time sensitive makeup haul video! Etude House tends to have big sales and whenever they do I can’t help but pop in a splurge on a whole bunch I products. I’m rarely ever disappointed and this time around I thought I’d give a brief review of a few of the products I found that have now made in into my makeup collection. Also, this was not a sponsored video or anything, although I’d LOVE LOVE to be sponsored by Etude House because I use almost all their products! *Martina waves her hands frantically trying to get Etude House Korea’s attention*

Etude House Oh M’Eyelash Slimcara Mascara $6.00


A few things I didn’t mention about this mascara. It’s very small and compact so I actually keep in in my travel kit (which I’d love to video about, it’s my mini-kit of must have essential makeup travel stuff that all fits into a tiny plastic knick-knack box). Besides being small, it’s also very very natural looking, like it really separates your eyelashes and applies a thing coat to one eyelash at a time so you really can’t see any mascara it only makes your lashes look longer. If you want volume or darkness DO NOT get this, but for a long flight where I just want to look “natural” off the place, I use this. It’s long lasting, doesn’t smudge, doesn’t rub off. One tiny negative thing is that you need to constantly re-dip the brush because it’s so tiny it runs out of mascara quickly. Hardly a big problem, right?

Etude House Proof 10 Colour Eye Stick Bling of the Sea $7.00

Bling of the Sea

These colour sticks are INSANE. They never come off, even in the water. I seriously was caught in the rain with this on and after rubbing my eyes (forgetting that I had on makeup) I was like, “OMG I JUST RUBBED MAKEUP EVERYWHERE!!??” but when I looked in the mirror it looked flawless. SO COOL! It’s comes off easily with makeup remover but not with anything else. The camera really didn’t do justice to the colours because there are about 10 colours and they all have lovely gold flecks in them that really catch the light. Hence the bling of the sea! The only negative side is that the chubby nature of the stick makes it harder to get in the corner of your eyes without smudging a huge streak up above your eyelids, so I usually sharpen it or just use a makeup brush to smudge it into the corner. If you want this to never come off, I applying a little eyeshadow in a similar colour to it and it really seals the deal. The makeup is scary good.

Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit + Mini Concealer Makeup Brushes $7.00 + $3.00

Surprise Concealer Kit

For how cheap this was I expected it to come off easily but it was really long lasting as well. My normal routine involves using BB Cream then I use this concealer to cover any stubbornly red pimples. I seal it in with powder (I use Benefit’s “Hello Flawless” pressed powder) and it just doesn’t come off! If I use BB Cream or any concealer without powder I find it smudges off a lot easier throughout the day, especially if you’re wearing clothing that rubs on your face…like a giant turtleneck…or a scarf. Why didn’t I think a scarf first? By the way, the turtleneck trend in kpop is getting out of control. OUT OF CONTROL I SAY! And TOP and I could never be together because he clearly has an addiction to turtlenecks. What was I talking about? Oh yes. There are two shades available, this one and a darker one, and as I said in the video this is a little to dark for me, but it seems to work in combination with my BB and powder. So lucky me!

Etude House Help My Finger Nail Pack $1.00


This is such a fun little invention but it was a bit time consuming to put every single one of each finger. Once I got them on, I just sat back and watched an episode of Vampire Diaries (I’m only just starting season 3 don’t tell me anything!!!) and before I knew it my cuticles were all juicy and lovely. What was great about this was afterwards I used my cuticles clippers to clip off the dead skin and my nail cuticle pusher backer (the professional term of course) to push by my cuticles since they were so moist. It was like being at my only mini nail salon, only I was the worked and there was no one to beat the crap out of my hand with a scalding hot towel wrapped around my fist. That’s Korean style BTW. Anyhoo, I’m not sure I’ll have the time to use these frequently but they sure were nice and I think they’d make an awesome gift for valentine’s day or a girls/guys night in. That’s right, guys take care of their fingers too you know! Also, Simon has unfairly lovely fingernails even though he does NOTHNG to take care of them. Okay, so he uses the hemp hand cream from Body Shop but still, it’s cruel and unfair. *pouts*

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk Lipstick $8.50

Jelly Lipstick

These are probably my favourite on the list. I love love love these lipsticks and I was NEVER EVER a lipstick or lipgloss wearer. I hate the way lipstick feels, it’s heavy and dries out my lips and lipgloss makes my lips so sticky that all my hair gets caught on my lips. My lipstick of choice is that blue round container of Blistex Lip Medex that smells all mediciney and gross. HOWEVER! I bought this lipstick, or as they call it, Lip Jelly because of the adorable container and it was well worth it. It’s only $8.50 for this never ending lipstick that is so smooth and so moisturizing it just feels amazing! And it really isn’t a strong colour on your lips, it’s more like a stain or a tint but not a harsh one. And the more layers you add on the stronger the colour looks. I know my friend Jen (do you guise know the youtuber frmheadtotoe) when she visited Korea picked up some of these Jelly Lipsticks and the two of us babbled on about how amazing it felt on our lips while our husbands rolled their eyes behind us. DON’T THINK I DIDN’T SEE YOU!!! I SEE ALLLL!!!!! I especially love these in the wintertime because they moisturize your lips just like a lip balm. They even have these weird orange and yellow looking ones that are actually transparent with a tiny dash of colour to them. If you have an Etude house near by or you’re visiting Korea, don’t be weirded out by the brightness of the colours. Try them on your hand and you’ll be surprised to see how soft they are. Plus…the packaging is SO FREAKIN CUTE! AGHHH!!!!

So that’s it for my mini makeup haul. I tend to buy lots of random things whenever I catch a sale so if you guise liked my little haul video let me know! Any let me know if there is something you’d like me to review or something you’d like me to change. Did I talk to much? I know I ramble sometimes. Also, what crappy luck with the camera battery. This time I’ll prepare better, I promise! Hahah! Also, I really missed you guise. I feel like not publishing a video is not seeing my internet friends. Do I sound lame? WELL ACCEPT MY LOVE, OKAY!!?? *runs away embarrassed and crying*

  1. Please do more make-up and skin care stuff! it’s super cool and you’re not an annoying know-it-all about this stuff so I feel like watching MOAR

  2. Martina! I blame you for making me find an Australian online store for Korean cosmetics and buy those Lip Jellies!
    They’re so amazing (like sweet-smelling lip balms) and cute! :-D

  3. aww you guys are the best you guys always make me laugh it sooo contagious in a good way HA!

  4. I miss you guys. So much. I check this page daily full of hope, and am met with sad disappointment. Please come back to us! We love you! The internet NEEDS its kimchi!

  5. This was the first video I watched on the new youtube channel for my roku box. Soo fun to see Martina on bigger screen :) I’ve missed your videos, but I hope you had a fabulous time with your families! I love the make-up tutorials/product reviews, even though i can’t wear make-up anymore :( stupid allergies. I’ll just live vicariously through your make-up joy.

  6. I’d just like you to know that I really enjoyed reading that blog post, in spite of having no interest in make up whatsoever.

    I think TOP’s obsession with turtlenecks is associated with his reluctance to show any skin. Why show it when you can cover it, hmm?

  7. Hi S&M.
    I would like to actually visit Korea and explore it. However, since I am a muslim, I think I may find difficulty in searching halal restaurant to, you know, eat. So, can you do me a favour and do a fapfap of you eating at a halal restaurant. It would be very helpful to me and the other muslims planning to visit Korea.
    Ohhh you soo nasty!

  8. Thanks for plenty of the tips, I’ll be sure to buy some Etude next time I’m done with my old Korean beauty products. What do you use for BB these days?

  9. That moment when you think your new lipstick from Etude House was lost, until you look into your mother’s purse…

  10. I love Etude House too, I bought lots of their products here in Bangkok…The only problem here is they are way more expensive than in Korea but they’re really good though! I love their Moistfull Collagen Cream, their MiniME Be My Princess perfume (Ms. Sunshine, the one created by SHINee’s Taemin) and also the Drawing Show Brush Liner.

  11. Martina, you’re so relatable. Thanks for sharing the tips and facts about products instead of focusing on being super-glam all the time. Because you keep things real, you end up looking amazing, but also realistically inspiring~ Like, I feel like I could actually maybe try this stuff even though I’ve never been into makeup. I want to explore, too!~

  12. These bloopers are so funny!!

  13. Loved this video, please make more! I only just started really getting into make up this past year. I’ve worn makeup for years now but never really took the time to really look into which products are of good quality. So seeing this video from you is just so great! Someone already mentioned it but I want to do it again because I love the idea; A WANK of makeup stores you visit in Korea.

    The only thing that really bothered me about the video was the light reflected on the mirror or window behind you. It was so distracting! So glad you all are back =D

  14. My cat Krinkle watched this with me, he told me to buy some; I said smh… I’m on a budget bro,Ii can’t get make-up now, and he said seriously you need to get this make-up and don’t call me bro, I am ya son!

  15. Hey Martina! Have you tried the FaceShop Hand Moisturizing Gloves before? I’ve been using them and like them. ( Especially since I constantly use purell and wash my hands at work.)

  16. I adore their jelly lipsticks <3 They are sooo moisturizing and tasty XD

  17. yay! it’s a makeup video!!

    i love etude house too, ever since you mentioned them in a super old video forever ago! <3

    i bought one of the etude house mascaras once and really didn't like it cuz it wasn't volumey enough, but i'll have to keep an eye out for those you mentioned!! i also have those candy lipsticks and love them! though they're not available in japan anymore.. *cries forever*

    i really love that etude house is so cute and cheap, it's really amazing… and i love when you do these kinds of videos! i feel like we are kindred spirit! mwaha…

  18. Hopefully I’ll find some of these products online. It isn’t everyday that you find a korean beauty site with free shipping from Korea to Norway. :P

  19. I went to Etude House today and bought the jelly lipstick and it does feel nice! :D But I didn’t see any finger masks! ;A; I need them for my liiiiife… I went to two Etude Houses in Hongdae but maybe I’m just blind. Thanks for the tips though!



  22. I’VE MISSED YOU GUIZE LIKE SO MUCH! ^_^ have fun while you’re still home, and good luck on your Toronto meet today!

  23. I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Can’t wait.

  24. I love this! I have been waiting for you to do another make up Open the Happy~! I missed them. I really want to try those Jelly lipsticks. We don’t have anything like this where I live, but that is the great thing about the net. c: Also, can’t wait for you guys to come back! I know I am not the only one.

  25. Oh, Blue Blistex tube, you are the besssssst!!!! Martina, this makes we really wish I could try the etude house lip jellies, now that I understand that your lipwear point of reference.

  26. I was thinking about to buy the Dear my jelly lips talk lipstick but was afraid that it would look to bright. But after you said that they were sheer and when you showed the swatches I was solddd ^^★☆★☆★

  27. i don’t wear makeup but if i did, i’d totally buy it from Etude House (and not just because SHINee are used to promote the store….)

  28. Welcome back to the internet :D
    Actually I’m the contrary as you Martina: I hardly ever wear make-up, but when I do my product of choice is lipstick. Though I agree the feeling on the lips isn’t that great, my lips always feel so dry afterwards (and the lipsticks with moisturizer included are too expensive for me). Oh and I hate gloss lipstick because of the sticky feeling. But despite of that, I’m still a lipstick person :D

  29. awesome, love those lipsticks!

  30. Now I know what I’m going to spend my money on *_*. The concealer palette, eye shadow sticks and lip jelly are totally on my list for the next time I go shopping for makeup. I just need to find a good eye primer since the last few I’ve bought have been duds T.T

  31. I actually started using makeup (like, properly using, with the right tools and the right techniques) only in my mid-twenties and I guess I’m still compensating for all the lost years :D And speaking about these puppies I’d use that finger helping pack all the time, I love taking care of my nails and this little spa would be perfect. Plus… everything is so cheap! I braced myself for higher prices but was pleasantly surprised!

  32. YOOOOOO I love make up hauls! This makes me want to go to south korea even moooore!! BUT I CANT YET?? BUT I WANT TO???? btwz I`m really glad you`re back doing videos/posts I was getting EYK withdrawal and nothing seemed to work *cheesy thumbs up pose* Thanks Simon and Martina…*awkward smile*

  33. Oh sure you finally come back on the day i will be driving 13 hours to see u-kiss in California. Good thing they are an awesome trade off if you cant have Simon and Martina. I might as well go chill with Kevin Eli and AJ for the weekend. Spevin 4 lyfe!

  34. I really love this video, I learn about the jelly lipstick & bling bling shadow. I’ve been wondering about those two, trying to get a good one. I’ll definitely look into it some more.

    Since you live in S. Korea, you should tried wishtrend.com or w2beauty. They are really amazing with their products. My favorite is Klair bb cream. You should do a video on cc/bb cream you likes or dislike about it :D

    Happy 2014 Horse New Year *run off to sleep* :)

  35. I missed seeing your videos so much!!! This makeup review was totally adorbs and I wish I can try out etude house stuff but there aren’t any stores available near where I live. Thank you Martina for uploading this even though it’s way past Christmas. I hope your mom liked those jelly lipsticks you got for her!

  36. I actually love youtube haul videos and I would love some Korean skin care hauls!! Especially since Martina you are Caucasian and I’d love to see how the different BB creams and concealers and face packs work for you since I’m always worried about ordering BB creams online bc I’m not sure if they will work for my skin tone (I’m ethnically Lebanese so pale but olive-y Mediterranean undertones). I’ve watched some youtubers (including Jen!) talk about Asian bb/cc creams but I’d love to see your take on them!

  37. I don’t know if it’s because of the import tariffs, but the one time I went to Etude House in Tokyo and of the shops selling Etude House in Shanghai, all of the prices were much more inflated :( Guess they’re only that cheap in Korea?

  38. i was came to korea last yr….yeahhh….myeongdong makes me crazy…cosmetics all over the place… so sad i didnt buy the lipsticks since its the main cosmetics i wanna buy…hmmm…:(… if i buy from EH outlet here…its 100% expensive than in korea……

  39. can you please film a makeup collection and a wank about korean makeup stores??

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