Well, this was definitely a cool WANK we did this week! We went to a Korean university, spoke with a bunch of people who are students at the university, and got some – in our opinion – really pretty footage. It was easy to do so since Ewha’s a really pretty campus. Totally made us feel like we were back in University…which is a gross feeling. Yikes! We don’t talk much about our university lives: let’s just say we were totally different people then than we are now.

One thing we can say we didn’t like about Ewha University: holy steep hills Batman! It’s like, the entire campus is a pretty decent size if you’re looking from it up top, but all the mountains and hills makes it feel like a three hour journey to get from building A to building B. Ha! We’re over-exaggerating, of course, but there sure are a lot of hills on Ewha, and we probably felt them more than most people would considering that A) Martina’s ankle isn’t fully healed yet and B) while we were WANKing in Ewha I rolled the fizzlesnips out of my ankle. Like, really bad. Couldn’t walk on it by the end of the night so bad. Ah!

And to make the day suck a bit more, I got sick on Tuesday, so I couldn’t be my normal chipper self. Should have probably stayed at home and rested, but the prospect of finally seeing a Korean University and hanging out there for a day were too exciting. Today, though, I could barely get out of bed. And I think my sucky sissy baby attitude is making for a boring pity-party of a blog post. P.S. I feel clammy. And achy :( PITY ME!

Ok, I’ll try to focus and be more professional, ahem, in this blog post. My nose is so stuffy. Couple of interesting things we really noticed about Ewha: their underground facility thingamabob is really freaking nice. It’s, like, a big hill that’s been gutted. It’s got four floors or so of classrooms, coffee shops, study areas, a gym, and other cool facilities. Also, we were surprised at how quickly things shut down. At, like, 9:30PM, everything’s closed or closing for the night. What gives?! It’s a university! Shouldn’t it be bumping at night? Lastly: the spelling of the university is a bit confusing for me. “Womans” is what the website for the university says. Err…is there an English rule I’m unfamiliar with? There’s no apostrophe, and it’s not Women, either. Hrrm.

Otherwise, we had a great time there. Our chat with the international students is in our blooper footage, so check that out if you want to know more about what they said life was like as students in Korea:


  1. I’m planning on studying there in fall 2016! I’ll be taking the intensive program over about 3 semesters and i read that the students taking that program are eligible to apply for the graduate dorms, does anyone have an idea?

  2. Wow!!! I can’t believe how much the ECC has changed since I was there a few years ago! great video, makes me want to go back!

  3. Yay you went to Ewha! :D I used to be a student there and loved it! A shame that you can’t get into the Library (as only students can) as it’s quite pretty inside. And a shame that you didn’t make it up to the top of the hill and to the other part of campus (where they have greenhouses and it’s really pretty). If you ever do go to Ewha again try to find Ewha Sarang (이화사랑) cafe where they sell really really really good Kimbap :D ^^

  4. Hi i’m a korean girl and i just wanted to leave one message. Rare trash cans aren’t because you have to pay for trash bags. In the past, you could see trash cans around easily. But then people became to consider trash to lightly and trash began to roll around not IN trash cans but AROUND the trash cans. That’s why public trash cans became so rare. After reducing the number of public trash cans, we had cleaner roads and stuff.

  5. Idol & Engrish definitely Simon 

  6. Boys Before Flowers was filmed on 계명대학교’s campus in Daegu!
    It’s really pretty and you should totally drag Simon there!

  7. i just want say  !!!MARTINA GOOD CHOICE!!TOP IS THE BEST !!!!I am Top’s top fans~Don’t be so jealous simon~POOR simon

  8. TOP’s haiku is better….ahh blue hair and blueberries yuummmm….TOP<3 heh…martina is the best! heh…so yes Martina for YONGhwa's thingy and Simon for ENgRISH!!!

  9. wait so, it’s not only for females to attend in this university? Since it said “Womens” university, i literally thought it was only for women haha. but then I saw the interview, which had guys in it. their university name is weird haha

  10. hahahaha the Sherlock dance/walk/skip…thing!!!!
    okay……..Simon your haiku was definitely aimed at me as a hardcore Shawol but WHAT.THE.HECK???!!! that was creepy and disturbing!!!
    i vote for Simon’s engrish and the idol…….i love them both!!!

  11. I can’t find where to vote on Facebook:

    Simon’s Engrish
    Simon’s Idol (LOVE Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!)

  12. That was an awesome wank!! I’m studying Korean studies in Germany and next year we’re going to do an exchange year in Korea so it’s really interesting to see what other exchange students already experience there. And the campus is so pretty and huuuuuge!! Now I’m really excited about my exchange year! ^-^

  13.  About the garbage bags: you do have to buy garbage bags for trash here in Korea–they are available at most grocery stores and have city logos printed on them.  However, it doesn’t explain why they don’t have more trash cans in public areas in Korea. 

    Whether they’re special designated bags you buy or plain white colored bags like Glad from Target–no country gives out free plastic trash bags for your home, right?  So why no public trash cans? 

    Perhaps they want to encourage proper recycling, so they don’t want public trash cans to fill up with recyclable items–best to keep your trash and put it in the proper place?

  14. Simon for both engrish and Idol. and his haiku was funnier, even if Martina’s was truer. with all the time I’m on twitter, someday I will be on when you post and I will vote for you, Simon :D.

  15. There’s a bunch of architects students in my dorm (in the US) and I was really surprised to see Ewha listed as some of their favorite architecture on the hall bulletin board. I thought that was pretty cool.

  16. The student with the letter “E” on his jacket reminds me of one of the members from the J-pop group Arashi.

  17. I’m totally rethinking my college plans.

  18. Simon’s Engrish, Martina’s Idol :)

  19. Oh and I pick Martina for Idol and Simon for Engrish :)

  20. Wow this is awesome! I can’t believe you guys got to WANK at EWHA. The college I attend has an exchange program with EWHA, and it’s also an all womans college 2 (except men can attend the graduate classes.) I’ve always wanted to see how the campus is, and how the student life was like. I’ve been thinking of attending EWHA for a semester but wasn’t sure because I don’t kno any Korean nd my college doesn’t provide Korean as a foreign language class, (which I thought was weird.) I have friends who are exchange students from EWHA, and I always ask them how campus life is like over there lol. I’m glad you guys interviewed sum of the exchange students, I really think u guys should try to WANK at sum other universities/colleges from Korea too. ~Sorry…I know it’s a pretty long comment lol ^_^’

  21. I vote for SIMON all the way~!
    Also, I laughed SO hard at the awesome segue into “Lies”. I just did that to someone the other day. :D

  22. What’s the use of marking the haikus as A or B when it is absolutely clear that Martina wouldn’t write about nipple sweat? :D

  23. For alot of schools, having foreign students means more funding which is of course money, especially in a country that isn’t really known for ethnic diversity. Like if american colleges or universities tried to get funding from the govt. for letting in a foreign student whoever signs that check or wires the money would have a great time laughing their af

    • Most exchange students don’t pay tuition to Ewha. They pay their home school’s tuition, but pay Ewha dorm expenses and incidental fees like medical. I think the reason that they allow male students through exchange is because the goal is to create partnerships with other universities that their students can make use of to expand their academic horizons. Why would an outside school want to affiliate with an institution that only accepts half of their student population? At least that is my thinking. I could be totally wrong.

  24. Wow. Seems like an awesome University!! Do you need to know classroom korean to get in?

  25. Simon for Engrish
    Martina for Idol

    Also Simon that was a really disturbing haiku. I’m sorry.

  26. Hey guys~!!  For all international students out there !!! :) pleaseee if someone has desire and free time during summer can it be our “guide” for a day in Seoul and hongdae in most particularly !!! I know it’s a weird question LOL but couple of friends and me are going to Seoul this summer on a holiday and would love someone to show us around especially a student one!!! we are all students from England – London , Oxford and Cambridge and are more than happy to return the favour to anyone planing visit here. Thanks in advance and sorry for the weridness of this post  loooool :) cheeersss!!!

  27. I guess Simon wins the Engrish challenge, but how can you say no to CN Blue’s lead singer – he’s so dreamy!

  28. holy smokes why is their campus so pretty. aww simon “I fell in love.” *pats* it’s ok, it’s ok. 

    Martina’s coffee english and yonghwa’s gigantic pic ^^

  29. Where’d you get your backpack from?  What brand?  Where can I get this awesome backpack?  The grey one.

  30. Come to SKKU or Korea University guise!!!!!!

  31. This university looks hecks expensive–did they mention how much tuition was for a semester?

  32. BBB for engrish and Martina for Idol

  33. lol.. simon wins engrish and martina wins idol

  34. Simon’s Engrish.  Martina’s idol.  Simon’s haiku.  Martina’s victory dance.

  35. I vote for Yonghwa, I love CN Blue. And I vote for Simon’s Engrish.
    This was a good WANK.

  36. Speaking of ridiculously expensive fruit in Asia, click on the attached image to see a $100 (circa 2008) watermelon in Japan (I might also add that it’s square). With the current exchange rate, this watermelon would cost even more. Fruit is so expensive in Japan that it’s often given as a gift (hence the bow). You can purchase a gift cantaloupe for about $20. Really the only fruit that is inexpensive, even by American standards, are bananas.

  37. Simon on both Engrish and Idol!

  38. If you’re gonna complain about those “hills” then you should try Hanyang Univ. I lost 5 kg walking up and down those hills. Martina’s poem and Simon’s Engrish ftw.

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