The world of new reviewer people Simon and Martina presented by Eatyourkimchi is opened! The new 29th teaser for their new Video has been released. For EXO Teaser 30, member of EXO-E, Simon shows his well trained makeup tiger arts skill. More teasers will be released soon, so stay tuned!!!

Simon and Martina are new married peoples who will lead the world YouTube industry from now on! They are making their video on the same day and time with the same video in Korea and Canada. Since it’s something that has often been tried before, it will be good enough to capture the attention of fans not only in Korea and Canada but in some other places the world.

The full Music Monday debut video will be released on Monday, April 9th at 11:59PM…or much later, if we feel like trolling. Please refresh the page consistently from then on. KTHXBAI

  1. Hey Simon…i think you have a little something on your face….

  2. Oh my God guys you just made my day…

  3. I have picked my bias :D 

    —- Who else continued singing “fantastic baby” along with Martina? :3 

  4. Haha oh my god these a beautiful!

  5. Heyyyyy! I was waiting for the whole time for the review of MAMA~~!
    But you guys are so funny doing this way~I’m expecting a really awwwwwsome review!!!

  6. 11:59 on EXOplanet, I wonder if that will coincide with Earth?

    Your description is hilarious. You even kept the “is opened” Engrish! Hahahaha.
    BTW. I’m watching “Game of Thrones” right now. It’s way too inappropriately hilarious at the wrong times all due to SIMON….!!!!! Is this where you got the idea of the Dothraki man-warrior? I’m dying every time they describe the Dothraki men. :’D

  7. LOL…I’m sorry EXO fans…but this is EXACTLY how I viewed the EXO-K’s MAMA mv as…

    HAHA, my face the entire MV was O.o   

  8. Lol totally love the Big Bang reference in Martina’s video. XD

  9. MAMA…just let me be your lover. I’m DEAD!

  10. Hahaha..of course.. teasers. :P 
    Too funny.

  11. You thought “MAMA, just let me be your lover” too xD

  12. I watched Martina’s teaser for the fifth time and still laughed OUT LOUD ‘just let me be your lover’ 



    I especially love your video description.


  14. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! you guise are awesome indeed!

  15. LORDY. 
    You guys are hilarious. I’m so glad!

  16. i love you… i love you so much… i can’t stop laughing… i love you :’)

  17. “MAMA… just let me be your lover” haha Seungri time for kisses :D!

  18. I can’t stop laughing!!! soooo good!!!

  19. Love you guys xDD

    I look up and I see “Coffee Trolley Witches” but the first time I read it, I thought it said “Trolling Witches” and I was like LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Your trolling attitude is awesome :P

  20. You guys are awesome !
    LOOOOL at everything, the teasers, the Engrish… And the magnificent “MAMA… just let me be your lover” ! I love how Martina tries hard not to smile or laugh when she’s about to say it, hehe, and so I knew what she would say just after. ^o^


    …..*just let me be your lover*….”

  22. OMG Thank you. Make the EXOtics wait again, and again, and again XDDDDDDDDDD

  23. LOL!!!….At least you’ve done your research…unlike some. just saying. ^___^ can’t wait for this!

  24. I thought I was living in Korea too long when I read this. It take a lot of skill to write in Konglish on purpose

  25. lool awesome and yeah . that’s why i love EYK<3 

  26. I demand an awesome animation video explaining EXo-E origins.. with wolverine and all.. ahh noo… Imean… THE WHOLE X-MEN MEET SUPERMAN THING!
    MAMA!!! (just let me be your lover)

  27. Oh great, gotta change my bias to Simon.

  28. Very nice. We should start a drinking game – every time SM releases another teaser, you have to take a shot.

  29. 11:59 in what timezone? I expect a Spudgy teaser next, and maybe a couple of prologues. And a dramatic, narrated animation that explains the origins of EXO-E.

  30. hahahahahahaha XD
    you guys are CRAZY^^

  31. hahahahaha..daebak daebak!!!! u guyz are the BEST!!!! XD

  32. Wat font are you using in the Video???



    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if you never actually made a Kpop Music Monday, and just release 10 1-minute teasers :p

  34. Fell out laughing. Thanks for the laugh before a LONG day at work.

  35. nice teasers. background music is deabak :)

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