The world of new reviewer people Simon and Martina and dog Spudgy presented by Eatyourkimchi is opened! The new 1st Prologue for their new Video has been released. For EXO Prologue 1, member of EXO-E, Spudgy shows his well trained tree-peeing skill.

Simon and Martina are new married peoples and Spudgy is dog who will lead the world YouTube industry from now on! They are making their video on the same day and time with the same video in Korea and other places in the world. Since it’s something that has many times been tried before, it will be good enough to capture the attention of fans not only in Korea and Canada but in some other places of the world.

  1. This was hilarious. oh my god. I love the spudgy one AHAHAHAHA “ALL SUNS LOOK THE SAME” you guys are the best. I love how you modeled EXO’s teasers and all :D mama, just let me be your lover. I’ll never listen to “MAMA” the same way again

  2. Dragon Dog Spudgy ! you’re my bias ! the two others are okay… but you are so awesome, and so cute, and you’re dancing so well, i love you <3

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