Hello! Martina reporting back from my eyelash extending adventure! Simon abandoned me and I’ll have to remember next time to keep a small thin leash on him to prevent such running away next time. BAD BOY! So onto the eyelash extensions. I know this subject isn’t going to interest everyone, but I feel like it’s a rare enough topic that if you are interested in how it works you can at least hear my experience on the matter. To make it short for those of you not interested, I go to a lady that glues fake eyelashes to each of my individual top eyelashes. Ta-da!!!

Onto the details. I mention that there are different types of eyelashes you can get, and while I haven’t got all of them before, I did some research on eyelash extensions before I finally decided to get them done. Some eyelash extensions require you to STILL wear mascara and some do not.

Types of Eyelashes

1. Plastic aka acrylic eyelashes: I had these done before and I found that they were very fake looking. On camera they looked aaaaaaaamazing, like super long, dark, and dramatic, but up close in real life they looked like I was wearing fake eyelashes. They were also heavier than other lashes, but on the plus side, you can get various degrees of eyelash curling on these bad boys and WHOA do they hold their curl. I looked like a freakin doll. If you have strong eyelashes to begin with, these might be good for you but since my eyelashes are weak, they weighed down my eyelashes. Plus side is that they are the cheapest, down side is they fall off the fastest.

2. Synthetic Silk eyelashes: these are the ones that I currently use! They are much lighter than acrylic lashes and they look so much more natural. You still get the long, dark effect and you can still choose from different types of curls just like the acrylic lashes, but they are not as dramatic looking. You also don’t need to add mascara when wearing these which is pretty much the only reason I ever get my eyelashes extended. They also last much longer than the acrylic lashes because they are so much lighter.

3. Mink Eyelashes (or now the new faux-mink eyelashes): these are the most expensive of eyelash extensions available, and I’ve never had them done. This is the Beyonce, Madonna, Kim Kardashion level eyelash extension. They last for almost 2 months because they stick to your original eyelashes the best however you have to wear mascara with these eyelashes! That to me, defeats the WHOLE point of getting they extensions done. Because these hairs are so thin, it’s adding volume/ length to your eyelashes but not colour. For me, colour plus length is the key! Plus you need to curl them just like your eyelashes as well. Also, something feels really fishy about how they get these hairs from the mink…which is a super aggressive angry bagder-like animal. Considering that there are other options available, including faux-mink extensions, I’d rather go for synthetic silk over anything else.

Silk Eyelashes

Types of Eyelash Curls and Lengths

Not all places I’ve been to have had a variety of lashes to choose from. Some simply use one kind and others may have eyelashes on trays as an example to show you. The two lash curls I’ve seen is the “j-curl” which is the most common or the “c-curl” which is a pre-curled lash. I had the “c-curl” done before and it basically looks like your eyelashes are permanently curled in an eyelash curler. The problem was when they started to grow out. As my eyelashes got longer, the curl was moving to the tip of the eyelashes so it looked much faker. By the end of the month you tend to have 5-15 fake eyelashes left so the curled ones looked very different compared to the natural ones I had growing in beside them. This would be a much bigger problem for anyone who has very short eyelashes naturally. As for myself I used mascara to touch up the eyelashes beside my fake ones so it looked more natural.

As for length, it’s usually between 8-13mm and most places can physically show you the pack of eyelashes they have available. My first time visiting anyplace I got for the longest and darkest kind so I know to either tone it done or keep it the same. I feel like if you start really natural you might regret spending the money on them and not want to go again. GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Eyelash Aftercare and Issues

So you got a nice pair of new eyelashes, here’s what to do to keep them as long as possible.

#1 DO NOT use makeup remover with oil in it! If you must, be careful to not rub them all over your eyelashes or it will dissolve the glue faster. I switch to an oil free makeup remover/cleansing cream when I get my lashes done and I only take off my eye makeup with q-tips so I can be precise!

#2 If you sleep really weird (like on your face) sometimes your eyelashes get tangled, especially when they’re growing out and have become really long. That can result in either your lashes looking weird or just poking your eyelid. An easy way to fix that is to close your eyes and gently brush your eyelashes straight again with an eyelash brush.

#3 If you’ve had your eyelashes for a 1-3 weeks and they’re reaching the end stage, many places will charge you a lower price to re-fill those places that have fallen out! Don’t wait too long or you’ll have to pay full price to get a new set!

#4 Remove all your makeup BEFORE you go to your appointment. If you’re using oil based makeup remover wash your face again after your use your makeup remover. The cleaner your lashes, the better the glue adheres, the longer they last. I forgot to remove my makeup before this video and I had to scrub it off with makeup removing sheets 5 minutes before!!! Terrible!!!

#5 Bring some music and very comfy headphones. It can be long and boring to lie there with your eyes taped shut and if you’re squeamish with your eyes being touched, it might be hard to handle the feeling of the makeup tape being placed under and over your eyes. The tape prevents the glue from touching your skin, very important, and I find being calm and not thinking about it is the only way to go. If you think: OMG I WANT TO BLINK SO BAD you start getting panicky and you think about the tape on your eyes and then your get itchy. It doesn’t hurt at all, you don’t feel anything the whole process but your mind can make you freak out. Just plug in some headphones and zone out. I usually fall asleep!

Korean Beauty Cheat Sheet

Here is a little cheat sheet to help you ask basic questions and get what you want at an extension shop.

Silk 실크 = shil-kuh
Mink 밍크 = ming-kuh
Human Hair 인모 = enmo
“J-Curl” J컬 = Jaykol
“C-Curl” C컬 = shekol
Length of the lashes 길이 = gill-ee
Thickness of the individual hairs 두께 = doogae
eyelash extension = 속눈썹연장 = soknun-seop-yeonjang

Directions to The Eyelash Shop in Bucheon

For those that live in glorious wonderful Bucheon or plan on visiting:

Just get to the Bucheon Post Office and it’s across the street from it. There are a couple post offices in Bucheon, this is one located near Kim’s Club and the Hyundai Department Store. The Eyelash Shop has NO windows it’s just covered in pink pink everything and you’ll see eyelash extension pictures outside. I’ve also included a Korean map.

Map to Eyelash Glory

Here are directions to the post office incase you want to put it in GPS on your phone or taxi.

경기 Gyeonggi-do
부천시 Bucheon-si
원미구 Wonmi-gu
소향로 Sohyeong-Ro
103(중동) 103 (JungDong)
부천우체국 Bucheon Post Office

So that’s it for my eyelash adventure. I’m curious if anyone else has their eyelashes extended and if they’d do it again. Let’s share stories! And if this post wasn’t long enough already, here are this week’s Bloopers!


  1. How far in advance do you have to make an appointment to get your falsies done?

  2. I just got mine done here in America, and it took two hours! I looked online and apparently this is a really average amount of time here…. So I am jealous yours only took thirty minutes. I was so fidgety I thought I was going to die!

  3. Martina! you should do a Wank on your nails :D ohohohohohoho

  4. Hi Martina! Did you have to make an appointment or can I just do a walk-in? Thanks!

  5. an anime character with blinking superpowers, DO YOU MEAN–

  6. *shivers* I’d rather not do a thing with my eyelashes…
    But, if you have to you have to.

    And Simon could do another one of his ” why (insert movie name ) sucked ” segments.

  7. If I’m coming from seoul, what is the closest subway to this eyelash place? i’ll be there in april, and totally wanna do this!

  8. I have wanted to try but heard they can cause real lashes to fall out….likely bad job? Now I know what to ask about beforehand. Thanks.

  9. Haha luckily, my aunt does them for me for free :) Otherwise I’d be shelling out $200 and that’s a nono for a high-schooler.

  10. Wow, that was very interesting! I never knew they did something like that. That would take a lot of skill to glue those on individually. Thank goodness I am blessed with long eyelashes (one of my very few pretty qualities).

  11. I love the idea of these… Not having to wear make-up but looking like you have it on! And for only 50 bucks? I totally spend that on other stuff in a month…
    Now the question is. To go to this place in Bucheon or to find a place in Seoul. Hmm~

  12. Those look amazing! Never knew your lashes weren’t natural. I have horrible eyelashes-you can barely see them because they are so miniscule. I thought I had found an answer to my eyelash prayers…..until I saw her putting the tape on your eyes. Yeesh.

  13. I loved it, but I searched in internet and found some scary things about infections and allergy reactions… I’m very allergyc and I suffer a lot when spring comes, with dust, carpets, stuffed animals, etc… So, in Korea, how people deal with it, there are special makeup, or food, or any kind of care or concern about the subject?

  14. I know something manly you can do Simon! :D In Sydney called the “Man Cafe”. I’ve actually never been inside, but it has pictures of moustaches everywhere… So it should be manly :DD And no, of course I don’t just want to get you guys to come to Australia again. What are you talking about pshhh //flies away

  15. Martina we’re identical eye twins. Gotta be room in Vegas or Seoul for that.

  16. Yeah, I’m a ginger so I have a case of the blonde eyelashes, and it makes me sad. I get eyelash extensions too, its like a gift from the gods!! :D

  17. whao….this is seriously a whole new world for me….
    i didn’t think something like this existed!! getting your eyelashes actually done….the different types and so on…

    ahahahaha at Simon’s parts!!!

  18. haha i loved how you guys used the lamb “baa” tracks they use in the reply 1994 and 1997 dramas!! i watched them both and i have that track in my head ALL THE TIME

  19. Really awesome videos ideas guys. I approve :3

  20. hey martina i got a question are fake eyelashes good for your actual eyelashes and Simon to be MANLY just randomly re enact those drama scenes where the guy is all manly and grabs the girls wrist ……………… then LOVE IS THE MOMENT

  21. MARTINA!! what were those things on your forehead? And I never thought of eyelashes growing out lol
    p.s. it looked like a snowman to me (the coffee decodeco), not a bear butt OK :3

  22. the picture says “QUICK” ummmmm yea right! lol
    also, Martina, did you have eyelashes in your makeup video for how you do your eyeliner?

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    We need MANLY WANKs
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  26. Are the extensions ever affected by eye makeup remover or soap when you wash your face?

  27. SPEAKING OF something for Simon, since korean guys wear make up and tend to be stylish, are there places where guys get their make up or makeovers, or is that just an Idol thing? maybe Simon can do the dark goth eye makeup and wear a slim chic suit !

  28. Did anyone else think of Ivankov’s death wink from one piece? i know i did xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIilYI6P8u4

  29. my mum is does this kind of stuff for work. At her shop there is also the kind of eye extension called 3 in 1 meaning if you want the glamour look you can like glue 3 eye lashes on to one

  30. I’m a girl, but I’d do the same thing as Simon. Fake eyelashes don’t interest me and also scare me because I have a fear of sticking things around your eyes… I’d run away from them and contact lens…

    My mom bought a bunch of fake eyelashes on the streets of Taiwan becasue they were so cheap. I don’t even know what happened to all of the boxes of false eyelashes…

  31. Checked my area: cost is $200-300 for a full set (and some were nylon, some faux mink) and time estimate ranged from 1.5 to 2.5 hours!! Ugh, I cannot commit to that amount of time with people fiddling with my eyelashes. I need to find a Koreatown/Chinatown area where hopefully more nimble-fingered Asians can do it more quickly and on the cheap.

  32. I think the EYK store should have their own eyelash extension collection. Meemers fur extensions which come in lab coat white, folded grey or mixed! For the super adventurous you can get Spudgy fur extensions in touch my tummy blue. The most expensive extension would be the ultra rare vintage Spudgy fur in Chom-Chomzilla green. (totally joking of course)

  33. Ahh yes, blonde eyelash problems. I have those problems, mascara is necessary for me if I want my eyelashes visible but my invisible eyelashes already pretty much hit my my brow-bone(?) on their own so adding mascara to that makes my eyelashes stab me and leave behind their evil mascara marks.

  34. Omg I always thought eyelash extensions were fake lashes being SEWN onto your eyelids. Okay, gluing is something I can handle much more since I’ve always wanted to get them done. Thanks for the WANK!

  35. at first i was like… really? but than i saw the result! Want!!

  36. …Where exactly did Simon go?…guise?

  37. Would someone suggest a couple of good places to get eyelashes extension in Seoul? ^_^

  38. Goodness Martina they look great! A friend of mine’s been getting hers done for a few months now and it honestly horrified me. She said it was kind of addictive. Though it looks like a weave… like… her eyeballs have a weave each (x_x”). She’d come back with such red eyes it looked like she got punched in the face. Glad to see that’s not the norm! I’ll make it a point that we find her someone better.

    • YES!!! The first couple shops I went to were not good. Like I said, they glued my top and bottom lashes together. It was awful. I recommend finding shops that other people have already been too. Or read Korean bloggers!

      • Forgot to mention but I happen to be in Canada (Montreal), and the scene seems much smaller here (^_^”) Did a bit more research and the silk lashes you mentioned are only available in one place that I’ve seen so far. Reviews are scarce and what’s worse: prices range from $90 or so to $300 or more for sessions averaging between 1 and 2.5 hours! My head hurts just thinking about it (q_q”) Thanks for the info though, this W.A.N.K. was great!

  39. AMAZING! Not having to fight with mascara again?!

    This might make up for the existence of giant Asian wasps (….hornets)

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