We’ve been receiving a few concerned emails and questions about how lazy our dog Spudgy seems. “Does Spudgy do anything?”, “Your dog sleeps all day”, “Why is it that your dog is always in bed when we’re on Skype together?”. Well to prove that Spudgy does have a silly and spunky side, and that not all Korean dogs are lazy lapdogs, we made a video clip. Sure he’s a bit gimpy from having broken hips, but that doesn’t stop him from doing weird and exciting things. The video is in two parts: the first shows him when we let him out of the cage. The second half of the video is a really ridiculous ritual he goes through after he eats. We’re not sure if it’s just a Pekingese dog thing, but it’s really quite hilarious.

  1. My lhasa apso does the exact same thing. Glad to know he’s not the only one as well…

  2. My guess of his ritual is this: he’s like a little boy that screams like a fan girl “waaaaaaa, I’m so lucky to have mom and dad!!!!!! LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY!!!! I can’t believe how my life change so much and so good!!! kyaaaaaa!!!!

  3. lol my dog does the exact same thing whenever she's finished eating too. At first I thought it was weird and gross because she was cleaning her face. But now I think it's sooo adorable! I <3 Spudgy!!!

  4. GARRRRR spudgy is like the CUTEST dog ever.. but he doesnt bark?? anyway, i want more videos of spudgy.!!!PLEASE

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