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Ewha Womans University

March 29, 2012


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Well, this was definitely a cool WANK we did this week! We went to a Korean university, spoke with a bunch of people who are students at the university, and got some – in our opinion – really pretty footage. It was easy to do so since Ewha’s a really pretty campus. Totally made us feel like we were back in University…which is a gross feeling. Yikes! We don’t talk much about our university lives: let’s just say we were totally different people then than we are now.

One thing we can say we didn’t like about Ewha University: holy steep hills Batman! It’s like, the entire campus is a pretty decent size if you’re looking from it up top, but all the mountains and hills makes it feel like a three hour journey to get from building A to building B. Ha! We’re over-exaggerating, of course, but there sure are a lot of hills on Ewha, and we probably felt them more than most people would considering that A) Martina’s ankle isn’t fully healed yet and B) while we were WANKing in Ewha I rolled the fizzlesnips out of my ankle. Like, really bad. Couldn’t walk on it by the end of the night so bad. Ah!

And to make the day suck a bit more, I got sick on Tuesday, so I couldn’t be my normal chipper self. Should have probably stayed at home and rested, but the prospect of finally seeing a Korean University and hanging out there for a day were too exciting. Today, though, I could barely get out of bed. And I think my sucky sissy baby attitude is making for a boring pity-party of a blog post. P.S. I feel clammy. And achy :( PITY ME!

Ok, I’ll try to focus and be more professional, ahem, in this blog post. My nose is so stuffy. Couple of interesting things we really noticed about Ewha: their underground facility thingamabob is really freaking nice. It’s, like, a big hill that’s been gutted. It’s got four floors or so of classrooms, coffee shops, study areas, a gym, and other cool facilities. Also, we were surprised at how quickly things shut down. At, like, 9:30PM, everything’s closed or closing for the night. What gives?! It’s a university! Shouldn’t it be bumping at night? Lastly: the spelling of the university is a bit confusing for me. “Womans” is what the website for the university says. Err…is there an English rule I’m unfamiliar with? There’s no apostrophe, and it’s not Women, either. Hrrm.

Otherwise, we had a great time there. Our chat with the international students is in our blooper footage, so check that out if you want to know more about what they said life was like as students in Korea:



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