The world of new reviewer people Simon and Martina and dog Spudgy presented by Eatyourkimchi is opened! The new 1st Prologue for their new Video has been released. For EXO Prologue 1, member of EXO-E, Spudgy shows his well trained tree-peeing skill.

Simon and Martina are new married peoples and Spudgy is dog who will lead the world YouTube industry from now on! They are making their video on the same day and time with the same video in Korea and other places in the world. Since it’s something that has many times been tried before, it will be good enough to capture the attention of fans not only in Korea and Canada but in some other places of the world.

  1. Dragon Dog Spudgy is my favorite member..he will always be my bias lol :)

  2. MAMA…. *whispers* just let me be ur lover XDDDDDD

  3. SPUDGY!!!!!! …that is all…

  4. There is so much win in this!!!! EPIC!

  5. lol the parody of EXO teasers was a nice touch :3

  6. That cracked me up you guys are awesome!


  8. Can i just say that i love you guys!!!
    It might also have to do with me going on my 29 hour of no sleep (for school!…again!!!)
    but just when i got tired, watching your videos cheer me on!!!

    also just to let you know Spudgy is one of the ONLY 3 contestants that i would let my beloved Ginger( my doggy ^_^) go out with ^^ Viva Le Adorable Spudgy!!!…if it could happen you know…and Gaho and Boss could also be friends with them…and i could meet all of you…and we’ll all be a happy family…and then i could go to concerts….and be in your videos…and…and…yeahh =3

    ANYWAYS…Spudgy is precious!!! and so are you guys! tiger-kitty-guy…hahaha priceless!!!

  9. I’m dying! hahahahah this is hilarious!!! :D :D :D 

  10. I just had a huge fight with my father, and this seriously made me feel a lot better, thanks guys! xD

  11. the engrish!! all my crays!

  12. This was hilarious. oh my god. I love the spudgy one AHAHAHAHA “ALL SUNS LOOK THE SAME” you guys are the best. I love how you modeled EXO’s teasers and all :D mama, just let me be your lover. I’ll never listen to “MAMA” the same way again

  13. Your EXO parodies are really funny. Do you guys also have a Prologue 2 and a Showcase? 

  14. OMG debut already!!! lol

  15. gotta love simon and martina.

  16. We are also waiting for EXO-E’s showcase. 

  17. I laught so hard i got a six pack 

  18. ROFL this is so much better then the original XD if i ever meet you guys in public i will bow to your greatness.

  19. you guys are just— geniuses, you know that don’t you?! LMFAO

  20. These teasers just reinforced my absolute love and adoration for all three of you!! 

  21. Loved the parody of the opening English ‘explanation’! 
    When I watched MAMA for the first time I was all like “whaaaaaat?” because even in English I couldn’t understand.

  22. I was having a horrible morning because I had a paper jam and think I now need a new printer, but this has made my day so much better! Can you guise get any more awesome and cool!?

  23. Is there a 2nd prologue? xD EXOtics have already mastered the virtue of patience. ^^

  24. LOL you guise actually did the introduction paragraph in Engrish (>.>) oh the irony…

  25. wow okay this is one heck of a music monday!

  26. MAMA
    just let me be your lover 


  27. Dragon Dog Spudgy ! you’re my bias ! the two others are okay… but you are so awesome, and so cute, and you’re dancing so well, i love you <3

  28. AHAHAHAHAHA made my monday!

  29. Love the Engrish!!! These EXO parodies are hilarious!

  30. LOLOL! You guys are hilarious!

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